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Vol. 21 and Vol. 22 

August 28, 1987 


May 12, 1988 





21 NO. 1 

Palatin*. Illinol* 

August 28. 1987 

Detour ahead - 


Facelift for Harper 

%3S Mitlion 
rehab project 
under way 

liiii wacitef will linit 

llMMWlVM ttlfm$ with IBOK 

iMm. fHt iMW claiKi. Harptx 

(Mteft ii prewMly in ilw mi(tst 

of a 15 million dotlir 

"i'lrM and fcnovaiiiiii 

Acccnliai to Hii|Kr Plant 

Directef Don DeBinw "Any 
iiMmiveiMMe » MnUm* tiKHiM 

•W* 'llMfly got (tie mmey 
(fhm' «ns mtti, we've tieca iificr 
it lor five yeart" taiil Deblace, 
ex)ilain:a( tbe (wUen lursc m 
imptmmttM acilv^iy. 'Moil oT 
liM. pniwi* haw been la the 
' to quite timiC' 

Nol all the curreat I 
fenovtiidiif at* beiii| Mate 
• I 
ifet lidain 
exwtor naif and 
projeci, and: iha raiartidiv oT 
paitUig lot M>, ihe latter oT 
which has |ei M> g« lo Om 
comnciari (or bidclmf . Tht 
coinK>.e4l emu at the 

f f*«a» CmMi - Chmfl t# Cnt mm i 


fiupiilg Hmpir §oot the bill 
foe 'Ihe the. iMiaMiif c«Mit of 
nnovaiiiNi wilt he the moniet 
awaided u the college from a 
lawtuit aiatntt the oiiginal 
archiieci and connacior of the 
emmfKm. itewdiMg h> Diieclw 
of Admiiittrative Sefvices 
Vcmetn Manhc:, the coUege wai> 

awarded 1.3 millioii doOan. nT 
wMelk a ye* to be decided «|imi 
mmmn mW he claimed by the 

A favorite project of 
Manie'k is the inxiailalion of 
bdildlfiK auiomaiion .'iymem*. 
These systems, once insialled 
will manage the healing, air 
conditioning and ligtiung o( 
individoal buildings. The 
■nanipnient fystem* will alio be 
Me M fcagger startup limes. 
ihiis av«idi»B power coin|>any 
peak load charget. .Acconiing to 
Manke Thit fytiein will haw • 
very Im payback..* The co*t of 

iIm maimitineat lyiieia ii 
eninaMd at 1110.000. 

Despite the disheveled 
appearance of ihe campus, a 
gieai deal of the projects are 
already completed. Fintst»ed 
projects include icnnis court 
renovation, parking loi and 
lidewalk renovaliun. air 
conditioner reptaeemeMs to both 
A and H buildings, pipe 
replacemcnii for both D and E 
tMiildings and a new tight dimniet 
aiut lound fyiteni for 'the leduie 
halti. iU' b«iiiding»' D and E.. 

Curreni activities include 

fcj^laciiig the retaining walls for 
bodk A and F buildings, and Ihe 
sidewalk, eiierior stairs and 
eiUiaoce door renovalian proiecl 

The recently approved roof 
repair project has been pul on 
hold, pending a break in the 
weather. The project involves 
most of Ihe building* on campus, 
at an eitimited coal of S363.000. 

Yet lo be smned are the fire 
ataRi iipdaie project, which has 
yet 10 go out for bidding, and the 
afomicniioned parking lot two 
lesurfacing project. "(J 

Students find 
getting around 
campu.s their 
first test 

Kim (HtrcnraU 
Fcaiurt* Kdltor 

Rciurntng from summer 
vacation a far from easy, as most 
students agree, but, leturaing to 
Harper thi.s fall poses special 
nrt.l'lcins hec» there remains 
sidewalk on which lo 

liow -'ill incoming 
iri-«.hmt*n and new «ni(1cnt^' Hnd 

their I'iHtK 

■be 'lui) 

mcthuiis fvcn Mjr [ciiiming 
sophomores the task of 
rn««..i,>t.(ai,ng i)k- most expedient 
Hiugh campus , not to 
jvoiding obslnictions to 
riKisi L-nir.inccs. can be trying. 

A fciurning sophomore 
myseir, upon driving inio one of 
the parking lots off of Euclid 
with my sister, I had no idea how 
disorganized Ihe interior of ihe 
campus had become within me 
three weeks after summer school. 

The two of us simply wished 
to find our classrooms before 
school started, thus eliminating 
Ihe amount of time wasted on 
Monday. Well, after successfully 
UMsing E-blg.. we met squarely 
widi a four-foot dnap in front of a 
D-hIg doorway. 

We perservered and found 
an open door on the other side, 
only to be thwarted exiting when 
attempting lo cross to F-blg. 

F-blg. presented more of a 
problem becauae. as sophomocei 
and other returning students 
Continued on Page i 

Harper student injured in 
diving accident 


On Ftldiiy night. August 
14. while flood, waters left 

suburban raaiiMts mtOOf' empm 
and wet baamtiits. a dive into 
.Souiih I)«iTiiipnn''i Cov'cs Lake 
left Peier Sohy paralyted from 
the neck tlown. 

Ninemn-yew old Sohy and. 
a ffiaiidi SMW MMnnung in a pm 
of dM Mt* tmm thcii Soaih 
Banringloa hOMia thai they dMta'i 

While his Mends tacki wan 
lUfned.. Sohy dove^ into wMar 
only two fcM diep, Sohy am 


Soby was iniiiaily taken to 
Humana Hosfrilal in Hoffman 
Eatatss, when doctors deter- 
■■rilMal he had inflered disloca- 
tioa of Ihe venabrae. 

Soby was transported by 
helicopter to University of 

On Anpiiit 30 duti H i r i ai UC 
|ietfain«d surgery to wire die 
vwnriMMs bach tngeiher. 

A friend of Ihe family, Ruth 
Neihauer, said Sunday that Soby 
was oil dw rcapiiaiar Mtd "Doing 

SqIw IMI fMUilHMl. Mtfllit 

t ho* of Ma. Iindt 

Soby attended Barringlon 
High School where he wivs 
involved in many aclivilies 
incliidtiig dejaying dances and 

Soby graduaiBd from high 
school with a two year 
scholarship to Harper College 
where he completed one year 
nuyoring in communications. 

In addiiion lo his studies. 
Soby earned the respect of his 
piers by involving himself in 
choir, includmg a trip to England, 
and dejaying for die school radio 

Rir the time boing however, 
lliM Kfe will have to be t>t.t on 

hold. Now that surgery has been 
completed, all that Soby and his 
family can do is be patient and 
hopeful ihmtigh [he long weeks 
of therapy ahead. 

Unfortunately, the Soby's 

insurance has already run out. 

and many steep expenses are siill 

lobe incurred. 

In an effort to aisist the Soby 

family bear the financial burden . 

a fund has been set up at Ihe 

National Bank of Batringion by 

a Bmington auomey. 

Checks can be made out to 

dw Peter Soby Jr. fund, and sent 

in care of Hden Lohman to the 

First National Bank of 

Barriflglon, 201 S. Giove Ave. 
Barrington tl. 60010. 

CmIi and leneia can be tent 
to Peter Soby at the University of 
Chicago Medical Center. Bernard 
Miichell Neurology Dept, S8IS 
Maryland. Chicago II. 60637. 
The family has requested how- 
ever, dial diere be no piMWe calls. 

Marper Telecourse 


See Page 6 

The Harbinger August 28, 1987 



Page 2 

(Ptotoa by CMryi !•• Crop*ne) 



Financial Aid Director 
dies over summer 

Hafptr Collage ntoufii* Uie 
loss of Cirot Ann Zack. m 
emuloyee ol Hirpcr for the past 
17 yean 

"Tl>e low WM siKiitoi; tatA. 
was on the job until a week 
before hcf death, when ihe was 
hothered by lei p«n».'- »'d 
Sttve Catlin. director of 
coromunity relaiioni. 

Zack came to Harper 
College in March. J970 as a 
cashier in the Business Office. 
She moved lo ihe Financiai Aid 
■Ml Veteran* Affaire Office in 
I9T« as Pimnciat Aid Specialist. 
She wtl nanied Coardinaliot of 
nawcial Aid aand Vcienns 
AflMn in MS. 

Services were held July I 
M Ahlpim and Sons Funeral 
Hone. MMt aws hehJ at Si. 
Haiwfi Catholic Church in 
HolAnan Estates followed by 
jgmnetit in AU Saints Cemetery 

Zack is siir»»wd by her 
, W^illiMB, 

A Carol Zack Memorial 
Endowmcnl Fund ii being 
eslablished aai ihc request of her 
co-wotkcrs and friends. Anyone 
who wishes to concribuic lo the 
fund may do so. The fund will 
be administered through the 
Harper College Educational 
Foundation. Conmbutioni made 
payable lo the Carol Zack 
Memorial Endowment Fund 
may be sent W Ray Devery, 
Educational Foundation 
Exectutive Director, Buildini A. 
Room 323 or to Mary 
Polniaszek. Heath Servies. 
Building A. Room 362. 

-She was always looking for 
ways to try and help people who 
fell through the financiai aid 
cracks, people who needed 
niMKial aid even diough they 
didn't meet all the technical 
requirements." Catlin said, 
adding he will lemember moci 
her -dedicMiOR and her care and 
CDnceni for Ihe cammnn nraxon ' 

(CPS) Campuses 

nationwide have an "extremely 
iirgent' need to renovate old 
ciinpus buildings and construe! 
some new one, the Society for 
College and University Planning 
{SCXJP) said in a report last 

Architect David Helpem, 
author of the report, said fast- 
crumbling jMid <*solclc buildings 
arc sabotaging the quality of 
teaching and researeh on U.S. 

nf we dont have ijualiiy and 
excellence in our facilities, wc 
ate not going to have quality and 
excellence in our education." 
Helpem said. 

About a third of the 200 
campuses participating in SCUFs 
first nationwide survey said they 
need at least SSO million each for 
construction pttqecu in the next 
live yean. 

Ninety-four of the campuses 
ho|>ed to start a construction 
project in the next five years if 
they could find Ihe money. 

Congress now is denting r 
In II that would funnel some 
federal money to campusei to 
build or rebuild research 

The bill, now in Senate and 
House committees, would put 
aside $47 million worth of 
research facility construction on 

Wh*n«lhe iiBpiBio*. n* *■*•*"■* 
Pfcti Idfcr W Point PW, in iB«diuni and fcw^ij*. 

IhrmkiMihtauKit'tiafaDk. .,~^.. 

the lifiil •* ofcB the t«ie OMfcit « the Brtkr M Po« ™v 
Pkfc IB the PM Tana K y<w caaiw 


The Harbinger August 28. 1987 

Page 3 

Two tragedies - One solutkni 

i !•« ■■ idtlwW ter UMi Imt ■ 
■• Mwrat vt*kt ■!«, «b«vl tk« Sta4tM Traalcir 
.|HMlliwi. Gm*, tiMtk, iB^igMat. Tbi im0t Ital narat* 
art amdr at. Tftni, jml tut wtcli, I btcaat Mfltt tf !«•< 
I— ' ■ « • ira|f4l«s, ■■rtkiMtf taccpl bj tkrir boik t<MclMii| 
HM' Hiwf oraMij ttiidtMfe 'Mi lMiilD> iMTf at Harptr. 

Tkc nm of tk«sc traitdim mrarrcdt oa Jaat IT. wka* 
Financial AM Coordiaator Carol Zach patted a-wav mmI- 
dcatji. alltr aMltrioiag cMwrgcacr aurftry. Bcranit I 
lM«t iicc«|^ tbt •flkt MM m hmt Mr a jtM, ai mN 
w Mac * ItoancWI; nrayyai '•liNitM. I dealt witH Caral 
Md her alTkc rrtqutnll)'. ThaMih wrraaiukd by cnnstaat 
red tape and -etatt-wide barcaacralk: iafompctriicc, Carol 
Eack an*" her people mere alwft coarieoai, prnfei- 
liswil, aMi hclptal. M IcaM lo aie. And I mm al«a»s ash- 
la| lintatilMHl, Nil aavar pbcc did I set the retlini! rrom 
CwnlllMit lirtlillla'palB'ialfeciHW'k Ikal I'mturel wat. 

Thi mtm4 perMM I refer lo b. ttm alive, but perhap*. 
a «a|, Ms slor; it more tragic «lill. il i<t Ibc sttir) of a 
It }>tar-«M TraKlee Scbiitartftip ninaer in»iil«ed' in a 
' iiai IM ton kiat poralf led. pcehafa te Nfe. 
SMfey. Jr. mm a frciikaiaa laal. jrear at HarpeT, 
■Ml' llMWgll. I dM'l hmiw hJM perMMinll;. ht apparently 
a vcrji pafiti*e iniprcMi«p «■ a treat many 
mi kttc. Nil Itaa • pmwaate than Dr. ■«iMJt 
Wmtf, vie* FrttMHii pr Siadiai AftWri ■■ Harper tmm 
my aMn. «ll«g «|mi| mf cuftrafe i>r tbc acrWtM. 
Mwrf Jo Wmk, Mtt 'DirMMr' if TlMatrf al Itorper, and a 
peeion wknae |nil|f'ia«Bl nt ckaraeier t mptrt in>- 
nfti. atai kad ghM'ing iMnp •• lay alMHii reier. 
Me worked •• an nitker Mrveral llmci r«>r Harper Tlie- 
! a* nell M working wM tit MMMtr oritniation crew 
'SMMifnl Dcvetofinicni. 

Cmvi Zark waa at Harper tar 17 yean. Ptier %at>j lor 

•. ■•It' IMtkatf Ike lives of i>ian; at ui in noe wiiy or 

■. Wt 'kafo a way i« bccin l« pay that back; 'ikt 

ra«ilj, rtaliiini ike yean Carol pal in innrardt' 

ttudcBli afford Harper, net ap a TrntI fand 

Hp in Carol's name, lo kelp ker conllnnr m kelp 

Tk«y aiked tkal. tn Ikn of floweri. people ron- 

M Ike Carol Zack MenMirial Sebolartkip. At prtaa 

tkan tMW bad been rated for tbH perpefnal 

MMmiUmt M Ray Devery. EiecaliT* D'irtctor 'df li*. 
I. BalBcj Harper Edacalional Fnondaiion. In order Is 

Ikia a fnll SIM per lenetter trfcolarikip. abonl 

win nllinialely b« nce'ded. Dcvcrf alao taid Ikat a 

lliai ki Piltr'i anait is alto being fat ap. Ckeckt 

Om af Ika WW •llMl'mfaalMl 'ivKriplioat «r Pcler 
kf um' p««pii wMm i mmt ■■'Mm b ikai of » do-«t. a 

llllttr. A« 'pli hl||i KiMl MMlHf mft of Mat. 'Ht al- 
nai« itrncli m ■■ wmmmum wlm mM «« wkaiaver kt 

T«« tmi peapk. One guat, one in Ironble. Kvery 
ttm Hnr'pcr kns itvcral bbiwd driven, llnttcd Way drives. 
■Illcr clHirtlakt* rnncllom. And witboni breaking our 
t pntliag onrMlvci on ibe bach, we do good' work in 
area*. Tk« "IdcM in man; of tkett drive* if "give til 
fcnrl*.' In ifct cases of Carol Zack and Peter S<iby. I 
■MM a aa« elMc: <!fi« IM 'U ia%n. 


Af 'IMPS jpmwsmt A fv» jam>m 

W'idiMi gding inti a gram ikai 
of 4etti], lei m jm* ieac(|itaiiu 
(Ninelvti ID ikime nf f on «ko 
rocogmzc nor 'nanteS' We are in 
facl lh« SAJC Cuyc of iknt 
vmcfiert ago, 'Atlct a iomg and 
dr»*n out cmm taille. we're 
bai:! in froni of the keyboard 
Ailing wiib ilie (bedding «>r cHir 
fofincr name, you mty twitK-e a 
mtnty ailjutmcni in edtlmul 
foam, but overall, « icnoiti. 
ilown-li>-bnxiiu!s> atiiiude of 
intense 'aewtniaiiS'ikip* urill 
prevail. For ibosc iif yon wko 
ikm't knam m nsad on. 

riii* caliann ii ihe renh of a 
[ifteen-iMMUll fatl-rinding iwr. 
ipunning nearly every cotiniy in 
norlbcni lllinou Fm you *e 
have ccni'piM' ■ lim of what we 
have funnid, mnc of 'ii' 'is scary «' 

* When buying ckeap litiwir, 

you im what you pay (or. 

* Wha a 'iinj:vci«ity paktim 
snggant ihrM' honn of onuide 
stiMly tm every bour of iectme, 

limen. ThiKns. 

* When a kMemler lagri the 
only Fuuy Naval te baows of k 
hix wifc'i. dan^ t 

■ Never let an Hifani play with 
a blemkci. 

* Sloeft is gocMl. 

■ Theie aie paiple inihiiitaie 
who haven't hemd of Hmold 
Washington, or Canada 

• We dool know if tbit really 
appllei, bill waiHing your kiiids 
doemi really do any good. See, 
there ore uoy paitiilic miles lilai 
live in your pores ibm are near 
inpnssibk to remove. 

YoU' can scrub and scnli and'. 
•cH 'ffirver mmd. 

• DO NOT order Hie chiikcn 

fried uleoli' at Denny's. 

* Fani and Fleet does not 
accept Visa. 

* We think ihc May tag 
nspairman lives in Paiaunc Wc 

•re in Ibc pmceH of chctkmg 


* Telly Savalat docs not. 

• In CKMSi of 1» of every 
dollar ipem in Cook Couniy goeS' 

10 die RTA's PACE bus synem. 

* Despite popnbtf beliefs, a 
iunaac:Mlly wtigM in tacosof 

• Those yellow ear-of-com 
OeKalb signs along rowe 47 


Alter travelling countless miles 
of lilinoij road, we hang up our 

key*, unpack our wKks and 
Ibm* away the empties We're 
hack at Harper and prepofed lo 
itvlcw restaurants, comment om 
admimitnuum and student gov. 
emment, and provide whatever 
filler ffiiterial necessary. 

SurnnMf't over and now the (an 


There's just no telling how 
surpriKd wc were to see the 
newly rcdorcoraicd cafeteria. 
Gone are the undci Diructured 
mange chairs, replaced by 
visually appealing upholstered 
loungers, ulauj-of-ihc-wi ubics 
and plush mauve low pile 
cafpC'iing. The decoromr for tbi^. 
project certainly deserves lo be 

However as you approach the 
wc.«t cmcrance to the ctfeieiii. 
you may notice the very uniiiue 
and mnsive plaster structure 
siruclure jutting out ahnc Ihc- 
doors What (he bell i* ii"^ It's 
not rally ugly, but what purpoae 
docs it serve? 

Have an idea? Let u% know. 
Send us your but gucs<i. thirty- 
two words « less (we will count) 
and we'll pick the best three 
Best reply wins an official 
Bizarre Concepts sweatshirt. 
Surprise second and third place 
prizes will also be awarded 
Drop your entry off ol the 
Harbinger ofTkc, A bidg.. 
adreised lo BIZARRE 
CONCEPTS, or visit our booth 
at a Taste of 

Valparaiso where wc will he 
signing autographs between 2 
and 4pm Sunday Good Luck. 

Letter To The Readers 

So what if he was fuzzy? 

PiRWH GOLF Pefensc Systems! 

Ooar Keadnt: 

If you havcnt ytl read PtwJcr 
Swecncyj 'Page Five", stop 
here, turn lo page five, read tt. 
then conw tack I'll wait. 

Good. I want to talk to you 
about Sweeney's 'Heap O' 
Words' story. At first I wai 
■kcfiKal about priming u. due to 
tU' lanfanie. I decided Calung 
with my Managing bdilof) to 
prnii It for ihrwi' reaKMs: 

F^irst. aside: fMni one' n 
pcaied aiialomital reference. 
Ikere is nothing 1 found offcn- 
»ve. and certainty nothing es- 
plicilly obscene. 

Second, Peder is an awini- 
wmning cotleite joumalisi (fUi 
noil Community College Jour 
nalism Association award (or 
beii feature. 'An loierview With 
Sotaal thai we'ie glad w have 
hack widt us alter a lenieiler off. 
The third, and most impor- 
lani mmm, is I ihM it's an «- 

This explanation is only of- 
html » diow who wouid rath as 

only beoiwe, a single word of- 
fended diem. 

By the way, I asked 

Sweeney, why Mrotum'? He 

replied. "Ii'i a (unny wtud*. 


Willum Ramcy Hjipcr College 

Mgcmguin and Rovelle Roaits 

Palatine, IL MXJ67 

.'.Ijhtv Puidin 

Pcvl KeiMkrson 

Pt'wt ileiuliiriKm 

1>uukI*« lt*y 

r*iiii A|ipti 

Rahyn D»v» 
Hill Kugeiliai 
Kim Otimwskl 
. JonOwnm 

Consuhmi . Al DunitnwiJti 

The HARfllNOBR it the snidml puWicMun for ihe Hiipof Collt«« 
campui communtly, pUbliSbed wwkly •leepi 4mmf Iwtidiiys im) rm«l 
elm* All ofMnKMi: eapmMd ■• Umimi of Uie wrilo wd nm nccn«rily 
thme ol die wllet*. u* idminiamiiiin. focidty or sindlcm body Advcniiung 
and iopy dtadliM t» wion Thuriday and enpy it stil>|ccl H> cdiiing. All 
kilon Ui Ibe adiliK imisl be ngiwd. names wiihbekl on mfuest fin (onhcr 
mfonMUon call J97.)000. cii 2460 o. IWI 

Ejliior'iii Ouef 
'Mnnaime (uliiiif 
■ Manajj-T 

feieruinmcni 'Editor 
Spurts Edtuir 
FMunaa Editor 

The Harl>l«c«- 

August 28, 1987 

..Entertainment , 


Bowie all glitter, 
no substance 

From tfie 

Bi R<il>)'ii Dants 

ealcrtalamtiil Etfllnr 


llKsre were ■ w»y to 
.iMtfii* llie eacttemeni md 
iMicqMKMi levels nmMiiidmg 
the Roiemoni Horiioo ju»l 
tcfac i»ie David BowUs cunctn 
last Friday and Swuriliy night, 
ihe needle wouhl have been in 
die led lone. Uiyal Bowie fans 
am btm all utm wd all ■«« 
poHH ID MS itw ihow. 

Scalpen were piotiat>ly 
diiciiiiint Hk oiMioiti lo onkr on 
IM new tan thai would Im; 
{NlClMMd will! profti* from Ihc 
event. Gianied. a slight 
C3(l||efMian hut priccit wcric 
imimMlly high. Those pnces 
weminid Pcofile wanied lo lee 
■kit Htm. I winitd 10 i«« ihi» 
fhow I paid ihesat pncM. 

I itai m my laai waiting for 
"TUc Glaii Spider Tour' lo 
li«gin. The state was net under 
an^enilfiiMMii (pider which wasn't 
tacogniiaMe niitil ii« left and 

giam Jtwt iMfM 10 mat.' 

Bowia. atang widi a KRiiip of 
dancer*, deacended tnxn the 10 
million dolla* insect on ropes In 
addition lo the spidei' ihc set up 
included two large *ideo screcnit. 
a fanustic light show and dance 
it)utiMs Choreographed hy Toni 

Overall it looked like the 
making) of a Broadway musical 
in fact I thought I wais at a 
Broadway musical Theit was 
no standing up. no audtonce 

After well over a confusing 
botir of dancing, jamping. 
tumbling, coatumc changing and 
singing, Bowie spoke lo his 
audience for the Tirii time. Here 
he introduced tlie band which 
included Peief ftampDon on bad 
guilar. It seemed as if I were 
watching an MTV 

Saturday night concert. The 
only thing that made it real was 
die hole in my pocket wbais all 

my nmney once wm. 'Beauiie I 
love Bowie I even made a 
conscious effort lo enjoy ii 
rocking my head and lapping my 

feet to the musK. Soon though 
my head began lo nod. 

I began to coniemplalf 
wtaelhet I should stay foi the 
remaining half hour and wait an 
hour to get out of Ihc patting lot 
or leave and listen lo 'Modern 
Love' and "Lets Dance" at 

1 cannot review the end of 
llie concert because I didn't see ii 
btit the movie thai was on HBO 
when I got home was great. I 
can't say thai the evening was a 
total waste. I did want to se> 
David Bowie hut I was quite 

I'm sure you eipccicd an 
outstanding review just as 1 
cupected Ki write one. Now you 

aie disappointed too. 







"Kiffiiaiiiiiidiiia ili' 

■. ,- . -.,,.£» r f 

. ■. JO s.a. 

'• .."1. J ;j|3 


"• i»Hrt»(iim 

Stmight Talh on AIDS 


.■'_,.«. •a~«<»<..M n>'IM> 

MiMllt MIS •«>«.>.< 
Kta Mr't huhh. .. .... . 


If Tma ApfMl 

El wood Blue* (Dan Akroyd) 
taid II bat m (ml track iniro on 

Brief {.uttt Fiiil iif Hliin 
( Atlantic , IV7S) when he iaid 
"These days we so rarely get lo 
hear master Muesmen practicing 
ihcir craft." Now, granted. 
Akro) d was talking about Wuci. 
hut given the current .stale of ihc 
music industfy, rock couM easily 
have been included. 

Once, popular riKk muctsiam 
pri'oritics were music, lyrics and 
delivery, m that order Of ixmrsc 
certain rock balladicr%, Dylan 
comes to mind, held lyrics more 
dear, but that's not the point here. 

The bulk of todays pop 
musicians put actual musical 
contcni far behind on there 
priority lists. It's no longer music 
per se, but a show. What with 
vidoos and trying to maintatn an 
image far cash rich suburban 
leenyboppcrs, actual musical 
content of a pop act has slipped 
10 near inconsequential 

One wanders in ihis day and 
age of "Dancing on the Ceiling* 
if the purity of rock once 
delivered by such artists as 
Giuck Berry wUl ever leturfacc 
Who can tell. 

My luggcstion? Watch this 
column as wc ix> to re-present to 
you honest musical efforts and 
accompiishents that have, be- 
cause of lime and the frightening 
decay of the modem music . gone 
by the wayside. Each week, 
music lovers such as myielf will 
review albums 'From the Cutout 
Bin" as It were, and try to do 
ihon justice. 

Another consideration these 
days sadly, is cost When muiiical 
pop "(lufr is selUng for near ten 
bucks an album, you know there 
must be a better way. Many of 
the album to be discussed in this 
column are presentiy available at 
cut rale prices, w ihofi around. 

Pop music is a dynamic pheno- 
menon, like the test of otir 
culture II is always changing, 
looielimes even progressiRg. So 
white we waiL while we have die 

chance, let us not forget the 
music that praedcd the video 

There really was a lime when a 
guilar was more an important 
then a camera crew. 

Jat Waff*, 

StrifllHilT Fuliu (Elecktra/ 
Asylum 1<>7«) 

Most rock lovers have a 
favorite guitarist. For some il 
might he Eddie 'VanHalen. other 
might choose Mark Knoplkr of 
Dire Straits. Rarely among the 
lists of favorite guitariicts is the 
name }oc Walsh found, and I will 
never understand why. Joe's 
definitive style and talcm should 
at mnk him at least an honorable 

But SCflPUSly Folhi opens 
with the sloviish "Tomorrow", a 
tong about procrasunation which 
paves a smooth path for 
mesmirizing "Inncrtube" ihar 
follows. "Innenubc". half of a 
two pan song including 'Theme 
from Boat Wierdos" is one of 
rockdoms best non-rock instru- 

The two songs combined form 
a near uance like six and a half 
minute ride. The best way lo 
experience the hypnotic effect of 
these two songs is lying down 
with headphones, iry it. 

Confusingly, the following 
long on the A side is the now 
classic "Life's been Good*, a 
shocking contrast. This song, 
arjuably the epitome of Walsh's 
harder rock efforts, should be in 
any music k>ver's collection. 

The B side settles down a bit, 
betting a little heavier on lyrics 
than on volume. Nothing 
disappoints, but I'm not sure it 
keeps up with the A side. 

Overall, this is a must own for 
the real rock lover. I've seen it 
lately for as little as SI. 99, (who 
says you get what you pay for) so 
ther's no excuse not to snatch this 
gem up. Check Oranges Records 
and Tafies on Golf and Algon- 


America >i larfti,! lult-scrxicc wwftHK] rtslMurani chain ti:i^ a 
treat opptif tuntt) T ate *)viini «fc olthc htnefm ol *ork inij 
with un Wt'rt looliinj; toi full iini] pan-iimc penuniKl j» 

• (>•) I (Mid PmymUoa 

• <4 1(111 Kiichta 

• Day I tllit) 

• WaMar 

• Wa 

• H<Mt/H<Mtca» 

• Mtk/ftmHk 

• 'Bartoidtr 

• CasMcr 

Cimnder ihr diflcrciKT at RtU lohsic- in 

enceltcni starting mIm\. puid vacalum ntv.: i t>: 

Hifiblr For group health and dental in>...„,,^.. ;,. ^,hj,: 
whi^dulmg. profii sharing ami iaving* plan, cmpio*«« n^»l 
discount and mure Far immediate c0n!>idcraitiin. applv 
heiwccii 1pm ■ apm 

»m n. MM Driw 

f«|lialf>|i|Kiniinilr. Aflirm»it\e Action I mplwyer 


^ % 

I aQG r"lw©, 


Im Diainuit. «0. M m Ui tonini ' 

imm iti lit 


"Wlia if,* 'tm mlA 1 mtltf <nu • tufMnmlMatfr 

tm mm « NM* Mk IBM. ■» <« cmM. ta' Mlkiilt m 
Mdl if IM «<M. aniub INI (■' *!■ pMkato 4tif M_clw% 
WW. H» mm wnn lacMM. laii aiilii, M* wift 
hMl catMi Ma Ihi' *>' ««i* 

tciMMn CliMlnf tni Djrlmg: 
SaoMm Said Mid Sifwiic* Mt. 

An: Sciolum Bufrinf; 
SovtufK Landtctpini; 

kiiuttf. "ihe'i pitying it 
Btka. Wall, two cu ptcy ii 

m liim i lt . 'iwo em ygrji ccnoiM^' 

'for Iht Dit€*miiii 
ScnMMt fmtcmr' 

AnAlMtiMrf •«*rwoi4. 

*)iM DtMiMar ilH iMd fOOTckMl,. *l citt'i mmt li 

« II O 

tam w« «f in «> innniB ]Mat Ml 'Ho toner oW flMn wt 

«•••■ liMy ycifi *|nf tf yiM <•••■ kalf • <na<> you'd mvcli 
Miailii .kilo your taw'* wfTie* iwl dMiMoi]' a dtcaiii taiu 
■o ilM w« coariil' itin «i«jiir.fixf lit* a linl* M' 

Nuw of ihii woiilit iuf* boilicml liM-ltt'd htatd it ill 
*' Mbi»- l«« Bmmm didn't iniit' •<■•. 

Im Mil mmX tttmtm tka^ liiini (or an*. wUI 
ymir Ptel Oo JUKI km» wily yon won't"! HinmmJ Oi» yoiir 
tm M. (Mil IM im ki* fiBim in hii can m to wouldn'l 
lit** m tow tor mt it- Ht tlwiyi did ttoi tmi to tlwayt 
toad tot mfrtir, ^ 

km wmai In llw Dtiliiiti Sennim ■(Mr ««fe. 
AtidMi." to laid wton to gM daan. H« had cxpactcd a 
diitiy liiilc ipactally (li«i]i. W%ai h* foimd wci a fifty 
UKraaand aiiuara-faat aavaun Mtporitan. Bwtfywtoft lot 

Iw « 
«mI. Sto'i pratanding nM id 
that lamcl' 

■Yit." h* 
]riay ai that lamal 

^ i> nmalto |iaaaad and Joe and noraBca ««f« Mill in 
a daadlock. Florancc would ml aknowledfe any diffcKnca 
totwaii Ikt nld Jaa and hm dw ScnHmntoad. loa, far hit 
pan, had not vrnily wom the icrotumtoad cotiwne every 
lingla ntinula ainca first putting it on, he had come to 
enjoy it. He had, in fact, adnpiad Ito acroium Ufeinyle. He 
wai M aailafind with his newfound icintumhood ihti to 
waa aftnid H cnnCronI Ito poaaibiliiy that he had developed 
. Nay, a acranan nddictioA. 

/\l . 

And dial's why loc wat angiy. PlonnKH' had haan 
•■Dint him. » icniciiadMMl (or fony yaaii and f«>r (ony 
yaw' it Hat 'inMii' lilin an|»y. ftm^ ymi «»«r eal) ma a 
_|iW* to wmM. warn tor. hni am. nil feud. 

» iw anaM'toti te tot am ip( Mm. 

flafamca taNid Jo* a acmiumtoad in (riM. «( nlliat 

It' tnitt to avaryaiM wto Inaw Jrn rtfaimd in Win at. 

I to Italy tiling is that Joe'i head didn't raatly hxdi 

I a semiMn.. Ha .Juai. taamad Uto dia Km ffif ftiy ftm edit 

S* imw. iMni at hit Mi' daiK In kit Vmlt ofRM, . tor 

'*t Ml .nai a. 'idMiMiMattl* to 'laid. 
Tin Mtt" to' laid. 

•aarywtonir laid Joa in hiimnlf. 

A daiifai, n>iddl*-.a|«d ialaapafian apfMachtd km. H< 
wore a namdag Itol laid "My nam* i* Bill Ailc ne aboua 
our lapanaaa Smtum tjuuentS'l" 

"May I help y«w, ti>t' aaltad Bill. 
"Will, yaa," nqytiBd lot. " you at*, my •Ife haa htan 
calling na a •croonnhaad for tte past (oity yeais and. 

'ir I may say so, air. your head doei not loolc 
aapacially tcfonim-likc." 

"Yaa,* taid J<». "ihai'i rather how I Mt it m. Tlial't 
why Tin hen. I*d like my toad in look more like a •cnmint. 
Aa anch like a scronun at poaaiblc.* 

'Vary good, air, ' said Bill, and he lad Joe to Ito 
Haadwaar dafamannl wkare Jo*' found ilwiiaanda 
«l I 

<9 manly anind in hia to* aeroitHn toadwaar. and 

hav^ iuit chawed hit caampiifnentaiy Scronim-Aire Breath 

Mini. Jiia tBMrad 0» kitclian of hit aniaU buigalow wton 

and labMni on ito pinne. lot 

«(ton tto laat Uin and fall to 
to tog Mt Kifgimiiwat lor har wWkad unftM. tot 
til aha did wtt look tt him widi har inual tipraation of 
■lid ditgiiaL 

TU hat* » aall you toek lanr, Macgi,* ilM taid' iiiio 





a/r.' mf 

tumr nuat 

#ll"^fc flBQP* OHM 

/ Mir TS mi « 
Tmr weem. 

I J« tocttne mtm and more twnv of his emerging 
MltMte chtnges in his manntsr secured lutetd 
of hit cntlomiiy howne. he faaf an weanng hit collar open, 
ravealing levenl ttranda of gold chtin. He ttirud wetring 
a cuhit Eirconit eatting where hit ear would otherwise have 
been. H* togan standing up lo Florancel 
"Hey, RcrcHtuntoadr' tto would bellow. 
That's Mirier Scroiuahead to you. attftcsl* to would 
reply, wtoniipan ato wouht beat the hell out of him. 

I wo ytart paasad. loa, al sixty. two and still in his 
tcmiumhcad eoinim*. had laken oa many charactcriitict of 
a mucjh younger man. A trwinggr, he woukt call huiuelf with 
a wry smile. He quit his job as an accountani tnd formed a 
muticti btnd with himself tt lead singer. Tto olhai 
mamlMia of Ito tond w»n alto of tto scrotal pcrsuation. 
"Joe ScTOM Old tte Bagman* ih«y called dicmtelves. 

rive yean patted. Joe tod clevtlnd icraHHn worship 
to die ttatiw of an Intcmationtl religion. Jo* himself wtt 
Ito High Meat wto lad a (lock of ntilliont in die tetrch 
for Ito me aaatno* of Saonim. "Sctixa Rhoia,' dwy called 

'Serola Rbott, Scrota Rhoia," his ditciplat would 
ctiiin. "Soma RliMi Kmuni Dtmma Ding DonglH' 

Joa and Flnranoe art very old now and livint in dttir 
alegani Palm Beach maniion. Sometimes Joe will take 
Florence m his arms and say "Gimme some tongue, toby." 
Fhmnc* will tton putk Joe away in mock npultion nd 
lay "Nol Ncvart I dont (ivt tcroMar 
Tton dany laagk- 


Everything was going so well and now this! 
A 4"x7" area in the bottom right corner of 
the page and not a damn thing to put in it! 
It's a shame that any of the page should go 
to waste with so many potential space 
fillers enrolled or working here. Given my 
'druthers. I'd boot those comics to the left 
out of the paper and devote this entire 
page to the people who make up Harper 
College. I don't mean irate letters about 
the school's smoking policy or Student 
Senate soapboxing, I mean good, 
wholesome {or otherwise) prose; humor, 
short fiction, not-too-maudlin poetry and 
cartoon work are ail welcome from any 
member of the Harper community. Only 
those willing to develop their work to its 
full potential need reply, so if you want to 
discuss an idea before investing your 
energies in it, or if you'd tike assistance 
with the work itself, please stop in at 
A367. bang on the door and state your 

5000 people read this paper every week. 
You may never get a better offer. 

Peder Sweeney 
Pag* Fiv* 

The Marlitngcr Aiifust 28, 1987 


Harper Telecourse guide 

■Ut Tftt.1 

TOO tuamajtrnxmrim 

mtiH. »'»'« •MS.««M. 


TfcK TIttt 

«K Ittll 

«i iDiikBi ar titiiiini 

fH»ui.»Tvt •a»iirj< inno 

Students' first test - 
Find Classes 

feiOW', llw sHin only alto* (IK 
m mm te ictiMul riour m iwo 
tocaki; mM «il* ** >N: eon- 
'invctun Wiclt enlrMce ii> ill iMi 
MM dOM. but iliM owe ikm m 
l0emt4 <M tint' [ariltcK cmmi 


Ml Pud. We Itrwlly 

ttagm* tltnMiM an cstioiMity 
MutMy and' maim <*•" *■*' *■'*' 
mi timH ^ttmmtm, A'P-C 

t 10 MV. <*« 

Iwimdttcd if 
atha (wtiftfc vtna m^pcriencws 

rnwruiM* M > 

^iimliamiiet 'DtMnaTlcliMitl' 
•nd Lmtm Ttikda. in C-Mt « 
itie ii'fflM, ecMuneaial on ihc 
vtgttcncit nf lie Agniir ii£ni. 
•then ihey eowW fiml il*cm. 
Dnnta tatil, 'ti'f 
to I* ically icwglt foi 
ii«Mtaiaii. expeciatly mkc Acjr 
iDM'l hniiw iDc cainfxa" tayoui; 
if ikey didii'i Gome htkms tchxi* 
MfM'd lltef'll 'have leiwus 

Reiimint »()lwmore Sie»c 
Rmc, «l>iic rflaattij! m the A- 
btl. townite. itniaikLtl. 'If'i MM' 
incouvrnwiit M all ' Rowc 
IHifced w Aim. sa>iii|. "lii iho 
oalytifiwioeMH..' WlicmaiiMl 
•iMWi llw |MM>)»le conlttiiuffi 

wtmm clafK* hagin. Ik ainwcra). 
•li'» (ilie cmariJi-iKinl «mcthms 
Uuu luB K) te dufw " 

Welt, wiih «'■ . •.■■•<" 
mmd, 1 c««cl«li '! 

ei.peri*nicil fru»ir.ii i»iuuic 

erf th* mess. H(»»ev€f. miwe 
opimon* sircnsiWn;.! my belntf 
Itat llw "■ ^.IMlclIM 

would Uf<' ' .;.i'WiiOM 


Like Su-wc R>>«.. Mjpho- 
mom D»i>>«i ami Mait 
latedie parked m A l« Ihey 
agmd' itai constfuction pnwcd a 
pnlitcm. adding. "Pcopl* are 
gCMiE m liiive amd eweryittinf .' 
pMAlMia MiclMle Otirnwitlii 
MCpaied llial ili« cimtumiwn 
tie cMtpieicd. m iiaaei. wheic 
mot iciiabtliuiiw cmiei A- 

Even taculir ami Mir. odled 

iti a meemg m Iwa^, Awgint 
l«. nciied the jiotemial complic- 

awjm of inva-canpiB travel and. 
added Mr C. toly. pmrfeaiw of 
psycMoey. mflftKiorf may he 
forced ID dismia* dnam earlier 
tiMn uMial 1(1 allow iiudenui a 
ehancB lo baulc dwir way lo iheir 
iKCeeduif claim. Let us Itofe 
llMt die not! amtmKlinn piK^I 
It underialten with greaiei 
(cKcnghi and plamunf . 





m^ 4r-' 

m>m mm 

SfSfv-siaim. s s«ais 

-. * 

Classified Classified Classified Classified Classified 

Classified Ad 

(m§ w «%*f Umti art 


Help Wanted 

Coiaotolofiti Aisl. 

FtMi-iime help wanted 

_ Tiw,WWid..Tlliini.2-tei 

cm pmtf Stmwm m mimoo 

Cwktaii waJtvMt 

■•oOMt Right cM. AA 
GoX Rd- SdwumtMis •««• 
6nm Woodfidd ■ ms-tfm 

AMo TcchBiciaa 
for new Oil Eiipieii 
Kn miniMe oil chuife. 
Pull or pun-time Will 
Win. Apply in person 
I()Mi-2pm M F at 801 
W.GoURd. one Mock 

Laadicaptog . 
Giowini cooipuiy it 
Itwkiiic liar forann, 
laboran and mechanic. 
Mini be reliable, honett 
and hanl wtrting. Good 
oppotimities for advantcmexL 
call 364-6777 

Wordprocessing i 
Spreadsheeis in my 
home; word pcrfeci 
A LoiBS. Call Mary 
•I 977-1100 CM. 358. 
or 806-9014 eve. 



to distribute "Student 
Rate" subscription 
cards on campus. Gd. 
inc., ttfl. selling inv. For 
info, and tpplic. write 
1745 W. Glendale Ave 
Phoaiix. AZ 85021 

Vin-Aitf pcrton 

to implement I -on- 1 
Behavior Mgt. prog. (/ 
DD indiv. during 7 30 - 
9 a.™, and 3 - 4: JO p.m., 
M-F. E«c. ofipor. f/student 
wishing lo gain exp, in DD 
field. For more info. pl«. 
€tiima RoMdie Midiein- 761 -5877 

Babe, I hope you are 
doing O.K. @U of I. I 
mtisya!!! Don't worry 
ni write. You know 
imaead of DeKalb 
weekends there are 
going 10 be U of 1 
weekends. Luv.your 
litter partner in crime. 


Thanla for the poslcard. 
I had a ball ai the Pan Am 
games. This first issue was 
hell! Keep in touch. Luv 
ya Pemi 


Belly Rules 


Hey Klmbo, gel your 
buns in gear! We need 
you at the paper. Luv Pearl 

Hi Mom. 

Congratulations on thai 
" new job. I know yourc 
going 10 do good and be 
great all rolled up in 
one. How's ihai new 
office'.' Keep in touch. 
Love "Your Firsi Born". 

Ff luring: 

o Full Maehin* Circuits ol 
Nautllua, Watar & EagI* 

o Fr*« Wclghta 

o Computarlzad Exarcisa 


o Canllvaacular Evaluatloni 

o Aaroblc, Low Impact, and 
Exarelaa claaaas 

o Nutritional antf 
Workout Programa 

_^_^___ " Tannla Couria 

dcj A v^ALOKIE o swiMMine 

12 Month Student Special - $149 

Take advantage of our super low student special. 
Only $149 givea one person 12 months of fitnett and o FItnaaa AasoasmanI Taal 
limited aerobics package. With no initiation fee* Admlnlatarad By Exarcla* 
or mOBtbly dues required. Call today for a Phyalologlsl 

conplimeniary workout. 


Dear Honey Bunny, 

1 love you. Thanks for 
the U'ip I had a great 
time! Luv You "Bubble- 

Dave, Stay ihc hell 

away from those 
damn motorbikes. 

Sarah. Good Luck. 
Dear John, 

How are you? I sure do 
miss your body around 
here. The campus just 
isn't the same without 
you. Please stop by the 
Harbinger sometimes 
and say hi. I lost yout 
phone number or else I 
would have called you. 
Signed a concerned 


Female .Student needs ride 

to schoal from Bjurington Rd. in 
Hanover Pk. MWF at 9 or 9:30 
a.m. and TR at 7 or 7:30 a.m. 
Call 2K9-8'M1 and ask for Bart» 
Bishop Will pay gas money. 

o Ho Co«l 

Nura*ry t«rvle« 







S<.iuumburu,IL 60173 


I special Corporata 
Ratn Avallabta 

CM Ftamrtt Vary 



^Beauolrt r 



Kni nacmaum «t> . >i,oowkiiw pu««. aciwuinuwa 

— aaLiazL, 


\!.!.L f-ri V HJ 7 Vl.'Jai 




4I Oil <s 

Help Wanted, ITie HARBINGER is 
looking for good writers. We need people 
who are energetic, fun. intelligent, with 
good writing ability and who aren't afraid 
to do a little more. Stan now! See what 
you can be. Flexible hours and an 
oppofTuniiy to earn a reputation for yourself 
and a great way to meet new people and 
team your way around the campus at the 
same time. 

Help Wanted. The HARBINGER is 

looking for photographers. We need 
people who are willing and able to follow 
instruction and who arc dependable. We 
would prefer people with experience and 
some creative ability. Must me flexible and 
willing to work with the editors and staff. 
Stan now! 

If you are all the above, and more, contact 
The Harbinger BIdg. A367, and ask for 
Larry or Pearl. Start Now! 

Without your support we would be nothing 



and who's not 
in the world 
of sports 

The Harbinger August 28, 19«7 

Page 8 

This. fiM tmfmi Iw 

hot timeies * tte •"ri<> o' 

mam. AiMt )« ''*« "=«'» 
nimmer. iiitleic*. .tM tte y«« <• 


■n(»|«mit*n»ni>«'» . ^ 
iMi; momeoi tint •••« « «« 
'Umi. mImi elw but ttie onl} Dn 
worll wieniwili"! >» «•«« 

lMltlilc«''lc — 

iKililifig. *eir ll««i«l» *'**V »*•« "f 

IMfii » l»K platt. M"»''W "»* 

fie la omJy eo«icfiitrjii»(. at 

•^•m^ twi JUKI mkm ci>ni«-« 

«jiH( lit iJii'l ti'nAmg sttxml. Ihe 

riii rral .|tie»iioi» «• wmiiiii* 
?wcik km DtMnfuw'* 

'V sewM' »* ,*»'«•<*• 
. and cM'kci tals- 

'. rawn •* IKItilitfle. 
<. I|«!|. 'Ml- 

IwiiiM tic Ml' 
k4t talwt He mmd «»n »e 
nm )iace tincc 


Wa lie 


A't UMli Hm I'ttf c»n'|»>|n 
with »n tmmmm pw 'hiiiitiii W 
tokkI otpix" IWW "*«* "** 

(Kok. Bui snce to aiivcMnKe 
m tiM All Swt !«»« "• *•» 

miaaicri !# only iwt *oii* runt. 
Hm it * p»s* 0^ DdiMci 
wwiW *• «l* ». Iwii uf ••*■ 

Stiii Willi Ihc IMICWU M 

honitn HcteMi. fcc coin**!" ll""-' 

IMinii Mcccwiut t* well Ik 

WMl't hn*- 

CMii«i*i«l If mmijf ««f ilw >«•■ 
,iIMMti»riter» in the Cllic»|» 
media m l>i« »"<»" PT"'* '■''"'* 
10 hil Ihe Cub* ■uncc Ernie 
'»iiNlii. Amim DiwMn bt* mitk a 
OinKWn, curtcnily mjilii>| 
arottnd I100,«M» intliMliini 
u>c««ti»»», i« «•* '" '*'^* " 
la«iinf inifrcisiion, on the 

Tribune'! Cbedil**-"* ""■' 3"*' " 
he IS eiiwcliid I" b* *c hr« 
CbicafO mhlcM » |i> ovCT ihc * 
iBJlhffliKtolliif nwrk. 

t)i*icw >e«Js ibe taifue ■ 
iKMii hoiiM! row »A luiH buiwl 
in nhile hii¥iii| oik «>' i»« '«*' 
■im* in *« buitineiB 
Wliw's Wtl> 

Havtiw Id"* t'O" • "«»•««« 
season in W«* to » >«"*'« 
«Mi»(i in 1«1. Ulc WhiMI So» 

hawc iKM raipTCiwd m «» wiii. 
They haw ilie wontl hcNM: reecnl 
m haidwU ■««» e^en i»ie ipeeily 
Gacy RinIim •« bei»| hurt by ibe 

He M cafntik of «> mttOt 
mat. bu« wiib Ibe Soi tetol 
■n^ oftone. be i» tmabte to 


Wli,ile: (he So« haw • iw>ii| 
hitii on tut place. iiiaN,y ctaui»et 
mutt b« **« if tbcy hope K> 
clinifc out rf Ibe ccttw bciore 
next fear ciid». 
Wb«i'» bui- 

Altet only l*t> p«-it«*»»»n 
pnics. Mite ToiM»i»li «eti» » 
Jnw a tat ■(» *e Belifj' *iaiin| 
Q8 ft*. Le«»ing lr«min| cimf. 
the ' Rear* bud' 'Iw I'wiiibl* 

(WoWem (»f ti... • "■*• miwy 


Wtih ilK t. ■■■",<''' 

(iftt-Hil. ''■ 

'Harbaut:. . "'■'Cby 

«.iimer Dmis Muiic, mnicml, 
lecmrt to be tbe oM-mm out. 
Btti. undis (be luionnc. (>( J'W 

Mc.hlilwaii. TbmcMk, 'h*. riwi ui 
ihc cMlMiS' aul iMife evttyoM: 
tiM seem •• tf i**y "e •'« *»**' 

Jf McMahim ikie* ccime 'hucl 
fniin hii injury in iime. he will 
h« the slartcr Bui if ««. 
Tomciiik will ba« tmmti met 
his own future 

WiMl'l M»t' 

SwiKltws tefc 10 (aicWI. ilK' 
nun maM ami^pm ptetaul to m 
am. NaAMi hmtm ■» fe Nf 
lim dHKd %' 141. ptehm. 

Sfie Diivit. ol Ibe Cincitmili 
liik «» iMnwJ ttie MVP before 
ilM team itMMd. AiMl' UP' uiH' 
[he AH Si« lnw*. be bail ih. 
Reds u> Ibe pluyolili 

But hi» ewolim aft bat |twtf 
ihe rem «>» the NL Went hope ir 
«in the divwion I'm iwi 
■naluRi any prediction*, but il 
the Reds h«jpe to make the 
playoffs, Davis »W continue 
irw leaton he put KitaiHr before 
the All Siar h«eali. 

If the «e»joit were to e.n<J 
iiworrow. w many itriDfC 
Ibings have happemrf ui b»»hall 
It wou-ld leem as if a whole 
•eason had been played 
Milwaukee's 13 (tme winninf 
streak lo start Ibc lewon. Dick 
Hows«r'* death. Steve Howe's 
umpteenth return afte» ateohol 
rehab. Dwight Gotidcms leioni 
aflcr drug nehab and the tin goes 

Tbe im campaign has pmvcn 
10 he more eneiving ihan past 
years and the real tun will sun 
when Ihe playoffs and die World 
Series heigin. 

c J John EH... ."' - xr? .::"n!r,;;:A ""."". t 

page of the Harhinfer. 

Bolt and Bechtold 
leave coaching 

r.««» find,. »«..*."-"" '""^ ■"" "::!■ 

Itt Bill K»fttl»«ri 

SMrti Edtlwr 

Two b««t coache-t «ym«iy™t»iis 
wtdii Hari*r'» Aihleiic Dcpartmeiil 
h»e'b««li !«.*"««' nf «•*"■ ^sF'-fw 
tmeWm *««*e* in ofO"' "> •'»•■ 
ihtm to put mote wne into tbetr 
olbtf respective aibteic .departwent 

** fivet «boM«b Manba Bolt and 

Roger 'RedHDM ba« lerved several 
veait at coaches, they have ;>' 
served at the •am«n» aiM "' 

Aecorfthg to Johii Ciekb. uie 

DiviMn: D<«i of Fhyskal Edue:atlt)ii 
and Albkliet, Ibe" *««= I**** 

RjMn for tbe change. 

•Tbe fhimp wai « combiiwlion 
or (Kwm.- Gflch Kiia. 'We hav« 
gCHih we *»ni lo ai-ctmplisb in the 
Aihlrut IwpawmnM. and they mimrt 
more of ibeit (Boll and Btchn'iat 
time." _ „ , 

AtMrtmi 10 0«lcb. this b«i» ten 
in tbe planning «« «be pa«i few 
yarn wbile ibii being Ibe fim ye» 
they ifceitW w «nili.aie ihe channel. 
1 iiml Bechtold wert! given the 
of rciaining iheif aihlcta- duiies w 
conlinutnc cm at coaches. 

While a replacemcnl at been 
found for Bolt Kalby Chamberlain: 

• ihiiii 

Bethtold will he rcvicwin| 
H»piic.iints vn the near luiuie. 

We a«c irying » do >t..v 
jusi put teams on the fi. 
«>il. "Wc arc «m-enii-.l 
Muiknl lUWeit's." 

Boll will be Ihe Cfwitdmatw o« 
Women's AiWeiics while B«cbtokl 
will take over the lone Athletic 
Diiecior's j<*. 

With the two channelling their 
ciperiencc and knowledge. HiipcrV 
Athletic Department am only profit 
from die chaniea. 

Gelch went on lo say ."We have a 
strong aibletc prognmi at Harper and 
wc want 10 knap it xnnf.' 

Cheerleading and Pom-Pon 
Tryouts for guys and gals will be 
held on September 1, 2, 3 at 
2:30-4:15 in Building-M in Room 
249. Guys are encouraged to 
tryout as well as gals. 

Sports writers needed to 
cover volleyball, cross country, 
and women's tennis. Come to 
A-367 and ask for Bill if 

Ia*i . 




Hwcli V«ii*V 

1>M P» 





1<M » 




1>M m 


s*t . 

llnnai* V.ll*f 


1>I»0 ■» 



Gl^i. til/l^ 

liM 1» 

l.M f 



l.oO ■«■ 



;r,ll ra,ti%*l] 



lUliMta v.u.r 


V J» IJ. 



waioii IV n*ww« 





HttClOM IV rlHJU. 




VOL, 21 NO.^ 


wmiwnRalfwyHariMrCoNtg* PatoHm, ItHnoit 


(PAGE 5) 



(PAGE 4) 









Foundation Board 
welcomes five 

Sj' Gkifto Car? 

Starr Wriitr 

Five new meaitten have 
joined ihe Harper College 
Founilation Board. Tlicie, nc* 
memlMit iachido Don Barringion. 
Daniel Daamann, Jamesi 
Goodwin. William Ken. and 
Rotiefl Leibold. 

The foundaiion was 
ocfanitcd in 1973, witK iti main 
goal being lo raise [inanciitl 
■wppon from corporatioil and 
private buiiness (or fraiiM. 
sclKtejhipi and oitwr aciiviMs 
at the college. 

Don Barrington ii the 
director o( Human Rciource 
for the Nonhrof) 
He holdi degree* 
from several univerttliei' 
including a Ma.-stcr of Education 
from Depaul Universlly 
BanJngloa reaidea in Schatimiwitg 
with his family and is involved 
in many other organiigMian* auch 

as liie Advinry Comminee here 
tt Harper. 

Daniel Baumann found 
himself involved with the 
foundation when "...a retiring 
member caikd me and aitkcd if I 
vim interested in being in the 
foundation. (He said) the 
foundation wat active in 
tupponing the goali of Harper 
College students through 
sclMbHiliip fundt. I Ihoughl it 
«•• imiieiliini worthwhile lo 

BayiMiHi a the president and 
edilor of The Daily Herald and 
hat a bachelors degree in 
joumtlimi and a Matters in 
Political Science from the 
Uni-versily of Wisconsin- 
He participates in 
I including the 
Greaier WoodTield Convcnuons. 

James G<x>dwin serves as 
Senior Vice President- Marketing 
lor United Airliner In IflSJ he 

was elected Regional Vice 
President-Hub Operations, 
making him responsible for 
Uniled's two largeast airport hubs 
ai O'Hare International Airport in 
Chicago and Stapleton 
Iniemationa] Airpon in Denver. 

Goodwin received a 
BKhelon Degree in Scioce from 
Salem College in West Virginia. 
Goodwin belongs to the 
Barrington Hills Country Club 
and the Meadow Club. 

As Senior Vice Preiidem of 
the Pepper Construction 
Company, William Kcm lias 
been in charge of many projects 
tiich as the Prudential Plaza 
Building Renovation. 

Kern coniinuei to be active 
In community organizations, 
including Ibe Barnngloa Swim 
Club and die BarringUHi Area 
Chamber of Commerce. Kem 
received a Bachelors Degree in 
Science from Scion Hall 

University in Soudi Oange, New 

Robert Leibold is a vice 
president of Allstate Insurance 
Companies and is on the Allsiaie 
board of directors. Leibold is 
also involved with die Gateway 
Foundatioa. a Chicago based drag 
and alcohol rehabilitation 

In 1986 he was appoiMed lo 
the Fednal Highway Adminis- 
mtioii'i Nttkmal Carrier Advis- 
ory Comminee. Leibold com- 
pleted specializes! insurance 
courses fiiom Marqoeue Univer- 
sity and attended the UnrvenJty 

fMrcMCii«Midlay<iraliutg«|ii|MlaaatllMI>hBpi«<«lh*liMkand saMyofHarfci'iciam'Vut. (rttntrTmmjml 

New Student Activities Coordinator named 

Sy Kitn Sttlii|rakfr 
Starr Writer 

Alice Jofgtnsen will 
temporarily replace ttndcni 
Aciivilies Coordinaior. Michcal 
Nejmait as he works Harper's 
Lmdon Ptngnun (or Fall of 117. 

lOfgfiiMii worked for the 
CatlSgB of Lain! County (or three 
years with the Program Board. 
SiudeM Activities and the Film 

She hat recently completed 
her M.B.A. in marketing at 
DePaul University, 

Although Jorgensen will 
only be in the cooderinaior 
position for (our months, she's 
excited about the job because of 
Itopeis excellent fcpuiaiioo. 

"It's a really fun job and die 
students fresh ouUook and 
oawifeiiui idaai will allow me 
to b« a tacceu.* claim* 

According to Jorgensen. 
'Harper is successful and I'm 
happy lo have a chance lo work 
with a student body that is so 
effective and really more 
sophisticated than the College of 
Lake County.' 

One goal Jorgensen would 
like to accomplish is to develop 
a spring semester student 
activities program that will be as 


1 would also like to inacase 
our mailing outreach, lo special 
targets of inlerest in the area." 
Jorgensen says. 

"I feel if we meet more 
peoples needs and interests we 
will inoease student enrollment." 
claims Jorgensen. 

According to Jorgensen, she 
IS looking (orword to the "Club 
Fair' on Sept. I4ih at a special 

reouilmen; I'ay for I-laipcr riuos. 

' .vf y job is one lo assure that 
the >:lubs are r.xciving tha 
rmaiic al resources tlut they are 
sopr' ta' »o," rays iorrensen. 

"it isii' enough to just go 
t;> classci. s>uikr.t.<. need to gel 
involved with aiti't-cs lo get L'le 
full H irp -r Experience" ciainis 

The Harbinger September 3. 1987 


Life in London for a Harper Student 

Page 2 


On December 2. W86. I 
(ecdvod a |*ome call Uiai wmiM 
ctaige niy life (or Um nciu six 

moMMs iNtt |iTf»M|p» te beyoml. 
Tlte ciU «■• tnm lack Ricard. 
Head oF Iniernalional 
EnrictaieM. and whal he liad lo 
lell me wm some of the ben 
oewi I IumI heanl m yen. 

Tlic meMgt waa tlXMi twi 
veiy sweet iMi it did Ml' tea tliHi 
inn ma on a plaiie IXNmd' for 
Lomton orae tkon month laier. 
Mr. Ricard laid thai be had 
hxAad at my applicnion for die 
lawnatioaal Studies Program 
and thai liace I had met all the 
necMsaiY re<|uircmeins I was 
eligible 10 study overseas 
Needlesi lo Wf ■ Jumped ai die 

Ok, tatt' I wm worried and 
iMl' aiiiy MOMHl thougliis allow 
(aim 10 far away Don hmne but 
afler weigluitg all of llie {iteet 
and mifioaes I decided ibai 1 
miuld go. in Uw llwri five 
weeks between my accepame lo 
the iiroeniiii and the day of 

Each day something oe* 
auEha* applyint fn • pmtpm or 
hayiag hooks or Ming out forw 
haitll he done but when die big 
day came 


(Mid-hye at the aii|ion 
Mdcring what life would 
( alMr my lettirn I also 
[tng hands will) 
l>t«tU*ilt McOralh before 
hoHtflat and lliinluag Uiai jusi a 
ihort time afo I had been in his 

(ilTk c flicking owl 'daaaoa tat te 
fall scmiiiier. 

\is. • weened to be leaving 
a kit of gcxxl friends, family, and 
Kcurity hehiml hut il was n«)w 
time lo explore, to find new 
fiiends. and a whole new way of 

t( didnt liike long to 
csiabliih new rcliilioiiships. Just 
afler boarding I ran inio Matt 
Sclwiielti, anodici undent on die 

International Enrichmeni 
Pmgram from Harper Colkfe. 

Man and 1 talked ihroughoui 
our flight and by the time we 
■mved in London it seemed like 
i had known bim forever. 

Landing at Gaiwick airpon 
on January 10 was an excitmg 
cupcrience as 1 got my first ever 
ta* at Lxtndon. England. 

Wow, what a »ght! I think 
it was at this point when I 
rtalaol what a great learning 
experience ii wumld be having sill 
of London at my cJaisroom 
There was lo mucJi to tee and I 
didn't dare mm a diing as 1 
slwggled to keep my eyes open 
alter a skephM len hour (light. 

After geuing settksd in at die 
aryansian Student Residency and 
a <jiuck meeting with the leaders 
of ihe group ii was off lo the 
puta to meet Uic British in 
Engliih fashion. 

Siitaa Dwyer. anolher 
OiMktil from Harper College, and 
I (Tied to take London by storm 
and after a few hows and more 
iteai a few pint* of Gumness we 
iwert living it up wiUi a couple lo 
btokts from tCensmgljon. 

We even m«t thine g«Mi 
from Northern Ireland and 

llJek-hoaer Iroin Italy Wc ulked 
all nighl bui iicvei g'l bored 
because everyone we met was 
like no one wc had ever met 

The Owngi ig c( ihi Guard 
11 Buckinghim I'alace w:is gi;al 
to ice after hca-iig afoul ii for «) 
long but unfoftuwutljf we had ui 
itand out in below rcro 
lempcralurM lo eipcricno: it 

The ne»t Jay. ibough. *c 
had pksniy of tunc to v;ant. up m 
our ciasiei which ran until nir.c 
o'clock that evening The la>i 
class of the day was 'Bnlisli 
Culiute and Society" and it wa.. 
definitely woidi die wan 

In the short two hours m 
which the class mci 1 learned 
more abtHit ihe English iKat!l« 
and iheir history than I had ever 
known before. 

Our speaker *ii»t inio 
numerous detail* aKwit EntsUmls 
history and cxplainciJ suth cvenii 
as ibc great fire ol Ltmdon and 
als> lime rchuilding period which 
followed She e»plaincd how 
each of ihc diftcrent kings of 
England had left iheir mark by 
certain landmarks they had built 
or destroyed and die impact each 
mie of the kinp had w cinom 

When I left class dtal night I 
was filled widi an abundance of 
optimism knowing thai I would 
learn more in the next four 
mondis about ihe British and 
about life itself than I had in (tie 
{mKcoding nimeen years. 

Whik in Ihe U K the classes 
that 1 attended were limited lo 
arould twelve or eighteen 
ttudenit Kid aa die aemestcr went 

on 1 beaan lo l&e die imimarv r>r 

With Ih. snaller class 
everyone seemed lo be much 
more opii wi'Ii tlicir (wlings and 
always williLg: to yell out iin 
answer oi question at any tune. 
fvcit '.lie leachcis were much 
• lorc. open about Ihcir personal 
lives avid cxpcricnce.*- 

1 cnioycd very much the 
time. 1 stayed after class to talk 
wiib Pri'MSor Gene Kimmct 
abxut his trips to die south ol 
Englanl and also talking to 
Pr.ifcsstir Ben Dallas about just 

1 personally believe the 
smi II classes provided for a 
hct cr Icamins environment and 
ov rail added a tremendous 
en Jil to the program. 

Although the majority ol the 
classes were small "British 
CultMre and StKicty" consisted of 
aprrosim.itel) fifly people. This 
was no problem, ihouBh. as it 
made the class a whole kit o( fun. 
especially on Tuesday % *hcii wc ibout the English than 

w. en •.' left. 

O fo d, Cambridge. 
Si aiiO d laih, ami Sionehcngr 
ar-; ju'i .i .e» ol Itie places we 
were i.ili- lo vi\ii, uith each trip 
gi ini' u' u feller undcrsianding 
ol ihc Biiish ihan we ever had 
Ix 1 re 

Studytnf m London wa« a 
gic 1' cxpciiciic: lor mc and one I 
» I. ni?vCT ferret Being on my 
O'H ihcA^el mo how U) be 
inl:[cnik.ii how to be an 

For ill of (tie 3i«at happinesi 
ny s'ay i.i Erglaiid has given me 
can Clink of ool / one drawback. 
Tie "irawback be. ig that once the 
cimster ha ciiJed and the 
ion y siiiipl, ruir dry you have 
■f R'urn o <!.c '.J S. and lo the 
aimt oki .MuiciK- yi u lili liehmd. 

; lilt R,, 

Harper Activities for September. 


1 3 

tlaufls let •>". 5*ii»B« 


s»(>t»iiii«' vm 
•I4f . t I. r 

Own •«< :Orp«ilitrtW 


let Crt»« Sect* I ? 

llH* tr»tn Ktlffr 

i«4 ii»t»wT<"t 0»»n 

1/ noon. Ifdf. » iO'««". 

■■l»tttr i,a »rtn>»*»" 
J:JOfir. JHJ 


Ti . 

tt. . ■ 
• l»»" 
I.M ■fm. J-»4:i 


a)M4 Sri** 

• :J(ta»-J.»P>. W 



to««*ft - 
itt.f' tir'It 
8p»>. I'lS'^, X 


Foeifttll • l|M 
•ioram* ifilli; n wiri.* 


Jtiaatot Srn*t» 
{Itctlons - - «Tr. 

■ia|t. a. D.F.J 

rtin Day ~" 

U «««». kill*. * K*"^*' 


TlllwiN'^ y 

Student Svxata 
(ltd lam - - lOTi; 

Iw • 7pi> 

•ia«s «,D.r,j 

Ctmc»rt - 
Hitltr ( M4<m11 
iultir ttuo 

iattercUss - l.itm 

ni* - 

•Oomn if li«" 
MOlwi. al«J 


■aitfctjiVi - l(w» 
nto': <l »«rpfr 

■oeilnH - t|>» 
iirper at Joliift 


The Harbingir September X 1987 

Page 3 


Sit YOT ^hi"k Yop vot^d 
for a Stud ent Trustee? 

There's a catch... 

I ItMMl lonclkiiig mii Uito mmmtr. qnile kjr acci* 
«CM. I»rt fc«tli ••ftrtd MMl taharraittd me. WMIt 

tHamttm «( •■>« ■il'mtts v* Ik* Jua* Board of Tmalmt 
latt-tiag. I iMMlCl4 Iftt ««<• tally tat-laded a ananiniM* 

fv« t«t«, r«MiMwi 1^ a ttyarat* ■.otaliom of Studfnt 

RcftmaMitt Oretwff Mllltfl "tiiH" Ml alum b»i>- 

InMalty. Ifclt »«iaW mt. 'WHj mm ti» mtaaltt 
recmcd in* !4n»d*Bl TmlM *«t» wparatelj, ttler th* 
««t(t rtsulta wrrr T*rvrtk4f llriBi hatkallf a lrMlto| 
pmmm. I waited until the mtxt mimthx inr«ti«|E kcfort 
drawtag •«>. cwntlusimi*. Surr tnoit|tli> Ike nctl aoath's 
raM taHtai ««rv rtcnrdcd is Ike lam* aiaa'acr. 

I talicii (frci MiHrr and tiktd kta akmil k«w ikt 
volt prortdarc 1* cosductrd •! Trastcf mrftini*. Ht 
ntaflriiMd ■} f«ir«: A FT IK all "rfal" mrmkcrt of Ik* 
■oard arc vtak4, Ik* !tiiid*nl TraMtt l« afkcd ki* apjn- 
iw. Aad Mat'* all U is. An opinina. 

AMtr MiH awrt nmm«K » #!«•«»•< l*ai a«i «>»lj 
ii U: iiitnikiimH .gpn i i t :frgt«tf«rt M ili«t a noa-voiint 
■ladciH rtirMMiMBl'hw m tkt' Baard tl Trail***, there is 
« »tat( law thai |»rovid*» tor one. I am «tlll trjiai. ai 
lfi an«ttccet»rall;. to ftad oat if the letter of tkls law 
aclaall; BIsMiyia •*« »»•<»•"• "P fr"* •"*'■«■ ™ i"»' 
provides at leaia non-voting «tatu*. Tk* lltiaoh Board 
»f tligker Kdocallon (IIIHE) doesn't know. Ill* llliaoli 
Cammuail; t oileg* Board (ICCBt lJi»t%<it know, and 
Ikt CwBfIt frtnidenfi ollk* d«i«*B*i know. 

Tin ICCB did 1*11 me. however, ihat 10 Ikttr luHlwI- 
tdtt HM ltliii«>is !iiii(* Sckotertkip Board DOBS ka«* a 
latilH lllHlial rrprr<«iili>ti%-c. 

I rtallt* that rarelj, if e»*r. i* a stngl* »•!« going 
III ckaiig* BiNtrd p<ilicy. Hut ihul ikn'! renlly (he point at 
all. I wwader how any of liie other eleited Tr»«l*e» 
wmM feel »tmut relegjitlni! iheir *latM to ihe af- 
lertknagkt nccorded Ihe Stiidenl Trii«tee. And IJreg 
%lill*r wo* elected »« letitimalelji an aa» of fcl» p«eri i>a 
ih* Bnard. Ma»h* rnioreim. as ke it Ik* w«lc repre- 
**Bt«lIv* ol upwards of lOMO ttiident*. many of them 
iMitk Uiipafer<i and luiUnn-paiing adulls. 

It iMtlii* to me I r«m*mb*r a I'alrick Heorji quote to 
Ik* effect of "Tatalion withuiit representation it 
tjrammf." It also tee m« to me that )><>th tuition and Stat* 
lai*» qaalify as miation. The fact that a Sliidenl 
Truitf* i« allowed to "tit" on the Hoard of Trastees is 
small connolalioa witkwal a mcaningfut vote. Alter ai). 
I h*licv* Ik* paWk it allowed lo see Ikes* meeting* 

Th« ar|«m«ni caa <and prokakly wUI) kc mad* Ikal 
«nly 2Si Mad*nts voted la tke trutie* election. Again, 
lolall.T k«iild* Ibc polal. Eipcclallv in ligbl of the fact 
that last ytar's total was /f»* rimti Higkir than the pre- 
vlo«m year. Stodents DO want lo get in*«lved with the 
falare' of their collet*: «om«tbing th« adminttlration 
has advocated for years. i» lhi« Ik* way hittreil aad 
k«nl work are rewarded? 

I kMWMl lo begia lilting al windmilh at ntxt month s 
Board *t Tr«»le*i meeting; W> at Ih* Harbinger are 
kooinK I" InlriKloce a resolution supporting voting sta- 
los for Sludenl Trustee*. I realize this is non-binding 
and won't change l»» nr p.'licv. h..t »e want to see 
whiek of tk* "duN elected" Irmi.iv ,i.u r..r or against 
It Far be il front w* lo thretiten. I>«l if we can gel a 
role-call vole. I guaranWe il wilt be printed. And to Ike 
Trustees: I also gtiaranlee that a lot of the I«.ll0n sta- 
dcnts on i-ampus either will vole or have parenls tkal 
wlX vine com* Ike nest Board ehts'tions. 

Ijire J FanlBn 


Larry Piullin. our 
diiunguished Ediiorm-rhtef just 
aimcw«.«4 thai our salanes will 
be booaiiMl well into the 'six 

DIMM* fingii. Tlili' came at no 
real suipilie IB tw. 'Ililt *• •<••■ • 
tilde unpie|ian9d. 

We're the type of guys who 
»|wi«l ijMjw of ouf money on c«» 
and wocnm. We try u avoid 
aiwt*, ■■ Ikey have a 
of belivraiNitaied. 

But widi the leceni doubling 
of our salaries, we ought lo be 
tihle 10 pay both our luMUady 
and our boobi*, and still hivt 
pleaiy of what it Itnown in this 
corner of the world as disposable 

With our S2II() bundled a 
week liquor habit, and die foul 
mouihj 10 maich. » this kind of 
m««*y could get US into irouble 
However, io the beat iniereft of 
our leaders, we will try to look 
on Ike bright side of our 
newfound wealth, and analyie 
what is cotninanly referrod to m 

IxlmiB Sncmlini. 

Tkeit'i alio no detiying ikM 
d«e real measuie of a rich nianl 
masculinity i» the diagonal 
meaniieinenti of hii T.V. meen. 
Of courte we. m professed 
jounnliits. kave ibe largest T.V. 

Hsbitig for the wealthy it 
alio HI advemure in tke worU of 
hii^iech electranict. Today ihe 
tiiesome job of actually rinding a 
good (iihing spot has beea 
alleviated by Ihe wonders of 
sonar, unils so accuriie dtey can 
actually pinpoint individual fish. 
Certainly no real fisherman 
Ihould be without one. 

Tackle, (Usually a term 
a.ssociaied with one large man 
knocking down another large 
man) for the well endowed 
fisberman gets complicated. 
Depending upon the actual 
amount invested, were probably 
looking at a SlO-IS.OOfl 
•dtaghy- (that's a boat), an 
oigine (anywhere from S1«K)- 
3500) and a filem elecihc 

Should the fiih turvive 
having just swallowed a barbed 
hook, and you'd like m keep it 
alive for the unidermist, then a 
•live weir ($300) is a must 
cheek, on the dingliy option hit. 

Of cownt killing ii a 
fundamental leisure pa.sUme that 
IS also 1 prime method of fund 
depletion, and it's perfectly legal 
with the aid of a hunting license. 
Why wail for a deer lo come 
running in front of your car. 

Because for many leisuie it 

gadgets, a sutkltn increase in 

income will spark an mcrtaned 

iaiere*! in electronics The 

wealthy party in qucjiitm will 

tmediatcly lutround himself (for 

ihc fake of convenience, tei'n just 

assume most wasteful spenders 

are males; a fairly safe 

assumption) with all Ibe 

necessary ameniiiet. 

Esoteric french cooking 

devices iucb as the LaMaihine. 

end up laving il* owners hours of when ^ can buy a high caliber 

gnieling kiiehiaf time by aiding device of death and track the 

la the pifiHttlon of variom mcketsdown. 

■iawi. Like a T.V. screen, the 

Pn^iramniable door chtmes overall length and aiie of your 

announce gitesti who have weapon is a very important 

arrived lo such caichy tunes m indication of your relative 

the theme song from 'Shaft*, wealth and manhood. Apan 

These days though, the good (ffj^ your gun, you wiil need a 

money is going inio diRital stereo g^al deal of relaied gear. First 
cquipmem The discerning new off. aitraciivc bright orange outer 
money music lover may turn clothing will serve two purposes, 
awav from his circa l'>71 record One, it will cost a fortune, and 
changer, md begin stuffing tiij iwo. it will prevent some hair 
Tom Jones 45'J inio a new iriggcr idiot from mistaking you 
compact digital disc player for a moose. 

Where are you going to put 
■Ildiisgear? How about a truck. 
ExHa money means extra fun. 
and by God let's spend it Co for 
the Eddie Bauer edition of FOrds 
popubvBioacoII. Tbeseaioned 
leisure spender can easily tend 
one of these trendy babies 
through the twenty graid bairiar. 
We've only touched on 
the subject of leisure spending, 
and frankly there isn't enough 
loom in leveral issues lo cmier 
what we've leanMd, but w» do 
have severri impotiaM tips: 

1. If ao on* kaowa 
yoa'vc just spent money, 
ihea it wai aMMcy waMd. 

Example: If you've juit 
purchased a new Baytiner 45 foot 
cabin cruiser, leave it in the 
drive way as much as possible. 
How is anybody going lo know 
it's yours if it's tied up at the 

2. ir 70« needed 
something, then it wam't a 
leisure purchase. 

Say you just spent ;72.000 
for a new Mercedcs-Bcnr. 560 
SEL. If you replaced another 
car. then the new car was in 
some way a necessity In this 
lituttion. your best bet would 
have been to purchase a mildly 
plebian vehick: as a replacemeot. 
(say an Audi 4(100) and nae Ike 
Mercedes as an addition lo your 
personal mour pool. 

3. Never admit yon 
got a good deal. Admitting 
you got a good deal it the sane 
as admitting money matten. 

Actually, we both flnd 
all this information mote dian a 
lillle disturbing, and have 
decided lo spend the bulk of this 
years extra cash on a needed 
lenovBLion for die Haibinger bar. 
The new sound system and C02 

beverage dispensers have jutl 
been delivered, so we have to 
sign off. but remember this, 
wealth is hell. 

•jHcf'-WOM M wsnm m MW»r 


William Raincy liarpcrColtot 

Algongutn and RoscUc Roaifi 

PalaUnc. IL 60067 


Eaitcir intTMef 

Manigmg E^liutT 
.Pholo Ediii'ic. 
Emeniinnieni hhm 
Sportsi Editor. 
Ff aturet Edilm 
Layoiti Ediuir 
Adviwr.. , 

iMTf Psuffln 
Turl Hcnitoson 
Pfirl Hoidenoo 
Douglas Ray 
Toin Appil 
. . Rohyn Divif 
.. Rill Kugclherg 
1 inda Hsdncu 
.Jon asm ■! 

The HARBINGER u the imdcni jjubiicwion for Oie Hiuper College 

ciimpuii ttmimuniiy. puNi«lved weekly nccpi dunng h»ilidny» wid finid 
cfima. All opimom eipresicd m* tluwe of the wriiei und not n<sces»«rily 
il:i»e ot ll» oollefe. iii idinimiirilwn, fiicully m HudeiM t»Hjy. Advetliting 
■in) eepy deidliae i« n«)n Thursday «nd enpy i« luhjoci lu cdilini All 
IciMfS lo Ihe «jitt>« miKI lie licnsd, niuiKi wlUiheW on request For finUicr 
•nfonn.-tti™ call "'"^ ?000, m. I4Mr nr !461 

.^EntCrtdininCllt Tm Harbinger Sqiteinh«r3,19g7 

Page 4 


WtMtt. *tadio aiMl • 

Billy It iMmiuctd in te 

- iM«t in 'Baiiny'i twfa 

r MIy. win b aiiiMiMly' ■ 

mi a tmvmt* cewimM 
««ic« » ciMwiiinicaM with ■ 
■ww-tamd tend, lim, 1 OJ M 

liM itmnidi. nidio iwlCNi. ;KA0S 
in f m iftiniitHi 

M% «i«iMailly' laimi 
-—• <»f niWlt ftte Mul 
« • maelHt an 
■bm dc*ciivatiii( My .1 


Hm aiMM tfimiiit tw 'fim 7 
nw. Ii«*t m% -Tlia. TUi h 
TMif' (Ate U«« All!)''. M 
ofNiiMMlc iOfifaliaw the Imi|n 

lor Knk Ftoyd. 

iMr camei (except 

I. lor whlclt Syid 

am l i liiH ir., 'hit fai keinf Ttie 
Pmm tmt Ckim «r HiKb Milcin|- 

Ot'llli' albiiiii. wliicli has • 

iMKi Im abaiiiet concciit dMi 
Ws fim. The ItMl ciMMKKr 
Btlly gam ttronfh ■ 
I or MM! wMeh find! Ma 
ImIim cummI' of wniH 
P9«»r via Ml ell tie 

tHH vocal fnni PmiI 
Cimefc (taialy wim Mike * "m 
MManks) a* well si clam' 
Tiwy. w«io «at Itawttiilao Pink 
Pkifgt -nmk Sm or Ute Moon* 

•o* fli Wiier I'. The horns thai 
.iirteo wery m often {luiiaiuie 
ihe emty utckM' (knim-mA^kiom 
(«1 with » Oni of mnnlktiaa. 
The umk that leads up to the 
mmilated nuclear strike. Touf 
Minuiei'. M incMlibly mortag.. 
ttawi' 10 ii wih 'btMiliaiM en in 
• du 

If you Uta liie way Rofa 
km 'Otmm mmk, ym won't 
le 4iia|i|)i)JMeil here:. Thii isnl 
» My you wnn'l tike it oilicrwise. 
hecMie Waen ta taken canto 
I itti albim oMild feack a 
■iww liMi til Himnom 
ll'f alao nice K» tee mck 
an viHMat ««i>i« from him ai 

.nilorS: 4 W. (Sti 
Kogef Waieri: hat tor wotfd 
peace lhroa|h 


An inlrigulng imy. IMH what 
aboM am rouiic? Eric Clapioii 
played on Waters" fir«i nolo 
aftnai... ihii liaic iia Andy 
Fairweathef Low and lay 

PloMc Ml mam Me) ( 

(who has playvd for Diw : , 

Ta«t r» nara. and tmmim 

IMM) pmridH. laiiaflkMM. dhMH 

wi* :laa MttUa m laytavdi 

Trom tfie 


OmU Itowit: , __ 

■*«i«w«ri ky iafry Parila 

U iMN oneii' dM I .!« 10 oae 
■npertaiives like 'amazing'. 
•ineiedible". and -darn near 

perfect* in 

In point of fact. I have done 
" im lentws (and five 
ewi and fifteen video 
i) for this paper, and I 
Mirer used any of the 
albremcntjoned adjectives. 

This it (he beauty of doti^ 
'From Ike Cutout Bin*, imagine 
being able to levkw any album 
frtm die ptist Son of an 'MTV 
Ctoiet Claistcs- trip through 

The aeeiMd altlB 'consiau of 
the aforementioned "middJe 
Hath' period Mngi. with the 
driving •Dianmnd tJofis" opening 
the lide. This side is only slighlly 
lew inicrcsimg than the first 
because of the sheer number of 
kuly cla.'isic cuts on the "A* side. 

I especially wanted to review 
Ibis album in light of Bowies 
current tour (sec last week's 
HartHHger ), The Otes Spider". 
Bowie has said on more than one 
occasion that pan of his 
motivation on this tour was to 
show his younger fans 'part of 
the flash and showiness' that 
I hia aariiier conceit 

Thit ««efc'k site of hea««ii 
is David Bowitf'i Chaagfaaac, 
hit first "greatest hits" album. 
and. far and away, hts best. 

It it alto a roughly 
chroaologica) album, tracing 
Bowies musical development 
fiom the early "Space Oddity" 
(better known at 'Mnjor Tom") 
dmngh his 'middle flash" period 
of "Young American**. •Rebel. 
Rebel", and "Fame". With 
everythii^ of note in between. 

And I mean everything. 
There* the o0-bcat and eclectic 
•John, Im Only Dancing", the 
Chtaic Xhangea" and "Ziggy 
SiafdM*. Hd of GoiMc ihe 
aMiihani df Bowie in th« 
sevewies. "Suffrnieue City". 
And that's only die fim sidct 

The disappollMinf Ml|ll»se 
III this icwr only loivea Kl vomind 
at of Bowie's early genius, 
perfectly displayed on diis classic 
Tnly a 'graatem hiis" 

■tvtfwid 'by DavM POankl 

This week, a search tfarou^ 
the Cui-C>ut Bin reveals an artist 
who keeps himself very busy, but 
one who has yet to enter into 
nuinMieani pofialarity. 

Marshall Crenshaw hat 
releaied four albums, had two 
Ul singles, appeared m two 
fnaiuie nhnt. one in which he 
portrayed Buddy Holly, and 
loured as John Lennon in 




His third album, Field P nyi 
it a 1983 rtslea.'X w'aich ca;i be 
picked up for about two backs. 
Crenshaw hamOei lend vncals 
and guitar and features younger 
brother Robert on drums and 
Chris Donato on bass. The icxult 
is a simple, but distinaivc rock 
and roll sound. The overall 
mood is leniinicent of die vintage 
sounds of Buddy Holly and die 

The fiTsi track. 'Wheiievef 
Yoar on My Mind", just gnmd 
die very bottom of the lop 40 
charts. It's a crisp tune, 
undhMiered by electronic giiiBO*. 

Tlie rest of die tracks on side 
one follow diis lead, but you 
won't lire of it. Crcnsh.iw plays 
lop notch classic riKk guitar 
which is complimented by a 
modem pcicussion measure and 
more sensible lyncs dian Holly 
ever used. 

Side two ia MX ai good at a 
whole, but (he second track. 
Monday MOming rock, is 
probably the best tune on die 
albuin. tCi the best overall 
expreasion of Crenshaw's past 
and present style. 

Cienshaw's perserverance. 
coupled wid) his recent exposuie 
to ftMY 5iiB Gtn Mamcd md U 
EiaiblLihouhl spnng him u> ifce 
lOp in die near future so grab iwo 
'Satan B. Andnays' and gei in 
on the graond floor. 

fc'x^.1. l^i/»« 

lata fiftt 

liN m m* iwikaM at tainiaa 
ItH' •* atia^MiM'M aaP'riiK trtv 
*,n'm~mmm wnammr 

«'.■■ m tai( VMM* 

•ata ■• Bumt'i • tintiBWVK't 
i*iM m UMitCK-rai or cnmn 

nMu.t turn twritt 
■WIS lus.)* •rorii.i 

iW'ifr*: j ■■..■»r ■ 

mi UMECNfil. m •«.*l?vui 


«1V ow *t «:tT tlCil 

.1, ft.h..'»l IVCIt4l*IM1. •^Mr»V 

f*M VRtl 

D S. CDL "'. *i 

KL.O ttir men 

'aKti'm"n'i>*B-i Koin cajtacM nmii|.s 

<miaiK.i»«i • wwawv m Mismm 

mitiiD l»«iii.'co»j,::s««is» rwi •.s.otniTiTo.TtBf 

Mit M « m^i^ ' Kr.EiT K.hTti>i ■ rAMr I 

ii.MttU*i. *.' *W' »f 

•Otll I 

Hcwf. ti*cC''X t rail It <Mti» 
CPUTiic « •a>r!« finn-hK 
d (T..BT/Miii>.n.A]<.irMtcmiriiie 
cui mor/wuiT nuiMia 

KM m 

l<«s m 

vm or tmt 

fataaRB/atieaMO voiiiai ititra 

cue t1n«^uUl'llm•« mc. 

■akit* oua:! aamiMT em. 

OUCn IS li/Ht MMHUt 


MM w aiavanw msnaivW' 

I ID mn * Tsinsaait 

uiran lUTU/caaiuoomui nt i.t.cwfrmTnn 

. uvacpXHT •Bi.ii • faaf rtnai tuiw H»r».« 

""■t'iii»«iii< mvica n o<»i»'i ••itt 'f'^H.'^^.J^J:* 

'e«tt iwrnfflMmnno-iwiauTK a wmtm •«! mo w »_^*'J^ _, 

oir ," ... T isUAtt MVI»ltflCllTlcm/COI.«Hlll 0«IONIG»T*W 

-. . jwjiwu, wimatMBT 

iti« ~ 

rirAit •u.^rn m:tit* 

•«ii>i» omvimrriet ^___ 

'"'•i«iiv"iioo«r"' ' » ■»««» •»• 

font I 

Mvm I naiTi3»/c«« m«^ 
'iiinm-i. ">■>•• J*»» 


The Harbiniger September 3, IWT 



Wlni hmptata m*« *eek on my ftmmm tmpy 
Quilt • bu, mmltr Voo've seoi^ ii. k'$ called 'AmOm 
VeMlmmmQmmti Ryw'k CMilren Guide Smiaan 
lie. ll«MlMt 9«Hli far tm' (whew!), li uk« ptmx m 
iht aaill. mm ohm town of tican»um$ Simngs wtan 
tMT'MnnliliaMlllillttemawr ihc order cil itv ddy. 

We til know iIm casi or chjiracicn m if itii-y were 
oar am* Inniily A<H!ry and Angdici Amhum. llie 
flclleit people in Om wmU and. qiuie ptwibty. ilw 
ncMt. Bui dont we •«Mtlm«''iiiim a iHi*. mKMying 
icttMMi? Do we kem Om wemk/m mpmtm waning 
Him iIm d||iMffiii4 aUMy wui^\ mmme m die htJP h 
*■ wcll-lHiip ami polMwd Avery'i habii of lliitinf 
wmmt *• .iniBdi w dir wmTi imdcipniHiKi leiiing 
10 IMS W iMKli lut il* mainaicM An§mc»7' Or 1m. 
Awy .MM mMtat Angelica's iMad and found ibe 
'IhK^I Im. to ctatfto's f.lin«*t. ihe ciMrs aimm, 

HaWlwi's lM>M aMt {nb oh..)' the naid's 
tVMMMi; Cki teciiiB AariMra»lwc|i iheir Mfdid 
ite «■!« of ■ .mImm. HMMMilMg Siniigs? 
.And' ihcn itiefc't the .faichMling Dr.s Ban and Bev 
Bea.v«. Can ii tie thM ihii. tucMsifui ymmg omifik 
doMnt have vry niiiit«iiini auiaal at)iMaii(Mw7' Thai 
ttqr 4lMi'l aamMe heavUy or [wicnhe pfycheddia kr 
eadmhcr? Can tllie ihat ihis jnir or tiapfMly nvirried 
docKiri are the onij- normal petiple in the wotM of 
e Mafa? Sw«: it'* poa^Uc* Bw that wmildn't 
i im ■im-mmit. 'boadilidt «t m emering iheir 

ThBMfk aim iW' tudwimM Mi* Blowhole, .datlinK 
daughief «f *■ Aiiiltniits and twelve itme divorcv 
whote confMhw iIkmi. her amm leiual tdemiiy leave* 
behind: a hmt kail of mmmfea Invert. Aronng them it 
her cnnaii employer. Zeke Scuon. WMn nCme Nifiile 
Ci» Bar and Grill. .Zeke i* • (aaically dceeai human 
Mmg «ho if mU haamed ^ |w« nqM conwiciMiHi. 
0|» Zakt turn find haimiiMMt in 


iherirr. Mile* Aquwiui Miles it an ev-raerciniiry, ei- 

QA agent and ei-wonit who. ihe iKieeplive viewer 
mifhl nott'. dmic* and. 'dine* well beyond the means oT 
me narmal mn tomm eo|r. Behmd ihc scenes deaimp 
wim wealthy ailnnicy and power-lirokcr Anion Yuriov? 
Ainna't hlMory of gun-ninninf. drug-smuggling and 
•adteieeting hat nodod hit (Kipulariiy wtth sonw of the 
townfont, 10 if our aleciMl sheriff wiithcs la keep hit 
job. he thould keep hi* dbiance from Anton, who ix 
now ipofcen' of' in hwhed iunei .ai. being a KGB agent 
Ob well, what anall town wonht he cooiideie wiiiioui 
KOB fepfemanMionT 

Finally, ihcit'i young Juitia. 10. Nohody «e«i lo 
know who Juflint piveni.« are and nobody seem* lo 
care. JuMin hops antund town, popping into icenes 
with hit caie look*, cute talk and iwe way of leering at 
older women. An appearance hy Jusun informs the 
aMie viewer thai wnMiii have, ilow diny* 100 and Ihem'i 

MM*.. IM MX wiA Hemt Bumhnhl. 'Heidi had a 

Mll-iiiM|a,. dAW'-OMiiiaD .dtnam ia which ihe milifed 
iMl 'feif' ban MeaA tmAmm My «ni 'ihc anti-Chriat 
A lanall viiiia in MM hoi OMitia. Icr to UU die child 
bal HaMI flaw « ifo ihe job a bit. more dtonxigMy 
l||H Wall necemry-'Wf tec her dw 
I Iha laby'f baiKitm with a hamdgrenade 
m her pma. b ii iwaibic that Hetdi will kill ihc ehiM 
uaogrialyaMiicinTOrcoaf-MMis! Baa if the iloct.. 
iheH he .amued by Hearautag Sjiring's 

MOWtDAY: While trijpsing about in a matching bra. 
pMiea and pner entemMe. Avery in cornered near the 
carrJage bouse by one of his own security dogs Wife 
Al^gelica can't hear his screams over the groans of 
Hecier, the Sod Specialist Org Ban and Bcv Beavc arc 
accmed of performing more ampuiauonis ihan necesiary, 
bw dM fevered hmbs cannot he produced at evidence. 
Delia BhiiiMe has an affau with the mayor in 
icbdiiM apiml 'Ihe 'Hvem Mhi* of behavior her paremi 
enforeed when ilte aw yvMni. Miat' and Anton wgue 
ahoin an Afghan «nM>*nngiin| deal and diicmr that 
they M kmg kM hrodiers. Zcke cooiidm chaogmg die 
name of Nipple City to The Bre«a-0-taaML Hciili 
aHMda the huhys bapusm and m the final scene we lee 
bet teach into her purse where we know the deadly 

TUESDAY: Avery narrowly e|c«|ies dcieciioit in his 
enchanting undies Running back imo ihe houae. he is 
too rushed u> nonce Manuel, the Manure Master, 
emerging from Angelica's hudoir grinning broadly. As 
iheriff A(|uariut questions Dr.i Ban and Bev Beave 
about milling limbs and mgani. Bev quips eerily "Oh 
Miles, what lovely eye» ytm have." Anion visits his 
ioiilhtide shipping yard where. v« suspect, nasty 
CMunie phMs are being hatched. Delia has affairs widi 
Ihe City Ctmicii and School Bowd to ptoiesi lotnciy 
defwed intidkftwlHf lawt. Zekc thinks about chaqgrng 

die name of Nipple City to The Pamy Shanty. Hcidt 
pnllt Ibe pin on the gnrnade and ioslscs it. As mayhem 
hteaks out all anmnd. we strc the luilc baby laying in 
hie bautinet trying to suck a mouthful from the grenade. 

WEDNESDAY: In the oiienhig scene we see Milei 
Atjuanus running into the church and snatching the live 
■imndc from the babys lips, but not before he piini|M 
rouneen rounds into Hcidi Bumbtain's lace-draped chest. 
Ihe heroic Miles, though, is badly injured when the 
grenade explodes. Avery, unaware that his nipple rouge 
is bleeding through his white Onford shin, is dismayed 
to see Jaan, the Weed Wijtard. smoking his favorite 
pipe. Outside Angelica's bedroom a line of domestic 
help, delivery people, transients, security guards, 
truckers and circus performers stretches along the 
hallway, down die nairs and out inio ihc ciiculor drive. 
Delia has an affair with the police and Cue depanmenis 
to cuprets her anger over the current NFL Penalty 
Review lystem. In a special guest appearance, Sammy 
Davti Jr. iniggests that Zekc change the name of Nipple 
City to The Beth Nlpple-gj^ue Rib Joynt. 

THURSDAY: In a tearfiil icene. Anton pramiaei not lo 
be a naughty commie anymore as newfound brother 
Miles A«|iiariu( dies in his amis. Avery discovert the 
long line of people stretching from his wife's beilnxMn 
to the main gate and realizes that a strategically pbced 
hotdof aand woufal leap bandiome profits. Delia has an 
alWr with die men fiom the Dqiartmeni of Streets and 
Saninitai and die Uihtn Planning commission lo vent 
her iiiiitfaiiiM over nine digit up codes. Young Justin 
catehei tks Bart and Bev Bcave prowling through the 
moigllfl widt a saw and a crowbar. Zcfce coniidaif 
chaming Ihe name of Nipple City to Butts ■»' U«. 

FRIDAY: Slock prices of penicillin producing 
lies loar when word gets out that Angelica has 
led a communiLable disea!«. Avery conies otil of 
the ckwet by marching down mainstnxi in a frilly limc- 
grecn penoir. Sammy Davis Jr is sworn in as 
Heartwing Sptuig't new shenff. Delta Blowhole ha* m 
aflUr mm enMiT'Odler man on city .pa^yrall m ■tger .over 
Ajueftea'l seioal permisstvencu. Zeke considen 
keeping the nune Nipple Ci^y. Drs Bart and Bev Beavc 
aient heard from and missing with diem are Miles 
Adirarius' eyes. Heidi Bumbiain's hum faiaia and Jastin. 
Sammy and Anions eyes n»eet. . . 



embers ol Itie Harper community am 
welcome lo submit well developed 
pmse tor publication on Page Five. 
This "8 STREET- Quy doesn't even 
have his spelling chocked (can you lind two 
misspfctlings^) Wouldn't you rather see your own 
siuH in mai space' Spelled right? 
Peeler Sweeney 
Pag* FIvs 

f^ptember 3, 1987 

Page 6 

Scholarship News Workshop 

The Kathleen Fagan 
Memorial Nuriing 

Scholarship is offered 
for the fall 1987 
semewer to ■ studem in 
the R.N, Nursinj; 
program and covers 
tuition. books. and 
supplies 10 a maiimum 
of $500. The itodcnl 
'ituji be • lecond year 
R.N. Studem and have a 
minimun OPA of 3 0. 
Applications are 

available in the Off:ce of 
Financial Aid R„om 
ASM, Building .V, And 
the deadline for 
applicolions U Octobc 1 

"r Win-You Win- 
Ncgoliating Your Way 
Through Life." an all 
day workshop will be 
offered by the Harper 
College Woman's 

Progra.Ti on Saturday. 
September 5 from 9:00 
am. 10 3:00 p.m. in 
Building A. Room 242 « 
at Harper College. 
Tuition is $25 and 
includes lunch. Louise 
Schrank. instructor in 
the Woman's Program 
and luthor of "Life 
Plai" wiil conduct the 
v>orkshop which will 
present a<i effective 
siep-by-stcp method of 
negotiating in any 

situation aimed at 
achieving personal and 
professional goals. To 
enroll. call the 

Continuing Education 
Office. 397-3000. 

euension 2410. Pl-ase 
give course number 
LUlJ 107-001 to assure 
correct registration. 


The Harper College 
Institute for 

Development is offering 
a series of nine seminan 
beginning September 2 
entitled 'Executive Time 
Managemeni." The 


seminars »ili meet fromtrn,!,... 
y-M ,o 7:0') p.m m!" '"' '" """" 
Midwe., Lcatershi'p Inc. aZuon r"' 

664 Milwaulec Avenue uitLM'i r '"^""''"8 
Prospect Heights. Topic, :e"'iTer.""^a.l'Trid:erM 

'"-"rnlgem'et^^'*'"'''''' «' ^^^ 
goal setting, 
extra time Steel Drum Band 

control of 

with Harper's music 

department is looking 
Ihe fof members for its Steel 
of Drum 3and and the 
sdbordinates, developing student doesn't need to 
strategies of delegation have any musical 
and creating p,-.;ductive experience. The 

instruction is 

individualized and drum 
set players are welcome. 
If a student has two 
hourr per week to siarc.-^ 
coiita<:t Bob Tillotson at 

to be _ 









meeting strategies. 

Seminar leader will 
be Dick Cono. president 
and owner of Midwest 
Leadership. Inc.. a firm 
which offers trainino 

3.50-20.00 CAMV OH Ana on. ana on. ana 

on You know how Now you know wtme for 
your t»g stuff For your srrroH chanae in naon 
r^ylon to nrto. match, ctwck out. pock up 

7.50 TW ARCADIA OOK U1 IMg tSOO for 
whmaw yours irtight b» this shouia Cw thm* 
Cause you'll nma a own (fhwas 4. counting 
th» nMr/p»n). sonrn dips (2. but Iheym ua) a 
calanaar (its perpetual] ana a letter opener 


-f BlNOtBS 
■•>' BOOii( BAOS 
:•» fOLDKS 

:^ MAMiDS 


J fOSf-n non\ 

-» SKms SAGS 

.* siATewwv sf's 
S30 00PUI?CHASf 

75«-3.00 HOT nNK oum Great tor Sam 
Philosoohy One. it'll keep you 'Owake r>«s. 
'fi»« J room tor notes And It hot pink in the 
'^ynmg .»r ( you. there's plenty of other colors 
cuttorwea pern ana pencils too 

2.00-7.50 SfuntWD au ovit vour aesk 

ana then some (siMl-over eftect not to mention 
mr-shockfj. Stationery In a pouch with lust 
atxiut everything In H Pocket site orgorUters 
wmnotas much stuff txjt plenty to gel by 

Classified Classified 


The Harbinger 


September 3, 1987 



^^fll'tes" "•"• ^""'*'' ""'P «">"«*«■ Pe^onals 



i>SS mcfc 

(Mf Ml 

Help Wanted 

L«lic Zurich 
'ilQlifIt • 

Mtrktt Rcttarcb • 
B««Matf JMBfwifwMf . 
Oamtaii mariM 'leioaitti luneyt 
owcriilione. NoKllini. no 

eip.. m will tnin. EigM 'WlfMi 

im^ IMHWllWl, A IQI|iHi|Ml tonl Df 

t«tai»fc. SaanlnSqitaMl 
Mia MM 'Money by lefatli^ • 
■iBfl. .N«« onplayM* 
«rtng to Sipi. iwaiM $75 
bcMMJf alL 1 not. of im|itoy, 
SuiftJag Sitey 

S4 J3My. CM iitnMMl BB- 
ftTOOt Xafwikr MMftatini 
RmwcIi 34M N. Kamidiit. 
Ariingion Heighn, IL «m04. 

Skin Care - 

cMMiMiiiiiiiiaiiKuiii.. T'-W-K 
2-9 pm, $m.»*M.-2 
(llaiiH^). Call Pwy SMmu ,[ 


iiff . 

I Imow your an ■weaome ^fMMf 
'WfiUT. (Mil Ha!) S.i|fwl 

11. wln%e«e..«id«ik. 

ant m-4m 

Cotton fjinny's - 


.Wy. Apiiiyii'iiMiH,. 

Clerioil - 

Uxw. Chn Maiy: miimm. 
:»■ Of HOMO 14 eve. 

Auto Technician . 

Rjf ««w oil cipnsis. Tenmiwiic 
oildHnge. F«ill or iMn-iime 

Wl W.Odf . lOain. ipm 
M-F one Block W of Hi««rio« 

RcstaHrani . 

liMLalM:ZWcli. QwMl 
iaiMllMMeiti. Call: 

In Nome 

CMMian family i ^ 

Im ai liel|t. tile houilciwptng 

■nd Mintail dukl cait w) 
aicfemic (or rauna aiMl hiOTl. 
Sainy aegwiahlc. Calls*- 

SAMS •- -w 


Do you need a 
Housekeeper? . 

« •apwaicit. LowMes.!^ 
mwe Infonnatkm tall. Lia. «5- 

Van Aide . 

Vm Ante iMiaan to jimplniimit 
OD indiifidHi daring A.M. ft 
Pm»aBrM«a. •ftM-fla.m. 
and 3 - 4-30 pM. M-F. 
Euclteni oppor. (or mmkm 
*J«l<«lt to gaia eip. ai DEI field. 
rm mtm mx pli. conwct: 

Receptionist - 

weeded in .Maih Lab. DIOli 
MWF, 8:iO a-m. - Noon. T ftjo 
- 1 1 MM.,. R 8:30 am. ■ f.X 

P.1B CaiMwMii.Sc«i.«jiL 

••a. 'fti Wkiiig iarward lo a 
f" "«*«" '•* Reepken. 

ffoMfy flaaay . 
Mw*ai.a«aHiiHlMliy? Ihope,, 

•. ■ 

No .real BWMage here, iiutono 
of a tang icriei of divennni m 
an aneiiiptKi avoid 
lesponstbiliiy. Dm\ forget the 
olive juice. )f you do, vacutnn. 
Your kwt. Your life-line. Voiir 
very liteadi . . 

Bnf$muif SftktMg . 

Any and all willing and 
Imclligem miniani of aocieiy. 
You are enirealcd lo anead a 

ShafeMIKafean eatponienee. 
Contact; Mm. Keiei. ext 2785. 

Than* for ihe 

Li>vc. Auto. 

Anybody • 

WlK» doca the barapen. and 
who's buying? Where do »e 
nweiT Jutt name the daie. 
ume. and place and ru be 
there. DcMi'i keep Ric waiting 
for him. yog itnow. this ii the 
Signed. Mr. P)M 

Sei-Fl. - 

Ctmie on you Science Hciion 
miti We need yon! Fi« 
meeting will be in my office at 3 
p.™ SepL 14. Be there! 


Pound any new "Crow Balk" 
lately? My Phil Collins lapc i* 
destroyed You must have played 
>*« I— _o« of it. (Ha! Ha!) 
Signed, You Know Who 

'l^ow* foti, BafaMfrcyct. 

OfMla • 

How'f .it going?' IfngMioiead 

yam te aieefc-s isiue., Soheifi 
a dndtic anack.. niai week wan 
MKll imiMiber for me. rmatJO 
nocwiliag yet. rabew^ad 
** *™ napiiena. Luv Pearl. 

I*»»f Cylrto . 

Sm^"**-' Mowthehdlareya? 

po«|h« I wnuiii jun drop you a 

Unehiihe-flinpir-. Benieyou 
"MdlhiaiaiMt Don't aik me. 
why. im do it. {mik) ikm m 
ywurclaiw? Mine make me 
want m (|uit school and man m 
die teal world (nilc) Well. 
ihat'Lallfarnow. Talk as ya 
«<x». Signed •Caacer'-., 

PSC - 

aubmemhcn nanM ba 
PoWisilSciiiBeeCliib. Fint 
"«>«*tia(g, Wedneaday. Sept 9. ai 
1:15 p.m. Bldg.HIW Coniacl 
tooaJd Ijjvait at eit 2H48 







10% off on all new books 


The Air Raw laaraa is aaR ihaa aa oppwiuauy. Ii\ your chance la 
jwrap la iht •neld. IRiu'y And endlSrpaailiJteMi foe mZ\Z 
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Ai iMriafihc Air fkmm Rntrw. iml mmmmSm. m mt 

w«a wniMt ure nt—une ef dua tounaty^ bta. AM thai m retuwt to 
•■e MchiMl a aMNHh and two WKfcf eyoK 

CiMact jranr Air Pam Rcwir HtcniiMi Stan i 

Ami. Ota mt im awt a^^^ a -— ■■ - - - 




Her el 

Help Wanted, The HARBINGER is looking for gcxxl. 
dependable writer's. We need people who axe energetic, 
futi, intelligent, with good writing ability and who aren't 
afraid to do a little more. Start now! Sec what you can 
be. Reitiblc houn and an opportunity to earn a reputation 
for yourself and a great way to tneet new people and team 
your way around the campus at the same time. 

Help Wanted, The HARBINGER is looking for part- 
time photographers. We need people who arc willing and 
able to follow instruction and who arc dependable. We 
would prefer people with experience and some creative 
aNlity. Must be flexible and willing lo woik with the 
editors and staff. Start now! 

If you lie afl the above, and tnone, contact The 
HARBINGER Bldg. A367, and ask for Lairy or Pearl 
Start now! 

Without your support we are nothing 

The Harbinger September 5. 1987 Page « 

Tk< Harpt 

Hawkf »f»» lt«Ir atna* IM* oitktM at Rackfwd. Fkmm CniU Amr«n 

Eliasik looks to 
veterans to lead 
1987 team 

kf Bin Ma|«tk«r( 
Hiiviiif mtf Mm ')«■» 10 build' 

tW0'3MflCB Ml' WMfk WiV |iwyHi ■! 

tiM JMiiiir-cfllltic kwtl', vhib 

10 dav«to|> the pltyen. But 
Har|Mr coadi Join EliHJk alwiyt 
teem* lo lolve Uiii {iroblem 
httatt itie )r«ir cimIs. m Mi 

RallMling kMCk m Hariier*! 
Mi IMI y^. Elteik ChIi Ail 
]MM*t IMMi ii bcllei i* Mflie 
anpedi Uhd ilic tMi team. 

*l feel *e tre physically 
imaier iIm year,' said Elmik. 
'Bin bifier dmm'i neceiiiwily 

Tilt l4t6iipad''pi(Gedi 
«i t^pmaiw '7- 1 ngnlur immmi 
cunfereiice recont. ending ilw 
leaiOil with Harper i first bowl 
pmm wmry. TTw linn fell ooc 
vktory short of itw r«fi«iial 

The Hawit win have lo i«ly <n 
Ihe passing jkills of iTie ilaniiig 
tahmon quaneitiack due l» Iwo- 
time All-American Sieve 
Klekaflip moving on and die 
lame with lopbomore John 

"Tlie qoanerback liiaiMkin is 
our bigKett quetlioo nark.* 

According to Qiasik. ibii mm 
is nm at puis (vtentaied as last 
year'* Ham. but the offensive line 
and Ihe faackfield have improved. 

With the majority of the team 
being frcihman. Eliasik feels 
tliey may be their own worn 

'We Mtit w cm dawn on 
miitaket in order to be 
■iKceiffiil.* Eliasik itid. 'My 
Ihal we don 1 

Wtib the cm (town on patting. 
Eliasik feels the team *hai a 
chance for a more balanced 
attack." This being an area 

critical for many great team*. 

*Wc havenl picked the captains 
yei. but rm hoping lo get 

leadership from all the 

While the ofTeme noit take 
care of itself. Eliasik feels 
confidence in the defense, a 


"We have a'loiid daieme. which 
it what we need k) have to win.' 

Eliaiik iiaiet the secondary 
may he weal, and iltat may be 
the only defensive area needing 

In order to sticcccd in the 
region, the Hawks have to get 
past College of DuPage, who 
heal them twice last year. Bui 
they alto have to take the 
mediocre aeams seriously, which 
Elia-t* will make sure Ihcy do. 

"We have the potential to be a 
very iolid football team." 
Eliastik said. 

The Hawks open ihcir seaitm 
diis weekend on Satmday at Kocfc 
Valley iit I :()Op.m. 

team has 
freshman look 
about it 

by BUI Kagtibtrg 

Sports Editor 

If one word could describe 
Coach Ron Thebcrge's Cross- 
Country loam, it would have lo 
he the ■ fimM. 

The 1987 team oonaiiti of one 
returning runner ftuin last year 
and five new rtameit. 

Entering his sophomore year as 
coach of the Harper Hawks. 
Thcherge. a former All American 
runner from Harper, feels there is 
a diffeieoce between ihis yoar'a 
club and die 19niiaani. 

'We an nronier «t year.* he 
said. 'I diink Uiis program has 
be«n turned anund in one yc«.* 

The Hawks rosier includes last 
years team MVP sophomore 
Tom Mussell. the only reimner 
from last year. The remaining 
five runners include Brian 
Kwjichoff, frcihman Dave 
Seevers from Prospect High 
School, freshman Brian Laseke 
from Palatine H.S.. freshman 
Steve Walsh from Rolling 
Meadows H.S.. and freshman 
Mike Doyle fnmi Elk Grove 

Theberge wlks highly of this 
group, as well he should, as all 
the new runners are from the 
highly respected Mid-Suburban 
League, ihe area division ihe high 
ochaob are divided inm. 

"We like 10 draw from the 
M.S.L.,* Thcheffe said. "It has 
two advantages; one is dial ii is 
in Harper's disiria and it alio 
ranks as one of die top three 
cross-country divisions in the 

The two schooli TTiebeige feels 
are his team's greatest 
competition are the College of 
DuPage and Oakton. Theberge 
predicB DuPage will be ih« 
bvored in the legian and his team 
will have to beat Oaktrni in onkr 
ID gain respect from the other 

We are going to give it our 
bett ihoi,* he tokL 'lexpeobig 
things bom Dave Seeveis.' 

Theberge says he is trying (o 
accomplish what football coach 
iohn Eliasik has done. 

"1 want to establish a program, 
which is what coach Eliasik has 
done in die years he has been 
here," Theberge said. 'He had 
recruiting problems when he fint 
started, but now people are 
beating down his door to pl^ m 

According to Theberge. his 
team has got to go out and get 
things done. 

"Hopehilly. a few guys on diii 
team will be offered some 
scholatships after this year.' 

Sports writers needed to cover 
volleyball and tennis. If 
interested, come to A-367 and 
ask for Bill. 


Riuialat *■«* »•■ M»r«la "I" »• »«• <^ «*• r«««r«tal 
■orkaaoraa tapocMa to *m Um Hawks this f—t. 
CnMNti *»»• 


Anyone interested in Touch Football should note there will be a 
meeting on Sep.. 10 and 11 in the Gym in M-Building at noon. Don't 
miss these meetings if you or your teams want to play. The eamcs- 
wiU take place on Fridays from 2-6pm on Sept. 18 through Nov e" 
Sign your team up in M-Building on the Intramural table m front of Athletic Otficc 

If yotiVe expecting to play or tryout for spring baseball, you should 
be out for intramural baseball. It starts Sept. 14 at 1:1S on the 
baseball field. Any further (jucstions you have will be answered 
before the program begins. 

If there are any questions regarding intramurals. contact Dan K„s. n 
extension 2963. 



VOL. 21 NO. 3 

WNNMnii Raimy Harpw Coltog* Piriatfiw. HIinoit 

September 10, 1987 

Harper, WHCM, 

Harbinger get 
answers in survey 

Staff Writr 


the rtsalM ire in on ihe 
HailMiiger-WHCM Student 

(■pcfite SUMlir. Ik all. 107 


9.M laid cafMeria qamllty 
wai bclo* avenge or poor. A 
•hacking 82 1« or ihose 
Miwycd felt ihM cafetena pric« 

s average o» woisc. otily 23% 
fell lli.-y were ocelkiM. 

On the Mbjett of Harper's 
1*0 main media systems the 
Harbinger and WHCM. opinionii 

II at (he «|Mlli)r d 

*Ai « Kliool known for its 

nilMWtiy ipilMie. flmlM tmdy. 
ii is diirKiili to gel. any i|t*e of 
iaadteclt tom tke midiMi.. So 
inaind at vailing te tticai (Ibc 

M Ike-n,* utiil Tmn Ayiiet. 
HntWager Nevi Gdlior. a.Ml 
om^lfflaKir «r tl« iBidy. adiltng '[ 
feci llie sta&f was Mcc«Bfitl in 

tKiftf 'lap t-ofHtlar opinion." 

Odng a scale of exceliciit. 
«ny good, average. Mow 

aveiifi' ami iwct. iha bigfen 
nwiwfse of the atwly may weU 
ttm Um snidemt inipiMaians 

full Ti.7% of the 
IMS laud Out i)iialiiy of 

or diose who have read the 
Harbinger. S«.I1|> fett it was 
eicelleni or adove average. 
29.7% felt it was average and 
12.2% felt ii was below average 
or poor. 

When adced what one thing 
they would change atom the 
HoilMngcr u ilwy coiild, of ihoic 
who KflW at aU. 21.4% of the 
cevondnU' laid iliey wanted a 
larger or moce eipan«ive paper. 
14.3% of those who rvptniarind 
for aMM9 hiiMORMia. anaclas and 

sMim news ahoot suidenis. 7.1% 
OflhOK who milled rcquesied a 
name change (m die Hartsniter 

Of Haiiw's campus radio 
station WHCM. 39.0% or the 
lespondenis laied ii as excelleni 
or above avenge. 32.4% raled 
WHCM aa mmm, and I4.<i% 
II as batow aweiagc. no 

WHCM as 

As for Harper's (epaiaiian in 
the Gonununiiy. 7S J% oT diosit 
nrveyed' mad H as escellau or 
■hove amngc white only 3.9% 


: Iha Hpe of st'udeni 
ieii^eei« imdhai' iaapoMits were 
slighliylesa'ani h a i i i s ik . When 
mitng the qaalily or haijN/s 
cou,nselliBg 44.3% oT' 
the sintkBti. sKiveycd^ .med' it .as 
exceUeat or very good. W'hOe 
43.0% nied It aa avenge and 
12.6% R.'tcl co'insciini services 
ashelowainM^.|ir|iiM(.. .22.5%. 
of 'the sanliHIi .iipieyed'itld iiay 
had never ■•■4 Harper's 

or those who. have nsed. 
Healih Services. SR.t% nieJ it ai 
excellcni or shove average, 
W:2% a» avmage and only 2%. « 
poor or below •wnie. S2.3%or 

HaaMi Services. 

Only 34.4% or th«Me 
larveyed have ever taken 
advaniBia of Harper's legal 
sBTvicti. and of ihotc. 40.0% 
laseit Ihcnt as escellcni or abo«e 
awetage, while %.0% rated them 
as avenge. 4.0% of the 

whiU one thing 
sboal WHCM ibey would 
change, of ihone who lerponded 
at all. a massive «0% of the 
respondeitts said they wanted 
more variet; in die n usic played 

Seggestiow included more 
meial. pn>gressive. alKmative, 
and oldies masic. One xiudent 
Wfoie 'I can hear B96 in my car." 
Other WHCM improvement 
suggestions included more 
volume (:23.«%), and play in 
Other buildings (7 1%). 

The final qoestion ol the 
•nrvey produced the moti 
»s. Whca 
"If ym contd change one 
{. aboM Huper College, what 
king weiild: you changer, of 
who reiponded. 45.8% 
cither shuitfe bosses or 
tting tunnels between die 
biiildinp and the parfcing kiis. 
20.S% of the lespondenu would 
ihc. to see Ntopar HM a four year 

Harper as below aivnge or poor. 
On the siibjeei of cafeteria 
quality. 51 1% of ihoK wirveyed 
said It was escellcni or very 
goMl, whde 39.a% said it «aa 

TWO other popular responses 
(7.1% each) were more cfficieM 
registration and a tvetter 

npulalion for the Khool. 4.2% 
of those who icplied wanted 
bener food in the cafeteria. 

"It wouM be iniefesting 10 
•ee how opinions change in the 
next few months' said App<.l. 
hinting at the possibility of a 
similar Miidy ■ ilie bmn. No 
m tnallted at diis 

problems, too 

By Doaif la* Raj 

Stiff Wriler 

For ihc several month.t>cl)on workers have been 

laboring to make tha a "safer. 

more attractive campus". 

Although the projects facing done 

are necessary, one has 10 wondw 

wlKiher the improveinemi justify 

the inconveniences. 

Frank Colabufo is one of 

about fifty disabled siudcnut 
having eictptional difficulty 
getting around camput this 
neater. Colobufo suffers from 
Cetebrsd Palsy and requires a 
wheclchsir (with headlights for 
— ^alnifhOiogeiawuniJ. 

Cobbufo hit h«!cn aiiendmg 
Haiper for four yors studying 
ekcironics and working pan time 
for health services. Through the 
use of a voice synihesiiing 
machine, he complimented 
Harper saying dial it was fairly 
easy to get where he needed to 
go before the construction. 

Now It uikes Colabufo about 
ten minulcs just 10 gel from D 
building ID I building wheit he 
studies economics. 

During die summer only one 
entrance li> building A was open 
for die handicapped, and during 
the fust week of Om fail semester 
(here was • similar problern with 
F Ivilding, 

Among die many projects in 
progress, the two that cause the 
most inconvenience arc the 
sidewalk and the locnsion wall 
projects. The reason for the t*o 
projects being worked on 
simullanctmsly goes back to the 
original ctmtnitior. 

The sidewalks and Ihe 
retenUon walls for buildings A 
and F were improperly designed. 
Harper was awarded U million 
dollars to correct the damages. 
These corrective measures had to 
be done immediaiely to prevent 
any further daroagc. 

Another problem concenis 
workers' carclcisnesn. For 
eiample. while working on a 
brick square between buildings D 
and F they blocked die only nonh 
entrance to building F for no 
parent reaiton. Don OcBiaite. 
physical plain director described 
tt«e coniructian woihets as "bolls 
la a china shop*. 

Although ihc retention walls 
are not eipected to be finished 
until early nest year, DcBiasc 
assures us that the sidewalks 
should be rmished m about three 

The conliactart' deadline for 
work is April of I9S8. "I think 
we did very well and if die 
weather hadn't been so bad . . . 






Memorials have been 
eiiablished at the Lutheran 
Church of the Cross in Arlington 
Heights in honor of the hctovcd 
Harper College electronics 
technology associate professor 
Kenneth Jauch. 

Jauch, who had taught at 
Harper for 19 years, died 
suddenly on May 21st. when his 
private aircraft crashed in Dmon. 

Jauch was a veteran of the 
Korean Coollict He graduau-d 
from the Illinois Institute of 
Technology with a B.B. E.E. and 
the University of Daytoo with an 
M.S. in engineering. 

He worked for moie iImi 10 
years in industry m a design 
engineer before arriving at 
Harper College in 196S. in the 
capacity of Astistani Piofesnor in 
the Technology. Malh and 
Phy.sical Science Dcpanmeni. In 
1974. he was promoted to 
Associate Professor. 

In 1980-1981 Jauch was die 
recipient of 3 Fulbrighl 
Fellowship to teach at the 
Kyungpook National University. 
Taegu. South Korea. Jauch 
joined the list of the few 
communiiy college professors 10 
achieve thai distinction. He is 
the only college professor at 
Haipcr 10 receive the Fulbrighl 

Over the years. Jauch 
parucipaled in many seminars 
including "Microcomputers as 
Uboratory Tools". "Advanced 
MicracampuKir Imerfacing'. md 

««»OMlir warhm Ifnim bft) tlmmmn Murray. BMky 

%JrWtl$> CMNV » .SmnAf SlrflMMltwl' 


The Harbinger September 10, 1987 


Health Center 

offers students 

real help 

Pit Bulls - A 
local problem? 

^Bi ^^^^ ^^ 

AM fliHo mmI iKnciiy' 
m dMi SmOem Develop 

SwKlct M HminmIs 
"" " Ijr 

. H«eky Sai- 

' 'Mid; Maty 

! ■anul* 

I Frf- 

<ll)r M a Matini biiii (fee liom 

.Dr. C'hwta Boyt)i«iMi, m 
<lill> Hi VMncaduy llMit t mi«l 
111* ad'hce, earncit hts M..D. ii 
N«iw*»*»t«ni Univcfuiy ind 

IlKCMltMt' In .IMCtllil MMlKiM. 
Ite«fnf IB' :||IMtf * 'IMliCNlilr 

«( Imi iIiiM' «ttk MMer iMicnM; m 
Akmim ImlMM HnpiMl. in Elfc 
OWMt, M«l hit pmme ptwcuce. 
tk. Mttf*pm ci)ji»yi ihe (bMiuc 
'llf WMtiiii wilh l-imper muileniii 
I af ilMit vmM MUeMM 

Accixdnf 10 Or. ItoyvJiMi, 
^ iHiiiiMy 01' cawit he iieaif 
dliacMteit at HufpiK 

I V.D 

T»(o )fe«» iK». .)uii. pcMir in 
mi]r arrival 'licfe. ihcre wm (Me 
M.I., a rniyocKitial infanim 

dnvi 'Hiacfc): bm. oihai than 

ilM ibeit: have been m i«al 
•MMieiitte* lays Dr Boniran. 
Hi mHI* '*il llicne IS an' nmar- 
WWl; fv wwld perfomi Um 
. p il l iil mfci . can. tile puanedk* 
MJ iniiqMirt the pcncNi to 
NMlwtM Cdmnuimy Hoicpitiir. 
tosemary Murray, ftmt-ycir 
tapeiwiior of Health Services, 
iMni wQtfcing as' a pan-iunei' ia 
ItW wnOtt tlie vnsem Dciui of 
SpMial PtofraMi. wnd Services, 
til McKay. Ml.. Mumy MM 
hd UN. rmm. Si ElialKili'i. awl 


Silt cnjoya tlie inicflKllaii 
«Mi: .UMlmif and the variety eS 
"T troni. Ute fl'u and 

mMet m birtii 
•We (Health 
aonially dispense 
ne. but can 


Ska adis. 'We would 
MWuily waiii iIn sindcms to 
feanw ilic Service is available lo 
IhMI MON.-TlMi». 8:00 to lOrOO 
^iH,, M tM am. to 4:J0 p-m 
•M Sm. 9:00 m 1:00 |».iii.. 
t cwciy visit ii fic« and' 

'tlloo eniering ilie 'Htailtli 
t oltiee wUi an ailment. 
OM. 'MM Hut have lo ciMck-in 

'■'idl Maiy ftohiatacfc. siecietaiy 
I ihr ilie afTice. Aiiec- 

rauajf' Hif Ilie put. 

Mit. Mateatl 'reaUgr eiiiDys 

IJBjl! D0i3HHI|KiH Ifllll filW'iHppHt MM' MMDlr 

tW peettng and icady-io- 

Mniaiick will make an 
M witli a docw fior a 

If die Mlment doe* am 

ufllw in .A*'Mdkn fOOK 

Ska iHm mmmm iiiicitioiit. 
tuigeua dDctnm Air teferrals 
rram one of many of die office's 
lourcei and iuucs medical 
paitimi: (Kmuis. 'McdKul paik- 
la| pcimiii arc iMued on an 
indtvldual Imiia. oi need, and a* 
is de'ierimined by the nmes.* 
layi IMniasiek, 

M laEralary. Mniasiek alw 
ha* the fetpcmiitiiliiy tif ovenoe- 
inf itx: fflailmg of four thouaalMt 
intimtcii ml(irmiitx>n imcltets. 

At ^fea* lime the names of 
alt fiitNlnw fludentt will have 
been primed out front the 
compiiicf and given » Health 
Scrvic(-.t: Ptolniiisiek must mail 
an insurance pamphlet lo each 
fiall-iime student, a imlt that die 
deacrihei ei 'taxing.' 

Thew inswance plant (1) 
raiife fmn as low as Stil.lX) and 
S)12.U0. hniine studenu can 
■|i|lly lor the plant by sloppiag 
l»y the Health Service tWice and 
asking lor the I 'MI-UK "Stmtent 
Accident and Sicknes iMuirance 

AiMiMt mtnt' be ««fifW by 
llie Heakli 'Services CMTiee hefen 
■lualifyini fijr athlete in<iar*n(-c 
plas. Ttae plans are nailed 'to 
the athleies' parents and af« 
ONLY iimraitce for the tinMi 
the •th.lcM aie ptaciicing andMc 

TM' alllcr vital persoraiei in 
the offict are. the nurset. Becky 
Sameier and Marw LcOair . Mi. 
LeClaIr take* the night shift, 
fitjm 4(10 lo Wm p m. and Mi. 
Sameler uike* ihe day shift. 

A Registered Nurse. SaiHalar 
is. by title, a cotlc|e nurse, with 
h« bachelor dcjtree in nursing 
science fnm Illinois Wesleyan. 
She examine* and Keats pauetts 
a* diey ewer the office. Porthc 
pail five years Sanieler has also 
counselled on wetlness. health 
edlicat.ion and preventive care. 

Santetei describes Health 
Services as "like an oulpatieni 
clinic* adding, 'So many 
students are locked into' their 
cImics; it's unfonunaie. They 
should really take advantage <>l 
the scfvica oftend (at Hatjir), 

As ihetr brochure states, 
The Health Servtccs staff is 
committed lo promoting . . . icml 
health and wetl-beinf' Some of 
the vtrioui icstiflK servicei ihcy 
peif:arm mcluck: blood ;pceiiiiirti. 
hemoglobin, mononticleosis, 
pregnancy, ifcin lests for T.B. 
(ttibetculoali}, miHl cultures {<« 
imp. urinalytii and vision and 
hearing icrecmng." 

The lUff of Healdi Services 
ti Pnifessiona). well-informed, 
courteous and understanding 
Rememher! The Service i» 
FREE and COPffTDT-MTlM.!' 


Wmwkt laaiiariia Waliiiiap 


Over the past mmmer monihi 
wvaial national newt stationi 
Mid careful attenttoo to Ike 
''aniirovoked,' 'vicmm* anadqi 
by ftt Bidi Teinen on citiiem. 

How vKioM arc theic dofs. 
and can their ownwi be held le- 
sponsible for their dogs? How 
ntiKb of the 'i>ii Bull Menace* i.> 
raaily media hype? 

According to a ctimmunity 
service officer (or die Schaum- 
bu(f Police. Pii Bull Tctnctii arc 
"very friendly.' "They re not at 
'all: i lum mi ii It a 'breed.' he fiu-- 
'iher commenied: ' 

The ofticff ptckcd up only oh 
smy Pit Bull ihit summer in Ike 
Schaumburg area and noted. 
'The dog licked my hand and 
wagged its tail." "They're a 
powerfuUy-set dog. itocfcy, but 
not inhcRMly dangimtt.' 

Pefkap moil 'Pit Bidls are not. 
comrary to rumors, people-kilters 
by nature The lame off iter, 
when liked if he thought the 
ownerj' ol some Pit Bulls spcciti- 
eally train their dogs to become 
vKiou*, replied in the idirma- 
tive, adding. 'They (dit, owners) 
may aluo |o m> a breeder and in- 
icntionally aik liir a pup with an- 
cesion with a mean streak. 

No one on the Hjupcr campus 
that far has reptxted having been 
attacked by a dog. let akuie by a 
n Bull, according to Ok Health 
Service ofTicc m A-Mg. 

Iniciestlngly. eveo the Cook 
County ofTice of the Illinois De- 
parimeM of Public Health 
(IDPH) in Piiatinc reponad no 
vtcitios dog attacks in thC' i 



a workshop on 'College Sciniee 
Teaching and die Developnieni 
of Reasoning*. 

lauch believed in the 
'socralic approach to teaching*, 
laid George Domer, Dean of 
Technology, Mathematics and 
Physical Sciences Division. 'He 
often asked rhcioncat or 
misleading qucsucms tn class lo 
kac|i people awake and to keep 
pwfle thinking.' 

'Siadonl* would tometimes 
be quite fniMraied because they 

•Mild never walk away with an 
.iswer. But they would always 
walk away with die procedure lo 
get 10 an answer. It look diem a 
while in figure that out. And 
once they did they understood 
what ihey were doing", added 
Roger Mussetl, coonlinaior tif ihe 
Electronics Tcfhnokigy Program. 

Jauch was not your average 
college professor. He was also 
an avid inventor. 'HECTOR', an 
electronic car. whose initials 
stand for "Helping Everyone 
Conserve Today's Oil Resources" 
was con-ftnictcd out of junk and 
second hand pans by Jauch and 
some of bis students during the 

Odicr inventions included a 
solar healed gurage, a minatiire 
scale radio controlled model 
airplane, a full scale amphibious 
airfitane, and a tolar powered 

Jauch wa* alio active m 
campus aciivities such as the pig 
mast and cIcclrDnici department 
breakfast, bodi of which ke 
helped originate. 

"He was just kind of a low 
key guy. very nonpolitical but 
very helpful. And if you asked 
him an opmlon or a question he'd 
always share wiUi you what he 
ihovght was reaatMiable', said 

"He was one of a kind, 
stabboni, usuaOy light in what be 
did and a hard worker', said son 
Keith Jauch, Senior Electronic 
Technician. "He was the 
elocittmics dcpartmom. HecouU 
make things work, teach any 
class, and lis any eqaipment', 
added Jauch. 

'Ken was just one of those 
guys that would always iiep in 
and do his share widioul a great 
deal of hassle. He always had a 
positive thought or a positive 
comment diat he wauM express 
in any sltuatioo*, said Muissen. 

Memorial services were held 
May 24ih at die Ulhctan Church 
of the Crat*. 

Wantmd: Customer Sgrvic e 

We arc Icxjking for qualified full and part-time individuals lo fill many 
openings in our rapidly growing operation. 

Flexible hours including evenings, weekends, and holidays 

Gain experience in business and finance while earning $5.50/hr. 

No experience necessary. Phone for interview. 364-9810. 

Household Retail Services, Inc., Arlington lietghts, IL 

Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F 


The Harbinger September 10. 1987 

Talk is cheap - 
Build where needed 

With all the clamor about the construction. 
Its cost and inconvenience weighed aeainst its 
uliimale benefits, two factors set in motion last 
year begin to loom as much more important for 
this year and next. 

In the spring .semester of last tear a 
propMaJ was put before I he Board of Truilees 
to bMlId a new Theatre Liberal Arts baildine. 
This motion was. in the srand style of 
bureaucratic politics everywhere, discussed, 
pondered, tabled, and re-discussed. 

Why. you may well ask, would wt nted a 
new Theatre building, when we already have 
one? first of all, we don't have one. J Building 
»»s built as a lecture ball. The success of 
Harpers Theatre in past years (both aesthetic 
$m nnancial) have been due almost wholly to 
li* '••reclion or Mary Jo iVillis. John 
Muchmore. and the scenic wizardry of Michael 
BrwwB. There is no set shop, no prop storace. no 
rtal class.rooms for acting. 

Ihe second, and more important reason 
concerns the Library. The librarv is at 
■atHratm point. For every book the librarv 
•e^nirti. one book has to go. For any library 
that situation would be a shame. For a coltete 
library, it» a crime. The new buildlnit would he 
■ef up to house the offices and classroom^, now 
on the third floor of the library building, ihtix 
itmillf an entire fltmr to be used as it was 
"•'tlMltil. What a concept! 

The other factor initialed last semester, was 
the renovation of the "Dining Hall". While Ihe 
TrustC«fl were debating whether Harper hat 
"••J* twoney to begin construction on the new 
boildiiif. they spent over $14.1,000 on 
renovalfns the cafeteria. That included new 
lifhls and carpeting as well as new tables and 
chairs. I ve been going to school here for two 
para, and, maybe tls Just me. but I've never 
had ImuMc seeing my food. 

And carpeting? Just Ihe notion of what thai 
carpel will look like by next semester is enough 
to put me off my lunch. I rcali/e Ihe "ambiance" 
is improved to the point where faculty, 
•dminiatration. and guests can more readily eat 
in lh< cafeteria, but I always I hough I the faculty 
dinini rmm (already carpeted) was supposed to 
serve tial juriMM;. 

TWi November four vacancies will be filled 
by eMlMl nn the Board of Trustees. Due to 
PrcsitfenI McGrath's resignation at Ihe end of 
the year, as well as the new building project, 
this nest election will be critical to Harpers 
future. Find out about Ihe candidates; vote - or 
make sure your parents do. It could affect vour 
children's education as well as yours. 

Larry Paullin 

Page 3 



Dave Piluski and Tom Appel 

the P\3ft (■b.wc).*)4 Ailrun /.mcd 
(left). jiicmjM lo Mvtekh I easnlinc 
tint Siitunbv. 




I. li «0«7 

I«> Ihe MVi It wa, ,k« 
B.alk-i, m Iht- 70'i ,i was Star 
Wijrv, amj how, m iht higli-tah 
*<><I(1 of i[i<K::e »huHle$ and 
'/■mjiact diKs. ■ new mtd stitning 
•tiM hm risien w ihe apex of 
Ainewain cikscm. 

Sljtr of sttgc and screcfl, 
t "hitago fioM i)f ihc "Jcrn' Lc*k 
''l.,-TO:wjtl Day Teteihcm" and to- 
vtir iif T.V/s super suctewful 
" rj, Htt*cr", as well hcmg xbc 
rtf'bconcni ftw Dfiiny T»m> as 
<fw hmt of ev'Eryonc's hv(»uc 
lalcnt (orurn. "Dane* Fcvc-f". 
.^ifc'Bn Zmcd (» ripidly luliiig 
the afrixiiiHii at AiMcricans 

ITie two Of m. m toraninMrt 
of Zmcd diKipletitiod, mjufc ii 
our sworn duly to gel an 
iniervtew »,ih T.V,'. ncwcsl 
lupcriiar while he visaed 
Ctiicugo for lasi weekends 
MiBctilar Dyiwophy Tetohon. 

E*er meudfjutl m our effom 
to hrjisf Ihc very bc»i in Itie 
bfeakini Hollywood news, we 
contacied our old buddy, 
conveniently cunrcnUy working 
m Zmcds agent, W% folk hero 
Jaioa R(S*>tnl5 Jason informed 
m detpiie the {loputar influence 
of Ihe Harbinier. Zmed would 
KOI be doing iiuervtewi durine 
his suy in Chicago. 

Noi easily thwtrled. we 
called anoilMr dear friend, 
presenily in Uie tropical plant 
rental buninejt. and requeitled lo 
»«e his job list, .Sure enough. 
"Jim" (his teal name is being 
withheld for legal reamof ) was 
■n fact taaadling the Lalnt Day 
Tdctlioii' acMaM. and wai hajipy 
m a»t» 111. 

Dmtntng convincing jump 
■ais and dwarf diphenbachu. wt 
*■"'"" " off in a plaia whiiB van 
WONi audio three. 

After a brief stiop iii 
Su|wrDawg<tm). at Ihe conief o» 
Milwaukee and tievon. for 
Superc)i«:iic5«tm) and nialu. wc 

airivcd at WCN $ vcrvicc 

A Mid and a lirief commeni 
on the Cub s pitching g« us past 
ihe tighl wunly without a hith 
After miy a few minutes of 
fcarching. we located Zmedn 
dressing iTOiti, unlocked! With a 
bold swing of the door we were 
inside (he sacred dwelling of 
America's most beloved a> sur. 

It was with greai remorse 
•hnt we cajnc to realiK thai Zmcd 
was not present He would he 
back shonly, however, as the 
WGN tommiMry had just 
delivered his brealcfaiit, and the 
morning Trib. 

Zmed was in lor a lnsal. two 
of the largest, fteabcst looking 
eggj (poached) we have ever seen, 
toast, and four (!) snip* of iejin 
•"■con. It was a battle not lo m 
down and help ourselves, but we 
were on a mission. 

At last, sticking om of a 
wallcl laying on a chaise lounge, 
so kindly provided for WCN 
guests, was piece of paper, cenld 

Gingerly grasping the paper 
and unfolding it as not lo mar it. 
we read ii's conKnis. Alas, an 
address, in Palatine, was this 
where Zmed was Slaying? 

We contacied an old fishing 
chum of ours. Fred Rice, and hud 
him mn down the address Sure 
enough, the property owners tel 
names was. my God. Zmcd. 

After taking iwo vallium to 
seilk our nerves, we put plan "J" 
into operation. First we mjidc a 
quick caU u Ihc Hartegcr motor 
|»oi, and nquitilioncd a like new 
IS Saw Bearcat. A quick call w 

I;frcn Zimbalist Jr. «( uj ^p 
with (he proper camera 
C(iuif>imctii. And telly, with une 
hundred dollars of Hartimgcr petty 
cj«h. wc headed (or Heidi's of 
Wtwdfield kv suitable haircuu. 
arid were on our way. 

Piloting the vintage roof- 
las, chrome laden automobile 
through the night darkened 
but kniads of Palaiine. wc couldn't 
help but feci we were doing 
scnncthing special. 

With neither word, nor eye 
conuci, wc timulianiously began 
Singing the ihrird chorus of 
■|*roud Mary". We wept. 

Pulling up m front of the 
Zmed icsidcnce. we set adame the 
C»»rs bottle with gas and lag. 
and losxed inio the driveway. 
The plan was lo set up a major 
aacnlion getter, drawing out the 
house's inhahiianis. while we 
ux* pictures. Itwtrtcd. 

Adrian was ihe second out of 
Ihe house, following His 
Hollincss Pope John Paul 11 (!), 
both toting name cilinguishing 
jumbo me boxes of Arm and 
Hammer baking Soda. While 
Ihcy attempted to smother the 
inferno, we phoiographed their 
every move (soe photos). After 
using up several rolls of film, wc 

Aflcr posting bail, we headed 
Wraighi for <he Harbinger oCTice, 
made Mai Tats and went imo the 

In rcuospoct. despite the stiff 
sentence, wc don't regret the 
evoMs leading lo this column. 
" "•«», wc are sorry, really. 
'' It lime you arc in town 
you to the chicken 
ik ai Dennys. Hasta 

t*.la«l»,.i.«wqi,. Nl •>»aiu« imM^ »idwiia,«. 


.2£L^"^**'~ *"»*•■>■.-' *• Ut'y t-^'"^ (left) -«. 
mmmt for <nanMW m Iw Sanifday'i dnv«»ay Un». Them i 



The Harbinger September 1(1, 19K7 

Page 4 


A "Document" 
worth having 

•t It i^wtn Out of ill# 
icconling bKndi iraund 
R.E.M,. has released its 

'IM« anMm, Uidr tan being t 
Mllactim of &-«ulcs and cM- 
uitM calM 'Dead Umet 0(- 
ncf*,. mUmmi last fhW' five 
mnillli H§( ■■! iMr Ian *Md* 
allma Mag 'Life'i Rkh 

tit band .nwaibera. iMlud- 
kf Mt. tmrf, fma Buck. Mike 
Mint, and Siipe, have been dcxnf 
iMbo inomo biilzimg in the laa 

few mmliK mA patiMfi* it will 
•jgoiV te 'talfnalni of a wider 
iwge of fwliUc aceeiplance in ad^ 
Asian to die already bivtib ma- 
ffai inrtaim 

'Km of all. Cot you R.EJM. 
faw almuly om dteie. imy |»r- 
maitf :|kwiiia of dMini is ThMet 
of 111 llaedMimctian* (IMS). 

alMr Ittwnini lu 
' aixteen diiies in die 
'DoniiMsiM* it a vety wlid 
I asial iltDwtiigofrthe 
I of bunior and very sericm 
t of die band. Some 
of die ifaclcs here are tlie best 
they've e*ei aervcd ufi. 

"Exhuming McCMby* and 
"Ii-s die God of die Worid Ai W« 
Know It (And I Feci Fine)* am 
iaperb. at it ih« opening cm. 
"The Fined Woftcsong', realur- 
ing the trademark mambling of 
Stipe (but growing moie inielli- 
gible every albnm) and die dit- 
tinctive o«erlq)|iing cbonit (at in 
rablBj* 'Cant Gci There Prom 
Hene' where Siipc smgs ihc title 
line while 
fings Til gel 
way"), this 
claisK R.E.M. 
The only 

invdve dieir 

HOffllagly low popuiariiy. No 
maiiM bow oMich critic* lawe 

about R.E.M.. die recofd I 

Harper's o^« 

SiiiinK in dK miun araa of A 

Mg... one can alnnMt afwayt^ Iwr 
'Mm IWiii cUeking oi' pool baMt^ 
ibe Maady bum of 

In Mol' HUM' ilM date baclt lo 
tiNRl, ia a |ilaeo hImM' mukinis 
.can i|wnd any lie«. limc' diey 
may have betwean clatiaa.. Ike 
oat Bi$l.30|>erhour'|iarpmon, 
Moil of die money maik goet 
into Ibe ci)uipment, 
I aiC' ailMiiid acmnling 
to the number at pbycn and 
amniat of unie played. Direcior 
of aiMdeni aciivitiet Jeanne 
dial die '(am aiC' 
I Ml' Jim iMfc even. 
I'M of dW' inoMs is used m 
py (he 3-K student aides wto 


The Search for Life 
Beyond Woodneld 

fey RiHl* iitavli 
ZnltrtBlninciK KiHHir 

Ai Er.:crtJunmcM Editor I 
am conitamly looking for. what 
else, entenaiiunrm for my bored 
and/or curious Harbinger 
audience. Tbii 'quest' impiMd 
me lo create Uiis column Cor my 
mons: daring readers. 

It's lomewhat of a diallenge. 
A Challenge to go where no 
suburbanite has gone before. A 
challenge to estcnd your 
! beyond Plin 

I moved back to the tuburbs 
of Cbicago Pd a year ago after 
attending High School in 
Delavtn. Wisconsin (a few 
minulcs from Ijike Geneva - 
many of you weekend warriori 
know die place) My potm being 
diat I have been wiihm an htmr 
an a halTi disumce ol downtown 
(or at least five yean. 

Before I moved back, I 
anticipated going downtown with 
friends, seeing the xtghtsi, and 
"getting a (bigger) piece of the 
OiRaio adkm*. 

What I found m die move to 
Schaumburg was this: Most of 
die "chcddar-hcads" and 1 have 
seen more of downtown Chicago 
than the average suhuitkuiiic. 

ir you have lived in suburbia 
and Kave still indulged in die 
abundance dt culture and activity 
of die city. I am very proud of 
you. please do na« be offended. 
The harsh lealuy diough, is that 
your neighbors diink you are 
either courageous or msane. 

At diis point 1 would like to 
clear up any preconceived 
noooas about what diis column is 
all about. Some of these notions 
come from my use of thai diity 
word 'culture'. Most of die ume 
we lend to associale dtis word 
with die Tuie ana. 

A good cultural event must 
he dfc Ballet, classical music, or 
opera right? Wrong Here's a 
good Webster dermition: cultuft 
(leal Cher) a particular form or 
Mlgt of civilization. A pretty 
vague explanMioo-boy am I 
going to ha-e fm vidi diii 


1 11 at leas nar-ow it dojvn to 
entertainvcn.. Soir>e cf tic 
things that I coniidci 
c.iic/jinincni may not bt you 
ll ing or n,ay '«ei t a tad bizanr< 
but-- -this if \\y column. Th<L 
leads me jo mv rw-;: point. 

t will o> ui l»; ai. ob'ecti' t 
as I '.an ^ith his column. Tl ? 
:nibj<tct natter c»n vary (re 
"Hefvy-iiitai l«t USA" to t 
'Nalioni I C aft Exhibit on i 
Vheaion*. 1 f Ini wtlcor le a^j 
Fuggestiims fron you. If there is 
;om: li.cet of entertainmeu 
(beside; country nrusicl t) u 
yoo won i like man; caveiage ■ '.. 
please lei me kno-v. 

Thee ii no event covered t 
dlis week's colun.n. <vani£d u 
give yc J a week oi men a 
prefaralxn for your upt'o-ni i^ 
voyage into the world b^yoK* 

recoMNd widi One i|uaiiiy ctah. 
coming S130 per ubic. Although 

the $9<X) brought in last year wat 
1 10 pay for die pmjea. 

niii' did' not mind ipendiRg 

Auditions for Harper CoUege 

Theatre's flail Production 


Joseph Kesselring's 

Arsenic and 

She (iiels dun bocause of last 

yem poptdar movie "TheCotor 
of Money*, die lablei saw more 
aspiring Tom Cniises and Paul 
Newmans practicing fancy uick 
shots, which caused eiira wear 

After cuvenng the usual 
expenses, profits if any. go 
towards improving the gamt 
nxm. Pankanm hopei to add 
atmosphere to the area by 
purchaiing a chalk machine and 
liftey hilliard limps. 

Although Student Aciiviijes 
does not profit much moitetarfly 
from the pool tables, «u<knis do. 
Tlie money dwy ari; ipcnjing is 
wed constructively lo keep up a 
place where diey can lorgci about 
school for a while lo relax and 
enjoy diemielvei. 

September 14 and 15, 1987 
Mcinday and Tuesday Evenings 

'A139 7; 30 pin 

Tor Additional Information Contact: 

Dr. John Muchmorc 

lit>eral Arts Division 

397-3000, extension 2778 or 2448 

fVV WMiain Ralnay Harpar Cotoga 


The Harbinger September 10, 1987 


Page 5 

ZZ *,S5^' '"»• "«< "»> <y« •«« ii»«i » cjiii ii I 

BmHB WIMBIIi I Jifil'llkMll m. mummtt 


'Pkf in 

• JW w ami oir Wtind Uie wUmI^ wi mate Oh- mm 
«* m wcMmndwJ mMtwiOt tap 

elJotiJfl'* """ «"»»I m Be.u Mondt. like 
•ft^fcy • *" "^ ^^ ""tew «f '« opi«, and 

"raw or M »iU) iiie towU iieit aKl bhehWM nimht 

I** » ta, Of fc sUic i«srhL2f 

iMKtot. vnfMUons on t theme of {.rime 1 am«<w^H 

'Wliai Die heiiis thw?" 

— .'!!5T!!S?'" ' "P"'^- "'■" "»« » Wild Tutlcy 

«*2IS'™^ **'* "''' *"* "^ '*''*^ » «■« my 
'N» lawn you have imn.,' I lanMlced 
Wc liite II. - he replied, diiplayjng I'hm lifi for 

SJT^ ""^^ M-ribujru, met::: 

•li,iil«*!r"** *? • "»«%»'•»««» potter on a« wall 

He MghiaeU y . bit « thii. "No. mtmify. ta I 
eouM catt cm op if you like!' 

*Nto, no. (lon'l trouble youndf " 
III no irouhle! Phones ri|hi heret' 
And you know how id wofk iC 

h«.r?r! tr * *''1'^ '*"*"^ ""• I»«f««l " 
Boeiy mm. My name s Mike!" 

t iiliook his hand, men sinJiml my owi. 1 i ttw 

WiHjMoo*: hMnt been twtpt up in iki. I»iiiag"n« 

■Nope." laigM t^^e, 'i am^m'- He mh 

«ft<»i«^.ir i«cA«jr T*y of m/ee( <mm a .,e«™ rao 

e*«««»y. torfm hmdj. Jktfram ofihe AW Zl. 

i? JTKffgf 

*My Mine n Peder." I laforaicjl him ^itt. 
miigivlng, thai «w, p«„n.i out "" 

"No crap'!'" Mike homncd, He called oul lo the 
<»% oi^pemn p«en.. who w,.t w«l,ng t']Z 
•"We Hey, P«!Uj.cinono»er here!" 

^•e give It ijie old wadtlle. He wai 



Mike. b«i Pete «„t .eem very .meif sled m irytng 

H»h? ntpeiMed Pete, lendmi; suppon lo moden 
H-anm on inhrecding. ""««» 

;jj'i PBte! ]iiti Ue yw,!' hollered Mike 

ihi« nupcfying coincKfc,.cc Rather ihan 
*e Merence in spelling or p,«»„g „,, dS" f« 
flW diminutive, r gave the nod- J "«ain m 

.^jr^r'.'i P"' '^"""""cd cruelly -Aini thai 
*^n ! Hey. Whaf, yer !«. name? Maybe were 

e»ploded Aroiigh i!,e corridors of my Nmin. ReS 
<« my Being voiced a singk word; 


-Oh. your Mom ran a poolwamb. ch?" I auitioed 
10 unapprecmiive ears. quipped 

A strange item nailed up above the cash Km«^ 
caugh, my eye. I didn, know what .r*ror m^ 
Wcely. I d_id know but my dcl.c»rsubc*^c"u, h^ 

Ahkhhh. Hud Mike wiih the soprovine lono > 
WW cuptain migh. award a partiS, coX? 
^M. "Ii™, s a pair of .hci« d.^, lettSi- 

"No, really! ■■ Pcie chimed in 

im.'SSrS,?"""^" ' "*" «"^""«'^- '^'^ 

myself, not » hundred yards fromXJt '■ "^ 

^Wctl. .._. . five.s«r u»ch.- , ...d. -, ^ „ ^„ 


corner aod d,en here .„ « die dSr Sl^ Tuu^ 

"Not hanl 10 see why. DkJ you eat ihe deer'" 
Niw. he got away." 
"Not really." i muttered and iiood lo leaw a 



_,." '" «°<^ tawding it noching if m ihe abiliiv lo 



Of p«''2::;M'n'^;:f- "="■ '"■" *~"' •" "™«*'""« <»" 

■v«L2'oni!l'H i,*^". '"w**^ '*'"*™'™' *« «We 
reie J coners in Uiree (asl games 

my si^ '"•^*"* '°"«- " ' '*"^ '"'* « ' ■^^"ned 

«.li2l'S!!- ' T ***" ** ■ pool Hick in my hand." 

Hfiony this must have awd Hit nwtfiCT ■"''^"' 



the pronouns and Urn in xNse 

10..™!".?°!' ""f^ '" ""^ «^" »'«' contimicd my 
^wy ^Before the scenery couW petnfy my "ain I 
TOninded myself Uiai if I hadni cnVoycd my ^Tm 
Beau Monde „ *« my own fault f,4 drivin, thZI 
msicad Of flymg over-U>at a>c people S^S S 

md P^H «^ .''*' '"'«^'*'=«" with ihe old L. L 
■>d P of H as bcsi Uiey couW. They werail creaiod f.^ 
my .musemem. 1 told myself, bui oeoole iS:!^ 
never reaUy believe d«iL '■ ""' Pe«Ple l«ke me 

behil^d'^m? *' '"u* '"*" ""^ «"" Monde receded 
oehind me into the n ghi. These nconl, »nTw 

ST^ri:"" *?"'" "' »- worKg:r°"bi1 

ihl!? ■«?"«<'»<»»'= "^"H-^al ennchmem for my time 
am and maybe noi. bu. one thing was certain- I w^ 
mmg out wiih a helluva lo, mo«'d« OmZ, did 

The Harbinger September 10, 1987 

Harper Cable Guide 

Page 6 



S !•»; " '"•■ '" "'■ "* 

•oai It 

« •«■» i.!:_" -J-r~:;Si tn.«.a«. D.K»inTi<J«i 

-, 1 ^_^^^ ammnnm J^ 

1 II '^Tisirsssss^—'Vi^^'^^^^^ 

4 =='-=I'?*=!!?='-f^^ - 

\ "™SS~— "— — — "1- T"""'i«<»' "" 1"!-^?^-"--'" 

■(Birp«««M.j»«™l?5„..J + — rj^ T™« ••»f!!*J?r^ 

■ "SiMsS'iS^iii";—*^! r^-;T.«;sii«"iii"->i'^'E"!!^ — -r 

..4 ;.^««. iijMTtK""'""*' """H^. 

__ 1 ..«»«circ tiii.«»«"» <'■"•• :;' — 

J^"' fMHW _.. If??*!*-'-- T«i'i,,o.iM. iIfM«»a_ 


alirad," DnB'iwt •■)<<- 

MaM«M)e. Tcwi Tlimii|"«i«. 
««>«»*«•«)». Diiibled SliMteiit 

■bM i«M<lei«» Hrrmg drfUcuhn |i«tii« lot iwo- 
Ifnlni W} dan. 

The fir«t iii^nlw* PMM 
.Srfcly't coo{ier»u« tn aff««»l 
dltir' »ewicc» is tn ttemv Mt- 
rim. Thi. niilein. ofllt IMjMc 
Sirilay. Una Mike !MMy will 
pick tfce maOem up "wl e»eorl 

Miny «f die I .,„ 

iMl dinga"* *"• «*««•»* ' 


nmmtd to laut Uiii (■■ ■<« 

• dDM, «<! dm 'tmmt reftace- 

meiii te moM oHHe Wymp ffln 

•nd lite CMutfacing of 

...._—. — 4- ■ "' ' • •■• 

- ir!:!.? iS; 

Pit Bulls 

IN idililioii. Rolling Mcadcwt 
Police officef Jws. t«rcMdcw of 
the niinok Ammil CoMrol As- 
iocimion (I AC A). n:pO€« *«« 

tun been no vcicmh dof illKlii 
in HtH commiiiiiiy in ilw ««*•« 


Officei Sm tnd lACA will he 
iponwcifig a memimt on vkioiii 
■niMis tnd lc|Wnio» fof "*" 
uck> cw» Sepiember 16th ii 
Clikagei «nd Soulhweslem Av- 

Sarah Weddington 

• Fimous Liwyw- 

• At age 26, won 
Supreme CoB« 
case teealiring 

•One of top five 
College speakers 

• Time Magazine 
women in America." 

• Professor, Ijobbyist, 
White House Chief 


"The Constiwiion; How iis ,, 

Principles apply to todays coiitroversies. 
Tuesday. September 15. i-X o.m.- '!*'• 

Admission is $3 for the public and $2 for Hapcr ttudenis 
w/activity caid. For ticket info, contact J135. ext. lyn 

enucs The seminar is open to 
one hundred people who 'e«a;w 
tern pnor to the 16*- (CaU 255" 
24 16 tor reservMiOM.) 

When asked if Rolling Mead- 
ows has insuiuied any legislation 
pertinent to Uk atiacks by P«l 
Bulls *nd/or other dogs, Jors 
replied "no.- He did sty Ail 
Washington Park. Illinois, has 
outlawed Pw Buns if their ownm 
fail «) confine die dogs alter liity 


Ai president of lACA. Jnrs 
docs not believe such legislation 
■is the answer." Jurs also men- 
lions House Bill 1500. which 
would ouilaw VICIOUS dogs, as 
legislation that may lead to in- 
contlusive results. 

Officer Jurs emphatically 
agteis wilb iJie sialcroeoi "People 
nain and breed dogs, such as Pil 
Bulls, to be vicious." He also 
believes that the media has pre- 
rented many of ihe "Pit Bull «t- 
I lack" rcpons to create public 
furor and lo hype their stones. 

Jurs further notes. "The reason 
Pit Bulls have been singled out it 
bccaousc of their clamp and 
shake' type of bite: this iMie i* 
serious-- its a gieti deal simito 
w that of a shark." 

"Saacaiing the pubhc about 
(|0gt is the only way lo ehan^ 
peoples' prejudices behavior, 
concludes Jurs. 

Officer Jurs extends an oner to 
anyone who would accept the in- 
viaion to come lo the Rolling 
Meadows police station and view 
videotapes concerning vicious 
dogs. Pit BuBi. new* cilia. SK, 


Classified Classified 

Classified Classified 

me Harbinger September 10, 1987 



Cimssified Help Wanted 
Ad Rates 

For Sale 




I. full and 


CMnWi't llallM' 

A mot - 

14 inch MMl flm. 4Ug 

133^. ••« 

Cill.Bab "T***.' 

I lor ALL posiMmt. If 
jWMiin: MuMtly. cnthuitiaDic. 

•ffM Itmrnf mm $4 . SB; mS I. Ooir ItiiadHHiiilMrs. Or 
f ,SS MM* m ddmmml ailk M)-2m. 9 a-in. • 6 pm. 

Help Wanted q«^»'ft "gi, ^ «** 

Laht Ziirkk M«kU • 
Hdp WiMtd. CUMn. riM-ilM 





MitflHiti. No Hlfaic w aip.. 
Wfwinnii. ElglH. wioMl hcs... 
MOlcid. A i«|iiira(t KMl of 16 
lci./<iiik. SUft in. Sept.. aiid mate' 
tana MDMy hf itlMng » fnend 
imtmJ<nkiti.mSf. New 

'recejw M InMi aft. J: mat. of 

Ltgal Scrvkei - 


jranrtaplneed!!: Include DUI, 
»Sg2-3Ma. fivM. 

Fiv« (7 inch) reeb ofqiMlitr 

audio iciwdiiig ape. Hifti 
oMpiKtaiiiwledianfB. Maxell 
UD 35-90 IKOO It.. 1.0 mil kue. 
Faclory ieakd. S25/motS. 

19Tf Vega - 

Ptined emtssioiu lest fony- 

tlmee (housiand nulcs. AM/FJM 

nermniiM]. S4aiVlleM oUbt. 
Call LiiKiaM 392-3411. 

TtcliMa • 

OdOtge Benaon liclcca Piipliir 
Creek, Srpl. O. grem jcau. row 
J. Call Dnm. 9344M34. 

tm-mmmt. Miscellaneous 

l4.89^lHfy. :CM|. nMniMMl (TO- 
Ri'semvh M36N. ICmticati, 
ArlinRiun liaghls, IL 4MXM 

A4iili*iitrtll>*« Sfnricct • 
School fmptn ■ Wfug^. 
Kmma, them. Cones., mc. 
lOynraexpeiiMce. Call 

Nwr Hlrlaf • 
f IA.707 1» tS9.l4HAre«t. Now 
5IIMS<»-»1 1 Eit FW4AA (Of 
24 Ht. ui/o. 

Skla Cart > 

1-R p.111. Sat. It am. ■ 1 p.iii. 
Otoubie}. CjiU Patty Skvow it 


VtaiiHt.. Cntoi. Hid cull. 
Apiilf in pefion - Rotemoni 
Hir« Cn*M». Ask for LXhtal 
Room. Scpi. 10 A ii, 730 


LavofliGCi of B«eto A Becker, 
MON. Meacham. In) Dour 
Schaumbuts. IL dOm. 



& Cinecr oppmioiitiei (WttI 

Train). Eictllenipiiy {ilini 

tiavel. Hjwaii, Baluuius. 


CALL NOW 206-736-0775 fcu. 


Harper Cnllcft - 

Bnx odice. II 3$. in looking Cor 

when fw ruiurc events. For 

tuRlier inCMiMiiam comaa. 
Xewin at est 3S49. 

For Sale 

Gtitar - 

Mamer Bto Esptoter Baait 

Ovitm. While with black 

llBilWaie. Excetleni coiulilion. 

Asloini 1375. call Lairy tt S29- 


Ski Kmk ■ 

Thule Olynpac Ski Rack in lood 

condition. Locks to cv A kicki 

in dcis. Asking $55. For rnnhot 

informaiion call. Kim M 639- 


Pttllval Qntca • 
Applications for Fall Femival 

Qwien omdMlaies ■«( now 
a*mlalile at ihe Student Aciiviiiet 

OIBee.A3.36. For more 

HausekMprr . 

Extclleiti refenswat aw) sia ytmt 
o( CJipcrienct. Lo»i»iei. Par 
more informatioo ciU, Lut. 255- 


Ps]rckol«|j P«»«l - 
A pcaiel of esperts rqiieMniing 
cart:-ik in CtinicaVSchool 
Psychology, Human R«imiiMt' 
Develaipnient and Empkiycc 
AiaiSIMlce Plogiurts. This panel 
will acqaaim you with working 
conditioni. mintag. 
achwiemett. eamjnii and job' 
ondoDk in die tetineii wodd. 
PiMBMcd by die Cmer FlaMtni 
Ceraw in conjinwtion with Dr. 
Mike i'htrowjki, Psythology 
Chairpennn WednoMlay. Sept 
23.8-<)p.m.JI41 PtaMtjoiii 

*mf§»if • 

All nghi ganif. Tltij is week 
numhci ilucc. Still no replies. I 
cant taeheve diai all you Haper 

smdMis have become non- 
akoholicf. or just plain old dead 
beats. You doot have to drink K> 
hang with us. 

Signed, Mr. .Ftm. 

Ho* and where aie you? I sure 
do mi-vi yow (ace around here. I 
hope everythiiig is woffctng out 

to you Willi your classes and 
your hean Hne. Keep in axich. 
l4iv Ya - "PtnrL" 

Oear Hmuf Bmrnj • 
'Thanka to but weekend. I sure 
' Und id 'It, I love yoii veiy i 



I'm I 

Pleaaedao'tbemadaiM. PI 
tty 10 |iv« yon as nuicl-. notice a* 

*Nie«e song* is fine. 
Sigaed. AiMo. 

Tooat to Ooml. 

OaAMe • 

Howareyoordaise*? Oneclati 
dropped by William Raincy 
tfaiper College screwed up my 
entiR cinicidiim. But. not to 

(ail. I itv«icame. Ke«p in 


Welcome aboard. Tm glad you 
decided 10 join us. Thanks to 
everything. 1 hope you stick it 
out all semester. Signed. RbvI. 

Ijirry - 

I hope you feel better, soon. 
Your'e grumpy enough as it il. 
(Smile) Signed. Ptaari. 

Cfiiif - 

Where ate you? Youhavtnt 
heen around lately. Stop by and 
(ay hello. I miss your moudi. 
(Smile) Signed. Ptirl. 

Tmll, Mfdium amd 

Htndwmt - 

You must be a teshman because 

I didn't see your gorgeous body 

here on compos last year. But ii 

tunc is nice to have it around this 


Signed, A mem admirer. 

K.9bfm - 

Welcome ahiiaid. You are a God 
send. Keep up the gixid work. 
Signed. Winkv. 

Bm - 

Youi'c die greediest person at the 
Binger. But I warn to lell you 
that you seem to be trying to be 
c much more pleasant person this 
semester. Thank you, Signed, 
Gueii Who. 

Deag - 

1 guess you're our new 
grammarian. We need it It's all 
right if you're die photo editor. 
We all wear more than one hut 
around here Wckxme aboanl 
Signed. AM. 

Desperately seeking Lynn M. 
It's hcen a long summer. Hope 

to sne ya soon. 

Your Secnet Adoiiier - JB. 

Dtm- Kimhe - 

Hang in ihere. You're going to 
need it taking all of those JNM 
clatiai 1 M Lab i* neat. Tell 
Cluis I said thanks to Ihe board. 
Lav Ya - 'Pearl." 

HarMmgtr Stuff - 
ii'i gieai having this new sialf . 
All of this cnihusiaan is such a 
plea.iam change. I hope ii bsts 
From the wtitd.s of Bill 
Kiagelberg. 'It's a thankless job.' 
But I guess we do it bccauie we 
likeil. Signed, AM. 

TImmks . 

m everyofic that participated in 
our quesiionnair .. We really 
apprecuue your cMipecaiion. The 


Her el 

Help Wanted, The HARBINGER is looking 
for good, dependable writers. We need 
people who arc energetic, fun. intelligent, 
with good writing ability and who aren't 
afraid to do a little more. Start now! See 
what you can be. Flexible hours and an 
opportunity to earn a rcpulation for yourself 
and a great way to meet new people and 
learn your way around the campus at the 
lame lime. 

Help Wanted, The HARBINGER is looking 

for a photograhcr who will work with the 
Sports Editor, exclusively. Ask for Bill 

If you arc all the above, and more, contact 
The HARBINGER Bldg. A367. and ask for 
Larry or Pearl. Start now! 

Without your support we are nothing! 

The Harbinger September 10, 1987 

PsiEC 8 


:>rjkr UtKM'n. in iMl |«sr*« ■ctlmi, riwlMtf Tar IM 
y»t*» IMI SMorilai agalMt t«ei ViUtj. rft«M Cr»«i.- 
i4«r** 0r*«Afiu 

down R.V. 
58-0 in 

Volleyball gets underway, 

Coach Randall looks toward 
respectability, team unity, and 
program establishment 

by Bill Kuftlbtrg 

KporU F.dilor 

Sniling m M fti'H ycartcmch 

at ii new follcsc may »eiii 
tlilTicull eraxigh for wmic people. 
l>ul Harper-i new voMcyball 
aittch. Amlrey Randiill. also has 
the uMuviahlc l»»k trf suining 
Ihc (itogni-n. Tlw Hiwks vteK 
.atcea m forfeit »iw yc»» xmm 
iltK V) ■ lucli: ci( oiKteni iniemm. 

Bui ihis yeaf is a differciw 
jtoty m Ihe Hawks lunc-up for 
Oicit f irsi match «g»ii«t ThooMon 
on September 12. 

"Not having a icam lait year 
has ill advantages and 
diia4*wia«es," Randall said. 
■There are no returning 
»ph(jmore», bill the people who 
didn't play last year are eaciled 
about the upcommg s«s«m." 

The Hawk.*' volleyball leam 
ctmsias of: freshman Connie 
Antel fma Schaunibiirg High 

School, frnhman Shelley Bean 
from Elk Grove H.S.. wptMwtorc 
Carta Bender from Ccjliir Rapid*. 
sphomore iulianne Howard froin 
Hoffman E stales H.S., 
sophomore loanna Jessup from 
Frcmd H.S , sophomore Jill 
Jurtk from Johnshurg. frediman 
Tammy Lee from Brentwood 
Baptist H.S.. sophomore 
Adclaitla Marlioei! (roin Sacred 
Heart H.S.. Ajmoe Mcscinski 
from Frerad H.S, freshman 
Janice Word from Horfman 
Estates H.S.. and Kwla Bender 
from It>wa. 

Randall hopei this team of 
eleven can acheive i 
this year. 

'Our ituM main goali me lo 
have a lioun, be rcspeciable and 
build a program.' Randall said. 

While two of those goals 
have already been achcived, 
Randall will have to wait until 

the season geli underway lo 

decide cm ihe team's 

Randall is happy with the 
way the taun has been working 
and has high hojics for ihem. 

"The kids are wotking 
extremely hard,' she said. 

"Coming into the teawo I think 
we have potential." 

Randall cites the Thornton 
Bulldogs and Ihe Triton Trojans 
as the leams she thinks will be 
the leaders in the conference. 
And with the team starting the 
season against the Bulldogs, ihere 
will be an early lest for the 

"I'm espccling us lo be very 
good,' Randall said. "But wiih 
the kid.<i' ctfort. we can have a 
great program regardless of our 

Martin, Jackson 
over 100 yards 


Sports writers needed to cover 
volleyball and tennis. If 
interested, come to A-367 and 
ask for Bill. 

hj BUI Kiit*lhtrc 
Sporit Editor 
Harper's freshman 

<|iaantflMGt A I Snyder, fton 
IMiilM EiMW. kMl the ffitutt 
of his die as the sianin{ 
(toanerback in bis own hands 
Ami Ihe my he lesponded tasi 
SatHNliif afternMit prabably 
iiNWt te has 'Uw job Mcuriiy oi 
Mike Dilka. 

Snyder threw for 1 IS yards 
to lead the Hawks lo a .l'7-O 
halftime lead and a 51-0 viciory 
over hoa Rock Valley. 

The Hawks downed RiKk 
Valey tail years 1-0. 

So aa not 10 be outdone, ihe 
Hawti' rMbing mmi of Drake 
lacbMi (l«0 lanli), Dan hiaitin 
tin yards), and Todd Ti:»io m 
yii*) atocwniiilBd imtpnenive 

"fitM bad for hts first college 

.* coach John Eliasik said 

Snyder. Snydet left the 

! ate Ihe first half in order 
10 alteiw the oilier quanerbacka lo 
fel wme playing time:. 

Snyder opetKd the Hawks' 
SMitee usarly in ihc firs quarter 
Willi a S-yaid pass to leff Wright 
and on the Hawks' nest 
(lOlSBlMM Snyder hit freshman 
Sl*»e Ambrwe liir a bl-yard 
KMChdown play. 

Harper's seawl year kicker 
Tom Witt his a 24-rmi field goal 
early in the second qamtet lo give 
die Hawks a 17-0 lead 

Sophomore Dan Martin 
would then jcoce on lh« Hawks' 
next posseision from the 8- yard 
line to up Uk score in 23-0 on 

Witt Win sMMld go on 10 rmuh 
the day widi 6 of 7 can iminis 
and a field goal. 

With 2A% lemaining in Ihe 
first half, freshman Angelo 
Brown would go inio the end 
(one from the 2-yard line to five 
the Hawks the lead 30-0. 

Tesio. a freshman from 
Ficmd High School, then closed 
o«tl the first half scoring by 
■coring from the 1-yard line to 
give the Hawks a dumanding 
haUtmie lead of 37-0. 

The Hawks were lileM ihe 
tfiird quarter, but broke loose for 
11 poinu in the final period on 
touchdown runs by Martin and 
Teiio and a 9-yard pass from 
freshman Jeff Hivcly » Wrigbl 
for the final score of 58-0. 

The Hawk defense showed 
eicclleni first game poise as Ihcy 
altowed Rock Valley only 6 flm 
ddwn* and a loial offense of I2S 

With Ihe score of SR-0. 
Eliasik still saw room for 
improvemenl on his victorious 

'I'm upset widi the quaniily 
of mistakes." Eliasik said "We 
hod betlcr gel the bugs out by the 
lime we play Moraine Valley 
(diit Saluiday).* 

Eliasik witnessed hts Hawls 
get penaltitiMl for 1 10 yards and 
fumble dw ball I limes white 
only losiy fiMianiJaa twice. 

The Hawki will iry to 
coninuc m their winning ways 
this Saturday ai I pm against 
visiting Moraine Valley ai 
Harper's football IkM 


Anyone interested in Touch Football should note there 
will be a meeting on September 10 and 11 at the 
Gymnasium in MBuilding at noon. Don't miss these 
meetings if you or your team wants to play. The games will 
take place on Fridays from 2-6 pm on Sept. 18 through 
November 6. Sign your team up in M-Building on the 
Intramural table in front of the Athletic Office. 

If you're expecting to play or try out for spring baseball, 
you should be out for intramural baseball. It starts Sept. 
14 at 1:15 on the baseball field. Any futher questions you 
have will be answered before the program begins. 

There will be a 16-inch softball league starting Sept. 23 
and ending Oct. 30. Cloves are optional. There will be a 
meeting at the gym in M-Building on Sept. 16th at noon to 
discuss the rules. It is very important you are at this 
meeting if you plan to play. Sign up now!!! 

It'll be first come, first li.sted for the Class "D" 
racquetball tournament slated from 9 to noon, Saturday, 
Oet. 17- The tournament will he limited to the first 16 
entries. Signup is at the intramural office in M-Building. 
There'll be priies for the top four finishers. 

And sign up now for the Harpcrthon one and three-mile 
races lo be run Thursday, Oct. 22 on the outdoor track. All 
tludents, faculty and staff are eligible to compete with 
priies for the top three male and female finishers. 



VOL. 21 NO. 4 

i Hl^ , W V<yK.j 

Bizarre Concepts 
" Words" 

Pagf? 5 


Hawks crush 
Moraine Valley 


fhe Ugly Children 

^immn RaifMy Hsrpw Coltogt P»mm, Illinois 

September 17, 1987 

Harper EnrollmeHt Up 2% 




C»tle(e aitaiiBi(tn»r use 

"" UllWi Mt Mmiy loidt 
!i«'«ydi may call ror 
chingei in protrama »n4 

Many area jimior coilefei 
do Bol jr« have emollmrnt 
rcporli availiiblc. including 
College of DuPage, Tnlon and 
Elgin Cammuniiy College. 

(Takton Conimunily College 
was aMe lo rekmt infomiaiiaii 
based on rhe end o( early 
regiiiniiion. whcb wai August 
39. Horner provided Om moH 
aacuMt numtien. 

As of Seinember I. ilie 
WiMlier of Miidenis at Haiper it 
18.954 enioUed m 109.416 uxal 
credit hows, according to the 

Students Make up only a Third of Student Body 

regiitrar 1 Mtct. Cocnpartd with 
lait rail's lil.604 siudenis 
lackltng 107.4iS crcdii hours. 
Tllii year* enrollmcitt 
dcnKmiTMe* a slightly leai than 
2% mcnsaie. 

In 1984. lite ami number of 
«iiHtcnl.« WB.1 19,061. Md in 1984 
Itic number was IS. 87 1. 

Tbiifall. J71,ofaJlsnidei«» 
me kmmk. while only *i% me 
male. ElhnK <li«perKnu:ol it 
even moie lUMqutl. Hispanics 
amke up 2.7% of the schools 
KNal popuiation. blacks - l«, 
Amerkan Indians - 1%. Asian ■ 
3.3%. and caucaiian • 92.9%. 

There are 14 international 
sauUei siudenui here on viia. IS 
undents who live out of stale and 

1.6«I who live out of disiricl. 
Of (he total number of sludcnu at 
Hjuper. 5.500 have had inevious 
college credit. 

As of August 29. OakiM 
Communiiy College had K.li64 
students which was 
■ppxMimaiely a 3.8% iflcKMe 
Erom (ane year pnevious. 

At Hitipcr. ilie average age of 
a student i» 31. TUcis ts slightly 
higher than previous yean This 
IS also true of Oakion 
Communiiy College Bob 
Liwlcr of enrollment 
managemeni at OCC feels this 
increase is due to an increase in 
the adult pojiulatioa which bus, 
in turn, lowered the number of 
traditional college axe itudenis. 

Another factor that influences 
enrollment trends is the 

The number of full liiners « 
Harper is only 4.20K compared 
with the 14.7.% people who arc 
taking less than 12 credit hours. 
Steve Catlin, the Dcta of 
Admissions and Registrar 
aiiributes this to a stronger job 
market Oiai is enabling people lo 
work more dun one job. which 
makes education less of a 
priority Also the number of 
total credil hours is down I8« 
from lis all time high in 1983. 
when nnancial aid was more 
easily aiuinablc. Catlin said that 
these relationships between the 
economy and the enrollmem 
always exist 



Walk-out Ends/ 


& - 

By Aim Tborm 

Construction results rmally 
became visible on Monday. 
Eight concrete steps between 
building C and D. and several 
other walkways were compleied 
on the current rcvovatioa 

Taking a chaiMC w]* eioscd classes, late regiiieitrs wind .aMaid He cafaietia. Phoio bv Daw Piluski 

Club Day Successful 

By T«ni Appcl 

Thii past Tuesday marked 
the happening of what is 
hecoBiimf a bi-annual Harper 
■.-vent Club day was , m the 
*ards of sludeni Activities 
i~:oo*iMlliiMiir Alke Jorfensen 

A IMal of 23 differem clubs 
set up manned tables in the 
commons area on the second 
Hoof in A building in an efloR to 
raiiB the inimii of poienijal new 

.B«M«tii 9aiii and iliMn 
'~~'~ mens ftm i» peran ike 

wiUi what b available » thea on 
campus. " 

iorgcnsen continued by 
ttying "Campus clubs are more 
imponani than they first seem 
So many studenu just come to 
class and then jitit leave. Clubs 
like the ones available here at 
Harper give people a chance lo 
imaracl widi fellow Mudcnti, as 
well as buiM leadership skills. 
and die ability to vnrit widten 


Acctmliai to l< _ 
"This is not the only recruting 
penod of the year, but an early 
MMMBpt w tamiliariie st 

t signs 

Sunig l«mi «■• iiioini in the 
yet ID be fanned Ufemufe club, 
which is ready to be esiabliiihed 
•t an omcial club at this 

Smdeais. aie encouraged u 
ONiiaei largcaen or her office. 
A336. shoaW they not find a club 
or organiiiaiion to ihcir liking. 
'Were always willing lo help a 
studeiu Stan a new club if iheie is 
■aough inirast* says lorgensen. 

To anist in die foming of a 
new club, once it h« been 
approved, the schoot will give 
die club $100 to be used as Us 
maaiben see fit, the use of die 
collegt van. use of die studem 
activities phone for club 
activities, as well as a place lo 
meet and the ability to petition 

for a funher S3S0 for club 

For ciisiiBg w new club 
info., please contact Alice 
iorgensen at Eat. 2242. 

Construction was delayed 
until late last week when 
questions arose as to whcdier die 
concrete subcontractors. Area 
CoBsmiction Company, were 
paying their workers union 
deneimmed prevailing wage. 

W. G. James, the gemcial 
connaciot, is under coniraci with 
the Slate Capital Development 
Board, and hired Area 
Conitruction Company to handle 
all concrete related woit around 

Because Area Construction 
it tmaUjf owned, employees ate 
BM Mpiied to join die union. 

However, dieir emptoyeea ac 
doing a anion job and deteyid 
woffc last week lo question dieir 
pay sMualian rather dian comtei 
a strike. 

In a show of support, die 
cnghwer's union, which includes 
die Riafeni and eicavtors . refused 
lo cross die pickei tine. 

Area Construction 
Company, as well as W. G. 
lames, nfused to commcM. 

Harpers Vice President 
Vcmon Manke was lold Saturday 
by die job superatiendcni thai the 
issues were resolved. 

Monkc has assumed ihc role 
of tiation between ihi- state, the 
general contractor and the 
subconuactofs in order to cxpidile 
a leaolidian and have til wakm 
■esume construction. 

As of Tuesday, both the 
concreie workers and members of 
the enginccr'<i union returned 

Treat Yourself 

to Fun 

and Relaxation. 

See a Movie 



Tran'r^*"''^'"^ Scarry 

Not if You are Prepared 

The Harbinger September 17, 1987 



Mmy BMptt 



r tiaduMio" c 

IMR. TiMcfciriMf may Mctn an 
iminiMlaiiiic pmcets. tnu ihouk) 
not be: il merely irquires 
patience and dMnnnuNitin. 

As the StJMteni Handbook 
«ay». "Have you ever uked 
yomelt 'Do I mdly know wtiai 
1 warn lo do. or what I CAN 
do7" If llie answer is yes, bul 
UM iMtil iMsp is unckar. one 
inillil conintt parenis. fnends. 
Mcltcn. m. lake iniraliicttiry 
I w rind 'your niche.' 

imibleins. consull a counselor at 
Hariter or arrange for an 
a|ii>oininaefit at the tranifer 

Starting college and 
univeraiiy (nvesiigatian.f early is 
the key! Often, applKittonii 
rec)uire letten of recammcndalKm 
from people who are familist 
with yotar and your aoideniic and 
exiracurncular performance. 
Also, transcripts muxi be 
gathered artd sem lo the transfer 
uiaiimtianCii) and are available in 
Die Registrar's Office. A-Bldg.. 
for $2. 

If a particular instilubon Tits 

all of a student's needs but one- 

rmanciad-dciintdesiiair! Financial 

Yet anoilwr powhility is aid in the form of loam, grants 

available through liie OfTicc uf and various scholarships is 

Testing Services. Testing available. Scholarships often 

Services offers a battery of tests conie from die most unespected 

for helping 10 determine abililies places. Say. for example. 

•MUnneMai. B'UT. fiisi of in, • nmeone ia • baaaoan playar with 

vmk 10 ncoMMilot ii' in Mto » a Walili. bnckgnMinii and enioyx 

dai(iniiM.«liicfewin«eaeedBd. hubIs: (hen are proliatily at least 

CmnsehM an available in O- two scholarships for which tftat 

14a(nenr<lie1aMicUe1.inI-in person could apply. Agreed. 

andiniheiwnhweitainiai'af ite riou aclMlaisliipt are gnand for 

ground floor of F Bldg. certain grade pnini avarafot. IMH 

AppouHments ai« tnnated not every ichoiarsliip. Again. 

by the counselors and sessions conferrai widi Haiper counselon 

run an hour at a time. There is and aenlnr institutions could help 

no limit on the number of times tn scarelie!i for scholarjthrpt 

appoiniments can be made. Ttie tailomd for students with certain 

cnnnwkinorrw advice on course qualifications. 

selection, provide college Finally, arranging for a visit 

caudop, nantfer guides and to the senior institution ii 

coileie aiifilieaiiciiit and snggeai advisable. Some may request a 

peoiile with whom further personal interview, others may 

Gunailtatiun would be beneficial, suggest one, but anang mg for an 

But if one does not have the inierviewof your own accord will 

vafocsl idea of a college, yet cre«e an even greater impressian. 

have tmne Mm of dieir m«|or. Some insututiont have format 

believe il <v DM. ibraries are introductory programs, others 

•andcrfiil Monxt te information simply invite potiiMe apfilicants 

oncolletn- '<> come and iMiftMl|ai» the 

Books listing colleges and campus. Hudenli and teully for 

univeriilies include the themselves. When visiting it is 

institutions' locales, sues, ^^ advisable to have some 

student body components, pcmncni question* in mind or 

tmilKW, cintt sii«, niaior fielite of written down to ask faculty, such 

study, msiructort and campus ^. v»fhni is Ote studeni-ieacher 

life, plus much more. Once one ,,(,o7 j^^^ available are 

has ttaa addreases and phonc i,„„^,j^ ^^^^ „f ^^^^ ^^ 

niimbat of poniWe coUeges, j^ ,„,„, available? Not only 

making direct conlaa wiib the will dm instructon be imiiictaed 

Willi your inieicst. but you will 
pin vital information dial may 
be the deciding lacior in your 
final deciaian as to wliicli college 

or anivwaUy yaa ciiaoia lo 

I i* die neii Map. 
Calling Of tending for 
tntanaaUaa pamphlets and 
kaiin does not take 
time; il is the .leviewiag 
of Ibis mfo 
attention If , 

If\\cfmiiom\ Studenjs Clwb. 

Invite* all memtoen. ami jiio»p»«li>« 

)^emb«<s ia "t'^w first fill mtetina 

HoMday Sept 21 J 
ot ■'■ 10 30 

All M-Si-fial'-sml a«d AaoKuaa. 


12 Month Student Special-$149 

iy«r atNmane «jf our sufjcr kiw saideni special Only *1 49 giws 

me person U months <rf fitness and a Umtted amibta ptdsm 

Wifli r*) iitttialion fees or moniWy dues requirtd 

CaU today for a awnpltinentary workout 


• Full Mathiiic l.irtuils of 
N,iuu[ii> & fcagle C\\wii. 


• (^imputerized Exercise Bikes 

• Ciirdurt^scular E\aluatii>ns 

• \erobic. Uw Impact, and 
Exerci.M' C.lxssei 

• Vtaier-Riibii Ua&ses 

• Nulritional and Personali/ed 
%brkout Pri>Kranis 

• Tennis Courts 

• Swimminii 

• Tanning Beds 

• No Ctisi Nursery Service 

• Fitness Assessment Test 
Administered B^ Exercise 

• Special forporaie Rates 


1 VlVKxlfieW Lake 

Office Campus 

1000 E WiKxlfield Rd. 

Schaumburg, IL 60173 


New Floyd 

Still Good Sans Waters 

Thla It the Uru Pink 

Floyd albuum tinct I983's The 
Final Cut, and a quick check 
vehfles that there was also a four 
year wan between diM attmn and 
the 19799 release. The Wall. 
Of course many people are 
already aware that this is the Gm 
Floyd album without Roger 
Waters, generally considered the 
hnnfs primary creative force. 

However, this new 
album goes at least a Utile way 
in proving that David Gilmour 
had a lot more to do widi Finlt 
Flofd dian was thought by some 
people, inchiding mc. 

The prixlucers of this 
•oik are Gilmour and Bob Ezrin. 
who had a major hand in die 
creation of The Wall. The 
credits list two names in large 
type: David Gilmour and Nick 
Mason. Richaid Wright's name 
is in iniaU type akMf widi aU 
die other musicians featured 
(diere are 19 Usted). artists such 
as Tony Levin. Tom Scott, 
Carmine Apfiice. Bill Payne, and 
lobn Hetliwell of Supcraamp 
(CSiiaMiMf waa 

Supertramp album). The 
songwriting was done primarily 
by Gilmour. 

The record begins with 
the sound of a rowboat being 
peopelled through calm water, and 
the first track, "Signs of Life", 
gently comes in. This is an 
in.<itrumcntal that is mostly 
easygoing keyboards. 

The contrast brought in by 
the second cut, "Uaming to Fly"' 
is sudden-theie is a heavy beat 
with basic Gilmour guitar work, 
and you know the album has 
really goucn underway. 

The neit track, eniided The 
Dogs of War' has a background 
dial is very similar lo 'Welcome 
u> the Machine" from Wish 
you were here, and I get the 
feeling that il's deliberate. There 
is alao a «i of tracks here called 
'A New Machine". 

Track five is called "On die 
Turning Away"' and it's a 
surprise. This is one song dial 
could bu d» adult conuanporary 
chMtt. «■• ataoit. but not qune. 
a pop taHad; diis is perhaps the 
that aiandt goi Uw aKM. 

both from its quality of 
musicianship and it's 
uncharacierisiicoess as te as die 
okl Pink Floyd Ls concerned. 

The album begins to 
delinc from here, never getting 
bad. but never living up to the 
first five tracks. The music is 
always brilliant, though, and die 
writing is a return to what some 
people consider die "good old 
days" of Pink Floyd, when Roger 
Waters did not have such total 
ccmlrol over their material. 

The recording is digiutl. Very 
;nsp and sounds great, especially 
on ■learning to Ry". A Pmk 
Floyd fan really could not ask Cor 
more: if he prefers older Floyd, 
he can continue to buy new 
Floyd rclea-ws. and if he prefers 
later matenal, he can buy Rogers 
Wafers' sdto records 

It's not often when a band 
spiitling up can be beneficial to 
dte fans, bat in this case, it's 


Rating 0011^5:4. 

CMitputar tctam* Oapt. 

^Harbinger September 17. 1987 

Page 3 


a«aS^ I S',?^^^*E CONCEPTS 

aaaaflSSSm!^ I ^''^^ ^^"^ ^""ski and Tom Appel 

m—mt htm m Hmtptr in iht •»!?«!« •!<!!_ . " '"■ *•» 

-Jifc r* *" ■'■"*• WoitJji yowr «Tvs will b. ' 

•"^"mm fin .ic« lo m;;^1 «„?"" T"'"' *»"••• 




lit !i!!ta^' *•*!?* •"^ *«*■»• •w Miiwi ifafc-. ,fc 

Wf HitlniliiiM n J • ""^'^V Jod otiirr itiidcBi 

w**X «!SS tLI2- 'T"' ^*'^'^' ""* • ' 


I Bid wo«l, to find ^ , ^^^. 

I * MwkM price 
■* Pbt luck 
' Adhcaive 

■■ PKKcfied chcm rood 

[Bid «'«!. to « „„ , „^^^ 

I • Ftoofc oriiccf 

' Mtyontitc 

• &mig«icd 

• Fany 
' Salve 

• Illy -Bitty 

* Harasitmeni 
' Vomit 

' Smoke damage 
' "Scrapiiig^fr 
I * Row hoai 
' Uama 

• Paramwdics 
• Lava 

• Spoi lemover 
* Eddie Albert 

Bid word* to uae durinn (h>i r 

• Translucent 

• "Like rtbbii$" 
' Hand cuffs 

' Spctm 


* Eighi grand 
' Doggie Mylc 

• Smuii worship 

Bad wotd. ,0 ^ ^ben confronted bv a «.r,« 

.j^^ ^'"^ • ""'««-«-">= r- .oath Side: 

• neapjan. 

• American Eitpicaa 

• Hockey 

"L" Words 

• Lap lily 

• Loxenge 

• Lock jaw 

"H" word*: 

• Holograph 

• Holfiein 

• Hind sight 

• Hoof and Mbtiih Dlaeaac 

Word! ibai sbould be lest readily 

• Two-ply" 

• Low alcaiiol 


Wo* ita tbould be mow readily 

Happy Hour 

Solid t 

* Chess 
• Gucci 
• An Linklctier 




• Lcnuce (roinainc) 

* Herbivore 
* "Hoggic" 

; Hillshire Famiji 


• Bowling 

• Grommci 

* Neptune's Cove 

* Lawn care 


• "Come here often?" 

* Tire iron 

* Breasts 

From tfte 

©t!a%Qa(^ Mm 

He Harbinger September 17, 1987 

Page 4 

by Billy Jwl 

by T<M> _A|«tl 
F EiinHWPQfir 


the liagtc auMl fH|lHMlil| event 
America'* somcwlui jaMI 

lead (aiiar and iiHelitent. i( itn ihaii 

wially anioiM lyiici. "Hii* ioa«s opaiini 
bWB ■ Mfiklng itaemblance to one of 
m t%f iMHW iDclaf tunes. "Day TTi|i|ier' 
by Ihe Beailea. 

Following Ike flnt long u 
■Someiime* a Faniasiy', Ihw auihor"! 
(avwiie long on ibc album. Anoihet 
RXto 10 be mm, »lnliHy more refined In 
1 Hw dB Ufa aong on this lide, 

cM; "WeioiniC' Vmk Kowrtai' kmm iiK 
«|itii»'Ui|i. Olmmwmiemf. «■ 

tt k mv eemeniion tbai Billy loci Hk. 

It It my eeweniion tbai Billy Joel 
t ii M iii. iMididly dcleaMi diico widi M» 
Sn ObM Hnaiai. AH right, maybe 
MM iiiigle haMte4ly. but loel ceitatnly 
H i l H |M Ihe Tmavola-Dsnce* en lo 

Ui wlMtt It 'CMily the mofi mck- 
nillllliMi libiini ever letoaaed by lUa 
iriM. Mtf iMMM to (t>e vcfy iwaaof 

OMnkn. tMe «]M wM 'Ym :■§»' le 
i*llii' Joel leiini ***•• I<«*J?»_«M1 

it chuck-full of 
I. including lome 
non-rock ballad worti ("Dont 
Wby'i. and mme peai dnving 
("All for Leyna"). 
Side two holds die volume down a 
bit. wbile pHshini up iho lyrical »aliie. 
the ever popular 'Sleeping with the 
Tekvuion on" ii a good exantpla 

How Much'? I've seen ihis one |0 fof 
$S.99. certainly a bargain for Hi* 
't imetgrity. 


Xoimed nuseum" Comes to ChUatp 

by tebyn ■>•*>• 
laftrlalaaient BdH«r 

I raalixe yMt anticipaiion of ihia 

uNwIt't XulMwi. Q»e«" b»> rivalled 
CMmsk MHImM lilback. relax and read 
on. •|lit««ilNi»«»«e». Ducioalackof 
bo* liM' tMl ipee I can only covet a 
ctiilk or iHMit per week. 

Il'i a bit huMfaiing because there is 
10 maeh g«i« on. I aippose (hai i why 
(he Sttn-Ttin«. incHide* the "weekend 
nl'Bt- in cacli IWdayl eilillon. Anything 1 
■ay haw ovtflMibHt on the enienainnMit 
lOHK-iie *■. S«N>. llaM on Mliy . 'Okay? 
|%r all' of yon who en:Joy the iheeicr 
scene or if yoii are tike me md would 
like 10 cnpy it. hurt i» a play ilw sounded 
10 me if il it would be worth breaking ofT 
my HBO engagement for. 

Vicioty Cfflidism TbeaiBr ope« ihc I WT 
ttti MaitHiagc seajon with THE 
Wolft. mntk by' Ky»ia Boilic. Andre De 
SMelit. imionally ■ccogniMd m ihe Wii. 
reinm* to Chicago to direct and 
choctogrjph Uk Chictgo premiere. THE 
COLORED MUSEUM open* Thuridoy 
September 24 at 7:30 p.m. and ran* 
ihiough November 1 at Viclory Gardens 

Theaier, 3357 N. Lincoln Avenue in 


'play is ■ tniiie 

motwlotue*. MMigt and dance. It ia 

(ireMMed at a «ecic$ of exhibitions in a 

(uliucal mtiscum which challenge us lo 

eiamine ootif precooccptiioons of 

WacWNcgm/totoied Amcncans. 


pievicwi September l»-Sept- 23 at » p.«n. 

(f 11) , opens September 24 at 730 p.m. 

and runs through Sunday, November 1 1. 
I9S7. Ticket pr'«» »« ■* foltewi: 

Tuesday ititough Thursday a( 8 p.m. ($U) 
Tickets went on sale Sept. I. Call die 

box office at 312/87M000 for tickeu 

and more infofmation 

Although 1 previously stated that 

no country music news would be coveted t 
will make the cuceplion for couniry/pop 
am«t Swve Earle He will he perfomiing 
right here at Harper in building M at 8 
p.m. Oils Friday. Ttckcis are S* for 
siudeiMs and S8 for the public. 

My lime and space has a limit. I 
have jia Ktached It. I know that you also 
have time and space Umitalions in your 
schedules target aboout the fact diat 
your huodry is piling up along with your 
homework and jasx go and enjoy. 

alive and kicking! 

Dinamation Dinosaurs September 19- November 8 

a! the 

Milwaukee Public Museum 

Downlow,f.. 8th Hi Wells Phone (414) 278-2702 

Op«n daily. 9 lo 5. Thursday *? to 9 beginning September 19 

Spomot Michael. Best * Frmdrich. Attorneys at Law 

Eoay lo rmeh nim 1-94 and 1-43 lo E*(l IR '01* Center' 
In «feM>nlouin Mllujoultee. WiK-onaJn 

Internatwnal Publicitisns 

ilational CoUese l^ortrp Coutctft 

.. - F4« Cfflnc(j«i» tiiar - - 
u,*. in au cdl.,. ml yiw«nrtv UMimu dtmm w Iwt Uwir powry 

«n«Hit<t#t<>e c**H f mzi I ««ii go lo u» ion !•<• i>o»"» 


F.rn Pl«£€ 


%mtait4 fit* 


$lB f-* 

$10 f^''-" 

AWAHOi of !'•• iwinunt '••' *'-l. ^.,>Wd n«"u«.r.(>n ■■> ou- P<W«I«. 
l«„a««.,l»«-« -Ml ««.^>«J *»-''><» AM£H(C*M COU-lGIATe 

"^ Deadline: October 31 


I, Mi« auJ*'*! « wtt.j»fti» tu «*lim«i li«t o* rwi •«'!• 

1 All «nlr« mull ta> •■■ ■(,'"■■' •""' ""I"*'' ""•"■ 

J, Alt milf..» muil l» !>(>«>. >»u«iU<«H>Jv«l, J.. <«>• •»• »" tmita^oMv 
ItCtl IMMIH "'».ll l»« O" > WO"*!! *te> ."«l mtM IM Jl . I« «» <#*•> <••' 
|U«^ Ulinm. «M HttMi mol ADDHl « v n.. .l.»li»t *l »««l M Mw 
COLLE&t •fjo.jB* i«ul »*« "•"1 .«".•'••» ■>" i-i..«H«J« ■''<-'•' 

* TI>«rtJ«Wf.:lt.Wl.«<l>M. tur :■ -.■ L jnjMi ol (10..n- s ui. 10 

l^,jj„, l..t. il jilf,.i..»'i» mttconm 

i, IIWlMflv.-. > .., ...l,il>» -'■■' 

u imrjnii>hm<l.ii..m.v« .'- «■ ..>!.■«. *»>"•/ t-"'''i L»o teiwiwd. 
hta mimmt a -a ..'• ...ii...r. ..,j,,:tJ 1.^ pjbi.ijiK-n : ii urn nuiiliad 

MCnlHtd l*o«fnH I ^j'rii^' ki..^ii4i)jtf tKji'f ik i»fit:oo<« 
T Tt.«i. .1 » .mlwl u.w Oailm r<n(.iim...r> <•• ''■< »•« I.' .■. rnl'l' Jnll l 
W* i>l ono il"»Ur t« •"Cti •flcwcirtjl (i..» / H ■. re^-.e:!* lo lallMIKI 
im mmm llMn l..«< p.j*<>»* )».■' *i»ii*"' 
S AH <l«Iii*i mu,t l/« (.o»Im«i»ml nol !«<• tftjn Itw I 
toit'lM iMHi. XM<^. otixM m ir.'itwv «>'^'«' . 1^ 

t> O U.I. »4(W4 L 


— ■ III HbA>KN Scnrernber 17. l«K7 



IPliMlill Kli 

Allth womps Buddha 
in Arm Wrestling 

finals. Paj« 11. 

•' • • 

Hendrix. Mojo, 
Joplin Reunion 
Tour. Page 16. 

• • * 

Pearly Gates facclifi 
axed ill budget cuts. 

Page 12. 

Dc»r Abbot 

Page 18 

* • • 


Sweeney Interview: 


September 17, 1<»87 


Op.s Director 
State of It All 

By Peder Sweeney 

Creation's General Operations 
Director (G.O.D.). intormaily 
known as Bill, nwiay delivered 
H>s millennial State of It All 
Address. As if to remind the 
residents of Heaven that His is 
not an elected position, Bill 
trimmed the speech, which in 
the past has taken as long as 
seventeen years to give, down 
to a simple "It's all okay." 

He then opened the floor to 

For .several uneventful hours,' 
Bill fielded questions on some of 
the more mundane topics of the day: a 
new foosball table for the rec room; the 
currently existing ban against Adidas 
Halos; the possible introduction to Heaven. 
on a trial basis, of a splash of color, any 
color, anywhere, and so forth. 
At one point, during mie of the rambling 


orations for which He is known 
Bill announced His intention to 
"keep up with the Pope image- 
wise" by constructing a fleet of 
GODmobiles. Bill added His 
belief that omnipotence and 
omniscience would aid Him 
greatly in both design and 
production stages. 

Things livened up a bit when 
reporter Sam Clemens, a first 
timer from the Heaven Times 
(aka Mark Twain, a favorite 
author of Special Earth Envoy 
Clarence Goodbody ASl) tried 
to make a name for himself by confronting 
Bill on such glaring design flaws as the 
Oaiapagos Archipelago, the duckbill 
platypus and Suzanne Somers. Bill handled 
Mr. Clemens- as He does all upstart 
whelps-by condemning him to four hours 
of only begotten Son Jesus' allegedly soulful 
bongo music (see related story). 
caminued on page 10 

JC tends bar in Carrib 

In Heaven He reigns, but on Earth He pours HEAVEN TONIGHT 

Bj St. €lir{aio|>ltrr 
Trairel Editor 

When the people of earth want 
to spend II week froHcing in the 
s.iiid and .wrf. ihcy head for the 
sunny Cwribcan Islands 

And when they work up a big 
thirst from ait that frolicing. ihey 
hciid for the Happy Trollop 
Wweriide Cife where cocktail whii 
and Son of Man lesus H. Chrisi is 
only too happy to serve up a lip- 
smacking e«}uatorial delighi,. 

Two umhrellts. hold ihc fruit? 
Double rum and light on the jutee? 
No problem! Jesus .serves "em up 
your way, and like any good bar 
man He's always ready to lend an 
ear or phone a cib. whatever your 
weds may be. 

"My Peach Diiq:uiri js tnorc 
popular than John Lennon!" Jokes a 
jovial JesBf. "Actually. Im 
incognito, man." He explain* when 
iskcd why the nws-tes don t Hock 
to Him. "I'm just scrvin up the 
drinlts by day and jammin with 
the band by nighi. 1 pj«y the 
bongos you know."' 

"The carpcmry gig was bringin' 
me down, man Everything I made 
wobbled," says our Savior Rut I 

enjoy biirtending quite a bit. People 
come in and taste my drinks and 
they say 'Oh, ihai'i divine!" or '6h. 
that's heavenly!' md ihey don't 
know how right they arc!" quips 
Christ who, good barman that He is. 
is quick with the humorous 
anecdote. "Aw, I got a million of 
'em," He says. 

coniimmd m page /5 


Is David Byrne right'.' Is Heaven a place 
where nothing ever happens? "You bet your 
everlastin' life it aini!" says Walt Disney. 
chairman of the Commitee for a Safe and 
Plcasam Armageddon. Really! (CASPAR). 

Vou'll be lucky to find a damn 
parking spacci" 
•WaU Disney 

"The date's not firm yet." Disney goes on to 
say, we've had to postpone several times- 
once because the printer made all the 666 
stamps upside down, then we had it all set 
again tor :i couple years ago. but the Bears 
were doing so well. . .you know?" 

A Jijypii lAiii 

William Shakespeare has been at it again 
This time he's revised "Romeo and Juliet" to 
appeal to a 1980's audience, The new 
version. "Romeo and Fred" will be 
performed tonight ai 7:00 in Radiance Park. 

Page 6 

Harper Cable Guide 

: rif ui. ro» m. «« '•' »"• •<*' '*"■ 

, i/ii/m 


un oa.. »«. l-!!?'~!!?..^-°--- 

;S5;:^;i'5ii»i.««M T""f!5 --- 

rjitTiM! »«"»'• •«"»it '^!!!!i!*„!-- rt";"j;;;'SitiT 

nt uroooiTw otctt 1!";"!!^::; '- - -i 

.. «KIUU.1III_ 

ni'iiiuKW ■™.'^"! 

'watioa ■»"■ _.— .• 

'iiewiK: uMOiaot ^__ 

"»■"•<««'>«" «»»^^n! 

"ill tCtSKm^*^ C»0.t ^^_^ 

■ •.■.».». 

yh?l''« Happening: 

Britain Big Boulders 

Ciwiiltil**' by the 
Marliiiit*'' ^'^'^^ 



mtpm Collcte li «cc|Nint 
■snVtcatioai* *»«" »'»'*«'»•» 
liliMini in enrotling m tlve 
tpnu$ l«B Intemwioniil Siwlici 
PiDgran TTwre w suU plenty ot 
lim ID laltc »*i««if« Of «>»« 


The pnjfrMB of WMdy •« 
con»UH of a minimum of 12 
eicdiil hours im^luilmg » miaiiwa 
llfM-cteilii couTse in Briiish 
CnltMt md Society. C«»i«s 
am pmiOe mmSmM* credm 
!■' MiMiMitiet. Bngliih, HifUxy. 
■ml Swjal Siodies. 

To be eligible for the 
InwtiMUaniil SuKlle* Pronram. a 
, f<iMM mm >m** coinpkie>l 12 
i9ff1 MOMier, with i miMuni 

of 2.5. Tlie il«i<«me tot 
tpplicalioa* fof the ipriog 
jemefflcf w Lowton «» October 1 . 
but this <liie c«B be ciicntkd il 
you atrndy h»«t a v»Mpon. 

To find out all •>»»» <•>• 
LwMjon prograiB. c«ll Dt. Jwiet 
Fnend Westney, A i*'. 
e,M«iioi> 2220 o* «='»""» 
BnWIky . D Wt cxieniioo 23^3 
Tllgy win fill you >" on the 
lecommtnaoil «»•««« »"" 
dcaiJiiiM* for iivlicatjoni. co«, 
housing, •ciiviues. meil*. 

noaiiciiil »»<!. and »ny «*« 


M: tilt Rock' 

Itaiper CoUegP to oH«*i«« * 
an -day trip »o *« f*™"»* 
Wijconitn Hoose on the Rodi on 
Saturdiy. September 26 tnm 

7:00 «.i» to ''iJO P"" - * *!" 
wt«depiitai7:00im f«"i.thc 

ftonteiimnce of Building A. 

The first stop on this 

eKtung lo«i wiU be a working 

chcc« fatiory in Monroe. 

Wisconsin (oJlowcd by lunch. 

From there the memben afttic 

.roup will travel lo Mineral Ptttnl 

where they will tour l-Wh century 

ratners' horaes and an area where 

cmftsmen are displaymg their 

be ■ lour of the incredible House 
on the Rock and its associated 
museums En route home, 
narticipiints will stop for an 
eaceptional buffet ai BialKHii m 

Tuition is S».00 plus a 
S47 00 fee which includes 
transportation, escort and 
aduiission charges. No (<xk1 
costs are covered in this tour 
pudkBgit. To register , call J97- 
3000 cticnsion 2410. Ple*ie 
give course reference number 
l,XX»2-00l to assure correct 

Bed Side 

Harper Offers Nurtinf 

ImlnnBaiiwi Scsalons 

Each moodi Marp«r College 
will offer inform ation sessiorai 
for prospective nursing students, 
as well as U*N s intcre.tted in 
eompleling the one-year 
contpleiion pfogram to prcpore 
for licensure. 

The sesiioni will he held on 
the third Wednesday of every 
month at 1:.» pm. in building E, 
room 106. The nest seisiOB dale 
IS .September 16. 

For addilional information 
on these monthly scsjioM <* the 
Nursing Program, call 397-. WKX), 
enienaiiin 2533. 



CoiMMMto oMr low cort, c«2S[r**" 
CM* In all af«M of wonwn ■ hMiiR' 

• Fafnily Planr\if>g 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & reterrals 

• Pre-marital blocxl tests 

• LHtuMl LCD dM«t«v 

• AuwmMtc •nw eo«Tae*«n 

• luin m Handto w 

TkM it • VMI *My M~ 

omLy ♦«'*'• 



— TO 

uiaarT ■tacraowc m 

XMa»Mw^ Sum If 

cw . 

WE D O mm»c»L BumtNATioNS FOR WORK. scKoot. spoms I 

for MonmMm mow m>o>nlmm call: 

■13 N. Cawt, Suit* 100, Palatin* 

1 mjitMMXomi^iiimatomoiinvn 

In fBB^ 6€TTlE^, 

jC^T lohsff 

Classified Classified 

Classified Classified Classified 

The Harbinger September 17, 1987 Page? 

Ad Rates 

K£U> UAfiTth 

WlWrPP •WflM' •^••HP' 

»tf'imdm imp $0 
timmt mrw f<#.5f; 

iJfS MM* MMiftelMtf 


Help Wanted 

Atfmlaittrallvt Str«tct» 

SclKKil pmn - SS/lptqte. 
ICHim, Thesis, Comsii., «ic. 
10 ftmn expcKince. Ciit 
DcMtw: 99t<6SB. 
Lener ^fmlay pagma • tS/page. 
RMiutMii. Theiis,. TMM: fapea, 
eic 27 yean expetience. CMI 
ShMn: S7T.-Mt. 

»I«.7W7 JO S5<>.148A'car. Now 
Ifanj. CAtL J«>B LINK, I 
51S^59-)fttl E»t FW74AA for 
24 Hr. Milo. 

rmiisf. SHIPS - 

NOW KIRiNG. M/F. SuiMier 
A Career npportunitioi (Witt 

Tnrtn). EaceUcM pny plus wortd 
Irivft H,iwiiii. Baliamu. 
Caribbean, etc CAtL NOW 

■:f>6-7»-0775 E»l. C295. 

Tht Bank & Traat 
Cfimpany of 
Arliiiul'in llttslilj ■ 

Nou. rtiicfv opptjftuinilies wiih 
Mil chill lengcs ihiii wtll pun you 
valuable «p«:neii« m wtU m on 
iht f*> mtintitaiaa. 
Whether yw mtm u work M or 
imrt'ime and wh:ihcr yiw tove 
taJem, or ■neblcd ejt,perieii« we 
should he ul'ktng. Find out 
mofC'. CiiU or Mud resume Mx 
fVr^iirmd, Rm2S.83. The Bonk 
» Tru« Company of Ajfl*«ttllll 
Heijhto. 'X» E„ KenMinjlmt M 
Aflinjihin llt'ighl'i, I'lliimr. 
WKKM. f-,t»I:;, 

( iillritiolKl • 

:» pmiiions t¥»i|jMe in 
tefcphouc cotl«li(in *'0«:k. Pari- 
nine, Hexlhlc hrs. days or eve. 
We are temkiiiii for imlivMlwIi 
tiMi iiB lelf niaiiwMnn and gtxxl 
comnunicMiin. Coniacl Oavt 
Vetwoeu: «H-4700. 

na«*ct Pmltlmi - 
Owcmniiiusy Hasa imitiai lor ■ 
msnsgcr trainee. We have an 
opening lor ■ (jiraljried utdivulual 
who wants tt> join ma nationwide 
icam. Ouf comprehensive 
iriming program allows 
individuals wiih or without 
enperieiKc lo progress according 
10 ihcir own abilities. For 
additional info contact Oneral 
Riwii«; J»-Tr». 

Harper Colt«Ke Boi OITicr - 

J I -15. IS kK*iog fa ushers for 
rutuie CKenis. Ftw further 
informalton contact: 
Keven, cxl 2549. 



c* ,,.1 





Ttlawarfcelinf - 

Be a step ahead in llle Btmneas 

wwM. by tovini! letemarketing 

exper cute uwler your belt! 

Fiiniasijc npponuntty lo make 

jmir ittnune truly contplcsnJ 

Cat) Oa«« after « p.m.; *"»- 


Fil« CItfklMftaenerr • 

Biokinigis/lwMtilting fimi. 


local tile eitandf . Witt pay 

milwge. Sinning v.i '.'v 

S4.S(Mit|j. Tiiej, .. 

«.iit. to 4:30 p.m < 


Restaiiranis - 
W'aileiiiAVaitrcsies netOna for 
privale Counirj Oub Full and 
pan-tiine posttions available 
Contact Cindy. .Wl -4 200. 

(■rhiaiiif't Italian 

RcataHfam - 

Has openinp for A L t 
potJlifflWi If you are; friendly, 
enthusiastic, cooneous. energetic, 
profesnonal and hospitaliiy 
minded. Stop by «$ E. Colt 
Rd./Sthuainburg. Or Call; 140- 
21!)0.<»jun. to6p.m 
tapl 8«rftoc( - 
for all ytw legal neods Incluale 
I>U1. penonal injury, divoire, 
realeaiaie. Plwnc 882-3800. 
Even, and weekend appcs. 
mm»t. Urn OfTim of Bccktf 
A Becker. 600 N. Meacham, Jrd. 
floor. Schtumbunj, IL «195. 
CMM Cart - 

SiDet needed for two boys, ages 
laic-aiMt-a-tuif. nd five-and-a- 
half. Pridjiys 4 10 5 hrs during 
the day. North HtXfman Estate*. 
S.3.S)hrly. Call: 3.'8 5693. 
Skin Care • 
Partume help wanicul ttt 
cosmetologist aiiiftaM. T-W-R, 
2 to « p.m.. Sai. 8 t.iit. 10 2 
pm. (flexible). CallPitty 
Sievens at; 843-(}200. 

Retail • 

Men "i ipcciahy sioie in 
Arliniton Heights. No 
experience nocesscry. Rwi-time, 
flexible hrs. Call 2S<)-II92 


Hmiffhoiti Help • 

Are you just too busy » keep 
your household ranning while 
getting your education? Super 
mom »ient out 5 yn. ago! Let 
Wife. Inc. come into ywr life so 
you can lell yorn family that 
your wife is handUng everything 
for you now. Call Wile. Inc.: 


Why suflcr the e(nbarm!i.«nem of 
umightly facial and body hair? 
BEAUni in YOU. Now an 
affordable, loially safe and 
ef fecuvc method of deitroying the 
MwwHcd hair rom - so hair 
camiMxraw taack. Cenilied 
R.N. Technician. FDA & FCC 

North Coun. Suiw 115, Palaunc 
WITH AD. Call: 991 -tSlteg. 


Guitar - 

Hamer Bliij Explorer Baa* 
Guiiar While with Wack 
hanJwarc. E«.contt,, Asking 

S475. CaM Larry ■s?>.OK? 

Ski Rack • 

Thulc Olympic .Ski Rack m good 

eond. Ucks to car & lockjs in 

ikis. Asking $SS. Call Kim: 


Atttos • 

Buick "68 Bectra. ConverHble, 
fp, nomsi. Asking $1,600. 
Call: 392-46S3, 


Miisiang/Tlviindcrbiid 14 inch 
««el nms. 4 lug paiiem. For 
cormil or sn«iw tuei. Exccond. 
i3S/pr. - will jeptraie, Call 
Bob: 894 2120. 


E«t To«| 

Five (7 inch) reels of quality 
audio wording tape. High 
ontpul/feiiiended langc. MaxcH 
UD35-9() 1800 ft. 1.0 mil base. 
Factory sealed. f25/setof5. 
Call Bob: 894-2120. 

1979 Vega - 
Pa-ssed emissioiKi lest. Forty - 
Mwtt thou.sand miles AM/FM/ 
sMieo radio. Asking S400/beit 
offer Call Linda: 392-3411. 

Motorcycle • 

1982 550 Kawataki Lid. $600 
Call: 885-0564. 


llouseKccpvr - 

Exc. rcf. and fix ynt. of exp 
Low rates. For more info, tall 

Luj-: 3 55-l6f)g, 


Tliaaks for Sat and I know the 
race will be awesome. I will 
always need your coaching. 
Lookim forward lo the big 
"wousy" lircs and the Yamaha -^ 
Finally 22 on 9-20. 
Um you - Kimbo. 


Fdtgive me. I knew not what I 

weoie in my last letter. Me tool 

Always. 8<ain. 

Lynn U - 

Get the boy oulla your life girl. 
You kwjw which one . 1 mean 

loo!! Study thai Biology and get 

some .sleep!! 

Signed. Kimbo. 

Mr. Fun - 

Lei s go dood! And I am a 

alcoholic. Wriieback. 

Joe Banshee. 

Homey Bunny - 

How about us getting togelher7 

What is that BubWe-eycs to you? 

Signs«J. Martha. 

Bitty Knlei - 

Beny is coming! BETTY, 


While Ykm 


Or « ft*' Cmmm .■»«, IM TMnt 
T-. .1. . . — -1IIIIIIIJB..1 JiL _ 

Oftan annr. a. « 



The Harbinger Sqitember 17, 1987 

Page 8 

Tilt M»«li ic>cii<w llnlltrf Ik* Moraim Vtntjr ofTtat* to I pnlats ohllt ■IIowIm anlv 
Ua total m*mU* yr4M. n»l» Cr*4U: im» ««rW 

Running game strikes again 
as Harper c(rushes) Moraine 
Valley, 38-8 

kf ■III KiigtiktrB 
tpnria KMtm vkury. 

IIWiiHpir.HiwIuiiiikaiMeil The Hawki opcaMI die 
iMr HMMldiiiiilf tflo of nnHuni icmng juit before liie iccond 
tacta for Ikt llcand week in a qammt on a 2N-yard prnt fnm 
imereiulw Snyder is RobmHMton tea 7-0 
tly dHKiilMd Htwk iHt. 

MwUn fworilmt Uic kinc 
K«imi Ikv Um! Mmte in ilH accond 
iliiMcr Ml a tT-jMfil nn te a 14- 

Halfwty ilinMiiili the ikinl 
<|nna. il« Miuauilen tcorad on a 
touchdown and a Iwn-poini 
ConvcnicMi i» cm the Hawk lead 
lo !•«-«. ibe firit poinis the 
Hawks liave given nP'sH yew. 

Hatper went on Ht mm itanc 
mote UMKhdowM and • 37-yaixl 
(leM gtMl l)y icliiit* kicker Tom 

Hw ibwki aim inpoved. on. 
Ike iMnaiiict in iMw |Hw K iliey 
•«M (Mdy ciled on $ penaliiicji 
tm 40 jMidt and cominiiang only 

OnkC' JHciMNi' ( M yanb en 
n cacrieak Ow Matiin (115 
yanii on^ 34' caiHes). and Todd 
Teito 9 OHiia tar n yaidi wd a 
TD> cMMblMl wiik Ike mn af 
liie tliiwli(i|||Mtinnaiflor4U 


. - -..JtmilieHnwfai'ia 

a 3M »icinf3» mm «wiiin| 
Mqjb m m Vattitt' 

The' wti pi. UK Hiwfcs at 2- 
0. wliik ihc 'MiMiilm.*o|ipisd lo 

Pteshamn quanerhack Al 
Snytfet (O aiicinpti on 6 
Gom^leiiiMM tm 6S TD'») icofed 

Mt 96-S in the jiast two 
^ .„ jMd the offense ijn i the 
only pwl of the Hawk team lo 
thank for it 

The dcfeine hw perfonned v> 
«M-waion fotm incredibly 
■Itewing mly « pomti and 312 
loud yaidi in two game*. 

Tlle Hiwkf will face Tninn 
Ih* Sanai^r in what, is exiMcad 
*» !• • §nm m,aichiip between 
two ol the llwee undefeated (cams 
in dK Nof* Central Community 
Collcff CtefeiMce. Joliet. the 
HmAb iwtt iMttbiip after this 
«ilk. ii Ac (Mlier uMMeaied 

In the moil recent lunior 
College AUileiic Association 
poll, die Hawks aie tanked eighUi 
in Uie nauoo while the Ttojans 
ail at (he number five ipol in die 


ID' ice the Hawk 

Tka Hawks haw 

The Hawks wit] meet the 
Tfcijwt at I pm dua Sannlay lo 


16-iiich tortball 

Tlwre will be a 16 inch softball league starting September 21 and 
enAiig Cteober 30. Gloves are optional. There will be a meeting at 
the gym in M Building on Sept. I6th at noon to discuss the rules li 
n vxry important yoa are at this meeting if you plan to play. Sign up 

Racquelball tournament 

It'll be first come, first listed for the Class "D" racquethall 

tournament slated from 9 to noon, Saturday. Oct. 17. The 

tournament will be limited lo the first 16 ' entries. Signup is ii ihc 

intnmuTal office in M-Building. Thcrelt be prizes for the lop four 


Harperthaii rare 

And sign up now f« the Harpcrthon one and three-mile races to be 

run Thursday. Oct. 22 on the outdoor track. All students, faculty and 

staff are eligible to compete with prizes for the top three male and 

female finishers. 

SU and 1000 Mile Club 

Walk . run and swim while recording your mileage in the black log 

book on the Intramural table in M Building. Individuals may record 

their mileage while running or swimming or walking anytime and 

anywhere during the entire year. 

8-Ball Billiards Tournament 

Sign up now for the October 9 Billiard tournament in the Pool Hall 

now!!!! Limited spaces are remaining. 

Volleyball team 
toward future 
after loss to 

By tanra Laonltn* 

Starr writer 

High marks for icariwork 
and hukllc didn i quite make die 
grade as the Hafpcr Hawks were 
dt-feaicd by the Thornton 
Bulldogs 15-6. 15-1. 155. 

"The Wong ea play fccuncd 
during the first game." said 
volleyball coach Audrey Randall. 
•The servcn lei up good attacks. 
•nd the xetiers played 
ekcepttonoily well" 

"We are a relatively ntw 
team, as many of the gtrls have 
never plajcd competitive ball 
before, hiii 1 feci that (hkc *f 
get hxwened up and get used u> 
wofkiBf together, ihc results will 
be spectaculir.* 

Latt Sauinlay, ihe tcain 
pwiic^ind in • foumd'-roliiit 

Sports writers needed to cover tennis 

anil cross country. Possible 

promotions if qualiHed. if interested 

drop by A-567 and ask for Bill. 

tournament, hosted by Oakton 
Communiiy College. Harper had 
another lough day there, bui the 
coach and leam remain 

Jill Jurek's and Janice 
Word's defensive action, coupled 
wilh Julianne Howaid't lerving. 
looked promising, but the coach 
mainmins that credit should be 
given to the enure leam. *We'ie 
not kioking at die win-k»i lecocd 
unul the second half of the 
Moon." said Coach Randall. 

"Until then we will be 
working on improving the 
defense and gaining lean 

With Ihe positive attitwle 
and laknt that the girts hive 
aliMily diown. it looks like die 
I9H7 Hswki have what it takes 

Dan Martin (22) dndgn a Moraine Valley 
defender at tkt Hawks ealtnded thicr recard W 
2-a. Mania finished the lamc witii 115 yardf 
iwsblni and nnc taucbdown. riiMa CnM»: J»t 


vol* 21 NO. 5 

WHtiam Raiiwy Harper Collage PaMlne, Hllnois 

September 24, 1987 


Profiles of candidates 

Student Senate campaigns 

under way 


Tlie SUMknt SenMc Acimm 
•ill be held Monday and 
Tuesday Se[«l£n)ber 28 and 2<) 
between 7 AM and <> PM. Staflod 
ballot boxes will he kxaljcd in: A 
building at the Infonnjilion Desk, 
D biiildtng at itic Knuckle, F 
biuidinK « ihe Medn Desk, and I 
MMIni M (he tai Office. 

The ballw bo«es will be 
staffed by Iwo (jcutiy inemhcrs 
MKi a member from ibe election 
flilHinJtca. which consisis of 
fitMr ihikIgms appoiii'id by Greg 

Miner. Siudeni i'ruitee. 

*I am an optimist, so t hope 
the election rciulti will be 
ouistiinding*. said Jeanne Pan- 
kanin, Director Student Activi- 
ties, but realistically she does not 
expect more than the usual llwce 
digits for die overall vow count. 

There arc eleven offices in 
the Student Senate. There is one 
repre.5cniative for each of the 
following divisions: Busines:^ 
and Social Science; liberal Afls; 
Life Science and Human 
Services; Physical Education. 
Athletics, and Recreation; 
S(i««iaJ Progmns and Services; 

(Miota CmSir tmilftt l»nmmf 

Gregory Fraack is a 
BiMiacaa Adminisiratimi major 
■Mi catdidile for Business and 
Social Science Divisionaf 

ScMHir. He beliewaa, lUfptr it 
• dynamic two ytm cnllaic, y« 
Ihotc are • few funilainental 
pMKsduras and physical harriers 
Ikai remain on this campus ami 
need to be changed." Franck is 
currenify a member iif the 
*)ation;il Guard. 

(FlmmCtmtl- Tm^ Bmmi 

Another candidate for 
Buxiness and Social Science 
Divisional ScnattM and a 
Freshman at Harper, Michael 
Ouddlcs was previously a 
member of the student council at 
Lake Park High School, 'l 
consider myself the New Wave' 
candidate", vkTilcs Ouddles. "1 
feel the students at Harper need 
their say in what goes on at dm 
coUife", Duddle added. 

Photo of Don 
Balzynski not 

Jerry Kniclerehm. Ftahman 
in Harper, is the single cadiilate 
for Physical Education, Athletics, 
and Recrcalion Reprcsenitive. 
He IS lookinf "... forward lo 
advising and obtaining 
information regarding current 
policies and procedures 
pertaining to the Physical 
Educalioa and Recreation 
OtpMilieM.' He is a fotir year 
vMoan of the Martne Coma. 

Don Balxyfiiki, rival for 
Liberal Arts ReprcMiitaiivc. was 
alto not available for interview. 
He wast etecled "Vice President 
in charge of Political Affain four 
limci" with the 0"HatB Airport 
Sports Club. "As students at 
Harper we can have a lay in the 
affairs of our government here. 
Ihe Student Senate, by voting tn 
the upcoming election...", 
adviicd BatiywUci. 

OcKiber 1 the tesulti of the 
election will be tabulated and 

and Technalogy. Mathematics, 
and Physical Sciences. 

There are three offices for 
leprcsenliitives of the Clubs and 
Organizations Council, There 
will be one icpre«:ntalivc for the 
Counselor Aides and one 
representative as Student Trustee, 
whch IS elected the April prior lo 
Student Scnaie ekciions. 

This year there are seven 
candidates running lor fotir of the 
six different divisions. After the 
sin Student Senate Divisional 
Kcprescniaiivcs arc voted in, any 
v.icani offices, including the 


'^%' M 







Although Aageline Carr, 
candidate for Liberal Arts 
RepfcseniiKive, was unavailable 
for interview, she did leave her 
pictnie. '... t want the class 
represented by someone who 
nailly cares, me", Cair said. Carr 
was Publicity Chairperson 
dtwing her senior year. 

representatives tor the Counselor 
Aides and the Club and 
Organization Council, arc filled 
by appointment by the Student 
Senators. Also appointed by the 
Divisional Senators it the 
Student Senate F^.sidcnt 

Anyone interested in 
appointment for a vacant office 
should apply at Student 
Activities rm A W6 or call Jeanne 
Pankanin at extension 2242. 

The responsibility of the 
Student Senate ai defined in the 


(PheloCrtdil: Timya Brawn) 

Robert Bois, a former 
candidate for StiKlcnt Trustee, is 
campainging again this year for 
Technology, Mathematics, and 
Physical Science (TMPS) 
Representative. He would Idee to 
"encourage people to get 
involved in a club." Bois is 
active in the Astronomy Club, ia 
the Geology Club and as a I 
for togic and Geoloty. 

r*e Student Senate 
represents the student body of 
Itarprr College and works with 
ihefoiuliy and administration on 
programs, policies, and issues 
which directly affect studenii. 
The Senate is responsible for 
recommending students for 
important college committees, 
budgeting over $300,000 of 
student activity fee funds, 
approving club and organimtton 
charters, and reviewing and 
recommending changes in 
college policies which affect 
student life. 

Michclc Ostrowski. conten- 
der for TMPS Representative, 
has spent four years previously iti 
"governing councils". "I ... feel 
qualiTicd to lead the school body 
on a strong course to stability and 
progress', commented 
Ostrowski. "I'm energetically 
willing to devote my time to 
fullfill the requirements of this 
demanding office", concluded 

Blood Drive falls short 

By Aliu Chinlund 
Stair Writer 

The turnout for the blood 
dnve fell short of expectations. 
The goal was to collect a 
minimum of 100 pints of blood, 
said Becky Staniclcr, Health 
.Service College Nurse and Blood 
Drive CcxjrdiMtcn. 

Last September almost 1 12 
pints of blotid were collected; 
this year the health service fell 
short of Its goal by almost 1 1 
pini.<i Eighty-nine donors had 
their blood drawn - 64 students 
and 2J staff members. Nineteen 
donors were deferred for health 


Health Service Supervisor 
Rosemary Murray aitnbuies the 
decline in the number of blood 
donors to "the lack of publicity 
for the blood drive, the fear of 
aids, apathy and in some cases 
very busy schedules." 

Sanielcr added that "some 
people are more afraid of their 
own health than they are of 
giving blood to someone else." 
They think that they may 
endanger ilicit lives by giving 
blood, and possibly inducing 
AIDS or anodier illness. 

The Blood Ccnicrs' motto for 
donating bkxid is "If us not there 
when you do need it, you'll never 

une 01 tne students was 
Dcbi Mendelsohn, a freshman 
from Fox River Grove, 
Mendelsohn related her reasons 
for donating blood, 'I have an 
adequate supply and somebody 
else might need it My blood 
will go to a good cause. 
(Donating blood) doesn't hurt 
and it can save a life.' 

According to Sanielcr, 
"students are our biggest lesouice 
(as blood donors). We really 
appreciate their help. Most 
students start lo give blood in 
high school and ihey conunue to 
give blood, or a friend talks them 

• •*■ 

What is 
a Senate? 

The Harbinger September 24, 1987 Page 2 i^ 

Interim Report 


Now ihal Sludcni Scnm 
I m Hjfpw- " 

t lln Harpci 

0*p's«iiteiii Senm (Ht"SS) 
ii or wliii it aciiiiUy doe*. 

Aceijn»i»| » Webficrs 
CoiNlMiG D«Wiiliy . « ««"■ a: 
(I ) "■ cooDcil of eldere". (I ) 
•ihe Siif«»ii>« cMiicil of ihe 
ancMint Roam "(«•. w»g»«"y 
unly of pmricaiis tat l*ef 
•MMinf •!>« l*b««*". Oi'» 

I Of adwitcxy council 
in a cslkge or uniwraity" 
(DefiBiUOii* §4 MMl « do not 

^iply liiaMia ihey cmmwii iIm 

HCSS ii ■ Ktr-mliiH IxxJy 
of 10 sonmori. s facuHy advisoi 
Mid (he SUMleBi Trwiee. The 

SUMlenl Timuae for ihe 1W7 M 
tcliool year i» Greg Mitlcr. 
tonna«Ji«w: tm nerin eniti iit 
May, wikss (o-ctaied. ksam 
Pimiliaiin. DMacior of SuidCM 
Aciiivitics. advimi the Mmltm 
(M Moocilm, coila|c {wnmiMl: 
■wt psncnl prciiooil. 

Now. fcJemng lo mir (am 
dUfWlionii of "stmue." •!»•«* 
fflM<« haw deKrite the HCSS? 
As tmc: i>( ta year's mmMm I 
can mMf m t»"y »5 w«l il* 
bJlct part «sf ^ (ihc plebunV 
iwk) apply 

W« now iMvc iin >d<:'* ■>> 
what » leiian! m; tat, wtai *!« 

ElecM froni' llw AftiWM 
cMnpn divtiion*. iIm) MMun 
have the responsibiUly md 
oMigtuon to €on»ey ihe it 
eanititiiciiMS' desint* and <i««l» » 
Uie xtnaiie Ixiily and lo faciiliy 
Senaioft »•» panicipitt m 
colltfe and icnwe sub 
commitite*. Th«e eamraiuew 
accouiplJili more than moil 

now siawd tw wwnd lll*i!-»e»". 
Ml EaiierK Cultiiral Arts 
([HofTain* and cvenui arwind 
campus). Currtcolaro (new 
coiir»ei>, Environmenial and 
Hcallh (tpeeden beware!). 
Oiaduation (class gifl). «nd ihc 
SmdaM Conduct (conwiiinwalile 

Several Senate tnb- 
canmitwe* deal with irenicdJitc 
studcm desires and need*. Such 
committees include: Activity 
Fee (recently raised W offtet 
innaiionary com t)f swd«nl 
program*). Bcamification 
(grounda and art). BIdg. M 
(eapansioB di-scmtsed). Building 
Renaming (rejected due t" 
possible confiiiion for E5L 
midcnu). CoBililiiHion Rewrite 
(only for ihe SanaieJ. Dance 
EitravaganiB (a campiii 
enieruunroeni night). Lockers 
(not fcaiiibic m great quantiliet). 
and Vendmg Conumts {only for T 
Ciinily and chips, due U' 
imprKTinlity ol daity ftw* f«Ki 

llius. Ihe icnatora not onI> 

have to represent the audcni- 

viewi on commiueei. but alv 

of the college, iiaft an' 

by KIs <l*lr»w*kl 

How many siudcMs actually 
have • vole in Board decisions? 
One does, and thai itudem is 
GfBg Miller. Swdent Truiicc 

Since his tenure begMi '« 
Ami! of H»i» year Miller has. in 
hii words, "teamed so much tfi 
amazing. * A* a lOphonwie and 
former nenitor he hnowi about 
the nmtait body, the nuances of 
itudent-admtnUtraiion relations 
ami the intricacies of college 

'Liit year I came lo Harper 
wHli a severe case of 1-wish J- 
blMCi". Now. however, after 
auendiof the tlllnois Community 
college A«soci»iion (ICCA) 
coofercnte dunng the iummer. I 
appreciate how cucellcnl a college 
we have in Harper.- Miller states 
He continues "Only two other 
MtMleat tnistoes even had the nghl 
10 vow al their colleges Board 

Miller now feels the students 
■t Harper should fal proud of the 
facilities and faculty here and 
even lays conimiinny colleges 

am a fteticf way lo bc-gin a post- 
secondary education than 
plunging into a lour year 

Bciidcs attending 
miomiation eacli«»ges such a« 
the ICCA convcnlion. Mitlcr 
aliends monthly Bonrd meetings 
M give a report on special college 
ccniers and on student activity; 
he decided lo ciwnbinc the two 
appraches of his predecessors and 
gives both a comprehensive and 
detailed report that combines 
centers AND students Miller 
can vote, although his vtHe dots 
not affect ihc total vote count of 
the Board. mal:e motion* and 
attend the csccuwvc sessions. 

MiUer also helped organi« 
the Clubs and Organiuations Day. 
promoted varitMis clubs during 
the summer session and 
pariicipaicd in planning a club 
information brochure The latter 
IS still in the organialion phase. 
Furthermore. Miller attends 
Ihe Round Table, informal 

nteelings that attempt to 
eoordinaate the major 
organi'alions. such as the Scnau:, 
Program Board. WHCM and the 
Harbinger. He describes the 
Round T*k as. *a plaffomi for 
discussing changes in students 
deaiies. needs or demands.' 

Finally, but perhaps most 
imponanily. the Student Trustee 
serves on Ihc Sludcnl Scnau: As 
one of the, if not the only, 
reiummg senators, Miller is vital 
ui the coniinuily and efficiency of 
the Senate because of his 
familiarity with ibc Senates 
respon-sibiliticsandpnxcdurcs. 4 

AH in all, Milter describes 
his positions main 
responsibilities as "knowing the 
material for each B(wd meeting, 
making a concise and inclutivc 
report and keeping the Senate 
abreast of upcoming of current 

Sume of the college 
cmMniWM include.: Academe 

CoMIMiiiig (concein* compiutr 
m» and ptogruM). AsuesMtent 
md Teiw| (Miing tacitiiies and 
iMtltfteil. AlWeiics (possible 
expaniiM). Calendar (dciermin- 
, eg: Spring Break is 

AnoOier imponant duty of 
■ciMm is the division allotmcn 
of funds. Each lenaior (hem. 
each (livisi«ili.J receives sever,. 
humbcd doMara fnm die Senai 
hudgcl 10 JJiaid M tfic divisii 
idcMn and iWWUffff Me lit 

'Sialyl' '■(' material 
pnrchaMl. ait. Hiidy carrels fi 
upstairs J-Bldg. a" J ^'.i"''' 
pnnts and Ulhogrdplu for i 
Btdg, The intky pimii in 
spending the funds mvulvc itic 
inclusion of ALL undents as 
possible uset*ciiii«» for and 
of Ihc maicftala bought 0« 
problem developed la*' y^'-if 
when the Life Sciences division 
senator aliempted to buy a higb- 
magnificaiion microscope; the 
Senate denied the reooest on the 
grounds that noi all Harper^ 
studenti would have acceai lo itw , 

All m alt, the lenaurs ate 
tiasons for faculty, staff and 
students. Senatoci attempt lo 
accomptiJh the Senate's 
objeclives for Ihe year while 
answering lo ihcir peers -- two 
tasks noi to he taken ligtwly. 

MAia otaioM* 

_ HAW CARE '22I2i5JS!fftlui 

mitt »WW«mP"*- ••■"*'*•*' ^*"*^rrT. ._ „ . 


12 Month Student Special-$149 

Tiikt j«to«j«t> irf our super Um siwk-tu ^i^xvii tmly IH'» Riw* 

iMie pewm M months d tm» and » Itmiied aen*i« packir 

Viiii m. iniUaiinn liw or muM, dues rwjuired. 

LaU today hir a itimiiiimcnijtf) wirtout 


• Full Machim- Circuits of 
S.iuulus & Eaglf <'.vtH-v 

• l-rw Vtinphts 

• aimpuWTiwd Exercusf Bike> 

• Cardiov-iscular Kvaliiations 

• Viriibit. l.o» Impact. and 
hMTcisc (.lavM's 

• UauT-RohK t.las>t> 

• \utritk>na) and Ptry>nali/fd 
\lorkoui PrtiRrams 

• Tennis (>>urts 

• SwtmminR 

• Tannin)^ Btfds 

• N(i Cost Nursery Sei^ice 

• Fitness \s.->essraent Test 
Vdministered By Exercise 

• Special Cnrptiraie Rates 

I WtKxffield Lake 

Office Campus 

UKK» E VkiMKlfield Rd 

Schaumburji. 11 W)r.S 



The Harbinger Scplcmber 24. 1987 


very p^^rson^l mz^AKRE CONC 

la ^lfied ad. wtth Tom Appel 

To iho ididenij „| 



Ssitj;:/^"' «. .. .,„,, ^«,,» ,^, ^.^ ,„^^^^^^ 


ferr if r 

-- 1* * mjf mrpeiie, ai!ii,rt,tf . I 
■■■•••> aMilhcrt 

-— S!'*?*'?jy. *»■ ^* »lti iiwt^i' M cspMi wli; I Ml 

— ■■„■""'"* *■•••«' <»' "« ro Mtcfl cMdoM mis in irliiM^ 

•Ml •»««. Tht CMIIlMaUiw of I 

■ever rcmH)) accwrrad' M 'M. f n 

imaltit to tm^TTL^^Tif ••■■"•• "»" «*"* «>»«««r »M»". So. 

*«•*•*, to tMM. .iHmt i.. "^ ^' •"** *««i»«f«% m 

CiMe III MWt nf ii. ttof, .i,,^ ^i ^ Minrttl am iHqM tm. 

tarry PmIUm 

If if>» kmt Miiuiiy aimin 

"ir"W II v,,Umh W ha:ju.«el 

Ivivc .■„,l„„-.r| ;U>wn cno'Ufh to 


.Liv of iJiis vnxk 
am i iinrx.uiKal mv rt-nignalion 
Ittm iIk jKiiiutw o(' \'c*s riiliior 
of ihe Harhingcr The €»cm» 
IwAng K) my resignmiiin are not 
muth diriereni lixm events that 
have dceurwd wwml ihiv umc m 

Siudisiii SeMie cJecnwij wji) 
Bc held iwly ncKt »i;e*. and ii is 
the duty of every student who 
give* a damn about anything to 
wisely elKK.« the itpresenutive 
he or she fetis a best ahic to fill 
what b actiially a fairly mmmtiS 

It a no necnei that in ytar* 
P»*i voier luroout for the Student 
Senate elections has hccn 
pathetic. Fact is. ihi<. „ a 
commuter college, wuh 
commalci- ttudent* who eouldni 
care less if the cfajisc rooim had 
«»fi. much less who their 
wudew Seaaic RciwescniMive u. 
Thti IS a icary fact, Rjgh, 
m»» m we tuak.. levcn Harper 
ttuiJcms are wtiiiitig w,ih tailed 
tweath . aiuiouji » take poiitions 
mem for Mn people. Thafs 
ngN. seven nudenis, len pcodc 
So w-hy vmr g, -,ii_ nght";' 

""' ' compiiition 

heiB,t.i,' ,;,.i^^ tOeaily, 

ei«ry ifc;»afi«k-m ts » Jiave one 
">"«h1b»i rcj. , and thii year tw 
oq*. KUBlly tave iwo or moit 
mntmuM mmmg for panicMlw 


The problem here is ih.ii m 
year* past, in Mmil.ii «ii,.uiuris 
Jo*tn« senatorial hopefuls «mpl> 
(illfd in unconicilcd iiiMiiiori* 
IcavinE the whole 
pnx-eM, *fll, ix)inile..v. 

It wa.4 hau-J on ihc 
iruraientKned iiilonniiiitm ilui I 
inlcnded uj headline iLk i.m:." .■,( 
the Harbinger "Jii 
Eteeiion* a Far.. 
Paullm. the HarhmKu:. tJiu.i m 
( hicl. didni teem to think this 
wasi in the papers best micrcst 

You see. ai lhi.s «:h<xil. ii's 
hard to make friends, and much 
ttx) easy to make ciwmics. The 
Harbinger, has a long nasty 
repulation for ruthless aitacks 
(some actually well founded) on 
the assorted schixil orgam/atioiw. 
noe the lea-il of which is .Studeni 

On* column in particular 
comet to mind, published in the 
last i.uue of the spruif! His 
Harbinger, thai led certain 
Student Senanw to bum an ksik- 
of the Harbinger and hang its 
ediiofial caitim m the window of 
Ihe lenijte offke I wwe thai 
column. Larry hat leaion for 

Regardlcis. ehcre is 
alegitimaie problem here. Firsi. 
w'ho are theste uncootesicd "walk- 
ii»" who am going ,o afniiiifniii. 
Ihc spending o( mir money'.* (.W 
gets the feeling, alter seeing a 
few (very few) ciinsiniciion pwpcr 
,|x:i!Wrs. with ma,)*cara. that we a.s 
itudents have some cause for 

While si.ll acting a»Edilor, I 

callcii :fic loon in be scnaioric. 
tiii.I rci|iicsk'i! ihcy snip by ihc 
liailvrvcr orinc, (or j brief 
interview and phur 
ranged friiin over ..i 
scary. One sen.iii.i ,hc !. 
iinopp(,,!.cdl a Mr, Jerry 
Knickcrrhm said "Do yo„ ,hmk 
Ms nctcssarj' that 1 stop by, I've 
•''"■*'V "•■'>n righr?" Yeah'jim, 
11 >^iin and congrwulationst on 
n e\i ellem resume addition. 
I hate to think its too iaie. 
hul mayK- il is. 1 hate rhetoric. 
but d«s anyone really care',' Do 
Ihc st-naiors care'.* Why ihe hell 

h<wl . and ii s up 
Id ,\.„i i,, iictiiic how .«!ri«Hislv i.. 
take iu. If you cant run to, 
Stodetii .Senate, and maybe vou 
don'i warn some utwtecied liKvli 
llic sireci spending your miHie\ 
then maybe Student Senaic 
should he done away with all 

After all. wouldn't ii be 
hcltcr if some issiue-informed 
sained adrtitnisuTiior spent .mi 
money, than some semi- 
imercsled walk-in looking for m 
ego boosting title ' 

I dont mean to implv ihce 
soon xa he senauirs m pariitulai 
«iH he in any way substandard 
ihcy may be 
Issue t;criiuses. but shouldni we 
have ikxidcd who ihcy arc'* 

Hell. I doni v.i'c rii.ii ., 111. 
|K>int of ihi,s lell.f I ,„, longer 
care. If anyone dues, ihen \in 
iomcthini; fasl. or the suidenu .>l 
ihis schtml will go unrepresented 




•Ht Mutt bar' jt Doyk'i iik Denver (k'l * nuKm i»», Mc urn 

"Aliw-iham uniir 

hlka. Bcii*!. Dei Mowi m m Ha 

OK IIM9.I w hjtii jn (xn-iif-taiidv ihimi. Uiai. ■ 
for you 01 Hun -f- ^' 

"Oood piura. " 
"Whai lint tic MyT 

-He iji«j rik- aiM wisiiiiCT niiidt ht *•«» ihnvel,'" 

■Yclli. twi outt rut aandcMK i! Miytrumoil HIn * 

^Haw mikji iImS you five 




WiiUiMi RioKy H.UP,., o,llc|e 
Algmcuin dnI Rnelk Rtadi 

'Miunc. IL <WCH7 
Ml- WOO 




Ftalwci Ediu 

. l*carUli 

Ft»lt _ 

. TwrytfiiMMR 

Holt Ku«iilW« 
Kim I'Miwwsfcx 
l.iHti 1'lo.lncli 
*« OvUNin 


Tlu HAMINGIlI ■ ait HiaiiM 


imUt "*«i« fcnnf iMliiiiyi ma IumI 
•■■ dm* nl iiu iniMi ana vm Emonvily 
<■Uia.lK.aiy Of Mudcn ted,. Jia.«mmt 
—■— ani mp) a uikjact lu mhunt All 

^Entertainment ^ 

Blood Drive | g^^^^ E^rle IH 

marathon concert 

The Harbinger September 24, 1987 

Page 4 

'' inioti. A few ol' te wxleiM ve 

firsl lime dunoi*.* 
4 Tiiving btood b lomwhing 

ynii ta*c M) do » few lio« lo 

I . (ect omfotuMc. It is hard H"-" 

- rim lime bm iJio miwc you give 

" ihe easier it hceomct". «mJ 

Healih Service* S«crettry 
Mary Mi»««i»k is ptouS lo bo • 
HBMlut Utood donw. ■Ireaiwed 
liM imfuwimce of giving blood 
when my father was ill and 
■ceded Mood Al dim umc 1 
expcriciKtd inwpidaiion atow 
giving bliKKl.... The IMI few 
times ! don«l«d Mood it was 
easier for me to e'^e ■■■'• ""'y 
lakes me 5 to 6 minuie» to give a 
|iimci(litad. rnikxikingouilot 
wiyielf wd my raroily by 
donalini: blood," 

Polnias/ck added, "besides. 
Harpcf Itts nude it » eaty to 
diMMMC Uood. Everything is riglit 
hc»e. YoM donl haw ta go ■<> 
TimWiuj. and employee* ««> 
given Mnett do it.~ 

r wishes to diank all 

or die fico^ wUo puikipHcd mi 
the blood driv«. She wa»l 
esfierulU imnrejied willi the' I 
(irofi-- cwneousnejal 

and l: ^ of (lie bioodl 

ijrive wofitfii. 

THe btaod dri*«i M Harpe*| 
Coltcgc we 'ilMiHiMd by Lifcl 
Somw (AitMricm Red. Crats andl 
The Bl«>d Coiicr of Northemf 
Illinots) f<« umci a year - iulyj 
SciiMtiiibef, November, Fchfiiary| 
and Apiil. The iwji W«>d driveT 
ii (Chedufcd tm Novcmhci 18Ui. 

If you would tike to (kmau 
tilood bcltwe ihc ik»i hlo 
drive. eoniM your load lio^iil) 
Of tail Life Soww. 

ti> Ua<c Pituslii 

The "M" Building 
gymnasium was (itlcd to ncai 
capacity last Friday when Harper 
hosted Steve Earic The crowd 
got what they came for; a hard 
hitting, crank lill you drop jam 


The Insiders opened the 
show. They're a young band 
from Chicago who have just 
recently seen some success The 
Insiders played for an hour and 
included their -MTV Hip Oip 

in their set . Thcit fresh style of 
rack is hard mM lo liltc. 

After a change of e<(uipmcni 
Sieve Earle took the stage. His 
first words wore a warning to 
the aMdicncc that he would be 
pcrf.wmmg for a longtime. He 
wasn t kidding. The Dukci 
stayed on stagf; far acaciy three 

Earle'j music is an 
inleiesting mi« of country and 
rock; the erambinaiion w>irks 

During his firsi Mt, t." 
perfonncd his hit LAinUiCia 
Sjilisfisstidong with several «h'f 
songs off his now album d 
booghi it yesterday.) 

The bands first break Uii 
Earle on the stage to do a 
mandolin solo. His primary 
instrument is acoustic guitar, 
with a liiJlc hannonica thrown in 
lor Oavoi. 

As far ai Ihc theme of the 
performance wax concerned hii 
between soong speeches involved 
die audience by rclaung stones 
about his life on die road and his 
pcfsonal beliefs. 

Many Earle songs arc based 
on his belief m the wtwking man 
but he avoids becoming a 

Overall, the talent and 
musical strength of the band 
caused an enthusiasm in crowd 
comprised of many first time 

Sttvr Kark plan lo a full *.«»» Usl Frldiij .t Hirptr 
tPholo Cndit Aaron Broaddus) 


ky Mnoya Dcvli 

I gmarlalniiwnt Mluir 

While searching Ibc 
entertainment world of Chicago 
for "Ihc thing to do" . il ocurrcd 

[ U) me dial it's became we live in 
the Chicago area that we end up 
missing so much of it. The 
tounstt are doing all these really 
neat things. We arc going to 

|Xi>S€Dle ai^dE Old Laoc 
comes to town 

The only reaion that any of 
m have be« to die Sears Tower 
is because we were loaded on a 
bus and taken dtcre in the fourth 
grade. We are at a great 
advantage here. We can be 
loi»fii4is wiihoui die hoiel coms or 
mne linntauons. 

BetauK we have so much to 
do and sec at our leisure, we end 
up doing and seeing nothing. We 
will go downtown to Soldier 
Field to sec Madonna because 
shell only be aniund for a couple 
days but we won t go there l« sec 
a game Iwcausc we can always 
go next week or ne«t sca.son. 
Metnwhilo its still you and 

I don't mom to imply that 
the only way lo wiiuc yourself is 

to go downtown. The Funny 
Bone comedy club is a loc^l 
outlet for a national chain. 
Bookings feature national acts 
and an occasional TV sitcom 
oar. October I -4 features Bobby 
Konsr. Jeff Kcfch, Ben Borih 
Oct. 7-11 ; Jim O'Brien and 
Akx Valdci. Steve Seagren. 

Rctcrvalions are needed on 
Saturdays. Comedy Wed., Thu.. 
Sun. at 8:KI ; Fti.. Sat. at 8:30 
and 10:30. There is a $6 cover 
on Wed.. Thu.. Sun ; S8 Fri. and 
Sat., along with a two drink 
minimum. The Funny Bone is 
locau:d in the Waldcn-Sheriion 
at 172$ Algonquin Rd. . 
Schaumburg. For more informa- 
tion call 3O3-S70(). 

because this is my column 
and I enjoy die visual arts, I am 
including information on die Art 
Institute of Chicago locaud on 
Michigan Ave al Adams. It is 
very easy to find For all vou 
"mall-maggots" its a few blocks 
directly souUi of Wateriowci 
plaia. Opening Oct. 17: 
Impressionist and Post Impres- 
sionist paintings. Oct 20 
American IniitituU: of Archil 
awards exhibition. 

The An Insliuite is open 
Mon. Wcd-Fh 10:304:30; Tue 
10:30-8; Sat 10-5; Sun. noon-5. 
Admission is a suggested 
donation of S4.50. Tues. free. 
The permanent pieces can bei 
enjoyed like a favorite album 
Upon repealed enposare my 
appreciation only inciM* 

Oltty. so it'« not Cary OraM. 
Raymond Massey »nd Peter 
Lone Bill it is tJavid Txtion. 
David Mcyei. and Om Oudych. 
Plus a whole lot mam. 

Harpci CoUep ■■ Mllilli( 
back die good old days widi dieir 
revival of "Arseult ««d Old 
lae«". a cteiiie fina produced m 
1941 and bter made into the 
Cary Grant vehicle, 

"Arsenic »^d Old Lace" 
tellt the story of two elderly 
ladies (played ay Tari Vaughn 
and Margie Raihke) and dusir 
nephew Mortimer (David 
Tarwn) and the havoc caused 
when Mortimer discovers his 
aunt*' rather nasty hobby of 
pciisaning ktnely old men. 

To complicaie mattefs tmm 
more, diis iwforttinaie dlacnvcry 
comes on the heels of the rtium 
home of Morunnsr's brother Jon- 
altam (David Meyer), wki. m the 
word! of Mortimer, 'left 
■n*l|ii very car'ly. By raquest 
JonallMM wa* die kind of boy 
who liked lo cut unnM in two. 
Widi his iMili'. 

Add a brodier who lliinki 
hen Teddy Roosevelt (tarry 
Pwdlin}. a neighborhood beat cop 
who thinks he'i a playwnthi 
(Paul DespeesK and a girlfriend 
who's the dauRhier of die local 

minister (Tracy Picotle), ami 
youve not the fainga for high 
limes m tow comedy. 

Hie cast in Harpcr'i pio- 
dnciliaa i* • miscd hag of new 
■lent and familiar (aces. Sean 
Collwrt. for example, who plays 
the minister Rev. Harpa, has 
appeared in four previous Harper 
productions ("Chapier Two". 
'ButJrrfiics Are Free". "Oh What 
a Lovely War", and 'Man of 

Other Harper veterans 
include Meyer ("Bleacher 
Bums"). Paullin ("Bleacher 
Bums" and "Man of LaMancha"). 
and Vaughn ("Miss Firecracker 
Contest"). The Production 
Aadfiaiit on die ibow is Sherry 
Orabe, the lead character in laM 
year's fall production. "The Milt 
Firec-.racker Ctwiest". 

The newcomers to Harper'* 
slagc include Brian Mickley and 
Sieve Walker, who play officers 
Bropby and Klein respectively. 
Doug Ray (Oibbi). Kurt Mache 
(Ll. RcMwey). and Scolt NcidI 

The show will he diiecied by 
John Muchmorc Production 
dates are Noweiiiber 13, 14. 20. 
and 21. Tickcif wilt gf> o" sale 
soon. Plan to 

alive and kicking! 

Dinamation Dinosaurs September 19-Noveinber 8 

at the 

Milwaukee Public Museum 

Dow-ntown , 8th in Wt>H» Vhww i4 141 27S-2702 

Open daily. '* lo -S, Thursday 9 to 9 beyinmng September 19 

Sponsor' Mictio*!. Sum St ftmdnth. Anom«v« « Lau- 

£«ay to reorh via J-»l onrf 1*3 to Exit tH "Cftiir Crnlrr' 
in doumtou'n Mihiuukre. IVi*ronsin 


Tlie HarhiiiKer Scplenitier 24, IW7 

Ftp 5 




Rv PI DFR swri \f:% 

My di-arlThri. ,. , ■itmnthji htf, tn i; 

Sam, IsciHiftli J itiati., I .■■! :■!•- '.iKi'-!i tv.[>>(iM- ii. J ■■ !|ii'H|;:C t'j (,n\J 

If anyone else rcj|l> vw-^l^ in Dan > cyc\. ii - nir- ,'tr oi injintfe tft j 

Wiwwe ipplauiw nuttek: Ucnipw.) to kixp tw: 

lie lie*, ste-fcct fi>ur''.in>:l"ii-'» Iwig .iv 
ifcpentllng on hi» twt I»ui w>th iiu- b;iilx-r. I ! 
irfniroficrmiiu!!!. halflJiWciJ c>'cs, a «»«■ u 
■ml a. mciuth ihiM .tppnumiak-i a pair ol jiT>r>; 

Hit is ji maslcr o( the old suhixil TV iniirni>H-fU,ial anii^tcm A mv!il>; 
teHrtoJ Oui«oic ciurgmg »intl'mitl> on hu mothers, (iokl (.".jrd He i> imnmttc ici 
lioih fad and fjihion.. he w.aii^ iirt irom calcubitrtn cir alk-tiation, lii.ii. fwm the 
_wcllspnng'i of ".ctf-knoulclp-- .from a soul as puit ; ,. ! ' ' [kioI:. 

Tlicrf IS. a sianlini: nirrccrncst u» liim. :m unwavcnrif.' t iltc 

bwirrmg bro.nKi(,lc% ol publit jLvdjin. So. no niaticr uti..i, -■ |..m.,..,, ,i1 hit 

chosen (Mih, we iiuj>t at least say oCliim "ThcK l^ a ni.m ol situnjlat i'hj»r;iilrr' 
Prolounii in insigtii ami toiiragctius in »tir-c»>n'" 

Or maytx- tic"* jum a twwthountt . lough fall 

* • " • 

1 rani! ihe h»!tl of Dan's house w»d ».'■ .- noi 

t)4U\'s came Itwwgh the imtrcom: "Drown in .. 

"tX^a*. whcK t$ ihy «ing','" I rcspt"; , .,i u, 

iBt As codcpfiMscs .go. famous t|urt3iion* a i . ■ ! i ,.| n 

»cfc.«» 10 hc'licvc thai anyone who can compiru- a *"» >. jjcuiv tun- lotili) 
powiWy mean htm .ha:rtn (, W.C. F-tckJs lo you and nic. '■'The Enbghtcned Or" to 

li w.a& Felix who let mc in. 

"How lone''" ' **«<!.. 

"Si\ <.l.iys. futl: thnntlc. No sleep, no solid f(»d." He took m> coal and 
five mc an ai kvtionaic huj;. I-c!i\ PccHw k otk" o( ihosc .gendc £««.•* whi can 
crush i Aull in one hand and aoil ■ - ■ ■ 'in she other withoui hrcAing Uv 
yolk. The same is true of his brott: . . i h..ii\ whv ihcy're on Dan's Niwc 


"How is lie*?" 1 a.skcd. 

'Faifi.n' pwtrfy," ^said Felix. "I have tuo nim.e> on inslcad of one Hc'« 
aimin' out of il l«> viow. I'm glail vou came." 


"A dotmwc IV and I.D, in the: gcrtiil N)"," 

"Boortori's not fo<Jd..* I e«intcr.ed H-lu 

"11 is to htm." FcliK comx'icd me, 

« • * 

One tnont of Dan's ts arranged and equipjxrd «t a hospital mum 
If «» upccillcally for Dan's binge ifcuperation,. I lo<*cd moo Dan .wil eotitutTCd 
with Felix' »«ss.m.ent: fainn' fvorly. His (ja/e hung lack.t ' : . . ■': on the TV 
scrcen... "Tl'ie skin on his face was puffy and grev in conir.^ -^p white 

slKTK The spout of Ins j.u.mlx> gerbii hotile rested insult iu^ ...wt-r lip. The 
1. !■' ■ ■ • . i'' 'aiowed prc-rc.£ Roadranner canooiis. chosen lor iheir lack of 
iiMi'.'i,;;.,,; .ind undcmamling storylmes 

» • • 

After goHiji thn>ui;h the trip receipts 'I gave Fchx the totals. "Seven 
thousand dollars, not n'KltiJinj; the sciemhdav " 

"Wou'" ir plied Fii-tu .ipilv 'Sn days' A hundred .tnd sixty -tunc b.irs 
"''^''' ■■■ -ind fX-lh^-rt how moderation atrophies (11.,- 

*""■" - '.il and iftereforc op(x*ses individualism llv 

say* iluii mcii- ^ „j ..iiMiiu, ,;ii:i.Miiei- to cscess. a oneness willi creation. He s.iv* 
that i,:he ha,nt|,uct ol hfe shotdd be atiiictcd with 'lip,'smatkin', helk s)rek,litn' 
gluttony, -that Ihe BiMe. the T.»lniud and the Koran arc all nr-l Dovver) diet 
b<x>ks " 

"He also ,saystliat Jack D,aiwels stKHild he satnjed." I a-m,arked, 
"I know." iuit] Ftilin. "1 signed tlK- petition he sent to ,R,orae." 

* * * 

"Hello, .lulte." I said lo one of tlic nurses, "what Ixjm ss u '' 

"Oh. hello Mr Sweeney, He's in 'the tenth hour no* 

"Fhen Ik Jihould he seeing Alf-Sur wrestling and religious programs 

anil I'te stiould have Guimss Stout m the gerbil bonle." 

"I know." she sa,td. "but there's Ix-en no sign of i;crt:braJ activity "■ 
"I've Ix-en wondenng ab4.>ut dial lor iwdvc veara, fill beer mthc bottle 

ai«l TJic 700 Oub on the TV. How's his skull','" 
"StiU mushy," 
"Wait an 'hour and ,, vitainuis arkl Itver massage " 

The ,proeess of rri-ainini' speech b<:gan .is r>an innl lo repeal tlie 

mtcmh he heard 
gwma tiiro him ir ■ •. ■ 

■ 1 wants yoit to send ntimf 


prii!:r.iin, Im instaikc, pnivulcl I ni 
,|< ihsa Jiiw'i jikl the relit;io«s \ho« 
I, 'Is wavsu stm^hunnv' SeiTi (siinm Jtm "i 

I entered his 'loom J 
Dm barked at dw TV, "bud I 

I gave him a gentle r.i,p i<nuv ru i-e 


"How do you feel'*" 

"Mutli lx!ls|vt, .Links 

"Can sfiu think ' 

{',■!/,! 1 .-K-f •" 

'i .■!.;; I!) the scvclU.,. , ,'1 itic wi-.cir , 

gratid m sh. !>taa:s and oned'iuiiilr.:sl ■.m> .iniie h.trs 
'VV.JHI •.omc toixf 
' M.iUx' 111 a cuhMe )cars I got h.iu tn m\ rn.uil 

Cargle Mwie Nair, frn gonna put w.i::,-- ' ■■■ ■ 
" I'll m,.ike the .irrimgertwwits lor your U , 
"If Clin w^an.' 
" Wtierc's etwryone"?'" 

"Out in die kitchen heapia' ■taiiniras on you," 
"As well dev mtghi. I met dc Uml dis titiie'" 
I'Mttaiird HI aaxf 1 

■mh iHiur "Ahh luxi a dixiker." 

.■rhil t«,HtJe now. 


S*^ «fOM T> Ucrr. 

Thmse. RRE THE hipT 

IffB HtP AdB CJ€AK&t SflECfVwOS 

fl Sociflc £ww«pM<nefqfr 7V/tr. 
f5 O'/P Q^ OueRCoions^a^TtoU 

T%p«tAt ^ Am? ueiKmitBSr 

dn^r 7Mim«1n6 fcft ou€S6aj&s ^ 
CJ€ uJiLJC GsuntoL 77//S 

Quit CH(U?mJ Catm. IKMX9 f{ 

OJbiap oi> MHOS 7> UM 0s> 

A^M flcn 

Len Step fiQiwi6 uiNNrr wep dtB 

la B^ 4^^ft wH4ra/e 4cft. 
3pjm:urz Be SiruPaJrS. 

"TfeACH€«s mrmkJhieMs^ 

HJiMk^s %m^ HmiM. 

The HJirbmRtT ScpUmhtr 24. 1987 

I'agc 6 





When my friends and 1 graduated 
from high sch(X)l. we all t(K)k part-tmie 
jobs to pay for college. 

They ended up in car washes and 
hamburger joints, putting in long hours 
for little pay. , . ^ 

Not me. My job takes just one 
weekend a month and two weeks a year. 
Yet. I'm earning $18,000 for college. 
Because 1 joined my local Army 
National Guard. , , , 

They're the people who help our 
state dunng emergencies like hum- 
canes and tl(x»ds. They re also an 
imprtant part of our c«)untry s militar>^ 


So,"since I'm helping them do such 
an important job. they're helpmg me 

make it through sch(H)l. 

As soon as I finished Advanced 
Training, the Guard gave me a cash 
bonus of $2,000. Then, under the New 
GI Bill, I'm getting another $5,000 tor 
tuition and b(X)ks. 

Not to mention my monthly Army 
Gurird paychecks. They'll add up to 
more than $11,000 over the six years 
Fm in the Guard. 

And if I take out a college loan, the 
Guaid will help me pay it back-up to 
$1,500 a year, plus interest 


-for college for just a little of my time. 
And that's a heck of a better deal than 
any car wash will give you. 
800-638-7600,*=" OR MAIL THIS 

•Irill.r..,,.'. ■ ■■■''■ •<■■ ■ .,,1 

(Si t. '"'■■■' ' ' 

t 1>..M I • I- 

All ' .. 

r M ,.\i!„7i ~\m.~SMmmi Ciuaid. P.O. Box SOOO. CUft,.n. NJ <»701S 

\ wn 

1 1 r V 

VI ^ 

\ i'KKAll'T'V i'liuNf, 

„ lAfm/fN .; vEs ciNo 


" BIkTm I'M"! 

1 i">i,l"rrM HI 



"■"-'i!.—. I 

AnuriransAt Tlun B*'st 



Classified Classified Classified 

I he Harbinuir Soplcmher 24, 1987 Page 7 

Ad Rates 



ron. MALS, 


student non- 


flight Unm»> »r* f-».S«. 
I.SS 9ach mtdittonat 

Help Wanted 

A4iiiitn)jitrali«« Scfukts 

S,, »m>t jmpcn ■ S.3,/(>ii|!,e 
i.',..„,,Bn..< Tii,-w,, CofTes., etk 
■ incc. Call 

WOK Dretx"B;ssi NcnTPi m, . . 

UiKf <n«il«y pBf«:« • Sl/i'Mgc 
llenim«.,Tlieit» Teimjiape.v 
<lc:. n y«aiin.M.i)«:Tteiicc, Call 
ShMM: S77-7JI9S.,, 


I'toi'tasniwi trr"» ■*'"' 'yi*' 

ri-T.,.i«-ihlr pfH.f*. ljK::jMBtl leu 

Mm Hiiiiwf. 
■■ ^ !« • (ree 




SlCi.ri'i" !.: "::■>'■' l-iK \\' ,. SoW 

Hmnn CAM M'". I 

^(SJ'iAt'. *MI • >-\ fa 

: Hi... imlo. 

\r* yH'Mi MMittiig for: 
I Ii:mW<; lemi* c>l" pmijloymeiil. 
•.>-Slfk«ktw |>liB iH-melk*. 
--^'halmkpi a«*«bHc. Cmter 
fp;iBnnf!(« with ^tnnif 

Fllf CT«rl/M«i«iiftr - 

Brokoage/publtiliiBit firm. 
BainnitiiM inti. Carret^ tot 
lociilTileiMiiiiKk. Will pit) 
mileace. SinriMf ul.aO' 
l4,»/hrlj'. Tk*.* 'Tliurs..') 
mil i,:n .1 "ifl p.m. Call: MJ" 

IrlrnurlKlini, - 

Ik' it <k*p uticatl in the Bisiikmi 
mnU. h)f' hiwtni Klemirlitmg 
«x|MiinKe .iMdtr ytm Wi' 
toiasiic (ipimruiniiy lo msdtt 
yomttmme tfiil> complcie' 
Cull Davciflerfipitv 41H- 

cm ist: Mill"** 

NOW HIRlNt. '•■ -mo 

St Ciirect opp.;:-- ■ '*'iM' 

Tr:iin), Ei.tdl«« pay ptii» •oiU 
Havel Hawaii, B.aHamjs. 
CanbtK-im. ftc ' \ll NOW 
3»-7V.-riT75t Ml '■■• 

HariMrr Ci»Heff - 
The Bi,n offKe. Jl ,W, n ItKikini 
ia uuihrn lot luture evemia, tkn 
finber inlormti>>Fi ninta:!: 
Ke»eii, e»i -'■•'' 

1«7 Harpi't WMe^ K.1II n-iim 
iiMtk manageri and slant uns. lor 

hoiiiii antl' a»a>. f";ill 

cu. 2'%<» ur li: •■ 111 

PK *»li for M,.., ;■ 

!iHiPPi?<«; * rfchmm; 

FImiWc !■: 
tor itiiili. ■ 
Gr<nT. (■.!• 

LfSill SlTMM'". - 

^•W^ 1 ( <)\Nl I I > HON 

rial e*t.i; 

I tie tlamh. 41 rml 
I Kmpani i>f 

..'to* llei'iiMi - 

■Ifcrs nppi'iriom'iiC'* »iili 
*alMN<: fip: ! 
Ite }!*S«H«iaiA."n 

Wfcsik'i J'ou wniil lt> »o«V fu!l '" 
pati-lHtie mti wheihcr >™ hinc 
lakal or tflaied t«t>cnf(Kc *i* 
»lKiiilJ he uiHune T~iml •>ul 

FtT-.d' '>• 

* Ttu.,: ..1 Ail.nuum 

H*'i|lii' ...rismgion Ril 

Aiitnst"" !^■■l.',M^ tItifliHt 
M'i«»il t ! u 

tin;iiirt flMlithiii - 

Oiif amiiKiuj liiii a r- •' 

imMfar iniiKe. '■'' 
o|»eiitn( fen • qwiliiin-u •...i.. .■..u.>i 
wkt winis w jowouf njiKniwiilc 
leinB, Ouf coitiprelie»»f»c 
traiwing program alltiwv 
nidt«Htual's viiih i:»r wiihtiul 
«.«|)ernrni:s; m prni'rtv. .k-nirilim: 
Id then o^^n :ihilii«-t I .■; 
nMjt)'-' .'iitttl Ckafial 

FliUlk -; 

■.™( lor T:m(i: 

U llr iBi. - 

a l«*nt|; liw htn«d«Tpc», 
\h.,irwvr\ ,, i»>l t, mti ottit'r kiiwh 
■1-1 I ihf (Icirianih 01 

II nHi jtt j(l rcnK J i;n<,«J wile 
.mil t.iii h.i(K,!lc ail ihf .Juue% ii( 
runntni )ti(ir own hume, llrm 
nhwt helping om viw« intomr 
whifc goirij! Ill .. ■■ ' 

helping Will- !■ 

R^Mt»\ Al. 

Why Mifttt t)v .. ■■'> iM 

oii.v '■ ■ ■ ■■ "•!■' " 

II! \N HI 

an:,' . . . MONl: 

BEAU II \(,!W«I« 

afiontiW-- ■■'Ml 

efteuw metl»i.«l •>« iksiroymg, (he 
iinw-minJ hair «»,>l - «i hair 
CU" ■ ■■■■k. Cenifieil 

Kv .1. nM»i-c<- 

K " ■ ■ 

I ( iM -II I in.. SSI 

V.1,., ' '" ''iijime. 

U lOMI'lI IS* 

\Vftr(f|inKT^siTi« Vrri k't'^ 

Skin Car* - 

Purl-timr help ««l lor 
tt«imcu>i<:»|»i insMMjiu, T'^W'R, 
2 1,0 H p.m... Sal H a.m. ii' ^ 

p.m. (flciihK.-! '■■.'11 ''-'llv 

SiciiM* at: K.-n <i:'i«'| 

ChiM Carr • 

SiKCT nixJ.«l f« i»t) hm%. agi-< 
one. and ,:i h.)il. .tiiJ livc-.iiu) j 
half. I'Milav i J In * lir:'. ilunrij; 
.the dalj" Norlh lloflmiin Relates 
Sl»h.rly fall: ?».«)'»:* 

Krlail - 

MciM. sjxvi.-'" .*■■■'■..■• ■" 
.■\flm(;li.'.ri li 

>'X|*TIC)'1U' li ■ ■■' !i"l'.." 

ttaibte hts .;-" iV>: 


Wiii!ri>..'v*-' ■■ir.-"f<4 nffidMl for 
privai. '' t'uti all J 

Pan !'■ , ..i.irM availatilf 
Coniiitl.: Cindy. .J.KI-4310. 

Criinnli'i Italian 
Kntauranl - 

Ha^ npeningii for ALL 

[•■.>Mi..i<m4. II you lit' frtcmlly. 

I'liiliiiM.i -Ik . .I'lHirlcous. cn«tt.rtit. 

.1 hi.i*(iitalny 

. . ,. .■. <i'<s r.. Uiif 

Ril-iiSiilMwiiitwig. Or Call- :40. 
:i«l. «>am. itjfcp.m. 


|i:-!;-i I'" IiiOi'h ni.<h, I-ult jrul 
■ ■!■'( available 
»<H ■212.2 
SthjiijlJihun,; U«. atKW.. 

Oflhery I>ri»(fr» - 
Hanlrd. flriiblf hrs. K<M>d 
[>a» (all: .»5H-I*'I7 ur 


ll.lp V\anti-il - 

Kikhi-n titlp. piriA mahir* 

and [ihiint E'rl*. Hi'»ihlf 


lall; .'SX-1M7 ..r W». 

MnuMhiild llilp - 

...,,,, Su'fwi 

., I.' l.ri 

_. .ilK lltf 'WI 

juu . ■■ lamily ital 

y„ui .. iliiipevcrylhmg 

iviryLwn..*. Call Wilf, Inc ' 

1 1 Hilar - 

MamtT Bin/ E*pli»cf Bast.* 
Ciuiur \^'hnc wuh lil*k 
h;jrd*arc l"v: mmt . \..lijng 
S4;.S, Calll,arr\ '•y>im\ 

/.JiHII *f - 

I havn'i been cncoutiiging mftme 
tocbanylhmg. Pearl. 


H«»eli««p»r - 

Em... rd. and sin yi* o( e«p.. 

Liw wen. ft)riw.»ri: info (all 


vvantMl .• 

1: ipcfkniwl' dnven liar imam 
(iLixirii" Muxl <UM- i>*1l 
u-l'i... Ic limit-. I 'IHO 3 a..«i, S2.S,/h,rly 

Wanlnl - 

.F(.ir sno* ' . . ■ furareh 

mem h\^v^ . : i ili** 

A.F'pn ' HI !> hr'.. 
nilwIJlil SL>*rly 
K .iinenaited: in ihf atwvi- call 
Jane: f«.«». 

ro% SALI. 

LM wa« KMiglil and found 7 ' 

Ski .Ratk - 

ago by her bO)'fri«nd. Please 

^ 1 • k.ii-k in pxid 
.i loch « 

rcitpea 'ihai. 


Call Kim; 

Htf Mr. fum - 

Show yi>ur«lf. you gady 


Buick '■■■ ■ ■ •.'.mvcniWi-. 

fp. no run. A.Hk.m(i i 1 ■***< 

Mii-uii(.'. Liiunderbml ! 4 inch 
vift-t T-irii... i lug; pailem. l-i>r 
normal Nni"> '■•'•'. '■■i; coml 
S»/p«' • >*iii .ill 


t'lve (7 inch! reels of ;malily 
audio rwivilmg utpc'. Hii;h 
outpuWeileinded ranjic Ma.xcll 
l...!D 3< ■ ■ ■ . 1.0;tt 

Faeiof '■.'jei.ofS. 

CallBirt. .^..■. .,:.(). 

I9TD \>Ea - 

Pasifil - ■ I li.iH' 

ihrecili. . . Wl.'l \1..' 

«l.creo iadu.,1. Aiikiiij', }4l « i,tiesl 
o.ffer Calllmda; .I4;...un. 

**' HSS t'aman - 

I )ik- ihCHixaiK! mtici on fchuill 

trans K ill 

Krar I ■ ' :i 


IVtUI M I>l coil) 
CAI |.M)\R 

...''1^1..; ..-iI I .n. ii,i.ii !'» nA 
..tUli |i.'K.i;h. r..iM i'-- 

Ciingralulatloni Par K - 
way w go! f-rom the world's hc«t 

PR man 

Chriity ■ 

Just where the hell is cold wiser 

RobtfM - 

tXml lorijcl wcall JtjhnillKm. 
This IS vital. 

f>ear Martha - 

Bubble-eyes is my (•ultncnil. but 
keep in touch. 
.Signed. Honey Bunny, 

Jot Banther ■ 

Way uj gixv' But. you don't have 
10 he an alc(>holie lo hang with 
me Mr Fun 

Dannji - 

Will voi! ptt oiii *ilh me'' 
1 ,n,. [1ic W'himp Horn Moll 

Cristf - 

Ciive'm Hell. 


Belt J Rtile* - 

(Xlobcr t» ill' - il tiy Muluiuile!.. 

From PriHT;tiii Bii.iul 

Ihur Kimhii - 

\ ixi :if.' M' \«.i^h". y.'j<hy 
I vti'ilci Siirry aUiui x.'Hir 
hifih!.!.;iA. hill I i!.>rr! Im-.' I M'. 1 
■ ■ '■ V^-inK' 

..clki'i-tic I ovo 1 ,.i -Miv'-vay. 
Aunlic iVafI 

cusmiiii KimcE 


i'...t.«prT* r";ak«uilt>' 

' l*i< fmid 

... *(ll |W.'.M<k" 
.^. I '...11 arhi fwn 

.... .«,(. ..ihiir, .li(|.. iml 

Cal 4N-SS2t tor an >wo*"tiiitnL 

Hie Harbinjior StptimlHT 24. 19S7 

I'lif-e 8 


Hawk's volleyball 
team beat by I.V. for 
fourth loss of year. 

Despite winninji first ni""'" "' vear. tluwks eonie awav 
winkss in match. 0-15. 4-15, 15-10. and .1-15. 

M»wlii rinmllis timU, r>«n Vlnriln e>in<»« n rrilim d«f<rnl<T 
as lie riithrx fnr hH third Mrulchl KNt-jrard tunir ■» 
dawn lilt Trcjin*. If 7. f»„lo CrrM: /«*■ Mil ir*(r 

JL M. €m. tt l%k 9 2;^ %Z Mf 

by Trojans, 
15-7, rush 
to 3-0 

Martin rushes for 3rd 
straight 100-yard game. 

b; mil Kliiirllitrit 
Sports Eilllar 

Eighth-tankctl Haqx-r hiKlol 
filiti -ranked Trritin liisi Sdiuiitoy 

in SI N4C game btlU w t "Bimlf 
Al the end of the game, the 

Hawks (3-0) were siili suntting 
m ihey wuhrttKMl ihe Tiojam (2- 
t). l5-7„ 

TIn' (Mriw- huAt Ihc mold ol 
ihe I ' ■ ■, Hariwr games, 

js ifk- .'. Ajs limned 10 15 

poims. bui ihe rinhirij; "itaiistics 
»efc sill I in i,.t.:l a>. Har|KT 
oumisiwd TriKtn, 220 yards io44 
\ ards. 

Hawl ■sophomore runriM 
hack, Dan Martm, mshcd (or I 

The Havvk ilcfens*- iXTloriuci! ui 
usual stilfiil.irds. direini; (i 
turnovers while allowing only 15 
points in ihe last three games 

Early m the game. Hawk 
Utianerhatk Al Snjdcr hit Dale 
Pras* kvr a 1 5 .j ;ird lout'lklown to 
give the Ha»k-s a 8-0 lead. Dun 

Mirtin ran the tall m for the 
two-point consersion. 

Early in Ihe setoncl mi.irier 
Trojan t)uiirtcrl\Kk, Ken Holfm.,in 

r:i puon trom 12-yanls 

■ the gap to K-7 in 

1.1..:. ... ....:;« 

But hfhw the hall, Snyder hit 
Robert Harden for a 5'Vartl pass 
1.0 end the seonnc at 15-7 

Snyiki 1 unshed Ihe ^MOie *itlj 
*> coniplcuons i:m 14 aliempis loi 

SK yards and 1 mlea'eplion. while 
Hoffman (mtsheil the game 10 ol 
17 for IS 6 yards and ,' 
iniertepnoti' " -;■-•■■- "■■- ' ■■ ■ 
picked olf 
ir.IiT. .-puons, 

rnn;u»lad c 
'. line al iini 


The Hawks siitMild rmwe up m 
Ihe NJCAA poll :. ■•< 

ranking of ei(jhth 

T"his Saturdiiy tht- H.«ks itusti 
10 Joliet to meet ifie Wol-. 
game stwitng at 1 :00 pni 

II* l.miru l.fdMiMM 

line tack m ■: 
..-■ua the H.iv. . 

"Ineonsist. ;. . in.un 

proMi-m. ' (■>>.kti K.irul.ill ' 
.itlerujiiK " A^ ih.- eirK Ir.irii i- 
■Ji'-iipliue she!' " < 

i'lfii heads in ■; 

.il'le to pull m,.ii i:i.v, II, M jH.nii-, 
.iiiil games: we'll sLirt Liking 

diirini:, Hai'tXTs vuiorn 
iiame "ru.;.-..!,.!'. 

nialchesas well '■ I'ommunieation. Passing is key 

Ihc icam has been ' i^. and ihe girK h.ive 

::iet)lraling on eiimmuiiiealion 'e,ss in that are.i, 1ik>." 

' '' ■" :■•-■- ■ ■ ( Ik iiMth admits lh;ii iSiini;-. 

aren't looking imi rosey .,( ihis 

..I,..- -. ,;, ,,, ,. .,.,,.,,,; point in Ihe win. loss dr|\iiiiiK'iu, 

third lastTuc-Ll.,'. isnq 'I ni.m , Incited 

Ihc Hanks. IS ■! is 1, IS. If). 

:,,1,,. .Still. Randall's poMine .iltilude 

H' .iiid and molivaling >(>ini remain 

.,.,,1, ufRlaunicd f 

iiier The Hawks will be 

. i",i.< li.iK.T - II iri serve partitipating in the Wauhnnsec 

reiunis Tournament tonight, and iheir 

"Our delensuc btiKking has "''" h"""" '"and will be against 

improved, due to heller Jol'ei, Tuesday at 7: W, 

'Thrvn ll,Ar(*fr kotlryhatl playciA uwuii ihe out^iimif of the uamr us llie Hnwks werv 
dimntd hy visllni llllnuis \all»> In suffer llifir fnurth llr^^ of Ihf year, fhiiia 
Crrdit: jmt H»rUr 


lA-inch Softball 

There will be a 16-inch softball league starting Scplcmber 23 and 
ending October 30. Gloves are opiitmal. There will he a nieeiing at 
Ihe gym in M Building on .Sepi 16th at noon to discuss the rules. It 
is very important you are at this meeting if ymi plan lo play. Sign up 


Raci|uelball tournament 

It'll be first come. Iirsi listed for the Class "D" racquethall 

tournament slaied frmn '» to noon. Saturdav, Oct. 17. The 

tournamerii will be liniiiosl to the first 16 entries. Signup is al ihe 

ititranun'.il oltisc in M-Huilding, fhere'll he pri/es tor ihe top four 


UarptTthon race 

.And sign up now for the Harperihon one and three-mile races to he 

run Thursday. Oct. 22 on the outdoor traik. All students, faculty and 

.iff arc eligible to eonipcie ^uth pri/es tor the top three male and 
ieii'i.tle iintshcrs 

8-Ball Hilliards lOurnainent 

■ : !ip 11. >w fof the October 'I Billiard lournamenl in the Pool Mall 
:: ', '" i.imited spaces are remaining. 
Floor Hockc} 

Inleresied in playing floor hockey this f.iH'.' If siv, be ^ure to be .it 
the meeting on October 22 at noon in the gym in M Building. Games 
Mill be played on Thursdays starting November 5 and lasting until 
December 17. If you cant make this tnceting, contact Dan Koss at 

'\t. 2'I63. 


VOL. 21 NO. I» 

WHIiam Ralney Harper College Palatine, Illinois Ihf Hiirhinycr O. i..ti« r I. 1«>«7 

Retirement plan.s put on hold 

McGrath named president 
of Trinity College 

.mtt'lk-it hi'H i'l.imn-il i 
!i,, ri Ii .,i!in."ijii„. ■! 

mum iis well as < 
h run i«f J fiiifHS* ••■'-' 

H'liiiiMMilHiii^Miiiii^tti "T f 

>i) itlanMil If '■' 
•■ -•' - rmd (H thr 
hot. I*')* 

7th Rankfil 

HUN\ KS iJO 4-11 llrmitk wn1 ■»tih ilv fipfmflimitii 

hvhiiicl defense 

Job Placement Center - 
an employment service? 

lit IVurlllnKkram 

M.*ll.*:i'J'll;' l"i)l(«H- ^' 


|H1- Mt>li- 

I l.r It 


Coming to Tfie 
fiarbin^er - next issue' 

Thr Harbinger r- proml tu iimiouiiu tlu 
Dctpnmiiij of II 111 »r tolumm-.t btni>"iini) 
Oct. 8. 19B7. Wi iinll net ili-ilo.. tlu 
rontcnt oj the (■•'•••■..i l.ut Uurt it up tu our 
ti'titiiful rcadi. f '. ' < tin ihm In -.. 

Ill out tutitmuid i tt"'' '" """' '"" cmilit". 
'^(jmrtluiiM III If tmil « til 1 t i .1 1 »ni ii> (lupi 
u'ltti till'. tin<- I'ltilvtti 111 ii'iU do jif.t th(»l. 
Oxif lu 11' ioluinni',1 tiic, ixpcticiicc in tin 
111. if. that 'Jit U'lll coi'Et. •.() ili>n I luM 
KutiK. u'l ri thTowmc} 'Mint: tijto ui i)uu. 

Ilmtik i)oii iiqiiin, cmii timinilHt ii-ithoul 
Muiii Liippott ii'i; nil nolKinif. Tht 
Huitnimi't SluJ) ■ 


# wP „„i^, P* 


The HarbinRiT ( >ct()b€r 1 . 1 987 

Page 2 

Fall Festival queen 

ilij C*irto Car? 
Stiff Wriiir 

[' JF'.: umkrway lor 

F.iji ' ' ~. incliKliiig itie 

«)<■» [.:.!!! tvii ihc Full Fcslival 
(JiitxTi Sn ea«l«bK's *iU he 
j»iilp!<t hf nnwiiiinfc. piise. 
(KfiMMtity. iwtKipiition M 
HarpTT :i«) i» wlefvicw wn* iht 
■..L-k-i ih'ii iiimrottlec. 

Ii'> >i« aiwinwit or 
(Hjptilainij coti,ic,si." <au\ lisai 
Hunter, sitliimnismuvf aMisiaiil 
d' Ae prograw kniril. "Ii'i 
soiii«ne *ho.r«|)ifieni»Hiinier." 

"I was m II tasi year and my 
fcnils «sked mc » * ii (agjin).' 
Mill R>ui Ccillins. Collim. a pre- 
iiail: awfcm, u a nit m m l« 
WHC Cher ipcwiKii). Her h«»l*ieii 
iKluA- vmginit. w»«| paeiiir 
lUMl wCTking wiA huNliciii) 
cfciMitP. H«r gonl. i( elcewl 
Om« is 10." . . - get »<« 
■MicM* mvolvcil »'i.ili nc>l juM 

ISlUllCllvltlCS hut (ihllvUKS) 

Jte(ni;(!:l>nini''i€ year." 

'Tve doiK' ahil, iiwt abt of 
|ie€|il*." Kiiil Karen Hawram*. "t 
love inrtting jicoplc." ■..(ic atd. 

Hawrantlt i". ■ ■■■ ■ -xtind 

i'lcU. her ti. 

|*olnp.i; , ., ■■-;-- kiiMf mKl 
rumtinj;,, Si»n.w>f«l by ihe 
Sctrti-irul Intt-m'.hip ptOKr:nn. 
^hr ;■' ' 

«a.. '.t 

liic I.U.' . . . u> ; 
invotvcd. n> «ln".i t 

jusl ■ commimuy tontgr 

liK4|.udin l^Klte is a 
pofessioKil. iw'NJcl who ■■ 
iiWciiM«4 io fatfiitai and voin 
ccil]«aii).g'. A firsi audem ai 
Harper, tamttair pliini to lotn 
lame clohs and dctiiW lo 
pniciiNiie in the pgcJiM 
IwcaiiK. "I {hoitght .11 would be 
fun intta-sung. and a challcnfc " 
She sees it as a thante tij," 
leally he m-. •'■ -'.•,.■'• tlarpc.!'." 

M«y K.'i ■ .1 

hosmwsi a.,1; : : 1 1 .sliKVni, 

her »[>tm.M>r is lUc I'Togram 
'Eksfd.. [fcr holtbm tiKlude 
ikijiig, 'laitiinf and ccnrdinatmg 

■CMtes. She a involved with 
(lie Harptr Speech Tcitn, HarfH-r 
Cowmillee for Alcohol/l„irug 
Awaimic** Pn;ninm «nd Hatpct 
PRifCnm tkmi altiantKHin 
acii'vitiC'S Sid coordimitn' 
Buum-tt adnmismion 
itwlent, D«ann« Ptacek i^ 
inieresied m ceramics, ifoss 
counlT)' skiing and llw ouldoon 
In addition to a (nin-time jot> 
Ptac-ek IS a memhcr of Hu Tbeta 
Kappa. Fhi Hii Ctupief She 
believe* people shrwld, ". . . try 
lodi> . ■ ' ih Ihc iim.e 

you ' -. tt>. ". . . 


Alicia ,Sla.wfn ia an execiiti%-e 
swicury audenl. who en pys 
bei-ig ID beauty paf;t'..uib .iml 
doMf aeroiiics. ' ' ' 
abcwl myself ark'i . iing 

Ihe girh " Slawm tu,'- im 
ihc lUrp:i Dmng Tcjin since 
lUM.pLk'ins lifihatO'ie 
Niilionals m \WT She a. also 
prewieni ul" Fulure .<>Ci:retiiriCi. 


falling AU. Dancers 4 Actors 

'"I'i.. rmi.tu^. laiMi. .Ill >. h..uuw «!»• •>u>laH 

., .,:,.,^-j.r »i..> «T".. »u^ £S;~r::'" 

r.t„ Ltl. P.l.r. • .t.*-«l •! ■•.r>»r ^.U..!. mftmn* 
■ajwr t«iur.«« JiMf in« *• MvlAAKi tnli l»aB *iliu*i< 

111 iiiy(Ullwl.| »« »r«»»M ll"lr ■» """" "'^ 

1,11 ■iSM'i** fW "'' '-■- 

«t.«««A tJ** 1 - J 

MMiM .wiioip—t. •-•■ •• •••"»"•. ■ijrrLi"";ttT'' 

.«i>»it"i»ij ba*i* •' ■••'1"^ ....•«■ - "'. <■*• ►.'.»■»■ to- 

».t.r ftu.lM c*u i^M»t Tur f'tftmr l^<^rw»t»«i w*l i.i»l*i»il»».. 

.^uM L-it, ftta-M >*■ u.ii 

l»l«4. « • M*r|wr cwliMi* CaajM* - i^«3 

I- far ***!» #rti», ft«-« ,j^at »rl« - IJ) •^ftw«»« 

to the future 

In k.m Oiiiriiwtkl 
(.rjlui.-.. f.l.t.w 

M , 

ami U'u 

help 1 ■ 

PhiUips antl i '. 

P'-' ' ' :'-l.unt'd the 

*..', her position. 

i«:lutlir.j,;i ii-,k'l"Ki mniuluuon 
psychottigital evalHatt.i>n\ (4-^ 
hours per ctn' '■ * :■'-■-„•'.. .iru) 
meeiings wiiii ;Mr...'rits 

andieiitli...M'-. .. ■Ml 

w(,«rk.,:: ... 


Ii M(»nlli Studnil Special -Sl-i^ 

mil ..I liraiU-il ,i(TiihK> lUt'Llp' 
\liilli. I'm imiialion tti-« i<r huhiiIiI* iliu-^ rrijuirttl 
(..ill i<i(,|,n Itir a cimijtlnni'iiun uiirkim!. 


• lull M.uhin(t.iriiiilMif 
SjuliliiN iK LiKlf (Abi'V 

• ( (impuUTi/fd Kxcrcis* Bikes 

• t ardiov.iM ulur BahiaiiiMis 

• Vcrobu Inu Inipm and 
l:\frtisc (llasM's 

•%;ll(r Kiihii I lassis 

• Viiiniioiul ,inil PiTMHuli/i>d 
*urkiiui I'rogrjnis 

• IViims (knurls 
•Taiinini; Beds 

• \(i ( <isi \ursen SetMce 

• I ilness \sM'ssn«-nl TesI 
Vdmiiiisicied Bv (AiTcisr 


• >iH\ul i.or(>t>rau- Kates 


||||UM Mm,|| 

i ItHKlfield Like 

Office Campus 

IIKH) i: Vtbodfield Kil 

Sclwuniburg. II. (>(il"^ 

882-1 ItK) 


Thi- H;irhin«ir (Klohir I. I'»87 

r'iij-f 3 


* ' V T ,0 v^ IVI I J<1 L ^ II I || f 

^ contemporary college radio. 

Just (o thtm jiiu Ihjl I ilon'l «prn(l \l I uf ifii Itnir 
bitihing about lliin);« I find urimy niih the \ilii><>l, U\ ,il"iiil 
lime I praiwd a chanur for Ihi- hitttr. 

(■our lilll* hrllcrit: WIH M. I tiliri Out. until llns^um ■>iir. 
would tlkil rnilj .viiMns or sisEl<"> 'rom Iht- ILirptr (.iiiiiliil \o 

l-rom <Im_* om- of tins M-tm^iii I hmc founil rtHsrH 
li<>(rn>nE r»i;ul;)rl> In WIKM ■ .IK st.-|i uul i.l rin 

ofUci? ju^^l lo IU'.:r uhjt's (>l.ini" ■ ■ ilu- 4.n^ "I hr.u irt;; 

Madonnii four tnin'v ,i il.n Vu» I ..iii In .ir r»tr\ ilniiM (mni 
\fnivmilh to // top. tUjlhs tn /jpi^t 

I ri-c«ii)l,» *[i«ln' Willi Villi MMrfm, lliv Jo'tirr.O M.nujjtT 
III V\ IK At, lo Tind oiil jlinul thi^ r.nlni ii'n.iiivmtr, Mnirlon. .i 
«>fl->pok*n. I.iid-h.iii indhkluiil. iri'ilits (usi .ilntiil i u 
but hiniAtir for Ihf iniprovmu-tit: Muau' Hiinti'i l"i!<:' 
Mitliifr, ProuriWii iJirrctiir Stiitl .Sokolnviski. Ilir .''-'■ '■■■ i. . . v. 
VdiJMir Timi' SchtKfkt. Mo>l of all.< Mi<fr •• i 

-.t'tttK to h« a miirr rrlavi-c), i-oniforlalilc .illiloil. ■■'!'- ■' •., t- 
aixt ttu' l»tMtl1t. and il ^liow^i. 

I luuldn'l .ti;rtr morr llul >titl) Hit- "rrlautd" alliinitr, 
llicrr aKo H'i'IIH |i> h« t profi-*.viiiiialr>.m and a m illinioirks t.i 
lldapl Id lh<">tudl'nl IhkK that prilia|i> v^J^.r^| iltrrt- pri'\ii<ii>li 

Anolhrr,, morr li*«jiilflr rra^im Morton <il«'s lor titr 
rfnr«i-d |><ipiiliirtl> of llir vlation iv llir muMt iKrlf, \\ liitr tlir 

format (faKgorii-'i of rouMt i ' '-■■t'ed ilir <.anii'. tin- 

"current" falcj;'*' ><"» nirom, 'I^h mrn nth In loy 

liivrn iiirplac a»itppmi-d lo juM . , • . jh tii icjn ()j»i 

.\m(Hf.: the other tliani^vs al \\ III M «n iIh- miriKhiilnin of 
a \«'par.iit- titw* slAtt Wliilt: Ihis \iall is slill under 
dv"%'rt«rpmcnl, I pcrsimalH think il\a l^rtat idea. I alt'tiriakm^ 
"storir* and updates, could luu; an immcdiair iriipail loi iIium- 
«ludentN uhii are campuv- hound during the . 

\nd itpeiikint; of^lalfv. I ««.>« ama/td li> l< arn Ihal VV III M 
ha% up«ard» ill .15 \lalT memlwr*! IT i>M>-hour slot I),|>.. four 
".enior «talf lllenrrai Manager, rruaram tlirrilor. Music 
Director, iind Ncms Ittrecton, and several ofrwe workers. 

V>i» alMi spoke ahout Ih* mn -found e,ise amonnsl WIICM. 
Ihe llarhincer, the Senate, and the Pronrani Hoard; three 
iHMtws triidiliitnall) ai >».»r »iili one aniillitr. Tllr hjilclicl is 
iitTiculU.and hiiprfulU ptriu.intutly.lturird. 

All in all, WlttM is alise and uell in lh« ciillf|ce- radio 
mnrket. Ci<i iml iiTjour sta.> lo chn k ihrm out. Il will Iw Horlli 
vmir whitt. WcktMnc tuck, i;ii.>s! 

tarry I 


Letters to the Editor 

Leiiera iu ilje Edit or 


SFioudC Health Services gWe out condoms? 

m pr ■■iinp.j gi M 
W^ 1 ^ ntBif . 

t-ou Kifi/ejii 

'■ihj' nor I ■ 

MpOrtlHU li, : 

Kevin <i'itiia 

i;i;l fiui imn 

VVendt Iluinker 

m, A'- ■"■■ -'■ ■ 

^ *- ^ I 

. I itunk It i> a 
!.H ilK- I'll ■I.,-i lion 


Letters to the Editor 

L ^ i i '" j:; i O i Ij ^ K Cl J r O r *''''-**^*'**" apathy agreed on; But the sokitUin...? 


I" I 

tlear Edilnr: 

[ have a Itriter ihai I'd like 
ytm lo print In ateoidancc wiih 
Toni' Appc'l's talei. I have a few 
rMints to l>r«g .lift. 

'-'■"I I ,h„ gpc,. |t,j,( ((,(. 

'11 need •ort. I 
* ■■ ■ ■ ■]] f'fiifn nn 

ps*.si worit j[ 
.'MllKHjgti iht 

vsufk. I (Ion t ttiiiili ttiji \'( 
AppC'I's tjuiltini; th..- pajKt will 
matteiai .r' 
If h- 

eiiMich iisi Ikm... .. .,1 

<lcallii^p< at Kh'" !.< not 


A,-. I .li..l.- 
•riiilr, v.K< ..'• ■ 
»'''' .'■■'ii scituwri . 

hh Il-II. 1 drm'l 

Ilia! > tht' tnjiiiiiif ihi'-. ■. 
longer sittf. If dfiHW., 
dB jomcthmg fast, ut Itis;,k-nb 
of this scttool will go 
unirpKsrnicd. apiin ' 

iin'i ilui the attmidi; he 
cnmplatns ah*HH ihiowgh ihf 

«hoIc Iheinc of tlvc kili-r' 'He 
complains ih.n 
apaihcl'tt when ti- 
the (11 ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ,111.111'., nil 

hlati. 1 1 that I 

Ik Ji'iii:, lUit. !« i jiu! 
lh{"< itul Itcqi ihis km 
ii:!i.:\;jrii al H.irpi:r '"' " 
^•l> (Ipels 
rnigram Iltiar4 t.^i^u. 


I VUtuI;! 

still iikc lo I 
V.'-, 1 

kc the niiii.' 

Ifi.ll Ilii- *ti,i<.tiil hixlv m gtncral k 
' 'I.: liinscvxT, II « up lo Its 
., .U1..1 ttK- lfif't':n|Tri In 
h:.,.iifu:: allies in It' • ' 
student arialh'v. In ' 

■'UBdt iiroun.i 
,,"o nul srtfl • 
Crjh ' 


'■"-' ilMli. 
I i!if siiidcnfc 

(•rtj;>".> K Kranik 
Nludtnl Senate Candidate 


t:>c.n (.iit'ijiiry Chaipman: 
In r<-j.:anK n. n'mr j..i,-ir, I 

, ntitf.l in ttk , .■ - ^ r 

'>;.-f> '>iiK'tn|''l.jic Itiis 

1 ■■< i'«tui II IS wtinh, I've 

!'"tin!t ihc hlock a It* 

''il- in doinjt. have giow'n 

' ■■m, hut I iwist 

■•■• if-e how jou 

i i-uM-yunectse titie 
.il siJunaU'On, ihm. 



I ask ycNi It] Itxtk at 
' ihest- tpjaliKirs tha. 
' ikicsl in others, 
, l.nirul viithin yoursctC 

1 write this bc;c4use several 
years ago I was csaetly where 

you siiinii now. By ihc wa>. 
mellow out: this counlry will nm 
piTBh tluc It) laik of ihmkin^; lot 
one's st'll, 1,11 iimlormiiv .iinl 

passimy IS as old a> thf human 

So. (ircg. why not K- whal 
sou "."11 iMudcrii. Uiter, h.iicr 
'.tti.iifvrr 1 .inii loi du 
ihc test I'copk- rt.'lie .<l ihfir 
4i*n pail-, al then mti) theiosirig. 
Leave them he' ! c>\i>n\ arc 
learned hy all. nn ni.iiu-r him 
i«gnani oi "hip' '.'.ni iIitI, iiu-y 
nay K- 

"Irike I.e.,' ' ,> 

fct, ■ .;!ia 

Ifcii", ,,i!ng 

jUtl^Unnn.n priv,, i.niijiu ,n-.. yviu 

would not he wrmng ihcm in ihe 

liisi place- Vou would know 


firrnadellr A Sebasliani 



Thf Harbinger (hioher 1, 1«»R7 

Paue 4 

i '1 


Siik-e 1984. CiiritKily Killfi 
Jht CM has han ate to the: mO'^: 
|iti|Mite gnwiK ti> ihc »» iigc t.i 
irinsh IMSK . Now villi' then 

UJ. detiM. teaJtaiJlaiiB. 

(M«l«'iiryjll"*»lyff»iii). l(«e fctad 
iMB. 'llKiif 'Ifan. Ml wrfiil gnwo<J a* 
it |t¥e» Amettcju IHiemcr* a 
new, yei monottinoun. sotii»iJ 
cnniiiie mil cif ih.; I' K, 

I,.' . ■ • iih ihc *li»i>ec 

All'. Kid) .1 pttwfrlut 
.in»|. muth mem- ,)»!■■ 
t and a (ikkI IxKik wilti 

,, k chowms. Aflrr ihaj 

iowever. ewryitimg ii p«lly 
muck the same, 'iTee" is i 
dowCT vcnicm ii( "Straijihl Bjtt 
i:)«:i»m" . Hit w!ih i» ».t>.:i(iiMne ami 
K«gi:w •'•^ ' ■■■'■" •■■■■ 

neti IttT 

The \ii.i'.- •■ ' "'" 

ktJW The I 
iimiily icnuslvi: 

■lecond %iJ. 
t>ri.nar) Bj v 

Cljia «••"<■■ 'I*** '*'■ * '■Slr;iinlit 
Buck tkmn", litu tw>* mmli 
Dcjj Vii t« twe niiin lake *Ul'i 
one rctord"' The 'tantl ih<;n (lows 
{town agjiTi wuh '"Mitf llieh" 
and "Rcil l.igfil' i«>"> winj!* ** 
alike ihal lhc» iliouli) he 
femhiwii iiii(.> <:*ne ciehl miiiiiile 

1 barniif 
.•Ihum i< 

'■■vicncra W l'»elm# »)>■ 

nC* MMintfc " . ■ • ' ■ ' ' 

. IjlUl. Wh.i-1' itK- 

recwil in jow ((V.ii muvk; More, 
niKile siiie to lecp your ijiasince. 

r)ivl It'll-' S.lllllii 

,11 S:m 

acrow I'luntiv i 
Thii- ,"..Ti!iii,; ■- 

talis 10 ti-nni'. -.niK,--. 
e»eninf not lo («• l«rsiM 

: Lip 10 

.'■I ... nl uiikiiK- Mp 
'.'..iiih.ilLiii 1 r.iii'>1.'r, 

.;hi.iii; ti'iin i0.vl''."> 
,, , . ui l:«i- -1" '■''■■■ ■l'■''■■ 
H.i:r(K:i ■vU. ' 


Riiliyii 'lta*lt 
I'nttTtaliMirM UMv 

Thoiifh idi* he ni»liiesit.,y'rt 

ihcrc h<' a aiellmM m it '"''i.* 

itaii ■.- ■■ •■ colomii 

ihn ■■■ • "Tigiielj 

,: ,, 'Ii,; -.i;i ij[' i have 

' \:\ 1.11 ( •T-.l M all, 
>,.i.i .i.r- ..i> idt-a .,(1 wlul 1 am 
tn ms !.■> '<ay III. thin (Kiini oi wh j 

It' fS mj..l.lH-v< >n-tY.f>Jh. lt..,TC ,n 

a "BKihoJ -cl 

it up !hii .•. ■' I* 

„n,\ , inji ■* 

h3»'t mill': ' '-* 

anil .a p.!'-: " 

Verv i'-'» ■ 
tint ' 

re's piulouBiJ mi[-" 
ami wfiiinu ftpni 
i.,li,'i;l',ifili,ni age In prcscnl tiui 

LI © i) 'i I 

Method Behind Shakespeare's Madness 

Ait'i (eel iti w'y piw'»™l '■ 
fill ymt ItaiiannUif- ■ 
fccmi,* *e Hartiiit: 

Whill I *l>ulil !ifc'. 

lh«iugh i^ shij'* >in,! 

Shialoei»|fe*e ••■ '■'" ■'" *"' 

EllMlMdlM s:-"t' *'"' '"•"<••» 
^^f... %t.,,r..ji:,ii.!,. . I, .1'^.' I h.i>u art 

IVriu]'-. I i".J> ■• 
you III wc a [■'■".it' 
On* td (I'K '•■ 
l« hiifni HI'., 

i , . .1,^: h>K t'i.t 10 U",Hi tit 

:( hy a tea*; her whO' 
m,-iiiu,-i iiu(> aiiikriliittl* Ihc 
langi*»|ie nor h*» any *art » 
Uiiieh III. If* » r>-aiiir,-m.::nl « we 
Ijiiy crnr Cli ' huH.sli.l 

ihniuth, t" '''•-' *'-'* 

l)»r(it-r Coli 

„■ hw Shiil'. 

ianiiHgc i» iiiailc i»infcl»un«lalik- lilu* .tiitfr.iiiit i.iV'l >ii : 

■.dk-n vmim-e a|!0«lpc<»J«inm, ll«ruN«iv 1. ^^ ^^^^ 

' the actors inarmerism*. ' ' 

, , , imgf: a'w' pt'orayal f'( *"''■' ' ' 

:i.i,k>n» we kvfti ahoiii all lt»c ''"«•' ''■ '"■;' '"'", ;'" , ' ', 

-„„.•*- .and -sirtV, Shak,cM>.-a.c s mp:Jy .m.i s.- > i. 

.,., ,,, ,. ._ in .1 (iiril,-ini>iJi''' .lUliiii^ 1.11.11' 

miiRter. loitui 
,a*)ul:ir)', iiiccsi. 
httctas, (»iii»»n, gh-' 
even Ki. 

Mow lan vou ^xi .i i'. 
ihi* ;,ii.'iii>r'' ("kiiUiU'v li> I'- 

M u, li \;l'' ^ 'i"U< 

Nulliini; On ZZ-M 

Morrjinc V'allf) C'limiminily 

A Wil»tfr\ LiifClii :0 
ihm Ntiv I*» 

.i ,...( I..I, 

,^!i. r':'n w 

^ : ., .... ,!i s. Sun al 

SI", D, K71 ^•'•; 

Merchaitl i>l \tnut--t)il 

Equily Librari", "Hi is 
production of Shjkc<;pcarc's 
comedy, siy the pnxluters, is 
one of "swilchcd gfiulcr." 
Secomi Cnv ETC' Thcalrc. Um 
N Wi'lk Ss s:H-ti<n3. 

BETTy: an cxcitimj three woman acappdla group out 
oj Wasfiltigton DC. TTicir sound is totally zealous I 
BEXry will be Ticre at Harper on TtMisdoy, Oct. btix 
at 7:30pm in 3143. Tickets arc $1 Jor Harper Students 
at\d $2 for tlic public. Stop by the Box Of Jicc TOD**y« 


Page Five 

'ur w? Fi i^ T? c 

The HarbingtT Octolwr 1. IW7 

Page 5 

The hiiui wii^ni giMnj our way. This wtm't ih.; 
fim Itme my ftieml Dan a«I I tad Iricd lo hcai id..- 
fofmulahlc Jack Dantrts mo suhmKSKW. Nl, once ajMin 
Jnck's OTc-two hca«J-«i>mac-h comht had u* reclfflg."wc 
*«BI 10 ouf neuml cortier near the cii-iirrtic m.ichim> siml 
oitocd a cmifilt of pttc hers iif «»:)» andlgcstt 

"l bet Dulc Wayne iciijlil'u* "'whip|>cd Jatl 
tJaniels." stiil .Dan mwntek 

"The Duke .11 dfiiil." i tMi. "llimcne<lbyC«iiieti" 

Diifi ihMflil Ami ihii for :i mraiirnt, a> Iraw he 
•ppcarcd lo, Dan hij ii gifi I'tir ir ■ ■ -.nil 

can smneiintM he iwisunj! the u,. .u.;hi 

pmi'cv. . I ." . ■ non-lfnear when itv: i irri;'.. i t..Tm n 
i'lt:i'l> 1 n« "neural mwluntHiin 

'l...... ......v( IS a jerk'" vp,;n Dan as i( i:*> 

eiTipha\i..ri- the disjomled asiwcl <^( his mmil (ihnugh 
lippinj; ixTily inward Ifie rurur-il non ti,iiK'![..n ..,r.,'. i , 

"How ». dear'' 

"Vtde ncciljiu':.: ■ . .-. i -vm 

gcme a kmg tine and ilKte am t teen m tme i» iii..l hrt 

"V.. . ''My fnll(i.f ^^.|.l■■■ 

;■■ Dcm'l you :. ■ ■ Aimeuca 

(kv*l> iL"- nt-HK ^ I -. iiplc h,l'. . ' ■ * ; 

A UEAl* O 

i''mnn, 1 haven't got all daj >;i kri.m Glk-kI, now let'!* 
pour a Imle kemuene on ihcr.; and i.hs m u inaieh 
•\'*v»». . ..iiin'i w.uTv RiwAie. we're gonna (kt the m.iik 
i'.k I. in \iii..-im,,.i. -.m- I,; jtoi getlin' ttredorall ihi* d.mtin' 
.uourid, iluii all. Uan %pun ijuk-kly. fii. ; .1 

"Whtia *ere fella' I «t them Baltic iiloi. m 

You iMii ln.^., ■..■,Ti (in the fire there r<af ea> * irr.iiu 

•'"'^ *'c can pel «:in with lhi.n.g.s. " 

'>riclu(lmg lilt 

m;ge IkIi of ■ 
htint'r\ for a 

hxA up ta,. ^W»fTKH*1K.' 'Aih^ l 

nation. Someone tmi,.- )-n ■• 

adiitacan nsk ih.'m. .'.-...:' 

ite »itiat.k>n''' u,- i. >'.■ 

It's ahoiit lime v-<- . 

'"Oltie •.hiiH.iU.. 

■' can he saiiiof him 

is Am he'* a .goaxj i.!i ■.. 

■. ihai tie ihoulil tx! put 


"Rmnic .'* 

"Nafj. he'^ J whrn+v .iri. 

''■ i. know^ il. 

It's alnghl lu have a «:hmi*i- i; 

:' ..•. iiiavlw 

It \ ni.iri.! i[Li.r^ h,.,r i K ■■■. . 

: .. r> ■T'-. ^M't he a 


Jcni. [houph. ihmjiv 


.V ' 'i;[.l!i 1 l''.r' t'M <ri.i ui 


: |l.>i. 

.11 h.iil 

le«t»::i*.. He d pukli : i , L. VlnuiiHiiar ui 


Om . .' 
pccii a!' ' 

swat);.-r «,-iM •.,1. ..,■•«, . ■, ■ .. ,, ,1 

hjtl |ll^l kjllcd a I Kite iiRproinpiii sumnm 

Awrtghl. jarithr nnw v,>u i">er I'l ■■■ -i-ih 

h iwi his hejil I A,iTii \uri i.. A.J -ii" ,.:' h ,n 

■ if youri aiij injie a pil.- ri,-hi h • ; he 

luru-tijei ijinored Dule tijn )).• ktit* m i n.,,i, 

'1 WB! in Itrc (l,:ill 

(ierl*iitnance. I theitighi ahtxii ^ 
■hero. It »!B true. ! thoiifhi. \ 
hcnjamlnli . . ■ • " 
thai invtiru: . . 

Da,n icLumfil Irum ttic baihr«.tiii and 'ai dii*ti. I 
planned' to b<iiir>te Mime other nan'ie<i off him a< 

canrint'--' ' '••■TV. riot, but I hait lo : ■ ' .1 

K'Hl'' "J him ut Ix" think' 

*'■"■''' ' ' ■ •' '' - -.•:'■■ •■"'■" "' ' "•■■f>ra! n'i. ,.,. ..ini »..■ 

fell mill a siarmg itjn- ■■ ...f uv hlinkinp or 

.ifciftrnp h« g;j,re from Iii " ■ , ;.:■ irasi.i: 

•xi''! ■> ■ ' ' 1 "vmc i>i'ie-i,ipi>man»hip, I 

skici. . hr, nnHiift wi(h U.n* 

iiC'Vcr Jill.' ' 

preicnifcd li 

Mailtoro. rii>f ciia mr ^mii 

washed il down with a hall i 

wrved (or the last two hiiii.r% a-, a., .v.m.i-, 

l-iiiaily, I conti-dcd and let my gj/e fall. Dan 
ravhed inio ihc maV-i room to fill hn, moulh with 
«>oihin^: wc Itimi ih,; i'limplinicnrarv p-ircclcin 

Fur Dan. ihai's i.h.i.iiliing clearly. 
"How ihwt Stallone «ir EastwotidT' ( aiilKd wh™ 
.h! Rtumctl. 

"They're nice." 

"I mtan for hero." 

Dan's, eye* In up when fi,- ti.'. ...lied otif 

con*'CTsat.iofi and I knew t.h« venom wiMid sum splashini 
off his de li.[;hi.fui ly sljindenws longiie . 

■ .\fiiih i''r...... ,ri '<»2' EauiwoiHl ami 'Commie 

'"':'"'; ' cm fight for ti if ihcy want n 

'' i' ' '=1 iflaiiei eai..hi>t.her m a slow 

nioti.'.. . ...ihtvrfad." 

. : .,..ii|4ntJ*T'! ih-:" '.^ h..' 
lantasies don i pi.'i) ..mi ». 
hero for hunting wiehoin 

coimliv has sligWy higbci ..«.■■...; >.. 

■"^'ou ihoiighl he was guilly. then 

■■■\..I in •■;,.-« ^'oil nn ftl.,n r,- 
t.h.;ii '., 
fleeiti. .. ., : . 

■I "lie imagm- 1 

!hi" fact 


.1 with 


.swi km:\ 

fore ihou.L- III \,.'m Vorker\ admire that; premedi Wed Klf- 

«k'.lc.n«. " 

' ahoull.kon.a' ' 

"Will) cniphaM^ .m itic T Nah. he's a schmoe^in- 
training He might ^und .i ih.incc again*;! Clint in '''2 

Ihotiph " ' ' ■ '.< play The Three Faces Of 

•*<"">"■ i Tititi.- and Scrioiis-limc. Of 

course ..,.,..,. .,... :>v\ome prcsMleni, il would he 

miercsung to waich Chrysler's war on the Japanese 
automotive industry escalate from incenuvcs and rapidly 
falling rates lo ititiendianes and radio-ac-tiw fallout." 

Dan hegan snapping his fingm -a reccnilv 
mastered i.ileiiL '"What wan that other car guy, . '. 
Wtatsi/ri.ime ' 

I " pu/./led until Dan unottcd in tmaginiirv line|li.heuWc 

T.)cto<can. '" 

"Yeah, that's him! .Audacity mcamale! He came 
ckwr than anybody to picking up the Duke's crown. 
Patty Hearst, temie Cocu and Gary VXnsaa jusi made a 
loke of Anicrrican justcc, DcUvean bought it and held ii 
out to show us how flimsy it really was He was jusl a 
miM-hair Irom hctomiiig a truly gncai hero ' 

"But , , '" 

"But he cracked at the last msuni. Instead of 
tossing hack thai great grey mane and laughing for the 
cameras, he tame away from tlie cotxn battle a repentant, 
hahhfag. horn-again txsib Justice laughexl last." 

"How about a hero''" I asked. 

Dan imitated a private bodily function with his 
li[i'. I ik.,- uho' 

'J:.-.iK,e S-iriitra Day OronncrT 

"Not unless she '.hoots Meese." 


"American herocis don't resemble pit bulk," 

"Gloria Steincm'" 

'N«» (to iticy wear burlap underpnncnlA," 

•Jane Fiwla?" 

I used a wplin to wipe .Dan's replv from my 
.. ' ii't. 


"ff*" "' ■! Wally Mondale School 

of SeIf•Hum^^.,1■ 
■■SiSIy .Sptkci 

"Wllii',siSpai,. .... 

''B.illy Jean .Kinj; ' 

Dan (!).ulled the. one ovci for j momcni "Maybe 

in a few -. .--■ ''■ i,..iyl'w ihat other (.'irl, ihe one on the 

»ary riu .t ilie I'ale Orbs,'"" 

"1,,-^ . ... mured 

"ri\ir.i ilie IJitiigeon Babe'" Dan grinned and 
dcmonstriatcd drnil 'Yeah. , she could have tt all." 

Furred Terd lured Nerd Bird; 
"Nerd Bird, Nerd Bird," purred 

Furred Terd 

Nerd Bird heard word, stirred, 


-Naomi OePtuma 

?«•¥ stMtthfully crtpt In IH« dtplfts of nigfit 

Travellltvg wfittioiil (oar. wtthoul Irlgni. 

Mo tlw Tomb ihey stole, seeking rlcn«s wimin tfit 

dank hole 

Dusty floors, a millennia undltturbed, 

until ttitevlng voice* were sudttenty Meard 

TiMy looted (he graves of Kings long past. 

but their greedy eipresslons changed, 

as the Tomb's door slammed fast. 

Desire gone to 


Ufhcn body and 


feBrome one. 

rontro[ tost to 

the ii>imt. 
As lire rnorots. 


•Qregory Ctiapmen 

ThcHarbrnger Octohtr 1,1987 

\\m' <» 

ducaiioii FouiKla lion: 

Hidden Sponsor for Harper Programs 

N««> Ultw 

The E.ilucaiion Foiwtoiwn 
wM foumfcd w 1%5 to pro** 
iJic maiemi need* anJ ihf 
fiiMiK-lal SMjiiwt fof pro(«itn 
thai taiiMB ••wmie. locil wms. 
■mi iiau: «i(f«)ft ccwM mi* Cimd. 

The F«iin*uwii tiiippons a 
»'iincl* of programs im-lmlinf ihe 
William Haiiwy Harper room. 
locaKd in F building, ite Haipcrr 
memorial bust pro)eci. ihc 
Intcmaiimal Stiidws Program. 
I Ik- WiUam Ramey Hafpei 
riilk;ti- Si-iilpiurc rnwram. ihc 
jiiriii.ll s;>'-i-v,H- ' ■■•iival. 
SUt<4.'r-.hii>-,,..ri,l 1 ;^„k-..n.^'ms. 

The VV'ill:i.jni R.,micy Har|>cr 
room i> iKol iiH (ornMl 
confcicitccs li conwins 
ineiuofihilij <.ufh lis William 
Harpcr\ diploma"*. "Sffv 
mumUillfil hn** . t lun,i . I'm i 
md a p'M knoh (roin W,i,' . 

A mi;::i.'fi..1 •■■uM tif H.irjVT 

alto*- . ' i ' -'I *"*> »' '•■'i""' 

cumuljini- i, poinl flver;!!''- 
o* 2.5 to cnroU (or one toutv 

,(,r..-,. , r,-.lll tu.ul', in 1 I'lii.t 

gt.tna.t.ii.,:tiitt. .iJi'n.' ' 
Ovfilon, .lunng ihc 


hiipt Mui.!'-"'«« t'^ r* 
years uii;'i"i \ '■'■'• '-' 

lri".^.tt4t«. II' •','■'' I 

Itk- ai.t.l.;nu^ p(i»|jfai!i . i»,f""'> 
an mlOfm-itiiiiHtl patnphUi 

■rtK- r ■ , ,,i 
IS tonsiilci 

program fur iim- i .i^un ■ 
The William Raint-. 
College Sculptiiie Ph',, 
"second to none". ho.iMN 
Raymond Dcvciry.dircciof ot itn- 
Dt-vetopmcni Office, "We're 
prescnily working on the 
■cumsilion of a pictc (^^ Ruhaid 
Hum, (a famous -.^uipicrt". 
added I>ev''' '"'* 

i»«niy scu! 

The aniiuji ii..i«<. -fi .'"• 
;iv»l is a springlimt 

,,,,.aUCllO'> ■>' I.IIUl-,.-: 

l'':i' pl'i- 

^^^pp*''«l't hv 

■nlly I'KiaiCtl 
i,.,,, i ... .: . Adminisli.i 

Offices. A biiildini:. Ifiirit l"l..t>r 
but will he tiiovcil till ihi." (irick 
cciiier sttiurt between F building 

The Ink-'T national Siud'ict 
Program. "Semeiier Ahiwul". 

VibIii s llrcam 

In the (."hill ago 

('■i.iiir.iriv vMlli 

ihe iniii..n Art\ 

■ ' I ll.Hl.ll 

. I, i ..itukiauon 
.(I,,- sjwlarships 

The t-^' "' stdolarsbip is 

the Award for t.»celkncc, 
s|Mm«eied by MtHotvila, 

A'bo, the Northrop aitti 
Sqiian D i«a |>lui tcholaishi|i 

,.■. Itanslci 

! . ihc Lcm 

'ip Fuiut. and 

■ \:ffl<witl FinC' 


I. .S ,\lln,Ill'.l!u,'l.> ''^ 

ihe Limpjign i'li.iifi' 

John A, Hug. S'iji>.i,t" •>! 
Peal, Marwick. Main and 
C'omr-'"'' tifiKled ibc 
Dt-vfl-: -.mitice 

l.iri.1 ■ ••iipervision of 

Foundsiion Chairman Jatue* R. 

lancastrr, volumeers cMuaed 

t .'tiicials, 


■..I, 111 Ailmints- ilircelcd 

rv nD'M'iii.H 1 Miirus. ch*ir- 

pt-tson, and Rcncc Zcilner. ¥ice 

,;■ li, II rn. 

lenl Norval B. 
■.,•_• .id the Harper 

: whieli soluiied 

t.'i!lle(;e liu-.u 
Bii.ird tommiilt 

'The Educaiiom 'Foundation 
raised SI03.t'»0 in t:ish 
(tonalKMis for lh« l'»H6-7 year 
•nd <"^'""<' isf eijuipmeni 
jupp'' I academic 


!,t Kitleia Dwlin 

A Ferlile Sublecl (l^B.'s* 

Siecl " feet 2 inches high. ^ fee, *.de. 3 feel deep. 

Loaned by ihc an«i. 


Television Set, 
Stereo or VCR 

You con do It ALL at RENT-A-CENTER 



Come in to R«nt- A-C«lllW oind let us show you c . . ' 

(or vou to have tne things 'vou wont. New. nome biarsi 

'■ -ew way 


opplioncoi and furni'tur© • - you con rent-to-ow 
tow povments. and we -le'ive' your mercnor-'-^ 
of all it you're not CO (""' ■ ■ ■ 

rent 'v'ou can have tt'-it- . 

us tor a great deolt 

Ai! r.* ••-■■■ r)!.]s FREE detivefv ond FREE pck'-up 

s nci credit check. 
• , ,:injf home fastt .Best 
Dock your first 'week's 
1"A-Centef Count on 


Bring m this coupon and your student ID 
j and f«c©lve o 10% discount on your rental 

] It CNe«ioo Ana locoftora Including: 

I * Soring Hill fmhuon Corner 888 W t»flain St West Dundee 426- '7500 ■ 
! . &een Brook PloM 1 '158 lake «:t '^QMiyver Pari. 289-9699_2 

IrhtlDiitcdtl l, ••:■•■ 

yvdlu.-,. Ra.ncy Har,Kr was .he .-•,den, oMlK I invoi^M ^ 
< hK.ico ihe loumdcr of Harper «. ommune.y C .4k .. ' ;^ ""'^ 

10 cte.iie some son oi 

places." Hai-perdirfani ;).,,u.,l H-ws-ler H 

^,,''*"~ '"''""'.' W,>v.. .UiamUaughlcr al the mi 





Classified Classified Classified 

Ihc Harbinijer October 1, 1987 Page 7 

Ad Rates 

Help Wanted 


Ailminoiinitt'^e Scrvito 
WOR Dl»R(Xl:.SSrNG;T Y flNG: 
Scliool |W|)cr» - S:2/pagc 
leiiiiiK*. TJicM*,, Owici., e«c. 
ID wrt etixreiiicc. Cai 

WORDPRrK't-, s s ; N< i - r Y PI N( . 

'RawMI. liwiii, Temi |ti|Kri. 
ete,, 2? law eiptf^Kc. Ciii) 
.Ham; 517-7498. 

rei«mY PINCHERS "n'PlNG 

So ynu immI t \em pai|W done. 
bill ytn dtin'i have ttw u,iiw. ind 
cun'i af(«d high c(Bt typing 
service! , Ttencalt nu* I'll ijt* 
70* icnn pjpw Wwbk- upace) 

Will tyjK anyihmg ihal yoii 
cjm'l- i* yrs. c«.ficne(icc Willi 
miHMblc rilfis. If ink-frttcd 
:|ikaK call RtHanm- y''<-^'^hZ'S 

,;<\roiiaJ lypisi *iil lyiW!. 
i.>ir.,->.f '-(vllmg am) pu:ncuuli<w< 
Jill I I'lri, .. 1 1 r r;«'t *«ir JwptTS. VoT 

rcr. ■ - -.'.I :•■• 



WurdlprocesMng ■■■• 
Haveyour jMjxT . 
rcJiime lyju'd S.''|'t Call 
Holli: atVlM'mi 

Rap id 1 1 trttwtng Arlinglm 
lUilihls - 

IMS oiane company has 
openings fo pan.-tinK or I'mII- 
lini*' Dam Ewirytawipuif r 
Opemiktn* Cooidinaior lor u's 
MIS *pi Flta. hi's. 
Rcspii»isihiliu» includelc dau 
eniry and ci»ipu» opctaiitm 
DslU', and ([eneraiKm ami 
..lismKiiiK-n rfrepons. 

■.; ,.( giadtaie. Gtndljpng 
ikilk, and wiiw. cwirsc wit in 
daia prtxx'ssinf. Salary tes'd on 
ci:penem:t. Conitac'i Erie Craham 
Vf!S Manager at 253-'*77() e«i„ 

tmCAL - 

Kjrt'Umc rettsplicmiitl Icir Buffalo 
Graw finm net**! for M'WF, 
Hrv are 10 am, ttj ft p tn. Call 
C.ira ji 45'*.«)lil 

Vrt jiDii liimliinK f:ir: 
i l'-»il)lc ternw of tmp!ovnu-ni. 
■^ySr^an ho'uf pl!t^ K"ru:fiis 
StholarNtup'. X: i:\ ',"■! - Cinvt 
t'PIX'niniiSh,'. ' ■ ':. . .,11,: 

■ ■ :■ ■ \' .[ Ks, 

II HI K \l . ST Ml a. 
(l\ll SKHMCK lOlfs. 

SH'k 'I ■ i • ■-' > |.4KA\-ar. Now 
Hinn, I u I JOB I l\E I 


NOW H If* INC. Mf- 

iravc.1 n..r-i ■ . .; , 

Caribl>c«n. tu. i u i miW 


Several jxtsitions available in 
lefe'phone collociion w«li P;iri- 
iim«„ fleubk hn. days or eve. 
We ait talking tor individual* 
thai aie self mMivatm and pmkI 
comiii«nic«lof», Conact Dave 
Vcnioes; «M47M. 

.h*e yov inmrtnce {wemiimi im> 
higli? Aft you icimi the iiuliiy 
of ferries Inm your ugem ihat 
you (VicTve? We iiiay he aWe to 
■■■i! :■.'■■ V i.m on boih cojnn 


B,rofcerigc/pitW(shmg, (ta . 
BaiTlngion am. Cat lo). fa 
kcal lite ennMli. Witlpiy 
mileap. Sianlnig salary 
M.SO/lwIy, Tii«. * ThiK.. <» 
a.m. 10 4:'10 p-m: Call- 3»2- 


Be a «:p ahead in ik- Businci-; 
world, by having lelcityiletiru; 
e^penence umfcr your belt' 
FiMia<iUi; tipimrtimity ti.i iiiaKi:' 
J-OUt rrwitk" lliily cnraptctr' 
Call Dai'C after f> p,m 4 IK- 
Ptaisiw makd lo <h ick-nwtomij; 

tn thr j'll't.-i'niwin ar ,*^f'ii.Mr 

Full ami fari-um. 


.Hi' .111 liii: .itK>^t" ,f , 
fall Of .i[>|'l) in p,,',- 
KcHct and A\Mvi.ik's > i VV 
HiggmsRd HiiHrrianfsi 
Bldg, ? Smu- : 1,: i2H4)l^'}4,. 
HARPI K ( III EElii: . 
The Bi)« oftii't. JI'H. Hlnjkmg 
for ushers l<ir (mure events,, 
fiirt,her infonniumn contaii; 
Kevcn. exi, J.'MW. 
I'm? Hjr|X- '." , :> ,11 u-an, 
""•eds m.inai ,.ini. U)t 

home and ;,m,)> ,,;., :.^, Cj,j|^ 

e»l. ,»!969 or \..\,.,c message ai 
P,E. tfcsl fill Ms RanAill 
SHIPPIXG & RE(1I\|\(. 

^' ■■' ' ' M-imn:-,, wi,-cki'iii,)., 

■-Ii'.hH *i f',,-r(,:„\ I 

' Ik 

II I ^ I \ , 1, , \ 1 > 
(iris.inli\ li.ili.i,, 

K.-st;,,.. ...I - 

ifigs for \ I. I. 
' '' \i''u .II'.,- frii-mll'. 

'■"■nuc.l. Slop b'. 
Ki,I Schiiainhurg, ■ 
-I'Ht, *» i.m 1(1 6 p til 

Help Wantid - 

Kiti-hrn help, piru makers 

and phone c'rls t Itvihte 


( all: .L^H-Ihin 

lliiixT) DriviT-. - 

><anlt'd, ElfV hrs, kih,»<1 


If interrsled in rilhrr iif 

the above- pU-asf call: .»5)1- 

Htlur n. 


■imc help waiiicd lot 

■ , 'I'ltloBisi assi'stanl, f-W'-R. 

: to s p !ii.. Sal, H in ? 

p.m (llciibic). Call I'aiiv 

Stevens at: .S4V«:( Ml 




for all yow legal needs' Imludc 

D'UI, personal injury, duorcc. 

real estate. Phoiw ' m2 IWX) 
live*, and weekend appiv 

availahle. Law Odkes o! Hetker 
A Becker. 6<X> N. M,eai;ham. .lid 
n«i. SchmmlMjrj;, IL ftoi"*^ 
m-IIOME • 


'V, Giaiitltfow ai 

HIEE IM . . 

IS ti'K'jkmg tor housekeeper!, 
i*oppe:ni. coi*it. and other kinds 

of help to nteci the demands of 
*iiir cusiomen. 

II you Me all rejidj- a pjod wife 
and can haniie all the duties uf 
nim«Ht your own home; Mow 
atout helping ran your in«»ie 
while gningwi'hmti and 
helpine W«f,:-, Ine Calf ZM- 

I I I > M I " O K K m S 

\< \S I III- 

1 ■ ■' :■■■■' I I 


I,,'! Mi.^ ■\'.: 

\i Til MI I, Ok 

RE\I<)\ M 

• ,\\ llf 

\ wmh 

\knv .in 


cannot !, ' ,1 

R,N'. TeiiiiiK I ■ , . i re 


( ' I ! M I ■ V I? I ■ 


i: ■ ■'"■ ,.,-i:vis K 

IN IKI >l)l 1 HiKY 1% \tlM 'T'f 
Wrni A,D, Call "'J I fiHf.K 
VVanled - 

E>(X-riente<l ilriuTv |i« snow 
plovsinK- Mu>:t li.ive imn 
vchiele. Hours • l:,«,Hi) ,2 a.m.. 
to 6 am. s,:5,*rly 
Wanted - 
F-or snou, hlo„' 

snOIX, h|,i:i,s ,,■!-, -■. ,. 
'■'''■■•■ '■• ^•,:,; ',.:,,■ ,v,, 
Api". ', I,; - : r ' ^ 

-,i.i,'A i.ii; M 

II ":;a, .lal.i.,', ■ , . 

J:nc: «?<>.<W'<,.<. 


OE rHI( Al.o 

Loyola Cnn," 

TRANSFtR l)\) on iTiui.J.,),. 
OcKihcr 3'J, al 2 <i"i p,m , room 
U7 of Damon Hall on the Lake 
Shore Campus, The program is 
tteiignsd for all iiudem nurses 
and current RNs wishing to 
iransfer into Loyola's BSN 
program. Infoimaiion on 
admij:«on, iranisler ot credit and 
cumculum renuircn'ieni\ mil hc 
L'overed. For further irilotm.iiiMri 
please call Mr, Edward M(M:>re. 
Anii'iUinl Dms'tor of Adniis,snttK 
Counseling at ft70-2')(,X) or Ms. 
l„X)niyne Bant^i. As:5istani [)ean of 
the Niehoff School of Nursing at 


Cdlefe siudeuB still nec,de,d lor 
pan and full lime entcnw house 
patmmg. Salary is iA/Tirlv, II 

interested please call: 5777-S8S.'j 

Household Help - 

Arc you jiisi t,is,'i busy to keep 
your househnlk! runnme wliilo 

getting y 1 iiir aim .ii u ti " Stifx-r 
mom went om - I ei 

Wife. Inc I on ;;(,■ v,i 

vou Citn li,:l,l 'yiiui l.iinily ihjl 
voiir uife K iLindliiie cvervllime 
r ■ • ('.III Witc, In; 



lypi-writer - 

111*'!* orrecifng Sctclrii IT 

Tv '■■ ^ '„.,ti 

I"- ' 

irKlu.liiit; 1^ Jill..!.!-.; Uin ,,i\lev 
! ike nc* , one vr Iimihc u-.,- 

Avkmj!, S^5n !■■•■■ 

.1 rn to ■< p,m 


tiOVI R\M|,\T[U)Mi si,>r 

*'""■' ' :- '" ^ ruK) fi' 






19U M HE < IIEI) 


featiinii};, coUv photos oi nuuc 
Illiniii,v college women. Mad 
$'i,'>5 to CiK-d Calendar, K)B 
4UH DiKalb, Illinois 601 IS 


My husha,rvd and 1 ;tre interested 
in adopting an inf.mi If yoii 
know of anyone who k 
considering plat in ji a ctuld tor 
adoption please call colkx^i; 61 «■ 


Si. Nil liolas Church Ba/aur - 

i 07: Ridgc Ave. Elk Grove 


Saturday Nov, 7; iOa.m, to 4 


Hand Cruftcd items. t|uitt 

raffle, hakesale. lunch, a'nd 




Psycho killer on the livist-. kno, k 
il Ific hell off Tins i>, your . 
noiKc Take Heed,'" 
Kiervone - 

I inderscwd and ovcrsBcsscd 
individuals ol MIS Institulion 
BETTY will help" JUlOcl '- 
7, Ml p,iii, Come- 

Slfir - 

I lii' 

■■LIM . 
S/, >, 

II, V 

■ l.lf.l ' 

l-allf ■ 

l',i!t>. ill." primo KiUerino 

.irtiwaring daily. A,H|' 

last - 

■tfr feur 


I mint' 


A Vfrir 

imo«& """-T" ""^ CENTER, INC. 

Continues lo oMer low cost confidential 
care In all areas ot women's health: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


For intormalion and or appointment call: 
3St-7S7S S53 N. Court, Suit* 100, Palatine 

OmrUnm. e>mnlna and SmurMy MmxMmimMB 

TIk" HnrhinuiT October 1, 1*»H7 

Pace 8 

Hawks finish 

fifth in 


b* r<' 


crovi'A-oumr; wnm „ nil ruUlling 
lU paift <>( tioTf, bill Il>it )M* •(■ 


Tte Mini *»w'l liei fc k««l 
of rectigmiiicni ilic fwibafl uam 
iies. Nl thai Asesn' e mean itey 

D;,v ^.J)|)I>CIIHI)K). 

Brimt H*iivr»oti iircshmtn) iw 
ittHllliil 10' t..eep ihc team 
■umi'iiig. 'ftm •»« tJW"!' <J**I' 
(to«« kiii* iwl wwkimg to »'tal, 
llKEji cm «It> iof ftcniuelvrs. 

When a-sked aNnii itw« 
ihrec. couch Rf" 1"»>'-h«g'' *-'"'■ 
"Brian ptiis :> ' ' •'"' "" 

hiiiwcH. whii-.. . . ■*'."»'■'>■ 
the mosl alcMCil, iim '.'>n "f i"«* 
llw«e, MAC Doyle n pn*ahly 
ihn inoit timwo'Wd. Hf'fi gcumi: 
umi ma. mmgtt thfout'i 
(inictictng fvtn *"■' " 

L;« vkfi-fc., lilt ■ ' i 

viiluaMc i;\i>iTicii. 
warn iisviuii.'i;.il ti 


.itpef comi'. 
tiii:>-l,lv liHif' yii'.it 'w't'HMih Miii'i .«■•• 


wtimte uitKO '= 
Two wf 1 k. 
WiiiKin«"c lf>'- 
KwiltlwH '"'"■ 
•mi iwciuv-M- 
Tlic leam (im 

The lc:im s "It" 
cJnillcitge *ill he on fK.,, 
;4ih. This I* *tic« >•* RcH"-'" 
IV Ckampwnsh'P meei »ill 1« 
held, and the »() icn (inmhcn 
Kill (jiialil'y to WKWil'' 

In pievlciuj ycjn*. *t "'«'" 

liis teem held m » fiai cuurw 

Tdis may r"'-''''" ''■' '"" "' 

bcwfiinni: l;i "»*k» 

>..inee Ihe u^i" . ' ■ ';'' •"*' 

(wefcr*. li> ru:iJ on ■ flal iwlat*- 

Thcrr arf <till three fegiilar 

■•. iiifc the grand 

(■ffiritn'i l^' 


he held 

Hawk defense does the 
job again as Harper 
moves on to 4-0 

No Hawk backs gain 100 yards for the 
first time this year 

Fans getting tired 
of waiting for pros 

ht Hill Kllg»l^»r( 
Sfiirln Kilt tor 

Ffll -III'. I1.-.1IT 

vk:lar> ■rtor ■ ,-■. 
H.irpi:i ihi;* yi'.ii ' 


k hill 



.J Hj*k'> 

, I.T'V 


»y lUI KuftthtTi 

Sport* Ullar 

I ne»er llwiilhl 1 « 
writinf ■ eoliilitii Itkc i 
hcie II ftK*- 

Diie lo the rcti-m v; 

stlilc, Ihjvc ha.1 ' ■■ 

fi-rii-vLf!;,' 111.; Ni 

Ihe ■Mktnc .'liiJ .,'-i. 
Ite player. .1: -,'■■■ ■ 
tkiNI-i. |:'i>)v-t . ■■• 
Bong iht N: 
(i> coimnent on ilte 11 
till' .»«! an aiWece't ah' 
awl r- 


and foffei iiNwi ihe -. .'!■■■■ Ii !■■ 
' . !i.' '.'',.■ le Bflit 

::■•■■'!• IhCMl, 

■» *« l|Jie«ll:011 |IW\ IHJI 

. ,,.., Hawks' toiltaU pb>tT'> 

iii» many ot jmi «rtidd play m 

■iiildicf Fii-Iil il itif B'Mr* called 

yo« an ' ' "'' '■* ' ' 1 


Th:« Sf-L (■' 
vomflaminf Oul n! 

i tm: 
teeai'd u 
sole po- ^ 
itu; H 

,1(1 whtli: 

I |i,.l I I. Ill *A i!l, 

: Ilk: Hj-Ak>. »'Hh 

[iddai 1 r"" 

I, U.I UUniJi-. ^ .illty 

ilaskelball 111 ret in g- 

TluT*' will he a meeling for thf MinS H.iskt iball Icain on 
Vlanday Octolur 5 at 3 pm in tlic f-ym. All intcri-stc-d 
plajirs shtiuld plan "n attending. 


.-.icstk-fs NhuulJ .iHfiul the '.Mcvilmt; 

(iij-.i < 

(»><.;: • 


.le who tl'K 
i.ipij than 

..I ihi'v 'ii'fi'i thiiil .it-»viii 

mtfciing on Oclobcr 6 al 3:30 pm n' 
Kacqtiftball tournament 

iiU h.. firo . rvitic. firxi li\tcii litr tStf (l.t 
;:;■,( '■• !■' riiHin, S.itiii 
iiiUiiuiiK-iil vMll be liiniii-ti to the hr^i It' 

Liiely. I tbiiit 
are leilii': 


. ■'. BacmKt 

^...1 _,,„■;, ,■ I * hr 

ihougtit ■■■ 
"I ihinli m. 

Ttic "■nab.i' MS plajct-, 
miMt i» nuke ide icmik in 
ty«U hel'<« ihie ««« .united 

Biwrnet., eveTyoae ■marled 
KMewbete and wtai «ak«s yM 
» Will and niiililj- Why iloii'i 
ytm Md your .NH- wiitiunaieii 
worry <ih(M MIlKnt ihc urike 

,;- It:., 

icidbiindj Jiid 
.ir KM hard of 

If hr Ctne iheit ft»y«, he 
*>uld he aMc n> help ihcni fei 
tack M the field. 

Aiiyw.ty», uiWtl the stfike t* 
letlkd. I Mgg'tsl tkalchinf Ihe 
Hiipcr Hawk* play ihe m«« 
dedicated taxhatl since free 
nDcmy m ihcy auemiM to top lasl 
year'i itmHuitilc mmaa. 

"!)" r.n.-i[in.-lb;ill 
I": 111..- 
,„ ,,11 r.-^- Si;.;nii["> i". .11 ittf 

miiamiiral office in MBmldini:- 1 tic re II be pri/cs 1r>r itic wp Unit 

1 1 ni \(icr ^ 

HarpiTthiin racr 
\nd Mgn up II. >« l-'i Ihc ll.irperlhon one and ihrce mile laces 10 he 

run 11tiirsdav. Oci. 12 »n the miidoor lt..iek .Ml students, taeuliy and 

staff are eligible tu compete with prizes for the top three male and 

feiji.ile finishers 
Floor Hockey 

Inicrrsted in playing floor liockcy this t'.ill' It so. be sure to be ai 
the meeting cm October .2: ■ ■'■ ■ : ym in VMimldmi:. Games 

will be played on Thursd.! ember 5 and lasims: until 

December 17. If vou cm i make ihis meeiinjL'. coniac I Dan Koss .it 
en.t. 2«)6.^. 

VOL, 21 


;^^2:::!rf!::!f: '".'..™. «,^,. 

* '"' ^'^rbinjgcr Ottober 8, 19X7 

IStudcnis - know 
your rights 
Pagf 2 

I New award- 
^ winning 
columnist writes 
"Olf Tile Record" 

Low voter turnout again 

Four new senators elected 

Admits To 

•sen .^r "f >•«»*•. l-'l>e«l Aftt 
;''"',""• /•*""'« on Tue*l,» 

1,1' '"■'" '*»«»a."4 

'■' ' »•*"« o( ihi- 
■""ll*:'*yml;i'., rijjtic 

Mkhati DiMidin 

^«»» Ciiilur . 
Aon rimnoa 

Thufida, Octohcf I. itte 

'yp'wi. lit;!,, iJT^' ■**•« ••■• 

««»«:« Buiinci* m-iTt • 

Don Bjtiyiuk, »M ck«.l~t 

t-"H.-riU Art, s«ator •XS 
niJ'M-lt tllucjuun. Aililcut, and 

'\^,'™ '»'"'«-•. ic-,„.t. 
'■"■': ,'"'•"*'" Aci.HiHs 

., *; ''■'^"" w U>e r:d,ior-u,- 

' ■'•-■■ ■."omm. 1 p„ ,^„ 
'*: IJiiw» ai each 

^'Viiski litre* «*»• 
"""' t>-t,.u.J.d:,n(. J 

■"iJ Ihc rati oui„«i- jjn- 

■■ ""Kl-. "TllCcmJy »jy 

' "o» *4» ft, i-ci rul of 
"Sf) Tiipw." rcjwncd 

^",,;, ;-";''■"■* "Piper*., 

' ...',""; ■''■■'\"'''"'""*»l>Wlll 

a- ,1. '••""■''"■'•'"•■>•'■*• ilia 
'■«' vlcci.oB heard mcfi.l. 


, Boll fi,„j .ccr.vcd 
urgcil vitior) n.jr(.',» ... ■ 
VOfci lu MiJ,tli- (>:;„l;,,,»,. 
Il" ■'''■'■f""'''i'l!'>. Mm, a„d 


p™-™ Smices. Md speci.l 
J*f"Bttiiw Md Scrv.c«. The^ 

itKsiudciiibtKly. "^'•'^*"'>>' 
The oihcr ihfec p„i,„o„, 


The SiudciK Scniiie i< 

AM*. Af s'.-rrs«r:; 

WKK VJtalil Ul,'-':s u lllo tua I 1£ 

Anyone irucr.;,itd ,n 

a-prcu-niing one ot it,.! 

^2;""'>"^^ apply 4U,ui:u 

'jnujuir., m cnrt>.ij.,ii.-ca ,., 

"J tlhe mecliin.:, ,, ,., 

annc Paiikam,,, s,„dc-H 

ni'Mcori vo[« ,u„..„u,. 
lis ^Jll>.^^ .n.luj,,,,; |,(u..„n 

*f;'<^-'>,uw.c ..,;'„,. d:, 

"S3- Uil yejir ISO hailou 
*««««. Sl.ll.U„sy,a,. a „,,„,! 

Aliwreentofm,,,!,,.,, u„ 
Huili-nb V(*d "'" 

> 'lu.liril, fiid.r I itl ' I 

mmy by wrumg -j dtm i tm- 
-„„,,,'*"*'*="'»«*w wrote -. I 

P»u«do.,ove™mc„, 1,^. ,hfl 

Hur J,y *r„mg -w,.o „„ ,,; 

■■'*■'■» fomiiKwrtasmi tor ilje 

1 r.-I .1,. .1 ■" '''** "-^^ 

MUifclliv ■ "'" '"' 

Vwj'Ht imdcntt hitaed liicir 

"''""" I" /■-»j» «„,„ 

dediioM on siudeni ciimpaJM, 
"afbiiit-er. ^^^^c^, 


Actordint; W PMlan.r, ih,- 
S'udoii Senaie ha* (ou 
lespuiuubilitiei tor it(u year 

"" ".mtjuticci *l„eh ar.- n.uv 

J. ody ihrce vud, £:,ub« *a.un« 

Ixrulu' "'■''■■'" " '.^'"' 

yoari i„. ''' ""-* 

"x: t'u.%,ci ior uc*Hi^,„i. " '■ '"' 
"k .1 v.«.«, dicy rcpresaii 

' '( •■■' IVKaii.,^:, ol iht- Harpci 

Key staff given $650 for home PCs 

■■'■'-'•i-l Iv u;m,„,d 

■ -'PpcaicJ the 
■ -i rcmiiafc-d em 

■■■■■*'ni: .1 liHiiial 

•' "«-• Hjtinriiicf 
"•" '■"■'•■ ' "..It 

I alT r J 

";'"'''i:''<« I'llHur 

lfiri,n,j.:ii,;n,,( Ok \r ,-. • . 
LoUc / \ ' '' 


Btm,l .,, .,„,,,... jj 

«l.ii,r,,, 'f-'awrf,,.,,, 

H<''.' . . . 

- , , -" '"-'■■"■ ''■ ■• II 

•■-■".ilur IS ,, 


"• respoiK.bduy, And Tl ,^ 
'""*>«»%» il.reiiiHr H. 
■>•"' per sons »^- 

'•)>••*■ t'lormcm and nv;. 

*'"'"■" •••"",■; oC 1),., _ 

■ '"' Itnii- m i,li^. 

J,, "''■■''> fruin il'ic 

.■'"K'lit lunj 

>i'>0 iKT *lmmi!,tra(or. w,|i be 

f«'«-'1 /or ihe p,„.h:.,, of 

"■^■'•■'■'■"^ honii-s 

''"'■ l-M,,i.-,.,„,,a| 

. (.if 



J (111 

Motk- . 

.'f'provf d t . . , i , , . 

categorj , 

I'; liobry .,),, , ^. , 

Au'otdni« 10 U,"r:a*'""' ■ 
Hilianis. vice prcs^IfM of,cnsK,nofA.f,.J 
When itun^i tuM ha/nvn 

;«»•* '".t'l.. .ay ,h.u ;:!{:" 

"'V'"' ■" "'>• J""t;c".cn<, i 
- '"^ " '^* ■"' -■IT-opn.Uc 


'he '(llelV'"'' ■"""""";'" "'■« 

PWcsMOK '■,' ",'■; 

1,,..,, . ' I'ns ivill 

'"'f l-t-q) Ihe.i, ,„ ,1,.. 

";•'""""■" '■"''>'Jj'vrcd..uu.i„ 
iludcnb, W,il,.n„s M,d 

r>. \w'. .. . ' 

>r?.„ a[ hn» present 
W'Huims iaij ilui\,„.. ,,','' 
fvnefiiotc,'' ' ' •'" 

'"S «l'ie 

J- money ,o an employee 


• 'I'suli in II, o(, 
'■■""';'■""""" ilraiiun,, 

>*c»iinii,uradmnnMr .,„ 
•" ""• ^"»^-^c ,o ..„„„,■■, 
h'OW." Ik' ■ ' " I . 

' i^es ij, ■! hi 

"""«■■. "1 imnictal.,- .... ' tv 
■''■■' f I" «> up lhe» u.„k ,1 ,' 

''•Hd-en employee connniuaen; 
*'","• "' ■"« ereaies K u ' 

iilior. arid iiexi Ireim tl)c 

'" '* ''Vt'iimiion ffomiJie 
, , ' ci'nnj(at;c pr(.a,s„,rut 
"•^-j'lneni,-' WdharnNv„J 


The Harbinger 

Octf.lKT X, I9S7 

I'iific 2 

j Student rights 

Different Folks 


■>f Kta Ownirtitj 
l"««fu«» Editor 

The mi-U ,»uc of Uie 
Smdeni Handhoot fectnily 

appcwcJ on ejmp«i,. Uafing 
iliroujjii ihe biw i«i. one (honlii 
"w jiMt ioiii« imiMriMt 
worniation (or imtlcau. nmnelf, 
»h»i one cm ma cmnoi do' 
Here me nomc of tikw luidclinias 
in taef 

On page 25 ilie Handbook 
*U»es. "If ■ student hclievcj thai 
his/her proposed condua or 
>pecth may infringe upon tfte 
colk-jje't role wd functum or 
hf/she IS unclear on sjudenis* 
riKhts. one shoud conijci the 
VVx- fl-cvident of Siui-w Affairs 
(B«uuc Hairyi' 

The sctlion "Studciu Lile" 
delwtjta ih,; hi,„t do's and 
don is I jr «u Jci 1 1;., For cii,airiple , 
"! tlw whoul di'cii >.-ode .vludenis 
■"c rc,.(uired to *ca sJiins and 
ihix-s .n ihe buildings and tanntic 
"JiM'upi the' ciliiciitional p»«csi" 
by hi.i or her dtcu, "ThcrB u no 
formal dn-ss coot." the Hamlbool. 
»ys, and niosi siudcnts sMm lo 
'■"ioy ihai freedom lo the 

AUo in Ihe "Sludcni Lile" 
Wtton are ihc desifruied non- 
liBoking iKt*t: claisrotmis, labs 
hallways and oatri. washrooms 
divujon olficM, nxqjuon ircas. 
conference room*, ojicn offices 

Blog. V. ■nd iise phy«»cal 
ediKaiion vet. Thui, imolten 

can light iheir wbacco oaly 
(wttidc nd wherever ihcic if a 
"imoking Men" ttpi posted. 

On • more lemus note, if ■ 
aiMfcw <or (atufiy) (oris he « she 
hM suffered seiual haiassraeni. 
Uw .sludeni can re|)ort ihe inciident 
10 Mii Bonnie Henry. She will 
undenakc an invtstijation of ijie 
nepon and ihe harnMer may face 
counseling and or oiher 
'established disciplinary 

AnoUier right of studcnii 
uivolves the abiliiy lo mspe^-t 
and review one's educational 
recordj. There arc several 
instances in which educational 

records may l>e ivvcalcd mUkwt a 
Sludeni s wriiicn ctmseni 
Several of these instances 
tncludc; iransfemna. financial 
aid appiicaiion. atcrcJitaiion 
pnx-edurrs. judicial orders and 
emergency siiuawns. Also, if a 
iliKkni IS a dependent, the pairnu 
may ins[icci the recordi without 
noulyinj; die student. 

Furtherniore, *ome of the 
'lems under Directory 
Information" that "may be 
released or disclosed by the 
College for any purpose at its 
discretion" include everything 
from one's name and social 

nCMi-iiy niwiber to major field of 
iiiMfy Md degree:! and awards 
received. As a student, however. 
ONE MAY (tie an annual. 

wntien foim letter to the Dcarf of 

Admissions and RcBistrar by "ilic 
lifsl day of each course or 
program" lo wtUthold the release 
and disclosure of any ur all 
personal and educational 
mformalioii included in 
"Diiecior^^ Information.," 

One may challcn^je 
information found on the files, 
further rules resaijing record 
review arc <» page :J2 ol the 

Thus, sludent* do have 
conswuuonally guaranteed right* 
that are, when "properly 
enencucd. * lespa-ied by the Board 
of Trusuies, 1i must be noted 
ihat itudenu can proiest il they 
believe their rights have been 
infringed upon; if a student 
believes Hut hisAer rights have 
been violated, the Handbook 
JdviKs contoting (HiRPA), Ute 
f-amily Educational Rights and 
Privacy Act oKice at the 
De,par'imeni of Health, Education 
and Welfare in Washingion. 
D.C.. 20201. * 

Siudcwi CM find more 
iniormation about rights md 
regulalions in Ute Registrar's 
Olfite. A-213., 

Uf Kim OiirawtM 
Ftalurts Killtur 

HaijKr u a contmuter school 

and u such airjt:ii people from a 
panorama of religions, races and 
social, ethnic and cultuul 

Ccrta,in classes seem to have 
unique groups of studenb. given 
Ihe numerous choices (or major 
fields of study; hut. wiili day 
classes Iwvmg a greater majoniy 
of traditional students, and nighi 
cl.i-.scs having more non- 
uadiuoiul studcriLs. anoihcr facior 
appi:jrs .pcrstmalily. 

An inictcsting phenomenon 
octufcd lo nic as I walicd oul of 
F-Bldg, and entered C-Bldg- 
sludents m and around tliesc two 
tiuildings seem lo. as j S'oup. 
e«hibit more "individu.itisiK" 
.ittire than students elsewhere on 

Also, w and around D BIdg., 
ihere seem lo be two "seciions." 
tlie math, physics and cheinislry 
fKOfilc and die biology, botany, 
crinimal justice, geology and 
allied healUi pecipie (all persons 
in programs such as operating 
room technicians, and nursing.) 
TIk first "section" u-nd lo have 
greater apiijudcs lor dealing widi 
numbers ami abstract conccDLs, 
whereas the latter tend lo have 
greater laciliiy m piactical 

tend to concentrate on iiie 
'aneuages, philosophy a,ul 
ariisiic expresiion. These 
courses are designed to enhance 
■niuiiive nature, ihe creative self 
Hence, these students nu> i^-r,J lo 
dress in mnovaiivc or cream c 
Ushions and think inducuvely 

Anoihcr example: math 
chemistry and physics-orienlcd 
studcnis generally ih.nii 
deJuctuely and concenirale ihcir 
Mudies on courses that stress 
concepts and, snnirtimcs 
iniamgible object sucH as atoms' 
ight -rays" or particles beams' 
Hence, tliesc studcnis may lend to 
dress le,s.s radically and be heiicr 
ai problem analysis. 

'I sriucl me ihat because 
''-"I'v j^ a commuter school 
iheie I!, a diverse blending of all 
lypes of different people. Is u 
n«. then, anoiher lorm ot 
education t)ui we receive because 
we atlend Harper, rather than 
ailending a large, primarily 
young" universiiy or a small 
private school'' College is not' 
merely aiicding classes and 
pa,isivcly learning, hut actively 
learning outside of the class by 
"iieractioB with «btsi. differeni 

Health Corner 

An update from Htalth Seruices 

'My 1991 everyone will 
mww aomtont diagmtud wuh 

The key to lialiuig Ihe itpreaj 
M this disease is education 
fcducauon about the disease i,t«t( 
and *d>s to avoid t)cc(jmme 

,Jac*. Dotieriy, Coumcling 
Coordinator ji the Howard 
Brown Memorial Clin.c in 
Chicago, will present a proeraro 
eniitled " AID-S Up,late - What it 
Means for Our Lives" on 
Tuesday. a;lobcr 1,3 from 71,'« 

All mterated individuals arc 
inviicd to aiiciid this TOffi open 
forum and obtain accurate and 
up-io-daie informaiion aboui 

AIDS and its prevention. 

SnuMijtig ftt/ry 

a.-«a 0(1 eain,(nj,t wdott »i- 
ctudu 5ul .ire no! )ini,l.,,d |o, 
I.1U..B I, Slot) titiuM Will tut man- 
smo'iniiij ijta* 



• la,il..,,B,s and tiaiiiitaMt 


■' eaucalitj«|,iif,(|i:j 
i V 

Granted, many -,ii,iJ,L-m,-, fun- 
diverse interests and may take 
courses in all of the 
•forementioned programs and be 
■pally proficient in all of Uieir 
work. Flowever. given 
•wiyows different backgrounds 
•nd specified major, most 
•tuiicnts will concentrate on one 
MM or anoihcr. and aggregate to 
ionic locations more than oihen 
_ For enampk. the Fine and 
LibcraJ Aris-oriemed studenis 


Ihe Harhmgtt woM iu !a mate 

Ihe spuni,.r, uf Ihe Ptyikvhijifw 
ptuel w.'u..VJ Or llinlun. Dr 
Oaramk, and Dr I'aan/, >u,.( 
oniy Dr Omrawslu. Choifman of 
Ihe Fsyckjltty OtparimenI 

■ «l»fik Wdiii 

/ ij(u*i,icii#i| x3uru ,. 


JCPermey Opportumties 

gC A CAM A I nnc> ■•*.»...<. 





^' ^^ * ' ^"»^' '^ «U;i.N OCiOBlH I2lh 4 zm 

N«Ji itn lim* to ctlch !•» nolMHiy iom Pun no. to .wn «<«-, •-, «„ 

J«Mii«lieMMauiif.«,»,,„„„^„^t„„^,*'"*^'*"' *••-• ••""•. •»- 




XPenney """•'" 


This pm reprtaems achiewmem 
and symlMlues e««llencr It 
Minifies Ksulis of Ihe (juuliiy 
nursing rdu£jlK,m jvdi;a|,;e 
il..ous'luh.-j,im. t:Mv(,j;4u.-,. 
'"' ■ • 'Ifeied 

I'V h'.ivft 

''"!■ ■ «,-_ .■..,, -..^uiban 
College ol Nursing ,A program 
ihai provides (ur ,;) well roun.i.(d 


We d like ivi ptn iti,> an you' 
For more inbrmaiicm, ta;; ,jr «,t.i 
number or addrBsK-iv'.'. 
A'WUstSubutbjr, i. ,.,;., , 

will be V: ' 

9 ,30 a rr 
and visit 'J. ' 

•■''■ ^' 'hi phon* 

CgUeg e of Nursing 


The Harbinger October 8, 1987 

Page 3 

Is Apathy only culprit 

in poor program 


I Ttatitt llui cilitorulitine jbuut ^putlii it Mft il 
iikf A KMCher ki:li»ri«K abiwl lh« f»il* uf cuttine iiUn*; 

llie vrr) prufk mho n*til In bear il ar« Ihc priiplc mIm 
atft diiiiig awitlliJai tiM at tke liin«. Sitll. unc <iws 
wlial line can. 

Whit* I can rani and rave abwil tttt iljlr ut ilie 
»tiMtriils l«Mlaj (dim'l mj Mk* »a| lli« »ai»r ihitiK'! in 
lit* Toai Apiicl iTiidilKM tllarliiiitcr, ikpt. 24) and t'M>o 
jgi:ratjtr j lew itudcllli into rtS)W)iliii|[- ' »t>n'l. 
lkM\ tlw tu) »a) out. 

And while it i* «rrj irj>> land |irt»|>eT'l t«» auifn 
blimt first and fnrtniwl lo ili« ilndcnl whw not italj 
(iMkm'l know «h«l's giting iin. but cimMu'I cart Ittt, 
ittlWT <|:ut>tw«ii' nttil In b« BtkML. 

I'or lliMt <|(itslians tand prcciont ffw answcr't). I 
^11 i|uul« Miint rigurt* rruni the Slntltnl .\i-li%ilif» 
mkt Annual Rcpwt fur Ih* ltll*-«1 )car: 

or ih* tbiri) ocnti that Sludtni Atiiviiict 
!ipuu»rtd last jtar, ckaclly lbr»i, canal Vm, Ihrce, 
inadt an) niiia*}: Tbc I'abuluut ibunderbird* tunctrl, 
Ibf Oprab Wmircj Irctnrr, and Ibe film "I he (iudi 
\ttt>t Hr €rai|". Twu otbcri. tbi M Md iprine tbcaire 
pruduclions, amc clwc to Mtiinf out. 

Obtkauily Iht primary |-ual of Sludtni Aitivilii* 
(including Ibe Cnllnral Arli Cmmillcc) itn'l, and 
i>lM>utdn't br, tbt raitinf uf ntt*»«i. Sludcnlt pay a ftc lu 
Sludinl Actiiiliti In inbtidiic events fur tbt Mhtilr 
I rampusluenjojr. 

Hut Ibe rfiwlti <if mmt ut tbtic cvcnit begs one big 
I quKiiun: Dn wt ntcd tn rc-c>alualc wbal we prcwnt t» 
Harp<'r sludMII? 

On* Iblai. Ml btkinit ■« err«rt. I bwt bad the 

pl<f4!>urc wf ••rUmf wiib both rrocram llwird and tbe 

tullurat Arts Cumniillcc, and in betb casts, tbf 

|ail«*rli%in(, tccnrilj, and ttlber pre and ptisl *bi>w 

Idciails are bandied witb enlbntiatni and 

I prorr&wunalMn. 

Uui look al mm* of Ibe bwikinGi: Jimmy ("J.J." 
\tnm TV»'""<l«nl'T1'ilie«"1 Willitr twf wmt M.mi and 
J relurncd $JtS; Itic Ni;»us I'hcumIuii l"::n%rmble tunnK 
least $S.03« and relurnrd $:7ll; ibc Nitbiita^ Tientulti 
Imnferl ctisl *5,474 and brtiuBhl in $71"*. Ircmuli'v I c«n 
Mwstand. Iie-wa» berr a year be fun and dr«w well. 
|llui Jimmy Walker? 

And, bear in mind Ihal lime dti noi iiuludt (be 4* 
|e*eni» Harper gave Ui Ihe public l'KI-:i; Ol- f lIVRtiH. 

Sn, what l» do? I'erbaps reicale llie Ibinhing on 
iMltcduling by culling duwn im mune) tprnt on rnr 

tiiK and culling down «Hl Hime uf Ibc lilnis and or 
llvA-xr bnnwn grtiui» In citiiccnirale Ibc Micil niiinf) iin 
^r(iu|»»wilbbi(,t;i-i tlciwuv fwwrr. 

Nnle. bitwctir. 1 rvcummcnd cittlins ilojUL. ■>»! 

culling mil IbeM Icuer knnwn filnik and arlisis I 
raliie Ibe need (or eipMing tlarper <.l»dcnt» lo tiirni* 
of enleriainmrni nol readily atailabtr al, say, Ibe 
^luriiitn (>r fuplar Creek. 

i>crbaps Ibe lawll lie% in Ibe advance publicily. 

I^VIiile we somtlinici niikt |)ubli(iiing cvenli due in 

Ke limilalinn*. niiued deadltnei. or mere oiersigbl. 

also bend «ef backwards l«> gi*e gratis adu'rli\ing 

ikiudeni Aclisilics wbcn we can. Ibe a cappclla 

kriHl|> nETtV (wbw played al Harper Ibis pasi Turtday) 

[eccived a froat pafe nieniion lavt week, as w^ell as a 

hft «|uarler pa|t* ad in tbe ^Inleilainnirnt section in Ihe 

lame issue. As ol fifteen minutes before Ibe sbow. only 

ul M lickel*' bad been sold.. 

On lb* oilier band, perhaps the pnnr tnniiiil al many 

Items isn'i such a bad thing after all. 1'ulk.ja/i gftai 

|«nBi« Kuloc is giiini lo bt at Harper on Oil. 2.<rd, and 

''1 really bk<e M gtl go«iMi 

rry raullin 

■ III-* 'htcf 




III Carol A. Carfctek 
Staff i;«ilumal»i 

B| sayiiii itiat I m an 'iMa 
siiilcM,' i doDt imply ilM 1 am a 
""louil." But Uting* are ■ bit 
ditkrcm (m mepM die same. 

Stmae iliiaiiaiH. I can coiiiiiil- 
such at uiint my swIcm !D card 
10 £«■ • discouM. It's not so 
mtKh ihc dimkiM, but ii ti wonh 
ttte iwo dollan w Kirnent die 
iKkct seller. 

KeccMJy. I wcni lo pttichwi a 
concert uckeL Tbe jtentleman 
behind Ihe counter semeil 
pleaMM cnooeb unut 1 sljp(Kd 
down the ilw-ouni card on up ol 
my money. 

Raising one erelmw, he asked 
if 1 approved of my daughter's 
atiendancc ai tocb (unctioM- 
alone-and would I .ptMMbly want 
iMHiw ucltci m attend with b<-r"' 

I rcptied ital I did noi. I wiiultl 
he aitewline this coiu'cn »l0'. 
The ciiher brow rose, itn; 

r. , * : "..■k'ilWtl. hlJ |;l3iM■^ 

I [<i*ri:li anj ihj la a 

J.-,,;, ..«.,. "i stop al ihc. tip ai 
bit now. 

While be iupecied ne over 
Ihe crest of hit spectacles, he 
asked it I had some oiher form of 
ID 1 could stio* turn 1 -.aiJ ! 
had not brought jii)itiiin; cUc 
with me excepi tJic cincbpe 
coniaiiutig lJi« money and ific 
si.udem ID card. 

If he wanted, he could tend 
the envelope to school fot 
twgerpnming since oui cnnitnal 
jusuce m^ion were eicdlent 

Thiusung hii glasses up 
toward his (oithead. and wiih his 
forefinger tiill rcsiine on the 
budge, his eyes narrowed. 

"Vhm'l v"u ilnvf wuh your 
„ ' . , .■.,,,! 

M." 1 
^mi ;'\ ^:uk,'ii V lu/ni \ iKkcl IS 
Im.1 -price. Wbal am I messing 
wiUi a ci^-'"'-- •■'■ •■'". k\ for W'hen I 
could I Social 

Security . :;i-'ich ujo far 

when vou want to he stK-ial." 
' I could see I had worn him 
down by now. SO 1 offered to 
rf£ite ihe Coiutituiion ax best 1 
remembered il. pull my car 
around so he could see my 
parking lot sticker or tell him 
how 10 gel from Building i lo 
Building M wiDioul getting wel 
when 11 rams. 

Exaspcraurd. be asked me if I 
ai least had a book vviih my name 
on It "Of course nol," 1 told him. 
"I'm only a sludcnt. I haven't 
wrilien any itiifig yet . " 


WilJu,!ii Kamey'a foUtiC 

Algrtiguin and Rns4:lle RiuJ* 

Pafaune, IL WI61 


PImw lidshii 
News Edtiv'i 

I'CJllKT-'"" i 

Lj> . ' 

Licry i'liulln 
t'cal Itaidel'Mn 
l\'*il ItaiiktKM 

[■ 'ijj ;.. Eji 

I ,.ri.:.< tln,l]')cil 


k: > 1 .y.-^ XB 1* «■* m.t »«'« »< 


The Harbinger October 8, 1987 

Paj;e 4 

IViweH Hrlik wpciu Ftitky Oclahei * 

Princess Bride: 
Fairy tale 
formula that 

EBltrMninciil i^dilnr 

"ft metis Briifc". [he long- 
awniirf Rob Reiner (This li 
Spinal Tap". "Sland By Me") 
JMlipiatitm of Williaji CoUiiuii's 
bcslsclling novel ij ii non-stop 
lour-ik'-liircc of advcnjure mtA 
rvniijik\- wiUi a more comic 
I* 111, 

riic film beg.ins wtili a 
jaiuiii lx>> who, bt'd-ridJcn wiiti 
the flu. li less micrcMetl 
v»lk:ii liu jj(anJ,(.iiJi<a (Pcttf i-jiikj 
.irri¥« 10 »c»l W him alouJ iJii- 

itory (ic assufti ihc 
I ntji bore him. a lui 
( V iti ! !»g - - •■ Fenc mg. Figtilmit, 
'(tufc, RMengc. Ciiinii. 
■.'.jiiMcrs OiASM. Eicapes. True 
Line, Mifoilc;..' 

■-\;i Uicic Uitnp com*' » life 

..tijfailifr lejdi. itie sutry 

^ 1 1 up, itie moij iK-autilul 

*im\.,h .11 ilK *,irUI .mj WcsUcy, 

ihf nun vlic lines, m lh« tiiiry- 

uje kmjjikim oi Honn. 

SounJ like youf run-ofiJ»c - 
mill rncJiL'val iiu'li'Jijiii.r I[\ 

*OUia CXpca ktj MC Ml J II 

fclventurc film u. Iiere and in 
biiium (onu. A go<l«l eijmpte u 
llic t.iiiurc chiimbcr tjlU-J ' ihi- 
imut iVs(Mir"--howiK.Ttca, 

l'''>:"titfr magaxjiic's Luuise 
('.iTiuJ...w cmldn'i have bciier 
'.liiunS s,ilirK:.i,l 
.' %.uJ "U i ri.ii 
^i..'lll) i''>uum or Mel Brook:,, 
but ionic iktJ middle ground (kit 
mokes fun of Mvemure slor«s 
while embracing at the 
[ same lime.". 

Bfiltiaaily cast, ltt« film's 

I line-up ranges from amawur to 

ctcran. Cajy Elwcs (Lady Jane) 

IpLiys itie lundnomc Prince 

IWi-Mlcv newcomer Rohin 

l\^-;-M .■> "Ujc PriKesi Hrnlc". 

Billy Crystal as "Mujclc Max"' . 

peter Falk. Carol Kane. iViet 

Cook. Mamly Paunkirt. t'firi.s 

Barondoii. Chris SaronJon, 

LhriMofher Guest. Wallace 

■'-' .1 Andre (he Ciaiii 

i'.^'i^ess BnJc" haj. all the 
r. -puisnes IVir disaitcr in 
-itianj; m.oic tfiaii one plot 
occumni simultaneously, 
wreenplay u adapted from a 
IxJk. and a \tr) diverse cast, 
Tob R«mer ihould have cast 

himself as 'Miracle Ma«" (or 
pulltnj;; i[ oil wuh -.ui li 
origiiuluy and eaM. 

Goldman's writing style 

makes for the ultimate family 
movie. Moro and dad can bnrn; 
in «he kids and everyone will 

laugh ail J enjoy. The fact ih,ai 
mom and dad aie laughing at 

somethmg loully dillercnt than 

the kids aic is proo.f of rare 

In itiscusMng my new. cil 
ihc film Willi a inend, I tutcd 
that I didn'l want to slobber all 
over ii m my review He then 
a,skcd Do you Uiink it devcrvcs 
u."'" I said yes. he said "SiobU'r," 

Okay, here it is: ihc (ait Diat 
a film could really be 
eftiena,i,iiinB without honey -laden 
n«» serenes, di/iy broad*. \x<t 
chugging college students, or 
Merrill Siiccp may sh«k or 
confuse .some of y>,m bui ii is 
IMMuWe. It you do iiol i-ii,n,>y this 
film you are probably Lkkme 
one ihing; a pulsn. On u ,.;... i,. 
five star scale Princcvv iinj..' 
i-oni.s four surs. 

^ork behind 

the scenes 



"Toie that barge, lilt that 

bale,., " 

Eicf tuse the dcMre to be 
involved *ilh tlicaiie. hut not 
I for wla,ut'ver reason) onsugc'' 
Well, now s your chance . 

The Harper fall production 
of "Arsenic and Old Lace" is 
currently in production on hotli 
sides of iJie su,ge. 

Michael Brown. Harper's 
genious resident set designer 
(and fattier of Harbineei Photo 
Editor Tanya Brxiwn.) is hard ai 
work with his crew in U 
Building. And he needs your 

The set of "Arsenic and Old 
Lace" calls for a Bnxiklyn 
brownstone house in tenor ^a^i 
eai'ly IWIsffheplay is wi in Un: 
late 19.J0s). complete wiih dining 
room. Ixiw window, and window 
seal, as well as a staircase leading 
upstairs, wiih a cellar door. 

Brown is cuircnily working 
with a volunteer crew made up ol 
several students working on an 
Independent Sludy ba>n m Siagc 
Design, as well ai tommunil) 
volunteers. A thicl t.irjienk-t on 
the project. DaviJ Meyer, even 
has a major rule in the slww 0>e 
plays the iKavy. Joiuiliun). 

Any sort ol help is welcome. 
suesM\l Blown. The woikers on 
itiis [M\ jit.Klu^liiin ..el iiiiluite 
veterans of up to II yeais, as 
well as first time help 

Tticy meet on Tuer,,Lla)s and 
nmrsdays at 7:(XI in tixun L l(,M 

The pay isn't much (.actually 
It's nothing al all), but the 
rewards can be tremendous, 
[iiugine seeing ■ play with ,350 
otfier people and knowing that 
that piece of wall « that stau or 
llial door wa-s built and'or painted 
by yiiii' 

,'\iij before we ,leave M,r, 

Hiowii. congratulations on being 

published (or your work w'Uh 

innputcf graphics M,oie on tJial 

sl.irv next week. 

X^ fliSTOftflNT€ 

(I'lMio Ctedji 1 any* Bruwn) 





(located it: 

NorlhwesI Hwv. 
• 70S-0130 

Village Oasis) 

Have We Cot A Deal For You 

With Our Year-Round Carry-Out Special 

li* tiin crust Cheese pizza 
only $6.50 

(II fur I'Jih txlrj inurciliinl) 

Bring in this Vd fur additional $2 ofl' 

Be Sure and «sk about our 
stuffed and pan pizzas, loo. 


M "rinil, II ».m. ,10 pm 
Sji, *|i.m..l:| |)ni ,\^ 
L»miii( ,ufMi aaii) | i n. »,tl). 



The Harbinger October 8, 1987 

Page 5 


Hml there been a bretie, my dear 
Mend Dan would hitvc swayed gently 

ftpm it. But ihcrc wis no brce/c, w lic 

ju»t hung there 

Upside down. 

He w.>,.re only gym shorts and ihe two 
hulk> ankle bracelcf. which held him il 
"'■'«■• mercy uf il,e huge chronic 
eonifiiptioii trom which he danjk-d. Mis 
eye-, were itie clearest I'd seen ilieni since 
tic w.r. eight His moulh gaped wide in a 
neius of silent agony leavit.t; hu 
orthodontic history plain i., beh.ild 

The sight of niy inend in such pain 
was too much Car me m. I turned my 
attention to the tnsp sialli ut celery with 
Wwhicli I stitred my Bloody Mary 

(I pride myself on my courage in |Ik 
lace of other people's pain.) 

Finally, his features settled as the 
initial discomfort of the procedure 
pas.sed, I fine tuned the vodka/otherstuff 
ratio in m,y gljsj. 

.And how is our sloihlike pattern 
loJav''" I a.sked. 

■_n'iis IS killing me," he gnimhicd. 
All citntrmre. man iitvtrttj ami,' t 
corrected him "ti...; procedure is all that 
''"''^ >'■•" li ,: the worms," 

I >. lou.:,.,. ,,„,*n and pui my 
cigarette to his |,ps^ He drew on it 
gratefully and a long ash (ell into :li.i* 
nose. He ejected it withnut decorum 

We were in a private clinic in 
vvivconsin where Dan underwent his 
fi,„.!>i;iv.,ouf with Ihe 
■•I , *s»iO« utkitts 
""I"- .lie maJc 
litieral inialic 
iilhcr cerebral 
'■'""" llic procedure. 
n.i<i IS prone i,,, t.i. „f wnNctes, babhiing. 
the ri.,oM recent one lasting iwcUc vcars 
I had .xuf considered a.skmg |l,e JocKiT 

itmcc yearly ttaii- 
old, in with the ii., 
to the event 'I li,' 
by Dari 
■lol and 
«!'.'■■ H'g crews W ! 

I \lllll 

Why Din had to be suspended upside down 
for the procedure, hut his shrunken - 
head neckJwe diift'i »,» .„„ j,,!,, 
■ii|ue»tioni. ■• ■ 

"Shull 1 raise you?" I asited. In my 

concern for Dans comfort i had located 
the controls ,tof tim mmskim wUsk 
dangled bim. 

"Get away from there" f" 

"Hmmni. I think this Imr lli|gi«, 
t,ho,sc ankte brweteu ipfMit apmt,. ■».;», 
ten feet rd gtiess,." "'^ 

"No f'eder' Dob'I„||h. -ill ■■11 lllCl AM, 
down, anil kill you!" 

"On one leg? Cm gamtf ■ " ,t«|'l IKsle 
wishes and see which one!" 
"Dtw'i do it!" 

"Oh my, there's a foti.»i*rie .leitlng!" 

A short, predominantly ugly nurse 
entered the room. She checked the bottles 
by Dans feet and head and made a note 
She eyed my Bloody Mary and the 
Bartender's Attache Iran which I hid 
poured it. She then sneered at me so hard 
that 1 almost fell over. 

"Well," I commented when lie HmM' 
gone. "Nuiie Melliipaw'B ,c«(nii:nly Mtiiti 

"It*:i ruMored that the wn taking 
fccr own temperature rectally when ihe 
wffercd a bad rail," said Dan. 



"Can 1 fii you a drink or shall I just 
pour some bourbon in your intake 

"Nothing now. Aanb. 'l ii,,,y 1,^^,^ 
some bus fumes later, though." 

It's haid to tell w,hen' Dan's kidding: 1 
once caught him doing a blind tavie-u-.i 
of itiduslrial • direngih -mildew removers 

I w'cnt to the corner o\ the tiHiiii 
wJic,rc Dan's clothes wcie piled | 
removed three hundred -dollar bills from 
hts wallet and the long purple leather 
trom hix leather Stetson I Uyed the 
iiiimey and the feather on the rioor lus 
o«, of his reach. 

"Please observe three items, dear 

'boy," said I. 


"Item one, a pile of money which 
currently belongs lo you Don't try to 

,«Wing or you'll pull out your discharge 
•lllbc and get me all yuiks "■ 


"Item two; an ostrich plume wonhy 
m ,D'Artagnan's chapcau," 

Dan eyed me wanly, "What's item 

"Ahhh Item three." I toyed with the 
•sirith feather. "Item three is the 
wposed soles of your feet Am I offered 
one hundred''" 

"Wan' I think I can name that tune 
■n only tH-,} itcnu!" 


"Item one: your ignition system. 
Item two; your gas tank." 

Yep. it's hard to tell when Dan's 

"Uh oh'" said he 

■What','' responded I, 

*1 lliink I'm getting a runny nose'" 

'You re iUmiia drown'!!" 


■"Well, I gue-ss this IS farewell, old 


"Yeah or you could just hand me a 


"Possible . . am I offered one 


¥ttjr w T4 ,, --, 
■*'»"■■' -■"•■- ;■ • 

B STR£n 

w umm sm> 

'ill: Jl •(/•'' ,^- 

'■;» * :„W,f:-, 

Tamt Mugcw-imi" 
,»■ mm m *,t 
» *r''' 

mi mum m mammf 

# w mamiQ' 0s Of 


il-'rom OiU,h.-r 4. J9S7 Chicago 

l:vcn while Americans admire her 

(Aifav Reaiian'i) "Just Say No" to 
drugs campaign, there" is a lingering 

perception that she in somehow the 

power behind the throne, the woman 
v^l^io Mat:c-niaiiapcs her famous 
luishattcl and keeps his stall in line. 
(Arrn'i we gt'ttin)> a hit personal 

here:' F.S.) 

■ •• 'Wim ft,ii»f 
',->, ...,„... jiim rmti 
'■1 Hii cat ,» mot 


mm m i smiii * 

SiMmif m iirm am 
I mi iMticma mt 

A0ain t am m th» peculiar position ol havma 

mo« sp«„ than maloriat io I w,,l) agam «„er,d tti 

:n,'t'°" A? ""'^'^' "' '"^ "-"f*' c.mmun,ty 
( -cy,liy. staff 0, student, who would hka to «.« tbs.r 
.tion humor, poetry or cartoon wor. on this ^L is 
*«co,m« ,0 tunm.1 i,. In anoth„r s.m«ster pj, 
F)*- would ,u« t» p.,9e f,« and would t>e (.i!«| with 

■'■"'y come panali and syndicated. 

. i, sword puMlos, Th» idua this 
»--«M.,r *as 10 a,„o o,n« pag« amr lo the people who 

pwcBS thai would noi olherwiso ejcsi 
ll's not going woll. 
Let's try thif About a month trom now ni 

The slulf you'd tike to spray on the of -A" 
Buying, Anything youd like lo say (the hnetor ,he 

ftwJer Sweenvy 


The I hirhin ge r Oclolur S , It>K7 Pai-t' 6 



■«rt The Data Piac«»sin| 
.st«iin«»l ajsociiilion « 
'.J o« ic.(ioiari(ti|i 10 be 
^ » « Jtiil HI a Hafficr lUjck-ni. 

Tile criteria m m fnStrms: 

I.. Applif arils must be meml»«;« 

of H:iri»cr College-i DPMA 

iludilil etapuw. 

2, The caiKliiliw maa k- wuhm 

one yeai of" grwIusilKM' aixt luvc 

i(i overall graife poini avci»|c: of 

.'.5 aiHl tite wiiM! »»e«g<?in al:l 


liilil pnKcumg cUnKs. 
3. Eacli canttiibu: mLi>i ttjlmiii a 
two-page lypf*nik-n cv,.»y on 
tta»d»la piwesxiig luptc ilui he 
m ulie: finib the mmt mlettstit^. 

Ttte (kaJlinc for subnuturig an 

lime itudcni for ikt Fail ht 
scnicsler ai I'Wper College. 
Criieru tor icIecJiod will Ix 
tinjnci.ll iK-fil jrul convi'Mcni 
eClivrt iJio*ri hy iiuJi-ui U) ohuin 
il'ic kii ff-jtks. ptMiiblc. 

appticauonisCklolici 16. 1987. 

DeailliiK--. f'n 

:.■ of 

The Nctle and h%%c Coro* 

l-tiiantui • . ; 

■■- . . ..r 16, 

Scholir^tiip 'n If 


ollenng, itic iii .. .n md 


acmity f«e KtuLuiiiip lor a Mt> 


Announces the EniJ Hall 

GriiwoU Memorial SLhoij,rship. 
rhc !.cholaf>.hip i\ ju.,irJi-J to a 
j'onior or -.. ■ ■ , Muili-nt 

WtcnJinga: ;it'gc of 

univcfiny 111 itii: L'[.ii,.:J Sutlc-,. 
who li majonns m p;i[iii,.il 
.Scicnte. HttWify, Ckiverrimem. or 

Ihti ^M.X.KI award is lor the 
l'>KH-h'.» M'tiool year based on 
!vt(iola-.iic jchii-vcnienl and n«d. 

Tlie recipient must be an 


The deadline Tot applying it 

March 1. I'WB. 


Harper Cable Gsiclc. 

American Cable (channel 21) 
and Cablenet (channel 9) 

■ ■ H,i:!>,M. |a,ll|i|i„ 
» ..... ...t. h» I«*.l«. lai. 


.-H*IP CAnt F0« VOUR «^-Uiti, ■• 

■■■™H*1P CArtfc FOR VOCFi *^-\Mtl v . '■'^m^t 

,_ 3sz-j.q /t? , - • ■■ ! 

KESEa j easa 7 tiEsI"'? 

*10'«0ff 'S-^Ott !«2"*0ff ' 

i4St ••■"•• «.*."™..i"*"'*"rr:! "'""CUT j-ts 



*»plicationi« n*ni<| acftpwd 
IU( l»Hi. Fail d) tMi 

..<9ii> Hall 

alive and kicking! 


-^ $1 OFF 

'•^ J wiin mil Ad 

Dinanidtion Dinosaurs St'pti-mber 19- November 8 

Milwaukee Public Museum 

'o*v Ii. I.,.-, », ; / '.( ,..,„( /, J.( ,„ ( ,„ ,;,. 

in iliiunii.un ,^^J'uou^^-^^ H■|^l,lr,^,^^ 



Classified Classified Classified 

I he Harbinnir (k-tobcr K. I')S7 |';i;.c 7 

Clossified Ad Ralea ^^^y ^.^^^^.^ ^^^^ wanted 

. „ _!: , K i-: TA I L 

Student non-commirctal 
clastijudi mt» fti« tvilh 

Nun-Sluittnt c[a*»lfiaiti 
(up to «i(|ttt Un«i> at* 

14. SO; l.)I «i>cfi 
BiiifttMinal lilts. 

Help Wanted 



■<• -'01. T!lf.i>, I 
''r*.-.ift rip«:»fii'w. 


..."HiK-i rVllMi 
^hi I'iccJ A term p.j^H:;r tjiiliw^ 

..... >i,.4J J'OPl'f *■ p. ' 

LTVliC. Th. •, 

' ICr* JMpO (..kHi.,'.;^; ..jiji,;. 


fdttcci ii'icltirnj inJ puncntatmo 

fcj|*Qn,»hlc prices I .wMiu.«'r. tr*.t . 

^ . ■• ..1(11«n( id > ti.^ • 

H,jtf y<i»f p#(icrt. kuciii. m 
iciyiTie txK-ii, s;,/pi; t"*l.l Hollr 

Kl S4|! IftiO 

Clrrkiil • 

I'Un.umc icccp4ioni*t iVnf HL.i!»iK> 
Cfov'C fWm nctxM l*..r MWF Hri 
ar«j 10 t.m w h p,m C.i!t Cir.* 
*l 4S».60ia. 

LiMfkinu fur u job ' 
Th,. Ill,, 1, I 

Harper r*Jlt(;t 

' '1. ii l«*li«| for 
■;i*, fin tuniwt 

rAIMlsS H\|k Kl \U>\ U 

I ■:»»'' M.iiji.;t Vulkj Wt'MMI 
I'. ■'•. .md lUiKMiw, (of 

I. . .^v |^,im». C'ill:: Ckl. 

J ■ intHJUjC j'l 1*6 

Eii:l:uivcty iM'll'k tliifc in 
WiH«,H"i,ci,J M*ll H,.ti'4unM *c.||§ ,„. 
iu.!in(4^i and cji.Wr. Fut{ yr 

pin nil - jvuhUs Wirt 

iiNinj,,'. ,.; Cill'l 

.vt,.l„.. .;[ 

K<uii (ill! iir part'llait 

M.r.n,- Ml. re . 

V luiw <.i|:ienin|{.« 

"!■ .. w hcip 

•"V .. •. I'., I. .in 

■!':,-, ..^1 SjtopCTKim 

i. '. ■•" ' ■>■•■■ iKiwiitoa, 

A' .:hic tM-aiaiofi.. rail 

I ,, \U* 

smniM. A mxiiivKCJ 

'■^j.['' ■ ■ iuit.;'.. well lie ml*. 

»k. Pctbci 

1(1 liik Ci(»%'i* 

I. .ii: i. ,1., -iM iKis 


Lftal !i«r»ii«» - 

rkt:i: «..-<,iN!.i.i.i,\rn.>N im jii 

ViJUI Uijjal IK.:.K Ij;. '.„:, [ti I 
(Kf**l'njl ,.ljUT; 


Uctt« .1 H.; 


Si....« ' 

Wc I.. 

I'm 111..' 

t*f. Afi'n .' i.' ■• lir», |m I iincli. 

iiMwriill il J iirly 

Urltfri - 

E.*(»i:iwiKc Jjivtr.i f.i*f ^now 

liltiwwt •■ . .iihiek, 

Mr» b., .. , 1,1, III 

6 :«) t • 

If I"'-'"'. ■■ .»! llie ahMC 

Titii w I,>.iy limit p.'Suii .c*.i(mi'ii,*Mii,« 
iwinej . CoMf III RiinJ*''' Cti for 

•IIS ih«: •! ,Sp.|iii( Itnitk 

I lllLC-IOlill liitll .UCHJlllias 

:l ftjl I„W»-431.,1M1'4. 

In-llixnt • 

I'm, lie Sth.Mi«l»ir( hiio« liat. 

«ii»ti ,\i',vtir\ii;,\'r *'mi,K. m 

cx4li.ii'!(;c uinw nl" yiiyir Miwi. 
1 lii !>' < in, I, .,,=■;,: .11 HM; 


!i.klii I'arr - 

Fait-liitK kl|i"»Mtkiill far 

: •■ •ini T'W «. 

■ ■ ' 1 . i, 'SinrtuJ'S'iiiti. Jl 
■"■■lii [iZlU, 

> 'I ' (."■ I 

■ .II An., uv faiti! 2:2 

?»i,.>tlH,*B. llIK THil'il 

11 ir, 1... 

« •„ Jiiil. laliirr tgmii 
t 'liK;;.ii:letwi!lt» iC 

■~ ...I tc'Miy a jifii'iil wffc 

r: 11.1k 1.1 1.1 Al ll'kl ..1: 1.1.1 rill. i.| 

Wt ,'ii ,.1 

wni. .1 iiri.i lis^l> tij.i ' 

Bfc, Ihli ill M lull C".Jl,NHl,:.ANU 

01SC"(,»VEK A M(.>KE Hi:.u,n'in.!i. 
Ynr \. * ..I. .]r,...Ubfc. tirtatl)' 

».l! . 'I, 111 ilf 

d^: . . '- . '..-il Kiir Tnof 

- lu luii (Aiiiioi tiuw buck. 
Coiilwa K N. Twhiiitun FDA .* 
FCC Rcgi,*.i«:ri;J 

C«n, Suue lis. I'jlaune. IL 

ajMj'urrE ANALYSIS ill 

AD. Calli m..MM. 

».i. • 

0.1' KiitlctI wttri cmc'rli.ining 
(tsmwij.liiji (m (ruwmii Mnhiile 
Ce. w« tupplif A wi'Uf 
C4|ii|.pnteni. Enjuj caniiou 
C»H: 'lltO-OWti 

lltaim flub - 

CHi. • Ouh Hciilifie 

:|IK. ^tE 

t.Aiv' 1 "•'-■■ ' •■'■ "■■■■y 

Cl«b. Aikmt ■- 

l.iiVnl \ l MVi Ks| I \ 111 
LlIK Al.d 

iiaii)>{*)> ll'ni«e. 1. 
• ■tpm*aaf > N ! ■ . ■ ■ 
Tll,A,N'.FfiK Day ,111 Ilnir»a,jj. 
OtUil'Ki Z"*.. .«t 2'U\ pm.. riMMN 
147 lit U«iiw.<i Hall on iIk UIh 
Shftirc CarnipaM. Tin: iwopam i« 
•ifc'jignci) for III! iiujcni iiurwii 

iTi.i .-.,-,' .rig hi 

It I. HSN 

Pt,.^,,,.,.. ..,.i,..',,,.»,i,ra 1111 

»itn(.i'nntn. liimi.icr uf truilii .mJ 
curTK'uTuin T.-qiiii'i',ii will hi- 
"" ■ ' ' I'lfiimuHBii 

)>1. ■ •■1 MlMI*. 

A*,»i».,...i t r^^.iii II. .AiliMi'^MOin* 

Co'iuikcliitit *| (tTli^'Rlo ,,>r M'v 
lamyne Bmi.a, .A»>HURt l>«.ji) .»(' 
tm Niisbnfl fchiMl .»!' NimaE m 


Ski MMt • 

"Ihnle l.)i,j'( .jNc Ski Rfcl 1.11 jjo,*) 

otnil, Lukt w HI lit lotkii m 
.tkn, Atimi S.S4. Call Km. 

Alfke .|ji|ii.i|i'iii'nf - 

ItCM tlHTlKllllf Villi, liiw, H 

T>(>«»iii.-'> A Ill",i<i-i. flmilt 

|IK:iu .III.) 

lifcr iMiM,(> i'MO: 1 
« 111 111 1 p ,iti 

.ttll'l "*¥.% .I'lW \.«t I 

fjl IV I i.i\lli *i. ( II. 1*. t; 

(I ' " jl..'. 

A I i' II 

1i> , 1,'.' . -. , 1,'V.| 

,1- , ',(,\.\ , rm I 

K,.:i..-. I ...I lltv 

\i iiK 


It, V.H, Kal.lill ■ 

..> .I....' . 

1980 |ii-' •■ 
H mch ii^-ii i.ii.i -: L-i (i,.i 
Foi Monnul or iviiLiw. uic^, £i 
txmil i'i^ I'l- *.i; ... I...'' ... 
Call ■ 


.ii 'III iM.i 11 . 

Fa«o.ry *tj,lcij 
Call Bub. lV4.-:i.... 

Vm Vtiia ■ 
hi'Hil um . . 
tlkna llnii,.. 
iMKii (atliti. A... 
iifrer. Cat! Lumi . 

*»' ma Camatii . 

One tlliiu*.inil nulii:'! i.n rulimli 


Mi- J' 

Call .ilkir 

h p :■,■ 




iJV-' ■ 

.;,, ^* 



^■i r 

..^ 1 

I I iumpli 

l-*li5 HDMM sv,,,,| 

1476 llukk ( tlilun ■ 

fvt ;iiia,, ,n,ii,.;;.Mi l''il V-X 

Ml. -lit \i I I ^•^uK||.s 

Marlln sitti Miirn- ciullar 

I'lm.l. CjII 

Mik>: i ; .;'- ,1'.- , -, „ 

\'jri ri.* . 

a-ks ivjvii 

U'aw*, EU\;u.i I't . ■ . 

i'fHl i*'.*iii., ,, . 


ltii.iiM[Kt«p«r • 

Eit. »d aid w;» yn of i-ip l,, 

tMCL l-'or miiBa. .iMliik ciitl Liif 


stm. cuii:i>' 

CAtrXM vtt 


llliiri , 

VtVi in. I .i,.i,l (.■■.il,;tl.!,il, ft, 11,1 
-1,1 'III 1.,»<iK,,il!!l,. Illilim,., MM' 14 

<M»fi,t1„iiiii . 

'Mv ■I'lirAmtl jriit I ;i,r,. in!.-i,,;. , 

jilrtw ,t«H .,i,i,rL.,i . 




Til /v-i H.,f,i> I .J, 

litn "l^^r" i^iaiiv 

i'i*« i.niiii./i, tUt (\i\mK 
11 iirw - 

* 11 1 '■'■'■ ♦. in I'liiii 1.1,1.!,. . ^'h-il . 

. Ii . ' ''1. . I ' 

Jot Uan>hte . 

"Ai-ti.- „ii,.; v'li' Si(iwiJ. Mr, Fill 

1 1, "I 1/ 

. •' '.,11 111 M.niv »c 

i„ill 11.1.. , , 1, I, I rn.M, y;r. 

"-.-..■ I ^,i«i, 

l.,:i. . 

11. •..,c //||.iir al /,B5 - 
ll'.i'-,'. ill! liki l.ilk You nuuk' 
"i'|> ill)- iiiiiili niiiit; imciirvnrii; .iriil 
i;.i>x iir miito i,pi,rii (in Uic 

tiiilU'.l ll kmiw iM»m*;ilmij; \uu 

A'lmAo • 

WtlJlt V..,.f lir.lW,-:,, 1,1 .1, I |. 

,>o,a 1 1 

■on III' I ' 

a hai'J null! .'I u, 

iidiHiU run hi hjit-d on hn* >m.iii 

1 'I'.'i.h «-■ .,■ .. V • : 

October 1"/, 19B7 

The Harbinutr Octobtr H, l'>87 

Payi- S 







Red Division 









I j" * 




Illinois Valley 



1 18 

8* J 


Blue Division 


Moraine Valley 
Kt)ck Valley 







f ^ 


.Unlet Word till* tlic ball (ur tliit [tanks in ili« lint i 
Uwk Vdllcj. J>*«l« Crtdit. Jiikm Mcii.krr 

Volleyball team 
forces five 
games in loss 

Hawks fly past Apaches, 
22-7, undefeated streak 

Balanced oftensc and tough defense put recxinl at 5-0. 
Post-game pushing match takes exciiineni away from 

by Bill Ka|«lb«r| 

S|i«rl» Eilltar 

Don I tcll the Harpt-i 

volkytxill team cktm only cotwii 
III tesc-ikien ami lun«l greivito 
becMic M iliu pojni in ihc 
Kiison. itiey arc exiKru cm 
>;cumg citise. 

The ho« Haikks fell vicltm 
ui Rixk Viilley Tuesilay niglii, 

is-i:. iS' n-is»(ij«K 


"Tlieiis tmve iJefintlcly heem 
wi-me improwcnMims." coitcb 
-Vuilicy Raiidilt and. "Wc ijiJ 
*i'll tiHisuli'nnjj the 

The Uj*k„s *cre: foited to 
play withoui key player, Jtitic 

"Tbe two lutti we M lo 
bring in playcil ticelleni." 

RjiKiill xLkxl. 

Acciirilmg to Rjnitatt. Jo 
Ann Jc»iup c«ine ihruugh 

•kfcnstvcly k»i Uie lUwkt uml Jill 
Junk. (Jut a ucnKixlous jtit> wtlll 
one ni(;lvi'!i pcai-tit:e. 

For a iciim wl>o has juM 
mnc4 pbyiuj} higelJict this year. 
llw Hawks have came »ei> tlose 
to victory m ihc lau K»erul 

"The thmijs ihM. bmike down 
had lu til) Willi itic iiieipencnce of 
a yo.u<H{ icam," Randall iaij 
"Bill iliitu'\ .ii'c impronim anJ.*w 
*><.■: iltciii iliiwn by Itie 

ei'ks , ,, ,(,)«." 


by Hill KuKrll>ifr|[ 
S|i«rit lillitir 

A post-same pushirn; md 
sltoving match hclwccn lla*[i«r 
and Illmois ViUcy waj a giMKl 
jtii-mj'ii lu iivcphdJiiK (he 
impressive victory the Mawki 
iKordcd Saturday aflemucm. 

But it was unsuccessful, as 
thiid-ranked Uarpa (5-0) downed 
li»c Apat^hes. 22-1, icadtns the 
Hawks to ilKir ujih consecutive 
victory, dating batlt to last year's 
Mulweit Ituwl. 

The loss gives Illinois 
Valley Q-}) IxA place in tlu! Red 

I LuiKt qiiarlcrtack Al Snyditr 

led the Hawks lo the win, 

completing 16 of 24 (tasses (or 
213 yai'ili and 1 Kiucltdown. 
The Apiiclies opened the 

scoring in the first ijuarier on an 
1 1 -yarit ittuc-hdown iw>. 

Hut the Hawks suucli right 
back on a 2 1 -yac il louc liJown run 
by wphcm.ore running l>aci Dan 
Mariin firakc ).i., k-m r.ii« in iIk 
convciMon for an i-7 Harper lead. 

Manui and lacksun 
corohincd (or 1M> ground y;trds 
on 44 alleiiipts lo outruih Uic 
whole Apache offense. 

The Apaches were unable to 
score again as the incredible 
defense shut ttiem down tk; rt;.t 
of die aliernoon. 

In the sctiml quarter. Snydii 
tut Dale t'rassc lor a 30-yard piss 
lof a 16-7 lead with the ;.iKjmi 
conversion coming Imru KUtxm. 

Uile Piassc led all receivers 
in reception s *iU; 8 calclici foe 
144 yaiils. 

Then with 17 seconds kli m 
the hall. Hariier's Arnold Nulung 

rccieved an Apache punt and 
pnxxicded lo run tlie ball 7« -yartK 
upfield for a touchdown and an 
ewly:?-7 I (..*(. IckJ, 

The Hawks have outscured 
opponciiLs 140-2K this year. 
while tlic stingy defense has not 
allowed a team lu score more 
than 8 points. 

The Duf'jgc Chapparals heat 
Rock Valley upping dieir record 
111 -1-1 10 set ilie stage lor next 
wrcks contest between DuPagc 
and ifie Hawks. The game m.iy 
be an early preview for the 
playoffs. Tlic Hawks will travel 
to Dul'age for the only regular 
scaum game between ihc teams 
ami a 1 kickolT. 

Kacquetball tournaiiunt 
It'll be first conic, firM listed for ihe Class 'V racn-UCtMl 
tournament slaietl from <■> to noon. Saturday. Oct. 17 Th© 
.lournameni will he lirnitcd to the first 16 entries, "sifwip it at the 

:ar.,mural office in M Building. There'll be prizes for the top lour 
luiishers. ^ 

iiarperthun race 

.\nd sign up now for the Harperiho.i one and three-miJc rices to be 
run Thursday. Oct. 22 on the outdoor track. All students, faculty and 

i-itt are chgtbte lo compete with pn/es for the top three male and 

cmalc finishers. • 


f^c 'Zinl v"-w/!" "''"V ' ^'"'^^*""' '"•"• O' •»» y* i"' fc«' 
>cs to tiiiier o* :ho . questions, there will be a meetinc for ihnc 
intet^ted in playing vo„e> on Ocober .6.h. ^:SV ^: ^ in 
'He gym. Any qucsltons? Call Intramurals ill Exi. 2963. 

Hoor Hockey 

imercsicd m phtying floor li.ckcy this fall? If so, be Mirc to be at 

wUlT nhv!'; T^ ': "' "™" '" '''' "'" "' ^'-»'"Wi"g- Games 
*.n be pbjed on Thursdays siartmg November .^ and lasting until 
Daxrnher 17. It you can't make this contac. I).,n Koss at 

Women's basketball iiictting 
Tbcre will be an imporiam incciing for 
women interested in playing lor the Harper 
women's basket ha 11 team on Iticsday Oci. 13 

It 3 pm in the gym. 

Wrestling meeting 

Anybody interested in wrestling this year 
should attend the meeting on Wednesday 
Oct. 14 at 2:4.S in the g>m. 

Sports Shorts 

l>> Illll KuetHifrg 

Siiurii FJIlur 

ii.iNcl-M!l pu-diLiioas- Jusi to 
\U]£ my crcvlihilii), l.,l^I ) .it 
llus umc. I [UikcJ ihe Mci\ mcr 

the Astros m s« games and the 
Red So* to beat the Ani;cli in 
I then pi.». ,11 

!^- '•■■'■'■■■ - ■.- , - -i.-.iy 

)ear my asiiuUigicil 
eqiiatiun iclls me the Tigers will 
down the Twins in 6 games 
(Sorry. Don. the only Iwms 

1 know) and the Giani-i will 
outlast the Catds m 7 The 
Tigers will llten win itie Si-ncs in 
6 games for ilieir secnnd 

championship in 4 years. 

Last April. Denny McDougald, 
the Harbinger ba.seha!l analyst 
predicted how the teams would 
linish. Ik- picked the Cards to 
linish third, the Oiams to fmish 
fourth. Ihc Twins to finish first, 
and Uie Tigcis to finish liliti. 

Well, oni- out o( four dtrsn'l 
get your contract renewed in tins 
tJuMiu-ss. Sorry Denny. 




\OL. 21 NO. « 

William Rstncy Harper College Palatine. Illinois Ih*' H;irbini;t'i (ktohcr 15. 1*>H7 

II I iiBiiiSKiIiJMiiSm 


Crisis - Is 

education the 


See page 2 

¥isit London 
and get college 

S€t Page 4 

Bonnie Koloc 
comes to 

Set Fiif * 6 

3rd ranked 

Hawks beat 


Seepage 12 

Speech Team 

arrested with 
cap gun 

ll'J l,«rri' l*i»Ulii 
fM»r-rn I hicf 

A memK'r ttf Ilk" Hiirixr 

'' 1'cam *'<!:« imstfd lu^i 

Mutmmg. (w firing a cafi 

gun on i„a.m{iw wfcifc praclifing a 

speech (»clore leaving (or ■ 

■•ipircch meet, 

Aii«lrcw BjitiK./. .1 firsrvciit 
'^r'ccch Team wiftsitKf, *aj 
h(-.8r<^iiig his ".iCtiT ilinner 
•,H'i"i-li" i,,:i,fi otiijinal speech 
ileiigned lo emeruin (tie 
autlu'ticcv :il H:,TO AV while 
»;ii!m(; (nr ihc Icam i !■ ■ 
■ihiui ill hiwr laiei 

Balat/ s 
itrivmg If) r,;.i- 

reference iti il.i. ...«>. i,,,....., ..i 
high*.:!* >htmiings on Califcirmj 

Ait. . ^uiinliT •a'* 

fc S"" ''■■.■■ ■ .ijitl raotiilied 
l\i.Wtc !siiJ,cl),. *tn) w,t»ci|,u€»iUv 
drrc!:le(l BalKii. ijuniiciiwc) him. 
ciMltstJui'il (lu- .'nil .md reteaKtl 
him. Nil., ii.i.-i;,'- '.v. re (ilcd. 

The g.uti «j> released ti' the 
Speech Tewi coai-ti and inp 
spi;iiisv>r, M,arei.a tiirenui., m time 
lor ifk' nice! 

Puhih .S..itei> Chie( Kevin 
King said laler thai while Butac/ 
co»ld in (at:l have hecn charged 
wilh [.liMiirbing ihv pejLC, hui 
ihai «hen Balac/ *.>•• jMc in 
prove 11: vm |Mri .il .1 -.(x'l'.. h 
.."!l htcame ,1 (niif^cincni will I 
COIJ.M' we nti nulitiim\ iiHcm, >.<i 
wc released the gun 10 his 

Harper counselors care 

III l't»rl Hfiidtrtoii 

\l,Mi.ȣl<is (!ilili>r 

Student thrvcloiJi'Km hw 
ftttKd III tm tomt of lite main. 
pfoMenn ot Karpef Ciillefe 
-ui.,l..'r.i^ rti-i* tuning lhi"i 

-,t-nii.-,(...-t i!v'. '. j!I tlTiplcOK'm a 
tie* pKtp • ' "." I'l'u' 

arc.js; In: . .il. Life 

M-atagcmcm, lmr.iix'nt', ami 

Jtian Kiiiiilc. dean of viiHk'M 

Ji:n'ln(wnent said. "My jc* 11 H:t 

..i,,t,.> .,..- priigrams and «rv»cc» 

..ite iiuckitb m (hctr 

■Aork as well as llieir 


■•■, lo i-n N-yi(*I, whai 
I hi- (lotn.| 


"li* .group M<un-", ttfig. group 
prugraiiii, ami g.iting iiiio ihe 
classes. *c'ic ir^'uig in li>tu» tm 
hilling marc of the sluikni* by 

WOf^:i''-" 'Tll>T'«l» .'l.»....rlv. lAlll'l llv 


Heic ihc cafecf and per«.<rial 

cenimseltag in itone. If ihc siud»-ni 
doesn'l have a el*"* diieclxm or 
i'tii'l (|itile wfc Khai caiixr he/4i. 
wants ihi" H when" Ihey wnnlil 

BviiHiing* ij and i alt the 

("kneral Snidenl Developmcni 

jre a iiludenl that 

n IT] I f .1 ri n, I r r 

Bin WW..' 

■' . 'ok . luiienn v^ 

■■>" th.l«l»ng at-. 

'-'' --■ ■■ ■ (.: A tolk|C or if ih.. ;. 

tcsling. hollh serntes. )ob aiicnd. Cmmtiiialing new ciuacnt 
placcfrirnl. aod csimmimitv i,>ierti.iii..n. *fiuh'ihis ciirnmcr 

' ..'.cr l.tHM) 
■ul.l W handled 
iin!t:!t .!ci..-l.i|'iiivru. and licw b) lli.. -c i.'ii.riw..knv 

""■'*T'''.. .. ,. ■ 1 ihirik 11.1 imporia« Ihil 

ItuiUmg A IS. the taicer ,.4,,..|,.,„_, „.[ ,.,„ ,,., a ,..,„) >,un «> 

PlannmgCeiiw- , _„„ ,,.,j ,„,,,,.,,„i,„ ,„ ^, 

Cement Block 
Falls: No one injured 

My IkiuulH Rat 
\«'ws l-dltt*r 

.i\ Ijtsc .. vlin.liiciil cemeni 

him I,, appfcism lately thtw (efi in 
dunieler, fell frmn Ihe n-iliiig ul 
ihe jKKiei «»:m in A huiWmg. 
ilurd ntMr-nohxIy was iniurcd 

The .Aceuraie Cnnng 
I'timfiany was dritling a hole in 
the .-I'lhru- i,>f \ huildin..! lo 
in-. lation thatt on 

-I!ii • :vrH 

tvv 'A.,:!!.- vcniilalii'ie ■ 
..,j.. I - •tH-i.ficd [>:irfctl Ri. 
f,.i I. .il I'lani Division 

In »eie h'Cing 
insuHca. one loi' the posttf room 
ncaf Siudcni Atlividcs and 
another veni for the WHCM 
radio room 

The eoiing device usetl is 
not desigrieil to h»>lil the temcni 
bicvk .iltct the hok has been 
drilled .A garhage ..'an"' »js 
u^ed to t.ilth the eemcni Win I 
'.* rieu tl I' 


plated iliinuy ..i....^.i ..'k i....i«. 
aecordtng to Richie. The cement 
block plummcled from the 

CelUnt' lnn.-kirie tooic telling 
iile .1 ■'.< Ihe le(i» ol 

ihei...ii Ion. 

Richie p».i>ied one ol m* 
ircw members oulsiilf Itie rciom 
10 ensttre that mi one cmeied ilic 
iiHim duf iiii: die coring, 

■:■ ■' . '■ r the tneideni 
:-roL;rain (nurd 

i,,i,. .,., room Ihev 

found a eemerit hlotlt laying •" 
top of the table, i..-itiiii; iii 
.lilts and J '•.■ 

iett'd on the i».i .-'it; 

ikkice tii«» Jl while Utj.uia j-- .1 

Three ceiling lik-s needed ii,> 
be replaced totaling only ahtiul 
five dollars in repairs "The 
celling iilcs rteC'ded replaced 
anyway," said Richte ,Aside 
from clean-up no olhsT damage 
was thine 

t'lctaveJ t^y inclimale 
•*eather. the clean ii|i was 
coinpleicd lout days later 
-Monday Ociohci 12 The 
veniilalnin shaft was also 

thorough oritntaiwn pn-igram h* 

new students." said f-unu's 

Brjiiil.--^ .cMstam professor and 

l,.[imeni faculty 

,All toui 1. enters w-ork wiih 
ifadiiii-inal as well as Ihe 
leturTuric '-liiileni 

Ihr tomiimnin 1, .Hiiiseling 

,;• •,- ,' •. ■In- luiMic and 

!■■! s[s-ciali/cd 

IS .1 u-.ilK 
nbjetlo'es that th, 
w:ini li'i .j,:i'nmji|i-'l' 

\i,-n I'l' l,\..iii-,i' Miiileiit' dient 
l,,«.,i,lsod yel," she said 

"We're here l,i'< r- • - ■•■■ ' -■ 
iiictuls," BranilcN 
sttpporl and a-, 
wlialever the sti: 
f-iei,|irntly it is in t!;. , ' , ,,ii 
plan ■ w,|ial will traiisler. classes 
10 take , " 

>;oal«, "I try and help people 
fii:u>f oiit whal ihej <*'■!«," she 

She d«* tbts bv ir-mf. the 
cateei i.eiitet and hs imcrest and 

hiH liliir 
Ifi . ,iii.t 

on, -, 111 

Hl .uu^i ol 

coi, • J llarjxT 

. ,. V-, Luiisistinj; of 
iri all over the 

, , .. .,,,. Il :»s ^tiidenl 

development, ,"i,l 

f,kiilty meinhei- 

1 he minimum ulu, iii 'ii.ii 

, inifement is a M,i-,;i-i-, "I 

Si 1' ■ ' iii'iseling, ;md there 

an ^I'-'d intoincK-asmg 

'" ', -tl out iif ]^ 

iiavc iheir 

l< s J lu-hl thai iKople 

11. If , I. .1,:,. .'I II ii.ite toward 

I lie Hai"p> ■ 

|i, n,,'i lust a sii; 


'il! In 

PAi'^lvii C>«<i «1 Ciiw«l>i:^yil 4f MihIiI 

Braniicy xHtl Ihil tCMiiK of 
the students don't have majors 
..he I'u-lps Iheiti ,J.,ui!:, ilicir 

Prime Software 

help stiidenfs K' a sm-tess here 
she said, "We w.mlJ li*,.' t,- 
.|. '1. l.ip more progt.e 
hell' ilii Nliideni. 1 

Br;iniii;> said. "Is , . 
eoiinsclof in ari cduutioiial 
st-lting I think it s ini|Miruni that 
III! " ''.,1'. input from ihc 
i, ■ ,u a-, u plans for 

conitniiedon page 1 

Ey Cli-iuglas Ray- 
News Editor 

Prime Software, owned by 
Compiifsifl, picsfnied si>flwiire in 
H building !ii eneowfage the 
puhlii 10 enroll m i("AI',>/<"AMl 
iiiuise-, .in J 10 get irained on 

(•,■::,,- ..Otlwaie 

liKjduetion to CAD 
. . .1 ill p u t c r aide d 

de-MgnSi'Ciraphurs is the eouis*' in 
which grjphiv principles are 
applied 10 computers A 

skenutic ilUistralion is ty[x-d m 
using wiftware jfugntms 

Additionally, CAM 
Kompuler aided manufaciiuingi 
uses the icthnology of digiial 
computers 10 enhance the 
manufacturing of products. 

The presenlaiion was 
advertised in hit-al ncwspalicrs 
and according to Orvillc 
North strum, 'The 

aiinouncemcnis didn't get out 
unltl raihet lau: Nnrthstniins 
inittal rcaclwm towards the 
sutccw of Ihc event was "poor" 
although he believed that 

C«npuf;Kl had a higher opinion 
ol Ihe turn out 

1 atcr Northsuum conlukd 
that "for our purpose Ihis one 

(prune p-resenlalioni was vc»ry 


piCM ni.,nMii- ih .ill t'l.oining 
sLij-e riie ne»i presenution is 
lenatoels nci lor November cii 
[X\.eiiil>ei '\^e do not make a 
p(ilny ol endorsing any i>f them 
(sotiware companies)." added 

Norihstrum mentioned the 
posibiliiy of inu-oclucing artificial 

Artificial intelligence, also 
called smart system and expert 
syslem. refers to a compiHer thai 
can make decisions alxsui a 
situation outside of its 

Orville Noiihsiruni, 
CAU/CAM Manager, used Ihc 
example of a robot on an 
Mscmbly line ihm canntH find ■ 
designated pan. A jnur t .tyarr m 
could lix>k for Ihe pan « perhaps 




The HjirbinRcr Oclober 15. 19X7 

Page 2 



sKiiknii ' Sci I'm ill tin- tn 

adk-l* commiitccs." 

Baitlky is Ctmrmm of TItc 
Acjidr:mic Siwdirdi Ccmniittrf. 
1 menilK-T of ('.nully Scniilc. and 
a vciy 111.1IVC t» «hfr campip 

W*«l,J r>..i. • , !h.- *(H,I 

..." ■'. ■'■. i . ■ .u -.I..- .;...t- ili«. 

But ti> ih.- ftiiinwlKci. and 
Eotmiclmi: .. i-nicrs. ind; t(i< 
itMktni <Jevclit|ifiir(ii ilcpiVtim'nl 
• •■•■We. (I ai«:,i mcam tirimt. 

Thf Smdcw IH-vtiofmew 
:Dc'pnineii:i ciCkrs (»<i ilasKt 
ikil UK geansiil lowaid pcnom.) 
i,fcvclfc«piiien(i. fhty are P»y H'n 
HuminMtic l*,fjchcb|!'y. awl INy 
lew - T<)|>it«. m Psychitlogv 

For (■«*« mftwniaiHiii on 
ttwlem devetopiBi-ni i.i-fvttc% 
cmitini loi» Xmllic. e'»i 2 Uh. 

Student Senate kicks off with 

first meeting 

By i;««iiiMvn H Hoiiig 

tkli;*cf 1 .2 . .o(Xned itn 
Stiiilcm Senar;: mcrttnc " 


4 «>pi>rii. 
..Villi II. 

■* Sjx'ciil 1. 1 1 Iff t'loiiT'i. in ilic 


Ill h(-.i . ti.itu 

li If irtf m:* 

::qu.MMi*il and 

>.l)W«is4 ihfK dulK*. Tltt" *liiik*nl 

tnwlcf oiiilmed ihcrr ilumr* us 

[tllow^. The HCMlc must 

I . RcprcMinl ihctr divriinn 
.; .■Vnc'n.l I cmmiticf nitvt 

lil K'tK'f 'ilTM- lll^lH* 

[%(»()nwf an> c.|»ihs 
ic'fkm.1!' llr KMnfB.iti«n 


(HMff ;Htl I I'i 

■I'limld l>c *i!rkinj,; ■'! 
naiin' will be 11.1**11 »bi.i 

.tpiW'Hir- ---'- <. '.'" - ■ 
lo Ihf :.. 

deem *.. 

Tbiji'f .lit 

I Ihil 

itmtne Pant. i- 
Sluilmi. All I 'Ml' 

iind villa 


Scnali" .Advriin will hiivt ifiL* iii'xi 
mi'iiiiu: ..» hor hi:"»iiv on I-riiLii 

iKti.Kr. I(> ■ li liir ihf 

i.-^i nioi: include 

. ■. !h.' rul..-'. Ill 

t.rii^ ^ 



.!. ,1 ., 

■ .in. J \'*'Mtl' ; 

■ ...■'' ■>' 

.".Mil IIk- 

|... ni'iui. 

I ul U V 

il Biih I 

Miller in 

larl iii'iiil 

,n II... .. 

, ... 

III ..IKi. 

Education best 
remedy for AIDS 

Ht <il<rr 

Stuff v>. 

o I Malustl 
>• < tit 
ii... ...I.. 

iHidcm c«iii«.r mi ««> |w>plo 
*.<«■ itenied iiceoas lo i:k: h-... -mj 

i\ r.A llitvin.. 

•'it'll m 11 

.. ^ ..<i T..hA 

\ 1^11) T'.. I'd 



" W f ;iri.' nil l(>in;tr 
tjlkinj; i)f iM* i;riiui><. 
ivui ri«.k> ihi-havior*" 
luk l»i»ht'rt> 

tf:' Ill.l'Hl [ 

....tii..ul .\ii.'S 
tlUl nKli'i* I'W. ■ 

j.K'>ut .itlcml'ii 

(..■I fiti 
:'i who 


1 1.1. TIT I |U'..-.i 

1 don I '«kw J 
\,...i ,i f ,(.,. 

Charity Benefit 

K^ lhmgU>i Ray 
\«'ii^ Mttiir 

One bundled 

H,(r,...-, .'.nml.......i 


I'l'i'.l ii!.'"th...l 1.. ti. 

■ ' ",..t [iLi'-li-i 

! i-jih 

..*,.dl. m.. fxv\ 
•lil'^ ■ 11 I 

"tils l'lN".Al..ti....i *'Tt 
TVl'f..-ll.H ."I PjlT 

■.sm4 Bi'cmn v 
' I'licaeio. 

I. Lilfd ■• ilh AIDS' 

1 'I Till 1 1 'I 
■ Itll lll'l- 

iti.: myilv* 

..iUilH'I ul 

■ ■f» unit 

ir j.r rt.iiip.'i . i i .. 

Sfl?l«llh« I*'' 

-T'"i-'>v nojpl'c ihjl Ik 

niiwcd 10 thi- 


II 'I .jiiid iiitirriil 

..tdrtl il'ijii 'Ihi itji 
■H'»"vit;fl (ivl'i It.. 1.1 
iiin di) hi i*di.ii;.ti.c 
<i.ill. and (amity ai 


-. i';in be 
. L'di Y nil ft al»a'y« 
i I'leaitliM'it III' « hat's 

. !•. Ili.)pi:il| 'l'« a targe 
iiir llif 'iiti'i'" ''I'll 

\f. ' ',' . 

McK\. kf'iincih Vii'iini l . 
I*«f^."' r.'1'A'i'r..tiTp ('".TmiT 

Ml, 1*^1. ^1 .J... ..,.!.. 1 Ul IT. i 

. !..(.ir! 


1 '>,;,■ 

I'hn:-. uni! 

Mr I'l l!l. 

! .1. ■ 



I-A" lliirjl 

M, K -r. 


' ' .ri 

11. 1 
.111.1 "■. 

vi'iimiin. teld in ll'i* 


816 S MiihuiiinHhHago II WM)', 

• ni'Msi .N'''. .*. MAN \-' 'I ^^^■■«|■T 

•I.1...H.TK" '■ ' ■.■. .iliKi\ 

•(.-(.Mpnt . 1 

•UBERAl AK'Ilti St. ■■»...,%». 'I. - nU'REIARIAI- 


B.\fHf:i..OR*S & .USSOCIATF. |)E<;REFS 

Wmttr qMVtir Iwfiii* Immry 4th. IWJt-RKCJlSiTKR NOW! 



Serving \oy trum ihr Soutli L<x)p' 


Tht* Harbinger October 15, IW7 

Page 3 

An open letter to 
Peder Sweeney 


Vtm l«i*t il»iil><le^» by «"• prrosed what i* uiuiill) 
PlEt Fi*» •ltd '»«»<• '« '" he mrritH page 5 Ihi* i* J 
IMirtitil avaktti, m6 (hofwfutly). a full i»pUin»lion. 

th* piccr you •rolr is, as usual, rictlli-nr 
rri>hal>l<» l«o good. Thf pniblem it trraUr* is iin>*ll} a 
iDiiral one; To subject someone lii a tambastinjt like that 
whether they deserte it «f "ot (and viiu KNOW m> 
feelini on whtlher our subjetl deserves ill, »hen it 
«cc«»ii»pli»br> lilH* more than eloquenll> heralinj; him. 
It «roi«-^«idi«cli»e. It may e»e« be cnunler-produitive. 

The apology part i» this: I '"»"'• 1 l«*« .'"" "'•'^ 
carle-blanche »» your page, and you hasenl 
diuippoinled. I dmii't •«»" l» ahandun y»u on your first 
ci)lilr»»ersi»l pafe. I lold joii I »■• K«»ll «« f't** '»'' 
e*iii»eitiH-f on tlii*. I !«»«■ 

f»r »hal U'i worth. I did iih around b«rof« nmliing 
mt d*eiii«n. *lso for what it's worth, the prevailioE 
fipinion was to print it- Sn 1 can't even pass the buck. 
The deci%ion was mine l.rsser iif two i*ils stuff. 

S«t. if *o» want, see me for a fuller einl»»allon. *» 
» natlcr of fact, if yt.« "ant mi job. after this last 
»c«h, you^ caa have it 
tarry I'aiillin 

^.i^tters to the Editor 

Dor Hartiinger. 
1 have really cn|tiye4 I'ctkr 
Swccmey'4 HcapO'Wo>tlv He is 
a g«xl »Tilcf aid "cry iutmy I 
recaiily hcaid. hii*fvc». that hi* 
ai'lKlcs BK reruns ol last ycjr 
While ihis, doc\ia ruin ttwm. n 
gives Idem .1 museit mil Icclmg'^ 
Hiri ol hie J IXina [,i-ilcrman 

Ate ihj* indued oU an«.l<:^ ' 
If %o. I would encourage Mr 
Sweem-v u> woie mim;. That is. 
iChe KMitiallhn college. 


Swrcnrt ts aiar anil »<'^'/. '»' u 

Ciitmng I, . iU- r t hi ■■ mcm'i 

Vk-m Fitilpt : 

!n ri(;jn1» in ihc <H'ry .ihoul 
l»(in Bjt/i,ii>ki jtnl hi-, rampiiiii 
diswprd I'oi the nc»'.t'.n'><-r. I 
have a few commenis I 'mm Id 
like l« make 

Mr H.h /vn-ki, I .it" \!iixk«l 
at the bcliavior vou h.ivc 
<li!|ilayeil in ihc ftu-ni rlciuons 
A \implc lumt \(x:lhiig dlx■^ not 
».,irr.irii youratlions 

! «)kin(! at youi pHiutc tn 
the paper, I *;i> shixkn! ui vcc 
you arc 411 ulder man W tui kind 
(III an esamplc arc >iiu Mrii,in(i> I111 
Ihc younger «ludeni\ 41 ibi\ 


Ihe Hathinscrs you ihrcw' 

iiway ^■>^^ m.-m-y and monc^ 
comes (mrn hin '.iiukni aiiivity 
(e*. Ad HTM vets pay lor iJu- sfacc 
in ihal papef and yoti ilircv* ihcm 




ilial »»i>ulJ K''^'- '■>'" i'''^' """■ '•' 

day. Instead ot runnmj;, ikvt. 

■. ■' . ;k-\i cU'tlioii.s, ni.i\K 

i:c> see a psytholotisl 

,,., ,..,„„ ,. L.Ulxh hi-ha*'ior 


William K.>- 

Alftrngum .■ :...:.,..- ;'•- 

Palaiine. II. WH'W 

Ediii'f m t"l-i>.'f 

N.;w.. i 


..;Oij T^^ 


B) C:«r<il A. larkerk 

Staff Ctilumnlsl 

The cold wcaihci has 

prompted many \o search in ihcir 
closets (or iweaters, lj,si week I 
pulled my favorite winlei warmer 
from lite dark depths o( a second 
closet only 10 find that it brought 
more warm memories than _| 
any old xwealcr could 

My "student sweater", as I 
like in icfcr \o 11. ,is as old as the 
hilK k\ the kind that you cani 
renieim,her where ii came from, 
how much it cosi or why 11 
mit'hl Kasc Seen vhi,>scn in the 
fir-.l (il,.KC X. f.ii .1". I know, it 
may have )um come with the 

It H I hiii.-i'"^ t "i(u that 
would reminJ ibing 

you'd wear foi : - '1 It is 

sort ol m.iim:-, I'mt inoic manxm. 
,Alrtui>i .!;■. 1! ii wouldn't iiiidie up 
Its rnitid uh.ii cuioi 11 Wiinlcd In 

The style i\ a cross tciuoen 
"I ^souldnl »fjr ihis In the 
Jc*c!" and "if Arm els ualicd 
lomoiToss (his «.(siil,il K" ihe lif'. : 
lhin(; to pn m ihc hn 

rills se.isnn a Iciiinc niiiehi 
me quite unaware 1 laugh^'d a* 1 
Umk It nil (he hanper. Inr I'd put 
II aw.n |i|..i js 1 hjj worn it last 
■.]•! ■; .• ■ ■ 11 and 

.1 Vngth. 

1 his uns-si, II (Si'iehl 

dislrihwtion caused by the cr.,-,is.-,l 
sleeves made Ihc sw'i'alcr almust 
(all nil the hati^er iiiId my arms 
as il In say, I'm sv glad in see 
you. I've been win ting all 
■saminer to 'be loved again." 

At once 1 fell the torn Inn It 
calmed hj shivers, iriy (eats Inr 
upcoming midterm and the 
nakedness of lacing my studies 
all alone An old friend was 
h.k k 

Sirkc my arms are longer 

ihan some o( my hemlines. 1 lend 
to plunge my band mio my 
p(X:k«s, My (weater (wkcl-s are 
so large that I've considered 
banging 11 on the mantle at 
Cbri»im,as msieai) of my stix-kitii' 
since I could pnxure so much 
mi we' 

Being a trealute ol liahit, m'^ 
hands found their mesiiahlc 
destination m no time And, 
since "pockci' is 1 aim lot 
■"NMtoniless pil', I Iwgan in pull 
nut the storage 1 had led hehind 
last spiing Mibcrnaliiit; all 
summer was a long slick ni num 
m my left pocket, ll was siill 
edible, so 1 unwrapped U and 
rolled It into my mouth while 1 
started re trie sc the com em s nl 
my right potkel 

1 first eviracted a piece ol 
pajwr had a phemc numh<-i ol 
a former ^lassmaie. She gave it, 
10 ri\e during finals week twciusc- 
she had snme i,|ucsiinns 
tonceroing Phikw.ophy and need' 
cd some help. Oh well. 1 hoped 
'-- r,'»'-ed 1 chuckled a hit 
■ ,• if she siill needed 

FrohaM.s noi, hut leinem- 
bering her was a mse thought 
Had she chosen a college to 

com,pletc her scboohng yet' Had 
she ever (inisbed the Faulkner 
mivcl that she uied the whole 

■.emcsier to read during 
Ctulnsnj'tn and Psychology 
cscry class [x^ricri? Docs she still 
conlintiousty cat peach flavored 
Intlv Ranchers for breakfast'? 1 
isoiider i( 1 shall ever see her 
.le.uii Dti *ell. I hope she 


Digging deeper, 1 lound a 
piece of string (I knew 1 
forgotten something I 1 lound a 
dollar "Tbis ic dcfimtclv what I 
call "mad moncv (very time I 
rased a little e»tra ui.-Ji. I can 

never rcmcmbet where I've 
sushed It- 1 get mad 

Lastly. I found 3 button. 1 
came to Ihc conclusion that all 
sweater!! come equipped with a 
nonmaicbiitg button in the 
ptK'kct when purchased The 
customary hutum brought back a 
fond memory of my grandmother. 
Yes. my grandmother You sec, 
she told bet lavoruc button suwy 
every change she goi Probably 
because it was the UNl.Y joke 
she knew 

We children would here ihis 
tale everytime she found I button 
around ttw house. She'd tell us 
about the preacher who would 
pliice a cough drop in his mouth 
iK-fmc he started the sermon oo 
Sunday When a cough drop 
dissolved, he fell adequate lime 
has passed and would stop 
speaking One day , however, the 
sermon was unsually long. So 
long in tact, that congregation 
licgan to fidget The babies grew 
hungry The children counldni 
keep their hands to themselves 
and the adult-s. checking then 
watches and ihcn shilling iheir 
eyes toward the back of the 
church, kviked dtspanngly al each 
tober. The preacher, seeing he 
was losing his audience, began to 
suck harder on his hwcngc. But 
finally, the townsfolk could stand 
It no longer The preacher 
decided to abandoned his lime 
miKiagemem apptcicah and reached 
up to dis rcctly spit the tecnge 
inu) his palm What be found in 
bis hand was. guessed ii... a 
Itmg lo.>tt. misplaced lapel button. 
Ob. what a long forgotlen 
memory We had thought her so 
witty at the time. 1 think I shall 
keep the button, and the money. 
The rest 1 shall replace with new 
memories ncM spring. 


Court chameleon 


CHAt^GE Color To CoVER 

ENTIRE Political spectrum 


! he Harbinccr October 15. I9S7 

r-jiac 4 

International Studies Pro|tnim 

London - All this, 
and credit, too 

■>,« him 


program . 


(all, s:|irit<j; 
a; me sic r- 
wiialt I l,,i -!-... » I. 
;inJ iltitt.b 

:':> i>( I.jhiJi;t: 
'. m.mi,ljiiii J 
i.(.u».i v,'i,i.||urc ,«il StAJfiv ;i!i,,| ,( ; 
iuMtniim oC litpf otlier. i;t|iii(m:il n 
conrsct, ranginr '""■' ^" 
iir>mfy II anil c,,,, 

!l. .•.,•■-. I,;. Ir „ , : 

iK'jr ihi- 
"iiluijcil II, i!k: 
hfiittiutc suih' 

i.r ih.- ITS .■, II1..1 in .,(■■ WtHf 


li< 111 111 ■ 



<n titi: . 

■ 'i'lvii-s n (l^iaitcJ 
! tic OVLTKa* slut'v, 

III [.I'M 

Sur'i an c«cM,im; .iilvcnmrc 

..n.ii.t- IJ'-iiK.u.,, 1.11! Im-w .1 '•. 

.iriKcl a mrn 
I'tir-i jiK) a( . . 

''■ ■ end 111 iln^ I . 

IMi'i'H't tll^■^ll i'n^ln. i-slinwlcil 

;il .n,:-r '."•IWI il !F 

itivt itk' iSl* til Ilk: L 

vukiiin ^ i.U'Ki'U', aii,iM:uiijs ami 

"III'': c»liiiul,u) -1. 


12 Month Student Special -Sk9 

Mr :lil(iinu».' 'tl iHir miiht Ii« vi't(i|,-iit \|*fi.ij (inK Stf'J rm^ 
I'rM-fM'rMtn I ' ■ i ltmilt■^,|■il(•^llt>ll^[^;ll•ka^>^- 

""'' ■ • I -lit*, ilut^ uMunni 

»,.ill u«l.n ttit .1 umn>l«m ■ 

fl'ii/H ,'■/'(;; 

• lii[l M.ului.i ■ iUiitlM.t 
N.dllllilM'v i.ii.;lr I ill. V 

•Inr W.'iJ';. 

•l.Mi.,.'"r > I,: I ., ;„ ,,,. (ilk.- 

• I .irilm\.i'.i, I i.iIiLtii.iii-, 
■ "H JmjKiii, .iiiil 

•UiUT^HillUl I l.l-.r- 

• \ .iiul t'li-Miii.ilt/,,-,,! 
W(irki(ti! I'rin;> 

• rntiiis ^,<ntrl^ 


• Ijiiiiini; KnI* 

• l-iln(>> \ssfsMiic)il IVnI 
.\dmniiNiirrd Hi i.M-n im; 


•>(iniil((ir|)iirj,u- K.tic> 


1 VliK.d(k-l(l lakf 


IO(Wl [. Uorwifukl K(i 

Stluuniburn. IUi<H~3 



:■ .111,1 


:■ fiif 


by Kim OttrwwU 

IriilurcN KrfKor 

Kill* vniiild yoii like lo 
ctcharicc a hil ul tuluire wiih a 
vi«:itin|» Riivii.m ' 


1 i;;ilin.i 

111. 1 llMll 

I ' 111 l> ni . M ihc 

'■ 1 ■ ■. i"k.[it in rit'fn 

Ml'-.- ■■ ;'' jvM.irm 

"Ittiaik-.- ... 'ni (■ 'iiik'-.Tlii, 

I >r '^. 1* iiKimr. t'l which ihc 
MiiM. iHi Press Kiilic-iin s.iul, 
.Vl.mii,-iuu;rs ix-rriwriuinff u-j-. 
Urn. ;il .iiij r.i.„, iii.'K wa,rrii. Hi'r 
.* i ' ' '!ii" musician 

■ ■ ' -■--■,, )ii,.,,.,i„. 

! riuaiUT ol 

^ .liliaHa" (roiii 

' ''■ i>.Ji K,.!,l.£,!.i:Li!iii, 

Tl -. Siiiio I turn Ihc 

.: '■' -t- til'- I'l.iifis". 

■ I > - Siitiliiriiiiia 

i ' : I J r a n i,l 

M.uih SI.ivl- 

Ilolh [K-rl(irni.iiii,-v--. will W at 
HrmmiTi. .-Viiili'iMuiiii in iIk- 
r:.l.;iii Civi,. C",,-iin-r. 1*1(1 DcMi-r 
C'lmn I !,-.ii, IllimHs, F-,.r 
tk» iriliitiiiaiion uill 

( ,"< 1 . 



Harper Cable Guide 

American Cable (channel 2i) 
and Cablenet (channel 9) 

Naomi Explains Football Strike 

Bv Njf ri, i" 







<•■ jl!..». 



Want a job 
on campus? 

Apply in Student Activities, A-336 

Available: Game Room 

Attendant or Office Aide. 

8-15 hours/week. 

Questions? Inquire 397-3000, 
ext. 2242 


The Harbinger October 15. 1987 

Page « 

I % 1 1- 1 Iff by JON CALDARA 

|; f 


XPemey Oiifioitufijlies 


• mm cr Amwa ute • pud NOUDAvt 




mm cLASMt MOM ocToaoi wm 

rn'OmmSm m Ip^liilii; mlC hmmiXtm . T H wi nm m km 

I M' rJMM M IMM « < 


Bt a nMlHr « m «IMm Mm. mH * mm mm 

*.3ant. Hon liraiit. ar cafUMOM. 

JCPenney ggg"^''^ 




■ ^ pli.-;i- '.1 10 wcli-i'iiii' Mr 
l)i;nrir. i'jfKv a* ihc in-'« 
chaf(b>n f>>r the ("jifu'In (',im|iiis 
MinKjr> A njiivf .'I Niacjo 
F.tlt, \'.;,v York, Osirby received 
•i... ;ii,i'i ■ \ (legice in l*asu>f;il 
.SluJu:,i is.iiii l.oynla l/nivmuy. 
Oct ihc pasi r: u:ar\ , Diirtiy 
has hccn .kiivc in (eligious 
education ^iinl (unsh eutiKils. 
He was a rcprfieiiijiinr Ki rfk- 
0«K"esc i>f BvIMO' Im Uht W'NY 


e«.-(>un»i." He o 
would envj' a |i'>t" 

pcf'iwitsil »<■>'. 

Aitiori,k: ill.; .iiiiviics 
he *ill *■•■ ,iic 

attvtKjfv 'lip 

{acihutiin .1 
a(td.ilitm >: 

CiltllOllC StUlk'lII.-. 

oihcr who an- 
fcinning moff ->i* 

Tlie I 
Miimiry i--. 
iheSiudtni ■■ 
RdfHn I'll 



i.m ^, jn'Uni"'.. Jlinl 

inlcre.slfil in 

"It ih.' churiti 

1 '.impiis 

«. .ili'ti in 



..lilt) nuil 

':.,- CCM 

liiA-iil attiviuei. 

Tie one on for 
Pete Soby 


I. '.':!'{';. 


Hl,,l!; \ 
Cjiii-le na 
1(1%. |; 
.M. .Il«>r 

i(>U!-:i.|..- 1)4,:*) 

K '-(I a..m. - S:10 p.m 

Ynur tton;Mion will 
(or paraly/ttl uliidcnt, 
Prte Soby,. 

Graduation petitions 

.Slt'Dl.N'lS V,\: 

S(-MI"STf:R \, , ., 
tiK,'\|1I .\UO\ K> MIDi 
!''^" i.H,AI.:n",,\rili\ I 

',! !» IN Tti! 

•■-(i A HIMIM 

IK A i,»r<;ki'i 

"'i'\ (,<1,H 

■m-K I 

\\ Ki 

»mM!< -,■■ .■■•■-: 

,,1-SXl «i*ir -•1!' 
kM\ umanTJis 

Diabetes: AlL^J'yii^l.r**^^' 

l,eiltii,,'i Sli.ifnn Ciil,.,'! KN. 
iiS\ isudetit t-,ili,k,iln( 

VVIk'tl' Ckhihit ;h. I'W"; T-'lp.m 

Wlicrc: liiiptf Ceillese 
Ri-h.ibiliUli«n Cfiui-r WM 

later !!i,.,i,n ( VuH-er .' I 

iif: sire T(» ah>:m)!:: 




; . i ■• iMii, I <II p m 

!i K.-. -rir II ,'!■■■' 

• '•i(iii; -Mill licji ihi- iN'.ues 

iil'lre-, 'd liy llu: candi4aie\ 

,..;;«, til V .-trilion lo Ihc l-Iarpv-i 

I,''''' '■' , 'II ilie 


"■' IJ,!- 'i I, l.'U VI. ..lid 

ii.lidjtc'. li'i jfi.sner 

• I". Ih.'[X'r( ■<.|lc,'.- 

M VKk ^(11 K 
< \l ( NDAKS 

(:-I.rBHVt''.STS " FAU. ■«? 



.' IllIXT 

1(> Dinner 

17 Slion.^ D.iv 

1« I-Vp k.illv 

?-! 1 larjvr F-aii 

} \ I bllnwecn 


' Hjrd KikI 

.Arwnic mil OM l^-e'" ( HurjKt - 

IV OpenHiiusi 


^ I ViMi 111 a 
I'!! Musucm 
Ui.-i-iilvr 4 


"^ I on;; < Irovc 
•ienwslcr party 

'- h >!\ I IS'r 

ill S.iiidf-Jli 
■ • 'I. in .'\ln'.,uiii 1 

■''Illlp.l l).,'-,.ll (■'! '«tl 

M,..;iiiit; Ovt, I'dh Hl'!(lani 




Wb understand that yirju'w invested a loi ot 
hart work m youf education, and «we don't 
think you should lose credits owr tectwical- 
itieS' So when 'ytju transfef ID Roosevelt, vw 
mate' eW'ry ettort to see 'ttiat the transition is 
easy and your credits are accepleid 

We otfe'F a wide' variety rt degree programs 
inctyding Bwlogv- Biismess Wminsiration, 
Computer Science, Econom,es. English and' 
many others What's more, i*«; t»ast a foo- 

r«ch fac,ultv. small classes a,nd counselors 
ready to assst you in obtaining financial aid 

Even it you're noi quite ready to transfet; «we 
urge you lo tatk with one o* our counsekxs, 

Planning early 'insures a smooth transfer 

For rri'Ore irifomiation, call ot »/istt oor 
Downtown Campus, our Albert A Robin 
Campus m Arlington Heigfils oi our new 
Lake 'County Campus 




430' S M'-cf'wj.'ii"'' A:... 

'i-v :>ooo 

■ Sf '.'! 1 T i.iN'v'tnsiT¥ 



The Harbinfier (klolHr 15. I9«7 

I'ase <> 

Bonnie Koloc brings mix of old favorites 
and new music to Harper 

Bj l,«rrj 

UtlMnili DMU'tlw 

Ttie lerw "(cillmnitcr 

t"¥okfs nil Mwis 111 «mjgi 

<i.inoliy-htcli,nMWM btui'-i, tn'*< 

^m trains: MoinJe'-tawed. Mui-' 
':\ei lx:auitc« «ni|i»g iilxmi 
injigK dngitwii and toc:iii) Rtorm. 

Ilui li) tiMiae III' HI who ipe« 
up m the Ijk *i:l.l;nr* iiml eiflj 
«*-.Titiv-. ii tomiiircs Jideiemt 

A 1 1 It I ,:c hjuie" tiM icwed 
no tiKN). ttui « loci WW Mutiiiift. 
mcift than a tow <(UKe «t tn i 
buft ifx>m with carpclini. mi4 
I'oklmg ctuir\, my<iicalt> tallc' 
"Atiui/iiii; Ctatc , A (tiKC Ih-i: 
(Mr coitM lit a irvt k-ci ,)».iv 
f:R>m a pcriVinntT ot ihc taliIxT ot 
a C«lt}' SicgtI. » Bob (iibHin 
(the sinjfi. not llic Bmcfcill 
pHtAerK, « * Btmnic Kcilw 

Or muMk-f picture- A tar m 
"Old Town" called The- Earl o( 
Old Town, wliere, hn cuthi l>m.'k.s 
and a twn-dnnk minimum (thai 
.icemol like a tiM more nionc} at 
lilt linn:!,, ymi ecwld M',e hliies 
,Md folk Icgcmli like Bnnnie 
Rain,, U?cn RMfhoDc. ami Binnic 

N'Oiic'e ■ Miiern here"* T'hr:. 

Ill flie miiie Bonnie Knl;*. '*hi> 
• ill tx; vt«ill»g Hjirpci on <,k:l 

*:"-!'>f, who «j'«i tht *m 

.1 "(i ilk II-' year* a,|0 

- -A - • -ihe was a lemialc who 

playtil ai:ni»,lii: giiiui'. huti ht€(i 

*t,it'ki(iii hjird to nhed her "ome- 

ilinwnnoiul imailf . 

Kolt'K 's t,Mf tiig-«>np'wniM|( 
rcpt'rtonrc ti*s or,- ' 
McliMle «Hm: )a/,/ . [• t 
|o«(icl niusic, ^* ■■" 
iht" (jei'lorm ■- 

CMMl..". u.-, ,., ; 

»ii, -uou* and warm 

h atN,m, "Wtrh 

■>K,le". i» (Juc ID Ic 

'■mhtfr lOih on 

mil he 

(uriiivcminj; jt Marpei in ihc 
Auddonum Theater in JI4,J al 
Upm i»n l-itilay. ('k:tc)^4™ I,lnf, 
She wilt K- .iti'ontpanicd hv hci 
hand, all ol whom havt- 
(WMimliiiig vRdiU. 

Bl'itsliit John Bail) 
accompanies Mtss Kolot *iih 
vrnal; iloward Ifvy vm ptano (he 
worked with Chuck Mangione 
a«l hai cotohoriiKJil wi* Bonnie 
on several new somfj'l; 
•jiiaptione anitJ llute plaver Sle»* 

I ivn l^^■ pljicil I' [ti, ■..■ii'l 
Itakk lit the Su|K-f il>>«l Miiilli. 
vhhiii and l'^ll (irjiheau <>n thi 
■Jiums Ibe worked with I .nn 
Mas>*' t>) Manluiun 1 laniti : 
1b adiliiHin lu lite etiiKe 

• -■rksh, |. ii>>.|,-j hj Kiiloc, 
•'iiiij,,! \ni 111 Sell r\pre%\i(ni 
lliroucli "«iiu-int. Sonj;*riliii_i! 

• . ! Pl-Moiiiijiiii' ill "'nni in 

'•-■"ri.^ ,>n lliufHln , ' k lulvr 
'■, -i -rV-i- ip |,, ;),-'.,!i,-nfi,l 

„i y through ariisiH, 

•r the ciinccn may 


The rmmng i.iff imcluatt: 







Cwil «H-liall Imiii 
licti,ii,niitiM t,l> 


N „ „ • m 


t- in J IK Ml Md prcirnuiMMi 


bumru pn^-iu^iM, mm 11. , «,,u VtiwJiwn .*iaJ4Hi Umtun. 
4M«lf /jj*. S. ».. J iA.m, ! • ' / Vi;i,»tA.T(i Xtua. 

^■.» 7 If ami 


Cjimr hh^n^ l[)i 4aail> Mrnii ijl 

n:»'l is 


Juhwjikh tirjlk^Hi wmiTup 

(1 »ns 

ti jnt hviilIi I,u iI . 

,., i'> 

- '^ 'Tl'r ^]i{rirj[ Jlj J- ,.:,,> 

- I,tl>» ,^J 


ll^ryvi C j|ii|h h iiji..clir ,,.,,H 


Everyone M elcome 
Ntf ftegiifmrion Requirrd 

Harper Cable Guide 

American Cable (channei 21) 
and Cablenet (channel 9) 

[JI'M CM|.I,t N4;«M> 

««IC \*l, *m lit. WIT IM mirY n, 
X'sc ktti. irtv i*i» rtr ivt, wc t*! 

KruiAT. I,!; ji. ar 

Naomi Explains Football Strike 

H\ \j,.,' 




Want a job 



on campus? 



Apply in Student Activities, A-336 




Available: Game Room 

Attendant or Office Aide. 

8-15 hours/week. 

Questions? Inquire 397-3000, 
ext. 2242 


The Harbinger Octoher 15. 1987 

Pane 9 

The Human Performance 


Sfwt Edllor 

Thc' Human tVrfbnimiife Lull 
ta ««|Kiii«l«d immI (n»in over ihe 
I** »w yean, Sinc:c its hirtJi m 
IfSI, l> W.Ituni (loftnutt. 
Di«clof of I he Human 
tofomiKe Ljifc hi» hudfcied. 
liken care ol Ktminrntnitvc 
tafdcns and ovcrwwn proiram's 
fcif *e HitiTun Pcf(iiniiant« Lafc 
Ttic Human Pcrltirmam-c Uih 
was (k-vcli^d for i»o n^umi. 
ITte (irsi was jooffer iiwIcnK Bic 
umnuc e»pcr,it>nct of workiii| 
wiA pam-mji nd (AysKuiw in 
■iktmon |i:i ctau room siiidying 
The wojml icwn «« llw '■The 
inajtM toonpiial (N»rtJi*cs.i 
Hositiul) diil Kit iMve a tardiic 
preiram.,," (w .iw [nncnw ««! 

Currrntly ihe Lib hm seven 
programj. The Ciintijic Etertisr 
TaftnoloKJ Jttijram. the f»rii 
p«>KrTO to tniiuic ihc lab. w«s 
•d'CMgm-d 10 give MuJrntv 
majoring m apf! 
e^ncrrmcr m the t„, 
fiunc'v* programs w lwn,ti 
prrparf ihcm tor a |c* as a 
com pe tan c\ c r., is." . (■..; :. laliii: , 
Cta»« ran({.- !t,,,i., ;,io |(y) 
Human Anjiiiwiiv !:• ■ "s \ ■"' 

IcftHe the C'jirili,!.. !,„',.:..,. 
'[WOf ram *a> mantti, ■moems (wl 
commented iIkmiI ho* wnure 
Iheji wcte »'iilu.>ul jny lati 
etpcwnce. ttvilk;nl<4. 

lIlM. the lucMtt al the Catdiac' 
'Bwmm pcqgiam pmclwe* much 
mof'C "solid" Jiudentj. Tlic 
Caidiac RehatfilitjuKW [irtifRm 
immdei a place (or patients thai 
tiaw (K'cnily uiffei'oij from a 
tiewt aiBck or a simila inimatii: 
fipencntc to rtcievt 'both 
(»»l » »rH «s piyttotogical 
fcnip)' There mv tmsn-alty three 
states «>( a-tiaWi«itK:« 'The fmt 
phatc hegim wh* tlie jiatient is 
an m-paneni h involve* ckwly 
monitered cardiac fiercise, 
nuuilion Iherapj. antJ 
psyehologtcai therapy Thc 
wcind phase similarly leituire* 
phytician npcrviuon and a 
regubi miaing-iilKKii. thrae ilayit « 
week,,, »tth ait mi-paiitm.. The 
thinl pitajie re«|;uiiie» lew phywian 
*iipe:rvnk>n and a mo«e sjioradic 
woit-oul, Thc bl> B dcngned to 
help patients thioygh the second 
and third phase !■ < • 
"produclivc ami 

AiMher imgnm die Human 
•'"•'"■■■M'mce Lab offers is die 
- t:»eriis* program 
■'isintnites on cslucatKw 
on Ox. ttissesis*' ami tlie ifcingw* m 
well as physical excKises, The 
lah alsi'i (tdct bkui mtgm i: 
heforr diiriqg ami ,afier e*ert t 
• ' ■'lUiniied on the pan 
This pnijjrani 
'.ul«i-isiscd hy Dt, (ieorge ^^<,>ll^l 
of die Stitourhan Bmlicrinologs 
iiKl Dmdetcs t "niier ( SI:, W: » , 

A Nutriliori program, uughl 
by Nieki Sulnion* i regjtterrd 

%l|iMefllK|r« twnta »rt(j»»tj: 
lot lti« *•» a( tW) 


dtaticiin, ed'UCMcs students on 
weight coninil, «ell haixed diets, 
and • prenatal eietcise class- 
pwlrtlily to te taught this spnng. 
The CardioKascular Kisk 
A*se,i;tmcnl program is designed 

to determine itt,:- ■■•■-. •' ■■ 

cariliova.scu,lar , ', 
a pr.ifriim m v 

.■.'in|il,'t i,n, iff 

I'vTi.m,.:,) J, , •,,: i, 

coiisiilntmn [i<;ii«l iiltcrwitrtls a 
counsfliir *i,Il discuss ihi- results 
,and sugifcst an cwaisc pn,tgriim, 
'Ttie usessmeflt mtludcs,: ctcittse 
stress lest (pftyiciiin ■siipcwtisdt, 

lung funclion uit. body fat 
analysis, blood prrssuie response 
to ejcrsisc. ileiihiliiy 

assessnuTii ,^^^l ofinmalv 
lXTv,i,na,ln> mvi-nnTV in o.ditiii' 
tompeiiiivcnrss, ainitssis ul 

Mood (als. chcilcsicml and 
asstxiated lipoprnicins iHOl i 
nuiiiiion analysis 


'The ftiysical fj lines* piopram 
IS also an analysis prngnim for 
pc-opile ander thc age of ' is, tTk 
Ititini' IS rrmi'paniblc e»,«:cpt dial 
noplis' -..oiaWc 

A relatively new proj-ramitiis 
IS only tls first semt-sierthe 
("hysical Reconditioninj; program 
aliiiws tme ol itu- Human 
f'citormancc lab Monday 
'hiiHi(;h f'riday Irom Ham until 
'pm for physical fitness. 

Health Corner 

A.n update Jrom Heutth Services 

Have sou c 

; .ik'ohol eai 
Well 111* ji i ; I i ■■ 

It can depress jou. The 

s ingredient in alcotiol \Wwk 
ai'iivity m llic Jtrain and nervous 
svs!;,-m and can create physical 
:"i.I dqvtiitricc 

li 1, an affect hehaiior, 
l,v..ji moJiTate Jrinking can-, 
loss ol inhihuion ami mi' 
changes. Heavier driiil,, 
,give vent to seH'-tfcsir' 

luiniil,,!,,' yfgc, „,ic| J,j,. ...„, ;, 

i( disorden, 
t' lUrels lilt crmlral 

nerstius syttMn. Dam,;i,.' 
may iit,i1u((r dimonshed visi,. 

ts m nMi] ircmors 

onbj!, ,,.iiiiii.UK,)!i. a,iid 

citrbi, ■• 

It tan irritate th> 
digeslitr Ifacl, f «s >■ .s, 
ttrinlin,,: , ,,.ii).,,- ,,'t. ,(r;l. ., 

' ' ""ling, ulcers, 
ii,im»:h tissue 

.triil iMi)(, i.,'ji ,.an atfcti 

It ean ,i'i"!-;« iii,," heart. 

;\ICOl'Hll m,i! Anil,, 

It. inter atiil , 

'Ki 2H. 14 (Kip HI 

■■I pill 

It I an 
oialntitr iliiin 




in Ivjit 

lead I o 

ean err, 
and ses 

'Hit in I 
^iPmts "I 

A slop s m <i k I n K 

program, provKtal by Hiirpef 

' ' '■'■'■'■' •' "'> s'ost » siudeni-s and 

!ias been si!h«,dul«l 

Fall semester as 


A :-,.., J 

l-ndav. Nov. i} 2-^:10 p.,m 


W'cdriCsctly. \os, IK2 ■' U)pm 

niinini' r. *tin"i 

\m _'(v ,M, 

IS „ifi infL"H', ISO s|,,p 
smii«i,ne luccijiii v«hK,h vk'ill he 
pre,sente,tl hi, ciinual Hypnosis, 

fri, i I, ■ ■,,,,,,.,,,,1 ^,\[ y^^. 

< I'diKaiion 

. :"',,■- ,!|.,'.l ■• tt> Stl'II 

»nic4ing and help ili-> 
coping mechanism ^ i 

f^lease call the M.alih 

Service ollisc at cxi, 22hX il sou 
an: i,niCfesi«! m allcnding. 


Continues to oWer low cost. confidMitial 
cart in all am»» of women's health: 

Family Planning 

Pap Smears 

VD testing & trealmenj 

Pregnancy testing & referrals 

Pre-marital blood tests 


fof inloimMlon ami or appomimtnt call: 
359-7S7S 5S3 N. CoHrt. Suit* 100. PalatiiM 

Omfmm. e>mHn§ ma SfwMr Apeotmnmm 

Classified Classified 

Classified Classified Classified 

IheHurbinmr (KK.bir 15, IW7 ''"g^' '" 

Clmsified Ad Rates 

Sluilaitt m>.w-eiinif»Mifxu»l 
clj»s»i(ti4« at* (riB Willi 
pvafWT Ml«nUficalMMi- 
Non-Stuilenl cfunifurfi <up 
to C'iqltit l*nm ) w* 14 . 511 : 
I. If loclkia 



i U 

n H 

V? I. 

Help Wanted 

Ailniinslirilm Sfrexei 
School {«pm SJftMil*. 
ReiunMi. Thm». Cdrro... «te 
10 jicin «|imni«e€. Call D«t*it: 


,Sm yiiM mtd * term (>«(>« *m«. 
kit you liom"! htve il» iwM. »i>d 
»»»'l (J'fotil hitti ««»« 'yp>"l! 
«er»'i<!«». Tlum t»ll mt- Cll lyjxr 
ymw ttim |i«|«K (tkmWc jp»t-ri 
S'i;t>*l*- Cill Jf2.1»M7 

TYPING aim. WITH (, ■ A HE ... 

Witt lyjw «ii)iKmK in.i.ii y«i ciii'l:. 

rain.. It micmicil jiteiiH »l] 
Roimne' 505.7i;5. 

PujfaiMonat tyiii.»i «iil nv^. 
corrwri jpetltng Mid (■•i.nKiuiHi.»n. 
■ml jmMifreid youi j>»ik.-.« Very 
raamtiaMk prktii toijKd !>•<> 
liiai S mimilci from Huntm CM. 
i5*-S2S» fai « (»t «»iim.«i.e 

Woriipfoc«iii»| S«tiTiM» 
Hiive jtMii |)if«t», teuo*. w 

•I 141 I'MO 

Art )i>u l<>»klni; lor: 
FU-iiWe iriiTu .-( cmplo'yBiHIl, 
SJ.Jt. »i iK'ur [■•(!.■« h«'nefiw.. 
Scli«il.«rt.lsip ■■'.^■'. 1"' ■ '""nfret 
«»()(wriui»ilK» ^■''" <...:.£ 
cMdrrn, Cmlfcl HSLJEKS. 
KEEl'ERi. INC., *i\ ««<> 

Lumhliilt 'or * t"** ■ 
The llttnob .!>* Strvice h»" .lum.) 
jah ttsung*. hmh fcK and piti 
lime. Id iHr Jir^ras ol tkt'Kjal. 
|)reifr»iM.Ml, Wchnical. 
w«ithi>u«c., leuil. roiMiimt »nd 

Clictary.. JUII Ut n«.rr..; .i fr>v T*- r- 

lit alw tcTn|*:ir«f\ ' 

Ititmfi, We «r«- . 

.HtJU»» •!« S-.!*' ».'" "• .• I' '■' ■ '" 


Sot III Sender* - 
You* w.«k ««k foi Kirn Jn»p in 
cenlcr m Hoffmm E«ui.n M 
hn pfi «'k. Af! . nenini;:!. .m..l 

rcquirf.; I'lll Sptcirem t» «W 
»>::> VI f. to »..iii. it> t p.m- 

TyiMin.. .|<et«i»ch,/Tenn Pipeii By 
M«||.. Very tumiri'Mmrf.. 
Ptetwcitl. "tl7.,n,« 

Cntltclloii* • 

SeiCTiI pMilkraj «»,ii!iible m 
miftrnm cmlkciwu »t>rk. Fin 
MM, tin. diy» <n t*e 
Wf. at lMi.lcint '<>' tDitivKtuah 
Am lie telf 'iiHiu«.(it>n and (rwd 
emwUBatctiwi. C'oitnti t.>ii»* 

|\Sl K\N* t 

h»|fh ^ An" \''...i jf.rtnli^: "';*. .;;:. t. !'. 

Hmtftr ( i»ll»|« 

The Boi t:>((i.t«. II '"i. » twilmiK I. .it 
oilwti l« bttie ««!>. F<:« .brthet 
mlarmalnin conuct: 
K»»»ii. «.«i.. 2S41 

IWT Hmpm Volley Ball wnn 
mndi tfyiuferi ami naiKi.aM>. (i>f 
Iimhc ami away gamci CttI: «i. 
2<»W i« le»»e m«»iafr t P E 
link (m M(. K.aiiil.«ll 

Encli«ii*»lv iiKiii twft m 
Wotidfieki'Mall. tequiiei Mil* 
nuLiani ami caihw full m 
pift.tmt jjoMlwn* ivailihle wKli 
iitan.a|em.e« inM.eimal. Call 
Michml at 240.2441 

Retail full <ir pari lim 
Msrlnc Sl«r« - 

P«i«l»nf tf« !»« oprniini; 
•ConnW/office Nip 
•Slock fenow 
• S»l«iixir»m 
Eictlloii «> 
A.ilm|i<m Heiullif. Imiuiin.. 
Lam tl <»2^M44. 



tarn *6 ptui. JMT tir on 
tiiimimmnw' hi»it.. 
Demouirilnif and wlUnii 
^iyr'o^.)im miq^lancs a.l WuMffieM 
mi weelirnili. Cill; 2W l)74T 

Travel Flald Op|i<>rlunii< 

(tmn v«lua.h[e markturii; 
c'»|Kti.rn« »h.>lc cinm^ money.. 
C»mj)»B (eprewwuilMi needed 
imHMNltuety for iprinit break, mpt 
t» Flamla or South Pailre hlaml 
Ca.ll Cantpui M*rkt-iin| tollrci ■> 
.J12.J5H ■■!>"** 

Get youi newspMfEf opiTirm c 
now^ torn our winmng vile* 
IMin at ihc Daily IkrM . V«i 
cou.t<l am full ume caironp for 
piirt...nmc hrs. Everiiin; shifti 
iKtw open.. 4: VI 1.0 8; M) p.,.m,. al 
our Rolling Mfailo».soffi.i,T 
Curantcc vs. coi'mnnMi,m ("all 
Rich (S K7(:m>W:> i.r M ii i.v h^'ii 

Harry 'i\ I'raMiHiM - 
,Ni((hi lniib..iy. lalary and iip.i 
Howle.|iu^ alMi nreikd. Call.: K7 

Htiilth < lull - 

r !•..., J,,. Hfilih rwh Itotiigi. 
.Ti,-mh«-fihi|i iftEE 
Cluh. Aiking SMWlfm-fmuWi- 
Call aflei « p m !!■•''■■' 

!iHipn%<; & RKiKiuM. 

Fan iim.e. evemmi*., wcrkrrwlii. 
Fleiihlc hn . Wj<I\ .wk I'cri'ei-l 
lot siii.;.. ■.' in Elk Ciwvc 

Ciill T ■ -. 

Le|ml Servkta .- 
ymax k'^al nee«Sa: Include t>V\, 
[■mwtl teiur». diwnce. tcil 
eatai*. PtwM ««I IDCM) Eva. 
and weekend appu. aniUWe 
Um Otricei of flecker 4 Beck't. 
tm H Mrat*»ra. 'Jnl. fliiiirv 
Schauffllwf|,, 11. 611 H5. 


Trip III byiaia pi'ui oim«i«.»n. 
mvney 0«ting Mi Fl>nd.i'' Cip (it 
free Tak* advanUKe <<( 
ptaraolmg iJ» •! SpriB| Bwnk 
Trip. t( imeterted call fctipicN 
i>( Tr«.el © I W»...4J3..«T4, 
r^'-Ti'-.. •■KKCRH W\vm't' 




H'lfil KiMCK 

■■niul* Oiynipit .Ski Rack in |o«l 
nifld. [ixki to c'lr A locki tn 
ikw. A.»kim «S. r.U Kim- 

tirilie Fq'iilpmenl 


Type*!'.' '»''• imt rii'v iM".- • 

jncMlBi IS diff. tyr. 

Like mt* .mi- vi K. . 

.%:*kmi '^. - 

ii.m. I.' 

Mill '■t> HtK >>AI> 

f;OVI-HS^iFN'l H'lMI *.fr..r ■%! I" 

.F f 


'j-' % c '_;[>'!.BfflH. 

I u\i)l y I SUfRsllV IIF 

(. UK A«..< • 
Loyola t'r 
.Mponaorji^K . '■ 
tklober J1. ■■ .' ■ =n 

147 of .0«m<m H.tll i-n ifn- Like 
Sh*irr Ciinpufl. Ttie pr*'*|iram is 
tloigned f^vr .all *lw1en( nui^e* 
and. curicH RN'> •i-hmj i.. 
iran:i.fcr witn l,»,>U ^ BSN 
propam Inlomaiioo on 
■ilfit.|iKion. Ifanaf'er of cvidit luid 
ainiailiiiti. ftiiinmnienti will lie 
..ei»».«««d. For funhei wftirmauon 
plMH.nll Mr Edwird Mihtc. 
ABlitan.t I * . .'i* 

Couniclitij; ■!■. 

Lor«yii« Bama. .i\Kittuni Dran i>r 
the Nichnfl Schiol of N lining ti 


.iUfpasiMc pcnon wanMil lo rem. 
chMfliBt eo'untry collate. 
lAcaied n Ikindtc. It, ntai Spcing 
Hill M.tll. All ne* lalcmr 
•:A»lilril colon. IjBije mi* tir 
illaehed (ara|e wiiuotaite atei 
Xmrn maintenance, effienty kepi 
On* Ij. t»lrm, livm.| ronm 
•/[il«pl;i«::e. eat in kii<-he.n. and 
line hilhmom Ailmf S4<W pet 
noDlh. uiiliiici nm mclwM 
If inmeWid pleaie call MK- 

Aparlmfnl • 
Two Eedrcic'im *pt. Newly 
f oiac w alicd. Micmwave, 
d»*.hi*.ial).eT. new car^icdni', 
CiWB'lry S.1*. Jin..,t„....,., .,...» 
Pattiine m 

Haipct. M .. 'A-.a.i w 


HI \1 I II 
PAIM I ^s H \IK Ml M"V M 



Bl i . 

DI.SC-0\LK A.Mt.)kl Bf.Al'llM 1 

¥0t'., »*o.« an ailurdahle. IiiUl!) 

*afe ami eflecii^'- - '^-■"■' ..' 

deM.r¥^>ing the - .'.'! 

V... h.iii lijinni^i - . . ■ 

' ..i ■! K N Tci hiiK liii IDA A, 

Hi. K . i; i^irrrd 

i.LIMl ARE l..,Ti:).. ^M \..nt> 

Couri. Svnle 11^, l',ii.Hmc.. II 


INTt<.,:«l.lCn.»RY II MINUTE 


AB Call <W|.6g«8. 

Bikln Care - 
fir|.urtie hrlp warned foi 
cosme.tolo|t).«.l asuiilant T W R 
2 10 « p.m.... Sal.. 8 a,m lo I p m 
Call Patty Sleveiu ai: 


nr etk-d li>r«in shows, 
amvtniiiws, and 
magiiiimr/caia% (rinl wotk. 
$50-Sl«lh.rly, Wcu>utiH-l 
hegiimen, Sitate lKi'n«d Talrnt 
Agency. Spencer Siudm (si H I *i 

Rma ■ 

fp. r... 

Call '-J. .Jfi- ' 

V.W. Van 1»II2 - L.*.iiil foul ^i:i'1 , ani/fm 

^.iem> d-vetit. CB. mitucmiI 

au.*iliaj',y hl.r . .^t.t'l*a|.l. Recent 


reliii 1 Itti'iT «n.*m \s\ lon/cluic h Aitei 

Mini Stec Aa.nn Sh.ltMl fall- 

■"*4 <»-tt(<, lllrn,.M,>r.s 

l«iS Toyota- 

MR2.. Red, cicellew omdHiiin, 
Atkint WWW Call 111.144 

I DUO Cam aril • 

New paint, engine p.inj. 
WiirtceipB E>i. >. •■-n.i High 
inilrage . 1 * ' ■ - 

Leave T<-! ^ . , . ¥■ f**"" 

1W6 < -. 

14 in. 

Eot r. 

4 lujj. pallem 
. tiiei Eat- 


l-|*.r s. M.|.M' r[,.,,.jv .11 vH..iMIy 4.111110 

record mi; Ufie H.i;,Ji 

miIrul-..-urfi,lr,l l,,r:i:.. V!.ucr! V-V> 

I .iiii Huh »'i.j ;i;i 

11)77 Vena - 

pa«ed emiiiiH-in!. i 
three thi>UMtnd rn. 

K' -. \\ 1 

(/Ml Aafrn - 

1 1 !.[■»■ y. .u l\»vc a great Nn.l>day 
s.'m- aN>ul all lh*l'!i h.a:|f»cnod. 
Rca.!lv iricd. 1 ihmk you know Ihal 
ihcic will aUayi t»f a pan of y"u m 
me. li'jve Hal 

Nik fiik Bietaiu - 

a I'Obm in itie tiand 1* wmlh iwo 

in ilie hinh Ltivc. vmir dailiBis 

Sikki Ni' icilly, S S F 

P.S. Hcie • a him I *>« KCtling 


t.ard aiti Miami 

of OwHhaven 

■Thmk yp-ii tor your gtacinua 

hojpiulity and thaw of kindnc*.!. 


Sle« - 

Til an k.^ 11 .*aa. .great Vi»ij are 

har'der 10 pl.e«fte tkan T ihimghif^l 
Juii ki'ddwi,. Love. Last 


Octoher 17ih, 7:1(1 pm 

t*al ■ 

VM v..y rucivi; a (imn leilei Inrni 

an, old fnirml - lu»l wondenng,, 

.'larfv - 

\itu ;>t.i.ii. alhk-tii... toa»;-hing 
S!.iv .i*j\ (rorn ni\ 
,, ..r cl«' ll,iif,« 

To mv Ara^t Caiaaova • 

i-.„, ,;,..,,,i., ..,, ...... ".-..<■ I>...n-1 

(.In.- ■ 

lr.iir^ ■ 

Hear i !'.. t M.!..:, :ri Ui.i . .1..1] 

A..kiTi( S'<.(-||-><1 O BO t all 

i-..i. .- 1" IHlKJ Bcn»<:'..-ii •* .1 rn 

IVK5 li'iM'\ 


Can yi.u b-uy \ex-y 
Se-tfCd tn tlru| rai. 
SIWJIHl- Cll („, ;j, :, ;.„,lj\ 
M)J K<'? <..J(ii, E,i .,»:(, 

{')■>*, llulik < mluri 

(,.. i.....|.., ,.-... . ... : '-■■ -> - 

rngine. :»«.in.)U.. lt.iiii^TM I .it. 
hear run thigmal owner, Calit 
flr. ReM "(IVr over Sim (-^11 


Marlln Meel Strtne tJultar 

r!.-\.-r. .,■" .-.; 1, o<c.,-llenl 

-. . - . -.- '■ Call 

Varl Classical (.uliar 

Nylon »inTig* Stiicen ^l^ «-ild 
Aiking SlMI Call Mike # 811 


i«m M i>F (III. II 

CAI IM)\k 

. . f nude 

y, .<■. J,. I ■,.,.,! ("ikTHlar. POB 

i i.iH IVKalh. Illinou Milll 

. . ■ . f, 

.'. and I jire tl.1rte...te.! 


'.".,iw ,,;H.!k-.,l >..ui l'K..aiI lo Jui: 
A> e».,..\..n.- kno*!., ivc jtol itw 

' .-Ml .m tell you \ c i::,i 

.* l-i.ll a iUle <..;. . . ■» 
'..,:i ir„i.. -I-',, ■ , >i 
.a III 
.1 it you 
-. .. , ... ...i^.ni .-n your 

. . I' S Happy 

l*\vch*3 kitlrr - 

Dc-u or.!UM-, lo* Ilk- If you 

ihiTik ihsv n over, if'i.nk .i^.i:n"' 

T,.i,ke !!...,..! Ih.- lfK» 

Majrjn S*e.-lesl l>ay 10 one of thtf 
.i.ilil.. Hf.S-f lUive -y...!- 
S,^n....,l. WFPH 

/.' I' tier . 

\M -o [ ^.inl that body 

flcurll«*JI. - 

\"<iu finally made it, 
.Signed, Pearl 

WOMEN ontv- 

Happy Swe«i«flDay, 

LuvYaall Mr Fun. 

.Vit A Koltfn ■ 

1 hope your firil Sweeleil Day a 

great' Itow- are tJimgs g<>in(j-' Keep 

in loueh 

Signed. Auntie 

Sweetest fia%f . 
October 17, t987 


The HarbinK-r October 1 5, 1987 

Page 1 1 

New life after 
SMU "Death" 


Rtprtnixl rriM <°PS 

Two weeks t(!t"i 

oCf'icc, ll'ic new jjre'iuleni 
Southern Vkiltixlm i mi.-: 
fiiwlty lalled iiNwi : 
KtKta} Itol hiK m*t>- "' ' 
n lyiwityiu fof all 
wrong wttti imci'. 

Mil- «raii(la.l . (itciidcw A 
KcnrKih Pye »nl Aug, ?* tas « 
iniKli' ii'i Ji> m'lih cducalKM ai 
SMU "a* wtuis hiifipewilg «ii tht! 

I'lTMIlid OuW, " 

Ahwt the lirnc F%f iii\Mt«i<;<l 
olliec, It' " 
Alhti-tn ■■ ■. 

J ailil<;k\ tiDU) Utiiii 
K^uc):'!) ;iihI Abtaiim 

rriilM'l' ITMII 
IJUlmi; tpor i,i'.i 'tfVCrjI J'tiirt, 

allliain have heen itivnivcd m a 
wemmglv '■n.'tl.'-.'^ «inng o( <lrM(! 
prnblcni" ,, lasimom 

i,llCiMini: i- I. ., li».»gs and 
(Xhcr iinidivixy mcKlenli. 

In rt-*f».>n\e, the Amertcan 

III [(,¥ fCllW'ITI.,|lM 

Ohio. MckiigM'. 
4, .u.......,.! .....;, last week, Tesai 

- hiivc passed law. in |>iiniih 

•innu jfcnis ami t iintpijs spins 

who vHitljie NCAA 

.(itijt..-.) t'l. 
-ti ol ad A: 
...lereoll- ■■ " 

"Whal llic 

1 ■'■■• t<ir 

■iw SMI! 

". xaling cm llK'ti<<»ii ' 

i itiViCfMty '>' M.|i» ' '. 
baslcttall SI* ten Bi.i 

rfTClaiiom that several Georgia 
'i-tfs «.efe gi»cn special 
' rnit treatment or Itie firing 
'( :i NcA '■-' ■ ' ' ■'■ 

•iltcrmg St." I 
• wcmcd 1 
.« nuitti J'- = ' 

-PuNu, :,„. „ 
fc'aiKlal." Dres lors sitiit 
irnpt'irDnt " 

\ \ louml 
I.IK'K'I m 

lillUI [MU'H-ltlv 111 I •• lltlKbilll 

pLin.-r\, 'l.:une<l"" Ihn-ru cars and 

•. Mti then tried In 


: . ..., . Coi {till riemeiiw, 
iBDreiwer. .ti ■ 'i-watout 

»nd.appn>vi''' ■ > ■ "ts while 
he served on ,!iMli ■. Ht)ard of 

Tta NCAA m liini. impi>wil 
a "death penally" on ihe whiwi, 
twTing It trom pb:yin| Ituntall 
lh«s W.U and most of I WO. 

"Yes." said SMll alhlctu; 
depirinitttl tfH:>kt*ma,n Paul 
Riifcitipi, "we're h«:>pef«l that p«isi 
iimwke* won't he repeaifil 
There will he nn spci :.■': 

an * ton*!)' W he." 

II. III." nr.>(.>»\i« 

difccior 111 II -•• w«:»U 

doalwiil H^ 

ttis answci in tii> Atii; -■'■' 
tpceth to SMli'ji lri,".tiiii,>ii 
■ ■' . . -iinrc ih.' I'M- 

.1 (tit a l.n 

assi -Ml^ lre\hm.»n w 

tii'ii inivine aihleics 

<ild htf!h 

'1. llu; high. 

•urc rviiuiiiitf. Ill liigh st'tHX'l 

1. *rs hv Nwsier^ 

Raequetball tournanunl 

It'll be firq corm-, Hrsl liMi'vl Un the C"1aN'» "D" r.ieqiiethall 

tournanieni slriied fn>m ':' lo noon. Saturda)'. Oci, 17. flic 

imirndtiicni will he limiird lo ihe lirsi l(> ctiiriev Signup {•< at the 

intramural otfice m M Buildmg. There II be prizes loi the t..p lour 


llarpeiihon race 

And sign up now tV.t the Harpcrthoii uric arui three •inilf races m be 

run Thursda>'. <K:!, -"!2 on the outdoor iraek. All students, fafiili;, and 

siat'l' are eligible ii> eompeie vMih pri/es for the top ihree male and 

feiinle finishers 

Viilley ball 

Did jou gel eii! by the ll.i'.'. k-' \ ollcyhall team'.' l"*r do yo.. |UM ieel 
liki playinj! vi,lleyoa,li ai a les> competitive level'.' Il' yo" .inswered 
yes lo either •„•' the: _ tpiesiions. there will he a meeting for iliose 
interested in plaviiig volle\tMll on October ,.!fith. Monday at noon in 
the g}'ni. Any quest ion-.' Call liiUamurals at l:\l, l^ty}. 

Floor Hockey 

Interested in pl'iV'"? '''*"*'^" '"■»*^"l^'"y '*''^ *'■•"'■ " '~"- '""' ''"^^" "' ''^'■" *" 
the meeliiig on Oetolier 22 a' noon in the t\in m M-Building. Games 
will he played on Thursdays slatluig November 5 .nui lasiing until 
December 17. If you can't make this meeting, corii;n t Dan Koss at 


Qaiy '1S» Secarity Depmii 

• Studios •! Bedroom 
• 2 Bedroom 

From *475 

CiMt 111' Kspratmtayi • TraunartatMii 
aad' Akport • 'Uudtriraiiail Parkiag • 
tiMal Padiit} «llk Mnor .Pool 


Walden Apartments 

Algooquio Rd., one block W«it of 
Rte. 53 in Schaiunburg 

Equal Hoummo Op|»rtimitv 


I lie .\ii r.'ti.i;' Reserve is n»..>rc thin in apportumtv lis mm ufuixc lo 
,.,,.. ,,., ... It:.- a, .,1.1 V..i.i"ll liriJ iTki'li-'- i>.-.Mhilnirs !n( ,ju-rr en 

t-iit pii>gr»m ).inr til iliis ^ 

'.■■VxtiJ i iwmlti jmd two wecl- 
■ui .\ir l->ii\e 'RcM-Tv- 

i'ls .and 
■ ■ urn flic 

a Man. pi.iini)nf yviur 

; s:^ s;ii'!iATo,To\''j:):J^r,rAti&" 



The Harbingtr Oi tuber 15, 19R7 


3rd-ranked Harper 
football team slips 
by DuPage, 25-20. 

Undefeated record still in 
tact as Hawks jump to 6-0. 

h> Hill Kuntlbrri- 
S(.i.rls KtliUrr 

|,; l.ic in Hjlfi't ' 

1 . .!,.- haml* «' !■ ■ 

,., <'1umin<>n^liip. it".' (■'■'■'■■ *'=■■'■ 

,! , : Hau'i* line* lt'i'> I>ii>l.m f':; 1 

luJ ti'i '.Mil to itukc ihc sfiiM-m .i 


, :t.,, ■!..■.> \1=!ir,h,l p. 
I.- Ik: Hj*l. 
M:irix"f ^. 


14 . .r.,.. (, , 



,,"!" *«■•>♦<' •»*«'"* "•*'■"" "*'"'"■ ' ■ 

.imipk:U: liof 10 |US-»> lot 171 

. ,'..!.. .<i>J lhi|..A' l!bl.'.. iLIIK^tilo^V'IH 

■ l.iM'lik 

l-,iil Iniir 

,i)l ni-tuT". wiiih '«' reccpinm.!. i'.i '■'- v,,iiil-. .iri.l n>«. 

, IS .. .irrii .inj icHitiidi'Jwm 

rill' M,<»ks will lijvi'l 10 
I mail 1)1 IN 111 fliv the 
,i,j|i,iii,i> .'I !i''-i'.''> Irojafis, a ii'.nti Uivi tlcli-jlcd 
.' in Ik: ihn..l L|ii,.iru,'t j'. earlier in ific ■. cji . 1 ^' -. 

VrrJ.l ./.•»->' »'''■■'»" 

Tennis team downs Oakton, 7-0 

«,» Hill kiiie,'tlicr( „p,n;>i'i,Mit. " '■ 

' " ■ 'flu- vkU«> pui 'lie Hawl* 

■■«•"• '"■•» „M:'f «ti..:' ^.immai'k mo»ill|ltllcill 

?in:'mI.i '. 

fmiTl th 

' :ttl(l 
■ .iMilllC'f 
ngfti iw,>w anJ »K> '.ii-M.-i>l Him. 

"ni«! Hiwii.i( •i'»M .*''.n.t ti' tt"' 

meci heftirc n »•»>■ 
OakluniMmtitovi .s ■ 
1(1 play H.irjx*t'» lilili M"i:,ii"> 
Hlnycr, Miipircl A*h'*'<'nh 

Wlirn I til' '■ ■ .■• 

l,,,l.|>|,/I,;.l fll.,l '.•' 

fht'i'i; ■ ■"• iii«iiin..ii«l. 

ha .•! . • '. 

H.i, ■■"' 'infle* 

pbycr, ^1 *•*•• 

vtetwitii,..., ■ . '. "- ■ 

tarj l-ermwfc. Hsiiiicr"* ihtnl 
tmglcs plaver. rKordcd ihc mi«i 
loCM.I.'.t '. ■:. iijry ii( ihc ila\, 'i 1 
(i 1 

AimILim Wall''.' ■■ 
i,h«! mu't i>i' (Mmk! 

Courts finished 

.iUfi) th,' 

tCiily pk:'.J.'t:il. 'ihi' '>J.ii' 

i.a-l weeli. Itw Hawk.* 

■■ .; 1,1 'Tnli:™ lo compfr in 

roufnamc-m anil titt. 

^,, „ i... I -. lh:ill I'li'MfilHC 

itii,' lm,,>l'' 
,r, I 1,1 livii li-i 

lUiniH-. Vjtlo 

'The H.|i*'li'\ fii'M ili'uMo. 
mam wns the I'lr'U'Wokil icim 
M IcMSt aClei wmmO'g It"*-" hy*. 

Oitieclii loM m ihf «<:mi! 
muiiil of the secoml ttnglev 
wWe '-cfinamk l":«i <" ••>*■ '"^i 

Oijmhciljm ilidni t^" ' • 
.*lui 111 c^iM-it ;n Itif ." 

(.1 ti.ll liiii>fH»irrj! 

Sport* l''<l«l'" 

Vith il'ic .n'>ri • ' 

. .ii'n(H» l»ci('i 

. not Ihc M'ti. 
.siit'.iity heem ('ini'>.(«.i.> ■■" 
JtiCcrenn- Iwl'wcen ihc 
p.[OM". •'. '» "•''■" "'' ''''".■''' 
iHhf I 

Dcsptic aliwitt a yc. 

■ind (Itcir cipiKincnih 

jik'ffh 1*111 

It. I 




lU'il HI ilii: ILuti.|iii:.i'( 
.:'"*, I'lSh, ihi: fcurl''. 
.Uy in px'\l \h.iiK Mid 

,li, lir..l 

I,- tuinu' 
• sUk'iliik'. 
llic ii'niri* wi'rc pul »•' ihcir iir'-l 
■j...:i" (iif c<*ni[v"ii(Mm. 

. ivnilriK-lion. lh<: 

•nc citath Icavf 

.ir,d aniiU'icr uiKc her place, while 

playing home games al a local 

PiiUuiie toiin. 

i: ih)' (« year, ii 

*ii<, dil'lii uli lo assuiiK! anjikmf! 
twciJii-ii- I didi»"l kimw what wc 
wi'tuld he up against. ■" 
Chamhcrtoim mkI. "We've hetm 
•ihtm one player all ytar arxl have 
had 10 lake a foi'I'eit tor juM at»ul 
every niaic'h this year, 1 am 
hupfiy ii punt:h we have (lotK 
.1,.. »,.!) .,.,,,ii, .K- forfeits,'" 

k\, ihe Hawk.^ 

llltm,)is 10 play 

in IF \:'. \\ K,e«mua,l 

T'twmai'ncnl andCh.!' ' •■ --i'-. 
high ht'Hics (or Iki 
awJ fiisl douNcs team 

"RealiaiciiUy, 1 set our first 
doubles and fir<il single* '--•''■> 
making it lo Naiioiu': 
sfnin,- ' air "vjiid. "Our ^ ' 
, r hits tlie (H'lleniial il 
• 1 mmd w H," 

'tl,aI'^lt■^'^ first singles player 
and half of the doubles team, 
Clioyl Pisa«k ha* nmde » pan 

imprcssiiiii in her tirsi year ol 

icnnis al Harper. 

"Cheryl is an e,»ceUent 
player who can do anything she 
'*ams." ('tiamhcrlam said. "She 
,...ri,l lir-i .li.uhlcs lor Mersey 
r-i icit iiiul this \ she has 
held dviwn both the lirsi singles 
ami first doubles sjk>i."' 

The Hjwkv i lo^e out the 
sea .un in ihi' MCAA 
"'I",.i, ,. •..•.• -n^'r-' >,.,.. v- 1^ M, 

r^ Volleyball 


itt lllll kiiftlhTt; 
■SiHtrt* f:«|.iin>r 
'the IbrptT volti-vKitt learn 
lno» ■ ' ' 

ttot f, ■'"' ''"' 

has !■>• 

iheii *.ink'<'.' ''i' '.'*■ ' ' ■' '" 
it.,..i, ,l.t.,i,ri., ,,! 'iV i,i,!h! I ..(i. 


1 twill; e 

I.. I, iiui'iiy m a 
,1-11. 12..15. 

I, ;'.'!. 

""We ready pbved .our gaiiK', 
ctw::h Aiitti, ,"'■'." ' "■ " 
set our o 
phyed our |.,ii'iit 

Tii!:iiKiy'il'>e"«."* '.*"■ ""**» 
traue'lwl to. CoHCf e of fmrjiie to 
fjite the scrappy Ch.ii 
niwli, lo.uglMr O'ppoii. 

Harper came u|> on lUc shon 

s,lt£ 'i»id I eV'. 
.I'lii,! 1 ilktn 1 ;;,"■,■' 


iirii'Tlt Ilk *i,',,'>.i'i»i ',' 

..vhich to'iies t*o ' 

.iik't UM:ijlasl*easii'«m«n 

-•'■nil! layoff »iU *■<! 

.i..i,> li. mil advaiitJi'ie ," K 

*ill have 111 

. . ., lilt of thin 


t rui I 

Ss in 

Itarp.r Limit pl."r. fh.r,! V>-nuk. r.-ih.'. r..r . sh<.l tM«.t O.kl.m I «sdM 
•fltriiixni •! Harptr Pkalm irfdit Johm Mi^ltktr 


VOL. 21 NO. 9 

November 3 elections 

W...iamR.>ney Harper Cot.«g, llUno.. ()c„.bc-r 22. r9«7 

Trustee Candidate profiles 


f Tflf-t r 

h'h>f.; Itk; HojT.,1, r li',„!.,„ 

.!ri'>,.i(iimi;ni( ,ir a it* |.i 
' -1" tor tUnx'T ,i\ .1 t 

Hai. , :■.„,„. ,,_, 

•■iir tii«|«l,ik-< ,uv runnu. 

■■ur->c.u tcnit, .,„uj »iU ,.,. 
i""ilf.1 in.. urn,-,, I ,,,«. 

Vtilyniet-r, H. 

iiirii l<i ^iTv,- I'll,. ,.. I, , 
.>i) ifijM,:-.- 

•^•l<l-ij\ l.„n;iii[, 

'"f !'■•■ .1 f ■ -,,!•, 

■1 f 1,11 I'll I 



'^ csM-iiiiiil ih.ii 

.-' i ilTIU.-!. 

'■<■ .ill Mji:,,;.-, 

'■'I, ,J V i 

■>: i!i 

:i,u thr k. 
.ITlt .tf ,, ..^ ^|__^ 

'"'" ."III koliin Cliih ir, »i4X5 K4 

. , '■''•'! >, 

aiinc ami is a ll*>im'i)i,i«.:r 

" u> >,...iinii,nl ilui («' H.i> ""»«"; 



i II' 

Fall Fest Queen ' 



• ' "■ '> -nviil Qu.', 

'Iff iiticnjjnts IK Da! 

■■ ■■ ■ ■ I «*iit», 

'> Kcan h,i[v>->. lo 

ratu-wliw HrnLiitfli 

lu'h: > n c 

I'-i'li. I 

'■ J i I I 1.- -an J ,j 

ioniai»m-v hnln 

;•' .1 itu- 



Does Biden scandal 
reflect student morals? 

Ill •.h.rlj (, jrr II ,, 

MjffWr.irf ", " "'"' <'<;.rur.:f luihinu 

'- ""■"« Ulan I wi,» i *,ll r" ' " "' ,' ' ■■•■ 

h>T ,;.'al'. ■" '■ M'''>--M,-ii ltn,>U(.;ti Siru-m.. 

.',ai II . , V. ■'"■•• fVrli.riii 

rvn, .Hh„..l ,.. . ' ■■ " J™" '" f'"" ■ ■"■ 

M>«„:), '"■",'''!" "*in«'"lliJ Sra,,,,, 

'n"*mr.:,Itflat -h. 

•liil'Vl J., anylhinj; li«i (cir.ia. 
■*_'■"")- *'" '! tn- »(lm.iii,, 
|i!j,'i. ,(,.!.. .n'cnrffini; i 

'MUT N"ll'tj,' 1. 1 'flllr'JU, , 

Ifi'- itiafKt- Bidrt! 1 1) '" 
I'li'iillt'il ui iilliiij: in>- |,., 
■■■f'l-martui,; lor luw.iui (>a(.,-, 

^atinrif a Ii-""' me "Ulif «amr paper " .She 

;'vm,|; *ord for wtwd 

■ V^.Mk .nirrcM m:^ ,nticr ■'""''""'■■■ H' iJiiitric,,, 

ncMT hihi 

■iKVt l„a//j aurilit'. L. I . I J . 

'■•' '. ..ursf 

■ '■'* ^ itmi [I'ii 

■■■„-- ■■ ■*"'" ^'ScH-ral ^:, 

* I'hn an fianifilt- t.l j|j j j,„,„ 

*>lli-ri limes ,1 isdiflii-iil 

• lali^us 

111'! iifw rli. .. 
■i'PiW i:if III, 

ti. i.i.l,;,:s 
.l.itii> nil 

ftm 111 hi 


«"1\TI KAjinaly .aiitl 

■". iiiitl mj,\ hi- Hill,.,, 
>; *ilhoui rcali/iiij,. n 1 ■■ 

'.la 10 tlcarih. |.|„i,ru,i,,„, .li^hri, m,,,, 

ilj I'nivcrsin |-,.,t>i|„ii,,i) ,, ... (.■r,t,,- 


'■MTk HI 
ill' I' It I- (II 

I ••(isi .,. aici- 

'hi,-n a siud.:-ni 

chunkv o( 

■'.itcrial ihat 

■ Ir.'tn a 





I iH- HarhinetT 

October 22. 1W7 Page 2 

Public safety provides security 

hy l^m (Ktfii«i'*U 

(m ihc !■. ■■ 
iliwcs tni" ii I 
nil th; ..■■> 

Ii, ■: 

ilfKcr ha* ■■cTiwmaHc pouriils iv 
' .'lie i-lM'i IS in 

|1 .m J. iUdii 

£■> ;rn.::l 

■■ *■"■'"»">■• Hanwr.'H. .,.■• .n,r, ..■Ja••ltlht■ 

, Krnit, tartv 


-,<:vi1K 'ilut; I. '.(''■' 
i)k HImi 



III '* h c n 1^1 
,; into I, u^i'i 

-ri',' (o Ki 

M:ra.ll)'. Itv. 
h,- viL,.1.'nl 

(Mukitifc t.iu»; 

I he qufMiuii 
1 *ii4 it:mpxmti' 

.'vltom ;m|»fi«nniUci> * nnnii!i,'". H t!- 
ct<ttn ftt'tsaa in quc»iioii picM-m^ 
"urlhet ciHiw «'>* '^iuPKinn thi' 


: s a iosi anil 

Hue, .1 ■j.-i.uril)' service 

.(1 cainpu* cvcms anj/i>r at 

.n!,;.ik cvfnis an,! provulc- a 

lingcrpnimni' ■'if^m' '<" 

T\is',r.>ii- diiJ i-nu'lovmcni as 

: I vhilJfcn. for 

; -ii purposes The I 

1.1 Ik en Am ix-rforni firsl aitl an ~ 1 

Health Corner 

An update from UEutth Seri^ices 

weapons, .mil ••»!> »h«n itw c pK, gnJ provulc an escori 

Ilarptr ColleRP invites you to An 
Kvcning of Informalion: CoUcRes and 


CkHllwrSS-JI. tWT 

In I'JSri !,« ■ •.un. ■ !;i.^ 
a«t! Ti'nn»- 

iVh'iri,," Ihjn 

pi tin ,111. 
com , 
ami RuN, ".I 

In iKH'S, f:,tlH'i 
.;iH t,k'p,,irti1li,'-'1 ■'' I'll 

ih, Ih.: H,ji|vi r.'ll 

Ml. • •ll'»t« 


CS'iiUiJlc ^ «»ui i" ' "* 


*^l*|,M,is i»n jn jn.lf. 

\((,mil..i'. , "V'.'* ■' 

, 11,'jmm nci'-i) i-- th'ix-niinu 


lUf lV)S(,*f*i.ll tK'jll'h h»sl,*.W> 

Fll.t,!' 's •• ! • 

, . ,,. ,,,, 



■ , , \ 

Dtiiinj! t«)ii» 

<i,K- .n,lttili«.n.ll 

Fritlay, N(w. .20. 


\ vltip smdi'ins! 


-,n p, ill 

I .in lal-c .1 

■• . ».|V tvii..,'< 
i.'tf s,i,russ1ul 

ill III,' H.-.IUI) 
■ ■- '-: It I. Ill 


A Harper CoUcrc Event No One 
Should !V1i!>s! 

^■1 Evi'umi ' ftf tnformaiion- CwlkMS and Circt , t a, 

On ihf evening of November 2, 19g7. from 5 to 
V VI ,irn irirp;-: risllcpc Siudcni Dcvflopmcnt is 

I :■■;:: luftcd program o( college and 

.. .ir.Tt itil.'l iiijli.'M 

riic cvciii »it1 i-'ivc sludcnls. p.ircnls, lacully an J 
M.ill ilic ijpl"""""'* "^ alicnd p.iriel discussiotis 

;iin,l »oiks,t«>pv conduclcd by local leaders of 

'- •■, -i-vs and induslry In a.ldiiion. ihcrc arc 

,,ti,:ms on financial -ml lor ..vllc'.!c. (uiurc 
,,„,... .1- and even a session isticic 
lice inicresi nn ciilorv" 

Former siii.l.^"'-. -■'l'. '■. i". 'iil",'' 
pan of il'K" 
(, i.i,>i,-i I)... 

,jrfa tM:j|lci:,es and 
i.lii'iisMiini informjiion foi 
• ■ .- ,,Ji.>.'.| 
I , , ,,",cni alive 

•pcrs Cars CI .n,,,i Iraiisltr propratns 
■ , >,,■IlMllvc^ ii'nu ,, .mnscling. 
. , fvices and siudeni atlivilies 

: insvMT any questions you have 

>i>iil lijipcf l'ol|.i-t;c 

I .,,,.,, , s'. w.-I. i.-iin,-' ^'o rrfisiraiH-m required' 

• ' ■• . f., pui 
- ,■ I ilcndar 


Oaly '150 Security Deposit 

• Studios • 1 Bedroom 

• 2 Bedroom 

From '475 

CUm to E»DriM-:i«t ays • Trawpn. 
and Alr^. ' ' ,.T.miid Psfk 

iMioil !•..■,. .,.tair>'o<il 

I U> Train 


alive and kicking! 


' a,-l" :■•!-./ 

Walden Apartments 

Algonquin Rd . one block West of 
Rte. 53 in Schaumburg 

Etfuai Hmuam Opjiortimnii 

Din.iin.itiiiii Diiiusaiits Sfpuiubir I'^-Novcmbi'T 8 

Milwaukee Public Museum 

^f ,, , ,.,, U: Mri 


Rii^irdcif Triistces 

^li^rtions - the beslandi te 


«cH. .nrr . fiv. ^nk W..«. •t'r. tact" '" 'I' "'"['J:! 
;;4k «e r..«»«| for lb* >«<- «->'" """"• """ '"'• •'" 

; mint. « «it> .t'««p' •" »"'"-'- ';!r:",':';t? r<^''"-^ 

'■"Tir'^Ih. »Ht«r irm.: Thfe •«. h pr,.t> ca.* kns 
» ,UwaJ.<«f'tniU Ih. B.«rd . ha.rn,.«. "•"/""«'';«''' ;"" ' 

* ":r :!d»ci« .r^d ..r „ ..d,r^h,„ s... ^.s « . a h.. .>.. . 

v,„* sh» i» ..r h« ^r»fd a* ««« < hatrnui. "f "« ""^" 

r7h?Hl i of llir« f-ir N..rth««t (' I1..m'««''- 
,ld Vkrl h^irmrt uf Ihc ll.»rd of I «.!ed W-J ' r»-«" 
Men*. * «h..k-hr»rle<l rndorsrnicol. 

Sunderland. «. ».™ld cimpJiRn MAUJil'"'" ».|l«r.iusl> .. an 

;:^ .0 «,. mon.,, Mr. S„nd.H.nd ...«« m>«^y^^' 

«», with m. »«"."• "tthiel.! pr..)eri.m. as «.M a-. «™PP'"^ * 

Jw,. To br fair m Mr. Sumlerland, h.s q«,.Ic ,.n th 

rCSA •!«•■•<» my->M. .( il K not f.aMblr and . * 
!r«rS«*r« an>7bm« for .... v..n n.,v c.Heee .....d.s 

^. .1.1-1 Tnlh. edu«l«m»l «sl«i» M km ■» iinporfaiil. One 

,rthen.i»« mifshl ™«l •>« "h"* «" »"*'"*■ *'"*'' "*""^ '"'"'R'" 

*Trr.lurr.te» if Mr. S«derl,..d ,s .h» 
, J j;:';".^ l^i. pr,,r.- h.i.. cancrU^d i. a^^^ 
think thi, .t.ilnd. alone »hnuW el.mmal* hm fr..m th, 
,««biUl, ,,f htrfdini! suck an if.n»»iit«l ofTke. 

Ihc HarhinRCT Qclohcr 22. 19K7 

. . . 11 T b 'd 

Ih < »n'< ^ < »rli«ti 
Maft ItiltinnKt 

,h>. u'.« ihr-, ..,(,,, I lo.wr In 

\l.,ifl'i mil ^ I ■.•■'* ' 

\1, hfi .^>,i'.,Ttrno:- 

.1-. ihjl, the f<''-l '■■■>' 

,-4 fitufk'i! wnti 

,1 miJu'nn ."'"1 y<^' 


n:-,i l:n^■^ .1 'UJitcn! a 



.itu!',- |i' 

Si. III.- ! 

.illi.llfit u-ti mmii' 
limc. OltK'iscM 
■AxW mto tt»r "'.■ ■ ' 
J Incnd o( mill. 
\h€ C(mUmulu:f ■ 

through my ««■> - 
fa my »»:.iiiiey. Had I lorBulion 
anvlhmg'' '"'■'' ' "■""-"'tvr lo gti 
(l,t. „,„„.., ■■ ...iH iihst-nl. 

,,,.,,, 1 ,.,■. ■ : ■■* Wf" 

mrmi.Tial in tlaiv' »<11 ' I* 
.iMf io res.. si Ihc piesMirci ihM 



1 .nil in'i -in;!-'i''i 
t,,-„l,v I'm ;>"i' l.'f " 

.tU- l>llll^■ 

■■ jlllpl'l." 


have teiv; 

, M'nic^U'r 

A, aiKwtr 

B. answer 

(■ B<*hA«ndB 

D ans*ef 

E BoihCandD 

h that wnfusjng? 


A. iiiiwe* 

B. answL*r 
(' ansuvi'f 

1) V..ii(o( Itu- aNHC 
t All ihc .jNnc 
I rf| isih.iUtHiliiMnt;,' 

Hnw al«>iit Ihc ui-trik *ho 
(;ivc \<,H,ill».- ' Ire- '■'"'■ ' 
giii>iiiHr t)o yiiu like >'"■• 

, ll.;.. ' 

;,; .1 iiliiio^orhy exam 
.litij: qiicslK'n .uit:!!! Iji 

■■ i ;! htmcsi".' 

n MHi angered, N". your 
.irnvicr «iiuU K- wroni; (X 
lOiir'-c vKurv honosl Y<HJ said wcr.- ti.'l mcanx ynu 
ar>- C\>rili!vil vcl' 

rider wlKlhcr ihf 
"II, would K' iirarked 

wrong <l >*:iu aiwwsrwl. No'' 

Are you honest? ...Yes. 

DojWiilcf ihisiU'.-."' No. 

Will you r-'--^ '•"* 
clasis''.,.Prohahly nol. 

h iha.1 m opuon'' Now I'm 

For onti- maybe I'll be 
(ommatf lo ligure il all Olll 
before firuls. 


Willtim (■! 

TlK HAH'BI'-' 

S«1HP., All OF" ■ 

imi«rfll« Bill.-,,. ■ ' .'■ 
t;\d coiiy demllif.'. " ' '"■" 
..|...-. .- ih««<liiM mu.*' *^' 

„.::.,-;,i.iw.tril»1 W» 

E n terlMIUn^Ili 

I he HiirbinBcr Octolnr 22, 1987 Page 4 

How to find the ghoul of 
your dreams 

Not Bad 
at all 

KnI«Tt»lii'ii>«"i Mtiiir 

VVf !i I . ' "iiij-|mim Ml 

-■ ■ -il ttul 

■f. Ill 


■ I .J 



■A *f arc I'll' 
..(Jull-'ii/i' .,<Klumi;s. i>( 

lh.,H h,l'\r r.,-.,il fin «HSK-*t l»l 

. ■. .; *.,■!» htua ih;»n 
Ai: iJiifi'i li.i^'- '■- ■•" '• ■'"' 

„,.^. i,,,» olhci ciiiHJu.- 
'map-n' hmhi% m » piwaie 

Ttifie 1^ >« anoihcr r.f<cn 

0* Hallctwcfii ihM I'* '>«' ''••" 

>rii- II joii lhn»li »ou arc 

■LiluTC lor !ii!l>' »t»ry 

.. ■ i.m'i N»lhw ti» '*«1 

i ,,1 i:... rest of »»*, >l ymt 
lUrc. Ac hjiinril ln::>uw ^'f^' "> 
te Oin-Kgctaml »eii i™** M«"ic 
pitwiwmii;, HcK l"*e iwimlol up 
ite IwaiioTO of vmt h«iM«l: 
(MWict in itv ■ ■' "HI art 
unnovcJ b} i ■■ vmc 

, ••"li- houii lot jiiuns only 

h)' I Ka HirKtit 

, fik't up a ci:>f>\ »1 

CHtici diiKC lum--. ihal 
Mratkllc Ite rwk/MWl t^'un.larv 
iHdKtV "Dirty' speed 

Crimmar, .l^ >»cll -'^ A'- 

VVofiiVi iii;in hiin-*:!!- 


Nl.i'liairlei Jmicfi' 
lliiunird H«ii«-<kl ^ ' 

Hiavc ^init'-. <■ 
.laimtiivl '^111 m 
(•:»iv '■"'•'•■ -'" '■■ 

llriiiikrii-ld .1 ii> ««■«'- 
ItoimMd Ihmw-I kl 21-3 1 

Ok oI ihf K'anest tainHwl 
houseii you will fimJ Pa'''J' ''■ "'• 
(:«. Sut, mad «Mi h«>un n>- 
1 1 EWer Pwl. Shields »nd Park 
Avr\, Bn'«*t'irlJ 

1 h r H 1 u II t > n 1! ■ * T 

k%ii.iii: Oct i;-;*. :■'-'*«»» 


l,.«...m«t mr.til:i.v. ihcri: *iU b»- 
■ curnii'al im;lii':linK a hiiiinicd 
hiraw. It will tun lor >*i' 
■wircktiid* and will Iimuho 
vaiioui liitcs, (>'<"! ■"■'' 
ciiieriainm.eM, Ynu > .■■ 
Icaivalmihc BarrHu:: 
Shewing Center near llw umia 
of Bun-ingwn and Higgim Kds 
Thuts fi^Ilpm. f-n (!•■ 

i :[-'■ 



lahlc lilt ilnldi ^ 
,,,.u,eiii,wilwl*'lltwitii'i" ■ 
..imiiimnity ajHcfe and ™in> i-'i 
..ur ^iiidfW'* Itjvc families ihai 

Hm! al the /i.i>--<>il 

T,K|>.. hin Kii.l> 

cam show '"* ''» ■' '-"''"ra*^ '••' 
iIm: ,iiiiii»»l» during the Coslunic 
Parade. A spook •"«««■ « *ci up 
imheChildienV/iri r^'ri s^H K); 
Sal n-1. Bri>v>klii.-I.) /f>o. 
Brooktield,, 48S-03(t,J. ■- ■ ' 


t'.,.m-L-tioi!: f'vcn wmc of the 

I 111, II (lIllKTS 

I* id. '» o"<" l»«i»'frfu' alhum 
k.' 1 'i-^lkl. I' fro"»*i"* '*'■■ 
a Ii-'hlmg linf, supcr'Wj 



■ nrc"' 

111 i» a hard- 
v r numhcr. nol 
.. i' III," ii> Dick 

! iiiy. hut al\0 

..ugh li> lilt >•>" frum 

L-:,-Vi,,'r.itini; thvtfiitiit 


,,,,,. , , . -'US 

when til IV tug duwii ilK hn;h*4y.> 




killtJj. k : 

I ,i,iTi th.; sWilllvM/i'd kc;. > 

>ii ILiif IV "Speed VJenKiii . 
,11,1 h>Hri\, caih mvtninn.'ni.ii 
.iiTjfignicni has K"en prctisfl; si'; 
in molten. JH "' it"''" -"P'') 
placed in iheif trspi-ilivc 

Musical supcmwiiy dtws not 
always guaranux a hit. Can ,Biul 
cvc.r aiua! (much less surpass) 
Ihullfi . whuh has sold .^tl 5 
million copies ■ l"lu!i. o( course. 
remains to be > en Cenainly us 
nlasc has been acctimpanicd by 
a tremendous amounl of 

All the hype has been well 
canied though This is one lait| 
espcricnce dial will never bum 
you--hot as ii may be 

EA ..i.ii«« y— »i»i«,I-'. h «i»ii h ■ ■ ***|.»«I'"~"^<«M»C*t"7 


Television Set, 
Stereo or VCR 

You can do it ALL at RENT-A-CENTER 



Tome in to Rent -A- Center ar.o lei us show vou a ^oie new wt3v 

S^rrhove thXrrC^gs you wont New, ^-^ f-^^^'aHS^^^ 
appliances, ond furniture ^ you can rent-to-own ^?'®'!.^rL^^ asi?Be t 
low pavrT>ents. and we deUver your n"«^,^f^'-^"<^« /^ y°"' '^^^J^"^^^^ 
of .Qltif vouTe not comnieteiv fiappy. we il give you tx3Ck your fust week s 
«,tvcrcanh~. ■ •■■ ,. vou want NOW. at Rent-A-Center, count on 

us tor a great de 

• • :4 plus FREE delivery and FREE pick-up 


o"> .u in coupon and your student tD 
and r»:;eive o 10% discount on your rental 

18 Ctiicogo Af»o Location! Ificluding 

'•■.,,ri(,r.a Villi. fas'"'i.:)ri Ccifie' 888 * *-''" 
("^.reeri i!'.-»:w '"aio 11?"* i.a»." ' 


,^.v 'floVV 

.Page Five 



"P..: • ■■ ■ 

Stogmi Hi ..., ..1. 

flip|K>!C(l It:) tw m Nit'vaiu 

UU'i. ■' * ■ 

IkH ihi" sum h.i. 

IVl). r ■■ „., ■ - I 
IU>\,;H I"'' 111. ■: 
IkiUka.:! CUlk.J(<'i 

W'Ktmily «)ihli<' 

Emm m \' ..■ , .1 
pnoktlicr. iiuufly cniplmi 
kitu 111 hl^ jiiiir'. iilii-n in 

Mil hf;i;r.l 


iU'M ,'. I. ... . 



irt!\l(t: HMtfii'I^ 

nmili me ikmii n itial. timiteill. monmii 

So liir :i»*> Immi the «a 

nwili mt 4lti«'it ill Ihai lvmhi.;l.l, liixKy 

Me miinini)'.. iik p»wy a'"' '"* 

Mr nanim)'., iiiw fUfpj •tfid mi: 

<ihi- u.iJi... If. I'i.«.ii,".. i,.i I.. 1 1..'.. 
.i\)l.! ■ ■ 

Mv..'l-. Jl IkI tM'*C4.II'. 

ll>u-uii*nMlhv th. - 
W'liith I. ■ " '• : 

Oik i: 

Will .'11 i.-v,,-i> n.nJiliHn; ^"'* 

' 'I ".■hfiiwi* iTiM iiisiil* 

Whtu. -.1 .;-..,jn rainWings *fll tugjesl 
A lie.ll)- the «« of tlic Giea Nonhwcsi 

.AlKl <wi llMisf f hicln am.l ti'cf ihi>sf lip'* 

The cni.>i.iot t:ounil.c<-s biidct mjH 

A gfiiK-<;.uineil grm. ii piBiuir K-w 

ThM icll of (t)v<> in bakcrw<i s|W<ii 

And minli suin*c*«J when ihc graji daiw ■tin 

A npccvd (tiingtmg from her sliji 

I til If ilnl itn:< k.i«* thai, wltcn i.h> 
.Iiit.-i . l.iv^fi'Kitr (*fi".;itii<" ihc hil! 

mc'n:cn.,i.r\ k.iiiips inc .» 
Oncf tree Irum 


%llll I 

The Harhingcr Octohtr 22, 1987 Page 5 


aotog wtial ■■ 

■ '>«># inion*' 

■ *t>we .lie n.r 

h B m II r ■ : ■■ .,■ 

O'UT .flitiClCC. 

C h t. p rri fi r. 

Hill thi-n, in an jtt...-mp( In jyjin mnfc :.pi-»:i;iti.T(l 

"M.m.!hi.iThoiivt .lui-"( I'WSl, Fiul never aii" Uio-j; mots 
.. L-aiK manili-^1 thin in \hn cxccipt Irivm 'The 

iiiif,-. Ill HikklcN-m' Stcimncu"raK'.l3,): 
.\uim ;)i-v (l.'H ' ' '■ ■■ ■'- \:'-'t nobiHlv 
liki'-.. nil' i'\.i.-ii . 'I'll .Mill work 

'I.H.. I 

> 1 1 'l 

.li'illi'! 1,11 !'.,li.iH!.,. 


.11 ilii.' vpiril vi( I. till .. I'.iii.r 


fhc Harhingcr 

rv....h..r 11. mi Pag*^ ft * 


.■nnmoeJ l'«""> ''""'■ t"*-'^' 

» M,* i»esi<tent *iih aaSenmh 
cmjugh HI gain ihf "•<(«* i *>*»•* 
ticuttj «ik1 *« "• I»« "'<>■"■ lew*'- 
'iMMier amt .aalmmutnitof . 

the btatiJ s«*x« * «'• !««*•"• 
work on 'keciJiKg "P cwullmcnt. 
|i«|iwiKts«Mnplei«l wi*'" ''■■■■ 
Mget *<tl>«>u« iwrtasing Lr 
and e«p»<ni£t, iw>«c tliisw™>m> -- 
nfipiaiM] » a me* ■*«*»• 

He ruclinlcs thil. "The sp<wl> 
jirijgram 4tmU t>t. kvketi .J' »«' 
m:W.M'» d.m.nMcil .( n >* "'■" 
k*»tWc mJ il- iTH !■•.■'">"": 
aiiyltWdft fv>r llu- ..-.v..""mr* 
iMep: ■tx'snk> it'c '■■'■ 

•... talked ai ■"'I' "■•""!• 
1,, wetgHed nUitiiisi *fit 

kicks off season 

Tutoring Center eases 
burden of midterms and finals 

St»»fWrll»r\ W1«ing program lit -i 
v...-..,n m ihf fall i>K I""' '•"■''" 
,:i[' help vn iinly tni- 

Is Tedjv. Oil" V! 

cnr-f)\ .il ihOiC invoUcU h-ivt- 
niidi- !i a mii^l v^iliiahlc 

ai.k.i' "«. rich *"'^ 

((,.„,,, iipt'lCUCC. .1 


!,l'>CV>UtW\UlU(;!!!.ll ll,ir]KI l»v 

■•riK tci|iiitei«'r>t !»' <''•»> '*"• 

..hivh he -.('ck^lKtp. 

,r. I. ,n.1 

'.s.iits dilliiultuwrsf. 

^ctrtliiad. a suiileni 
■ 'v.t in any gi^^ ' 
leal with ■! •' 

' th, 

.. ji4iJmdf.ji>ng 

ic iicrfimiiancr A 

■;.:il ihal Ihcvi 

liy 1*11 kilft 

reveal iliai 

■;H;t'\ luUir 

,,,,.,,,,. „,„„ ...1 Tlicv Ij: 

itua' tvHK i.ik'Konfi', Ih'' 
iiiiiK, a liirr*-! Mutlcnl <*t" 
(^tt'vHHivU lomplck'il ttic lui' •-.-■■ 
UHirv *iih an A mA has f-vui 

u-ti.mnicmW lo Ihe CenWr b> 

hi* fciuric mstrutior. ihf 

prfik'<.si«' tuiiir, »' ■ ■ 

hoi* a Jc .:,«■€ in i: 

the 'Vit-a (\»<tilmji'" - 

ailJiu.-n II' uii'Tinj: llaipct 

,.,',, 1 . r ,Im,1 lit vtlJIUl- "I 

I, hiisjK'illit .irca, 
,.,,« suuk-nh m■t•ti^ 
■■■m Ihil *c iritUn:!' 
,.(11 hiniT iramui. 

cuidcs, ami Surplcmcnla! 

"■;, lion iSli a relatively ne* 

iiti in vthiih the SI LoAt 

,i ptcit'rssional lutoti 

. ' classes o( a given 

. . ufM-, Ihen con(ltK"l^ 

truleptntlfnl ^tmly-gniup ■^-sMoir 

I hi,-' 

Hit < 
~ui,t'. m, 

,in iihli 

. ii:ki;il 

lit Sm (."(Hiclito 

On Ocio!*r ■»* and tdtd 
HMi(cr'>t speech leam alien*<l its 
fttil toiJfnaniv • " "'" ■ ytn* 
IlltnoM Sliitc i • I'l >•'« 

annual A.1U. '. .;... '.enwri 
liivtUiiiMuil Tourniimenl tur ... 
sc:lKM)l fiom all over the minm. 

Harpet compeieiJ *ilh 16 
team mcoibefj ami a iw* ^ei.\» 
, lach , Mrs. MilSita I. itrenu S ' » 
,iudeiiw ranked seciin.! m 
injividual round: .Andy Baiarv 
and Connie Wolf m After Dinner 
Speaking. 'Vnn BiUiwr i«l liwti 
iauf in Persuisivc ipcaking. 
Tony Koria* m Prose, and 
M:ichcll Riety in Novice 
Imprompiu Speaking 

The reiminini «*"' 
mcinlKn inchde Tin V«ughn. 
Kegiii Wel»c». K.»r«n BeMWil. 
Lany Piuilin. Susan Cwwlto. 
Dtlla* Moon*)^. SiMi NewJI. 
Mtoy IC»y LoctMCT. Damn' Muc. 
Ml San &lMiMnMi>. 

AMlCMtlt no one broke into 
.final iwim*. Ummm is c«if«*ni 
Uiai the icaoi can *» l«ea«, "I* 
n« disippoinial in *« «ani, t 
vc thi.-. .!- ;i IciMJiiO'gieK'Ptr*"!'*''" 
'Hu- 1:,: .!, .'i! ihe iea» fceh the 
same, "'.i-' *«' *«'«( <">* "" *'" 
dtm't '*in loday, »'f'il r-'"^ 

The neM. louidliimcni «■ ai 
Eiehtand Coi»«'ii««iy C»tk-*e >" 
Dcciiiur. II. 




mil''' ''' 

Wheihei il •>' 
acadeiiiK arc.i 

siudenl nrcd- 

Harper'* 'fi"''- 

availahte to 'pioM'*' ncij 
'Tte Ccnleit. 

he ciittof 

■ hicli 1* li'fcaicd 

'. ji'uuuni'5 i- 
< loial hourv nt 

;,,, ' . ,::i'.l..l'l', 

il, , ,,,,.,,' ol Ihe Cfniei ■,, 

lHll>taJld>Ilf' ' '-":','■••-" <- ""'■ '■' 

the best m i 


advice OJ Nimi Icnadtisv,, 

liai'pci'% Tuiciii'ij; (.'enter 

SiipetvtM''ii'. in KUHlilwnt then 


H jrixrr'-* iuti>rv ai 
,1 ,t,'.il *iih Ihe u'\ : 
l,.K-ign siudenl!. am,) 
'...;!►', "li-amiiii; dI<!l^il"|' 

many ■•.■ 
all hough 
I run to i 
Ihi- mill 



ii'ic .lU SI jirogianis 

!,,! ih,- .■ViLiuinun!;, 

jnd Daia I'too-sMne 

I .',! 

\1.iili, and SiicntC 

,, ! -,■. r,i ,> .iik-nd av 


'1^ average 

I ■,.en'k'ster 

., .{■, tctf one 

I „;jhscqurni arc 

in U-ngth, on^e a 



,|I,,",,» ll'Hn.,lj;:i:-|l|,eiii. .i- " 

Private tutors 
comparable 4i«Iiftcaii<»"s ni.iv 
charge iip to WS.m pet Imu 
Iiinadoks sjiil, "Wc ofler Ht, 
s.imc ijujliiy service, al no cost lo 
the- siiKteni, 

In addition u» gene'ral luumng, 
[he Ceniet al«J offers revic* 
seminars, workshops, study 

lu' (, Ciller ^, hcHits are Moiida> 
,n iiiiough Tliursday. KM) a,ni. 
,,„! iKi t'.m,: and Fruby. S-.W a.m. 
.1: Kt pin In addition, tulormji 
t„f 1VH. of the popular courses. 
\,\i^urun-c and Math, arc also 

uiriliys (rom ') (*) 

111, Summer hours 

arc (vUl a m « 'K> I"" ■ f"" '>" 

a reduced lovd, *iih :>> uiiors 
lasurad ol Uic usual H). 

WHY: y-**^ 

■""°™ tic rt id ^ ' K ig* ** 

y^Jt tf»i t.<i.^w«i»«**- 



Saturday. Octotwr 24, 1M7 
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

AjMiican BvCanMr 

ISO N.Lake Shore Dil*! 

Siiic 601 

Chkaco. minoii 

-Niinini Al K Cmmf 

Bachelor of Science in Niinini 

Muier of Science 

Meet Faculty, itilt. md smdenB 

team about full and pannme programi 





1 "»» 



Classified Classified Classified 

The Harhingcr (>ct.»btr 22. 1987 Pajji- 7 


Ad Rates 

Biip '»y ii .u t * cJ IJijp JffcjjtS'd 

•r« /ra« ttrttit ptvp»r 

Mam -ttudmmt 
elmatiftmdm tmp to 

i.9S MM-ft mdditimtml 

Help Wanted 


AiliBiiiismute Senice* 


Sckwl ptfH'M - J3/|iage. 
Rcwine*, 'TIioi*. dxns. . e* , 
10 ytMs e»ptwiiice Call 


So you need: ■ (cm 'piiiier ilMC. 
tm )«:>« 4:>n'i tuiw ilie lime, iwil 

CMi'i aflcvil high t'osi tyiwi 
lewiee*. Tlien call me I'll (ji* 
]«« tttin pafia' (Souhk tpace) 
Sl/lMie. C«ll W3-il<il7.. 

Will type iinyltiing ihM jim tan'!,, 
5 >«, CT|ieiK!ni:e wiih iciuuMDIe 
OK*. II inicwiiaj pkamt oM 
Mmmmc: W1-7I2S, 


SakiSu|)(ii»ri Ccwwdiwuw, Tn 
CIXMl'liliMC MkiVllvilKt lix 
Itlea Kpic:«niaii«e'> mc iMilmg 
«Ml:mg ii|ii»i;wmtnt:ii (mm 
Ccnwrji :i Rial Esutc Bmkcr 

N<) ttlcH »-nK;ne»c:e nmu»ed 
Ttic imlniiliul''. xkwli! 'hi' 
willmg m I:ci*ni iiftj iitili/c ih«!- 
■* inii: kM>wlci%i.> ol' 
-(nUlsri: »lll(IHBa-<s:nng; 
k:l.;ni;)j-kci.inj; viills, t>((i>,r 
inix-ejufc ski\h Thoi; lull- 
iii'Uft'twft •imw (MiiKnn oiler a 

imliiviflitJilA who nty wMi to 
iilviiict M» tancft (If rice 
I'luruecmcuKif sales:. "The houn 
■ ' ■ hii )<«» mu« he »Wc 

- . ; CVfmnp :i vk C.:>H 
lx\- IX ktJ'- 1. ' '' ' 

Ceultin .''I 

Sucrrlairiitl - 

t"<:>!.itn,>ti i-. j\.ifM>mi,-,*iiti 

flc^lNc «.,irl>,iiv, hf. (..;-i.-r„ii 

.ll'll..: .- .f-i-JCs .,ui,h J,l Jfl'lWvtl!!!,'. 

■-1 lypillf. If IBIOCSlt-.l 

Itt ^icltl.^ - 

,ifi- l.^ 


-, . ■, ...r ....-...>• inceprcnmiiit-""«' 
.:tmg ihc qu.i 
■>i>ii» aprwiti,: 
1.- Vk'i- ro.i) k- ill'" 
■. r-n hiiih tviMii-.- < .. 

iclcmjti, .ft,-!nM:t»,wn)t 

ew:6il»|(h. ■■ichrs,,,, 

" -'..illOll -•cry i-n'*,: ui HaipCT 
ll'V. Mrl)'- Wilgc:!! flltll 

1 ,tj>»»t»m! t-«inti««»"«n. Call- 

Harper Cdllcgr • 

llie Bc« *>((kc. J t W. m lm*iu( fw 

itshro (w I'ulure evcnis. Few 

(iirther mffrmalKiit ttmUt'i; 

K ■ '^-»'t 

Iw .' ttglKi VoUej .Ball iciiti 
Mctb nnfiaicn m«l !iijii.Kiiia». 
for h«»iiir and .*i»ay gjmes. Ca«: 
c»l. 2Wt') « teivc mc*.saj!e ai 
P.E. ilesi fix M.*- RjOtUll 


Excliutncli^ men'i aon. m 
W'tKxlfirtd Mill I Ri't|iii:rej( «.||* 
Biiitam anl ca.s.hicf I- ull m 
put-liMc. fXntinOT availaltle Mih 
iMMgeinMi pawntisl. Call 

Ejira $6 pirn pa hr. «*. 
osnmitsKn taiii 
Oeimmiitating and' •icltinii; 
ityiafiMn aiiplaK.! at WtHtllfeld 
«i i»«i«id». Call; 'at^-OW? 

Trtwl Fidd 
Oppctrlunily - 

Gam valuaMe mai'keting 
eii.perrnce »li.ile cjirainf money 
Campus n-prewnuii'vei nC'CAd 
immediaDcly fa spntg hteak 
inp» 10 Roritla cw SoMh HOtt 
Island. Call Campu* Maifceung 


Mjirv t,\ i r^ihdnwNf - 


^- .'::'■ '1 :-»■ . ^M,dty and tl:(«. 

( '1 i\<\ 

H.'.L". .'■ ,il«jn««de«l. Call, 


*l'i h 


Rt,'wl'cr^, "»J"Hi'i|£lcr'- 

Skin 1 

imUlL:-rs Full :w ; 

I'T' 1 

tram '>', " , 1 



sentf ol ix^Tvifial and 
pH'iff'wional tniCiTil,*' i*"''' Ih't' 
dCMK toprnviilc "I""' 
uTucr* 'Wilh e»t'dl-.' 
rciura we canoHei ym j 
t haltetigm j cafcw in me ol our' 

Wr O'Ifer a highly progtKsivc 
(.om'pcnMUon |Mfkapf plan 
i,nc'(ad.i'ng' U'lajm i'iii,-(li.,jl rlcnial 
antl til'i: inwiam t .unt 
menihcrship in our i,'red.(i unton 
.ilh'K'C ,a:ll else. »i' pnivufc an 
tjppt«:iifm> '111 k'am iwiiriiy 
■MiMCf :n'imt anil aJvaiitc lO' 'ita- 
^apptt levcH ol: ihc uxiirny 
pn:>fe%'iioin. Youmayapplj iti 

I-1.-I '1 M .I' Irnrii '•» 4 m -'> p.m 

■ "inicni 
1 ■ : vpartnicnl 

"-■■ 'A :,ui..,(i..i \- Ki. Ill 
i'hi,..,,,-i. Ml-i'-.-i. '*Mt} 
loanC':! ■ .-mK'l M;({r 




^^'hv -lui'lcr iht- cmt>aiT'aMt»eni ot 
unsighitv tjiul ami KHly hair"' 
HI'' IHV BFS"t yr;>l'C,-\NBF 
A.M.'* l'ISt'(,A'}-R A MUKI-, 
BFAI,"'II'F!"l vol I, Ni.w.m 
affofitu'Mr. iinally ta,(c and 
eJlctUvc method of dC'4'rrtymi! 
Ilic uowaiilf.t ■ ' . '> hair 

cawMH gro» ! ., . i.-d 

R,N, Ttxhrntijij I l:iA& FCC 


Ci:iui't. Smb: i IS. r'.iU.t«i»-. I! 

>M fN INNOtlVlF 

Rciail ick-pfii'in*: More 5:lo'w: lo 
HiTp:f I i'n:iliin|t lor iti,iiiii.rc. 
' .I'l'mwr i>ri.ciiUK'«l 

>(' indrt'ir M,le^ 

pi.iMt(oii FIciihIc hr* Fi.n 
ilctaih. call: 4 »..-«'»''.» 


I. lu'iiiiiiM-. ">.jii:«. iKipmvdal 
ii,>r Ra(idhu:rii %)all BiwBft.-, 

I ..11 (II. I ri.ri l,n..... ■i\ K.l... t 

:•>!; '■:(n. 


needed fw ta\hh:,m sho» », 
i'i::IIvai.|.ioiis, and 
map»?'iin'%'ii'al'(.»f pini »orlt, 

'•■' UMinsd 

' - -nvii Tu'lcni 



.; ii 1 6 


(,T(,>Vl-R\M'iA"i l!i:i'-" 
Ni tm-r KiL-pj.rl HI "i 
RC'I*''- A Kn, Sri'/l I)|-.,'-,.i.,.r".- 
Call lOD-W f.»' l''-\("'ls' I 
S]}i .jS'j >S4ft !■•■-''■': \,\ 
-I'HI K,.'lul; 


\ u V ,r. i-jh: 

sic-r:'-- h, ,1'^rik-. I t^. -.ufiAh?!. 
MIX I\ ht,f , / le hari Rccem 


rchuikl/lraiismi^^n'm.'i lull h'liros. 
Mi.vr S.-f ..Viiinp SA M<i> ("'.ill 
'. .illi.-rTi., -^-n-.. 

IVItS luyttui- 

MR3. Rcd.cscel'lem t-ondmon 
A.sking'$<>.SOO Call'KlS.'U4.. 


New pamt. engme pan,.s 
w/rwcipis. Etc.. coitd, - High 

milcasc LOWmiCF' 

.Lea've Tel. No. A Mi-'- 

IVWI • I9K6 

MuslangiThufideihird 14 rnch 
iieel fini\ 4 \ug paiieni For 

ni:'irni.:i.l HI' '.ruruk tirr'^ !'.»» loriil 

-i'ls .,, ..^:!i ....,:- p.a all-. Call ftob 




*«• RNS ( am.ii 

("til." in.>i.;':i.l .■ .i!l 

.\.a.!!'l.|£ \- :.l.!ll 1 1 t'l tl (',.1,11 

Virit-c. '^1 l.KilO Bi;i-*Mri''t 
a m 111 ft p I'll 

7» V.W. - 

4.d0(.tr«iucli.. Me<.:h' solid, 

|t«i»K I'M! i^r,- It . !H A^kin.' 

!■»!*- Ill IMU s\Hia 

\ V\' Suilf 2.2: 

.11 <n 1 -n I'fiw 


-. "'JW* 


1 OK Kl 

1 NT 

1 riumph • 

'•...: 1 '(-;<. ( ..1: 

1 . .!• ■.lllil. .1. I'.ll. 

t.rjial Sirr^irrs * 

FRFF(. ONst l.l'..*1-ii:jW(;o( 

! wanlud'W 

...lil v'HK l,.'i;.'il. nL'i..'il'< Inellldc 

'-. ' 

,> coita'ff. 

Ul 'f. fH-i''-i.iinjl ir'Mur'v, di'W'orve 

I...t»..:.ll<a) II 

'1 i.>un.d.f'C. 11.. nc^r 

Vl't: Itu.l k 1 

. Hhirv 

r.L:.i) exuie . .Pl'mne »;..'»« HI 

Spcis'-i,:! H'l 

1,., . 

l'"i 1.-V jiiid 'H'cctetd app'I>.|e 


j'.jil....i.M-i;. FawOfri-,.'... i.i Hi-.i 


.V Haler ('<»!% ".' 

:i iii-H, S,. h,.|iiil!!-.yr;i,' 

'. Ita'ifn.. 

'\' . 


l>['Bi n: N.VFF'TVi;>Ff-ICF."l*Si 

SI '(:1 }. 

' '" .1 [""I"'' ' 

!'■: ..i;.1 - 

HIS.I-; ■ 

(irocKHii '.:.!• 1 
Wf^ ;'tfr v«'k '- 

: 'd.. 

mt-i'il - 

-.'..If.h.-ni ,i|." 

i| \.-u 


yCl/ai (II ilflli,:, l'.lli..l:> l-.'[ liliiJi'I 
Sllllfl:!'.' Call lor lai.hloil.i> 
NT s'v i.:iii (':»(, ,!;(., 

I,. ...(.. H' r,.kii(. sws . 

.i' ur 'JiJ-i 

IVTk 01d« CiitbKH 
ltriiu|;haffl - 

\ir Com! . pwr ilr^ arul 
.^lrlvlou^ -WVI-M slrrco latlui- 

i..iH'Kl.i.-r'ul \Nkin|;Sl.lil«' 

(".ill >^.'.<S74 

Huiik (iK [-.lei'tiu rimxcnihlc, 
(p.nonisi ■\^l.lru■ Sl.NHI Call: 


MIM< V( «>SSOKI|-,S 

%larlin .Sterl Jiitrini; (iuitar - 

f-levoi yr<i. old, Mcclleril 
t'lwidiuon. A,skmg S4(I0. Citl 

VariClaiiiicaKiiiitar - 

N)k>n strings. Sixwn yrs. old 
A*ing JIM). Call MjIu; (oi SIS 


Has. (iuilar - 

Ba.'i'S, FItx ira Miocnu, aslung 
S2S0. .AMP, Ka-iino. KmJom, 

2a)* Call 

'Five PrMit Sony - 

Sony hig sin-fn TV I ike new. 

A.sking S'iCMl Cjll ^-^ WM, 

\il ; : '. >; J 1 t ;j i J U .'- 


leai.umi.g color ptiouii ol nuJc 
Illinois eoHi-kM- wtii-i-i.-n M;ul 

1 (H'll I' M.ll 

Nceil M.ifi- Inii'-rTTLiiion .i\\k For 
luhn W. " M.-.'Oi:ei 

P 5 r i b n 1; .J z 

Tim ham - 

I m -Kirry alsiui .idvenismg 
"Ears" last wk Can we he 
lrK*.iid.s ioi Ji lea.\i an hour'' S.T 
PS Thinli ahoui ihf good ume 
we had *tifn "Tale* of ihe dart- 
sulc tame on" iSmilel Me' 

Dun Maran ■ 

t -.>rn;radiilatMi'» on your 121 
^.iiiii on 2M carries, and the .3 
ri.nii. hili.i*n.s you Kored. Greal 
lob" Scv'rti iAdmire:r 
I aura- 

Wh\ aji.- -."i.i o., h , .,irm,i'.i-r'' I 
would til . -u «h,-n 

you qui I I! ... . ., .--M'! 1 
would nc\ci M-v v.iu a^Min 
Sitried. \,.i Itn-C.ui 'iiiuMclal 
I. 'Ihll.h 

/'. . t nn 1 1 ( r<tpant - 

.'11, 1 

>'r:nid ihtnna • 

l>i-i'u »i.'.m, we'll cam' >'oi.i in 

" \r"«oic and (Md l,.aet" - 

I.IO VV,i,i|y BiiIK 


k*('l^ 'Vi ,S»i i>r 

4:'!4 t.21''.* 

■ - ' "-'Kld.n- 



t; ttrvlh 

Harper's Coach 
Eliasik and 
Joliet's Coach 
Home preview 
Fall Festival game 

Hawks down host 
Trojans, 24-21, remain 
undefeated at 7-0 

Martin rushes for record 22*) yiirds 

t,t Bill Kiit»lli«rie 
Si,>i l"<!ll<»r 
\ •' -Illy *> ilK lltirtJ-ranktHl 
i UjKr I ijwks hsivc a ctmst-futivc 

l»Bf,re!«§. iticy have «1m) -..uiifil 

As ihc Hawta siwek pm. ilw 
host. Tnwn Trojiin* Saltmiay hy 
the cowl <Jf 24-; 1. ihc victctiy 
mjirltad the ihml limt "» iIk"" ^^ 
ftMi fiiiiics limpet has won by 
lc«f than u% poims while 
IwBiiil off •lair game cnJlif. 

And tor I he secoiwl 
e«!«c«ilive g»iiw, wphtjmore 
Don Lee inieTCepteil an 
opponents pas* lo end a gum- 
wiiwmg ihrcal. 

■Wc didnl ha*« a |«)d 
pme: HaipcT couch Jcilin Eliaiik 
aid. IiiMiithiwchadietiiince 
10 blow ih« game '"pen " 

H»wk ruMing iMcli Dan 

Maitin I giM iiep ttwwl a 
I .{Wi- !i i«l nnhiuB season as. he 
gamed 22'j ■• ■ -irnrv lo 

SCI ih<: H I', ■ ./if K-"'« 
n,t'^hm^, which he 

The Hawk* otilg.n'' 
Tniimi in u>Ul ofTenM: 

TJie (anic gave Manin '•'■> 
y:ird)> in nishtnf this ye« and 
iiitluding ihc 644 yaids he 
■nuiised h» freihnuii year, he 
has aifcsMly hrokea ihc iwo-ycai' 
record of 1.350 held by Ron 
Bufke. and is on irack lo break 
B'urte'i single jieaiKm mark ol 
iW} yards. 

The Trojans opened ihc 
K'Orinf in the second i|uarti-r as 
fmhman Micharl Greene ran inb't 
die end /tme Oom Tf-yafds nut lo 
put Tnlon up b-O, 

Bui folti:>wing a '22 -yard field 
goal by Hawk kicker Tom Win, 


l.> Hill ki.;rll" 
Spun 1 ■ ■ 


■, ,l! llu 


N4t,' K 
plav in 

Martin .scl a ne* "■'/ 

he ran from ih'.' *'• 

tiik- mio thi" .■■ ' 

yard loiicti- 

siTinimiifH.' I''' i"''* ''*'' '''■■" ' '' 

I'dinn Kill' i.!if *i.i". I" " 

The HiWi'' adik.l n' "■ 
:,-adinlheUw<l4UiirietJ'- '■' 

scored on a i:V.y;irdrun ai..i 

on a I" yard run lo pui «"■ 
Hawks, up ;•> t\ cKlcriiii; Ihc Imal 


M«rltn also vied ihe Hawks 
retwd (or most points in a single 
game as he nicked up I* poiws. 

The Trojans finished ih.- 
scoring in the Iburth ciuailer j^ 
ihey put 15 poinis on Ihe 
scori-hoiird. bui i( wasn'l enough 
lo derail llie charging Hawks, 

Hmpt' wilt play host lo the 
Joltei Wolves ihis Saturday »i 
Fall Fesuval as ihey aiiempi lo 
defend their retort olf 7-0 ai 1 jmi 


* - Irioefed 



I ?li 111 I 

lay Ihe 

l!,l 1 ll.I'-lk t, 

.-Is the 


■ - , 1 -.1 

hul a 


up . .-. 

\Miii;: i '. lorn 

Hi.rm' l^ V. i il.i- 

H,i'*li's I'mli-m iiiii-ir.e, ('.liasik 
(eels ihf delcJHivc h;n:lfictd is ihe 
key 10 this wtxk's success 

I'he diflerence N-tweeri this 

week's game anil the last time wc 
(il.neil Il'icm i~ th.n our ().r.s 
ill' (•■■use i\ hcilet iiii*. l-liiisik 
said 'Iheir i|uai1eihaek is Uie 
key to their ollense ami ihey have 
an ejicelknt pa-ssing aiack which 
alloW'S them to score points 
quickly " 

While Home d«-s adrmi his 

, '_ .;.,; ■ ■ . Ill 111 

-, Eliasik said. 

White for the mosi pari iil 
Ihe season,, the Hawks have hecii 
.)(>le 111 slas .»vn>v Irnm mjunc-., 
Ihc WoUe^ ii-e! ihev hjve bc-en 
hilhaid H iheiii 

"We arc pretty banged up." 
Home said. "Againsl Harpei we 
won'l have a lot ol dcplh and 
we II jusi lis to sursive 

II Ihe Hawks can niainiain 
Ihc mental aiitudes itiey have had 
Ihroughoul the season, the 
Wolves will only proM- lo h.- a 
small obstacle in the i.iii- ihe> 
hi'ix- 10 win 

8-Ball Billiards Twurnamdnt 

The 8-Ball Billiards Tournamctii was held cm Ovtohcr 'J ai the Pool 

Hall and out of the 64 entries. Chris Carlson pitkcil up first place. 

while Tom Carney finished in sccoiul pbcc .ind Phil McC.illc\ .irul 

Brviint Rng lied for third place. Conpraliilations on your recent 


Harperthon race 

Smn up now fur the Harperthon one and ittrcC'tTiile races to be run 

Thufsday. October 22 on the oiildom track, ,\H students, tacullv .itid 

st.iff are eligible lo compete with pri/cs lor the top three male ;,inJ 

female finishers. 

Floor Hockc) 

Interested in r':»yi"f hockey th- < ''f' If so. be siin- i.. .iiu-!i..l Uh' 

mecfing on Oct, 22 ai noon in M I^uiIiIm 

played "on Thursdays si.,irlinp Nmcnitvr ,> .m.l l.isiin]..'. uniii i •.•cctni-.,' 

17," Contact Pan Koss at est. 2'Ht'} it' unaMc to aiiend, 

V .ilte\ hall 

Did you get cut by the Hayeks \ ■•',--ball ■Team',' <,)f do you just (ccl 

like playing volleyball at a L- ;'n.-ttlive level'.' If you ansv\cicd 

yes to 'cilhcr ot these ijucsticns, iticic will he ,,■''>. 

2Mh Monday at noon in the ,i:yi'u for those inir., ^ 

more info, call intramurals at I vt 2"6V 


V(U . 21 NO. ID 

William Rainey Harper College Palatine, tINnolt 

October 29, 1987 

N.LU. Admissions Cut Effects Harper Transfer 

Hi Btmf !•» Htj 

■'■• ""■ '"inoiii 

.^;_;;^ ;_., t . ,. jnd 

iKglMWf « iti- , vent 

««» lUe iiimo :,,.„„.», 

.■Mlwissjein ecKinw will iimfcifo 

mem u> ifjn>.t--' 
Assuoi*!' of Af 
MKtmt of SCK-U. 

hmin. of siiHt> 
Dii« to il'i 

■ I'l trm ihari 

;ih«tily U'l \utl J.!,.., 
H ■ iilflUy |)tdcal 
iiniiMiiit)'. Thu will 
'•"twrwl enrnHmeni ilic ..cui.r 
' U. *«U Ik- .ittcpiini: nhmt 
" ■ (amfcr siwlenu iliit iprmg. 
f'lir ihe fall wmC'Slw of \'M$ 


'S.tV. pl»i« on trniiKil eii'- 
Hilliiiieiii ot tiuifcniA Ijcking their 
A,.,A., (If A.S. itegnx- FiTvi Nil. 
will IllMII stlKkiti-. / ' i)<.: 

M|lllR«eWs, Tl'k" ■■•< 

meemgihe rcnimiti.kTH. 
Kimilietl unlit m rwolli; 
nre of appn>min;tii-K. tn-. 
ijuwm, (romprcvioii 

Jkunc itmkm* whtm <ii 
Jcned Kliti'isiiM as a mull m 
ilMr ne* wsttfclKins will he wni ji 
lcl.ti-1 ailvrttnn iJie siwleni n> iiwct 

wiiKkk't ul I '•>^H 

B'i'fsmnini.; ilic tall '■u'mcM. 
'■■ul I'liiirw'i 
urcd h'j liri,, 
iiiiicjrs Hir MPifcr mil 
gr«it of stiMly, which aci 
fccUjr IS ilie Miiifc'Mi iim»i , . » .. 
Iw mollBMl. 

Prcv'iomty, litt i 
wc«: reqinrnl lot ■trans t.:t ifiu> ilu- 
hiiMtici.* rtogiiin JI N 
There *rif icn k»>l toiiiH"* in 
»'h(th tiith«>«; from 

No*' tJierc arc »n mh»| 
uf'w\ rcijuii'id' which ICC prt- 
■ ■'"••'•■•■< '•'■'vil miw he taUfi m 

■ill fmaraeB '»»- 

i.r'an\(ci lo 

' '-itvil tin tin 

CXhtr lUir C'Ol'lcK'» ma\ nlmt 

f'jii, h.iii Avxkufi! ( 

Harper Teacher Piiineers 
Computer Graphics 

H't (taut-hi't Kj« 

X ,-'>,. I' ,'t': - 

' I'lt'ik lilc 

''I'-' wipie jn 
• ' I III tl'.'.' rt'C 

'■'tc" «.», i: mill |"i'iii;i('.A 
h> a ri'impiiiM' »'-r 

I li»; 111 '4 iHir'[»!!*; *m ttt twtip ' etneritii'Cii'' 
'(fcftpn ijic «'i The compiii*! '»;» ■■■*',-.niI.:ffiiI 

'•-'■■1 I" 't(J'» -'i: *h,.i tl'K 


"r«,T ''' tv:twtx;n. 4 
10 answer my 
L,t,i'r<linfi NIC 

Transfer Checklist 

Kr»'K'» ytiuJ (rjulri ii iht «wl of each irrm-Mi 
ih< l«>ui''S«"«' •'dKioKtj fmt '•»' cmii'Bi ' 
nukini: 'dial dnitmiifuDnii. 

N»II'i"»' j'lj'Ui > r, 

infi:»m»U'i:jni:'i, .!,."'! 

jfti'KU',''flIlf|i'(; "ff,an'tj*:i %*iihi, ['T'„i,> '' 
,pm 'in A Kiiltlinn') 

' ' ' 'I- jtBj r«'|'kp«f^i ihii im- II 
"II ' '1 iimm. 

fit *■ fKitiiun fur ifmlinMion fri"" ■ 
ir thun iniAom 'oflhr »tim»ici ■ 

Amiage U> hut t fuwl trinirnpi "- 

Five Candidates Contend for 
two Four- Year Terms 

Hi l>in'WI'(.™'*rd 

'i»i«k I'ti' ihc I'bv 

f^eiis •.'ruul l<M)« §nmmj 

'.j-l'i I'l- 

fijitji txliik,;* thill C»J»,1'1' j„.j,, 

cncc jikt hi.i 'LkJicalmn k't cum' .„, 

projected natls ot the cevtri" ci'il 

■ ihUHjLtlt ihC V' 

Su*.dri(U l,..^: .'l^ 

Bjmiii;loT» UiUs iu '. 

■ 'I 


; 1 I", 

■ 1 :i.\i*:i.;is Inm* 1 

.: 1 iT 

. . (■"hii(irm;m„ !■ 

.hitmjim iiivii 



vinl '"] waii'it l:«> injure 

till. 1 .)U i/u. .. i..U«. J- 

lion i ■ ;ii!il J cuiiiiryl 

-..irht ut' Ttlj- h\'"- jrnl 

:im:l y- ■ .. .ifi'. vi,'n(cr and 

■ '.iU- 

jh. t>,%i|ii\ rypjiuJ ihc [Xirkinj; ('„»■ 


k.i!i(,ics [ ifkilh he v.i>u!tl like ic 

^cc BuarJ ol" Dircanf.. ,U'\,'' ■ 

mnrr rommwnilt .trul hiis>i 

' ■' ■ lI'Is JU'.>nal ; 

■ ' UMi,i.i ^^^,^lm■. .iini i"-. 

^^ ,.uiLj »VM4K;i l■'u■^t■llll^ k 

c miiJh the <'v>niipK">*i^ 

^Jt,k■s; m Arlmgtim Hoi(;^ll^ He 

.1 tiii'l'iK tf iiihh'!,! .iiu\ 

fujt«. Jvrn i' m('*[»>\fi! <■■ .i Mi\h( .i! 



: 1 V. 

II' : 


T he Harhinser October 29. 1987 Pajie 2 


k) Kim (Hir<wikl 
IVilurtt t'aUm 

Ntm (h.« H.if[\-f ,li,iiji;m 

mmtc. ctixiwtn ji, -'. ■ r ,)vi *.;■ 
lilMt a tcxnpfcic -..■:. :,ii, ■ \.i 

Oi:U*fr 31 V HK'.;iiii,; ji 2J< 
stirtcil only alier a Cifwcii imnuk' 
iki.iv. Why ibc ikljv ' ThtiM- 

1. I'eusi h.ill of (lu:ir 
inewtet* picstitil. As tt sum)'.. 
Iheic were five nhscm 

After llw call u;i orJci, rull 
call Mil '>K iippmvjl of mmutt-A 
itic ictttlors Kf IttWKsl gwMs ami 
iiunijuicij new hiisuicsv. 
*:vf>ntini: lo Ri>K-n\ Htilc^ oC 

Ni"» 1:himiici%, js ii 
cuiiKMiMry', cuiisltluicd a iiuiot 
portion of rtf mceUni!, and 
iTivciot elcctifm' i>( nc* mcmlicrs, 
siieciicm erf i>flii\T.s. college 
.>rii.mi.ilce appoinlmcnin. 
>»i*>t> rcprewniaiive me«tiii;| 
aiiigfiracmi and t-sLiMishmcni of 
a iiMMiitf: lime. 

New »<«(>«■( \ miiuil.,' I i!,- 
Scienc* imI !i 

diviswii rep Mktliek-* *i 
jthir; ■ ;'■'■. . , , ,, 

pi:M.|>i,inc(l i: 

[KMlitjnS ,11 . 

Divisnm nrps tiiuM rr. 
wuh ihr [)f;m:* of ihut ri'\(>«\, [i 
■.! dittmitiw ho* 
- <il ftimh ate lo K; 

"I'hc )icM wiijti.: ti;.'. !iii_i: 

\ljl«>il tor N.ovi'mK:'t ..I, ^ I '> |i iii 
Scnjion ,-hoi>M- w tilth 

l-OmmiH.lV lli.-.'Ii.-. ., !.. irli ...■,- 

silb-lyiKJ .11' : . ,11 

aiieiid: ihrin;,.:; 

of ih'CK icnm. 

Tl>c idvi- .■ 
Pankainn. Ihtn t<»ii(;r.,i(ulai'.M,l 
StiidcBf Tnisiec t;ri-j;"\tilI.,T im 
te tiforut. 

The senjKirs *d;piifT>cd ihe 

mcetinit at ippiinmaicly 4:fm If anyone « mleresicd in 

wii-mims. a ^-naic incciini! « m 

' of ih'C rt'm,ain»ng 

t'oiuaci Studcni 

Nova Performs 
at Harper 

tviii.:li. i.,il 1,,! ai:„ , ,: , 
l»<:i jivi h.ileil 10 llK ' 
'A.l< i,l-.:it!»l«lijbltpl.|i 

• Wednesday * ja.?/ 
iri .A-Bld'p toiint-r 
l>iii. !.'. .1 an hi'Hir oi 
bill loml I'lilrrijoi: 
(njil;. oiidcnis k!(,vi xm\ -h-i hik 
111 Ifoni of the lout -mem her 
i;ii;»,-nil>K', Kit anyone in or even 
m ihi' n,.'mii\' oi .V-Blds, could 
not hiivi- f.iik-.t lo the umcs. 


Fm- :ti,Iii 

fv .iiii! :tv:iiljWc 
; V a 


ihc t'(o(i-^Moiij| calihr. 
"grciifs"' oi id/f. did hijjh 

».| ol 
If llw 
light ihc 


Oaly '150 Security Deposit 

• Studios • 1 Bedroom 
• 2 Bedroom 

From '475 

Claw to Eipnsswayx • TraaspMUitiaa to Trata 
and Atrport • i:nderp-iiuiiil Parktag • Racrw- 
(loaal Facililjt «iUi Indoor Pool 

Walden Apartments 

Algonquin Rd., one block Weit of 
Rte. 53 in Schaumburg 

Bqmal Hmmmg Oppmtmmty 

P.S. We care, Peter 

III Kim ()»tr."»l.l 

Irjliirc* f'd'lor 

I .o I '. .Ml .1 Hiifpi.'! ■ ■' .' 
■n* iiiK .1 f''n::iiit liifiip..' .,i:-.,1 

met with (lis.i'.ifi 
1 I'rthKT Scholar and 
. F'eMr'..* VJ^'iii'Ai 
.r..l.'l .1!..! r 

r I i«;y !' 
\.. turn.'... 

oi(;aiii,.'i..l .1 ■ . ,v . . .11 
{"iTiiimm.x: ol «ii.),.-nts fj>, iili 
and %.|.itl, .\ lijrid.faiM!i.' 
.:oimiu!l.'i.' ol .'■,,■[ Iilu p.-op!..' 
! rii::i aihMiri..! :'' ,- . ,i!jiiM,is 
-htd Ihiri..'>, n iJi 

t by a (Mint ]'. 
groiijn help to fiii.l 
money f« ita Sotn 

One point )■.„ : n o. 

Assitlant Pioli-\-.or rr,,inti-> 


.K.31.1 fim, 'iiii-M- iLnn imi ,illo» 
(he Harper oommiimu lo 

,it..o h; uriitni iiiiio the rihhon*. 
■ ■ mil iii,-n remain on 
.'. ■•! I ■I1I.11I! on iic« for 
ji lc„i>l i-> ■ ■■• 

nianii'i'i ll; 

: ■-lii'pi'tt 

.1,. '.^fH"n nnH"lHaiJ^. ■ ioi uh'Ik.^ s^iti Ihetl hv 

. T tlic Iranian Hettta,|;e*." iranifcrred to the Sobys tor 

'■.: Ihti,-.- lo. 

liii'u- A-Bldj.; -■ Muiii-iit 
iinge, V' Fildj;,*. third floor and 
hi':.!.. , I. .lib,, , Ivi ilL.- H.i. 

■ intis. 
1. If 

p.niiif l.>r tlieupy and cnin|mioiit 

.■•-r . .-rtrrhiilii-in.. 


Into I 

Ms I'aiikufini. . 

Pcier will ' 
\ larp 

an>i,:>ni,- would lilii 
uhle* t'Onutl Branri 


;,i .. \.hl dX.C IS 

L- IS now at itic 
liisiituic of 

rihfvon and j !onp fihfHiii, Long 
Brarill.-vo.f «.tu<k'nt rx-u'lopnienl nl-'^oro, ..m th.,;i> h. lo ihc 
Mrs, Utamlcy is '' 
Tit O'lc on For 

ihc K'adcl say^. 

fiiiiouiagmeni e.iti he in the 

form of c.irdi, leii,-r- .md Msiis," 

Ifoncwoui- • .!.n;irdor 

letter or a mmi, 

.ont.ii 1 tl.i I ■■ ■ i.i.i:! .. Miiko lor 

d.;ij.iv,o,t ::"s 

"!|'™«iiH".nWjn irfi!Jij|HShS 


12 Month Sliident Special SI i9 

' -'t our siifK-r low \i.udi-ii; ■ • 
iiioiiltisof (ill less itiil .t hiiii ... I 
Vtiil'i no ii'iiliaitoii tt'iMir iTlonlhlt dues rtqiiirctl 
t,.jiU iinlav lor a tom|>llnrman workout 


• hill Mailiiiiri ir> lilts nt 
Vaiililiis S Caijli ( \hi'\ 

• Irrr ttfijih 

• I oiti(>tiirn/fil Ivt-ritsf Uiki's 

• I I'dio, (Htikir !.valti.iuons 

low Inipaci ami 

I \cri IM- I LlSM--^ 

• U.titr-Kiihii (,l.isM-s 

• \utril( ami IVrsniiali/ed 
Viorkotii l'rni;r.inis 

• ' ' 'Ill-Is 

• l.iiiiniii; lirils 

• \o I osi Siirson SrniCf 

• lltlU-S> \ssf>MllCI!I lis! 

\ilnimisirrfi! lU I vi-i\ ist 


•S| t orpoT.iit- K.ilfs 

I *iKidtit'ld Ijke 

Oftk f (lanipuN 

IIHK) t-: VhcHHifidd Kd 

Schaumburg, IL ()0173 



The Harbinger C)i t..hi r 2'). 1 W7 

Paec 3 

The fmir-vear ternis: 
More candidates, harder 

I nlike Ih* candidal** f">r tttt *h year li-rm'. an lliirpir\ 
Board of TruMrc*. Ihf caiidid;ilt<. I»r Ihi- foiir-M-"^ l<rin» 

prfM-nl » pTOhkm f»r mt m rttomnHndiri)! t"" <;iiidi(l.ilt » M 
lo*I fimr ttt the fiv* inndidiirn wi-m. I" nu-. hu-iNUmI Ii> wrjc 
a tarn on Harper* Hoard \s ><« Ihi- rr.iMrti il ■• .il kii«t four of 
rivr. ni|>«1 l» that later. 

The nr<il rtftiintmciidiition <^ r.i.,trv.h <.i^v l;i»r<iiif 
Moat* ha* hetn iii»nl*«d "illi tht Hoard »iiu« liK da««. »«. ;i 
Tmstcc in l****. He i» a prrcKiwd bj many a» a ptrMHtaM*. 
Ilardworliiiiii bitHfimnian with <>(diti crrdcnluh. liiclilt 

rkkinf! a sm-uful candidate wa* difricMll. Susanna f >r/«h. 
Walter Wrutvel, and latirence WeJner iiH lta>e the> 
In *> a giMid jol». But wve ral week-, ajio Niisinna < trncli calkd 
me at llie Harhinfiitr, In fet ttur view* of »lul llif ■.liid«r<l 
concern* are here, and what the lli«r<l c jn ito .ituMit ihcm. M i 
spiike for a while, and il -leeiii* to mc ttiiii .»noric Lonnnod 
entiUKtl ah<Mi.l inir opinion* tii ask wilhoat lui»ing In lie ii.n lv.-<1 
dim'n, ik«er*et fitir *«t«. FndorM-d. 

Whicli hrinp u* to l*eter Bata*. \lr Baka*. lor «>ni» 
rtasiKi «hkh ci»niplclch elude* u*. refuse* to talk lo u*. W hen 
tti; repiirler called lo omuire what ctatth Mr, Baka* ilocv for 
a ii*int., he rrplicd. "C'linisultini;!" And promnllv hiinc uj). 1 r^t 
um figure he ju*! d«e*n'l want in tu- boilwrnl "iili .1 « .-11. ;. 
newspaper. c«n*iil*» Ihi*: The t>ailv«l It.iil ia.oiI\ (Ik 
tame informallon av we did. And Ihi* from a former \ t.. 
President rf Ad«nni*trali»e Service* al ll.irpcr 

Well, Mr. Kaka*, >iiu certain!* areii t required to tiilk I > 
M. but lh*n attain »e can certainH wiin4er »h*. can't wc? 

I arry 1 

I ditor-tn-Chief 

J 4 ^ 



Ti 'Hi ^ 

* -* ^ s 

11) tirol * < »rk«K 
Stiirr ('iiluinmi*! 

wi-i-tcnil I* ittdrc-s w lU't t.' i»,i\\>iiii ...iriily 
ikf It .1 I I'Uil <o suiri 

:n,t nsjr A . W r..-i;k i>f ihc 

■i.;ilicui» liMkal'' "• - 
kxik io«;i jK-rlCi:t t 

I keep Ihmkrnf!, Uuil I'll do 
hcner thi* year, hui 1 tiiuc ihi* 

(I'CumrH' frcmonilidti Well. 
■ il J 

■!ll' lo 

ill) Ji*'r. ■.jiiiK' a> Uk"» .i).'. .i.mIi) 
hui wlii-n 1 iipcti 111- il'X'f I 
In.-' ■ ■-. ■'" " ■" '■' *^' ■'' T^ .K,h 

C V II' J' '. 

,. M'* I hat 

; t ; , , '■ 

■ . ■ - fti( 

him- mwch 

nwfu ■■ 




,11 111 
I.' 'Ahip 

1 yell 
ilic »irfCl 
1 puk up 

.' ovt 

vc .1 :. 

■] i-\- rK'*l 

'A 1 ! ' 

■ \our 


, ihts 

.■i.r Sit;ti 

Fall Fest: 

Lack of communication ruins 
hard work 

H> Larry PaulltM 

\.-* ihai i=all I-..,'' 
■ iti, i.i"V iioi! fioiliv ' 

,,!..■ ,,].i.''.li<v;r. l!\.n I tl.r. 


U ill; 


1 { r.. n " 

11, n,' 

■■ 'fimm 



1 -lmIi 


tike my tclf . 
Bui, it.i/i 

■ply? Ill' 
•«ri* wc 
out ■■'• ' 

w • 

.luiJ jht.'ut t)'i'.'i'"i , 

Then I li'ii.ii:! 

hapjKlie'd. TliiiHigi 
c'onMi'iumcftliiHi. am 

^fclJ'iTi ' I'K"r'..i;'.|''l I'ri I 



'...'jji rii.'ii;!,ini 
,*hv, uiih lii'i'f'i* 

*tmM 'tave Ukcd 10 do ihc ibnt* . 

*•,.,.,,., .■■..i|,-tl, 'Of t:'ou'r*c »c 

AiHilil h.'i'n: lo'icil (he 

ri J S|'V 

. [ '.CHr. .. n...Li'iM..i; I i.k.L I'I on 

wl'i'Ci'i ihcy *(;rc KiUI the 

ii'..>ih,.!l i.-.ti'i'i voied It) :i*k Pfo- 

'.10 h.ivc il hi'>n>ci'Hii" 

I'I .r-,'ilc*cn 

tl n.'' -1 Mp It 

Fall F-c*l week wa.* ««n .jnnual 
("vfni in which ihc fall Fe*i 
Queen and her cmtn are hcmored 
b\ the adminislriiiion al a hrcat- 
■ ri .11 ,111 .iiil>kli- f'i:*Uuranl 

Ail 111 M- a gixHl iilea, 1 
Artuld ihmk. rheii again, hcticr 
in theory than in appliciiuon. The 
).:ijeii li'ii W.1* The Qatc-n and 
hi'r ., .Mirt. I'li'MiIeiu McGrai-h. 
\.i,'.' rii-.iJeiu Di. Bonnie 
He Ill's, I'digram Board Presiilt-m 
l,.uiric 1 ada, and Sludenl 
At'lniuc* leannc 

(■"erniriK t-ii'iliinc wrong 

uiih ih. I. l„/.ii,i.ii; I *.,epl pi-f 

■ '■ ; .-I 11 

I hnnorin).! a 

hui'ulietl -.imkiii 
.tji'KT of l>'' rr'.ik 

,Huie III ILi^ 

■111-, in me 

■ Mt I hose 

'i, wcirk 

lit thai 

' the 

III sUKlem- 


Despite changes, 
Bonnie Koloc's star 

still shines bright 

The HarriiiiK«r October 29. 1987 Page 4 

li> t itr* l*4ultln 
I'dihir In I kirf 

1h>- ^i>tlt iif muuL mow in 
niytUnini'- mjv. I jiKn>lr(l thc 
ilonni* kfrfm u>ni<.-ii JI IbriK'r 

ij-i |> ' ^iih J iinMiot:nvctl 
rii 'I I " '111* 

I hdit htjrj [lui KkIik win 

Join? m-vr in (jil jltiiKM t'lijlu 

i-cd mUMi a lllCI 

IK wi cnil, M I 

(Villi 111 « [. .r iiL I Itiim hcf itlys (>( 

iineriflg umg^ t>> Ihv Illicit ol 

kihii '•■ ■ .1'" CkKxIiiian, mi 

Jjtk - ■j.nwellMwnl 

mg »-i>i<. ... .....c own ni3Kri.ll. 

Bui. » wt> mM4hin\^%tM 
i>lil-l(xlictl->n-ihc I'l7(h •hn"*. 
»n(l,h hii-t »£H>,hl urmltt ilo. I 
wfiii. tliMking 111- >. "In I.'".' I'l'.' 
anniie. iiir "atlwg ■'<it 

Biij, •»» I »rr«H|!, \^ tutc *;• 

iIkI (to !i nttmlicf o( Mm^\ ihiil 

,...11 ...i,, K. .~!-i,i)|icil li jai/. 

.) «wic of Iwr 

fjlllcf dliin*, ■«! itiH dill a i«ilin 
Pnne tune. 

But: s»F '"''•■■'"" -^■:"'i'«t«- 
m'Oin altiacti 

The Boss is Back - 

This time with no hype 

hi' [U 

^ini: ui J. i.A^i 

III u 


1 Mill think 


nit *f 

kl 111 

WiHMlfirM 1^ i.ui>< 

.:»fut i « 

u>^ a 



■niMim: i.> "i 


lejw > 


l'i..i».l incm- 



im "iiix 



I s oil 




xil K< 




"Wuh Y«(..i 

( >n %' 

■ I 

lir \!'ii »', 

hv Kevin Goldvlicn 

WulnHil any marninj.! or 
h)!*-. ihf nc* Brute SpringiJcen 

•H'Him l.u..D.nil.ijILais >< •«■•"* «><• 
■■■■'■ Bonua ititiiiA. "«-v« 

■.■it. For this, attvuini i-i more 
!iiIl.o» yp in hn hiitiu- 

.) four-tntili nuisleriiiccf 
N....: ,i,U.amnl.jhisl9«4hitl.l"V 

lifflncLflLLcij: *'* ' ''^i"'' 

<"rkii Yiw :itn.l liar rcili/r^ u, ■>..■■ 

All ..i( lln- dlliuin'.* i2 

. .Iff akiiil love. M(Kl «il 
I' ■ rii Idvc gone hill) Of 


'ti liniallv an ' r . 'i\ 

''iini IS (1.1 >»■ .1 

....... 1 (>k-ii'iJ of S, ,.. ... .ii 

...'.iH'ijj \olo *ilh simply ii guiur 
...swl a ilruni track alofif! *uh 
Min.g!> ffaiuring .nvutii-triick 
reccwiling vnth mtOTh<n'ei<"'lhc E- 
Sti'iTt Band. 

The firu s«<kr Iciilures Bruc:.e 
gomg at II hy himtcH. The (i.r« 
llirtc HKtgs ore all nairatives tiilil 
in perwm ahi'wl men Jcstpcraii.' w 
find love but the songs fail iu 
ix'toiiK tnonototioui a.s all ihret* 
(tmum itHlitlly diffcreni poinis 
of virw' 

AH 111 ..lii. .1 i.tiiifoughly en- 
joy ihlf thov.. And 3 newly full 
Isoiiie 11 J Buililo"-'". 'IhiMirc 
agrced wholctie.i : •'»' ttif .ir.|»ui4iti!' 'li 

.inc., .illi •il...'! 


'■ I'. K's ^aek lo 
...!h..r iiith 
.III..I tiilly aikl 
i!i;".c 1'^ ■"Sparc 

I1.II1U-S iiM- Hi'-ht- 
Janey. The tK'-\ • 
Pai'is". a haril-rin:iet .itwui Uohhy 

Mil ianey. Bohby gets fancy 
I<"l it. Likes 

dtcst and eiii:..iiicuie.n( nns.. T'tiu. 

IS th<- uKunl Bruce middlc-clats 

mdcKtramatic stuff but wmcliow 
ihmugh clever wordplay and gpud 
musit Bruce makes U wort 


The s(\-ond litk with 
ihc liltc Back and hy far tlw bi-si 
song tm the album. IXiik wiih 

|„„, „.,..,,|....r. ..I .1..... 1 'slfi...-! 

Kai. ■ . ..nJ 

^,.:: ... .1 ttie 


llk'n ill.: listiLs gi'i out and ii's 

lUst the ihri* of usVyou, me and 
all tliai siulf we're so seamed or. 

Then tlic. paiir "it (lught lo 
bf easy, ought to he simple 
eiM»ugh/ntan meets a woman and 
they fall in tove.fl>ui the house is 
haunted and the tide gels 
raugh/and you've got to tarn to 
live with what you can't rise 
above." This side also contains 
the first single and already top- U) 
hit "Brilhant Oisguisc". 

album . probably K-tter than inffl 
in the USA , although il won't be 
as popular as it lacks a wide 
appeal due to its lo* key and 

sometimes depressing lonc 
Nevertheless Bruce Sptingvicvn 
would noi (all mill ihe pus of 
surdtifii by trying lo retwal his 
mosi popular form , 

This album will shine a new 
lu;hl on Ihe more reccni 
Springsteen tans, a lighi thai 
shows Bruce (or whai he is ihe 
best .singular American anr>i m 
modem music. 


Ront- A- Microwave, 
Television Set, 
Stereo or VCR 

You can do it ALL at RENT -A- CENTER 


Com© in fo R©nt- A- Center 

for V 

.It t.: ! hi iv- 

♦'■'.I"'- IS 

■ .sshowyi'"' 

■1 new way 

-iin-i-. bf" 


s- ■•.-^,'1. 

■■ .- t;.:>t^ Heit 

)ur first week's 

.■■itpf Count on 


1 . 



18 Chicago Area Locations Including 


42&.7M0 . ! 

' .; '?.';0V I 

Page Five 



a candid conversation with the fiery prince of darkness 

about hope, hype, hemlines and hell 

October 29. I9R7 

Smi t- i.*i«- dawm fifimt hr •■ 
(fangi fVni, Ihr thmlateOtirJ ' - 
Amr{ tmd' Sattikrtmk lt> name a ft 'h r >' .../ n >.:, . fi ,- 

Act rrptmrr Ptiler Swdt'iiej ,«in«> u i» vfeM... 
M' malv i>» owA 4tasmtt atout At •wm btUnd ilie myth- 
-Oimt-n<M<'»i dcdftr m »it.irnt ami *cie iw juxt ««/>(>»■ 
ji-Aimit-i »'*» drrn (.> m taHji- </'.ii('<t( tmd to« f*# !•■ > 
m tefl'Br*'' <»«■ Citrrfut htiw vm. ir.-,- (■*.!;(;•<(, ramftr fcr 
ttmi he's mil mil in the Sn ( ■ 

Sf *>», itiilu'U f'i.' ->«( 

th ikmm m ikummu m ' Hr t t>r,. rr 
•mil *ifj *i:>w' TJi* o'ltiiMi Mi'iV.. ' 

SWEl]NF\ . 'i.jLiri ^ccin* «) forntal, ito imi III,.- 

SA ( v\. \1ff>h< IS line 

SVVH-'Ni:V: Olmy Mcphi. t thinli Ilw it(\( mjt-N!ii>n in 
e¥Cfy<'mc ■* mmJ i-. h tficre a Hell .wtl » ii » hail as '-i 
tfcmt • 
MEI'llI: Ycs, UWK i-. .1 lidl. htii .r-. rim • . ■ • ■ 

pit'iuic 11 

SWEE'SKV: Us run j il«p tavern awsstr ri'i inc n-ii gi.v* 
o( hibWtnf, molira U\4 m wteh waywiwl tools muimi 
and wnilic uicieiml agwi)"' 

M'EPIII: Ciosti' no. You km>». I uni:c Isiimeil iii)' 
with: a i-ij(S ritthl k-rc on ihc in!.u]c\ hI" tltcM 1*0 litij:''/:' 
(j/irffrairj). Uoj' ilu) tiat smart! Bli»u-r!.„,,t>us'. 1 u,mlta i 
Md'my fork ccTTCtilj I'br • immih 
SWU^M' V: (',;., '...-rk'' 
Ml- I'll!, i ■. .. tH:>l liKil hX: ,1 Dtjivt 

.>HI,KM',V .- >ii tl..1l iin'l a fii-r', lulci'i.' ' : ■ . ^ , I tl 
all wrong ' 

MKPHI: Abii»luifl>. Dame lia-. tH',,'ii iinnisn ,. i.-* 
-..■^MtMB and he has a Kilcr aiutruk- no'* 
SWKENKY: Scsii.:«n.v'' I ikr i^i^t'v n-i f" .f..!""!- .<'."■." 
MEFHI: D.,m-| be ,ill> i.- 
tave » ditlitull umc atljusiin. ;•• ' ... . 
Iilie n>ga Item together »» ihcy eait i-.»p.rL-vi ilii'u iivimtrx 
ami rcliUc In Mlier [xx>|'ti<- in the «:imc .!,iuui».iii 
nWREISKV: Relate ' i '" ■ »c Ulliiat'. . 

■•anie HctI heft"' W '1 . ilern«n\ an 

Ml ; -..irHl 

SWKfSKV: N,.., I (ifdniije, 

Mf-TIII: Tlijnk ).Hi. he cm be. ■ iwt tenor 

'■■I'V: Ahhh. you mean he !..'.i'-, |- Ai 

I'd in :'h.-ir i.-\.:-i'' 

Hi; II (u-i -.'i 

llwre's a .kiun.' 

SV\ I h M \ 

*.|licti do you 

Mf'PIII: lippirr case jmmouiM 

SVVI-'»FV: You (Jim '1 «.em parucularlv wieked Ic 
hj/d ii> piLiufc you pkMUng the d<>wn(»ll ut mankm.l In 
I ,.K 1 . 11 -i tod ti) l)c.|.ie¥C you'it really Solan 
\||:P[II: k tf.* (Affm^i 'i»"if*i'<A; '*<■ Imm nf kf. 

Imglatr fills iht rixtm and irrtm to \h.dr ihe huiliiing In 

hit M.dr ryfien >ww* / tee fciiy. .iwi.r/ t"itn-t irenpli- 
'■-K "> a Jmrutti. women in si'. .'•v a 

•i--."iifljj [Kiel, men piayinn irn.-.. ... the 

litMgfurr jui>,«mlf J . )■ Now do you. belrvc riK '' 
SWKKNEV: A htUe ilidc show would have 
Tilcqipie I spi-nd tma grand ■ week lo go 1.0 (»l;nf> nk.- 

!i..>i, I lan 1 hehevf ttm'% how (kll is 
MM'MI Well, we uy to k.-ep ih<; folks emcrtairicd 
' .cry tonluwJ ..11 li.i-.i fvi.ime ir'j not ^'hai 

i.'. , ', •••■i.. 'Thtn ific) i;.'.'i<his thai I'm iii\i 
hmliling iheir hopes itp helorc I lots lh*-m in 3 l>.:: 
ThaCy why we have ihe g«»(ip encmntery anti tiviro 1. > ■ , 

SWU'SrV: Inir.. u. Hcir^ 

MEPIII: Sure. w.c have j -well ctwtinijmc rducam.>n 

;>.rot:r.uTi Suraie'. run\ 11 

sWI-:KNKY: Swraicy'' Stvraics u in Hell! ' 

V1FPHI: Certiinly. Me annmiled suitide. ii^ »h»i yttn 

1 ..ill a numlatory senicnt-e.. 

■^Ul (•.Nl-'V: They moiii- hinnln.nk llie hcmUx k TTiai s 

..••i -■.KiJe' 

MKI'III: NhI»kU maJr him drrnk il, Dtey warned him (n 
tiajx- and tic knew n- lold mc «» hirnsei*. Bui lftal\ noi 
ihc poini. 1 doii'i make Ihe rules, il I did I sure' as H. F. 
double hoi-keysUi.liy wouldn'l he ditinjf this tor eiemity 
SWEF.Ni:%': Speaking o'( thai, you had a preiiy %Hcei 
wl-up with God. a lillle h«o»n« and you touUlve 
wniien your own tit kcl. \Mnn luppenod ? 
MKPlll: Your ediior agreed dtat 1 wouldn't he asked 
akml the Whixipte Cayhion lUi^ident. 
SWKENEV: Sorry. V*'liai do y<»u IhmV about people 
*ho ttean their tM\ and leave ihc diri> -j Tip* on the 
hjLhnxmi counlrr'' 
MEPIII: Tl'iey make me uck 

SWEENFV: Vou'm: W .,.'... -i ,:f ! , ,. .1,:.! 

•lerr je»u arc riukmg Hri .1 ..hejiii v.i,. ..y[(.'!! 

*'hy sliould we twlieve you 

MEPlll; Ob yeah, right, .can'i believe mr, no wav' IXm'i 

listen to Old Nitk, he,^i CXmh. watch mi . 

SWEENEV: I deitsi a note of sirtasm. 

MEPifl: Well, why sbould t lie'"' To Kkm ibe li'mn\i 

trade'' Do you think the «4.>riil num [nmertul biing in 

Ihe univefse is profii uMnnaieil ' 

SV\'Ff':S'r\ : I'tiii i.'i, I ir;i ..,>,ii. 1 ■.anil f 

MH-HI li: I .. .>!'•.:;,- .,.„ ,(ii-nd u.iir •aIu-i.. 

iile ilLiMiig 1-. there lin you Vou ^.ari ha*e whaltvi'i \.'j 
want; Ng house. l'a.i'Ky i.«r<.. l>eaulitiil women. iiii>rn 
Hell 14 1'e^'v niee. ii'\ every dream fi..m!e ui*" 
SV\'|.;KNE\': !i*r.>n't M.i.mJ very hellish 
MI'PMI: Wtiat's a mee vacation lor vou, a *eek mi 

;'.ri,.l.i ■ 
>\\ 1 1M.Y : 1 tike Maim a. 

MKPHl: I'lm- How dix-.s rw<» weeki in Maiocca sountf.' 
SVV'EKNEV; ».ii,.-at' 
MEPHI: lioi* .iN»ui two months'' 
SWEENK^': Well. I think ibc novclly would stun 
wtymng iJiin. 

MEPlll: Hiiw about iwo yems"* Or Iwciily? 
SWEENEY': Noway. 

MEPlll: How about iwo thousand years? Or two 

milluyn. or two mllion"' Or maybe fiKcvra? Maybe HcU is 

■ .-' M.iybe it jusi g(K",s on and on and on and iin. ad 

:iirii MaytK- ii never, ever ends. Maybe it'> very. 

n'"> hmnj! 

SWEENEY': Wh-tl would wo find in your pixkcts ngtil 

MEPlll: \'h. let's sec . ma.lthe::;. eigarette.s. hi»m wttt. 
- '.^ 1 lAEY': W bo el-* is in Hell? >'ou rncnu<'ned Dante 

; sivrales, give us some other big n,imes. 
MKPHI: Well. SixTates is no secret since he fuHed bis 
own plug, but I couldn't mentiofi anyeme else 
SWEENEY: Awww. e'nion- One name, lust give us 
one big name. 

MEPlll; Gee/, you're worse than Jixin Rivi-rs 1 ran'i, I 
li.ive to loc with these [wople 

SWEENEY': You mean the citi/ens of Hell lan pte 
■HW a hard tirne'' 
MEPlll: Sure 

SWEENEY: But yourc the Emporer of the Sorrowful 
Realm, Tlie Prince of the WnMthed Souls! 
MEPlll: Yeah, (hat and fifty bucks will get mc a heat up 
Volk.swagen. How do you di.stjpline .someone who's 
already in Hell? Make iticm stand in Ihc cottiCT f^ a 

SWEENEY: What do you loot for in a woman'? 
MEPlll: Perky little breasts 
SWEENEY: When will Annagesldon ukc place? 
MEPlll: I don't know, God doesn't call me in for 
planning sessions Docs Macy lell Gimbel? 
SWEENEY: But you're supposed to rise up and do 
hiitlle! You re the Dragon in Revelations aren't you? 
MEPHI: '"I'eah. ni.«..>n, Bej«, Seqvnl-' I toulj uW ;i 
gwrf PR firm 

SWEENEY; Ve>u'll show up i.>r Ihc battle, won't vou' 
MEPlll: 1 '<up|>os«- 

SWEENEY: "i'ou don'i wmnd like your heart is in 11. 
MEPHI: \'ou.iloni vO' people bmng up to plaix- their 

tvi.* iHi the iMikoiiK- Il •> kind >'t 

■ i my butt kit I 
s V. I I M 1 .•■ wine do . 

MKPlll: I Jon'iijtre for wine. 
S\V.I'.FNrY: What, vur Ciuirile 

foreeonc toneiusion 

• III J ronijntu 


Ml-.rHI: I il.iiit kn 

\ell-.n'. Ye.ih yell.) 



The lliirbinscr 

OHobcr 29.1987 Paa^^ <• 


I <M(lMt4 trmm tint. W 
Brown wrote a ptiF' ^■«"«'»""'^ 

TtMt first lechntqui' iii¥Ol»«l 
ihc u«i- o« » *8'l"" !**■ ; I**' 
thui M.nsUH-4 a pitwre ita. i« 
drawn onto ii, imo nuinlwn aui 
the compuicr can «i«lcm«rt. 
Agim p'cw«* •'« '*''*'' "' "* 

cuiiitT* digttoet., wWcti i(tini-r(-. 
mci¥ing imago from » *'»1'">' 


The KMikt «w miptessive. 
Both iea>m»1«i«s «»«• ««■«•""■' 
mui)«l>. Jllhwitt *c «■' " ■ 
u»ng iHc tiaera tligiii 
^.wncwlui easier 

grown srni a ll'l'^' 
i»(Kr lo anasi was-""* 
,t ilwy wfie iin«:rc«'>l 
ciM»|>iili»t m •«* •'•• '' 

Ttici* ri-pltC 
,,, I, 10 *rut' 


IteaiDiit '••■" «'^ 


1 „niiin.riirrtminr»lp«»' 

Iviin ti> nuke I'liiu, jl 
,,.n\ nil mj(\> I>V " "' 

Wnihcl w-i'"- ■'' '■"■" '' 
Trustet m <**■'' i 
himsdC anil l>t* k' ' ■ 

<hI'(. slU'CkTils, Citiilty jnJ i>>in 
rouiuly ihai HarjK-f serves !■•*■ 
iitltl*, "In return I shall receive 
iht- warm MUsfoctuMt Uiat hu 
man interchange hrmes, " 

Wtobcl Kcs i»ic i*e* l*cii^ 
item as a perwm w*o must *"■ '■"> 
,-iK,\mi' I'l'iiiinuniicaiur, a very 
emhu*''.Ji^iit [x-tson and an e'«i:el'" 
lent mMUger. He ini i 
new- prcsii'tcm shntld i> 

Board of Trustees Election 

A fittel (eels that the Boar 
.,v ii. m.iim,.iiri iti-' a<i-''''' 

jii.l ■^iiithme pnixisiil-ili 

She Ihink^ ilial Ikt ficisis^ 
lencc ami her e>fN:r»eik:c» m tUr 
mt«. as well as other rl*:e* sh.; 
has liseil. have tellfd h.,:i iT-"* 
aiatoninhuiirig tiu«:ii .■ 
assist her in being a In. ' 
Harnct. , , 

OnMh *i«k» t''*' '*"■■ 

new pitinlenl stoiitif K- a (tixitl 

(■ijminiinii-aii* "nl » cdueaiKiml 

■, rnoifcl wh<i can relate to ««»•• 

. siaff-facMliy. commit n. 

' ' I , ,:wf IS a fcsi- 

dent Tl ■ ' -""' !"*■"«■;, 

lUu'i ll,;w.i,onihen...irdi-l 

l')ncei.'>- J"J *■'* •»" '•■'•*■"'"**■ 
ruwu McmlK-r io< the Buhk-r 
■VMfA m Palatine Wenu-r is 
,!..■, a n.emto ,.l ilu- PUn I onv 

,„„„«,„[ the VilUu-e.vt North 

U' ■ I ' ■ 
sevrnt.. ^ :s - . ' 

,n,ej. lusinu '■'•'■" ''■'"'"'■■' 

1« n.!hk>1 .in.l having been a 
,;„o. nuinlv..>nlK-SJuH,njw 

' , , ., .... . StJl^' I'-l' 

I,,,, vk, ml,) like to 

! ir.ilK I, ate 
■ .s.iiu ui iK' 

whJi ! 1-' •' , , 

the high- '..■.rtiv ' 

havcK-. ' '",;":;. 

lioKil matters for over r >ca 
„.l „,w w,.h n,> .h.UI.e.i nr 

colU-p-. Huve the umcio make a 

siiK..i.iinul tomribuli"" ■ 

W'eiiiiT K:heves that, me 

iH-w i.rrM.kni should have evix> 

ru-nec ainl proven competence 

and ahihvv m the adm.nistnnion 

( ,, ,ommnnil> college aiiiUhe 

.(,.-.i-un.briiso( Milcgnlv 





Classified Cfassifled Classified 

Ihe Harhingcr OctolHi 29. h»S7 l*ii«c 7 




Classified Irf Rales 

Help Wanted 

TVPINC-imvi* ES- 

AdmmultiUvt- Son in-. 
Sclmol lapcrt • i2/pige„ 
Keinim**, ■Thet*. G:iit» . ct 
lOywifieilwem-e, C«ll 1>Hhc 


' ■■ii yoii k jTi I. 5 
" ' ■ ■■ ■ Tca*<:mji*ik tm^r 
U iMaeiiioJ, j)k»M. .:*ll HiMaiM: 

HmliKli wceUj ■ Iioiik' Wnte 

'■'■ ■ '-^ " ■ i'"' ' ■■■ • ' ■".■(ihlt 

'>*■«*- If innrne«:mj.(.»l:l: >»H .(i*.|»i 
Cllll(tll(Hli - 

Sewnt {letttioiu .ivkIjMi ,n 
•toftmnt cwHuciitnnurt, Pm 
liim. llctMc hn. iliit'i « e%e. W« 
■m ta*,Bi| ftjT imli»t(ii»»h (la, „, 
«tf wnivumi iTMl giKMl 
eommmi. . , : ..«:•( l>,i.t 

HWIKfl tfct ■ 

file «o.» otTra. 11 :)S. u, hnbiti Im 

■1B*CB r* fumrt (•mil. Fur kmha 

mtamttum Kmt«-i.: 

Kevrn, e«l- 3S49, 

IW7 H.iri«r Voile,. i|.il] icm nemli 

nininfm ml n«Knni. tot home 

•ml: tmiilltimrt C«l:l c«l. IWfloi 

km* iMiHgo m P.E <lMl (.;.( Ml 



Eid..iM.vf1) „„-„.. .i..iei«Wo.rffi«.M 

MlU fciXJi;lrr .fi. j,*H'Mn^' 'tft...'« 

liBJp Wijiitsd Foy :;iijs 

WJls<:-»;JJiin^ous p f* r a D n ii .1 3 

D'fflyiwni M 

■■f rB.B'.:i • 

■»ili>«Mc • 
Bill ill T I 

RFSI \l u w 1 

vv ,in.(.if.«jUuti uj p.nji (jjTK- NV* 

■ : -CtiffiBi e T»tt.€M JTf t" 1.11 ■ ..{ W 

COtNTEH li«.F - 
Cno»'a»i.« F<M:hl Mm tN.f» Stt,.i.r 
Oinamg), P!e.«nni,, en*iKi«ij.c 
f«l|>k naM. Fii.H,'piMi . i wne 
lHB:ll.iiJB.» «v]ii,|j.h.k Apply m pttuMX 

M.1 I -Ml t. ,,:.■, K" :' S.cll«M(B.|>wg 
-\l ^■^ V^M.I I VII 

f !>' ■ 
4 V..- 
S.AI 1 - 

ttr K 




"Fltc (.iitp 


IMiKil M 

HwKTwri:^ ■*. tltr;^' 

fur fcjffnj'tj t 1 ' * 

I I 

tKI-r ( )>\sl I I \Mo\ . 1 
vour 'tij*l lurtl-. Ini^'thb' 1)1 I 
pcrwnti injur> Jiv.iilc. icil cvut* 
Flwnc H«J \»l» tvu (ml 

•eutond 'ippB .»iiiI*Ni:. tj* 
Omm iif Hrtlci A. R)'..'k.-r. M«> N 

[I,. WH^** 

St'»>'i;.'*i".i \\:r. ,:..m Ink 
kii. i»-n f i,,a,l» ihiii ,uii tin u «■•:! ( ,>ihf t 
*«lu.:ihlc .w;r^'iu> n Jtllhlc in 
tt'jiiirnu ^h,»n!.iTnj)n*; :h'' 
CnUiXll. ASSIST \\ 
linn Nor* C jjM'l...! ,Si i - 

Wiy suffcT t!iecmhjrr«sntffii . .: 

yri^n'lv;^ t.v. Ill .w4h«-wiv I'uii ' HI,. 

■li'- ■ fAS HE AM.) 

|.i[ •. iivRf: BFAt'TIFM 


CI lAI. MO I ! I' '. ■', 



IN.I. ... -.- I, 

■ritEAfMwr (iM,Y »..(« wmi 

AD. C»IIi«l-SiM. 

awmemlofiM mitiim T w K .' ■ ■ 
"p.m.., S«i. ((«; [■ n. 
itleiiMel. <:.lll»»ayS..-.,-i.. ,. 

iw**! for tMhion tlio.**. 
n.iiii.«iiMB». 11111: HMgrnmetoij,),,. 
[nni»M*.. tM'.jKIMuK Wc 
timnwl lie|[ti»er« ■■. 
Tileni Aisenr)' '^;.. 

Ki'Vii UiiHKfKsW WiHl' 

"' •*!! M Ml l\i, I'KuiiK VM 

f'.^HI' mil HllVtl. \H|[IN(; 
rKt»";K..\\"' I >, . .: . .. .,.,. .' 

■I., .,..,..■ lU ■. , .. . 

I M \u, A t i\n 

I UKls 


\i ii>\ 

iw; - 


. .mni't'iiii 
"(. iwuliitl' 


MR.I K.«|, ii.m.ii>Ih!ni| tpnimon. 

Avli.m,|i V'l MX't Cull »l"i. l-iM ill w 



• • miles, t«B» 
■•:^ t-..ll.f.:ie: 

.i;i H.ih 


«ir^W t2.' 
: i .» 


l]^' Mi,^;h 

Mm. m .m<i ooil. A*.mK S^ WXI 
O.B.O. CjO Vm. .■ ■ - ' 


•1 •*« Mitl M.«h«in...Ilj wild, 
h«ly f.iur, (.«.« cjr 
S»>(»i||'W|i. faJ! 5^7 1(^4, 
imi HONDA s ««E . 

'"■* -"■■'', i.«.}w.,..t(u|lv 
^imumcj. f».-rfi7,,i 
\'.4Tii <>; ■"-(". ., h., 

IW* Hwkh Cwtlury 
'■ ■ I.M.IW. i-tBieDcm iSi) V i atgu 
''"'lit 11' tliimm. Cm h^M rM 
.il ii'.i""i..t ('.,■' If .» f> d 

MiiiiMi-t i;,t| Bi 


ki.Mi. Ii.'i ...->.. V 

'i.,tU. "^.' 

I ri Mir ,. . 

^ "■*'■" ' • ' "I Akc LJUc jjU U-cp 
'1 '''''• i .'^i' "AuililC." 

1 kn..« \,',urr (..iiig l.. Iiivf ( 
f^!..i'.l ll.i;i.'.i*o..^n li..j^i r«."iiu':rjlHT 
■!..■; i'M '- i.ri! 1.. N- .iri.uri.i for 
■:■" '■ ■■■ "■'.' .1 .1 .c!'. S,tri,-J 
/^rf^'r - 

INM H'' V. .: ilMtk .,-,' ■.,. .,'K,| 

- ,:-r...'.l 

I'Im onyow tceti Mr. Siien.»t/" ' 

II'. :!'" ■ ' I" ■ ...[i ' 1 hjVTU . 

*«U.c . 

»> m, , / ,.a,„J 

5t'«' ..,.,...,.„ «c 

« :i :!'i.' f'.lti -"hi. let! t"i 

" ' •' ■ f.':u. <» 

'.'■^' "1, !>:*"ri!cn tr> "f li 

1 ">">.' '»:fk'iiiiipSRS- 

1 ii.:-...l«.l.k'i.iix-r 'hi' 

"t 'iifi, J..}' .lumkiM ' 

I'MHun.'! Hi..-' ■ 

(;« I'hta., S'i uee'l'N'. 

*a't IFO .t»»l .;' .. 

A(loinK.*» Of boil ,..!!.'. ('.,-; 

<)' y ... 

■».l«"6il'<»««../Wlni)., or JtHJ 7 UK) 


1*71 i:»in.irn - 

j'lrt) .' 
' '"'ir.-j. I. 

M)nri iiiN 

pi •.■[:( I 

plca*c .. 

'II ■ n ■ 

-i;.-ti-^t.-.l m 


I'..S .I'ltim 


ml ■t'ioirfTr»rntti,<r»ruil 1 



s atr frrr u'ltit 


i'f 111 




t-ri «::i 

lilt u 

»il ', ■ t*Tl i i i!l 



iwiilitioiial Einr 


I*?* ' K... 'tn.niir 



\ii.!«c .'M:"(T!I«oiI'Ie.n 

'VLtrfkri \rftA str'I'n.- i . . ... 

.1 < 

illlwCllHir - 

ri.B...n<-,."i..f.,t'I'..,' n.«..».kinf'?.2^. 



k'Mt'imripi LHilor ph1."'.l.l.'l^ .il '"ii-.J..." 

ri, !.»..■«....'... I ll.p' U.,,in...:.,; M..,,| y'..(^i^ 

;.'i i-'i«M i 'r.'T, r"< iH ..11. IH 

H'\.ri'> H'\I I I iHI 1 \ II iVI 
n .'VK! 
( .. . -. 

no wh*^ 

H Si i .J D W 5; ?i IJ i 

Intrrrvrcri m 

I K ^^^l »RKIN<. in 
l-CmH \ I MVl «M ! V Uf ( II1(A<.0 

...mi.. WUtt I .. . ...III....! .1 r .>..... I If. I [ 

1 .1^1 u! ,. 

r l'i..m.l 
HM It 

• Inrf. . 

H M J H I . . w F R r ^ M t 
ll.'ii N >(tl' Mtt'.BN •'. * 
MAHK« V I ) I I I N U R 

^^ I '■Piom I *Mri s 

' '. V ^ItrNItUN HI) 
Mt MT / M M I 

l,.v...« . ■. .. 

..c'ri'tioiun.1*! *.«1mi 

I "k k^^t 

■'-. Hl',.r. J 


* jwe., 

I'-emif. Cowiry 

(il'ito on tihuili. umi. sue Aj'wirrnT.w. net* Filjiniic wti. 

ifiiB. * 1 1 K'ta End. Aikiii| «:J:S m<inilt|iy./iK't. 5 mm. 


limotA i'?yivi:,Rsii> * 'f iw;*' 



riie H;irl)in"cr OcClur 29. 1«>87 

Page 8 

Nationally third-ranked Hawks 
march on to 8-0 as Coach John 
Eliasik records 100th victory. 

hf Mtt KaftllifTg 

i$tHn Ed'ilwr 

ThtB Jar. this j'or has tern 
Ihe perfect «»«» (or the 3rJ- 
ranttd llaipcr ItMtall icwit .im) 
lt¥ mmy raiM>m, 

Tie first fcasom t\ Ihty 
euenited ilic« icaioii ainnd to i- 
ma siMcteit Uwtf imdefawxl 
wiimni. fWiil to niM fanKii: as 

IlK:)' (MMiMleil VI()M JotkH. ?)- 


The tccoiwl !■, It *,,K ., 1 i.kti 
John rijKik's KMliJi li.ifpcr 
caicer win Md U«ird. iJic: giim. 
HMRii like Hawb of totiwl'lt-l' 
•4tvaf»ligc itiroughoui <h, 

Eliuik tlowRflaycil ih 
mm *m, lajim!, he tttito'l ihni* 
iiiwh of it uMil rvaytMMty i,tari. •,,: 
.. ■ '■i.iimj ilfajrhtm 

AIM) a highlighi ot iJi.(i 
scaajo hiB (wen. ihe ni\l»mg 
llcll€i*eiiicni» of sophdTOCKe 
lumwiif hack Dan M.inm 
Martin cuslwtl for 1 M) )'aii!\ on 
16 fames lo improve hts «a»>n 
inol u> <'•.;' j'lHlii, sitailering tin- 
prevmu'i rextinl hcki hy Rora 
Btitkc, »Ih" t<wipili'.t Sul yafils 
ni I'WCt 

Tite: Himkj. ufictii:!) ihi* 

icoritijt ui ihi- lira h.iii 

. 1..,., 

Fuchlcf M«KketJ a X"- 

mtt Anpclfi Pm*o i,;^ 

li* ■ • I- nil /line 

lur .11) 

lutll J li. ' ' 


first half uMil ti 


•nil: Jil.'t 


gaiiw." [;,;._ ..-, 

played iht; > 

(XTfcciion f\f ■- 

Mariin <>j 

ilii.iffrr scofi"n>:' . 

■ .i.l itii- Hjuki' I,„.i,I 

lu U 

.n hi: vnri'.l If.xii 1 
.inj ki»'ki'T r'uni Will 

W-ya<d founh quart . : 

w ICC the Hawks' vnh 

ti" ■■! .'O f.i'.,.,,:", (i.f 

l«lk» with hts I 

vi%iliat Jwlitt. 2<l 

iliiv» itK had *rll iini 
iiv mine Iht- Kil; 
'>iif [MS-. i.l:lt-ii- 


Hjifn-i »ini Iticir tuiaricrhafk :is iti 

A Dream Come True 

hy Bll KiiiiMfTf liwudaiuy ttiHiapj 

SfwtU ttmnt **'» *"«i''l :'i'" "■'■" 

My dream* hi»»r Ivcii '^^''" h'iii:N« tli., . 

s'as fwitiitilt" cnousi,li 11.1 K- M'"n"""-i' '■ 

it,,' ■,;.,[!. t 

.iiliend Game l-m: n* itk 
' SiTies h:i«i'ii-n tlu 
-.ill ami ilv fiMif, 
II w;is ..I'l I 'I.. 1 1 ,.l.h 
e»[M"ii:n.,.'i.." .iriil it f . - , r !. |.. . r 
i1i;.ii\ I.' i'> I.-I' .li 1 [ 
.r. 1,1 ■.-•1 . .,,■[ t..,. 


GAME $30.00 


f'he: t»ugi»y« i *.:is wjiuinnp the 
game »1tll. t...iriv .juil Pun 
lltOUfht I Wii- 
'niaittc of r<. 
could fis'i.. wt" -;. 

Larry an.l .. 

Ilv n.-it m... ..! 


' ' ktKIWi 

... The 
But. »(■ snii wcmi, Qin the 

ta;:* hH iiikoli. 
i:jlK!rc.:t ",•: .., I ;. 

S''S I ;'., 
llT tl..lii. 

."(IKCC .led k:i •.. 

Bm om lu.. ■ 

A'll.'r lUl,' j,;u;i 
.. I.I. I U l.'F 


<tK*k.'.i.hf (it 

m 'Lii. 
Ball,' ' 

ilk- II 

II'- ah: mui'u 
he iwrvt" Cii 

1 -jm 1 III. ' "'"i . 

(..iCrii lit li 

'kOI'TH.' k.'imi| 

Jfiit iiriltii'i. 
I I.h.ti I'n a W ' 

After ilu" faiit'-i 
(sam'f, the ..-'hjM ,: 

.11 IH.."i.i' 


31 mi.!'i.i_. 

So alter •''(.•'ni.lcrmj an 
*<■ I'otirh! .if» rifn-n m..ill ,jmj 





I'^ .1^ Ifif Hawk-, mil 

ih,-ii K «. .^•rl'tllul 

I iu'.liiiii.* Kill "'^' "awl's ncil i>|i|'vincni 

«ill hi- Iht' lllin.ii. \,illi-> 

1..,, ... ... ,v , .K., J I _,| 7 yi 

^..||I1> last 

„..„ ,..j. „,,! ' _ ; ■ I".'- i.i'ht 

I .'iiiif on iti ■ lhi«k^ |i. 


Hiirpirthrm piislponcd 

III-.- '''■'■'■' Ilafpcrihon .Vimlc run scheduled 
l"f -\"' I'-oi-ti p.-.||i.-.i'ic4.i dm- .|u 

'i!'it.-t. i'hc i.ttc n, ill t-H- run dti 

' 2'.» .11 2 pii-i bi'liiiiil till- press br'u 
' -'Mil held. Jl' 

....! ■■'i'.IH 11(1 N(.)'V'. ;.. ".! 

litnldiii:; .11 ihc l!(tr,iiinjr,.d T:\hk\ 
K;m|ii( Iball roiiinanuril 

''■' '' ''f^s n K,!cqitfl|-\dt I uiiiti.tii-iiTii ',..,r, 
.uii| ih'C ttrsi I'll,! 
■■I -"' ' itic s(.-i:-o(i,! j',.,i ,, 

!t < ">>n;.:r.(ti(l,iinins. 

floor lluiktj 

I tic|>.:'r t-lnor l!iii-ke\ 

■■'■■ii-viitii-it) will >-■ -■ \.ivi..*n-(bct -^ .md l.isi 

uph IX-fiTi-ih, ■ 1 I'v p).,i\cd .■n 

' "■ ^ niiisi; lUU'le'slcd should flUll.KI 

' ' " !■ ' ■■' .11 extension 2''6,''. 

V olli) hull 

""■^'■" 1^' '■III! nine to cnler 

'..■>l'.il!. Sl.iflinj.: d.llr I- N.iu'iiihi-r 5 .iiul 
pl..i> will Like place oil ThiH-sdays lor 
ttirther information 4r.iUacl liitr.iimirals .<i 
extension H'lft.l 

I pn.minj: Inlramiiriil events 
■^ "11 -■ i-->-l-'ei|-\.ill \sill I'V si.iriinj; i.ip on 
iJeteniher -t. 

..!' il i:> a 


vol.. 21 \(>. II 

William Rainey Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

NnnmherS, \'»t7 


Conduction: An 


I See page 2 

Off the Record: 



S« pmjgt J. 

The r.2 concert: 

two reviews: 

Coach Elfasik 
prepares Ha« ks 

Se« page 12 

I Harper receives highest recommendation: 

Ten - year accreditation 

Harper Colkgc rixe:jve4 ■ 
ictt ycjii jk-cmlitttKm, «k- highesi 
tli*tr*ijtct) hy Nocfli Ccrilral A%^ 

■ ■■'-■" ot Colkvuci •ml 

i^M\''. ■:>.irm,g 

imlbci: ,„»„! 

\taTinj; ciHiiniiiU'f, tixuMunK n! 
Dt loann f..'.4.-!i ..tiKtew tkvcl 
••I'm'-ni :. Dr, liittii 

Mikhm. T 

jrul r>r Wr>i"i.-i ■ 

iJitl.l ^.[ i: '. ' ■ ' ■ ' 

evaluait r 

Niirih C"cru,r.»l A . 

.Higher lulutiilitin Tho', .in; 
CrilerioK 1 "■Ili„r 

tot ckiir antl (Hihlnly dialed fnu 
pmcs with tto mission jijiprofHi. 
■ii: 10 a jii>si-«Ttj«tey iiivi . 

CriiiTiim 2 "Tht Jnrtttu;,.-,, 
has flTctiivcly iirpjni..'fU adc- 
quaic, .uul 


i'"nipli-;;i i:,.. j)u.T«.r»;,v 

t'liirnon ^ "The irn.iHiHii.ri 

t;ati ,,.,„ ,,, „,, , ,, 

"1 thmk u iidi- 
•inj hotH'-.i, 
■>;.iiJ MiivhiiMKc. 

The l;,r«t :H-i-ff(Jii;itir>n, m 

maximum .fcir<,\liLii,i.'n 

Thrinii;h iriicnu-n-. i* ith 

■ ^miniMraiiim. and rep^' 

■ I'll' the uiiikni txxly 

• •■ V..'". lul examination of Ihf 

«lf-«iu(ly (locumem. Oiair-ptT- 
-"'n for ihf North rcniral 
■'j.,imnt Team. Dr rhnsum- 
I <*'Wrvfd ihc "tpini ol 
^''tit-i'tiilily." icco«iing lo a 
!n<"iii.i I rum rtr^nlcni MrCrsih. 

■■, 1,.,.. „■ .,. vn„;,||'| 

: "'i , .111 t.,' iiA,,,-iv,.-i1 



..i» !i!-"t!i.') ifi'ini 
■ill .11 Ihf time ol 

i" I. i-mwiiivi) was (iHiiHl to be 
lf-.» than fmaneially rtahle. The 
c i atuatton icam toiik! not offer a 

memht-i%, ii< 
,ind Ihf North (\-. 
sion slalf nifniK'i .!i; 

tort! \\r 

will Ix-t0!r,.i 

111 Icam 


n'H<\( vcml a 
" which 
■■' future 

L-ommiii^, iif 


reexamine i^ >i!.iierial 

and. either, wrid their aiproval lo 

Ihc Nonh Central Commission, 

Of acKcn the wtlcgc to a Review 


Finally. NonJi Central lakes 
"official action" hy .cuhcj-, scnd- 
mf! a leiter and updalud .Siaic- 
meiii ol Affiliation Status to 
Me(ir.iih (cspcctcd in the sprinfj 
of 1'«8», or a Ictia of wuh 
drawal including a-sKons lor de^ 

frc-Kleni Mtilralh cn- 
preswd his appreciation for all of 
the hard work iIk- steering com- 
""""■■ '"■ ''"iiJicd for the pa.-ii 
' ■■ and tends 
■ "IS lo the Board of 
Ini-iie-. .111,1 lo I'.tth member of 
ihi[vi College lommunitj- 
for your part in earning the cval- 
ujlion team*!, recommendation 
for maximum accitdilauon." 


Miller, Howard, 

Orzech, and Moats win 

in Trustee elections 

in ihc paxi, coiJcges, 
viieij to vnii Harper tlitW| Ac 
[Hxir ancwta,n.i.c 
■ ': years, a new 
program » .is acvelopcil. 

"Wc vamed lo gn m work,- 

"Tht i 
all ihc a»eni. ,...;, ^ .... ^^ .hi,,'.! i.. 
capiBUy, It was a p'w,l all at..un,,[ 
crowd". Mill .lanei WcMn.-v ,:,. 
frow ihc student ite> 

iohn Papa'', 
dceidal 10 conic i. 

Ovtr MM fwnpl* ilmo up lot Ci 
'•*«>«• crfrfk.- Taa^ Brwmt 


Ihc i-»i-ii(iii.|, i,Hti.-n.-il ...iiiilenli 
i..-t . 1 » I I , nil,-,. ,.- 

i> and various 

ri..iii<. liu the !'' ' ■ Mti 
last April hy a ii-' -i\ 

ftprc:sa:n..imi'T Itvim irii.- I.i..ull> 
public rclalioni area. Miuletu 
outwach and i|.udent develop. 
mail. Oar » ilr iii«i«Jufiu)n ot 

the v.irium panels and ptcsciila 


diitv i .,,1 

amon;i:. i,.- 

"All liliru.r, 

(mpulir mil 

btien treaiei! i, 

schi'*oI siu.i.. .' ■ » . i'^ 

around and college siudentj. are 
a.*ing ahf«t ipctifk- courses." 

One sill,' I . ■ I found 
most of the .'.-scnta- 

uve.» we're i*>i>)iH: u> ii:.-i[' me. but 
ilid not really aiuwer my 
questions " 

HaipL't Ciille^'i- had 
rc['ii.'-..;:ii.!!!. ■-. !(■.■;>. . .-nn-.i-l;!.!' 

the leaiiitiit; a.s.>islaiwc cenicr 

Many presentations »ere 
tvatlahle, including a career | 
eofilJitutd on p>t« S 

Mr. I Lie 


I hi, 
I M 
,1 Of 


1 .1 1 'u li.ll' 
lli'i. Ki 

/r. h ,1" 

1 .1- 


'in, .1,1.11 show 
I. I l.iw.iii.l 

I I J'lM'CIU. 

■ ■ .ill.ltlll.' 
11.1 I>1 



Counts' < 
re pi 111 ' 


s in the sii.- 

1 1.7'?^ ind 
111 el'. Ihi- 


Su ' 

I'VUT i 

W;ilier '.. 

s •iiier muiiiled out the in Id 
111 ^,^26 and 5.(144 voles 

.-Ml s.'ie louls were <lt>taiiK-d 
l(om a Uaily Herald reporter at 
tl>c Cook County courUiou.s<:. and 
were as of 111-45 PM on Tuesday 

Hfk lliiw'srd 

Michael Miller 

Lawrtncr Moalii 

Su.unna Or«ch 


The Harbinger Novpmbcr 5, 1987 

I'aiie 2 



h} Kim O'llnm'tkl 
l"««liirtt Ediilmr 

gCMkl. tc.>«>n in ll^cll till' Tjm(v.. 
.,1m,i , , - ■ ti'iiwui in 

Cwncfcic arrcr* and A.,. ,, ccmcw h.T...|,K 

i-wistntcts: il *ill h: lt.:Te tin si ihc ecosym-m siml ..>i 

loii|. k»»tiiiie, pn'-K-i-'i^ ''""■■■r .itlinMm: liu rii:. 

signs «(>iiiul cj- ,. "■ .rnMlKlwiii 

simcilnng, w the li i ,'\ i i ' . . : .'..■ ^'f «""« .' Abi ' ^ - ■ ■ ■ ' 

eKusclt»eUK:.aitvni..i.,„,- .,...,; ni™:M«»(l''lli .. , 

irvini for a .urcr and more *h.i: ' "-i- •i.,. t.."i 

jltrsKHvi-campuv ^ "' •"*■"•,(.•• 

•>rm an cnvit.'; ■ ■.'..' ■!'< wiii^m ii-'. i">' 

nt 1 iioih.'. ;\;:r(:' ii[»'n.,iiri" 111 ciTHi-nianil 



in ICIni t>iir'w*lil 

l-"»iiturr> l-'dltiir p., 

■"■■ ,i,viu*'. i 
"■'>•'- .itx.iii 

.uiriuve" [Wl inilH.-.. ■ "-....,1 ^•,\'Ua\\ im-i! 

deculed l» sec if ihc t„iira|ni* i* tnnUlini; ic- 
mtyrc siiraiiive. \.-.u\-l 

H,-!A„->-.i D .mil f i'. 
llKrv :'.■■■■ f tL. (v n ' ■■ '. 

,.)( la- 
nes a 

.lui'. K ,i,.,.,i,.-.i,.L „ ..I 

iluiii's of Student Scn.ii' 




Honor Society 
inducts new 

hi Kim IKIru«»lil 

ffJtiir.'v l-">lltor 

Onf "1 ilw nil"-' '"'"'■' 

-' . till AiiiL'rif^m junuu 

I Pill Thcta Kappa. 

.,,;...;-.t ?' rn'H nicnihcrs inio 

HanxT (■.■ll«' •. Pill nil clupicr 

l.i.,l ltuir-sil.iv .ilKTiuBin at .1 

i','i!h>ii;i .mil 1C.1 

Ttii, t'.'n.'T.irv ;i.-.iil'';iii, 

■'I 'ihii'i >i| r.i..'rii\ 
!,-ii;ii!u in 

I'll;. .11 5 ttl- 
■I'T'i ', isrT'.-nl 


ik-simctJLiti lx'.ir.j H< 1 1 '-'■ -li ■ ' >■. '■ 

.iCtwc sidcwjill in;i'ke» (or a fm>rr 
.iltnictiv.- ,.:amp«». 

1 .1'-" ri(H,iiC«i<l man''' 
I" J 111 I"., instead of ■! ,' 
Dcsigm'il lix *lteclthaif .Ki.C'.\ a 

'-'I'tJi til.; iiui. j-iii'iSi',. 

llviroillHCIi: "..'itflU 

Also. I llnni J l;-"ii I i '. !''il'- "» 
sUfk walls wiiulil hi-']' 

\ -■■■""■- With lutihct iiU.n:. 
:i..'iii,g" lh,e campO'ii 

', J ' ,;'. t mc tw *rilt a Icitcr 

lotlif Senate 

(' ■ ' , . ■ 

, 1 ii,. J I ,'.,''1 

. ', ■ :,: 1>I » ti i;' 

Ml many other organ i 
due to a drop . 
aiteiiifcuce mti m twciall .. 

\: ,.,,„ M.uui..;. *;'■'''■[■;■' ■"'■ 

(coiitiniic4 on page si*) 

Northern Illinois University d 

(■'.mii- ■•■'"f; 


I • . ittit b) Nil' fatuity in I'ataiiiie' 

jnd the HarjK-r College alt*- 

^ tptn ii«l»ii»nicm mmim for i.C;.S. 

i.lMknt« at Harprr ( ollrge: ^(iiwmlirr 

IJ. 4:.»-7:.» BMij. \. fciardrmnn 





Rent- A- Microwave, 
Television Set, 
Stereo or VCR 

You can do it ALL at RENT -A- CENTER 


Come in to Rent-A-Center 

•'...ii 'v'Ou to h'Ove *•-■• *•■"■■■■ ;■" v ' . -^ 
apP'li'Onces one ' 

I'O'W paVTients, : 
O'tol'l. ' ' 

rent \,., ■„ 
us tot a g'' 

■-Now you a whole new way 
.J me brand TVs, stereos, 
!'j-own. TTi'ere's no credit checv 
-fiondise to your home tost' Bt'^v 
I gj've you bocl< your first ■ ■ ■ 
"m otRenl-A-CentefX- 

, ,;i-'d FREE pick-up 


and ftx 

■1 and youf student ID 
' .discount on your rental 

18 Chlcaao K'sa Locotions Including: 

;, Mom St West Du^nd'O* 426-7500 
. ...eSt Honover Parte 289-9699 • 


Thf t[;irl)iniHT Novcrnher 5. 19X7 

Pane 3 

k ilr l**^ "' '"'" •'•• '»"»"»»f "ill* mn ««», -i. .K 
al».i»ij.t, mad, mat, ,«1 r* Z^ . """'"■ •^'•" "»» 

cawftif. ""wtnicii tiitdrnis limit m am^ „(Tf 

•«.* ??"• '! "" '*■"' "••• '""r «r ri«, „,„ ,„ 

**rf httng $ls,mt4 tttr IVur ti. . (""I'lim* 

•■•"•IcWr* iLt »»rr m,rVl :...^.: r*'? *""'•" 

Mftr a„..l „,.,„ ^„„„ir,, ,„,„„;!'2" . "■ ^'■■'■•" "... -I 

t-t«»„bij„„ ,„ rt,.„ p„,,,,,,.^ •'"•""• «•"»"' ■>"■"■> mu.h .,f a| 

Bttn'f mi»iimkrM..n,t I „„ \,,, 
*»W,,-, A. »„ ,, .,;',,,; ;■ ^ " ;..Hng ,h.., 

■""•"' <" think «i»„„, ,» ,1,/',! '■ '"; '"" '-^'- •« 
tei».«ri,.w,h„,y,g, ;;;.,7"'" "■ '•- ^'-p^ ". ,n.., 

«w.«,.i«4U.wCJ::"" ""' •'■ ''"— . 

Larr* rauINn 

I- . Ii)4 Ixtr 

...Oj]]* ^SliB 


Tht wecleml cmm) wd wmi 

f '»< « Judge Btrt d.MRxwal 

tlJ (mkmMc I was su«cr..r.|. 
"'"'" "«i-kcrul »(tl|.4lr.i*.i.l' 


pMnj; in iht- wrw" ■'.■ 
fhivw mvirnnit: 
lorlj-cr in £.|n..i.||..- ... 

.\m) HI- all tni).*. 

''..■'" . .. .'univ 
• t.'"lt.i Lit . 

i slair*», 10 Hcavtn. 

While my mim! wm on «Mliei 

l.nrags, the distance grr* <*oriCT 
am) I was airej^jy „p u^; ,iair» lo 

'«<■ door, 

Anoihcr nice ihoughl came 
'"m<- I smiled, lliefl I toughed. 

'■ l>eHMmg.|o(jiicii 

'> other lime of diy 

doof mcaiii ihai 

.pic wottld come 



"I"."'.'*.' '^ ii*.e ihai 

■'itmuler iraiii *.lii//mj; 

lake l(.|.r!.. 

'" "."• ;''-■■'".' ll.H... irui. .Id,,.,., 

ri'TOtht- leaimd to ihml n.».r ,„ 
BUg, F' 

0( cumrse.. m itui 
worse. «.||iie mofnin,,. 
""• '■'■".;'^ ''•.''-.^' tv...^'" -.Tl-xaJ hv 
■'".•Mjt,ji..t,a„,,||n. ihroniytmi- 



. ■ i."iagme 
"■•'■ "o,.(, (.f.lcrly studcui, 
"-'(ling up ihe rig.ti.i «dc anj 
S"if<K«l<m.|.i Ihe led, ,Ah h-h ii\ 

■•.iniiv, ni\ 

« rlh 

■'■" •lii'-T i i.,|..j..|u.,m-, 

"'!'l 111 JlM ■■,H||.. 

'".' Kri;ivi II wa,* 

. ■'"■ I ' I'lii ihoie 


■•' . "ii Ihi- 

ktiim II nw II 
'''!'■' I (I'tMiri my 
iiicnione*. reiippear 

'""''"'■'" (or my tollcgc 
. Know ihey arc mine! 

3f^^~- ■'" 


The Harhingcr NovttiilKr 5. 1"*S7 

l';ii;i' 4 

U2 - Two Views Final Exam Schedule 

llioliirv in lh< iiiukinit 

f-,}r Ihme of you. mtluilinc 
myieir. *li>t o,cr>: lattunJio 
enough m w '" ■'' 'i».k.-:''''' '• ■' •" 
ihc r'iim-huwU HoriA'ti ilm r'J-.i 

•sends ail oihcr riKk. haniU .>i;: ■' 

Brtto ami '*'■' 

H< Sdili Vlorliin 

10 earn thtcn from mmc 
lusl tte -hard fiios. 
btti;.-il iTi;iw;t picj'irt Oit 

1 ! 'k^ .1 " 

1 111, vtn l-fnl.i> J"' 

•nl I Hit .!I l!l'.' 


.111, I'll, \k.l-- ''lie 1 

h.ii*"'. l\c iKcn III 

uirfotgauM: 1,1 

28i,it. ,:"■ ' 

crow it - 
hcg» '■» 
tcylHiatii "■■ii 
Slrccly llavt' '■ 
iw,.,... ,.t fij.i 

I ,>i I 


■11 the 

',ti of 

pi'vifcitThmiM" '■"■■ 

giilj 'AiUi .< "||--<^> ■ ' 

huhWiC gum ,i,m tltrif Nciiih 
Mitcli ui ilK-ir JiM-i" 
idJgcr sli;-j»p(!if ui' 
nii.'tivptlnlli.- .ili.,1, *ll.,l'' ■■ 

J, ,^ -.«in«d 10 give Itii, 

i;li,mp>t' iriiowlia!l(K> n.n 
,.f tdc iwl, ""^^'"i; 

i?n c :*wir Hi 'Pi' 

alu-r lilt: innul ■•I'"'-'' ■' 
loitii: hliimk' iwnyl.i 
]ii,iufk'irig 11 fi 'unit, il'ii,,' 
i.l,uii, in ihic {wlliim i>! 

sditm of tievoli.' 
n.iu.. c-l cisi'uih ih.ii 

,] ti,,,- I'.M. iiimr. !■! 
Mifi>ui;h i 2. * 
(, iriimr\ 

-Whcfc (he Sill 

Nam,c" » "^ 111! 1 1 111,', I 

Pollo" .ilhut" 

,.\niinl,, I ""■■'■"■ 

,11, .1^ I lul «'l I 

■'..•If fifi.1 .ill'iii 

11,^'t h.' 


■ling tu 
i..ii i.f 

uine. ilKiugti. I l«»l "■ 

, ■ itlClt'CII 1 

■ ■.vn play 
hi" ■■ 
.1 at 
■ ih>,' 
i,|in i.ithfi 
■tiiiip But 

1 111".- 



|VipuUi , ■ 
V2 hr. 
10 ("• 


nevti : . ■■ .7. '■-- 

hcgtHiiimg ol nc* ihins't !■!' 


i ,ii 

Ste ards 

Sfh:<:iijltst in 
Sh:n . W'tntmi C- Chiidynt 

tm dt'Hotmt on: Optimum I .u. f rti Curl 
f'.rrri', nith this ad. One fnt < u:U>nu' 
Alt i\pirts: 12/51/67. 

in an 

1 ihr 

It" 1I 




In 1985, a controversial novel portrayed the 

wild, excessive lives off the kids 

in Beveriy Hills. 

On Friday, November 6th, brace yourself 
for the motion picture. 


Page Five= 

The Harbinger Vovcmhcr 5, 1<>S7 

r'ajie 5 

A HI MM)' \\t)KI>S 



loruJ fi 

bigger t*> .■ 

Ill ink Maw had ihc 

''"■■tin, it ji«t. vtjMi'i: 1 

crj' ,(,(H.K:i 

And I .1. - 


poet* wfrt" 


bci: ■ ;:i the 


Cf." ■ ■ ' "...ivf hcct 

II f",l"l,,. VI ,„; 

• '' I* tike fiillin" till" t f \aC'lI>' lyin". t'ly! ) nu -.,,ri; jit! r 

cat bin I hi- ^pini *<f the thing I beht\e 
f W'.iN eight >e*irs old \vhcn 1 chased 
Maw .iron mi the hnine wilh a melon 

f'-'l'"' ri-innin i,. - p her oiii artd her tor H.i 'I, -a .■en 

And Ih,. \I,,u' .Suipid'' Vt>, 

' "!\'' ("cri.iif.n n.ituirnt:' She blew itic 

■» head off. But there *■.,)•. m(*re to 

more, .So ■■ '"•'Ppy 

* >ni c. 

'■I back 



In I 

M,ji,ie;<iin ('in,' 
on rrlr ifi, 1 11, 

bill P.iw set 

■•'■■' '■■■i!i! Iier Ml 

■ lo work 

*'hc I' but up ■] fur M-vi:n iron 
'■ ^1 «riiiichetl. but P**' mm 
, ' i\ 

I «te uw t l>M«,y farm %\i 

'•pons and leisure, iltiiiirgh. .is \i.,,w 
■,H:)ultl •( II rely attest, ,AN)i,ii once ,a 
month and sometime* more, a bi 
wo,|,dd, roll in Jtatirrt tttiwn tkf . ■ ■ 
Paw would holler and Maw wot.ld 
diiUfiiUy go out ami hold the mil km 
cow in, a, headlock i,il,> the siomii p.(■v^cd. 
Fell tV.r It c'very Hit" 

not cu," i,» who 

««'in(,i ,.ii ,i,ji,net whil. MixHand 

shaved the word* "Go ^ ,v„ her 

head. Well. Maw was no csicpiion, m,) 
it's hard to knock Paw for dnji:!.;,iii' her 

Maw had two >pecia[ taleniv -i-'he 
first w.p. her i.ire ability to jirow h.iir in 
places w,'here most folk- , ,!nt 

It, The second was a ; ,-ic 

•ou,,ld wrcflCit her arm b.ick behind licr 
head so that she cttidd I.-h.'t ii.-r i,i ,,,,,i 
down over her fa,L 

hook twio iinutrs u,, ,,ri.. ,hvi .i,,.;nis, 
■ind lid herielf up b\' them. Not ,ii'h.ii 
votf'd call a inarketahle \,kill. but ,:,ilvva\^ 
,1 hit ai partie* 

^''■•■'* ' ■ 'V p. t Iron of 

the arts ,.ii:,, ■ . , ,, ,„ ,,11,.^ ,1 

local {', , 1 • , ,,, 

■CXpenmeni ;..„i;i.,: noujie .,.,..ic 10 

town to perform Ibsen's "The D.dl 
""■■■■ ■ ■■ '"» N<,M'.i '■ , ■■■'ficentc 

'•n dclivti , in pjg. 

l-"!iii I lili.iiimjlfl} , liiue 111 a minor 
innh.ii) wiifi thi- III res her, \1.iw w.,is 
'•"■if.i I,. ,, i,ip -A ii'i !.,,,[ ,,,,, , , ,: , I ',,• ,„, 

.^ II 


and crew were m> utterly di^ 

ifiiN that tbev p.ieked up' and 
while ,,■,. • . . ^ :„r th 


The truiti, 
M.vii .,,,,1 ..,,„;.,,, 

ii.irni her, !■> 
''"""'■ "'""!.: h. her nerves \Konld ii.ire 
up J bit and she'd siarl scrrcchtn" .ibuui 
or other P,iw w,as used 
episodes .mil would 
quttklv siHiibc licr b> scrvin" up a erisp 
knuckle s.ind'Aich I'unny Paw. 

be kepi a brick which he called his 

remoie control next to his favorite 
chair and anytime Maw got 
unreasonable, he could correct her 
wJthoiu geiiin' up. 

Paw had a fine arm. 

,'\s Maw grew older, kecpin' up her 

k\c\ ol productivity became more and 

more ot a challenjie. She seemed to 

think that just because ihi- was gettin' 

.Old rickety, the roof w,oiild stop' and the b.n ,..,..,1,1 tnapically 

store isselt She ,' :•,„, ;,,„jj 

ol i.-!>iii vcDile 111 net i.tiei \e.irs. but 

that rt,is just .. matter ot seiinntics 

since, as I've slated, she was aiwavs 

somelhinp of a h;'ilfwit. 

buried Maw was a 
^'■'> 'I mc and I snll gel 

misty, eyed when I think back on her 
final „, .,' ; 

;.:iiys. this isn't 
furin> 1 emmc tiut Cmon, dig mc up. 

pleeececease " 

I / \i 


Wha t: Open House 
When: Toniiiht,7:()0 

UJi ereT^N 2b5 ~~ 

VVlio: .A.S.S.L./VJVL 
(American Society of 
Sheep Loving Adult 


— — — — — -___ 

J • emrselvcs ami our 

"■'!•■ ,"n„,' ,11 1...1 I,. M,iT[srr College 

' ,,l,>(,iel .ir -,, cplions 

.■boat on; Stu-tp 

: IS (iiJslisvvt 111 rn,ins ji.iiis <>l .Anienca 

^••''I' iis I'-iiri'ipc, A'-M .irut .Australia 

' < "U found 

ki-,,'u ■ riial 

iil.ill t.,.i, ,-:ih 

,,'en O.OI ilu- 

.111,1 llie i.jws 

> ■>li lib 1 1,11 ion 

, i:ld bo 


SHI I I's ;s (.(xn) i.()\ r\': 


More colleges 

?H' members l^'^* ***'^ (IFll^S 




Tile HarbingiT Novt'inhtT 5, l'>S7 

• CWM » TI»fa.:|«M« 

,i'a**Mift *'* " 




Cr ssw rd 


I'asie (^ 


.lii:Mrfn;Bk,l ituibin. 

■'■ Conmii S 

<■ 1, I - .!• 

..I fTK 


tlt\l til iiw lluililii. 

Hi N.JCJ W:ihl 

Mr, *.ihl 

*thobr>hip J'v iMfi 

1.; a ixTf,.'.,i 
by Ik- I 


i'ttrii;[j.i.t.>i ■>. - 

1 itii lit Ik; 


'. t I'w 


'■ .IHl 


M'l' 4 tN,?%l|,ll,}'Il 

:-.., ; ,,, - .titcipttrf 

n"unjal«> dnis f%b It>i' Unr 
.,il!ik't%ilmi(ti; ihr I'Wh.MJ sctetl 
• i rcjiiiini 10 llv 
. ., M(K reljki'tl ^kMlh 
.i; 1, 'iir. Li'jii I'l' VJ.,iJ'>l.iinl 
h.i>lt(ili.i!l \ur l„cii Hij-i 

Atlilew" dircciors. M 1 >iil.' .m.l 
Smuftird. •» •ell at b« v.t-. * nh 
ihe American Cwli 1 ■'■■ 

(iji fiiri'itin aihktf- - 

itiMleois, rej;.M-dtc*M,>l itk-ii 
aitiletic skills. 10 ptmc ttic*> 

VjgfitJiis coumcuimtlly jirc 
cMMileriiig te cmet, i;>l' uiltem 
tnm Stmftui and tie. 
Omivcrislief of Wiuhingion iiml 
CutiMKlo. who claim Ok ilru^; 
KsU iiKimsututitmatly invaii- 

their [iiiv;m.') . 

UJ" ' 

„ — ^i^. — ,-^ 

JWf ' in -,. 

*^ ; p 

(I ; , sy 

" ' 'N^. ii 

, , w„, _ 

Pf ' 

" : MHZ 

^ j:^" . 

Health Corner 

On Tiie«liiy. Nnvcml-.' 
Irtmi f> '!> til >* "''. Hiriv r 
tfi:i' »ill Iw J h,v.i MIC livi 
lur I'.iil.i) W m li'f l'.'(i"'ri-iin .1 
In,:, inii,-r.Kln,- Uik-n U'U'.,i'n 

Ilintnl hy Mike Atlamlt' 

ijHirtsta^itT fin AHC. I he 


..II i^Mau: 

■ 'iW^, 

C.ili- S.i><T\. Mike l,»il,l:n, Turn 


-,-.-■ . ■-■ - , ■ ■ -i'lJ'- 

ai;,mi;; rtra[-K)n-.jMt- lirt iMrm jhiiul 


1-4 P.M. 

Come to an Open House at Roosevelt University's 
Downtown Campus or Albert A Robin Campus 
on Sunday. November 15 and learn why 
Roosevelt may be ttie place to earn your degree or 
acquire additional college credits. Counselors will 
be available to discuss financial aid, admission 
requirements and career planning Our deans and 
department heads can tel! you about Roosevelt's 
many academic programs and answer your questions. No reservation is 
necessary. Just come and learn why Roosevelt s the university with the 
perfect learning environment, 



Downtown Campus: 430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 • 341-2000 
Albeit A. Robki Campus: fl21 1 GoeUwrt Road, Artington Heights, H 60005 • 437-8200 

itk' u\c .Kill ahiiM' ol .ikohol ami 
I'll I,' I ill 1,1 ,i:^ 

I'd pji 11 lliis 

ruuiMiwitk- k.t>i.i..^iiiki-, lonio 
111 liafiw College, lower Icvi-I nt 
A Biiildirip There k no iliargi' 
Ivir lljifHt ■•ill. kilts uiili an ID 
There (s a SI ihaigc tor high 
school sUidcnis and S2 for 
nienibeiMil ihc comni unity. 

Diabetes Screening 

Diabeu-s is a ilisv'jM* ui 

which iiu" hx\\ doi'^ lint JTOtllKL- 

Of piof',^rf\ um' insulin. ;i 

htiriti :-• needed i- 

tonvcr ,,he). awt olh.-: nil.' Uu- ftk'fsy needed lot 
i,I.„ilI:. Ill,,,' 

1 1 ollcn k-iid?i ui Older -^itkius 
tottipliealiorii such as heart 
Jise,:ises, kidney di-.'i'-' ht,n,t 
ij,'-.s .,ind niTM,' it I' 
ill, It I I illillu'll I' , 
I iiiiid Si.iii-s h.m-'eles. 
Ii.".i ,-.,-i iii.iti- ti.ill ol Ihcm 
■' kiu'K. ihey have 

i:i> I'l iliahcles 

,i[. ,!, , 'i.'ii, .ilMiormal 

Lliitii. ..i,''.i .-' I ''■ ' '■■■ - ■■' ■'" 
I'vlicme hiini;ei 
j;i::,iier.d ».,Mktii,-s-.. ..,..: 
ance an.,1 skni iiili.->-Si"ii">l'i* 

.■ ',i| a dulvi;., ,i' •'. .1 
bain i*lli> A. i.^iv.t 

dialviL". s, iceninj; Noveiuliet ^ 
lluini,gli Nincmhi'r I? 


The Harbinger November 5, 1987 


Harper Offers The 

Leadership Journalism 
Seminar Department 

Ambassador More News On 
Program Northern 

WHAT'S WAR RfAIjy ; wr 

The Ilarpet Colilugr tmOlm 

ror ManagemeiH t')«rv*l(.pm.T)i 
•111 ciftw a ont^ilaj ■i.-ni,rui 
IVwtp.r.1' I ,r;„,t,.r*.p Skiih ' on 

I hur ■..,!,,, \.. ..inter 19 rnnn 

,;!''' ""V "■ ■■^■«'« r.m.. m 
BuiMing ( . K.wm !(H ji ih,. 
C ollcgf 

In lliB «mi,nw isBticipimta 
will taim how M) turn cmpiufcr'i 
neiajivf auiiiict« ii>io jxaiUve 
ones, how in <;|,,mi„„t 
commumcMnni rojttbkKki. Iiow 
«"> t^subluji a iitoiivaiionji 
climaie itin builds job 
wtisfKUDH ma mmik. ■ foui- 
«cp awotuvt Ampiine pnx-ea. 
intl how M> luKlc and devek» 
cmployeei far iiMtxtmum lamlis 
and pptxtoctiviiy. 

Scmiwir kjKlcr will he Nort) 

S ow,lio»ii,., p,e.„d«i. 

SlowiltowA, ,nd AijMxwiei 

*ho o J pnjfe«i«,j,| i,ainer ml 

eonsuJiai wiih 22 fern of 

eipcnence m hnmiin relatioii) 

•tevetopmem Slowiiowiki ■« 

uie farmer nmim^ director of 

■ninpowcr dtvclopmcnt fo, 

McDmiiM Cofpomuon 

,,, Tutiion la $91 00 ptm a 

i20.W fee »hicl) includei 

maienals md lunch To legiMr 

aai Uie Coniffltiing Eductiioi. 

?ifo'™' "^ ^X"'. eiientioi. 

II iS J?iSf «"* '"™» "«»«» 

u.Mooj-(i)i 10 aifiie coneci 

The only two-year cnllrm- 
MwitjM, nitioinlly ibat is 
hroiitaa on aimmeTCiil radio ,s 
hewi heir.! .■... vi' \ i r n^f, ^ ^i^, 
AM ,1.1.1 '.^I'-mnmg 

"This IS Hafjwr (/..Ik-k.,- n,, 
the Air- M prepared by s„ 
W'phfWoic journaJHui iiujenis 
MttJlled in ihe Rtd.o ,„d 
Telev.aon News clis» of fhe 
fUrper CtHlege jown»li,„ 

The newicamitalfcis lire Mary 
DeN.colo, C«y; 
Kugrlhcrg. RoMlk. Nan Rii«y 
I-indiiinjin, Schauinbufg aarbani 
Mitchell. Buffalo Grove; Angeb 
Pione. Wheeling, aad Kim 
SlemgraJicr. Bamnguw, 

In tdduton to inicnsi** comB 
w<irk ftai t overs hraiidc«ting and 
"I ncwj operations, the stafrers 
prepare five new scans for 
broadcast on commereial radio lo 
meet listener inieresL 

•These ncwscaiti are as 
tftmiUy ciaflod as nctwiit news 

t^SiS"**'-" "^ofw** Henry 
mi*|iiien, the insmjcuv. wj. 
Uoeplten origiaaicd the 

newscast leries IS years am far 

■ ^ in the 
priKCM oi •dc'wlopjng a Student 
*mtassii*.r Pfopram The t-nal 
nl thi. , " , ,, ■ : 


'*'•''•'■ 11' ». MM in ,,,„„,,„ 

rtiidiem M-rvkc tuncHons. This 
gnmp wtMild proviic t viluahle 
reenutmcnt and retentum Ksamft 
for the College, 

We nec'd your help! In order 
lo maiDUin a quality group o( 
Halents. we arc ailmg thai y.* 
identify mulenij who would N- 
HI MSBi 10 this pn>gnini We are 
*cieliing both tndiuonal college- 
ngeand retaming aduli student*. 

Activ.iic? thai Ambassadors 
""ghl partitipaie in include 
iceompanying Harper Sludeni 
Oiiiieach staff on recruitment 
wiill. serving as New Student 
Oneuiation leaders, conducting 
campw tours, phoning new 
fiesimen with infoimaiion abciul 
cdlege asn ices that could nsist 
"Km in adjusting lo college life 
Mid serving as hosts at special 

The Qme coomiuneai chai 
we will he asking of these 
Mudents is minimat. This 
wlBMeer program will offer 
leveril -perks- which would 
««« 10 reward the Mnteiaddrs. 

Your help in thi» project 
will he sincerely appm-iaied. For 
furtlef inTdnnaiian c«iki Biucc 
Bi--' ■■■■ • " 


n 1 1 n o 1 » 

f'ollegc or 

Mjll'-, f I ■i;,:,,'.' I- 
Aciili-iiiu a,!. 
t'nivcnityV < 
AmandSacri,. ... , ,,..„„,„., 

i" dti'.-*;'! quc-,ti..n ih,.i„ ih, 

B.ulidiif of ilcncui Siudirs 
_n (, S 1 dcgr.x prt>gfam odcrcd 
I-') ^fihern in the wcvlern 
luhurbs. The session .ill he m 
Building A,. Boardroom R and C 
lroin4:M. 7 30 p.m, 

CMf-campus Northern classes 
tw spring semester begin the 
f'tsi week of February and 
telphtine registration (call 8IS 
"'■"•(M3IJ begini January 1,1 and 
lasts until Fcbuary 1 1 

Northern Illinois University 
IS offermg undergraduate classes 
■n the H.irper College area this 
spnng in hniory. communication 
studies. sociology and 

For more mrormaiion about 
the Bachelor of Ck-ncral Studies 
program, or about Nordiems off- 
campus classes m the Arts and 
Sciences, call «I5-7S3-I458. or 
write; B G S. Information. 
College of Continuing 
Education, Nonhern Illinois 601 15 

«*«i"!7 '"',.11', '''"''' '" "" '" ' 

trf in .,« m,|,Mi«i. 

KADUM. In IS, |«M 

T(, '« wna, sni (. . rttf isn in v v 

VTT aiN-IBT Bl»KUn- > '- • - 

S.i,«* ■> . Itui^Wi*"), f -1, I » 

T"K» <^wnm » srwutHW • 
If: , t1» Vtanan V«n«» - 
t»ir Cmmi Gw 


A^E'S .15 - 23 


■i.>pp«tuinae.s In The 
■te. Media .<wd 

<Nnt urognuBi «it 

■PccMMini^ in: 

• ■Theater 

■ ,V(l,iSJC 

■ D*Mi,r 

• "ftfcwiiioii 

■ Wio 

• .StmndEmieiiiirthg 

■ i>H.niafe«fl 

■^'' ■ •■■ ■■•;»; EdiiWR 

■ ri:: 

• •■ ■ ■ -^■isAn 

•■".'fii«c aftwfcxjn, .«nJ 


1 1,0 llarbinsitr NovemlH-r 5. 1'>S7 

J'utie 8 

Presidential Search 
Committee on the job 



111 Iknnita*"*' 

Bow ki.* 
■I H»ri>.." 

College Night 

trintinuBd from first page 


TtK PSAi ■ •'' *"; 

wen iiwmbet*. Baud ot 1 ruislec* 
Ct.aii-i»r-««i.Cttn» **»! «"'• 
-We •iinlfd M) hJivt a commitwe 
itet reflrciol every cmWVKi' 


. MI)lt- 

:.,if. Aii- 

mm.^irali*e staff. S»"*-nl Al- 

fa.r,. A.-*km.. Afl;nf<.. U* IW 

^ ,h^. : The Boanl ol 

jlltVi, . 

tiCC> Li" ---ri - ' 

Wliil .Wl'cwis to complilt 

n»y\ rcprcii'i- 
Ih-." "■"'■■■■■ 

iftmaicil UTi 

■■■' ■.'Urv Ia'..h '■ 

■.:jih 10 *i; Cic^tleni am 
, „.,^r-pcrMin Biuirkc Thrc, 
atMiuonil members »cic .n' 

p,„„l(..,j bv ttic.r com.nfrr, 



Stewart anil If'*"'""" 

aiiixwiiiol hy Uw Faculiy 


ihc • ""■■■', 

„ „„, . itnl *llll«l'»* "I 

re^,, , ,'f Heklrick .m*l , .^ 

SireniKle^ (q'.u-.,.'m,.,iiiv* .imJ Uk imsicc ^illJ, *" '" 
S!;.,,«, . .or>s«'m«»e_l*c_M 

The . ■ 
Ihicc smv 
PSAC mc^imi; '- i-""-- "'■""■ 

\kL!:ni,'i, ii,.:ii">" ■'-' "■ ■' 

Connie Brovuk-M, hiL-li ^anhO 
If*: her, ^ 

Ne»l year. Collcj,!o \il'Iii "- 
will remain fisemialK 'ti- ■""'■ 

V>i'r ,iif iliiini! 

wc *ill luM' prMloMonjK io'm 
\.iru>ii- . .ireeiA i.^ mim' on pjnel^ «ilh M'lnui.irv'. saul MilK. 

Not Just Comics, 

Harper Cable Guide 

The- Harlirnger NovcmfMT 5. 19X7 

American Cable (channf*! 21) 
and Cablenet (channel f) 

Page 9 

titr tni* 

«:»«•.?. ll,-:,i„;»; 


... . 

* f« Ml 

; fl * 

l.M <•«• 

fiW «'« 
4>M mt 

«.>■ m 
f..W m 

rr p> 

>< I'M 


By Leigh Rubin 


lA LI 


'5 ■;-=:■ ^eaiiQ.'/rf ^.. J;:^^^ 


^Q yiioii[j£] 


Miay ft Saturday NiflMs 

Cotored «n Sptcialt-^ .^ Hours o'Exatemem 
ONLY *6.00 per person 

Includes - 2 hours bowlina 

features Prizes including Free Drinks 
and Free Game Passes. 

Pltserwiioni tVeicone 

^¥^ah Lanes 

W48 WicMHId. • JtoMing IHaadowi . 2S»-M00 




race I" 

I OH Kl ^t 

Classified Ad Rules 

St.i*ll«»t »!.>«■■■■ rom-nitt ricU 

pti»i>»f trtcniif '-«■«»«"»*• 

10 «ii|l»t I.UW1. > ■«•• 1 ' '*'' 
I "jV l-(li:t» lllllli»*«»<»' ''*"*'^ 




At III 1 ru"" i"' '"'' ' 

f . 

HiJi'l' ■ 

■iiliniikul fcir inilMB •*•• I »;' "' 

. ,.k f ViK 

,, simioiiSuwtwiif 

Hcla. lf«; iime 

'OWIHul. mt^ ■ 

ciiBilttimi A»'J~ 

l'i'"(. l.l 11 'K 1 

Cii. '^ 

1,11' ir'.-. .-•'■' 

Ff'Cl I' '1 '.' '"■■■'■"■ ' 

1 W \i .. -' 

..» till. 

,,, ... ii'.,i<-i..iu.V'<>B4UH 

i ^*^ CARS, ITHMS,., 

, , i:;rii., h. liii! ■■■■'•- 

R(X>\IA11 N' 

■T, ff- 




• f.ti. ■ 


"idii r 


«1 (fillW. 

\HI, r 

\t 1 ' 


|:»:i:<;ltit«««'rf ^" " 

,vf, AM TM <"■>-■ 



H H- 

111 :i 


Si • - 


\rfm. ! 

V ■•'■ 


11: r»l 1. 

S! R^ t 

I, )< 


hi tl 


V('„|,( \ # 

; IM 1 MS 

f IV 


■JMVJIft, 1601 



■ iRil "i 

(.nn At* 

\SS1CA1 < 


I ,.,. \tif 

,,rj M '■ 

«fClil» -'' 



"IM'I ■^*tlHH 

HiilUvy Birit' 1 
wmniin. m.' 

I»t«t«l«<« '»■ 



... |.,|i.(hI'« *fl** (llfUli* <f" ■ ■ ■' ' '' 

.1 I'lll, 

L.1J k: 
;l You 

.1. 'firm r «v\i%W"> 

|.:i;.«;"i I>1Sfi 

H M i m; I 1 n 


The U;irl)iiii;cr Niiveinbcr 5. 1987 

Page II 

9-0 Season 

Tlw H»rjwr Chfrrltiilcri mh-ih Ii. t>« mtuil ,mr III* 
it,... k^ ...Mill, ,„ „,i,|i, ,,,, p|^,„,|, „^ ^,,„ „,,,^ 
' il|:»lll. /'*«»<> (rrrfij; /,.r Karirr 



STAfNf f'"'' f'|*.j ■■ F C'^" 


WE:.„U,'VNi > ' fLfM> 



I I "lit Hot k IV 

ili:.' ll.itji'Ci hl.ntr florkfv 
compi'tiitoti vull hc;,:in Novcnihor "^ .irid 
liiroujili December 17 .n ' ' -Lncii on 
Thmxilays. Ttuisc im. iiouM c.miaci 

IJ.ifi Kuw ,it e Me II Ml III 
VolU> liall 

■|1icrc l^ Mill time lo eiui-i 
Voile) hall, Sti' ^ ■■ ,. \o\einlvr 5 .incl 

r'''> \^ill^c 1 . HiiirMl.ivs, |-,,,r 

Imiher inlinm.iiion citni;iel Inir.inmr.iK .u 
eMeiiMi'in "'"(i i 
I [niiinin;; inlraimiial i\<nts 

'^' -'" -^ i;.r-"!Mll «,1| I'H,. .,: , ,, ,,„ 

I I.'. ,■ I ■,:!•„• I : 






The Harhinser Novcmlur 5. 1«>H7 

VAZi! 1- 

Sports. ^__^ ^^,,,^^,1, ,^11,^ 

about playoff game 
against Moraine 
Valley on Saturday 

h» Bill ku;.')t.rrt 

',„i'HI llHiiti/'i 

hil'U" no! taf t»* i!^ 
1^' nil h.n mil f'*'.! 



c«|iai the 111 II- 

I'll IMl !■- 

(Iv. • 

..i,Hi Ik 
.;.:if t«" 

111 ItK 

.!v il -AC pivo 

! I muLld 

!i; lo tiullCi' ^IIKC '■"' 

:,„.,u.lct-rl.iv ihi^ yc;ir. t>ui 

, k III,- 1 !i„nc U\-n using. 

.i;K Iv l^■^U■a, 


tuiiuni! in ihi' 

ik-i p:inif. 

n«:' \nll 

jM ihcic 111 mint.. jn.n,t . 

,ih tiK hill « """• ""'•'''' VV"" 

|.i« !»'■''■ '■*•"" *"'"'''' '"'" "'"■" 

\ttention vvonun soffball players.. 

X, n W •, nrcL-inv for lliosc microMcd iv. playing 

.>1^4ll .m November 5lh at 3 p.n at Buddin.M n .oon 
M^f If vou are unahle u> make .he meeling or have an> 
questions, eoniacl Myra Minuskin al exi. -4W>. 

Martin breaks 
1,000 yards as 
Hawks beat I.V. 

W .11 I 

OH \.>MT!»htr 21 

. , l,>Oini.iii Irnm Sihauriihiif.;, Kn'^ 
..h.ll ir. ...iK -1iirl«.l Ihl* •'«■'''• ""^ 
;„„'umkr in. c.."l..n'. "' ' ""' ''-O."" 


'0^:.\ K. 

vol. 21 NO.-W wimamRaln«y Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

N^Minhir 12JW7 

Trustee Election Results 



ri,1 wl .' 


Senate Ready for Action 

Officers Appointed 

nt DiMiitiH Ha) ; 

TtKSliufciit S.:>' 
rcidy (Vir #<:tnv. 
Wcdn.. . ' . 

The l»' 
«,.-ii< weic '. 

.tgsmiftiiiora ni*-'i'*wi3. Jutm ' 
nb.ichlcT, tn.<'mK'f "f ihe ii" 

■, ' ., I lub. <'>M».ti.., 

,i,,,l Mil..; 11.1. mill 

Itol) B. <"' >'"- 

TecH«»l<>B>. ''.;-.: ' fH>> .'. 

Setetee* (It* ("<">. *** rcpfewinmit the Ski tjuti, aiw 

iwnnimoiKih iHipMiWeJ Siuifcnl Eh/jbi-ih York, \ltuICPl M'tiaic 

Sciuic incsi.l'.-tii. SI ■ 

Harper - Triton 
Propeller Returns Home 

i,,uuN>li<.m iija win. 

Thi- l<v*irii; v-an «iiiit.,t 

MjniKlni; KlIIHIT ,K,. or,..w.|lLT l.i i 

K,.,,,iH-. ... ihc. hiwpnalny Uk pr-t" i ^' _";; 

riH>m ul lilt- Hii . ' ■ • 


1,1 1-1 .■ Ill tv ,1. . 


lliiiqH;f ' 



■A i< 

i,.u liK* 111 Uii' ri'.il I'ti.; 
.iirI iIh; imMi'tiiHiM-ircuiiiNUni 
„ vviii, h ii li.i.i ilniin'K'iircti. "- 
, , . ; ■ , • , M t.if .i.i 
'!.;( lll.ll 

. .1 ,11 iIk' 

■ .r.c haM) 

rei:i>g,i"i»>» *€•'»! U>tf' jg'^gt 

»P«hI in I'lii^'C ^ li'KMliiill I 
The f>rup>-lkT ik.Hi!^ 

.•,'1 .1. !i! S'- I'. ]^ 1 '. «,nt'v^ ^ H. 

Hi'.r'.'lll villi, ll'^" "''■-' ^'""*' '^'"'■"" 

., j! I'liu- III our ^u,i'l, '" " ' " '*'■ *^"'i'' ■! I 'I 

) ,,,n .irirlllltlt' 1 
.,,,,,, .,. U.,1 

An Si!,.- .11 

.n t i,i 

llic |>i.,>|X'Uc(. •A.i....i I'i'i' 1^.11 
■triumh.iilatci^vs in. whkh ilio\ 
iiiruribiik'il ' 
wtnnctv I'i r 

j;aniCH KU^Wu uk i.^v, .tii.n.c. 
An4 *licn llic ittiginal 
ilisippcwed Triton immc<li.iu-ly 

1 stjv ;lv^lll!c 
Signei!. 'The 

! 1 ll.iM- 
prop " 



I have 

,:■ III mc. 


The Harbincer Novcmhcr 1 2. l')H7 

Page 2 


hy Kim <Htr<«nH 

llfltWC till- '*l.*i' ■ I ''-." 

imly tuil ihc (•(>ii.iiiu(uiy u* ax 
corn '.hocks niivc,, .md lltit was 
(I) J ri-tA'iU allium of «lii; whtte ttiiving up M iifii'ihcm 

aiK.ISJ.Il'!HlK ilKK '■c-'rt'c.ifn' Wwcontiii on !■'« Tlwre.. 

J cLivHc. Itt.'' ■ ■''">! Iniifi aimm( i!' 

nii*«d, hills, *.i 

J bout 
Ml ah'wl 
:\iUy .1 
n T 
I., taisic 

prose. 'I't' 

MfCiii., !>.'•'-• - 

cckbr.i 1 .-1 .I'.iu.iiin/ -Injun 

SMitmicr ■" 

nin *ior> i:r.«:cd ihc t'nM tit 
the "Su»i,l„u" ■-■-■- 
Ilibu'K :'" '"•'■■ 
ntr* i,[u l.:d deep '"^ !'''■'■ 
itic I'h.HVi';; ' 

^^ •• 


<ht; ci'fn A'lwn. pi 
^Lll■|lll■|^• ilii.'i" "1 ■■'■ 

Ill I hi' 

teWf It''.' 

Harper Coaeije Theatre 

presents its Tali 


Joweph KMSselrinq s 

Arsenic and 

)ld Lace 

Mmwmbai IS. I*. >«• * =" 
• no (jm - )!•• 

tm ,M<l'ilk>Mlttll<WJ»i.i' 

Oi .kitm nmhtntm 

tMwrsi fUVi DivKion 

S»'7-.MXXJ. Mlrnsioir '277Hiif 2**8 

.,' rL'-l'-iO'd liM 




Friday A Saturday Nights 
MIMilil- 2:00 A.M. 

Laiqa SciMfl Wdtot-Fwrturiiis WoM Brand 

Culorad Wn Siwcialt '■' : hc^'s c £ «.- :e.:'7>t: ■: 

ONLY »6.00 p«r pefson — 

Includes - 2 hours bowling 
F«iifur»s Prizes including Free Drinks 

ana Frm Game Passes 

B«tfV»0«'S WfiM'11* O""^' ■ 

^Fair Lanes 


324S KifdiBff M. • IWIini Maadwim • 2S»4400 

jai 1 1, ^^ »p 11 3 .■ u ^,». 


12 Month Student Special- Sl49 

idv ml w -''I 'Hir sU|H'r l-m .tmlnil ^jxi'iil OnK SH'') rM-s 

,'HTs,.n li .m.ittt'i ■ • n«i! i l""iw«l •"■'■"1"^'^ P'''''**^*'' 

Vj „), |„ Mint I ' ' " I' '»i'»'^ '''"•■'" "■'l"'f '■*' 

Ciil khLh to! .1 iiiiu|iliiitw'urv wwki'ui 


• hillMadiiiMMiauibol 

• I ifi, *i'ii;llh 
. ( .m\(HlUTi/rd I'AtTCIM- Bll^(•^ 

• taiiiiina>ciilar Kvaluilitins 

• UTobu:, \m* liiip.ui, and 

i \ITHM' ( l.tVM- 

• Uati-i-Kiihn tlasM'- 

• Nuiniioiuil Jiul I'lTMiirali/fil 
U.irkniii l'ri>i;rams 

• li'iini^ idurts 

• Sw imniiiij; 

• TaniiiiiR Ki-d> 

• \iii,i)si\urscrN Senicf 

• hlm-x> ^^M'^^nH-ln Tf'Nl 
\(lniiitiMert'd K\ I \cn i^"' 

• SpWiallnrporaieRalfN 


1 U(M>dfiel<l lake 

Offici' Campus 

UHKI E Vkbivdfield Rd 

Schaumburg, U. Wtr.'l 



^. Parking lot rypair^ . 
The adini nistration's littlp 

KMWgk is viifiiiEli lilrvwlf . AdminMratioii ha* IiimI iH Itlllr 
>th». mew cKi »« |)lrii« hjiir oiir cuiwpii* hart? If% grtljug 

It k uril inl.i N^nrmtuT n,.». .»n<:l. m.i*l)t' iK jii»t nn 
imaiinalmm, hul ii .c-mi. thr n, i.,i„,,a ( ((it m..Mrr 
rrnoviiilwm pbn df tmli » (h..,n ,■,,...10, h.iM- ltd tlu- l.t^i f..r 
l»t 1"liir|Hirlimi{ Ion, 

Sitmcwlitrr (I'm .:.r.niiif«J of Ihni, Mimromt- h;n a jnh 
• I1.W »»l;, rfvp<.iiMl.,l,(, « ,„ m.,1,,. ,,„„ ,||.i.t *,.»,. griHili (ll«- 
liirjtf^l Mr Dtmihifi n iiicrmtriiM>nc«i b« Itof coinlnictM.ii I 
like 111 iltinh of Itim » j«rt ,,f ,| ■■■(■■tiii'^iruclmj) . froirfi 
Incofliriiifiifr Ki|»«rr (C-PIE), 

lhi% m lilt iiiiiic niaiiruitlon unijrcl Ihiil vtt »err iiM 
•twilli^-iHily iiK-i'MittiiicM-r slutfrnli fw ■ roufilr of m.irr 
•ttlti." TUta mm ■ttitn w»fk.t unit. | hiio« k „iiiril « l«i, liut 
IM>I tttr ftvf nfrM *lr»»|[l»». 

B^ml iHKli. 10 Hi,. f>«.rkm| iMi. A.MiMlli| llle |Mi»rn Ibt Im> 
liiw« llMil parkmE tot 2 (Iht tdiilli ildt ill M Kutldiiiut wjs 
hMf III miTil of rrpiiir wlicii ihii prwftct henin. »h> •imlil 
Ihfy Willi unltl Ihr mtiiilivr htgrn li> pt ci« in Itr'tiii ibn 
l>r.i)«t? Jwlttng hy Ihe (ir,>|jri'»* nn the tMlon lot in Ihr fniM 
•■f V lluiWine. (urking |„| j ji,,,,,!,, h, ,,i,mito|, (,, tkc liar lUr 
"I'.irtirr i.',,'i, ".irm. ii|a,ta. 

ih.- ,n„,,„, iiiiii ih, (|„n.drfrt'S of iiuilrnts »lio ooiild 
n..rni.ill, ,>,,rt, ,n l,,.r( i.rrilhi'r lliiilitini: \ or M xmII li.ivr In 
n.ilk luiie J- Ijr -., tl„-ir tjrs. M.mrlimc* iifltT djrk, in Ihr 
rrcr/iiiE rnW- Hn.,iM of .1 pr.ij,.ft iliji v,,i-, fuppowd I;, hr 
rmislwd 2 m.wih* iigo I thmk il... < ni in tlurgr thoiiM hr 
gi*rn ■ rm\r. Hr\ tt-rtjiiiily doiiia lii'i lor tirrt |ol> »r|l. 

rrom lh« - n«irt-j»M-»i.ind «lH rc.imiJ-bltili..w||j«.w„„M. 
y«»« do- lilr, »liy not ^tli.» Mttdrnb In park in Ihr 
ftii-iill* U>n whil» (hrifs is undtr rrpair? 

1 rtiiliM- yliidrnH havine Hi wall a liltir rarlhrr lo Md 
from «la« r.i,-l. 1I4, i«'l a h,,.,, d,...i .„ ih, t,»™i,. ,„^, ^ 
lliiiilts, bul 1 did noine rri.ii iif thr Faculty iir 
Mlin'llli<itr.alltin piirkin^ l"l> ««« ckiwd for repair. 

I arry l^iiiillin 

Tile Htirbinjzir N.ncmlH.r 12. I9S7 

Pjfiv 3 

01* u r \\ I 
' - '' i' f J 

''^■•■'I.- I »»* study ing over qoal'! 


So *hcn I tupiwnej tm a '•l>^ 
i1i.ipier in my piliiKal yticnce '"* 

talk called fhc Judicun'"',, I 

Iwt a bn!lia»n njca; 

\^'l-.. ,1 r . .„ , . 

Iiiik'e hi k>i<i 

ilfi:im,;<r purii ; 
I I'jil rd rMirni .1 


.1^ ritiirnH. 

'■■vk III ;, 


So I (iiut (lnv. 
(laried no dra» 

...lid UiUii 

.„ :jiy nU' 
1\- .1 'I': 



i.Ti.illy i.r 
' 1.1' h'.: 


By Leigh Rubin 

f ■mow mvm liiitwBf*! Miekty Mou»» 



mict £*. THk;:*- 

the Jllllfl.'.: 



SlUtt nl , St; 

schoiU 'MM', 
gcncrjl puh; 
free i,,v H.iir' 



U'lllkim R .. .[>..■ 


Movie Worth 

ess Than Zero 

The Harbinger NovimluT 12,19X7 

Pane 4 

hf Roll J ■ Datti 
Enltrtalnnifnt Mllur 

Otir Ktine iKgiiw *i,lh * 
volte aniiouiicmg iht grinJualing 
cbss of t'>S7, We then close in 
on ihc ihrce m»i<i chat:u'ici\ 
exchanging wordi wish 
ptrcnis stiottly afict 
ccreincmy, li is miplied ihu theie 
art not tlnse-kBi! retaikmskip 
hen:. Fnewls jirc tmife im|«)nint. 

AjKfrc* MtCinhy, iami 
Gmt. md Roberi ftiwrtcy h. 
star Jj Ihrce CtKiids rcccnity 
graduiHcd 'rt:>m hiihsiliool. The 
difference Iwiwecn ihcw kn,l« mi 
iJm: other SO'* grudmiies *c go m 
mtwies id we n ihjt they arc not 
jii»l livwg in the fait bne. They 
•IB' m the lurtwi'thurged tanc of 
Be«rly Hills, 

Thti lifestyle portravfil n 
■Wkeii from the ik-sttiptuin hy 
Brtl Ea-iton Eltw <n the 
conirovetsu] tx'st-sellmg novel. 
on *hifh the screen-play by 
Hurley .ftylori is hasctl 

"Less than Zeto" w*i 
prmliieed fcy Jtjn Avmet CRijity 
Biiiiiies*") anil Jordan Keraer »d 
directed hy Miirii 
Kmievska i" Another Country") 
in h« Antcricjin Mm. 

A^nel Ascrita the inwy m 
"a hlenk ponriynl of a ctiqjjc of 
rich young (icople from Beverly 
mil whose lives revolve araunil 
casual sex. wnoos dnigi, and 

Thij is quite accu«t«. It i% 

Vtmk. They we riii'h. vounic. and 
party a lot. Hi. l'>iit»l 

ncccisarily i; i- ■ ■! an 
interesting cvenuiig at your Iwil 
Hilt theater. 

The smry is j. irajtedy. From 

■ il.tft yiHi tan fivl the miwd of 

me film, li is lo*-l«:y, Thf(,Hn;h 

the lighling and nmsK there is an 

ever -prrM— ■ <■•■'•<■••;•,. -f tkmm 

The ■ ii;fdy is Ihf 

waste t't ■■ f'liii 'III'' 

mate ih.' ■ 

seen these lates k-lorc aihl liked 
them Whether it he pwir 
iluwutig or poor itripi. ihe stufv 
leaves you wonderiiij; 

throughmit. where or what it is 
lexling up to and why 

McCarthy, who ttai itaired 
in stich films as "Si. Elmo's 
Fire." -Preily in Pink" and 
"Maiimemiiin" i* Cby !'.iston, ■ 
coflegt fresljman who reiums to 
Beverly Hills for Chrrstmas 
vacaiam after his fitii semester at 
aKhootback Easi. 

Jamt Gert/ is M.n -. t:i,;,t; 
school girl friend ( 
recently ^iriTil m 

faniswy ' ' , , : !:,,,•, 

hecn >■■ Mi!>. ■ 

(oppOMlc is.ii[)ri M,i,, ,. !,,>. .mil 
"Qttickiilvcr"" (opposite Kevin 
Bacon) . 

Robert Downey Jr . is ' 
Wells, Clays hest friend. tlivA ■ 
has apfieared in 'Back to Schmf , 

Start mm and v. ■ 
niomths 111 huv i.n 
W'lir-' i' ■>'!<! ■>n?u;ijt r'.CTiiiig uitu Thi; .Vrw V'il 

• Mod«m Sc(i«u«n*>uig 0(lle«, 

• Ouarameed Salary with Ptannsd lnci«at««. 

• 20-2S Houra per We»l( 

• Evening Houn Monday thw Fiitlay 

• NoEatMriencaltoiiulntd. 
a Free Paid TralnHnj. 

a Paid Vacation and HoMay*. 

a Qeoerou* M'Ontqomery Wntt D*»coun1'. 




"Wierd Science. First Bom" 

"Btby ll'i You," and he recc 
•as scene in the title-role of " 
Pick -Up Artist", (op(iosite M-!i 

'in ir ■ 

■ilurmg Ihe ume ih.n i ,.r. v 
schiwl, Julian and Biuir i(,;c 

are caugdi '-■■:' '-■• ' '' ■■ 

one of t 

Clay's I , 


iKgs Cla. 

who is in serious ii'imWe wiiii 

drugs. iTHtncy. and family 

The .iniltcntc is then ukcn 
thiouiih .1 ...erici ol Hutlvwimd 

:id". . 

gel : . ,,.,..,. 

;;\ of Mijiposed 
frieii ' 'v.\ 111 Iv rin\..injt 

lender m-. 

person;i!:i ■■\\un 

aien"! in mil cn.ei t.i get to 
kno* "iV'ft.-n ii;,iK'hmi; ihe film 
Ivi. ,:. M,'icrs arc 

l.iiV .iiu don't 

' ■ ■' "I » luijifiening to 

11 don't W'Ulk out of the 
.... ., .....uncdlike v.... i,.;.r.ilv.'i. 
wiihagrKKlwar I' 

We'»'c alt 

timo's Fire"-ty|v nl vi.t. Our 

.:!ii|iie (s brcakmi; up. rcilny 

iti't handle it." 'There's j 

'K'f here though 'The 

'^ in 


iimii i,erii crowii miii'Sy has 

moie expi;nsive pro'ltlems 

On a stale of 5 stars i,no I 
won't give ii less than aro}, this 
tradgedy of a movie earns ; 


Chicago (s-Det 10 

I tie Ki\ |yf 11 

N 11 ("u "I rem u I u ■ N , u .' 1 ,11 '!. 'XI 
Oins!.. Bomgo-No* 27 at 7;tO Kosi.m..n. Hnri,..,. 

FiihU- Image at 7:30 FlectwtHxl Mk-Nov 19 
HoltdiM Sitar Thmrrr Aerosmith-ax 2 

Miiiic .(.Kkson and Ben E King- 

N>.>U4 ji K 

Red Hoi Chill Peiifer-Nov 14 

rvier. fai.l and M.iiy-NovIOat « The Jesus and Murv Chain. Nov 

Rottntc Milsap-Nov 15 at 4 ScrtJintm Blue Messiahs-Nov 2K 

L it . r i t il lM I'ark W>.t 

Jethro Tull-Nov;<) 'Washingnin Squsws-Nov 21 




9K} W. OMiidff RoAd 

Recieie \ 
Free tote b%q 

llixh STUdENT I.D. 


The Harbinger NovcmlKr 12. 1987 

Page Five= 


A lnui>tjf.i 

Sjge. prophet, holy man iind CPA 
of rtotf^ 

For twelve years he had awaited 
ihe ship which 'Afvtld he:ir him away 

■^e Md back 

'.its ihc people ol 
,- ■■'! their 

lid sneer and 

from the 
to the lanJ . 

And for : 

f). ;,: , ', 

Airiii,i:'.i:.i : j. -■ 
And ilH* I'ti'i 
spit and reply: 

"Atmiistfifa ihiN goddam inland!" 
Uniii. Ill his t\<.eifth year, on tl>e 
seventh day of the month of ihe Neon 
Madonna, the Prisphet looltcd to the .tea 
■ saw on the horizon the ship whith 
A.-:iil carry him away,. The fioodgatcs 
of his heart were opened and spilled 
f Of t h w ! ' H ■- 1 ! r li 1 n s I !i, ,1 1 his" 

,A nd as did the ship approach the 
pier, so did ihe Prophet approach the 

And ;!S did the Prophet approich 
the pier, so did all the people of 
Orphatesc approach the pier,, 

,\!id ,.is did .ill the people of 

Orphalcsc appto.icli the pscr, so did tiie 

pier become raih,er overrun and ht-gin 

-,way and threaten to spill into the 

And as did the pif and 

threaten to fall into the sv,' ■,! all 

the pcii|" '>■ [ loolt to their 

Prophet ■ ■ ''KT 

Arii,, l-cen so beseechietl, 

Ihe Ptophei -■ ilieiii 

"Get oft , , , , )t,!i,i idii,'!'-' 


And ail of the people of (,1rphalese 
w«id away from the pier ind thus were 
Mted hy lite Pwfhet'* frcit wisdom, 

$kM ,»,.ll» fn*pfc« SltXJd before 
the masses and -■> ' - ,», armed by ihcir 
love though hf iiave preferred 

cash and he said uwo iliein,, 

"W,ccp "•>' ''■" '"v parting, but 
IBIjoice in ■■ -have known 

togclher, Do iHu ,ici v.,.i.r love M<"t •m.ii 
of you but »c«»p it up and [' • ^ 

into you for your lo\- • '' .cm oi itie 
Lord and the Lord .'f it^ but 

s-paringly and so on and so lorih. Listen, 
we've been over all of this, haven't we''" 

A nii a pregnant woman stepped 
forth from tlie crowd and said: 

■"MasitT. spea,!t to us of babies," 

,And the Prophr- -'■■•■■■'■■ 

"Babies arc tti; 
the door »)f humaniu, W'cic '' 

the spell of bt f 11 dd ! e ni e n t 1 1 : . 
around otherwise sane aduiis. 
continuation of the species would be left 
t(i careless teenagers f^vervonc wants lo 
have a baby, but no one wants a 
toddler, a loi. i teen or a grown up We 
owe O'tit existuce to- tte ««««», of 

A nd a high-cheekboned man 
sashayed forward and said: 

"Prophet, speak t.,< us .-^; 'lit 

of the gay man -Alio 
desperately to att.; 
validity in s o i; i c t y .i t. a 1 1 
overwhelmin g indifference . " 

And the Prophet laid unto him: 




A nd from the front of the crowd 

a wise man stepped forward and said: 
"Prophet, speak to us of Geography 

for six-hundred." 

And the Prophet replied: 

"I argesi landrnass in the Western 


And the wim- s.nd: 

"What is Ciiha' 

And to' fhe Prophet called the 
wise man a stupid man and deducted 
SIX -hundred. 

A nd from the crowd came the 
delicate voice of a young girl: 

"Master, speak to us of love." 

And the Master said: 

"Awww, Jesus Jumpin' Christ* 
Speak to us of this, speak to us of that! 
For twelve years you jerks have been 
.■,.11,.,,..,,, ,,,,,.,. ,,,,.,,,rv!' iiAfi'r I'.vii have 


En\iine i: ,■ •:erd. speak to us of 

diet), high in Jihtc aiui h>w in suiiiraft'd 
fjin- H.iw thr hi-11 should / know'." Am / 
Man'" Well. I've had 
ciim.^,11 ■,!! n i ..1 getting on that damn 
boat and getting the hell away from you 
stupid little monkeys and good 

A nd the crowd stood silent as 
sorrow turned to anger and anger to 
w r a t h . 

And a voice from the crowd said: 

"Prophet, speak to us of tides and 
reefs and ships that pass without 

And verily the Prophet did groan. 




ITO» •• - ItiOUH miCTW** - t*Vt I14» 



\^S-7 — Continues to offer lot* COM, confidential I 

•t ^^s^ care in atl areas of women't health: 


Fainily Planning 

Pap Smears 

VD testing & treatment 

Pregnancy testing & referrals 

Pre-marital Wood tests 


rot MommHon ami or vipofntimttt c*ll: 
359-7575 553 N. Court, Suite 100, Palatin* 

Omrntm e¥m>mg m>a SMunMr Appomtmmtt* 

The HarbinetT Xdvcmhtr 12. r«>S7 

Page 6 


'urgea tna rno, ^ ff» s*? 
' 'H* Ota ittn tti >i ill 
.fiKtftlying Diet Show cmertM br Seonrrwt 
\Uunan m,mt s m ih. fishnyi «,«« Slwpi 
\ \ .■''»« Co/osii/ St' Stk film 

\^ \ fowpme*)/ UtnuttOumi 
^ ^ \Oemonstrt(K)ns ml mt 

' >k ctitnct 10 mm m eiciling 

V \ *m«flc»nAir«n«t 




mm T» t >, i-ii ,. i» ,«^„ ,„ ^ „^, ^^ ^ 

iMMc msMOMmsmsioemm ssMAommmti ^^ 


Northern Illinois Univtrsity H 

^ 1 1 ., . .ur\c V m the l,.,i,hcritl A rt<, iinil 

i'litste* ijujtht h\ NU; Citiii' 'lie 

••Millie Hiirpcf fill lege .h^m 

0|>ni adviM-mrnl *t\mm (m H.(,.S. 
ltMiriit.\ al Hsrprr < itlhfKr: Vmeniller 

m. 4:.W-7:.» p.*.. BUg. *. I|,»rdrwiin 

il Willi <*. 

P.S. We Care 

RcmcinIxT: Cli; ..f ,1,^- coupon 

W\o\\ .it ;m\' JcucI Sioro on \o\ciribcr 
"^- '"• '"■ ''^. 1" help raise tiuuK-y !or ilaipcr Ntiitlcni. 

- Peter S(>b\ - 

Shop & Share Identification Certificate 

10304 3 ■ I r~l — T T« 1 — I 

1 ^ 

Great Taste. 
No Waist. 

Mldoui TCflY 

' ■ dWItllllflf 

L)(f Bllfl " 



Tfit Country '$ Best Ywjrf 







p-gj-om mam tl •aiy lor Dnght omOtSSui 

■"*> laUitt monaganwnl coi*«n *" • * 

Ch«tiKlngoll»n()iloliH«m(Mov«»ia«KJ» f 
'aii9»o«B«»lt»iPttrt-llm«i^Slin»S ' 

pnd t«>woi »Tw» Olicounli in a 

Inn lalM' •nvtionmaft 

to ecMh in (Ml Wi gnKi) otspcf - 
hjrtlV. eon Of ifopbv vow !■-■ '■ 
Cn«ti King slow in a man 

phon« ttooii ) Aiil on 10' 



Chissifit'J \(l Raiis 

^'u«li">il tu»fi ■■ .' 

l-.^ll(l««(» (111 
['iijpcf i((rnii)n •.iij.'.n 

to I'HlIlt illlf. 'I ait (4 Ml f*\t\I '. \\ •' 

l.'iS cti.-ti ad:i(i,tio,iiil (,,,,- '" ',i" 

Employment ' '" 

Help Wiinitd 



■"■■■" BJWK A T|H,:ST 

t'l.tMr \i<r' I, I !(,, ifljK,,,, 



■•' '!|l 

■•.»' Simcl;;: 

Classilieds Classifieds 

The Harbinj-tr NovcmhtT 12. I<»X7 

if (iHl i-,/:nj,„ .U7.]J„H)., 

Far Site 


»'\ i,*niH,:n'M.MMH 

t.WSTm'l IT 4 

li... 1.1, 

' I. t, >I 


* l%'ji'ii".w,, Ki>* 

*i: INI; |.i,M 

■ '"•''"lAA r,'it aifij j>l msiu WUK'i 

'*' ' I fi,i"*'' 1^ nm 
i-fiii I 

ill"" \ ^ 



< I t 1.IIPM} n^i 4 

I''--! AfAHO 

I > 



Page 7 

■i.. .LL ii „ , iiJiJ ,.jiii^ Mii...L. .L^ i ^^n ffil ,L.ii!> 


VARIClA^^:. .\i .iMTAR 


l'tJi„S<.,>X\l s 

l;l IM Mill- 


ft.>tNi;lu'. I jli 

Heia ImiM, 

V'iU AfiE 

'' itillii: 



Men, Wmn€U <fr CAiWre ii 

""'i''IK CtMn* 

■ mm 

"^^ i I ^ 

<»' KS fAMARO 

'""his; lii...iin.mi,i tii!>.i!',,-. 



Rent- A- Microwave, 

Television Set, 

Stereo or VCR 

You can do it ALL at RENT-A-CENTER 



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Hu- Ilarbinair Nou-mhtr I!. I'JS7 

I'aiic S 

get past 

In lUU kii 

,\ M..V.1. .Irfewkr nnl luiint Ih.s ...„■ art .i«J> ..* iMi- ll-i"k% l.ciil ll..^ ^ 

M^r.m..,r> >.n Hw mM«y H«r" f- Id <i..:<. 1 li. H..i- "ill l..«l I Im...,s 
V^llo fur IHc rtirtf llmr this .r.r \.mint.i. ..ri.-r« M ll.uii.r for Ihf 

What it will take for 
the Hawks to beat 
Illinois Valley for the 
third straight time 

I H , 

111, ;1iM,l 1,1 ' li-'ii '•>.'- 

IK I linii- HI. 

ACkTl ..(,--■ "'"'■* '*'" 

Hawk,* *CTC iiMt I" Ml- ■■'' 

Inini ifu ir hi mli" iiclj ^^ ' ' ■"' 

c»|'>(ixfcil liii a 73-)ji\l Un«.iitl. '>*n 
(■>,'.il iht:- run m iht- (osinh i|<,ii<rler m |>ui 



%*r|,« i: (III or 

On piipcf. .Saiurtlay'u game 
(h-H»!«i> iHc Hiwlii .mil lllimii'* 
V4l!c-y li...Ws, .,.. It the H.I.. i 
»lnHll.,l tv jtMi." 1.1 .li-niiii,!! 

CVCf^ J^I\-,, i I 'I !'■-.' .,',11' , 

On,' .,1.1, '.111,1 ,'iil'. I 1 
U,p t.' '' '.'"''''i 

shi'i. ' '■hi- 

ll! , Ik'\ 

'1 he 

.li'i'H'l .<! I till. 11 i r.i' 
■'H Itif Mii'!'.i'i>l Biv'aI 


thml 1,-, 

.ii:,jiB--i ■ 

I, 'It i»„i', 

«,'t!'l i-ci K"!i 

vk •xcorci 
■ .iriil ll.iK- 

'14 3 yanls m ihc nexl k.hik' : 

lire;* MW yank nishing lui hi- 

cnuirc iwo-ycai i:aavt .ii H.inx'r 

Thf ,-\r;K-hc<! rul IlK-ir tinal 

I'.l l,iii m Ihc 

,,>. IS ^.ir.l 

1,11 il> .'[kI ttk'' iMIIlc'S 


iu'iiiL.iil'.. !tic ((jvik^ wrre 
oiUpiiiicilt'llcriMvcly hv M.T.iinc 
Vailey. 4:.5 yar^J lo ,«4 s.ii'dv 
hul Harper (ml I'lrM.ifir^n.'J itu- 
MiirauiliTS WAf>. 

SiiviK'f lotnimuil 111'. 
ii'i!ui:..M\'i.- lroslim.tii '^c.ti 

. uui IS 

- and : 

I ii,,,- il,c 

'iji (I'lf Ihc 

11,1 ,,l Ihc 

lUik I, 'I .1 

V.ill, -. 

in Ihc : 

playcil ihcm .iti.t ihc •■ 

111 Ihc km ihrcc \»cck,, 

I.e. 1 1.1 

iiri.l 111 

,, hai'i'i'pioiwhti' 


ti.c.c>i ...ji.. 
plow in >h 

Ihrir tl..»l. tuklrr- r.itn.rBi' i»n a Mnr.iinr \Mt\ riinntr during lh» 
n,i»k» .iil-:(> Mdnry. Moraiiif \allr.> printd Imiiih Tor the lla»k (l«ffi 
.!> ihiy iiuliiaini-d thr II.<"ks ilS >ards I" -M4 jardv in lolal oKt-nsivi; 
>.ir«l*. I'hiilu\ tiiuriesy <// /'Ajiiiif.V (I'aul Sepaniakt 


\Ol. II ^O '- William Rainey Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

\,.M>mhfr 19. I«)87 

Harper student Selected 
as Semi-Finalist 

lit \lh»fliltilum( 


whkii »iil tiik.:. 1 

■i.cUl HtllcKi I ■'-'!>.' '"'• i'- 
.,1 (>t Niwcitfct 2"i.!'' ■" 

i !i,- winner *ilt rcprfv '' 

,„.,v >n Ihe >«» Mi- 
:'.i(;i-am wtiic^ •* ■■" ' ' 

■A ill *in o*>.'i 
-irii'imofc *.!■■ 
.111(1 jwirtfe 

idiienec »'' ■■■ • 

WiiMf's *}X"i->i><'- i'-> <"^ '■■■■-■■ 
lllifioH pifcaiii »:■ Ciiiimrj'sutc 

Duiini; ttn' "• 

cl^c. '^' 

i„-,:l li:.T 1,1,: Mf' 

Wunai 1^ 

1,1, vt^niivni> 
;,li;:ed on tier ' 

,, , ,,. .1 txT \i.,i,ti' iii'.nii.-t. : , 

In, I'lM 

tHe |Iii,mo«:m* 

M ihw pagcaiu. ork' 
,,,,■ .,'f "Mafii,' 

Vtirit, iK,|,tu;„ctl i,„n,iiiMMti tm p*ite » 

Hawks Victory 21-0! 


Tliis is 

Harper College 
on the Air 

11 i,h,.'> li.^c Vk i.ii^'iii 
,liiv. Ihe jipt*>iiuruly i* 

,,!,■ ilio 





i,.ri ll.,irivt> 



Experience in 
the field 

ThcHarhinpr NnM-nlHr I". IW 

At home for 
the holidays? 

Page 2 

■i| cnursc. UkV. :»U 


SikIi .11 

,u:a ■*!i 

SMMtK *UMls-nl.« iiul)' tecomc 
involve. I m *<•"' *«^- •^''' " '" 
.hecU«s« .n,h.: f.cUi UK ■^'""*;'^^^ , 

duhthm ■ '" "'»»•"•• , '„, , , 

field laii'i* ■ '■•' ^i""-' <'• "'"' ■ '* ' '■ 

aieiflncn*:.v...>--^>-vf''*' Say. »..«, - •• 

Stl*iHScn.,.i.-i I' ■■ ""« „ ,;■' 

Cliilvmcrobci fc* BiiiN K.-t.T^''- ' ■""■"'• " ' iiic F.1II 

Micmkd ihf Slii jnnujrr'ti ■''■ 
C(.,,! .,, .! -'■-•• ■■■ - 


CUb , J..-. ■ i ■ 
Rty Himic' *ftn *iif' 

til Ihicc icpn>cmin.: ■ ^_ ^ ,^ 

the ccinl'cfcmx '.i,' '.k'-'lv'i.-r.- .Imn * nh Uoyi M 

' „ut mm-v .mJ .1 immune ncal tm 



•«» ijitce • in>p>t:;>i ' 
ishcMctuw:, Itw»*.ii<''i 
chores thi«uhi:\ x".ir'. ' 


Hv 111 

,, i,,I ,:,[ ..!,J,I h'f. A.i\ "> 
■:,' 1«lilllll 


il IfhJitl 

,,lri 110 f ■' 

lITTti: '■!■' 


1 ■ 

■ .I'li dale 


l-urihctmi>tc. living 

jHli>m.,iliv (imctvcii ligtiiv anJ "t 

,)n T V.\ jKumil iho linu^c «iH 

in.ikc an criii'l* hiui«- ^ivm 

■4 in 

It urn I. IN* .11 hiinic lor ihc 

hoUdsyv . ■ - *..Kh on 
vacalKMiii' li.iiiso* 1* 

Hi,, or!;> I ■ -ihiumIiIc. I'ul 
.if[ipi,\ i,n.;.l Mi-nrwss ■ptevi.-iib 
„M«.iiiiL.t .itunlHin hy burgLifv 
.iii.l/iH vaiu'liK 

U .111 (.■l.tcrly or disaWco 
IXTsini or [xtAonv ifiiiiircs a liillc fvl 
moti- .litcii!!.'" !h;in one younger 

I p.'r^on will 

' ,.i j'uf ihc 
licljvr .1 •..■n-.c I'l . .iiiinhulion 10 
Ihc wcllarcof (Mlicts 

Xhu- ti,,...,.h h:Ihki1 IV 

tapulSy .' '"■"■ -'"'' *'■ 

|„,1,.! ,,. . ■/iil,i,n„hinp. 

'T'tiin,, n t.mnot K- v.ii'il th.n 


J i;.mk1 ainc' 

■) .jtiil vjintolivm. 


Ttie Harbinger November 19. 1987 

Page 3 

smoker's ccuigh - These arc a lew of 
m\ lavorite things. 

I'm, ct:iiniin-c<l Ihk jiiti i* iMrninu mi' into J <;r.ilitn i.ld ni.iit 
Mmt m» lime I tm stnmtr rmd out jihnut wiiiiflhins; Ui.ii ,ii l< .i>l 
etplmni thr Piarkini; I "I Indie* I wnilr jIhiiiI la*« »<>rk, «li. ii I 
(tune »<rti« 1»o mure Ihifii:^ l» am-rinale me. 

!• irtt, the parkin|> l«»l. The fmts ■mrrotrmlin): Ihr Lilt- (i.n iiiu 
of Ihe |9;irkint hH remitin III* same. mill lh«- hl.imi- kiI* *hilli(1. Il 
M'eni* Ihe piirkinit UH im well »» lh# si<le»><irk* .ilrr.iih finivhedi 
pfDjul i". mil onlj under the juisukei <if thi- .•-icimtd St.iie ut 
tlliiKnv lii fc.a. I.aiiil of fiinfuMOBI. I»iit aKi. umlt-r Ihtir iumplele 
ciiiilr"!, Ihe> e;«<i- Ihi- monti. .ni'r|>lftl (he Intl. .iriil alliniitl 
llar|M>i' In ci'e ttir K(i-, loi umslruttMin In lievui 

llic wtilj protiMio in Ihe renlriicl ft«r ii>ni(ileli>in daum i* 
the l«"«al projert which i« Iwneled for \pril HH. t »er> time 
Itarprr** adnitniariiliiin ha-islr-i ih* tonlriicHtfK ihej »rc told, 
"hilt we're ahead of Mhedule ." 

( Inr iif Ihe iw« nev> thinci I fnumt mul t>Mierrn« i-imtptiter-^. 
Spec irti: all), the »ellin|»«»ro«mputer hardware II sernn ihat lltM 
and Apple ha>e a litudenl fatullj Maff diMt.unl pruftnim thai 
»U<m<> puriluiie itf selevt *y»(ein* al up lii *>'< "II li-'l prtie. 

Il aHii wein* Ihat all IBM rei|uires is a laiiiln Product 
CtNirdinnliir frum the culleBe ■itaff In lake and .w i amel orders 
niMt eolletl mimci. Apparenllt Harper dneMil think this a 
Mi»rlli»hil« ef»<»rt, d*>pile Ihe fail that it i<. t Mrrenllj in mh i roslul 
operation al OaliliMi t itmmunitv ( oll«j:e. where thej ha»e a 
iijjnificanily tmaHer facullt *>tafr siie. 

Aecofiitns to l.awrente llaffner, Harper* \ijtl<ii>n 
ConipuliniE tlirerlor. re*ellin|t i<imputer% wtnild ". renuirt a 
•iitlmanlial amount of lime, and interfire with the primary 
pwriHne of itaff meniheei." % eah, iure. \nd a- tium it\ we Titid 
itul what Ihat t<>, we'll lei yiw know. 

Man. It i:et>. heller, rwrrently Harper i* searihinu fur a 
retail firm to wr*e •« its middle man un campus. Ma? he I'm 
tntrl* t Miiiat. hut i »m amuminf Ihal »n» ■■uKide firm uill «anl 
to gel I heir lUl ft^nm imr diMilunl. m> well he pa>mn for Ihr 
diMrihulion either waj. but with an milKide firm, we'll jusi I..- 
|{ivtii( the mttmi In an mit«Me company. The to)jic ««apr> me. 

The last land iiuite pin.%ihl>, leasli of m> (iripe* du jour 
eiimern* Ihe tireal American Sniokeuul. 1 am a ".moker, tif sorts 
(iiuarler In hall a pack per da* t. and l'»e ne»er heen par In ularlj 
proud iif it, until rrcenlh, I undrrsland non-smokers' ntthts hi 
hreiiithr clean air (both (if my riatmmairs are nun -smokers, and I 
(loll'l smoke in fn» .l(>.irtmen». or a'ltoM .iimnif . |s«' t«»>. (ilhrri, 
and I frsjircl ii.,n.siii. ■ • i- 

Hiivcrvrr. 1 .101 ■ <•• lake offi-ns. I" Hn- Vmerifan 

l.'ancef N.«irl> 's ■iniT'sm.*irii- (irofiaij.inda. I it ni!"' -'' illy. 

lu Harper's IrjistilJiii; smokioj; iifilit off Ihe <.«iiti ' III 

tat tear's reiinoal "f cicarellr vriuliiif m. "■ •■ inis 

iai the Inss i)f i.wr <s,*.™itl n ,n (.> Il.irpu ''n 

Har»vini:«'r suiipusrifli has |>i-..Iii(.i|ihk .ill i "<>> 


Hannins ah'iihol ads I can »ndrisianil Srniii: .is h.m man,> 
•Indents are under 11. violation nf Ihe l.iw is I'cirn; ad»n, alril 
ttm since mi'Kl iil lit nnt aili Harper students ate let-alls of a);r In 
smoke, all we're le'(ilst*linf is miiralils. 

Sure, if «iiu want t<i ((iiil tmokinic. (o ahead. 11 fs htrller for 
sou. HuI don'l rnnstrl mt. 

i wonder if i can flml a "Ttanh )mi hr VMilcini" si)tn for 
my ofTice. 

i.arr)' Panllin 
f-diliir-lnl hief 

01* f* r r^ I ^ , 



^**'-> . 

with Canil Carkeek 


■ifinins Ae fclril, week i)f 

■,i cswndtnp all thi,- 

-I," third *<:c\ <<\ 


-ill M..irl 

h,n .^ 

,1.., The 


Conii' Nin'cnilHT 

Il l".;..!.!!!!..!!!* ii( .11 

)iiii>: I 
', .111.,) 

i,, sUv 
you II 

lioiili.! ti.m' 
.■i,l |.'' i:.:i 

tirfori' I i:,r,"HS iiji 'ilk: 

niii Iil,,,' III." '.[1III-, on [tv 
b.ikX nl .1 l..i.tvhii,; ' *Mf\ .iiiil ihi 

li" ■■ ■ ' '■'■ -I 1 ' ■■■ ■■'■'■' 


mcasiiro ilii: 1. 
'J'uniM I ; 

'IhimU I CJI fiMsK iliai sound 

.;-! 1 drink things iliai 
I'K'k like cnistu'd ctl.ilk .ind Llslcs 

like rinicr s {due ' 

r»h wvll. I have loaUmii. I n- 
1 ssvn a fat squirrel, Hmm. 

...u)hc ihn squirrel has 

wimeihini; ht-n.' 

I Mho stores ftxid 

hciu-i ih.iri 1 do' Who wishes 

(!i,-'. ..nild hilvrn.iic come ih.- 

o| ismk'f more llun I ' 

■ i:h,.-. 'Iain! 

Uy now th€ rcali/aimn 

1 in If I doti'i dump a In* 

■ lids soon, ihi- only holiday 

til 1 11 tv able u> ».■.,« vsill tx- 


QWHe»e Cbesa PopmaR 2-^^ pmmn sjt ? 

ANY Place He caN 


.■ti|:,.r ..-I • '■■..'I 

; . usts 


taM^i' IWQiiin 


TiuwextM.i.t swH»...BiHM)«Hmx SOUND.. FiMMitttmx mm J' 


The llarbinccr November 19,1987 

Page 4 

Arsenic and Otii L»ce 

\ Ciit'ii 

NLiriha Brf*> ■■■:■' 

,!ift,/i(' Bri'y 


A Hood of good music 


11, |«,irt Hrtnlcrv 
1,.. !i.,il,l ' ■ '■■■■■■■■ 

-,.^.^,, I 1:1" 
kill III' J ■<11 

tvi>ti,t.l\-:, (■■-- 


Ht..e HM 

'.on II recff-l ■""■''' 
... ; .i.-nattyliw' ■'■"'•"■■ 

qoMt In MW.c i^a-'^ 't ";;'* "' 
an c>t''ll'""i 

ouWiWilin!'' ■ ,■ 

mstwmfWK*""'' • ' 

ewfYwtifK. Iran iHe ff^ '»"""» 
;,«ess H.eU righ. *»- '" * 

ihe ne* 

.:, m;jrd *« 
(he i'ir*» *>"*! 

itomi in i'"'' 

-A h It'll 
I he Kj\ *"!«■< "'' 
i,Ci m ihe lynts 

aria feeling *.-«»■»*»>«■* *"**■' 
f„ ,,,„(, ■ like -Oo«rnn,--. 
C■»,^<•^c'■ mtl iBlormaliofi 

Here *r tew "" 
itoi pH'vokc luiiti ;'■ :. . '■ . 

al .ill "11 


'h.i-. rciiiiVK'.- ■ 

.1. ,; I'A, • ,■ . iun lt«>"i '''i- 

".".'uUI K- |...ri(.> *illi t»™ "■'■■ 

.-U'twaif ri»U-in(r'''«*''''' 

Kill aiii'ihi-t "'ihjriu '. .1- 
,,,1 tHU " Ana 1J-.I !■ Ill i''iU'"i'' 

. .,. ,. . M,.iiitiii-t H'l' 

• .intm't '.I.iiiil- 

,",= -■,( t-Ti'lI'l.T 

, Kv rvjvul ltI.-*-.u;«:t-msl.>K•ul^l 
I.' ill kev 

ihiiiks lie's Ihf iwsuU-W 
. ■ , nitcJ Sulci, AW»v ■'">! 
M.iri,h.i .III- 'vtarKv >k ■■ - 
!,>*viri 1-. I! m.i.i V 


play ' ' ■■'' ■ 

gf t t»i(!,hi' 

■\r«:ii»C"antl (H.l I -i 
wecicnd li> ■ 
rnit.iv. anil 

%£.* m !'»-«' 
BfCW^Kt lilsH."'' ' 

*'iih I'wte (rflht 

,,,;,! ii^ "'trji '. 

k' c iTfK-K'fl (Ik't lA III I. » »■■ ■ 

" 'l lite tiK-Vicn IS in cmi*"™ 

„K hil *"e »« mi l*til>. ; 

2 When Moriimer i* «'' »>' " ' ' 

ii ii't'' |1 <■■>""■'■'■'' '""•'H-'™ ifli'V'-'* *'> limail'.-' 

'"*■ "■■' ' , ; •.. .n'l even [jrcwsin -i 

A:r>iC-int - 

,1... Jl.Hl 

,,,,. ,.,,,, ,K,-..-ii .n tUc (.iiiuly 
v^hi. M'^ti^ hall 'A-iv ii.'muil .- 
• • , r 1 .i.tilJa *llv ' 

■ ■ 1 rjid l.aL-e sufu-ctJs 
I ■.;, i-mcruimmga* *ell 


All 111 ihi.' ttiarailciv i"'-' "'"y 
„.aiulc.l .m^tItK■.kl.»-^.lllJt■^i■fVl■ 
Jr^nlIl.1l.'l .'I'l'l-i"'"' 

llul ilK-rr 1- one Imlc thing 

ih„ b..i1wr. iiw (i'X'J "'B''* 

.... 1 ,,.,,,■ ,v.v I'ln,) 

..( ihc 

to Ik "cerlt«>"l ■■■ 

Jasim »'»» '"e ■-■■ 

ym am !*• «^'■■'- 

B«:l«Ie». It ttimrl'" 

imriie pcifcetly , , < . 

•JMa lectwd 1* inoilu».'-i.! i'» 
Terr* Minnmg «'«' •>'"'' 

ifflcall theic t<m imtr Ji'V toe '" 

-.11 tffi'lt e«tjil>*ne 
..hip pCHit «Mil <)( ihi' 

„,. h fie. 11 hi 



«»irs o( »"* " 

hptir find w>'<V i ' 

.1 Uic MiJ 111 
*cll. Th:.''. 
\iiil»'iii tniis'ici»n%. M 
'hillip'i 1* <« lead gmm. Ricl" 

*i,n»i II. The only MnforWBUe 
thing n ihM they niay l« I'm * 
ihe *hu.(11e due to *e tkcm tUnxl 
ti» IK* «'Kle.:w-; Th.- i!:»i.'h1 niii^if 
lillicie *W''' .'!.■( ii" 

,ik.' HiilK I'jnJiii. 

,.i I. .IIUI 

i-ljHV 11.1 

thrtitiBh. llv 

!iiH ih.ii I'O 

l,,u. otic 

ecu ■ ■■ \--'^' 

,utl haM- (iK-"lii "' '""*• 
.,.. v^tial happen* to 

. ■ ,,k- lot \oui«n 

•i.-j!h ..«•-■ 
.'..niiaiHin t-'" 

Page Five 

The Harbinj-er Ncncmber 19. I9H7 

Page 5 



A m VP ()• WORDS 

{/(',f H:.V) itn any Saturday mitrmng Tka sfftf 
is a cozy hnatfmi iwo* surmumkd by hti c 
cunaiMil windi'ms. Outsidf we see the first 
rtiys ofxmlixtii m the\ Irrui sparkle w the *w 
and > ' ^ - ;<if H'orW Sfinghtrds flit from 
brari: ■■ nritimng mrm/y arul rrioifinK 

t/if ncH iii\ .*i,\ ihr curtain rises, ur ,««' \ciine 
newh^rds Him and Hn IlimmfiihtT iM 
they'setttf '- •■ •'■" •">■•*■'•■•■ ■■--*■ {,>r their 

HER: GfHxl ni. ■ ; ' 

HIM: ('i>'-' ■ ■...,•,,,■>' What's for 

bn; , ■ ■ 

HER' At,: , ,, .....: 

him H,>.,.>-. ,,■.,: .■■ :3'' 

HER: \\>u kivuA »li<re ihcy are. 

HIM: Oh, I though! voii were offcnng. . . 

HE:.R: HA' 


HFR' ^■'■'ii v"ti h.netl nw n«4, sUl* 

HIM \..i .:;iv,; I ...I 'J »,.i,. ,i.. 


ConscrvaliAcK * Con^ciA .iincK ' ^■l•u 
ihmk\ fnn'nv'' I c;iin tx-hcvc uhal a 
l«tl yim iirc! What am I i:k>int hea- »iih 
Shut up 

>, :'( •.Hill up. Jerk! 
W'hv. I oughta. . . 
What".' 'Ytiti oughui Willi'?' 
Ought.!.. ... 

Yi-ah., ouf htii *>llttn;| . yoiiierk! 

Pass I he cttain. 

Wh.ii are we doing llii.s weekend'? 
; Nuiliiii;:. we're broke. 
W'c'ie .iV.^.iv- broke. 
.;\!iii V. ..jruihitii;. 

\\,:i\ ,. ■ some flJOHey set wc 

ui'i i-' ..: 

\\,,j ' ohci-l,^x>ok .I'n'l tf'll me 



HEK .1 


HIK ■ 


III ;•; 

HfR I 

HIM < 

K an it ptcniv I't" 

that pten!;- 
-.hci'i witi: 

:l mil lit •■'. 



















b.ih>. It .ti'wa.;! 

:ihiii,it r:o\\ !'i.'l ' - 
ni:R I ■■'><,■ 
HIM '■■ 

: ricl'ii 









Ml H 
Hi R 


Ill' I': 


HI I-' 

,. :!> applirttiie --.ilc al 

lacld^ llii'S wecki-r;.! U'f -.tioiild 
'.ice C'NpreNM>tn;,K'i:.nL' 
VV'tiaiever your lic.irt iJcvire^, .Siiki- uhcn 
ijo we drink e\iiK-^M>'* 
Well. Vke don'i tIriDk il hci.uise vvc don't 
have ;i nice^\o rtiiichine .And it's 
)-vpre\~-i'. not i ' 

Oil, 1 ltln, 
\r'-r ■■ 

I').. . 

Sure, tni; 
We'll p'!' 


|ln-:i ■.. 

■re broke. 

• inr ;i nice 
.:\. .115 espresso .1 nue dinner and 
s\u ni.iihn'n,' 

(' )k„i\ 
I-. 11 

; ■. in; I'ould 
! !i.ini the 

i ^p Li Iter 111!,! 



HI H , 


HIR I ' 

iiiM r. 

WM.H tnfcdit awttl' 

(,.n,iiii»<i Hf all tim ••'•'. 4~>rU>.M willilii»'fini,«irw'.i 

•411. tua.|K mius 

JInil |«tti •»«• «»n»ii IB m 

» iw) IB. fial. iWiWb . nlH . i . 

„...l |tll«« *«| 

-lij, «.!« w «».•.•••• ••.J»U . ««^ .| "mt » «««|iih»ll*f 

It,, ,,p...'r 

...... I. J . ... .4...m . ri'LC. H 


I |...i I ■■•* 

'IImi 4a<<. iJ^'t f»KUit.> iha. 4.»>h 



«9 ^ 


The Harbinjicr NuM-mhir 19, 1987 

Page 6 

Harper Trip Planned 

1 „,,„.■ ind \eciunlvrmam leader iuul im'- 

*hai MicheHn«eto-» Suliat «'"«^«^ „,„„„<-, which "....■n.l-, 
Qaliflt>o«*'!«l like when .1 w» ■ ^. ^, ^,,_,rt'. f ;nhc*.l m 

STpaimed .nd ii y~ *« «; V^„„„, ■■ . . ,,,doMMv.<l«J ■ 

ici up » four houf* <" "'"'«=**- ,h.. 1 .;rt m t-l.-it-nrt, 

«4il ii. hiiin«.«s «« .1. )«" '~ ,,^ _,,.....■„ ... ih.:- V ;,,.,.M.- ■■ 

» on . IS iV »"^¥ »« ;i^!?"' "Mu«un« ami U 

I earn lUout *c c«W*Hy ;*" „ 

.„ rounding UwKSlorilttorf the ""U . ^.(„, of ihc i<."it 

ot ite <«:h.n.t(«.s K-mg u«d to ^^^^^^^^.^ , 
ctcai. »1 rc««c .i K' >is '■>"«'"* Chicago. 


New Minister 



Chicafo. Mil'--' 

" '^^''" ' Kre«kf»st daih 
-II « muscw" '•""■"' 

Lit ill 1.':. 

Steel Band Concert 

"1 I'; 

loday »i t ' ' 
iipili at 6: 1 ^ : ' 


The HarptT <'>'ll.". 

(rcMii Si i."ui'- 
pcifiHiTuril -lb'"'.' 


Happ^ Ihanksqivin^ 


f'i:>\ \ 

I m (■ t n •• I ' " " -" ' 

■"■■"SIT •^Maf!|i|ii'«iifc_.^i,i* J«r— ^ 

Toys For Tots Brightens Xmas 

i.tav sc*-w '"'•* 

,,ri;-':t ihrmigh » 


,.■J^ U'lT Till*" 

viihutcd Wl.tXIl 

■ '■ Ti vvilh Ihe 

njps .mil 

. 'in 'lli:- 

one a: 
ire <k^< 

the AmHi\i 



■ ■■u. ..irul nnl 

. 111..- Uill. 

■,l ,(k-f1i;Mi.iir' 

1 ,..,•,, .Hi- ll.'l'.li'' 

;jrinicnl at 

The Harbinger November 19. 19S7 


• Model Fi i.:,:i<aum.bura Ot»i.:e 

• Qu«niilc#<l S«l«rv' with P'toriMd tncmacen. 

• lO-lSHmiriper Wvth 

• EwtnlngHoMmllDMlay mtuFrMay. 

• NoEiporianetllMliiifttl. 

• Fmc Pwd Tntntnf. 

• Pa« «ic»tiOf» and MoHiJiv*, 

• Gt'twfous Montgomery Wtfd OlicounI 


Specialist, in 
Men. Wonuti c'- ChiMreu 

Jewel's hiring 

J^ ■ • :■"> for excellen!/ob 
opportunities plus: 

Flexible hours! • Excellent benefits! 

Competitive wages! ' ^"^ ^ '^^'" o' friendly. 

helpful CO- workers! 

application and more 

us: ^ 




by (HKcmlng a Manpoww lemporafv Wt'lt offer iou 

than or lofig twrn as»fnm«ni». a( (op local tosiiwtsses. 
LMrn firsthand about *m tfay-io-day wortiogs ot Armr- 
Km txtainess Whte adding cast) lo your «raM and e,x- 
(»fwrt:« 10 your rwimii, 

AMwd the School ot E«penenc« beXmmin Semesters 


Sehaumttufg 935-0232 

O'MafB i::.-*3'?,>!jl 
Northbrook 564- 1 440 

i«>Op 263-5144 
UnMng 474-0750 

Evergreen Park - 
N Michigan Ave 
Kankakee ■ 

lUiiSca 773 1:»3 
Oakttrook '-•:>:'' mm 
N, Rivarside • '■ " ••, 

Hammond. IN 
NEW Mt Prospect 

- J253 

> it.m <»62-81KI 


' I: '.'h''^ :..■'«;":■■■"■■■■ S f -i"1 




9»0 W. [Xjivdti Ro«d 




jmLMmmk ■— JLA 

Recicve % 
Free tote biq 




The Harbinger November 19. 1987 


Harper Student 




omtmiiid fiw» firtt p«*« 
fcmale'jock" tJurmg licr high 

si-hail (fays. She »» invo}v«l in 
all type* of sjKtrts and won 
jiwai'ds in wfiball. volleyball. 
basketball, gymnaiiics. dt»ing. 
nthcry Md ifance. 

SclMlo) w» not Wunais only 
conccin at that time. Aftci 
graduating from high school m 
IW5. Wunar worked full-time in 
a bauty salon. 

Wuuar did everything from 
hairsiyling to makeup applica- 
tion. She became more 
intcresied in makeup and facial 
ap|)licaiions and traded canxn. 

Her new job wat n a makeup 
aftisi ill iJic now defunct "I Natu- 
ral Cosmeiici" at Woodfield 
Mall She advanced lo the posi- 
tion of A.<is»Uinl Manager 

Afkr 'I Natural Cosmetics" 
went out of buuncs.5. Wumir w- 
cwcd a p<»itkin as Managci of 
the Rand Road Hii-iat-Mw". 

Desiring more mvolvement in 
bu3in«ss, a chjncc to hi-tlri 
he;i«lf. and achieve up* .ml mo 
biliiy Wunjir tho« to leave "Hil- 
tir-Mis-i" and pursue a Busmem, 
Markclirig and Fiiuikc Mgiec al 
Harper College, 

Wunar is currently * r«*twni. 

'I came hen for a hi'iwMit first 

ti> I'f'i ti.icli ituo (Iw gnmve of 

•.Ho «« tl 1 could do II 

^;iid 'So^' fm frjily 


.■^c 111'.- f'iT lirsi 

'■ ji honored aca- 

!-. > iiigmami^ on the 


Wunar's education is very im- 
portant to her Shcs looking 

forward lo ttceiving her two- 
yeai-degree from Harper and 
eventually transferring to 
Nonhern Illinois IJniversily to 
receive hei Bachelor's degree in 
Buiineis. Marketing and 

Wunar u looking forward lo 
the eompetiljon. "It would be my 
dream come true uj win. 1 feet 
that 1 have as much chance as 
anyone else there because 1 got 
picked just Idte they dtd* 

Wunar gives this advice to 
anyone who would like lo follow 
in her footsteps: "Siatt 
(mt>deling) young and don't 
spend too much money on 
pictures right away. If your 
patents are able, get yourself into 
some type of profcs-iional 
modeling school like John 
Casabbncas and leani the fielj " 

"If you'ic inicrcsiol, fullow ii 
.ifvl pursue ii," she s,i>s- "i^nd il 
>.)iirc nol, j!.i< inio •.nmelhtng 

else II you keep up with 

(modeling), you have to learn 
everything, f\.-",ih,iu. ,■< K-r\ 
important- > 
hair, the wa- 
and your (H', ■■ 
Wunar ^,.>, 
iiil fits mill uric ,■■',■ 
h,.nc iht- .is,[icii 

riMcn aliitudc on in>' v- u'':\ ii 
remember thai and ilicy Hun't 
hire you it^tm Just be yourscrlf 
Be die besl you possibly can. ami 
things w,ill work out." 

on the Rise 

Does Stock Market Bring Down 
Investing Colleges? 

CPS-When the Dt»w Jones 
Industrial Average recently 
plumnieied 50R poinLi. the value 
of many slock pon,folios held by 
schools acfois the nation also fell 

l!:ampujes typically own 
porfolios full of stocks, and use 
the profits to pay for new 
building! and other hig-money 
conslriiction pro,rect.s 

Schools with large 
endowments, moreover, have in 
recent years been using their 
sKK'k profits to provide financial 
aid to siuilenti frozen out of 
federal aid programs by budget 

While some officials worried 
that wealthy contributors might 
become less generous, no one 
was predicting the collapse 
would hurt jwdents or campuses 
in the near future- although the 
collapse in percentage terms was 
worse than ihe greal crash in 
l';»2'» that ushered in the 
cionomic depression ul ihc 

Ai K'oiunbuior-. i |- 
wcallh goc-, ,1','A p 
Washington : 


* * 










I fnii<, rreisir 

i( Si 

• he imivcrsiM 

typical :' 

tn^h wfn«*i^i 


htnck said. 

Bat 'because colleges play 
the stock market carefully and 
conseivalivcly, said Jack Cos of 
ita Nhtioni A,i'KK,iiatim' of 

Craphii hy 'r,,»« 'huitmann 




[ a. 

iinri Cnivcrsity Uusincss 

'. •' 'I'BO), the impact 

,. other investors 

and riihcr observers 

1 the iti.irkei would 

J', u ili,.l itiiiing, ihc 

LIS iii.i,rki„-i (Inips thai 


.III .iri'Ti,' 


Stanford, however, is 
thinking of investing more in 
stocks, now that lasi week's crash 
has let some share prices fall low 

enough to become bargains. 
Bycrs s:inl "We have the cash, 
N- '■• :imc it" 

■ .ers say iJie sliKk 
niaikei >liould not hiive an 
imnieiliate impact on luilion, 
■, i:,ines .mil ijihcr tilij...iiiiin 



il;.,iil,t-l -lu'llJ Itol 11. 
an miii„ii, I on in'.iiii 


inipaci oi- ■ ,'i," 

•.ai.l .Sl.inl. ; . . ,,, . ,, ,.,.,^.1 loi 
Business .iiKl I in.irii.e William 


' !ik tuiiions will 
■ ' Wa'^hinguins 


■-C ll.lllll.KI 01,11 

liif'titi f.locaiit"! IS :i good 
invcsiincm 0'sp<-cut-l'. ilunnj! liard 
times." he said, bet,., 
tdiicatkm and retraining b<," 
even more essential. 



ri 1 .1 :' t 


• • .lojhani 

Il s JUS! 100 

,- ■l">'s 

■will he 

.id Jed, 
hard lo 


M-,w \. , s -- '- (CPSl - 
I,,»unii(: ill which 

demosrafTu';'. !i,i\c Keen 
prcdicimg ilra,<.ii. ent.'llmeni 
decrease" , • ' - ■■ ;, :scs. 
iiiKlerti.i'' ,.:ill} 

i\,ise Ix-ln...... . •,- : the 

College IkiuHt rcjs'rieil 

In all. ainiosi lO,'-' nullum 
undergr.ids registered for classes 
last full 

I'epaiiiiient o( 
:edatoial of rmw 


tmlut :,;' , : 

public campuses, where the 
number of tirst,iimesiij(kn,ti, M 
by S 1 (X!rieni 

The over,! 1 1 increase in 
ennillmcni. ihc board's Fm| 
Moreno itoicd, i'.ime mtislK froiU 
t'lder siuvlents relurn,injt M 
s*, hiwil 


iM »i^nv^^ 



*-v»B BA and I-)«ar *AS d«sr»«» in Mvtrltiirtf 
0«*9n lliu«ratn»n, F»»ii>on Duttgn. intertoi Onsujn 
Fiihion Mtfeh«n*»in<), ana Ph<i£>9ri«*y laniliw 
smam aoe^wixi' Oar ana »«»inf €(■§••» 
Prnf/imm eagm Fao,'ua,iv, jun*, arad SapiomW' 
*lt* Of fittom *>• cauios 


CMcago Campus (Si2) IfO-lMO 

«0i Hontt yv»b«»n A»»inj» C:n,ie»!|0, illiiMH* SMtl 
IMmmMMM CmiwuI', (}t2| MS-MSO 

f^pSectoiY Of aasses £ 
Opportunity is calling... 

Is a national leader in college marl^oting 
and media. We have chaltervging 
positions available tor parttinw inside 
salespeople for the Directory ot 
Classes*the unique, official academic 
publication utilixed by 100+ colleges 
and universities, nationally. 

Excellent earning potential selling ad- 
vertising space in this MUST READ 
publication. Many of our people are 
earning $15 per hour and more (hourly 
salary plus commissions). Itexibte 

It you are interBsted in working for a dy- 
namic. Bntreprormjrial company, call: 

Linda McCasHn, 

National Personnel Director 



Peter Soby 

benefits gaining 


Ihc Harbini; 

ecr \(.vtiiil)i.r 19. | 


Page 9 

Sltktt Vlritfr 

.1 r,M| :.., „, , 

.1 hi" 


mem to. 

Health, Corner 

An update from HmCtft Seri^ices 


■■I'tKI ..| I 

^MOMoi I I.,,,,, 

\II)S I fH ( \TIO\ 


'■" I ■ \ir'S ' \\ , 

■■ ■■ "' .'<t'.>|HI..„ 

■■""=' *•" gladly 


r 1,1 nil 

""Tl J 

hccn .1 

"■■""'■"■■'■ "■ «.1IT.>',| .,' 

' risk of lie 1 

■■•' 'l''>'.'J !!!,.!: 

iMul, fl,. 

••' Micr 

"ill*, ••■ii- 1 (km .T 

Ifli' *r>nn.- 


'■JlJJIilio- (,..« J 

|)ar«iftn,,t, !lii- 

PS 'A.. 


•IW the aul(:>:f!,r:i[i)i'. 

'"•'*■ Ihiiii! ,|)ui n !!■ 

lini>HC »(l,.i:,i (■,.,„. „„ .., ... ., 
-jJxl w» ,),|;|,„,„.^ <>*n: jciif ji ■ ■ ■, 
J. lew nr,ii;.m).,ni' "' mjrti 

'::["'";;;' rt'i^t''^ '■?■•'■■""'' ■"■"--"" 

'1 ^ llii- , 

' ''uj;hi 

!'T In 

M( )\ H I P 

TO IF If: 



Special People 

«t^ t 

.Not Just Comics, 

Ihf Harbinger Ntivimht'r 19, 1987 

Page 10 





By Leigh Rubin 

^ Zim!V[\nW.''l_. 



By Leigh Rubin 



By Leigh Rubin 

/"f X, 

'„ t •* 

' )ts*^. 

,.,5 : 

I %iiiii 


< I 

Tim i7i*if sun «? * 

\ ,jr-*,- , 



r ^ V. 


By Leigh Rubin 

^IC'OHI '5^'Off !»2~0ff 

^J ._. --i-'-ii *' 




Frklay & Saturday Nights 
Midnight -2:00 A.M. 

Large Scrten Videos-Ftaturing Wolf Brand 

Colored Pin Specials j Horn c' f .:,'e"!?.r 

ONLY *6.00 per person 

Includes - 2 hours bowling 

Features Prizes including Free Drinks 

and Free Game Passes 

^Fair Lanes 

3245 Kirchoff Rd. • Rolling Meadows • 259-4400 




Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds 

ThcHarhingcT Novcmhtr 19.1987 Page 1 1 

Clawified \il Rales 

rii>»»i}i«rf.s «'•■ (iff wild 
fHOflcr lilrtinti™'""''- 

Nim-Stuilfrit t [o'vii fird"; (up (Ivi,; 
!• nifht hnr.: I i»rr 1-1 M<. 
t 5T> «.«»<-h i»ti4i.lto>«»l linf 

I'l. '. , r!.u)i«, «i:i J. 

,1-1,1 ,■. . .,« 


R«iMii*«s, 'Dicnii, Com"'* „ »:-i'i 


Htrndrwlf M humc ' v\ r u.; 
- '■< ■ ..rk, NI 070«*. 

:. I i:r ti 

i ' , i:kelimtffi,|mftCTKi: 

Im tftm$ tmA ntpi to fianM m 
Smuii fait* biMd ("al I Ctntput 
MifkMMw t.itl.ii'i ,11 II Mi's* 4K«D 


<,.,h,„:r!h,,;.,l R.| r,,HlW*.r(g! IS.t. 

E.ji,m I' , 

>'»;. 1' 


(W-RS-. ,, M ,,■,,, I 

"■■'.k .,r,,r.ti,„ilr,,r I It R,-..( End, 


w > 

!4 ', 


y-'Fi i-viw.iJ 






■«, a*'^|:»t\-tfylK 

■ '•.■i:ta'rnttl pfrftt;! 


r-+jufth,ii;, .?'i,vkm| S1.7W5, 0,b,n, 

MiiM «:ll Cill I'ii M«« timm « 



': WtllKS 

■ ■ >1,OTV Cill 

If.,',, ,,■ K.i,n,l> ''J: iM4ft, 

•,,-,:■ 1, t (, \ Ti 'L, ',- 


■ -nprn. 

fu;'-, !■ 

,.,«, B*4t offer 

!:li,h i 

■■ (.i>IIS.4'}i. 



'■ n III.) MJ „ 

tFF;p^ r\'S'S -ii-f« 

liKBi'iili !)■<;! 

\KK\rM !-J'IT-\R 

1,37 iiii'n,«t, ,ii;,6, ■ !,,_, 

■I* . 

ni> l-ii.k,k lc;iilk'f nuHi >*i> wt- can 
mjkc a (a^lii.ui lUlfiticnt, Yihi 

ii-.^ r, ^ L'.ik v>* .i.iniiu".! h.'i 

■,-, ■, , , n-;>ii,( 

\ u nt If u nhn 

l^ icilK \\w v..\\ Jotuihan 
'• ■ ' ■ • -..' ' It.,- iv-all> IS a 

f .M( »/ 'IrtrniV onii 
/ I art 

it- f\>f ,1 (.■ii'.ii o|H-njnj> 

! t • ,j[:ain this 

: 1 ilri>[' kick III) ['tofis 

.,I,M1, ,!,■ II K ' 

I.jnn \1 

Slop h) l!>c Harbinger sn we ean schedules lor llCJll 

SigmxJ. "ftjirl," 


If W « ff V 

W'Imi . 


' I 

mj; lime 


i.ll ^ 

tiL-* and 


■ ' Keep 

<tl \w,. I 


vctiiie Is 

\ii' a Hit Hnhyn 

itii -I,', I, ^■|■l,l iir-l'l liiJc 

il' "■ ,; 1.1 li' \ i>>ni,rol. 

ait,; , i; 

1..V,', ,\i,;,;l,' 

■■,->, l.",,>i 

I '»■'•« i,',ii VI IRfli 

I ■ ■ " -. .<ii-.i i:ii.i.i,i 

,ai , 


■• tS 


■■; \ 

'■lit. iiinllta 

Mn:M:)i|', ,iiji<tl!i»Tv 
■,<(W Ciili, 


Rent -A- Microwave, 
Television Set, 
Stereo or VCR 

¥&u can do it ALL at RENT-A-CENTER 



Come in to Rent-A-Center 


18 Chicago Area locoftons Including 


TIk> llarhinmr NiiMmhcr !•». I')H7 

Paue 12 

Hawks bring home 
championship, Cola 

Bowl next 

bl Hill KiiiJ»ll>*f|l 
Sinirls fdilor 

Hi»*lt. luiinmg haii Dan 
HiMM tad set a goal U:Um iht- 
^MC etanipwnshtp gam.- .u-.m!-! 
Hlmoil V»U«y^ B'l' 
otfensive lincmtn Siirv./ 
wax eani«<! off ihf iiiUl i.n .1 
mmc^her, Miini.n lalil itic Imojun 
tc unuhi iceraiittti*)! *<• !!■«' ' • 

"t weni over w Rishnp .ii.a 
loM him I wouki rijvh llic 
-..»\i.i , .,.< .VI ,.i t,.r h,n.;' MjriKi 

■ •• ru>hiii|i; 



,. ,.- in liir 


riMjfHj! .\\ Sti'. iliT hit I.; dd."! 
'i.l.'iiin ili.,it\ 

■ i!k- shuiiiui anvl 
111 .1 tlumric'iiship 

;,.. i!>.- Hjak. 1.,. i.' 

gum.: - 

fiimc aillic tijll aiiil itui 

in .111 .iii:>l-ii„il;;ince. And di'lcrnivt' 
litu-ii. !;■■ I'l'!'.' Bii:ymji Icl'l Itii- 
(tan 1 1 

•r, .1 il'..- I 


1I IX>i 

it., 'I* I 


1-1 \Mlh. 1>.1: 

l,.i-c" w<ll ^v i'v.ail> Ut i^v 
Sifnitav" llarpo >:> 

,, 1,, i,i I ll-AM.i[li ..11 S11r1d.11. jnd rii.iMk 

, n.iji kiii'*^ ,1 t.:-A Ituiii:-. Lihoui ihciii 

inl ■*,: \l\ ditlK nil 111 [Xi'l-.ili: l(>r 

..(.,■ ' itk-tn Kv.i:r-.- ui-'l pl.n 1)10111 

diinti)' iti v.. II I know 

llicv tin- , .1 and Ihoy 

,111)! .lud .lui..iin;, li'"' ■"•■■ •■ >-'-'i"i' ^"•' ^^'"i- 

iIi'kh' (umhlcs and an 1!. . J [-loinl-. ii g.irnc 

and h.i. ,■ •,.iiii ,1 nuT '•" piiinis 

1.1 «n (our liniiN ihn v>;.ii \V I- .iri- 

,1.1,, 1 i%tk said, going 10 lunc t" .. ."■ ' '"■ ■'"■' 

-llcnsc rlBji'-l an wo II pn-bahK ; 

:.,i.,,rlh miartt-r. I he i^nh our |ijsscii(; t....... 

Women's B-ball preps for season 

S|.i.|. l~ I .;. 

.11 1 lli'fW 

Kim try* gruh* iht rthoum) »ltil. Ih ' i..imm.<ir» Itii.k 
..n. Phoi" < rulli: .l-'hn VUVkk.r 


VOL. 21 NO. 15 

Wllltam Raincy Harp«r Coll«g« Palatine. Illinota 

Dcccmhcr 3, 1987 

pstge 3 


;>f> 4 

Billy Joel in 
page 4 

Hawks Third 
in Nation 

Administrators to Aprove 
IBM & Apple Discount 

%1 D<Mg.lM R>; 
Stmt EdMnr 

l.jiwreiK;e I, NalTner. iica- 

iltiitiic tompuliiiB diret'ior. i^ 
aiiirmpting lo (tnah/c «i 
ir«tigrment wah IBM anil 
Apple 10 oflei I discouiii on iht 
pun-haM* of piTWtnat computf n 

IKM i\ fl'fcnn^j [larpcf 
(.'"llciic 4 Ml'", (.li>«.'t.iuni >ifi iiuny 
<>( ibeir peiiunal . ■■■ : ■ -- 
J'jdcms Jiftil I wo ol 
priMfrii, the (Jiscouii. -:... ... 

.1 4 .1 ( ! .ihlf f « Kim I n iJiHior* ,, 

A !■ . . -.iKd- 

milor friMi, ... k- 

«liii»(J by IBM to altcAantcl cu- 
tlers !imt 10 toiltxi money, la lJi«' 
paM ihc vice presidemi have 
been retucliijt lo approve a itJifl" 
memher id t«»umc resptJii'tiNlHj 
as ihe middk -man l'<w reselling 
ctmipwifrs. according to Haffn«„ 

Hjiffncr cxptarned ihai re- 
«tll,in| computers wtwld nxjutrt 
a ntManiul ainnuni of ume. and 
*'mjld interfere wiift the prim.ary 
piirT«« o( Harper ^Bff memberi 

■Rctenily Hjtfncf uias rn- 
formed ihai IBM will iiiiow an 

«tu£iiln:mal msuiuuon to operate 
ihrniiji'h ,» tompiHef reiailcr. ThK 
tne.t. ■"■'ipuwr haniwjiie, 

• Iv . H-m from IBM. 

'i.- piirclia.ted and 
■' lo Ihe compuicr 

Currenlly Hafl'nct \\ M'jrth- 

Ing kv .11 tompuUM rctailci tti.ii |., 

■ 'i in iJoin^' !hc pj[>ci 

■ 'hi'i:; tr;-cn.rij; any 

*"■ also 

C" •■'lling 

IGraf>tu€' it Itm r'utirmm 

tne compuicri out ol itic tioolt 

According to in Apple 
(liscoimi progmm appiicatinn, 

Iheir discoimi vull apjily only lo 
(ull-limc profftsuMial em- 
ployee*, t'ai'uliy. and admin- 
wtrators diiecily mvolvcd in ihe 

Oak Ion is jjOtinf putt in -the 
F'.,ldia!™'<j Buy program offcre*! 
f". .\pple. 

The plan offers ,i '17% 
discouri! lo O.M -ise 

cmplmc-v, l.ituli .ri- 

'■'" ■ ■' :■ III, Ik.arid I|{;S 

Njhih. .1 Lomputcr rcuiler, u 
al>ii I'lflenng Oaklon lull lime 
students a iTii discount on 
selected Apple tardwai'c (pan 
lime siiidrnts r-i-.'-v- '''.'"■ 'i 

-'\PI'l'' .1- >lt>;h,;r 

f:;..ll.|kallon I'l::. ■ -. - Mi-,Pl''t 

which alki»t only itie purchase 
of tJ* Mjtintosh compuicr. 'Itie 
program. oCfcrcd on\\ m niihiccn 
iiihfi cdlli'pcv I. Hers ilK- >,.iine 
discounl as the fuducaior's Buy. 

Iwl icKiuines m agreaatm with a 
computer rcuilei as well as with 
Apple and the College. 

According to Haffncr there 

arc a few proMcms with this 
plan. The most disagreeable 
proWcm wiih ihc Hr.Pf plan is 
the rcsukk-d purchase of only 
Apple Maciniosh compulrrs. 

-An "open access lab" is also 
icqutred consisting of at least 
seven Maciniosh computers. 
which Haffnei feds is not needed 
al this point There arc also 
problems in the logiiiks of 

The next siep. according |» 
Haffticr. is to present tlie figures 
to Vice Fre-sident of Acadcmic 
Affairs. Dr. David Williams 
Haffncr said that Williams will 
proNibly bring the computer 
discount proposal to the other 
vice prcsutenn and the president. 
Haffncr gives the possibility 
of fmali/ing the plan with IBM 
or HEPP by Apple a ' fifty filiy 

Harper Child Development Center 

Ry (iwrn R'nll|g. a 
Onlil Howard 

Stall Wrilm 

The rhild Care fentct hjis 

parents quality 

-ion fur vutccn 

.:mj,ti, pemids ol growth 


■ dcit a 

,ii-d m huiUtmi; If, room 

s, pcThap* 

■:,!if [itogram 

''ji.-al and kept, ti 

n ii Bah\ sitrtin!: 

.-ni-. ijki- 

'.hese *eie 

...^..1...-, ...uklU-d by the 

pmgram . 

'■■■'- program Itte others hits 

>;n a change of hands diiwn iht- 

.in \ct «:>iTic ortf inal mcmhfr^ 

Quality Day Care for Sixteen Years 

4 ■ 

Student Senate 
Sets Goals 

hi Kim (Kirnwiltl 

l-'t-alurrt Edtliir 

.t." c. .ictciriiiliri].; its 

'.■viili'ni al iticir last 

i.-ii ilu-v cslalili'.ht-d 

.•( ihc 
'1 1.11 1 on 

i-liat the 
.k'viimplish Its annual 

.It least 
hill it 

.11 he 

oramKHJitlr One 

-■■all ts all wKul. ... . .'...:. itirecl 

access lo the pla> ground. al*4> 
iNMlr for (lie chitditn. 

As with every 'piDfiMt ibeie 
■KiiiMiyinis. tetoTiheioals 

I. in. -.Ltf-^... . . ,, 

ihcy musi - ■ - ^;, 

real |'H-.i'>!. 

'w<^'*-|- ....._.;. ihe 

classiiumi are areas tor play: a 
landboi. a pby kiichen and a 
place for real animals for the 
children lo watch. An 

ii'.i..i!.i,.->t in .1 .... ;!.-,:c 

Th-omiis \xUt:\ . 
i\ ilif wn ihai ,. ■ -i 

It s their naiuraJ way .•! Icu-riing 

Teachers s« up wccklv 
thcinej. this offers the children a 
bftwler loolt II the world aroimd 
ConltiHtcil on mam' 1 

Atlcmfiiing 1 1 

■yearlxnii. or something similar. 
.' n.orc funds for 

Cll.' ■ .1.. i.vilJi-v 

.;'.... .:., ^...wini; tvy on 
some of the buildings' walls 
around ibc campus. 

A pi'issif'lc winter ice 
Hulptm^ tonicst and show on 

An aluminum can recycling 
ilrH-c and.' or facililics 

Ha\uig Ihe fireplace in A- 
Bld|f. kmngc "on" in the winter. 

Thus, the goals are varied 
and ijuiie useful in their 
application Further student 
siiggi-slions should be written on 
' paiier and submitted to 
-jiiM's' niailh«wes in the 
Student Activities Office. ..'rd 
floor of .A building (bv the ptwl 

Oi, li one wishes lo talk with 
a s.enatoi about suggestions, slop 
into Ihe Senate OITiet (also by 
the fwiol tables) and talk with the 
senators in jKrson, 

Silting in on a Senate 
. ■ . .an also he arranged: if 
.1. please call Sue 
'■'!. ' limy. CM. 2.242, 

Harper Hawks 

SiH'UlOT} «■ Fift H 

The Harbinger Dcccmlicr 3. 1987 

Page 2 



Child Development Center 


i«!»ic*ine mulct !.il, 'luilyinK, ■"'. 
Fw wmc !it lis »*n iiamfcT. 

.■Hi esprcuit'' '' ■■ ■''•- ■•■• 


•em. 1he%e l.i' ' 

mtm I hi- iltileJcfci" Ist'iwteii 

ihbniiun., .,■ .imlAw *illi4**l:(>«»o 

itH" t»lli',»!C 1" urifn;t-.iu I'f 

So »lui <i I hi; ■!■'■ 

etfioem niellitKl m : 
ihcic ,illi,m(»>ftani u 

■ ■ |,m'»lMiW> th.: 

, v! I,»«»fl 
I'. .irly i<i tl>< key. 

Iitilc M ti lime 

Wten thii "(ilaiil.' l>»!»|Kn* 
when iiiittviris,, ihf tx-d ii«nin lo 

will '[tni 
uniler it*- 

rifn ID leniemti. 

Ata), auijymi ittosc hafArc 

..,„.,-. V. ,!! , r.- .n- ;i grejier tenx 

.. lien It fOiiK* lo 

ihK confiilenti' 

K>II tk'lc : ■ iknig ''"'" 

I*. Ill* (i .i; aWc 1" 

'•■ - titc Mmiiif'.f itiing"i 

'lologm* call llin 

.,, , .., hi; mir" icti 

V >,, ' , . ( . IllTC, .W 

• lui" lln^ prohictri 

,mil ^t High I 

'-^ I. ry Bcih 

Bij. |tl»iiniiig 

'-■•■'- *fia 

. :,ji£ 

auMlmwii 'rnni f»r<l |Mt» 

thctn W'lth.iti! icjl ihifiii'^ '" »'■■' 


ahiwt i*|ct:l» ihcy imich. I«l »n.l 

• IilTILil il),i.'iTil-. tlul-..' • i'111'.C 

<lemii(i ■ illol'all 

Itif m.„r ■ - .i.-r;»,i 

Thn ■ i :. ■'.- 

conn- .-. 

ttt that p.Ki-. 
noi .■•"•• 

aid h€$' 
pa* ii'(« 

Open Up 



lilting thsiirdfff 



programs for the 

treatment of 

' A,n<jrei-(j Nervosa 



3 12 ^5i 30f>0 

Ste ards 

Sp^xtuhit in 
\f« II . \Wi;r.»i <*• Chi'dret! 

piiMk ■■.Jli'iy. Iihtjty, |u\l HI 
liiuwlni:*' k<i,1» lo these ubics 

With mure iraihcn- (uU 
!>i lime, fliidnii, am) 
' itian thiliJten ihe 
ii'jtm;i\ ate able lo hhivhIc a 
imm: mili»n!ujili*cd rel»ii«)n%hip 
which » more twiief<tij! t<> the 

The ihilJ care program n 
j^., rei,liu-d b> Ihe Nauooal 

A. .i.Knn ol [:.iil> Childhood 
I'rngram^, il ii ticcnsed in cire 
l(>r -IS children a day. louilinf 
!«,, k,i,.,,,, itiim dilfcrcnt days 

• ..IV ^ ihai , "...wcire 
citmmiiicd to high quality, and 
that, ! ihmk. i> the mo*i 
imporlani ihing ytiu can say 
ahmil our prontam." 

Digital World Has Them All! 



$1595 ^ 


• ftin#"> B»i:*#tf"UiBi Ok*. 

• ... - »v5iMid 

• - ■ BtitFl 

ATAHI 1040 ST 
AIM In Slock 





Thin, ficn Ihoitifh ihe 
f,,.,„.j.,.., .... ..„:( „' ...".t 

I tui 


^•i^'>iki,^\ I 


»uu» •■•-PC ctmvmtui 


COIi«.f TE S«T1II 


- «*rhniirtni*aOBi^i"(Ftii 
. MS-DOS 1« OW-8»SlC 

■ ttM*>*«Wrranl'V JK^ 


(312) 543-9000 

Smo* 10B1 


71 1 Army Ttnl Road 
Additon, It WlOt 
1 MiM E of nt S3 


HOORS M.on-Fri 10-BOO, S«l 10-S Sun CiMftril 



D'tt'lHWo'l'fl • ••■rv.c* (J^p^rtm^nl I,»«t moll 
Appl«. *«.■" CommoOOf* Ep»on ffifiknn 
««»pf«, •IM L«»0>"« I0»« COOIKUMH ino p».. 
t.p««ftH f»ST ■ ilulUi »ilH.n THBBt 

While YOU 

•■ V- 

^.,:^;-^-t#f; / 

(jrl|«f«..«ixi, nOTt 


, •»«.. «v iwr w •>«" . 


A G»fiftAI WAV 10 SiliVt 


The HarbinRcr Ilecemhcr 3, 1987 

Page 3 

► ir".! thfrr »rrir thf nM:i<fv, I Kfti ihr li>ii\». tlif ^ nnin«. 

ih'C ('lt(», lllc JtlK, iiiid oihrr iiii-.i't"ILitu'<Mi« .i».ifil'«. \i>» il> 
iwr lurn! \lnv I iiilrrHjiii'if Ihr tir^l i.iritl [ii'.tMl'ih Ihi- l,i»|i 
iinniiitl "MiK'Diirr" uMiirtK initrnril (ur Itiv 1 alictilor Ut-lru-irr 
I ertfw M|> uilht. 

Thtre wrrr a. I«n uf h»in iimt Mmit- .ii II. ir |irr rim 
«*iii«l»r, iimil IhouKk Ihrw rr*iill» jrr. .ti t»;«i. •»,, i, imi i. 1 1 

a.n tkt out}' »inr I (mikiti. rjnk «ltn'» iiulrtti ii« j.i n .i. .;. >• 

I Iw tll>cli»|>i!* plfilW,. 

Itr-M Ml 111 N I f' \M I IIM ■ ■: <..rifriil 

MaiWfirr of H IK M. M>th \i>riul iiu-»ii> "'itt-H liirt-il^r 

I'udil UVWmcr. I'h« «^* »»s). I'ltf *liii:li-» UHl M h.n m.itir 
hrrf III lluriwr are If g,»'iid.iir» , Aim) Ihr i>»h h>-^l rr.i*<irn f.-r ihn 
art- VliirUm'tlrniltffllilHIIH) \I«ll«rr's imp.., ,.i i.^i .inni.Mi.; 

mxrSTllHM RIPHIMVI vim (.rrren l/i«iT. 
Siydrnl Truitlt*. (ira'tilcil', Ihit t:.i1c|c»ri i\ii'l all Ihjl tiirtcr. 
tM'fiiiipil%«i»s thf Diuiril of IriitUcv, Smdrnt V(< ind 
fafiiWH .<vliidcnf'F'M'Ull% c<'>iiiiiirllft"k, hut (iri-i: (tm'v .1 ^><li,l. 
Frv(twi>nll>' th:mklr"«>i jiil>. m wril »> hatinit Ihr (laiiiitini: t.i%k i>l 
(Irlivvrini: a miinlhli rvpiirt l«> Ihr Hiurd of I rmto * .n 
inlmiidatint: » grtMift iif'|Htti|ik a<t I hate cx-r Mrrn. 

HOI Sn m,X1 AlHIt IK 11 A\l: Thf fimlhill trnm. 
Anolher ra«t ihimr. Ihr HumIu oliirnird Ihroiich Ihr w<i<><>n 
landrlValrd, riinkrd thr 3rd I>t*I .liitiini- rolltuc trjim in thr 
NVItON. hifiirr Iciitni; In Itlvm.rih m Ihr Kl' (iilji Im<wI 

flllMIIIIM KIlltIM I I I M: Inurnali'imil Stui(r<i(« 
(7m*. i hxueh I'm not in Ihi* duh. iind 1 o«l> knim one prrMin 
Mh« Is, I knim al Irsi^l a d<i/rn pniplr «hn %«fiir that ihf-i- 
<>ludrntv arc Ihr frirndliral. mmt <>u(|!iiln|t xritiip on rampii*.. I 
:iKi< kitim Ihat Ihrv |tn to rtrnis, on tani|iu<> and oil. as a 
(•roup. That ■> rnoui>h to makr thrm iiniqiic. 

HIM I \i I 1 l\ riM H-HII tllJ:. /»»*(! \tuchtmrr. Vihtn 
Man lo Hillk, llarprr'i Director itl Ihralrr and «inl» \ilin|> 
lr.Khii wirnt on «al>lt<ilk'al lra>r In I ondon IhK <trnir%lrr, Ur. 
MiKhmorr had Ihr unrnviiihlr l«i»li >■! litlinj! in for h«r. %»d 

this in addiliiin in hi« dutit* its a ^prrt h [>roVr<.«or and Ihr 
direct"* of the fall pl.n. "Arwnic and Okl I iicr" 

ilFMtiiMmi UooMM; ((i-nmif A ./(.( I ma* hr 

tliawd. hrine i'Iom' In .'II mi-rll. Inil whrn Ihr .i^r nf >m,«r 
airraisr ••linlviil >'. .'!, il makr": *r"w I" huok .11 In "t-ir hi-z 
in thr r,irK ■.iv.nli.v I'lin Ihr f.n I lh:ll Itir »h.>.i iKi l( ".i» 


And a coitplt nt wimli: 

MtiM (,tt tMloS vttl.l (nVilKl lliiiiMVi. s,',.r 
I'Mrk \ as, vtK almo'^i siild lujt iln^ luturil Hur llu- l,iil 

ri'mitini ttiiit «r had a hiicr prri'rnl.i|<r of n>in-tiudrni% .iilrlid 
(hflwten TS-HU'r). and wciirin prohlrrn*. ahmindrd lin'.oi%r tit 

a.ll Ihr *"t!*^'*<l "'' ho%"<" *4ho in^ish'rl on hrintio'ii: in Ihrir ttmn 
.liquid rrfrfshnirnl. 

V\ llMM I'l WMM. (l\ I >i\\| Ml I I lll\ I'Mn 11 ( I : 
\,',(< »rj/At hrmri'ii A ami h ftwiW/iifv So rnan\ i lii.ii r^. »•■ liliU 
vjt;u"i'. Hill Ihr idru of •avins down nr.iM'l 111 moIi .1 Io'.imI* 
Ir.ifnai-d iirra. «ilh no allrrnutr rouir for »hr«l<h.ifr%. ti.ll. 
Ihis our ;;i|s Ui\ solr. 

('•mcr.iiul.kdoii-. to all Ihr wiiiio'tv \iifl a ioii\.il,<liiiri to 
Ihow wtin diilii'l: lloii'i worrv. thr "i.urirtA tlmi'l tri 11 Ir.iiiln. 

1 .irr.t I'aullin 
I .litor-ln-rhirf 


-J. J, mL. "A'-JL ^ 

with Carol Carkeek 

liiunUn whili 

tl'.r ., '.■'ill'',!'. ;' 

^.inll t-Kl M.'iin- 1.1 11 11, %. 

I vc have other nut ln-cii .1' 

Lhitik anj'tnof." .ih.i..i .-( 

iw'iamy lour . 

Thfv .ll'i.' iiliM ■ ■ ■ r 

l!"i " . ilh-di i llimighl III 

^l.. • iriloonc oilumn. 

1 u' avuitcd how ci'ttaiti 
ilimi.". amtind m> hi™«- hiivf 
i'ti.m(:i-d sintc Ihc f'.i" 

riiirip"! likf" The i.4. ■ 1.1,1, .....1 
li'M [' .inv i! I It 111' t t'in>l* 

. L.-.'i 


I 111 \ 

:i.r lot 

1 1. 1 tiK" p'lviin 
my diiiikT na|'> 

Thai I hi, 
kitchen. Mnk li... 
this y<'a.r .in um." ..>l il:. 
paiki m North Aim-' 

Ihtil in\ l.< 
»€l.f CHM foi ti.. 
(the nerve o( ilu m 
nmch. ic»>. 

I"h:i( nw MtU tw 

. .1.1.1 
Itiji tn> hu.sJ>a.nd'* idea til 

I h.i: 

Hhi-n 1 ,li..i-.i. It 1.'. I.' :■.)..>.■ .' 
filining J W1/.II.J 111 (1/ leii . ■ 

t\<-- '■■ ' ■-: III ilk' tu^fliinil 

Ulil. '.irttl l\ i'lvei 

.'ifis ihoiigh ihe 
tu:i' ■ -ill 1 have tlirs 

sell ii,'t ih.m the mim- 

IxT 1)1 . i I :i..',I 111 i..ivi 


Th.u I ^luflul luyself ihr. 
Munk'.gintn:. m gtcilct propor- 
tions than any lurkry eotild have 
hecn., Acwaily I only fell guilty 
ahiiil II after si •■-■■■ ■'■■• '.';ic\'< 
Parade and ttu ■ innp 

lo..l,-.I..I,;.. U. ,''.., ,; ; 

time I go I -mas 
.1 V.ul I rTie.:ir] ev. 

tin; unirie^y tlevk to mteTru|il ihe 
Will" lifhi .;,-t;it iinnfumeemenl 

o.u k ol voiir own 

.- .'.1 :i* I am, 1 

liil.l who 

ri'u|i ihjt 


Iiolding a 

^ alMnc his head and 

irioni 1 jutl wanted ui 

.M. y.'ii ii i ccHili) have this." 

1 lell yoii. every da> I get a 
new pray hatr. Pteity soon ihey II 
lorec rnc 1,0 hil Ihe hoille. And 
not the eme thai cimiiiins die per- 

To ilo.,f. some nolahic 

from Neil Young,' "11'! hel- 
ler 10 hum out than 11 is 10 fade 
.n^■.,rv, ' 

f-ToiTi rin K \eiir-eild ilaugh- 
ler: "II ihe Turlh in rovind, why do 
'■>■-■ '"I- ■ • ■! ill.: tiHir fiTner'i ol 

i." ve-crolddjuph. 

: ".' the Homer 

■I ■ how thev felt 

.1111 111 J mom, who 
I'll,. L'. Menopauw - 
• the iiiiu; (if ycnirlifc." 
I van I >t.iit. 

FIKAI, i:XAM,i:f.-* 
,9: '00 -9': ■'•5 

f Al 1 , 1 9a ? 

/.! t 

1 I 


*i t i,j, i„ J J .1 y 
■f'ri, !,■ ttT if 

C'l ia"i,«»is 


1 ,.•.,. 1.1 ty 

Procpsi ir.g 
TT-t' .>,'■■.(] 

'My I Exans. 

• »,3"":!. 


The Harbiniicr December }. 1987 

Page 4 

Go "Nuts" - 
An all- star cast, a four-star movie 

Itt Mohtn l>itl< 

■ iimongii hct loud !in«l 

'"liwdia FatiJi Dra[>>T\ 
■'- • ' ' '- ■ ^•■■ivh 

'--.'--J -..,......,: .,■ ,urKl 

mill te miirikf (inc. ate violcntjji 

The iill "ilat Irnc-iip mclwte "il Iwavy. ihc dialO|>;uo ki-,-n- 

U.,'h,TJ !l'.".t'i'-- :<-. IfAiri'vli it,.,,; h,., ,,.>!, ■,[ „••, lis,.,,. 

"ukc Ihc i" 



■I. .'Ill of her lark')' 
m Levinslty a 
'.T I, Kithatil 
H;r lighiaj;-'!"*' 

I Ni, If 1 1 1.1 R.i;_- 

dnairm: slorv 

!>> Mjrlin Ritt 

. 'Nul*'" IS based 
Rtrhara Streisand 
mas a C'ljudu Draper, a ln>uN«J 
woman wiih a luhuleni pasi »ho 
has killed a man. In addition to 
her portrayal as the mam 
charac'icr. Sireiaind did the musit 
tot ilie rilm Md |9mliiceil U. 

heih.' v!:.i.aiKl 

Karl \: ■i;hcfjusl 

III rumc .1 ic* 

The enure domia i> «■! up 
rruKh like a play^ The ftxnCA lake 
place tn a limited amount of 
plates with liiile special elTccis 
•ml no outiVM'f seeite*. 

I might add thai the film is 
done lite a »*« lione play when: 
there is minimal Kenery and a 
plot line and dialogue so well 
atied that y<ju forget ahoul the 

When viewing a movie I 
often ii« as a general rule of 
thumb the idea that, if 1 sun lo 
let my ihouKhis wander off u) my 
upcoming icrm paper, then the 
pl« has some definite holes in it. 
The paper didn'i even cross my 

AlllKinRta the plot sounds a 

Aside trnm ihc faci thai the 
couriroi'in! -i.'-.T)t's u.rrc a bn 
O'vcrdrjii Jmiifn'micra 

i»tni-sp film IS a 

refreshing mcik »nm the drug- 
party/exlcnded vidco-ty-pc rmnw- 
In all honesty. h*l I nm Iven 
sent literature from Warner- 
Brothers. 1 probably uduUln'i 
have genu- uui of my »ay i.i m-c 

1 suppose the commerciaK* 
simply were not flashy enough 
nor the mu.sic trendy enough 
Pardon the cliche' but "you can i 
judge a btxik by its coscr sure 
comes in handy at this point. Us 
well wtmh going out of yoiii 
way far. 

Rating out .'S:4 

Good old Russian Success 
story: Billy Joel Live 

l>f Ktvln Cdldslcin 

As part of ihc i;,.S,- 
'U.S-.S.R, cultural e«changc, 
Billy Jcwl and CBS Rccmdi have*il i\ id'mhie live illMim 
"KOHl ■ >miiicmor»tc 

Jocfs h ! - ■ ■ ' . -f ihf Sov iei 

Union. Ovci 
the album . : 

iMi'gs. 7 covets, and leads vM 
wUh a Soviet ihiur tinging a 
traditional Russian song 

.-\ficr ihc Russian 
iniioiluuiim fimies ihe Joet 
songs. Most ot ihcse include 
itoit introdijc:tio« by Jtwl 0«ld 
10 the soviet ludientc by a 
Russian iiuerpreief). 

The 1' ' ihese 

eommeiii- Jnight 

Saignn", j.i,;,n ii-iiimvcrsial 
ballad ab<.iui ihe troubled Vietnam 

soldier. ("Mans of i'" n ■ .■"■■■ 

home as men. sei ii;. 
come home al all 'i 

Five of il'K 1 1 S 

includs'd on hi\ r. 

hii/. ■ 


V»t Iti.l 


"Honesty .. . 

Man". «*:>iit;s not me In 
grcales! In;, .illniiii 

His rendition ot ihe Bcai: ■ 
clisiic "Batik m the V.SS K 
as upliliing, as Joi;l has ever K-cn 

He ends the album *iih Boh 

Dylan'* "The 'T ■'"■■•- •»'■.• A 
rhangin". a *■■ h.i-. 

hes'Li'tfu: svini' ■*:.■■ 

iv.) Hi,; 


Ihe alhyi'i. 

L- on 




I 1(11.1 li IV ot the 

',iic this IS 

■' ■ ii'ining of 

-I in pier, as 

laik Ihe enlhn 
Anifncancounirr]' ■•■. 

-KOHDEPT" IS a well 
(liiek-ifwl album. However, if tme 
o«Hi Joels greatest hits 

hccomes a hii of a splurge to 
sixTid S 1 ;.$ 1 5 for S stjngs and 2 

s:ovcr'» las good as they m«y be). 

The ilntKtlical Jaiwihm ipliycd by David Mcywi plots wiih hu >cu>mp!itn 
Di EmHtm (Dm Duilych). in Hjrpcf! proflutiwn of "Ar«nic ind Old Ucc' . 
•hich cloMd Iw w«:k to • full house - (Pkixo creda ■ Tanjiu Brmmt 

SATURDAY, 0€C. 12 -il»M 

UIC PAVILION Homsoo h ttocin* 

It€l»»ti ol ait '<c>i«*S-*'"**'" TtcK«i C»nt«fi 
Th» I) I C, Pavilion Boi Offtc» 
or by phon«, 559-12f2 with Viso Mosl«rCord 

fmJmoMWM^ CAnE VENTCn, INvi 

Continues to offer low cost, confidential 

care in all areas of iwomen's health: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


fm information and or appointment call: 
3S9'757S SS3 N. Court. Suite 100, Palatine 

OmrUim. trmUng ana SmutMf AfipotnUmrUt 

Page Five 

The llarltingcr Dccernhor .1. 1987 

Page 5 




Jt'N'E; cdfi'prF.; 

cniN lo unij,-i;.i.iri,) 

', \ I v. 

W \H'.' 


km I 

HI v\ 


in \\ I .; 

r.i u IK 

f\,, a.;J 

111- V\ K«: tH\ wi'ii, I :;:., . . 

i>lj \m I 

II M U \k|) 

n M \, V\ \K|i, 

W \KI> ■ ■ . VV VI 1 'I 

. , ' ■ ;„ VV \in> 

1 1 M : 'i.iiik yuu VV.inl, jiivl j-k. nun .il"»i>ul .i pui "'■' 

. :: 1 '.K.i-, 111 t;. 
II Mv. I .IduiM 
W VKI) I ' 1! 

n M 

-!'!!!! U|> 

" \ itu'lV 


..I I 

.11 M ■ ; such a cit-jfl txn ' Iknu Uirfc 

bt'hm-l ;, ' , .[id. Ihc talk of )our ncii.. Oil. ;iinl '*'' ^^ ' ^ 

Bcjnei. iti'iu >|,>i.:ihl i.'ii ni!jv!i iiniu" \i, rutifiinj; \lr ^V',\K1)- 

Wiiikv-Tink, oi ir.. 

BEAVEK; ■■■ 
eyed I \ ' 

it Nf 

Ill W I K ,.,, ■■. :-- 

ri', ; 1-1 I rnotficr ii 

:m.;.-. [,,.,■.•,. -. ;^.;i l.i.ti.:-;, tv . 

viiLi M,lial / mciin. When I sjy .tnciwcr. 1 n~. ■ '"'' V ^ ' l> 

*er (.•ufJl'M-., ...:,■• m \\\ K 

WARH: (Hi,, Ikil.i Ii. ■,,■..■( M.ivv ,. • 
iv'il yim domi 

V\ \KI): \i!.: 
\V.\1„.,|,V; n.unmtl' 

HI-AVi-.H: W',,.-. I .iJftpk-tf 

W,\RI>: \(\ ymj re rrally mir siin 
HKAVFR; Dimniii' 

H \(-'- VV .!,( I iiivi ,|,Mii ihink n\ iiomi.ii lor j 

■■ .Mil. 'I i'.| M'il >,:!,i;ili...tii.iii ill his 

i.tnc \VlHl ttir 

U AKIl: Wi 
H A> ' 

'.Ui.i; :•.: .!:, . i.l.,'.! « , • ^ '••"'■• •''- " ■ 

i:,:ili \tni iti.ii y>!ur ;' ■ H'.M-;: l^vij-. 

'i,i,i;h lit si'k't'i )t,iui i>»U' VV4|,l.\ : / .' 

r, \vh.»( Vkiiuld'ymi like'"' W,ARI>; '■. 
.■ii.fir,:- Ic.MmV' ^"\.|ir more *i"n.| ! 
noi kiiiilirii; <■ 
VVVl I > : < 

■■»■ lh.:.i he 

,i>.lurt>.iitN' s .ill this 
iiig 10 livMl up niv v.[x-ccti. 

■11 s.iy onr 
\i>ii' I'm 


I llilllk. 1 .! iir^l likt 

l'H>rn.c*<'''k, ,vii inc«- i!iin|!s n 
nMslurbaM-" I'm i liulc tn>y : 
4,1 v<"i ii""i !■•" .jcifliri i,!o'i!i 
n. ■!!;■,,■ .-. 

ft-- .■".:,, i , 

My only pa'-- ■■ 
(Jay amunil 
itemr i" ■ 
off I K 

VV iuh.\ 


...i',/; .■:.:-, •.,., 
Jl'M-; VV..:' 
\V Vl<l> I- 

',tL ,tF i , 

.H'Nh; .Ni'' ■, i liimk l,IK> 
than ihJi, I ihink the Beaver i> 

111 kH' 

W,.%RD: In what, dear"' 
JUNE: Sen! 
VVA.R,I): V\''hjC'' 

VV \K|i 

i!i v\ I i; 

HIT U> CtiMV. 
W VHI'*: \.u.i 

111 \\ I i' 

n \ |.; I . 

!i 1 \ \ ! 

V\ \M •■ 

11 M 


W VI l,\ ;r.i ■•,, ^.,,.11 
W \ Hit s 



MtniiiCKvA Mitti-I 

Hf:.\\i-K- V- 


■:Jit rtlf'i. 

111 V '( ! 

11 \ ! 

.iliU'd I.I 

l!i.- u .11 


>" inrno" 
.111 iiixi\.tti,ui.,' 

It M 


JUNK: So VV aij, ti.uc ym '-fn,ik.eii »Hli th-: Beaver'* 

1(1 VV I K: ' 

W VKII: \i..l [!.■ , ,u 


«EAM-"R;t:o%hr)i;> D.i.t. I iMvunise' 

WARM' ■•■■ ".■ '-■, II \i , !M \\m !',,,hin-i 

\V.,'il',: . liM' 

.11 M 

W'ARII; I .li'iii iv.ilK ihstik v.i: vijiit tiiin hack 
.H''\E: C..Hi.,l. 1 never liked hini imiLh jiiyway. 
,HEA'\'FK; 'I'e.i.h, 1 liofK; lie dies. 



MKs smnm 
mmrfmr ne 
«U' Brnxami, 


• m 


0miM >H ■" ■• '^ii, 

** '■«; ..'SWij •■;:.. 
HtLil 'Wt imMC M.>' 

am mm.mtm 
m » ivamm 

'Sif -'..: 

)i« ms 


nmurs mmm s 

T« B simr KsiMM 
n.m m m&nmt> 
ws ommm p>erv 
ffm fvrt snuHfi 

'IT IM MST nn mth 

cm cma mm: m 
sivrcmms. mxm 
TV Mum DOCS m 
sun TO natL 



The liiirhint;er Deci'inhcr 3. 1987 

Page 6 


Travel down with Harper 


An update from 

Health Serf tecs 


iest stress 

PI .IT: 

It HI I 


, The l*»nr *il' 

•, jm! -.|i"|' -11 ' 

». ,iin;.<n<' 

wtien l.i.u:il «iih iti.u 

Here',:. "iOlltf iiHlvil, l!' I 

fjiliii j'Hur nerves. 
niHti'Uv I' " 

vhop (vir wmiti; 
J hen rchirns 
SmIi'U'v, a 1,1- 1 

.■lulfj U'Ulv 
.• ,l'!iA' ui-.IU'r 111 

. .;., ,.,,,.., ..lie clue hy DiVfinlxT 

!'i' r|H-f3, 15 (;,jr Hifnriiulkril inj a imir 
:.'iir III ihc broi'hiiii- ii-!M.i.. 1 ilic i iN:TdI Ar^ 
..Im• wiihim 311, ,., , 


I M KM \ \ \ I I ( 1 \ 
I MUMI.H I ^ -: 


I! J 

M \ ~ I I k 1 I V 

1 \KINi, vM( I N 

I iii\K rovi ii\ n \ 

Ire 'n Glared Tuicp 





4-ywaT &A «ni3 i'^^af AAS «J«9'f»»* m MwrMiing 
CMgn. ItluftnUicn. Fathnn Oas^n, Mmr Otti|]n 
Fnlwin MarchUMliiSing, and ftalogtaiMiv tanMr 
cMilx MtapMM. Day amt mmmq dattn 
ftofmm niflin Wiruil^. Jam. •«! S«(il»mt» 
*il» or ptoM tef c««i!0<) 


• A V 

V o » u [ 

CNciflO Campu*' i;11»') »»0-»SO0 
401 Nort:B WiibiBfi -'- 
mmmame&mpiii, ,y.. 
ijoo •vimjtu.iiit r> ..•■•. . 


TO THl: 


rvinui 11 v( I (uni 

• S^Uilll I 1,11 


< .tl) I 

J.! • 1 >»K')-=; i(«i 

Remember: Clip & use the ccnipoii below al 

any Jewel Slore on December 7. S aiui ^)lh. to 

help raise money for paral}/ed Harper sliident. 

- Peter Sobv - 



D01.UBS cmn 




■"cSffo*'5S5fSSiO "TustoiiiS'siGNiTuMi' 



Clmsi/ied Ad Rates 

Student non- 
wnnmetciol. ctassv j icd -, 
mm f tK H>itfi proper 
Non- Student 
ctncsiftcds <i«p to tu^n 
lines) nrc $-1.50; t.55 
mtK aililuiorwl line. 

Htia Wtntijl 

CbMlfk'cIs Classifieds 

Ihe Hitrhinger DecemlMT 3. 1987 


Page 7 

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Learn h«>w to flv 

Armv Not only couU ir 
be oiic erf the greatest 
rxpcriencts in vout lifr, 
but it could he the san 
i>*' an exciting ciiraT, 

The Aunt* W.m-,im 
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I nm'll m»d ti> ci'niipletf 
I Amiy b.Mic rsiimnt; mJ 
I fw-Aght nainini!. 

But once voii com 
Pfclevour flight traimiog 
program, iwull be iin 
Army avmor And ytw 

thotight only bird* f« to 
wiear wings 

Call v^jufkxji! Army 
Recruiter today kit more 




^^ 'MIrAi l%nl UWPI Wmm 

The Harbinficr December 3, 19H7 

Paue 8 

Hawks go 
flat in RC- 
Cola Bowl 

lose to Ellsworth, 41-9 

I,, BUI Kiit«l««rt 
Sywrti EilltM 
nrnpex qiiamrbaclt. Ar 
Sny«fcT, tm attest w the pliysicst' 

lype u( why ttai won on al the 
RC-Coln Bowl •" '«*• '*" 
weeks ago. 

Tte freifciMH. fiwo »«•«»> 

Utmii* Icti the pmi: ejiily in the 

-t..r.) nuaitcr »ith * stoiiklcr 

ji the Hiiwlis (ell «Kii"' 

i: llswonh Ctimmunii". 

Collep-fil' lowi. ■*'■'* 

-Wc uMtdril, lcf(j up wilh 

Iheif speed." Han*' «'"** '*" 
Elaisilt said. 'We c.»feln-l keep 
Ihc bull iwaj fnim tbeir «:»Hcn«. 

The gamte npefttA in (ivw o( 
the Panihcn is ii *ove the b«ll 
d«wn fmiii IB own >6-y!inl Ime 
into Hai'pet'i end wine m ik ptoy 
iliil eowtcd M yiw* '<» '* pl«>'*' 

Harper midk buck e«l» •» 
Snydef hooked up with 'Dnikc 
Jaclsiin f« 1 12 >'»«> pms-yliiy io 
give the Hawk* ihe bull on 
Ell!^wortlv^ n-yjrdlmc. Bulthe 
drive sUUed m4 Harper had to 
seule iot a lO^y-itd licU'^gniil 
from Tom Wm, 

!"(u;- -.core stood •<•• *'- '■ '■" 
(.jvi,ir r.i i il'twi'irlh itlilH* hall 

' . i.;. ElliW'orlh'* (»r!t 
,•>(,■,-.;■■ n. It pm together m 
'iroptetouc 61 yard *"« "«. '' 
pluys which resulted m ant«her 
Wichdown and a iJ-i I*!*!- 

On Hatper"* n«»l l»»iK.»ion. 
11 had the: ball «• «w i»w» n-yuA 
line and with a firsl <I«>«i>. 
Snyilcr dropped back mA vm 
sacked Jot a loss of «ven. On 
«cond-and-ievent«n, Snyder 
dropped hack and spoMi-tl a h4»lc 
on ihc lett. Ite headed for ii and 
Uiueail of twnwf om »f h«-."n,is. 
ihort of the tint do*" 
eo«Mte<»**Y •"•* •"• 'I* *•*''"■ 
hMd on,. That vm Sn>der't la^i 
play o,f the seasin 
S'ltyderX r-:" ■ 
Ctswa.'didn'i ■ 

"I jbiBk the gam« turned 
when Snyder got kwxked mC 
MufKr running hack Dan Martin 
Mid. "It seem"' I'^i" " *h«': 

down our mental ati'Hi''*-'* 
Coi/a didn't hsive mm-h <>• any 
play ml tmie thl^ V-" •■»"•! ' 
ihoughnhiil rcijlly him u> 

Marim (mrthcd the neanon 
• ilh over :,««) 'Caiter ni»hin| 

Sn,ydct left the game hjvmjl 
cc«mpter<JI"tvcof(oiin- ■• ■ ■ 
f,.r *»1 yaidi to I.' 

,! yeasxm « hn m^i i*"' 

jjmc* Bradley, of El'tawofih. 
dtwlaved the PantherV s'peed »« 
he wtunied Wiifs kick f* yard* 
for a tiouthdown and a 20.^,) 

l,ns*onh Kored again with 
i; iH kli m the game on a IS- 
ymd run hy l,'ly»ei IJcnltey and 
then igwii *'Hh 11 'ii lelt m the 
(tame on a 3-ya«i "» *>y ''e" 

With <>:?2 rewatnini and 
ElttwOTih ahead U^\ the HawW 
Seolt Miller Wtxkcd a Panther 
punt and ran the hall ii> 

Et,t»wonh'* W-ywd line, inc 
Hawks, led by Coa,a. were -Mc 
10 r"' Wge'l"*' »" imprei%iv>,' 
itr.M: 1" four play*. t'iip»»e«l hy a 
I l.jard pM,« ffow 0«.M to Dale 
tTasse to put the score « «■':>• 

Ell»,*«th continued to run 
up the score. » "■ *""«■*' I*" ""-" 
fmal time with 2:1'' led m the 
game as it recovered il* o,wn 
fumble in the Harper end "we, 

"Th,at's ihe way ihey do il 
(,run up die «'■'"■',■ !'"''■„"* ««*• 
"Bui a.i the ■-.r, ,,ii..: ,-,...,'A -What 
goes aiound ci'mcs .innirid,"" 

The Hawk* *ere held to f> 
fitit downs the •■>""'■ •'■'""'■ 
while die P.inl,l>er- - 

The usiotly !<:■'■.■ 
fame was abscni tor the Ha»k> 
J., ihfi r.Jin.,-.l rninw.S vanls on 

E'liasik *a> against the ne* 

,i,iK,i.irc of the Icif:"^- '" *■=■ 
h(TmimK,"ith,v..c...... mill was 

ccideni in Iowa, 

"l feci ite structure butt us. 

he »nl. "n*ey had two weeks to 
piepate for >h>s gam* »«' we had 
'.nlyoiK, If *e would have ha*! 
,hc w<-,'koff,wefoiililhav>:Tul:> 
lot more lime into (TatlKitig 

The Blue and Red Divisions 
In the N4C siruclure should 
probably lave wn us last year. 

Even though being down 
ihtoughom the entire gatne. llie 
Hawks stock m the game,. 

-These kid* really stuck m 
there," r=.lia«ik '-'"l. ^'^hey 
proved their character hy •.licking 
in 'ihe,it." 

The eonirast in what this 
g,gm€ miianl to the se;iv.'ii 
evident m what EtuMk .ni.t 
Madin Slid after the gam,,', 

"This Ims (loesn'l uk-- '"'"'" 

my se,a««." Eliasik siitd I ,|iim 

feel lot the !"»**■ especially the 

...,..h<.mo.res because ihis was 

a <»c« in a lifetime 

•i>, bnnds i,he b. 
..tUinst McHetiry, 

Ladyhawks lose 
to McHenry,82- 
69, fall to 1-2 

111.,,' .,1 




->•.> (he 


'' ine 

» in m the N-W" 

gam* agiiinsi 

■This put* • *>mp«t "" "'> 
season.' wphoiiwe Mjiitin "aul 
"1 «Bs really htiping the season 

would go out on a win," 

'The loss ended a twelve 
(tame 'winning streak f<''r ihe 
Hawks and concluded their s<ason 

at 11-1 . , .. 

The gH'me also marked the 

se,C'Oiid consccMiive year in '■ 
the Illinois' school iiuan 
was kn«'ked out of the ,. 
r'HiPaee's Ce'nr Benha,rt s('>- 
, ■ ■ ..I Falls last s •,,'... 

i,M stx>t ''•" •'■' 
,i.r.k- ,..,,1,;..:, pumtng, diUifS'''! 
'Tom W 111 as lie punted 1 2 nme- 

,iiie a'tcmf all 

r. ifil-I is 



,i'.iit>,-rii:iH. loi c.'..kIi i'"'' 
li-^chm-ti wimicns baskctnan 
team, and this year is no 


,Afier opening the season 
wilhoul the services of Angela 
Barber, the l..adyh.iwk,s recorded a 
ifcmcndous win over host 
Waubonx.,'- »"i ^'""^J"!", 

lallcn uml- ' "■ '"■*• ,- 

Iruman ^a Harper n 

A slow first halt pavctl the 

road to tlcfe'at for the 

ladyhawks^ _as they ^^^were 

outsco'tcit ' 

|ii-ri'Oii, ^ ■ 

lust hall. 

,' *.7 scoring 

Ihc lonc for the, 

v„-f (Miily hlainMl 

,, jr ,'.iii'> reason start 

, .:, Freshman 

,..,^,|,, „,!,,,," Sai the Hawks in 

.,■,.. .• , ■,,,:,.. ,vilh nine 

\i I ■'" Harper 6"» 

si M,cHenry 
,u,:wc on the 
li,ir(x'T was 


Harper never tickl die load in 
,ond halt, hui ii did cui 
rirys lead 10 2 ilirec limes 

Imprcssivc sophomore 
Natalie Sim™' hit four sU'aighi 
(umpers to cuiilie Ms Henry lead 

to ''■^■<' . t .u. 

Aboui halfway through the 
period, the Udyhawks wcrt 

hehind 5K.«. but the Scots 
lunved on the power as ihcy went 
on a streak of 8 straight pi:iims 
and then on a tun of X more 

pnnls to take a commanding 74- 
57 tad. 

The Ijiilvhiiwks oiitHi'ored the 
Scots 12.« m the closing live 
minutes of action, but it wasn't 
enough as Mc Henry held on tor 
!he victory. 

"(Kim) Fryc pl.ivcd h<:tter, 
and iiT'inn.H'liiK- 1'l.ivcil tough." 
'Xi-., '*'> e tried to gel 

ihc I ,iiK' Simons, she's 

Uic best inire shooter on this 
u-am. Uu-'s got a really hkc 
louvh with the ball." 

I tic Ladyhawks were paced 
by freshman etlraordinaiic 
Pascals OtXmoghue who poured 
m ?b points, going 2 for 1 from 
(lie Itcc thro* line, Simons 
..Msied her teammate hy 

'irihiiung 16 points. 

' Wc 'sitituld wm. 

Sports Shorts 



K, .1,1 k! 

I link 

,+ w.-ll 

inip.Tl.l"t »>''■ 
Jllvl'l.) I'll '. 'c 
Room M '-'''-^ 

roach Tom Tesehne. calls h., .«mm;».es 

herieW. '•Ho* Cndu: Mfl f='.^«-'" 

„gc.ihcr (or a break as .I'ng.e, ihmks to 

a,,,,K , 111 Imranim 
,5 Hiiikclhall 1- 
IX-ccmbi-t 1 1 on Tikuvs .ii mi." 
in the gvm. Only <> teams will 
he signed up and there will be a 
nuxting on Dec , 7ih at 1 2- 1 ? U' 
you arc planning to play, you 

lur me 1 
None Dame 
you suU can. 

,\tti(Uion spring 
;i \i)u arc 
;; (or the 
'•ere IS a 
clin^; N.Hi Ml'ST 
I Kih ;it 2 '<ii in 
Thi^ rii-i-iirii; 1^ 
tu'i t'» . 1 I'll. ins 
h K.i.s it iiiu 
;,.ic ,ire my pukv 
season, UNI.V. 
Norih Carolina. 
Laugh now while 


vol.. 21 NO. H William Rajn«y Harper College Palatine. Illinois 

DecemlHr 10. I9K7 

Harper Bids Farewell to 
President McGrath 

Ht l>iMi|tilai Rat 
^ N»w» bmm 

Picskfciii MtCrmh wilj end 

■■ tern fern pf«kfciicy ai Harper 
(■•<%■«€ early m Ftbmmy, IWS 
and wilt undfflake ajwtficf chal- 
lenge M Tnniiy CiiUcgc in 
WasdinfKm,. D„ C 

"1 think il(Trmiiy|*illbc ;i 
kx like HMptr was ten years 
3gi)," >uud McCralJi, 

Prcskkui MrfiiiUi »» pm- 
utwdy Vice Preudeai o( Aca- 
Jcmic Affairi for iweniy city 
colleiw ■iwl uiiiveniiies in New 
T«k.. Mc:Graih said |n- iixik ihc 
.Wl» M, H;«ri>(!r a» n challenge ■((» 
iIn! |mxl {>f the comroumiiy', " 

According to Frc^uleni 
IVfc&ath m mi the liH (Of the 
collc|;c wa« Ihc toweil and ihc 
college WIS -itfldeifundi'd,- He 
(aid thai ■slwfcni c nmllmcni 
down iinif ihc s; 

I IT H.i,i|wr .* reinitiiMin m iie»- 
ilcniic exceltencc, 

Lahtj acc«Kiiptished some 
impinani gogk. For eiiimplc. he 
had nc* hnilding* hutit. But 
l.ahtt Ui'ki-)\ the academic 
'"''" ■ 'ihc faith and 
"■■•'I'' ■ailtyant-t^trff, 

feswotF ,t^ 

M was like iu wiir* uruier i.aliti. 
She laid that teachers hecamc 
*'ery *fcn\tv(\ They were afraid 
of losing ihcir job if they iriied ■ 
new ulea and it did not work, 

"McCraih is a genius at ruc- 
itjjnKing mtl encoBraging the 
hesl in people, rather than 
adwimstering the worst." Keret 

She said that McGrath wat 

"'■■' iifraidofgruwi' ' "• •■..nJi) 

■ shlback iiu-' ,,„d 

-.■mcnt iih*'>i!i ■ .,n) 

■■ '■■.■' I 'hat I,. ..,,, 

:.'--i ..■■■■nirihi!! 

■ tw Hatfm. 
r-tmi;ti:i\Tjiiin] Rv.m 

"','"•■!'' ■ [)r. 

"''''■■" " ' ■■ ■ :! in 


' J ■ . • jnd 

!he tiinpiis here in 

•:h wanted lo gel 
■tie muf In- drvekiptng 

r'->'='' ' 

Uarjv ,,,, 

'■""■ '- ■■ .".11 in.,- i.,i.'iji-j .111(1 staff 
1" He iTuiid (if Hiirpcr and 

■,-r li .>•!..■, .!...,, .... „ 

■' ncuJiip 



invot*^. .■.kkiJiip, 

^'' .1 c(in«dcraMe 

anioiim en *,,,ri to atcomptish 
W'hcn he tiiineil m President of 

"' ' "1 ^ H* IS 10 

won!; •... , ■,,,!. k-twcemihc 

ll'hombi, Kjyw 

■^o^nl <"* frustcest ami the col- 
lege, but iilsi,. to coiifdinaie all the 
' ' iMom and departments and 
p the college's mission staic- 
■« iniact." e,«plai:n«}«J Wiltanis. 

"Wc a»e here at an edutj 

'"-'' •"■-' "■■'-■'■ and Im 
intwing in 

(Vesufcni McGrath has done 
a number of things for Harper 
follege during his presidency 
Among ihem are; (kwloped [rust 

anKiDI Uk sialf. encouraged ad- 
mintiiwors lo leach hy provid- 
ing himself as a model! nversjiw 
an 1 net ease in the treasun 

''''-''"'■ ■■ ' '" '''•' ' !-ilucaltoii 

in (he ncwspiiMr to list all ol 

"McGrath wa- 

CllOftS. He was I.Ui wa. jihi 

night." oh'scrved Ryan.. 

He uas an enreltt-nl n»«wl.-l 

.Jli>r^ hul 

.:; ir,.' .vr,.li.lll VUll 

':ji]iijfai\ ]n Itic lu- 

I'Fkum by: Rny W'hifc 

«i iuj-. iven a 
'•ork.' s.iij 

l''utn.ii> Ma,iialtiiriatleJunn}:t!i., 
icn year sta* at Harjvf, hut I am 

ill raid thsTc IS not enou^^h roeim 

ileni. \;. 

laish in the collet;, 
the faculty, and the ^! 
Vdilillonitl phiilds met f 


I he Hiirhingcr l>eceii)lK>r l». 19H7 

Pam- 2 

Our active alumni Senators 

association at work 

h» Kim i'H(rw«ikl 

Olrt«m« hrcak is jusi iiround 
ttic comer and mo*t Hjtrpt'f 
niidcmi-i will reiiim: in Januiir) in 
begin amnliieriwml *iih cI.k--v 
(ittday nKKl 

Some III Harper's 
ktiiiimumiy wiM hi; grwlumtriB 
.iikI. ihtn. hixomtnt. iiiumni- So 
'whil €m alumi >:k)"* 

Hopefully, they will pin ilif 
*»w-«|ijinltng riiils wvolwd m 
Ibrpcr'x hiand 5t» AlluMni 

■ "ifw proiocl. headed by 

>he I)ii.;il-': ■ ■■|,)c«H 

l:te>'el,\r">'.'ni„ K !vpiii 

oiKOTimiT. thii pjii •.dmrncr 
Deverj >iircin.gly I'ecK ihc 
A»S(K'»!nin Willi hccome an 
enwrnoii-i iitcccis, m evidem id 
Ihe prnmiudg tamm trtm the 
«mH?ti;r mailimp. 

If ■.(uncome lias graitualcd 
Iftwi lt.j,rp-r and h»i earned a 
dCjEice iir ,1 (.'nrnml n'riifir::iro rt,- 
ior riiK- •■ 

mailnl j 

.ifpliiJii.iM I., ilif ■, 
t» .n.t.'- to c*'mi.ti 1 

"■■' ' '" '"' " I *i-i 

I Ik 
- '■-■• " ,»<ld^W 

ii.'>:fi.v I'.'ireiiBliWieJ, 

A'. II ■•tsutiK i,.h1;h i>f ih,' 

ini itt 

•W »u, ..,., 

h.:<lied liH .; ,., „., 

iHiifHI)! *c aie «eaH> plcuclai 
fc mcfjHKW the «dca ta\ ' 

Appftuirtiaic'l) .' U,n()(i 
sciidicms have graduated trom 
Harper ^jtice ihc cotlese <ipcnfd 
md. commenH tVn-ry, "rverv 
"lie <i( lilt.- ^ra(luaie\ i\ irmteil lo 
loiriiJie Friends ol Har^-r 

The Frtendi ol Harpi-r 

(Wgam/aiion w opcraied wiili 

cmirclinalion from Pnhlu 

Relaiion^ and ha* iitatii isii 

current memhers f-jch .>! ifi,- 

memhcrv t.,-i.;iic'. th, ,,,m,,. 

mailing* a> tic. the As«Kuiron 

mcmfwri and arc mute J to iitend 

alt (unt:tiom ol' die AsjuK-iation. 

One o( the I'uneiiom already 

»io.te.1 In (he Alumm 

I llK- IKi.iher ^ 

.iier ilH- (o..|hjll 


"'There were «« mjtn hide 
fhildten ruming aroumt. playmg 
«ilh the diicki and gcew ihat ii 
wanwrnderful," I'k-vcry rKatIs 

The age m4 hAk'srimnd ..t 
the AsMKiaiion ^ momhers i> 
^uili- varied W'hsi ma<num\ Ihe 
leLiiKiruhips heiween ihe 

.llijitrni • 

I Heir ioniiw:» inicrests hold 
the group Mgether, "Pcrtple lend 
l» group aeciwding lo their major 
lietd ol iiudy. nni ihe,r 
graduaiiting ilais VV'heri rn-ople 

**» inail'jDtss ID Ihc January 

i;r;iJual."> will eome om .(Cut 
grade reptris Ide.n or pl:irn 
wotitd K- gladly ;iv„<-pied \K<i. 
atltiougti fiini,Irai-ii . ■■ ' 

»e r.- jIt iNiui 

die A^VIH. Liltori *i„mJ!vi .n-i'r, ., mi-. 

., imirihiiuorK 

Karpct'i Alumni AsMX'iannn 
i\ in J rmiiorilv m Illinois in Ihai 
II IV iMiH one o( approximiitely 
Ihree oihct suth groups run b> 
i:oniiiiinin ..ulli-^ies in lln- i-nurr 
itate' Some of i:(>c ilumni have 

been inviicd by Ms, Pativ 
Rohents. of Publie Relation,, (,, 
dtlJin micrvie* lor ielcvi,vu.ri and 
■have anicles run on, them in Ihe 

li'^eal newspapers. 

These alumni are chosen 
from the list and avked j %.-n,,-v .,1 

Hiietlums on »hy "Harivr Makrv 
A r»i,('lerence'" in career ehiix-ev 
Inicrviewed a'lumrii ii.n-. , „..,.,,, 
range Irom l„„oti :,,r 

Sltariw ,Sharp lo ! ' -, ,,\; 

Berndlion Other persons 
imervietved are tn the fields oi 
pvyvlmln^-v l;(w snd nursing! 

TlK'ir iniftsiews urvd in I- 
Hldg under the gu; ' .m 

Kiu'ili. are shomc >i, 

,f\nie(iean Cable I v ,,„• ii-n- 
mmuii: imerviensean he seen in 
I'alaiine. Hoffman F stales. 
^.Iijumburg and Rolling 
Meadows on M'ondays ai .S-(M) 
jn',lon F'ndaysn8;(Ktp,ni, 

(.uesi inter*iewcc this week 
IS Riia Sthauh. no* a gradujite 
sluck-ni ai L,oyi»la Tlniversily, 

^ ■ van tv veen. die ]iitrpa 
Alumni Avx.KiatKin. 
■■i"".u^l> euremely young, is 
well Of) ics waj. lo hceommg an 
integral pan of the Harper 
eommuniiy. Keep up the g(:n:»d 
went, new alumm' 

hv Kim 
t I'iiTurt'H 

t (Jitor 

'inidenis can now hcpin lo 
■iiie real :ti ii.-n iii ,iuil.,'in 
iiiineni Whi ' Ihe S^'n.ile 
olh,,frs reeenlU ar(»,iini ■,! eight 
senate suKsimnuUe vh.ur[Wiiple 
' *'e new shairpeiiple 
.)P(>.iin!iii,-nLs -,houKI spsxd aiuon 
on m.uv, >ii di-,- coals s,ci <see 
previous i-,Mie 1 

Ml.-r Ih: (,dl vjll. repoilv 
Hum ttk- \'ii.c President was 
.l','lrrr.,-d 1,1 ;i l.iiiT dale, due tn 
ill'"'- i'!--.iit,-ni Boh (lois 
-II.-.-.. d ii-„- .i..,-i,.l Kuberis Rules 
id ' >(dci .HHl merit lonod that il 
jn> id die senjiofs wishes lo 
pl,itr ati)ihing on the .igcrulj ih.ii 
dies do so well tvlnrc Ihe iiesi 
meeung and that the nuitoru! he 
,i:ocn 10 Scerelary \'orli. 

Also. II viiti he Seireijiy 
York who 'Aiil r:.-.>,-ive m\ .all, 
irom the sludent h<id\. in reeariK 
1.1 visits to a seii.iii- meeting, noi 
Ms, Maiiill)^ 'I'ork is 
.dso mnv all iillieT.d s,-n.ii,H 
i,:li,eil>le lor a luition 

Advisor Jeanne f'ankanin 
aniKJunccd lhat the Who's Who 
.ippheaitons should he i;isen lo 
her vvidiiri In d.iis and ih.ii th^ 
.inmiuntciiienis nl aLicpiariee will 
K' somctiiiie hciwcen March ?» 
and to 

Idifinished business dealt 
primarily with the 
suhttmimiitecs. ihairptMple for 
cath luhcommittee were seleeied 
^y 'he I'umil in an 

f';'''^'"!' . on Dee 1 

Tl'ic J;»eeu!ive (.\iuneil consists 
of Presidenj Boii. V.P Smith. 
Sesreiary York and "I'leasurer 
Klijpp, hy priny I'uik I he 
thairs w-crc apjxjimed as follows; 
Aeadem,ics .« George 

Clubs and Ori;anuaiiiinv - 
Jerry Knickrehm 

E,l«tions - Don Ikie/ynski = Michael 

Fimdraising = Rarty Ifciitner 
Prrx-edure .Vtamiai a Mn, hael 

Public Kclaiions e John 

Senate Imptovcment = 
Mkhele Osirowsti 

T he sn lie -i in in i n ee 

ehairpcoiil.- will mm -select Ihc J 
members lor each of ihcir 
respa-uvc cc»nmille«. 

The Budget Committee . 
consisiing of the Treasurer, 
President. Student Advisor and 
ihree non-venalc members, will 
rrepare a budget prr.iposal for the 
monies ohuined fn>m this year'.* 
student activities lees A memo 
will be sent to other Harper 
■ irgani/ations lo ask lor possible 
members for the Budget 

Because of changing 
vstiedules next semester, the 
sen.iiorv .ue requested tn turn in 
iheir sehedules to Secretary 
I li^aKth York sometime bcl'ore 
(hriviiiias hreak so that a new 
meeung time may he established. 
Be lore adjourning, the Senate 
iKccpied die proposal made at die 
previous meeting by V.P. ol 
Student Affairs. Btmnic Henry. 
This proposal represents an 
attitude in Harper's apprmch to 
sludcnl development and calls for 
cooperation, awareness of the 
environment and success m hoih 
school and e»lr:u urrieutat 

Ohvi.>usl> our Student 
.Senate is alive and well, and 
s'sitemely active Thank you, 
Scntatc, and maintain your gixKl 




tHl)i>» III. 

T'MtyiMi: I 

*'"' ■ "■ ■ ■ ,1 

tw# wfW'ltj. « ftm l« Ml «€■«,«■ m 
II . 

wlllf^ .>! ,Ai. 






Wo understand Bial you ve invested a W o< 
hart vwrk m your educahon. and we don't 

think you shoukJ lose credits over lecfinicai- 
*es So W'hen you transfer to floosevelt vw» 
ntate every eltort to see that the transition is 
easy and yoyr credits are accepted 
Wte Oder a wide variety of degree programs 
indtJdinq Biology. Bwinessi Admimstratton 
Computer Science Economics Englisti and 
maoy others Whaism,of»? vw> iioflst :i <op- 

noich tacuiiy, small classes and counsetors 
ready to assist you in obtaining financial aid 
Even if you re not quite ready to transfer we 
urge you to talk with one of our counselors 
Planning eariy insures a snxwth transfer 

For more information call or visil our 
Downtown Campus our Albert A RoPin 
Campus in Arlington Heiglits or our new 

Lake Couniy Campus 


•sssrasss • wellspring of success 

•^•"•IggJJ *30S Mchigan A«?rn,,e Chicaijo il 606(35 ■ 341-2000 

212! S GootiUert Hoad, Ariingion Heiglils 11,60005 -43'?- 9200 
1 WTO W Higiwuav <.'2 P' .i"ie Vwvs. IL 60069 ■ 34 1 .JOOO 

sooscvea uniwcbsitv 

0!*M tji PoOtie n»lalioni 

*'30 S' Mici<ii)an Aininu* 

CUcago, lllinon fiOSOS 

P^am 1*1X1 m« lurtlwr mhimmion ml 

a icnMuia m eiaitin iwiftwi 

VMualf iitidM 

MnOUfBnwluilB iluiHm 


The Harbinger December 10, 1987 

Page 3 

Harper bids fareweU and 
good luck to a good friend 

Tivm'lilRi* thf wrjl ■>' ihr commdn. you %hsM fiwl 
Nil piililk hcnrfil whitti you ri-iriic 

Bui it priwwil* or ttunc frnm thrni lo ytni, 
Aiwl m> way fr*»m y«H»rs*'lxr^. 

Shakfifrarr. ("nrWlllili*: I, I. 

Hy an riitili, Ikb sImmU hr nmt ul m; citilnl tdiliirlal* to 
M ritr. I nifim. I am ju^t writing iilHiiit n mtm wli<i'<i dniit alHHtl 
ji* nincli (or Harptr citilcttt »■» anyimr p<»«iMy could, and r*»ii 
if I hitd a dwtK ll<»k il up) <irad>wlKn, I wouM just k»*t lit 
r(Fj<l ihr rroni piige or itiM paper In icr wital ullirr% htitt in my 
jImmiI Jamrt \lc(iralb. 

The prtibtfin, m it turM mil, in htm In siy llwsr Ittinp 
wiilwul II wundlntc Ukt a eiiliiu. I>rnideiit Miilrath i« alix 
and wrH, bill ht i* IravinK m. and br f«allj ouikl lo bmaiw him 
iralvM wr arr thai br ws» h«rc. 

Tb« firsi Ihint Ibal t'omet up wbmtner Mr. \Ir«;riith\ 
mamt h mrnlioncd n ifhnol moralt. t-iictillv. turr, 
44111 inMralbn. and %tud«nls I.IKF: thr man. There ■'« an 
ixlranrdiRary pmenlatr nf day «ludenH im ihl<t i,impu'> who 
mil only know the pmidrnt't niin>i>, bul what hr hwiks like too. 
Mr. McCiralh tan frniurnlly hi- wrn malkintt atrmo campus, 
uyiflt: bttio lo ftudenis who didn't cttn knim ibal he knew 
Ibrir names. 

Il bftfglrt my mind Ibal mm ■ cam|ins or 20.1100, any 
ilndent can matte an appoinlmenl to (o m and ju\l >isit nitb 
Ibe PKKSIHKNT of the eullege. Irv Ihiil M VI I . iwilh iinlj a 
kitfblly larter ttudrni pttpulalinnt anil you'll noei url pml Ibe 

Mr. Mrtiratb ha» turned Ibts tollege inlt> tmt o( the mosi 
r»"»|»et-trd two-year institutions in the country, Il »js no 
.K'cideni tbat. in reOMnniirmtint bin lo his neu pml ,it Iriniiy 
».'oHefe. Ibe president ol <;rori;elimn t niversin tuiih »hi>m 

\tr. \leljrBtb bad worked in \f» \orki sanl, 

Finer roWeft prr^ideni Ihan iim ^li'iiciili." 
I'hwe is » jiiurnalii.lii- rule«, th.n 

ufwt Jim rel'ei' If* ^*.o**"*m,(*'' )o .*« .ii'l»x,tr, ><h. 
i.rniir, '> no ni.ii li.ata' noli. f<l I li..»ki' sott... 
tool *\ 1 .; ■ ■ 
earnt-y yr 

kntiw ot IK. 

I'), r thf (0'»t 
li*s UsI 

irrd In 

^ t.O'I'lrl 

LJT ^li I III 

I <tai>i It). 4 lli<rl 


WitlBmRaiiwy ILif;- 
Algimguin Md Rum ' • 

Maiint-. n. mw 

r.m t "hi*' I 

Feniae* l-in- 

l.iVVHjf F'.li,': 


r..i, |,.,' 
,\.,l.. ..,,.- 

iairy Fiiilliii 



I J lilt 

"-• ^ 4 

V\ith( iinillurkft* 

"Pariritg I* vuch sw«t siir- 

I( 1 knew uhi'i villi th.ii. m> 
(ncnd Im wtmlJ «y it wouldri'i 
mailer anyway, I'lt "liti" >i | 
tir same. 

One linn: (*rll, niiivhe 
l*k'Ci. I u-«l nut u'viniTsaiums 
tor nikiienal oi itii\ ^nUjfiut And 
rit,;h< ai»ji> I m tif.nxki! »<ih 
li-ivun; 'J'.k; Bitfcn iIi* " I 'riCur 

Since I h:m- scl a^d* ihis 

I'A^i .,h,.(nt'," to ,;Kiiini'.^li.''ih,:i.\ .ip" 

' ,'tI. 

I 1 nihil 

lun, aiid now I am g'lad I woittd 

«p ihc courage lo walk ihrough 

Thanlts iii iht enure 
H.irhinirc/ Mjd tiH iKirpliiif; mv 

»i<rlt m iMiti tlu-if^ :\tu\ Ul Pcirl. 

*hi» IS txiih 1'); ■ ■ '■ ;\iiiei!t 

And 1.1" nnKsl. l.iiciv 

youdiiadari' " ■ -' 

Il s<:.-iii~. 

.JI'iHlOll h. I I" 

■ i tmklf, llUilli yi.u, ii»> I II.':. 

foriunaif ami honnri,'.! Idt iti., 

lillJllHy •'■ ■ ra-il .It 


Komemcr was n<n the Kxiks, ihc 
lest*. «■ even the grades ■so much, 
hul one cbss- Speech 

This i\ the class thai 1 

brought the: syllabus htmc and 

read It ten limes lo sec how long 

II wiiulJ he between caih trauma. 

1 his IS the ame class I lold 

■ •"- t"'Nl->and I had lo drop 

I KNEW I wouldn I be 

ii-indle the pressure of 

.■ lo people ■- especially 

',!> I would see for ihc 

: immths 

n also ihc thai I 

ii;>i,i .1 |x-rfect altendant'C record 

in and ( now search the syllatms 

I.,, ..... ,,.,,. ... s....;,i; Why the 


..ill in 

T* PtsstMisT »» tme Optimist 


The HiirhinKCT Deicrnbi-r HI. |9X7 

Paac 4 

Give yourself a 
present this year - 

A. holiday entertainment 

•'V Wiilnn \H%h 

' ' . .1 

> frrriliim 

■'111 the 11 . 

1 li 

1 .-I t IIIJUTUf 

'•i'T irui \\oi\ 111 

1 h 

' <■ ''li n <in(l .1 


W flH" ■'■ i , 



j Viidilion*, in Janiiar\ 

"Gypsy" to Entertain 

Harper Audiences in 


^gJMl^Ul^ SAIURDAY, DEC 1? -« PM 

f^ '^7. . UIC PAVILION M*oc.n# 


Ticheis 01 all -'i--«*^-a.»»i»i» luin • ■-■, 

Ih« u I C Pavilion Box Oflice 
II bv Df>on« 5S9-1212 with Vita MostetCora 

,1,',; ,iii„l !i'-l>l l'''l'" I'll' '•> Iil'l 

i , .' ' [firli,- ' llf.' J'Vii;fll. In^n ;1 It.''-, f,'r 

liMii-- !«■(' ihililn'ii, i.>\f- ' ■ ' ' 

.11 lit AM. wiih .■;". .■■ 

II ..1 : PV'l I'l" li.i '■ M-.I;. 

.". *ll| In U.> W ' ':':-.u'll 

"'uiLlin^; J, Hi'ii, 







fiiiip!i::!ii:iffl):i>*. nnn 

O V I 


(•'.,11, .. ,:i 

ll»«»' J* *j 

iJI .; 

OtiMi^w-tnMw " •+J''l«n« ,1 j' i«UK.« 




Ku ILirhint'cr I)ni(irh(r Ml I9K7 



M.SI-AIR. By Naomi Del'luma 

J;Kk \lucilstrr>hm paced ntn-ou^ly batk 
and forth, Wirh c;ivh cry of his w,fc tr,un ihc 
next rwm. he would Mop his pacinp .„d liMcn 
aiuimiilr Hearing ihe Mxnhm^, i,,„ie. „f .he 
intdwitc, he *iniU resume his pacing 

It was (, hriMiTus fvc, h.n there were n<- 
gifls m Jacli MuelKirohiii s hmise, ru>r a lice !ii 
pui gifis. under. There was no money for such 
mings arid now, with another mouth to feed 
Jack and his wife Hillary would have to forcEo 
even ihc smallest * .(' h,iKcnrs. '" 

_ HiJlary Muelistrohm let out a sharp senes 
Of CTics from the tiny bidr«>m and Jack stowl 
rock siill. eves wide, listening. F.nallv, 
M liary x cries .c.iscd and were replaced by\ 
d,tllereni s<suti<l, ilu,- cry of an infant 

tventually the tntdwife emerce.l from the 
f«<>m and m.uic ihc .1 waited an mm nee men t' 
'i. Mr Mi.ellslrtihm' A very healths . ccrv 
■■■■■■ ,.ii!ulgirir* 

iack ,MiR>llstrohm's eves flinnled wiih 

't"-ir^ A ijir! ,,< j:,irl, ••■•,■ 

tell to his knees .ind cl.isc. 

"^^'^■"■'"•, ^hank hcavcu ,..,.,. ,.„ „.,, 

Ttul! ,\ pifi, . , ' lie checked his J.n 

(x.rr.c»Chr«tn,.,snu,rn' A ' We sLll 

call her Marv ' 

'.scd, ,1.1. k Mi,iclNtii«lmi 

iht strength t.. face relentless hitrdship day after 
tiay. year after year, 

.lack Mnellsirohm stoo<l in the d,«>ru.i\ 
and viaiched with unahashed love as little .\larv 
held hruth lo her muther's lips. At almost fne 
Mary seemed older- -another way ,n which 
hardship deprives the young. 

"Yoii'll be tviicr Muminy. I know 
you w-.ll! Yes. < ,ke the broth Oh 

n'fiT*""!!:'" '^ ' ■■■' -«>". I ''m.w It will-' 
Daddy wil! have poi,d crops and vou'l! he up 
arid leelitip wrl!! «e1l all Ix' ^erv h.ippv ' 
Oh. hello [).„■ ■ iusi Idi.n,; Munmn 

Jhc.ii>,_ -M;cilH\,in '■ 
' romorrowstlinstnus dav D.iddv " 
"And your birthd.iv, dear '■ ' 

n .. '",^s" *'''""' ^"■'"g'""-- >' ^If'gh this vear 

Daddy ,' rXi you think he will • A one with , 
rope kir pulhrij; l,kc ihc uilicr children have''" 

■lack saw the silent lears fill 
his uites eves llcliftedMarymu.hisarms, he swalloued. I don'i think 
Vini., ...n t-finj; y,,H,i.> sleigh Itiiv MM, 

, ^\;''.V not Daddy;' !\^c hccn p,KHi 
haven t I.' ^ 

"Oh yes dear, you have, \'oii've t>ccn j 
very gocni g.rl." He c.rncd her to het mimII 
rcKini and put her to hcd 

That niphi. f,;,.h!;' . -, .^^ ,,,, , 

, Muellstrohtn ..,;,,: .: , ,": , 

A»ppo,,i.,,,!c, ,„ '■^""''■' '"•^n 

worked !i':, ; 

' ioniakc his small [mic-i 


I't l.i!u,l ;■!,,, 

■•- hin It see met f ili.i; ' ,, ►, 

■ ■ ? ! 

M he rollott'irii 
■: for the M-,, 

(■(Ic 't\ 

>e,:ls ,,„ . 

'. ' tjCMj;,!;! IjiIhh:. h w,,. 

„),ick' \1 

„ ,!'id .1 irmiser Ice K;-lr>rc 
- 'lid 

]1i:>sm>suii), th'.' 

.mil runs trctlfd wtici 

me.tccr j'nicr.-.l- ,.. , 

■■'ii..iii!i ,,iid 


li.F,*!l„ ViHin-,: 


Ills, her !'■ 

''CiMIKin ,: 

So t,.r nearly two months he worked on 
the sleigh in .1 small oiitbmlding. keepine the 
pr")c. t .1 scctct from Mary. He gave the runners 
•' gentle vurve and fashioned handles for 
steering. He planed and sanded and snxxnhed 
until he had crafted a sturdy and preitv sleigh 
With a hot iron he impnnted a large snowflake 
on the center slat jnd then varnished the sleigh 
three mnc. It v..,s Christmas eve when the last 

*itnch'"l ''■"'""'^ '''"' '''"^" ''"'^ '''*^ "'^' """* 

\^''' ' til- iikkcd \\ into bed 

'''^"-"^'^ ' ■<"hnsi.rurd.,s D.iddv'-' 

Anti ■, l^itllutayl You'll be mv'six 

year old girl' 

"Yes Daddy." 

"What's WKMig. sweetheart ' ,Aren'i vou 
going to ask if Sanl.i s going tn h,.rg you a 

|L 1 1 1 ' 

"1 don't think he wiii. D.idd) 
"Butdcn'i vou .1 sleigh '' 
"'*'■ • rWdy' Hut Santa hav 

•■ en to worry a tout, 

."'" «*"T>' ■if'oui ihal. dc.u \ou 

Ji'M P> II. sleep .in. I drc.ini .,1 the nice sici-h 
vouil like S.ini.i u. hung vcu " 

■('Hxwlnighl. I)adii\ k ■• \I^ 
mc ' 

I «iil, ^vu-cihciri, Cio. 'tinighi," 

-f Hillary MiieliMtohm .iwoke 

"■ler the nextm-irnira' .s-,t. uiK. 

- ni.iiiv 

'■^ "'■■'"' -'i' '^-'^ in (cadincss, l„ . 
■Unhin went tn u.ikc 'his d.m-hicr ,.1 

The Harbinger Deccmlwr 10. 1987 

'age 6 

l^dU^uy Concert 

{>lc'ht.ilc the hiiliitiy V4vm 


.■luaj,. Uct.'!ii(x;i' is. ..n 
"1, 10 Cutimg Hall. 1 - 
-.^iKid Street (2 W<x:ti wr« ni 

lotnin^! Iti 

■1, 1 

Vofilmesl Higiiway) rHteiic. 

A<lmt«ifiii « S4 for inluii'- 
$2 lor sdKlcnl ihrvh,ii;h ' 
«cli«»l Mui srriKwi.. awl 1 (•.'■.■ i ' 
dilldfrt) tm,Icr tt yciui oU. U you 
(lif (M iilrcmty kiive ■ sutifc^rtpiim 
1 " ■■ ) (m will he able to 
' inliviilual iickrtfiw lite 


[Jntk'f the 


•..111 "' ■•',■ 

direciiim of Dale 
ilie ■'>()- iitenito 
'■•n ptagTmm* ol | 

Harper goes to VAIL 

' larjwf 

■mitff '>.*.!■ trit 

(cit oiir siuckii 

Tta, ■>, .-^- ■, 

f.l(H..l....: ....„, 

J)' um|iie Ml the 
ihc lirgfst Mtnttc 

< 'Vilt.vr.t(.J«v. .tii : 
■Ifop tit 'JtKJ h. ll h.j.. lilt: ,u,.,.,.i 

ir;*aol -ikuMc m the »tiilr 
jthl tl'k' V. ■ ' - ■ • ,). ah.) ichcul. 
TtK I" ■ d(» .|(Mt«l il 

nofht-'' i.i-r Trftk. 

Amen I, ^ ' m;i,)i'>r tin 


H'lrpet jJwa.y» .get* xhe Ih"«ii 
fricei and ibis yciir « nn 
1 • ■ '■'•«»i. The ll".- 
■-T f«-r»n III. 

(1 fiighk itHltini; J! 

Mirmiium rjghi m 

UK- .iii4(;.c <<i Viiit, fotiiidtnp 

noo-stoji itmMporttiiim (rout 

(.'"htcifo to [k 
AtrttiiM. n»of(i 


tlllilli><mi!i,i,' ., 
lfK:';.Hi.'', Ill I 

•ti-.'Hii. diiJ nn;.lit 

fitilie torn !;■'■ ,,,(., 

JtHl rricmh m Van uh, jcjf. irtim. 
Sundaji. Januarv '< u> SuniMf, 
liiniiary Ifl. WgH twoicnilHtr 
tlasise* «ari .Jm«iry !<».).. 

Tte frmij foU awi ih. c:rtjnt,li 
<>( «iii>w undtTftHii bnn| ■ 
frfshftoi «(' spifii 10 all w-ho 

'I ihi* t:liarmirig » ii" ■ 
licpwil .i» due .num. . 
vtiift your n-«T*-atiM. 

Conuti the Surfeni Atiiviiics 
Ofl'ite .BUg. A. if j'og hj*f any 

" J:)oli^av Spectacular" '1 

lij'- ..ri 


..iu- iriMlcd 1(1 
I J Inm-.A Tree' 
in *»(ikIi iltMirali'il 
i|.^ mil K- .iv, loi 
.'11 ttiow Wishing 10 itiiii 111.' ■;.. 
i .'11 with ikiUiUtma! ilnn.iiK'ti -. 

i :■.. .!!.."r |.t " . . ' ' :' 
.ii.ilci! I.I .1. 

!'...: ..I I '. Harper II. -i,. -,.-...,.... i,. ..,m,.,i 

iHuilem «'lu.i -ulUTcd 'SpiilMl .uUrtiotul don.iii.|iiis nl s^n im 
III rriiuru.'-. ifi ..i Jmiig actnlcw this inon m.n ,:,<M.i. • t'n.'t I ii.'.'!, 

nittg't rnirrt.amms-ni i! 

.iii'tniiio, .iTi'.i ri"\itkiits an 



CCM Planning 

I' III lih.1..r. 

I>uu:ant ai.icni.1 k. 
>l «luileril ai-tiv'ili.r 

' ..1II...I tiikine i'luiiil 
". t rruillnn. 

Real Estate Exams 

nEJisiy cfCuxsTn^is 

l::.tii':l|!ii iiiinniieiK.cii' lUriv l'i»n>.':jiL(" 

Tliiiii!i: iiMii,Tiikyii..»ir.i M'lii Ik in.,. 
■T*;ii|itii;'* lo he o-i, 

e-xra i naBsa 

I '10- Off! *5»«0ff l«2-0ff, J 

Ste iirds 

Aii i.".i./)jf"(.-( 


People for 




llil)M4-«in. TSOTMaImn 

O* Fli Owl OMHwn and HW Totfwff 





I he Harhingcr Ikccmber 10, 19H7 

Page 7 

"('IhO prcsideiU's job is U> not only 
be the link between Ihc Board {of 
Trustees) and the college, hui also lo 
coordinate all the divisions anti 
departments and keep the college's 
mission statement intact." explained 
Williams. "We are here as an 
educational institution, and Jim 
McGrath has kept us moving in that 
direction," said Williams. 

"My feeling is that most of 
us as administrators started 
out not as administrators but 
as teachers," said McGrath. 

"I think the col- 
lege has opened up, 
grown, and ex- 
panded under Presi- 
dent McGrath's 
leadership in ways 
ill at il never could 
before," said Ryan. 
"He has a way with 


The llarhint'cr Dcanibcr 10. r>S7 

Page 8 

What do you feel was 

the most difficult part ; 

of President 

McGrath's job? 

I. .«trv Piid'lin 
liiint In Oi«{. Hiibmier 

l'P)<DI«>' &•*»•■ Iii",><» llnwi.' 

TiK touthi-ii c:h»ll«J» *»i 
iny idmmititisni '■<:«» '• 
mati*aimg h,ii pwfU "hil* 

el'fecliv'fiwti. Pietidem Mtl".i«ih 

Gregory' Mi.!hT 
Stailenl S.'njii: 'I 

,7'teil.'i (>. Jii 

nufttr pif'ifrim uiing *»■ •}<«««> 

af thMcJ (iivi-rmTK:.<t "' 1»" 

Scott Miinon 

&.™ir.l Min«g«T WHCM 

(Ptoo C™dtl, Timyu BrMt) 

"I iJi.tik ihc mught-ti p»n ol 
,ny prcMdcnti job ii "> k«P 
(iMvl fiuMii tclaliiHi* '--Ih sUfI 
■ltd nij.knK, To m»l"" fvt'y'W 
leel pm»n»We «») I ''""'' ''»■ •"'" 


' ( la\sified \d Rates 

i Mu.liii! txon a»mmet«al 

ptofitf ».iil»mll|i"H«<in 

(up l« itWihl limi.» "te 

14. SO; l.«tticl» 
addktUrmd Un*. 



- r 


( htssilit'ds 


Ihc Uarhin:;ir Ih-ctinhfr !»■ 1*>H7 


( lassilieds 


l-OK SALE,BTin,lcd 

ReminieJ. Thci v i»"o . '* 

1 VH-.Ia 

► Hiiiiitnsili m*My * hmne'. Wrtr 
[:i:)»tT.,aiirtt.W OHM. 


» t>i(i>riiMilIli. iHlVi- *^* 

lli.n»e iyi>'»»- '•* ■** ••"*■•"■ 
■Trn ■(«nn«». •l""""""**-'" 
. : . jtrvCT i» neatoi JSif in< M-, 
>*<»«„ idililwnilW cm- UVo» 


Rtftibfc ii«(i«im»«t •««»>. 
purniiiM* €»ctrtf« »«*«<! K<> .f * 
to d.fTie<»II. »/K.raiCl»r.# 

' VtS!' 

. .1 utt(:'AKS' CAIN 

, , ■ We olfa • '•■"■I"' 

.. ;i„-..J« ii> »trri« cki'ienl. WW"! 

imnteiuil, ml ImsMwy. 
T» w* to *« »«••■•« Slim**, 
c'llt *e Wh«et«tll«% "Ci** »' 
1 11 M 4S»-»(;». To •«* ■ "I"' 
■KM., «ll *• iini«».i««<i« >•»■ 

,i,i-.K-. i"in iVunV 
'III («» iii«i» "«U tt»wl 
ll.h'..m.». C.iiiHK-.iiri, •■!-. 

■ I 

,:!e-n»miiig ':) 

H.N . T»cliiirniii 1 1 ■ 

c:i.i>r( \Rt 1 ii> 

C* U^J■^l,^I.'i..,^ II 

K \mm 

JH.'CfcB|.l;lt »l II 
i..,i„ ^., r,- ..r'...!« fi."'iTiy . pl^l*^ Iwerm iii<H i -. 
<:>.( bicytk-i helpful >w« i»< 'n'-- ■■ 
Mm 'imfnttuM a in ouif omj 
per«iB»l«» .tnilJitki'tkilli. Till 


• ou— '"■'■' 

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All »•.«-•*• • ^.i « *■• • 

t:»t-» ^ !>«■•••«••» •*■• 
f»«.*«» t tM r 

.....f -— -. " -t:"!" * 

mfJ..-J 1.. drip.'; 

V»H»i» of Biirwf nm rm m-imb » 


t.eimnm<Me prraxi »rt «» f.w «*«> 
II t**lK"' " "Of '^'■"» - ' 


Pro(«»non»l nml whiw i» "iH « 
.|taili fam >ioro<t Full "tl «»'' 
Wiill^inil twit* S». BunBiira *, 
■inl|wd.«.tife!>il'' Ailmgum 
||,.:if.|ii.. ii..:m. ('.ilJilJtie •»! 
S,l.iw!-fv...k KJ CiII f><rhhK . 

57 :» 

aiiiB' Timcfl. 



t'*i.*ll.l.K «i:.J. .Alt 

■aiiinth)y.fnc| .in:' 
Hiiriw Mull tee' i ....; 


' "€ .' N-* 1 1 I'M 

"'..iLillUTU- Jlpl 

lull tiC 

S,.S.4!..t;im'niMj All nulii.c 
mchiilwJ S«*l> t.,t(i«-i.-.i 

(UPI :...'-...-' '.■■•■■■• ''.'I 



M;',«rAM \K 

I xii'[li-ni -.I'vi. 
•V C . AM 1 M 

S.<iii»>.i( iv.i 


f.U-..-n VI-. ..W,c\,. l.■'"■•.■ 
-, ., . , vr»' r ..II M . . 

FOR S.1.11 

Ahigih.i"'-. • .■"■■I'l- 

J.„ /•» 

'.», ^^,*. I'.fifr* 

IMMt ' 
t I 1 \ ' 

,1.,.;,, itj.!.u...di!>i'!:i > 

).„,1. ni»t. SAmnitari. ft. w.'!."^ 



....Jk.rt SwwIfc^MP 


Ti'leufciMi* mm* ctoin* » HiiF' 
L«*iiH tor tnlMK. tm™ll». 
cinilmnw iwwMncd .mhvtiliiit foi 
nliifir »it« j»«iiH.m F"" ■"' P"' 
lim«.li«i»rt..:'- -"•"■■■■•'"•"' •"■"• 

u. 'AlFWI IHKI Ki \V.VN'lt.l>' 

i-i ; .*"-'. N W Suilv ^•*..' 

,1 K 

' |,>iir|.uimT ni.f»«n|jc' 
■^^.jWji. pl.winik.iisi!. 

|i«Tiwii*ltl)| ■iJ.««.«i ■(»(»««■«. 

tmM. No ei.p. Bttotnii 


No tipcmtik 
hi Mi>tnl»> '. ' 


Cull *■"■ 

M.I jImM 

, h.. ■.p«.ir.i.iL..I 

.i\'in " 


S1.M.»' <".'l 

■u< -T'lr ^Vil'l'A 

;■ iLind ,Ii-'iO . 


.-.'.I M vli-t..>.l W> 

miln A.»imt; ' ' " ' ' 
c.i.ii,..| . m> mil I 



H.>K \M 1 

Tt'inlv-l I" 




Oman liluiir««n. rt»l»«n DsmB". l"«»rior D»««" 

CWiUi •ocwsa Omt »na vMnnq cH»«re 
Pragtam* t»8in F«nu*<>, Jun«, •nd Saplemtw. 
WriW CK pnnn* lor calaiog 



a*v • vooui 

CMcaoo CwniHW: 1*12) HO-ISM 

Wt North WMMth IHMKm. CtlclflP, l««W« 80611 

WoodfWM Ompu* (»«) MS-MS* _^_ 

600 Wooi«i»ia Onve Scft«umBut9. lUtnoit W173 


Ihe HarhinccT IKitinhir l«>. I')K7 I'tut 1(1 

Hawks beat Fruman, 

lose to Elgin, fall to 2-8 

m^ : 


Sfi"f r- 1 ■^-tl^•■ 

^^^^^^_^^, "M'^^^^^^^^^HW^H 


, ■ ■ ' ' :.,'ft 

L»rj Crraittr delhrrs the ilam ai;,itnn Truman in tlw 

i»Wi« fMI-*.S *kri>r}. I'ki>ln <rr4,l: )nhn Mc\ iritr 

1 ti.iv> ,..r.,. 

injury a fake? 

■• -.l.tti™ hlirf' '>(J11^!1,„:I i.k,,'1l!l.>L„l KlJl .1 

I'ttlktl hamwrllp'* M.;Mjllr» jH.r., .1 .nil lh<; s,.M,...l 

SlifC, And J 1.1,1 ''>■ ''^ '"■'!■' '■■'■ •"■''• A l.iiri 

.S:ittg!ct,.m ;ici: IcvcK.nrlK* ..-■'. . ,i,., t-ijml,..l» lifcelv " '..''>. *■*■ 

Mi\! ■ - ■ . . I- .., ■ •■'■ ■!■■"• 

Singtiitf '. 

(MllOil I ! 

Minn, >>■;>'» '■'■nil 1"^ ■ 

Ladyhawks fly past 
Lake County, 79-36 


\1, \' 
hi, I 




(.. 1l.n.n \|.,I».,,,.,.,)d ,|.,..4., I 

»lltl 1 1'-*" (1.' 

I IV, 11 l(l,'V 

•h.- tllrfi- t" 

■I'O' ' ■ '■.:'■ ■ ,;S Jim, fl 

' \' 

The Harbinaer January 21. 1988 

Features._^ . 

Theatre Director turns vacation into sometUing 
much more in jolly old England 


,1 ilu!)^:.^ mijs! 


I" iiilni.s.fli.. **i.-n .i-t. ■•I > 

;.jd said it : 
Jutiit M;cm ..: 
iiu-clii,fcnil-iTijii ' 
,111 Eon. himi">'-:' 
viriiordiniiiilj' dii>K.ul.i t 

' ** mc Ui 



iti Ai t li «' • *a 1 1 I 

• .INI •■»■ »•■•*.• -t KVlt ■ >■ 

>M I 11 r-fjfci ■ ■ . I AI ■ 

1^14 W |>.....««-^ M.l 

•...•••l>- I «• v" 

■ •..••-•~ li»"-- . •■ ,•-•"»'•-• 

•s«.. -.. ¥...1.1 .»» r-t ,.»-• -i 
> .. t M I " ir I* mi»^--i t-iii»wn t 


I'll 111 Inilutj. 
i"r<>m*«>ll'*>. rcigti 


li Mniilh Student S|X'Cial-Sli9 

irl (Mir Mll'tt-I' |ti\i, 
isii'iiHi-. 'li li;iii -.■- 

. ti.;i iK'ivIv 
1/, hnnjuo^ .(fv! 

■,;i,i will ■> 

;,:i rclK'.ir- 

s Inn 1 tiil.iw 

„|,! rl rci. 

I iMlllimrtJ '*" I' 

• lull Mailiiiic ( irtiiiis 111 
\;iulilu>v>l l.tKlfiMirx 

• III! Wiii'luv 

• I ompUllTl/cd IrAtTClNt- l>lkl-N 

• ( .irdwiv.iMubr I valii.iiii>n> 

• \cnihii liivs Imp.ul and 
I Ai'ftivf ( i.i'.srs 

• VkjIiT-Kiihn I IjNsfs 

• ami hTMiiuliA'd 
^*<irkinii IYi>i;r.uiis 

• Tfiinis ^,llu^t^ 

• Tarmiiii; Bt*d^ 

• \ii I list Viirsi-n SrnKf 

• hiiifss \s\c\Miii'iii leM 
VdniiiiMfrfd Bv liuTCiM' 


• Siii' < orjtiiraic K.ik"» 


- riillliri'il 

.» i "til Hit 


I Vlo..dlifkl l..ikc 


HKMI [■. WiMKllk-ld K(l 

SiiuumhurR, II. (>(ir4 




The Harbinger January 21, 19}t8 

Page 3 

And vou thought we 

needed Bork to screw up 

the Supreme Court. 

Th« Nuprrinr ("iHirt of Hue Vnittil M«lr* htindrd dimn 4 
riilinjs tet werk Ikm prumiMi l<i l>c t»irj bit as iifrtmnc ti 
htlHTver* ia frif* *i»fcl» as ttm *. Wiidt l'lctgli«iii| alMirlioii' 
w«i l«> "rifW-lo-liftr*". 

Ill M»j. XttO. a \tkwuri hifb mImhiI princi|Ml\ dtiukin 
M MK rim l»»artiiir% 00 lecniiuf |>rri>naiM.« >ni< Ihi rtfni nf 
«li<«irc» IM i-hildrrn mm cballrncirct by Ibr vtiidrni aialbttrs in 
iiiiirt. A bmitr court di-ciswo in faiitr of Ibi* |»rini-t|wl 
iipb«>d by tlw Ufb touri. "Hi|*" inurl (nricrd Hhiil ,irr th. 
pod JiiatkfS iMMikiMK. Ihotc da^ aiid wh? arcn'l thtv «h.innK 

Il wtin* Ihal In al IcmI tht ittiht tuprrmr tiiiirt )>''<<«<'« 
nhr %i>tf was S-.'i r»rl Ihar if K alriitbl for MudrnH 10 kiirn 
abnul rrtcdnm «>r ihr prtw wbik lb«!.» art in nbiwl. hiil to uw 
H imb aft«T lb*} eradualr. 

lh« arltclr^ in i|u«<>li<in wr. t apparrn(l) nol in tiiibiion of 
ail.1 nfirmally accfptcd timvrntion* it. prinl jnurRalt\m ti r 
obwtnr. lil>rH(Mi«. or adtcicaltne an.t ilttjcal at:li»it)(. bul 
iiftimkd thr wmibiblii>% nf lb* princi|wl. 

What I »tiiiW likr N kntm is »b«r» d<i tlw banndwin li«T 
Th* court did mM sity wbrthtr it* rulini: -Houbl app)} In i-nllrp^ 
aad imitfr^itic, a* »«li » public ftrtut* and hi];h whiMik. 

Onstnh dikcrdtMn ia calM fur. I wrt t-dilnr in Ittr »ml<l 
will trll jtiu bi» primar* job i» tu d«<-idc (nr at Icml hrip li. 
dccidv) whal i» «r prtifwr for lb« pap»r In prim. Ilul Ibr 
fact rtmain-i Ibat ftlilor* arr. or %hiiuld b». vircird 00 tbr bscit 
III tb«ir abililt m dii Ibal. One* *cl«ctid, hr (nr thci wlrvt-. n 
MalTlbat i» caMiptlrni Indntbai ;«Im). 

II lb* (acutit or iidmini%tralMifl nf 4 schinl wanti ITS » inn 
paMiiilird. «h» do lb* j aaHiueradr il a* a ottidtnl publication ' 

Wf at llarprr are blc^wd »ilh an nprn-mindtil 
itdin<ni%trali«n a% mtU as Itnard of rru<>lcr>. I had Itoi 
(dilnriith uprnit crilkal nf Bniird p(ilit-ic». and anolhcr Imo 
critical nf adminntralinn drcitiono The onl> rr<.pnn-.o I hate 
had ha»4' b*»o of a potilttt nalitrr. includinc hcHig laliril in l>> 
.fnbn ( o*l». tr|trndar> firr-brtalbing vnnsmalitr Bnard 
mfmbtr. ».h«) diwxrttd with if>rr>lb(n|i t %aMi. bill pritivd tn* 
riifbl In vav it. Stt Mi. I'm nnl nrrtnnik fnr our paprr. bul I'm 
Hired Indtalb fnr m* cbildrin'ii rifbl tn sprak in Ibeir lurn. 

As a prinprctnc rducalur miMtf iminnrinK in rdwallmil. I 
wituld bt appalird at an« colbtajtut tcien mormi a priucipali 
»hn miutd rtcn allrmpi %ucb faMivl tactics. i:»rii at an 
adtiMW. I woutd attimpi In do jinl Ibal: adtisr 

Itfftirr I climb down off nl mi viapboi. kl mr £i>t »o" Ibt 
wor^lnrwinf all; nrnin Ihat mmt idtalnf worldv wbrrt ifibt 
Sniprrm* I imri saitciionrd wmrlbini 111 frnwlj immoral ilikc 
lb* »*l«ti»* probibilton of fr»t tpKcch. prrbap*'^ thai the 
wb«lw ciwiMr J mm, in m uproar, what riMhl b* dim*? 

Ih* »t<tl*m nf rb*clt» and balances put into place bt the 
framer» nf the ( ontlitutiiia to prcnnt in<l «ucb an abute bi a 
branch of potrnmetii »imM prntldc fnr a (nul national 
amemdmeni In rijihl the wrnnt. Hut in lhi» caie. mt already 
wi bad lilerac* i%«t a prrmiuinile In hetominn a 

bat* on*. 

Suprrme I nurl lu^tkr 

tarrt I*aii.tlin 
lililnr-tn < hit'f 


mm' -nam' vm m- 


Health Corner 

A message jrotn ^ouT Usalth Center 

mlci, li.'irf. -in:- 

Inti.i'lim; vitid 'Ml >lirt\ii> on thi- 
M. .I-"!! htrmt'hi iH ihc Itiini-i 

itiith rt'^ull. in 
t>n".tlh .itu) 

Frequently. people, 
•■ '■- I r"-' itmse *ilb chronii: 

ng o( till* 111 lie us 11 u 
..f the ncnii, mtnilh 


; .li jml 
I u r c r ;■ 11 1 1 > M s . 

I ision 
..,' .iii.l vlrcp 



.irttl [broai Then-lore, cvi-ry loi:aif>J in Uuililing A, room 
liomf ni-fcK .m1i1i\.I moiMurc m ''•It2. atui n open K:(X) a.m. (o 

;, I tn il it ions . hrtajlic * 1 n if 


nu.ulh. ttiu\ (Himi.-lir., 

lMi,'\ cntict^:: 

"A *.i r nt't 1 n ,i 

J ]') vi 

hiH'rtuIili., sH M 

V -^i .IIT 

\K hu h 

iiDfiTiall) [ <■ 

in I h c 

fi '1 'T ■'■ 

hu(i.Si,.'i'i 'i ' If'' 





i'|-iii!..ii I'll! I'm Mnmlav through 

-(!■. iiii. ■ i.iir^il.iv, X Ol'l a ni to 4:,?0 

touKh itie u%e ol p m nti hridav. and Saturday 

(rum " I >( 1. 1 III to I lOpiti 

'..■-.<■ prctaulions RcgiMcicd nurM-s staff 

(vritptily and Hc.ilih SiTntc and a phyvtcian 

1,11,.,, ..>....,,.,, ^.u rcil. you may u available one and onc-half 

Lill ijiih a lOldoiIlu. hiiurs pei day Monday through 

ll.i-ii r r.ilk-ee Hcallh Fiida^ i-.,.ll.-«i W-x'lor limf* 

lit eh.iij;e ..irut apf'' 

■>'"'"■■ If . .liO ^.|llC>.llOn^. 

iiii.'..i ■■ will the Health 

I.' A U.I Isec' -tonlidcnlial-- 

Eating Disorders ~ 

The fine line between diet and danger 

TktfinI in afour'/mrt ttriet 

«■» l»»trkt»S»ntu«.(. M H, 


Williant R.rtrV: 

- 1#, 

IMtW-in.t'" '1' 

fc*. tjll'.T 

i.,rr\ hollw, 
I'.' .it' tl-aMtmoB 
'..>' Hcnijrniun 
> •iitrliii. tiiy 

lijIilBBllimr:-." 1 1 ■ 1 1- 

SimrtW'F'ii' ■ 
F*!iwir« ti.t''.:iif 

Onptiiii- ■ 
C'<wi'pijt(" • 

K...,-.|:-.,,.|i,i |l; 
K..KI < |..-Ti...!,k.l HI 


«:ii:ff|iiiB MiRfiiimcbtii'ty. jpw!Ii|i<kNf'4iI' wewUy rirrpr ,>' - > ;- > . .ir.. ' ' ' '.' 
«»«*»■.. Ail *'*ftmnM,» eMipwviMiiii irHt Xhm'- .*f -Jh. »- ;-,.,■■■■,...," -. 

I: UHialli iikti,i.)..'> .1 

If ihat 
and gel 

; 1^1 -i'.!,- c-.'. erealcr 
: ik.' ,iiiy 


1 iii-viuiMcd 1 hci>e 
il Bulimia UMLill'i 

Lili'ii and 

1 1'-. Ixtih 

' ■ iH't *'T< 

.liiM . ■ 

twe 1 1 

AM!»ni. I." ten end wuen ine (;eui 

«(>t|(bt IS fcacibcd. 

Th:)" ccnimue tn ifitt. "pst 
a firw iwwc piMnds oil and. I 
Atiubt heein to fee! fwtier I stiH 


wii iiHhi 


■ ■■■ yUfi 



i ■■■Li.i *ui 

A\ tome 


. tJCin 10 

1: ihev 

• iiicn-it ,. .irl'oh''. 

v*hiihi»flen result' 

hinne m medical»ii,.iitt,y : 

a ht^h iniate of ca.htri« tl,.0> 

10 4.()(Wt in a ihcifi piTHx) . • 


The feelmt' ■■! Imirii; 

' ealiist: 

. teaf that 

'■ •; itnlv ikics one 

'tl!. bui 

ii.ii!.i'."i..i.i!\ mere 1* a whole 

■ ) v., tmni of m'.ga.iive emoiiiim. 

■■■■■•■ on. 

1! the 

; j-iaTuunt; a hmgf 

stie afit:m<»n. Tlie 

■ ..uit't .iiMi [■uiiic cycle hcccuni;* 

mure lieijuent and more out ol 


When one tries to stop it 
hecomes. more (rciiiicnl and 

I iniiol. Wticn one 

II become* very 
•'laiTK-.l iif their 

;i leM [VI -file and 
; nisie support which 
' ics theif feelings of 

: e distressing is the 

. 'v are unable U> 

ight even if they 

; evcrylhiiif ibcy 
eat. T!ie mc ir.ippcd' 

Vfjrf .• Thr Cauaen of 
laliriK DiKonirrs 


I he Hail>ini:tr ianiiiirv 21. 19SS 

I'age 4 

One Critics Top Ten 

Piipi! duij'i pr-eiiflj. 
iVJoJJv':; h^epijit^ the baby 

111 M'jn «'"ll>iTi 
-,1,11 »iri:t<ir 

i III I nt ot K 
lllllll . Mmh (■■■nil 


ll ,i|.„. 

,.y.r ■\ 


: ii>Mi 

Ol 1 

B r II > i- ^ (1 

■ I ti U ^ 

tl iJkhiIm.i ■ ' 

. „ iLii.; 

m 1 

•lit lt> 

^1 \ M'l • 

I, rriwil<'il ' ' 

i-urmei "■ 

, ,.1.1 Ti IjllMll >-,,lll'{ 

i . I ■ I ,, ,■ 11 Ml. i't,.,l.i, . r 111 

i.ii i( sh.- ■■ 

^Page Five^ 


Page Fwr v. 

ii.«ri t-uM', 

Ktoitic, Hill. • 

Hi"ii«;mt'", ■ 

(jiwl-ljuivrm: III Pafji;; FiV; 


In si lie iiihl nm 

: Ir;,-,. t:,-i .,•• !ti,- i'i.'.hl.,;nl 



Buzzv and the Moroccan 

iini<- in ih.- i>. .:i:, v, jji,rlmcm tl. 

> .rr \I,UM, . , 

V I ;,iMi 

. I X.HII 

/*•// (/ friend! 

where \t.Kl 'A 

ttmrtvW,;-,! I 

1 m 


W* It i'l<t^ I n trtH'\t*m 

Kitty Coup 



-■I *»ihlii'i ji 
I'l." iwofh- " 

■ III,; 111 

Uichm»ti» ( 

■J • Ul 'kill. 

^st|M«ay It. 

iKiii i,«,.aiiii;ul 


«9 ^ 




Thf Harhinner Januar> 21. IWR 

I'ai-i 6 

r/ii? Cheshnut Brass Company nill he in 
concert on Thursday, January 2<V. at 
i2;15 p.m. at Harper. The concert nill 
he offered to students free from student 
act ivies. 

I %lilll 


cvn'cmf m m 

tr mr am im 

sw. mu' 

mmm momT 
w n mrs. mr 

fn m msiifi <f 
m< imrm ^ 

I t. ^ .mom 

««««' am «fc 
/',«» a immf cm' 

I % 1 1 1 1 1 


4j mr um 

^ .nmma 


ms ts m nm i 
^'li^^ jmm'M 
smv^ Oftistiim 

j J - tnn 

SpiiKK 'fiS hriiigs many mirkshnin and 
svminars i<> ilarper Cotlifie llu.t offer 
Miidvnl\ lull' in rari»ii\ ti>i>u\. Hen 

lilt vomi ('/ ifu ti>iir\is. for more 
,„ln,,„otion ioll \<r.M>IUK exi. 2410. 

5|c ;ic j|c ^ 

llH ,11 

ik '-C ;'- i:' •:* 

'"' '" ruiiKHi i^ S"i rius a sn 

»L* ^i* *1" *i' iJ^ 

•■J* "^ -^ #yi .»^ 

»i» %lf »!,. ,', »'^ 

'I* 'i^ 'i> ',• ';• 

t I 'III III., in i,„ ,ii I. .n 

1,„ ■..,; '..l t.'f lin--., ..1 

!,;.iini hmn In lOmtminitJii' 
.i-MTlivtly l^iil riPl .sri-fc^'^ni ]• 
* ilh iillK'n. ' ' 
I 'ft Mfmi'hr^ ' 

!' T latum 

*:|:: :Jc ;|c sjc :§; 

.. i)' ,iii>.'*i-t I 

.,'ljlli.r. Ii.i.v 

I'ur ini. r. ■!■ .1 III I 

;fc :i; ^fc sjc i^Jc' 

I III !,, • W.I |. .. 

Koi'ii! 24;.ih all 

Alif ll.ll 

-im .mil 


Ciofid Compan> to Perfcirm 

*» I ui 1i*h: ij, I in,^« ; 
itiec SI lilt irHOfHiaH..: 

fOtll. Itif -H' 

f;iK. il>'.- ■'...- 

tlli4tK.I Jl..] 

Kfniwut'j- till. 
Jv'iin.iorf. JIT rjH o*iit'n jiul 


Continues to otter low cost, confidential 
cere in el) areas of women s health: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


For information and or appointment call: 
3S9-7579 553 N. Court, Suite 100, Paiatiiw 

Otytimt. timmng tnd Suuraty IppoMfnwnlt 



Classifieds Classifieds 

The Harbinger January 21. !«)X8 


Classified Ad Rales 

Student noiicommerf ittl 

c(«»ssiJic«i-!> art: fr«; i4.'i.l.h 
pfufi« t4«nli{ualu>n. 

Non-Sii«i«nt cEasuftets 

(up lo e4(|ltt lines) ate 
lufdltimutl litw. 

Employ IB en t 

iHtte WinigiJi 

'■.'■- fCf-S 

TAT ION for 

'■; . ■ .:e, rea! 

enmt Phone 8«; 3*100 
lives jnd »''eeken,d 

ivailabte Law 
'■ Pffker t. 

' \LE 

person in itie \ liijge n\ 

Barrtnglun run iTr.inJs 

2-3 limes per wk 

Fleititile hr5 Please call 

.-•■■ ■ - '■• * 3fl5"RJ'" 
OiOU, J4\'» i,.r 30.1 f. ■7'4 

.-n t3t)0-'iO0/wt;lv 
-' 1 1 hrs ilireci. lelhnii 
«», penem'e helpful mil 
nerfKirv .\mbilii..>n 
■ ■■■.•i«ftiMl, 
tle<! Cill 
' ■•■;'*■ m 

"•un, fun 
i,iy the 
■ your tiCe 
I'n •■.•,. .i; 11 ifi staff needed 
for Sprin« Break in 

'■ " • ■■ Iud« 

p,ll !,.:■-. ' m LI''! be 1 I 

vtMrs III J I, scllinu 't Jc 
ejiuisum^ and other 
^!^■ner ji vmrl (;.ii>d pay 
and ('-'c 

.iLii'T'i"! >]ri.insi>n the 
«v.ean |ii ij\ jed Inquire 
.11 Inlet ' ^InpJ^ 
Piiigrami >-ail I 312 

far Silt 

•■ IDBSi 


.ii(.ei Karn 

,i!i free 

!■• '. •. !''l.!"rTRA 
(.on vert It- .• - iitt 


Askiufi Si '" )'<)2 

at \- 




A s^kinu. 

joip*. Oepi 

1 iH HI 5.. 344- 


KK"3 Bru 1(1 2 

2 1 S -1 

VI. J.' 


^nnandale, M\ 'j'iiu? ». 
16121 274-«376 

" ■ ' ■ 'HkKHS *■ WTf-rti 
C ! 12 1 ;Mth 
Ave , \ W Suite 222 
Norman (%. ''jOh') 

HglD Win tad 


ll you have eipeni-nce 
working wiih children 
Sitters linlimiled offers 
\'ou immediate pav and 
niinu;i<.'s for pan -time 
* k in \nrth*'eitl 
subtirPj El eel lent 
rt"ferf'ni:e'j and 

: -ilion ,1 m ust 
■ilimiled 2^3- 
1 ilJj 'i aw -4pm 

PUHI ir K!-;!, \T'i(>\s 
lTid.i\ jn J SjluT'j J. 
nights Transporlition 
neceisary Sharp and 
oulgomg people needec! 
Hrj vary full ("hns ii» 

^['1 If:. •-■IONS SEniNAP 




1/28 530 


SKOKIE 2/16 6 00 


2/17 530 

PALATINI 2/24 6 00 


6 00 




Optn (> 

HMtn falWf IMuirdrn 

t'tJiii[irehcnsive tmin i.liuli /nt 
iw^grams for the » 

' Ant.wtK.ui Nervosa 

■ Btilimta 

■ Compulsive Oereating 

health \\NirrtK, lid. 
ON' '^liRoiMl 

Win-'. ■ ,. ..,>is «)1«»0 

11 : r- 

l<>«2 01. DS FIRKM7A 
Halchback. Air cond 
rear det , autom pwr 
sleennii pwr hratcs 

■.•reo 'v'-» OCUl 
I. • mill t,5 2i)l.) 

Hxtflleni cond no rust 
Call 54 I -»'>'> "3 

Me*' paint, engine parts. 
»• /receipts Exc cond 
High mileagf • l.nw 
PK Ill- 
Leave Tel ■-■ '. " 
m m^ \(V' 

I" an yoij b .. 

H.37 340 1 


i,.iill ..\k. 
l-Jeven yri tild 
fstflteni condiiion 
.iskingl-JOO tall Mike 
#.- Rl"> 4"i'5-65M 

.. -IK lift!) 
Mike .» XI ■) 4S"i 

Hm iiBMT. 

•Acres of beautifully 
landscaped gfound) 
•Spacious rir piano 
features ■» ■ • t!l 

carpet tnK 

•Ind!'. ■.mtrolled 

heat' i.r and 

much more 
Two Milf 
Bdrms /Two biths 
Windjong Apartments 

V '--..iturdavs I a m - 6 
P im Sundays I I » m "I 
p m 

.,i\rien! ?fl" twi <!.jge 


... 1 (lood 

I i 1 K IS '■;. ) :• ,;J. 1 
■j('7l,\ ,.\ 24 Mrs 

r.\y .\\.!i ,\|.0'M.-'; 

ive '^ e * ill 
iiu u-t1h in 7ft 

m.iilingN ■Mh.irJ.j: 
fees ComOuesl '■■ 

Oear A*vin 

Welcome hack. 1 1 hi nit." 


Flic had news is ihc 
photo noyd ale yoyr 
f 1 1 in 

riic gmid news is you 
siill have a jiih 
Sii^iicd. i'he Siaff. 

Sfolf <& Terr 

Welcome back. Cirandpa 
iind I will he moniiering 
'■■' if any reci'irds arc 

-.ikc I'ln the 
. .■iniioiiiiior 
Mi Spanal/o. 

Jof Passif 

Vi)u didn't make that 

phone call. Whai 
happened'.' Slop h> the 
Bingcr sometimes iiid 
say l«i 


Single \VM 

5' 21/;' ial = . •. ■■ . . ■■,;. 

WI-". IN yrs. old *ho 

ii,.-'..'ni^lc-. uater iViwl 
tii>r inU'iiic, passionate 
rctanonsliip Interest 

include Water polo. 
Bach. Duel tape and Bunch rcr'uns 
(roiilati tin- ILirhtnger 
for rcp!\ 

dabby Wabbf 

I htjpf you cii.ioycd your 
first week We're going 
10 have a blast at Nil!. 
'Sec ya. Brownie. 

Oeor Tom 

Thanks for everything, 

you're ihc greatest. 

Hill Sew man 
ILiptiy New Year. Wc 
li-ivciri seen you around 
the Bingcr yet The 

machines need your 

personal attention to gel 

into (he right frame of 

chips to break down. 

-Singed, The Harbinger 


Please get a new i.<nicra. 
or f'lv ihe one you have 
Photo classes might also 

be appiopriair. 

A fan. 

Drar Gloria 

1 hjiiks for everything 

Don I give up Have 

patience .iiid '.ou'Il gel 

the hang, of 11. 

l.uv. ('earl. 

4 tMlllnurd trmn pmmt t 


world." sometime in the near 

What IS her id vice 10 
Harper's siudents'.' 

"I really hclievc that people 

eannoi truly call ihcmsc.lves 

'ertiicaied' unles.* ihey travel and 

■ ■• mw worlds for ihcmxelvcs. 

; It- learn and mature in many 
lAjys when they travel.," she says. 

On behalf of the Harbinger 
siatf. welcome back Ms. Willi.*! 

'J'li fi II ii r b 1 ij y. br':i B ii t k i 

Help Wanted 

The HAHBINGEK is kwking lor a few (JOOO 

wriicrs We need people who arc encrgelic. fun. 
irilelligenl. with good writing skilK .ind who 

aren't aliau.1 to do a liiile more We don t warn 

m u c h 

Stan now! Sec what you can be Flemblc hours 

and an opportunity 10 earn a reputation for 
voiir'»cIf and .j great w-ay to meet new and 
.'I pic and learn yo'iir wiy around 
.iM.;i ,■. .11 HI..' '..imc time 

Help Wanted 

The II A KBl Sfih H is ...... m, photographers 

Wc need people w-ho are willing and able to follow 

itivir;.!.. lion and who are BFPE\t).'\m,F. Wc would 

■ people w-ilh .re.iiu'C 

Must be lie > ■ ,-. ..ik mill 

ills: cdHi'us and stall. Slart now I 

II you aie all the above, and nti'ire. contact Th.e 
Harhingi-r. Bldf. AJ67, and ask lot Farry or I'cail 

ei;;:) .e ^ ^.ir *. 


I he HarbinutT .lanuiirv 21. I')KS 

I'aui' 8 

Rowe nails crucial free 
throws as Ladyhawks 
rally past Triton, 75-70 

t» I'lill kiitrtlVir 


)inll«) hi-T in ,l,nit>lr 

IhcTf iiill l»f an oreant/ali.iniil iii.-tiiiij; fur iinvom- 
.nlerrMtd in rr>ir.:; f..r thi- n..nun\ Iriiik and i idd 
team on I il>riiiir> |s| m 3 p.,,,. | ,„- |,h,|ui information 
cimtatl Rencc Zellner at extinoion 241.6. 

I he sofiball team is no» looking for nuiiilurH. Anvl.od^ 
inttriNlid in pla>in- soIHkiII this viar s|i.„,ld 
Mvra Minuskin at ixtinsion 24(.6. 



"■'"■■■ ■ ' '■""■' 

,,.,, t 

h\ Mtiri: RjiJi-r 

1 ;t^t S.iiuril..i>, the Harper 
laro compeied in ihe 
'■lie. pl3cii){! itiiril itfc a 

UurU) piat'C. 

Al too pounds 
vi'im ihirif I'll . >• 

Jiro Smitli 

!ivulu,i1 rl:ur 

■ ' 1 :il 
1 .» 

.11 \~1 prr. 
rtliimini; A' 

'ificr. a 

A. is lilt- 


SiiiuH/. H«)l> S.ii)rkl»' 

's .uiil \t:irs 

\rimi„!i ( ,!/ ll.itTvr 


''."/c ! 'u.,ii 

•H- L«.(i»rd.. puH lh> vhnt up r.,r ihf Hj».ks .,^ tliei i,li 
•> Irilon, 114 ij l.runiardo ltd liarpcr uiih 24 n.iiiiK 
'hull. Crrdir lohn MiVjchcr 

Hawks fall to 
Triton, 114-82, 
Leonardo scores 
24 points 

h, ,t.>i K.iKdbtfg ".el" 10 a 3yi| Tmpn ItMd 

^; -r wtu-n Triicin ciiilodctl for 'J 

"■■ '•■<:• .in .illie ciitKctulivf i«.,:i|.. i,, .-uv n,|i 

\ \ht:m aV:. 
, . "1% 

!., >.,; Ill 'III Ihi- !mi> 

l>uiini' Li .. 

,;;, uglv ilic H.1V, ; ■ 

■»»ialk Siniim w.irk,% ibt bult l..r tht l,jd»hii«k.. ... .1., rvintrrt 

>ir*jtllii) kas rnnlriliulitil ■<■ nsnt Harptr \itt.iri.v Ih t . « ,,,),i 

"Im Mi\itkrr 

'■■> >' I" viMimg Inmn, l i-j 

'" ■'"■■I'lvnii't K.i'iic ..,...> 

Joe Lamiiiilo k-d H.jn..T 

■ I . .'..1- ]■ »'!•' 24 poinls. win:-' 

iru-. lie!.) tn II; !• tcariimiiics Tr.ivis [\-rry i i '-. 

.:.iri:i(Ml- ■'■7(, poinls). jrid Joe (Va-isi .il 

llic Hanlts were tioldinn i'i'i'Uvl jimied hiiri in double 




Vf>'.. 21 NO. 17 

The HarbinKor .Ianiiar> 2H. 1988 



An iicccHim of' Friewls of 
Harper, the orgnnizaiiM 
responsible for being the 
"primary liasion" for the 
college wd the comunity 
Page 2 

A response to a letter of 

eompiaim to the EdiioT'^n- 
Chicf. larry PauUin. "['an 
mail from a flounder". 
Page 3 

Broadcast News" -not just 
.inoiKer review. What it 
isn't, not What it is. 

Psge 4 

What do you think about 
Jimmy "the Greeks " racial 
comment? Find out what 
three Harper students had lo 
Page 8 


■J /1i V^ Mj M 1 ^ tJJ ■% 1 


1# .lo 1*1 .1 o d Cj U 

Ntwf Cdllor 

Don Bunyiiski. iiutliiu 
leiMMor for the Lihcral Arts 

#viiiaii was confinncd disnusKf] 
from the Siudeni Senjiie m ihe 
weeling on Jaminry 2,5. 

No com'mem »»» mmk m lo 

tiic itaton tor his disrai»sal. "Ii 
wa» not a Siudoii Senile mailer," 
said Jfiinne Pankmin. HtudcM 
Senate Ailvisoc. 

H«r)Mii|*i MHcct iiwarfaif 
aac:iyn:!iki*t dlaiqpiii te pwDlic 
pufmy may «e die came te his 

■' ' • ■ ■■.imt; 

■ij. 4 

Ike elcetton Jye lo itic 
miiSipellmg: of tin njiiw 

Hu e»()ljiiati(in was, '"T'tk- 
<>iiK '*,.ii w keep II even *.u u;i 
■iic (Hart)in|i;CTi{ia[Kr 
■wing ihiit lov iitrnt 
BikiiijiLsJij was ImjugtH btkwe itw 
etelJon commmee io ileifmiin,- 
w*ai atiwn shtHiW te taken. 

When Mki-d if he hat! t\->:v, 
imlnimc.(l iibout '•:■ '•■ - 
HjiMynski saut 
Nolxiriy sjidanu! 

He did mil ,; „ oni 

Slwlent Senate m . .hm- 

he "wasn't felling n:ry wcil 

Dun Boflcs ».n ihi- i>ni\ 
tormal candkiate ioc ihc l,ikT.ii 
ArlH Sewumr. Aiiytme ili--.irmg ii. 
iippty for Ihc tHuiiiiin ihimhi 
mniact Bi;* l),.i-.i.:, Slmknt 
ScMtc ftcsidcM. eitiTBitMi I'l^-U 

At iJic neu .SiuA-ni Senaie 
mteung the Liberal Am .senator' 
will be, d««4 ITic meeting daic 
and tioK will Im poticd cm ihc 
Sntdeni Seimie oETice. A,)12. 

Presidential Search 

Committee set 
back three weeks 

Douglat Rai 

>i«wi Edilnr 

Accord! n,K lo a mrmo frnm 
Felice , A Vila,, lluvulivr ' 
10 the IVsttkni. the lic...!, 
the PrcMdrntial Search ,,\,hKor) 
(,"iimmi!ice (fSAC't t.> ihiKWe 
three to five ninnirtc-^ I'm 
lltestdcW of H.irivr r.ilk- i'c h.,is 
hcen Icnglhencil h ' i 

Due to ii ,M- ■ I 'I 

applitanis on the „...,; j.nt 

(January I,!. IIMi -the PSAC 
»ill not he ahle to suhmii the 
,fimalwu' names by Fchraary 29 
(the orifiml dale (or stihmisston 
IO Ihc Bomit of Tni,siixs ) , 

PSAC Wiis oiigjnally 
charged witti the jt* of selecting 
m)mintx:>i for president of Harptir 
College onOciot>cr22, 

The I'lrst ,iid%'en,isement for 
the oip<::n position was made in 
the Ociotet 21 issue of The 
,ron,ic,le of ^ti,gher Educifiimn 
By the end of Novemhei 
appro'iimaiely » appUcatiDns 
wtie rece,i¥iMl 

According to Patricia 
Boutke. Chairman of ' 
■ihete was a subs,lanlia,l - !• 
ihe number of canunUK--. 
applying m Detxniber, 

She spa-ulaied the leason (or 
the diminished number of 


Ity «#li Raktr 
St«n Wriitr 

CtMisiruclion at seveiat 
si'ies on campus, brought to a 
had with: the oniet of winter 
cold aittt prwipiuition. will pick 
■B|» again M soon' as the weather 
permits, said Don DeBtase. 
director of H:irjH-r'» Physical 
Plain Di'» I , ■ 

"'' (•iii'teets 

intluifc ij,j'[,nying a'spnati to a 
aetiixi of ihe peiittietcr luad and 

10 Piirkim- 1 ,,,< ' 

.ipplicalKMis dunn^- •'"■ ■■■■ n:n 

dye 10 the holiday '- 

"Many of ttu,' .:, , :,ms 

vume in wuhin the l4*i 

► , " :»aid Bourke, A toljl of 
ijiciK than eighty ,a|)plic',si,tons hat,! 
Ix«ii f eeeived by laniiary' t ^ 

PS,Ar will next ri. !■' 
I'ClHuacy 4 10 coinjnle .i i ■ 
1,1-11 ti) i'*i,;Ki»candKlates 

The members of ihf list will 
Ix,' mtcrvu:*cd by iJie commitlee 
on date sull to be scliedulcd. 

After inlcrvkwini tftc cimdi 
dales. Ihc commiiiec will 
recomnicrid three lo five 
nominees to the Board of 

The Bi:»ard of Tm,'>iees nuist 
selecl a Ptesideni for Harpi-r by 
Ajjril 1, IWK, because President 
McCiralh's contract cipires on 
May 1. 

President McCriih will 

begm tiis Presidency at Trinity 
College on Fcbruiiry I. IWK. 

McGrath will complete 
thirteen day* of work here at 
Harper between Fcb,ru;,irv I .mil 
"■*j) I 

Ounng tif- 
,Dr. David Willuim!,. \'ite Pres- 
ident of Academic ,A„ffain. will he 
•ciinf PresiileM. 

liCJrjth 1-, himonrd M his larc»cll biuKfiiei 
Ml t ,rjU^^ UaM day at HarptT is May 1 . 1 ' 

fir. -.1 1] . 


construction to continue 
bad-weather delays 

He .said that among she 

things yet lo be done arc ihe 
ie,stir(iii-ing c»f the SKJcwalks ami 
the rcstritctunng, of the rcuining 

waits ai t- Building and on the 
west tide of A [tuildini; 

"That whole proieti i\ stil! 
,goin,g 10 lake a while',' 

lit .adilition, new cnitance 
doors will be in,stalle,d in 
ahmmt alt cam^pus buildings, 
he: Slid, 

fVBiau- eif'lained ihe nm-d 
lor nea dooi\ "The (liKr,f> we 
h-r, .ire the original 

.i.i.> •■. IS to lit years okl,. 

Non<; of them are any goirf. 
lliev dim'i O'ptirate prnpt-rly. 
iIk'v h- noi cne,rj!y efficient and 
iU>'\ K run prn[K-rlv designed for 
il'ie arriourjl uf use thej reter, 
'Thc*e prfMfcH are 
" ' '• ■ ■"[''■.'led umil 
■ iiK'f, and 

I'eBuxe sjid he tkie*, not expect 
ilie ii>n\iri,KiMm coiniianies lo 
work beyond ihe cMiniaieil 
complciion dale, 

"We really eani tall ihcrn 
behind schedule until ifie end of 
summer." TkBiasc said. 

When asked about itir 
(mure, IVHiase said Ihai rnuin 
•IS arc being d. 
. ludiriga new runnm,. , . 

f'hfif Credir CwKnftiiiitg) 

.1 week licitesv 
it'ie w;:iv ' 



, ■ ,-. L, iJk'Uii.k- ifin ram|i n 
piction arc the main to F Bldg lihrar\ .■ 


"What did I do? Well, . . ." 

The Harbinger January 28, 1988 


I>; turn OilrtMUllI 
FnlwrM IMtlMr 

tl will be tma weeks this 

t-omiiig Tuesday llial we have 
been in school. Do we 
remember wtal we m cmet our 
four- week hiaios? Hmmnim. . . 
Several !iiu»lcnls gave their 
siories awl here is a sample of 
how sinne of our peers speM 
IJICIi: Chmtinas vacaucmji. 

Diaiie Samvorski. leading 
in A-Bldg.. paused in her 
endcavijfs to say she did "pfWiy 
much what I normally do." 
DiJinc abo wortted 

Wail a mmuie here' Thil 
dews nol sound like much fimf 

But. Diane adds. "I did ga 
Id a nigtuclub wiUi a friend tor a 
New Year's Eve clcbratitm." 

OK! Now celehraiing 
«)«n<ls mote like a vacation! 

Reltmnf it a main pan of 
viications. as freshman Claiin* 
Payne related. 

"I spent a lot of lime widi 
my hoyfriend, who came buck 
from college out of sate. We 
watched old movies on 
k-levision, laiked ataoiii old 
tunes ami cuddled." 

"We also went lo the 
Nuicnickcr bal'tet.' she added. II 
«:H my first irnie at the 
• }M:iilcr» and I was » excited, 
Aficrwarik wc wenl out lo 
ilmnet, ll w.i-s railly spi'Cial." 

Whiii did ,vhc do for New 
Yciir* Ff,ve ' 

"Oh." Clarissa stghctt. "we 
»tuvi-J up late and tod » ijuici 
mghi Irtikmg at the Christmas 
i,fc»? .uid .ill i»l' Itai" 

.i\t). irue lovel The 

Oirisimas holidays iruly are 

meani lo be spent wiih loved 
onetand frKiNk. 

Kelly Wika. pausing a 

moment from her sl.iidie* in E- 

Bldg. to recall her vacation, atyt 

she skied at Devil shead and 

Alpine Valley, in Wisconsin. 
Then, for New Year s day, Kelly 
visited a fnend's cabin in upper 
Wisconsin lo do some 

■The lake behind ihe cabin 
had all sorts of 1 hmmm 1 
liquid refreshment stopping 
places avound it, and we had a" 

That Saturday Kelly and her 
friends returned home and rested 
from iheu vacation, partying a 

Did everyone' have a " 100* 
good" vicati<»? 

No, Cases in point of 
ttjme vacations thai had down 
»ide,s included that of suphmore 
Paity Bentlc and a man who lout 
hi! pb. 

Pally had an esientially 
quiet vacation with her family 
(rom out of town. I did lay 
essentially. On Ihe day before 
New Year's Eve Pally had her 
wisihHnteeilipiilM. Ouch! 

Anodter ease rrf a vacation 
gone sour ii ' ■'•' ■• 

genilenian wh< ' 

several days, luiii «"*•■ »■ '""^ 
for Chfislmas Day* He h,id 
plannctt i" "-i" -" 'i<)mc. but 
|ol) ham, Waichmu 

lelevish- hiili-iliys 

anddririk , nithLs 

'ITii'f. , , . iH»ic lo \h<' 

gentlcnun'i :.u>t). hu»i-M.T 
the employci recalled I'lim, in-' 
in lime lor working on Nt* 
Year's Eve! 

"I don't do all of my learning 
in school." 

•"I at«T learn 
from my jMrt- 

time work as ao 
Lipiohn Health- 
Cm:' SiTvicis'" niifM? 
as^tsfant It pro\tdf% nn- 
with inccmw, the tlcjiiblf fi ':,■•'>, nict 
afKl hands-on <?M)er>«ii, 
becorwf the best nurse ■ 

Upiohn HcalthCari:' *fVK.t:'> rw 
to orter stutteni ni„,ir<.i,-s W«' 

nation's leading, (""' 

caw. hospital «ati , ,, 

mining. Call twiav tt. Nnd i-u! aUwi ou- i«,'t. 

opportunities ,svN,tii 


mr fit the 



"New Year's Eve 
super." he mused. 

Didni anyone go 

Dan Boo? (pronounced 
Bows) lie* out 10 ("iiliiriido 
wiUi a group of mctuj'touf 
friends (or ii week ol skiing. 
Because they went ilKI New 
Year's, "there weren't many 
people out there and yes, the 
laies were Kimcwhai cheaper." 

Has he any hfoken bones to 

"No," bughed Dan. "I'm an 
aggressive sk,ier but not all that 
much of an eipcn, » I guess I 
was pittly lucky." 

Well, thi* is just a 
smattering of ttie eipcrienccs 
had by Harpcnies. Some 
vicaiioni are relaiing and some 
are stressful. 

What seems to be a 
concensus of those students 
asked (regarding vacations*'' 
Take a vacation from the 
vaoition to really relax! 

of Harper 

Ht Kim Ostmwikl 
(•Mlures Kdltor 

Last semester I wrote an 
;init:lc on Harper College's 
iitlivc .Muinni AiSOi'tJlion. 
menlionmg the involvement of 
fni^eii participation through a 
group called Friends of Harper; 
peopte have ask,cd me. 

"What ciactly ji. Friends of 

As a college relalions 
pamphlet Slates, 

"t>ie of the most impi>nani 
responsibilities of Harper 
College IS to make the 
coinnuimty aware of m 
imiKirtancc as a cultural lemcr 
lor the NoMhwesiem suburtvs. 
The Friends of Harpei^ 
or[!;ini/,filion serves that need ol 
iiit"><rrning the community by 
M-rvin.' as a primary liai.son 
hciwccti Ihe tollegc and the 
[x'op''" I" ''>^' '■uiTounifmB »rea». 

The Friends of Harper 
meets wiih business and 
professional organi^ralions. 
senior cili/cns and residents lo 
emphasi/c how vital Harper is 
js 3 source of educational, 
cultural Mid .social re.sources. 

Friends of Harper has 
produced a slide prcscntalion on 
why "Harper Makes A 
Difference," hosied several vi.mis 
lo the campus lor community 
leaders i»ho later remarked, "1 
didn'l rcili/e how much was 
j.'.ninj; on otil here' ' and enjo>ed 
special evcnis,!i;mg Irorii 
limners with gu. ^i t.-,,iurers lo 
Theatre Evcnin^v 

If the Friends ol Harpci 
,>>unds Inieresling «o >ou. 
i.Miucl ihf Director ol College 
Kelaiions. Wdliam Raincy 
H.irtK-r College. Algonquin and 
K.l^ellc Roads, Palaiine, 
Illinois. «K)67. or cull ^^^ 
3OO0 for lurther mlomiation. 


12 Month Student Spec ill- $1-49 

■ ■i!i,nri-t! 

• hill Matiiini' Circuiis of 
v.miilii^S l„ii;l«i\b<'\ 

• hi'i'*i'ii;liis 

• i"..mipimTi/fit l,\fn iM' Kikt-N 

• (..mlKn.iMiilar l.\.iliwlinii'> 

• \iTiibtc. Uiw Impaci. and 
I. \iTciM' Classes 

• Vialtr Kohit < la>M'^ 

• Jiiil IVrMiiuli/cd 
Uorkoin tVoKrams 

• ifiiiiis (iiurt.s 

• MMinmlng 
TantutiR Beds 
Nn Cost Nurnn Si'^ki' 
luiicss \sm->miumU fesi 
.yminisu-rid B\ Ivcn isf 


SfK-tul Coriwirair K.iirs 

'likr jdv»nUKi-o|.»irsin..Ti,.ik mh.!.-..i sii..,-ul Onh S I ••»'•) utvf- 

.o,rp<:TM.nl2n ,h,s-- ,, ,1 .rroh,> M'-«k.iK<,' 

Uiih im inilMtioii In 1 HI'"' 


1 *oodfirkll.:ike 


KKKI \ Uuodtii'lil Kit 

Si'haunihur!;. U- <»<>1~3 


L Editorial 

Fan Mail from a nniinripr 

I hf Hiirhingcr .lanuarv 2«. 19«« 

Niirimall).. », try ■» imt trw tlijw htwalilr Mtrr, mil 
mitrs with . grmn ..f »n. or <.h*n the, ar* well-iti,.,, 
•ml c(»i»tnicli»tl al Itwl cimvidrraiioii. 

Mmt c.f Ibc coniairntii »t tinir lai hmt lo ..ur fj,cn( an 
cwmiiltintmar) Tht ff» wrillen mim «« hatr Kitttrn i« tHr 
•«l yr»r have, howevrr. hwn ntzMUr. Tht nain r»ii«,n Ihrw 
Her, mrr iEB,.rrt. al IraM in print. ,s Ihal. i« the »rar and a 
tell pint that I have been here, we h)i«e received eifht 
di^ertiBlted letter,, and inlil mm. >ONI. have been vi«ned 
1-d.torii.l polic, avide iitel all letter, tii the Kditw mu,l be 
vifned. Mine, withheld upim rei|oeiil). I think that anib,K)v 
»li<> has a irmcivm. lecitimale i»r otherwise, should have the 
!(Mi« to Mgn their name. 

r hiv itripe has niMhist In d» with Ihr tmwle <.*er the vear* 
»ho have ,ritten .b.HH vpecifif article, <.r problem*. I,,r witw 
rea«™. these pe.,p[e are f.H^ihr.|tht emmsh l.-K-.e Iheir name,. 

Well, just m\ luck; I rrrtivetl a nastv. AM) SICM I> 
>Hi. r this «eek. It beint a ,li.» editorial week. I thonitht I 
«<>„j,Khare il with juu. ai well as my reply: 

1 .irrv rautin 

tast mtamtU llarbinier, were riddled with roisiakr, 
Spellini errors. c» and mtied-up article,. t„« war..-fl ' 
imatdklUjMMmM. "ben retttjint l.i a lelirr que*li,inin|. the 
..r.«it..,h., of IVder Sweeney, -lie's alive and welt a, Paee < 
will sh,m uvu wrote. Vet your editorial was an aiHwiW. IW 
(lullMB IVder', arli. 1. of that week. Vou als.i Hid that "some' 

- r? "" **" ""■""" "*'" • '' ""'" '■•" ■■"'«'■ •" 

■iiUaaU. Byittwies are byprnt-s. Here i, ih,- Utm (smii- ,.f id,- 

vTlIt 'm'""'""''!!" **'' ***'""''•»"■" ■•" ""' I'-'tr |.r™,is„l, 
Viomi IlePluma. despite her "upliftinB" rer,,!, ( hf.,tm« 

M..rv. h« uzamit.d. with a ni,e slnry. Ihe same fw feddv 

' tumr"" ^"" " ^""' '* *'*" " *""'"" ''""'" "' "'"'"*'" 

KUJlffijBite ragt S Is back the wav 1 liked i,. Ami Peder ! 
Sweny m hribiwiJlitXiaiieilUI In heat uul H Mr,, f l|.re\ I 

''!!!t'''"'.ir'.''"'"^"^""'""' 'i«£«Wto- V'-> ^^tndV , I 
and ."ilese HiM's "Adventure* of the Bear". I 

This year I siaried my own paper. "'The DiMiier" and I I 
reahee what a rouKh job "Editor" is. VouVe e,cu,ed from I 
lurther abase. I 

I'aul M lirrHsntan 

t' Vlr, (,rl>^^m.^rl; 

Vour Itller is r.,>r.aluced esacil.. .r. r.u„,<l ,«1„ ..r.«,r,.il 

■'■ '■'' "" ".* "'■'■"■fl. W'lh one e»Cf(>(.,m: Ihe snelln,.. .,,,,1 

.;. ..mnialical em.rv .,re in Imlin and t nd.Tl.n...,| I ..,,„ ,: „ is 
(.'■.•tly rouKh N-im; ^.n F'rtilor. huh' Hut „n t„ ,,H,r oiti.T 

^.... .,K,..d..„,s.m.,s, full ,„,,,. ,„,^„,„, 
, . ,., , ' • "•■ '""'■■"■ "" Pi'* f«'r our cff.irK 

.•"•-led ...„ ,o „. ,.„.„ V... d'tmesv „p "'■ "^ "*■'""' •""' " ' 

But no apiiLmy is offered for our .(Torls \l. .... ... , 

comiv vijih ih»- i,rr,„... ir . . l'-'P«r oul Km n 

repeafs^This s.n.est.r. he prom«es m^^S ,''''" '" ''"' 

rr;;™:::' ' "• '"^""""« "" •*•* -- '<- .... :*.;;; 

Oh. t>ac more Ibinit. If youVe cnio^, ,„ n„ s.,ni«.„. v.. 
-bould prnhablv double-check ih, 1,»L. ■ f *"■""•"»■ .*'»" 
U«« what thev sav: "L , vvlu ..Twlr '.k '"!" T*' ^"^ 
Ihe name riKhl- ' ' **"' '"""" "*■ •'"' -l»»l' 

Page .^ 

Health Corner 

A message from your KeaCtfi Center 


Drugs dt^in.y dic-juns -.. fi,n 
'■'"ih tilt' f„ .111,1 h.,tiiti,,,,| 
'i'-i'f r:i,i,i-f|iu- J.ihn (■■<.,,, ,r.,,ri 

■■'^'•c')' HI !3 m:n>n on 
f'>rij;:ir\ 'J yn x \.r' 

i (It 


I'll," \iffi- 


'I *niJ tlic ilruiSi nm, 
bt'w driiitv ari- ml,- 




Cbfileslcrol rt a way Pm- 
like substaoce tamed in the 
Mm:*lKarn winch is n«xf«l f« 
Ihr rmduftioi. of cftls und 


'■ '-. ■■■•- '''fi'MKl cholesierol 

■' lite growth of 

■11 .iri.'fi walls. 



'■■^ ihc ii,si oi hcari 

• H'»lf of all aduU 

■»>•>..' have Wood cbiJles- 

lerol levels asstKiaicd with an 
mcrwscd n.s|t of rwm diw-asc. 

An impoftani first step to 
uke 10 help prevent heart 
dis.:-.>M- ,, „. get a blood 
e Kilcsicrol icM, Harper College 
H«lih Service. A3(,2. offers 
ttmlesicrol testing for fludcnis 
(or .1 SI fee and for sMff and 
'■""lly 'WS?. rhH IS a simple 

I'uiptitk of blood which can K' 

-inalyied in minutes to provKk 

M iiri mediate reading. 

D»' someihms good tor 

ytmr heart KHlay-lcarn v,iui 

l'kK>d,chciles!eml level. 

Eating Disorders - 

The stereotypes and causes are changing 


nil' aeatttdin a four-part teries 

l»v I'alricia Sjiniinrt. -VI,!). j , 

' .irJInal Iti-iillh Sni-mv t lil i i " . 

„ „ ' ' "■'■ ■""•■'■'■'■"■.» IS not a ;j„ y„u 1,,^,. ,.,„.. 

■iiry relcrs \ijrn' ...,!: 
cit ;; 

'" •■'■<■■ ■">•■ ■-Ml.- *i,Hili| noi i-ai 
■""t U4<-,J Nil,,, skclfions .J.,id 

I" ibe past ten vcirs ihc 
' '-nf'cr (if pj!J,i„iii,s uti,v,Ie'v.:liip 

' rcjM-d 

■It hi_i;h 
"ii'ii arc 

.iiid ..-,,1 

ils (.11 

'■■'"■" "'"■" "lu-y bcvoni' uicd. 

The ■Ai'ii'ht ' • ; ' 
■.-■n.iiii ('r.i.(/...i, 
i:k-.iut n,i, .. ,,■ , 

'" lu 


iii.ideliri,e, ,: 

• illiielns 

I'jrriiK ih 11.111(1. ,, p|.,., ., _, 
'" caiiiig (liseir.)ei. i ilt.'n 
'"fi from elose l.mulie> d, 

nlUit revultv m leai .iml 
'ihiih may surtue as an 

• • I.T, 

•iilv paikTrK :ih,(i 

' IT depression 

The e.meepi o( a neji.iiive 

!'--"'i. !hc dilti'eully 

'■..e feeliiif., jn,,! issues 

'I Iced inui ihf 

'h<M-.,i r„k The 

■ '■ :■■'■ iMih 

: i.H.d 

.1 e/LJuen:,' ,;,, . 

J.. !..., \ rtruj 

■'"" I'l'-^ Mftitlli 1, ■ni.i.ildlv 

•■"•■•hile Black, (,n;,„,| and 
Hivnaiiiis art m™ '■. • • 
csix-rtcncc these ,,l 

''Is. nsulli!,r;!: 

.inn,„ed their '.m^Jc :;:1:X:mZ ^ 

■' "^1 if'fi CIS or 

I.arry Paullin 
^dili>r-lii.( hief 






The HarhinRcr Janusiry !X VtHH 

Past 4 


In Mh 0|l«l> 

Tommorow Harp<T'> 

riojtram Boar.1 prcscm\ ihc 

i,-.hi<jii-music mm-cvcni ol Ihc 

^mesUT., "the ftlchriJUon 

,1 S 'Wpm in ilKhuikting 

.;.; ami *il! go on l»lf 


iiiring suifi 
!,.'•■ Sl'^CT'S r! '■■ ' 

Mviillis. and l-nmi 
hralion In Black 

I' ni'.iiii I'- 



some different 


following slSHtmrnl: "Bl.k'k t- 
tlic ah-iccnc; •" '■"''" '^ ^>'i'' 
IXifkiKsn. Tti '" ■ 

(u'nTip J ml 1 ■' ' ^" 

. hi-tffh. prrit'iMioii* 
.liiwc vlub*i'i ill!, 

,;vcm will K' 

the enseniial^" £'■"»> i"i»"- •"'"= 
»imi>>|>lH'ie tontliitivc h' 

'Wiihactivci I 
ll.irfkT ..i:;iJ.'ni-, ■'-:■■ 
,,;,„,i, ill J lit- . aiiU 

■•;, ' ■, 'III- ran hanllv 

I : :i..: I uiiiLii'ic, 

Kt»lii Culdilkn 

^\:,1f U'.ll.r 

-incf the 
I i,, , „ . ; ''A m San 

iTiint'iu'" >n ianiury o( I'Hfi, 
j.ihn l.ytkrii iKotu-n) gathered 
i,ii:i-ihcr four new minu-ian-. 

irii lulling MHllC Willi tlil^'ilC.ll 
.iml lorntftl Publtt liiugc 

,„i,i iir\l ;ilb>!m 1<')7K\ 
l-ir»t Kdilion *.i'i .i 
Ihc triUf* ih.H TIh- ^' ■ 
Horr history ami Rolicit iii>>* 
! had Ukcn a new Mylf 
- .'-..nmgtossliMfi, diaorii'.l 
ir and flectrontc ttriini\ 
I, -, •• ., j,,n„, ■.■.i!-'K- rvltivm Th.; 
,,!•; ,,!ii.i n; M'miiil 
. i,Ui ihi- I'jrifl J'- 
;|< musicians have 
,.,,.. ,., ..;...,-.: J lime and lime 

Now. Willi Happy f. L'y&w 

iiimu wilh Jour never lu-l'tMC 

.,■,1 mtvsicuns and the resull is a 

. ,ntl w-ilh more 

'. ilivms 

he meJiK it 

The ncm cut is Rule* and 

Kfgulalions" whose well-umcd, 

Hawlcss rylhym section makes 
you wonder how good ihc Pistols 
could have K-en if they werc 
mirsicalty incline4. 

Tlw side ends with "The 

fkjdy". and "Save Mc" a song in 

which 1 ydon shows his disgusl 

- :hc influence thai religion 

- in evciyday life. 

Side Two leads off with 

Hard Times". More anger from 

l,.uton: ■■ Spies everywhere/ You 

iiui Ihc jMiwin in the air/ HARD 

I IVIES'/ Will ihey get bciicr.'." 

Aficr thai is "Open and 
Hovi.King", which il one 
v-imunaleJ the shimmering 
priHliiiion would most resemble 
I. ydon' » old days with The Sex 

Song seven pcrfoclly sums 
uf this allium «iih us nile: 
"Angry". Lydon shim, more 
ilisgusi. this times against paiple 
nho tcfiiie io he ihcm.sclv«, artd 
,■ : y. ilii'iidils. nut 

Will I see you".' 

i,ne and lavcrin.g 

, ;:.... could he easily 

,.:k'-n (or a new by 

;,• Mliahs 

J], '.ilim's high- 

,„..-hc.' '■■"■ whining 

Mill J' ,. IKS iiiii r'''>i ■-'"»■ 

1 nc .iit'iim fiuls «iih 'l-:il 
('ham:e Hotel", and allci l^-k-mng 
i.i Ihc album a bad i.s left in 
vines nuHiih as you real.i/e al.l the 
.. uncemratcd anger, and lustralion 
ihai was pul into this ilhuni 

It's esisily P I I s hcsl effort 
,,i,n-(. 1US.S , This is VVhm 

\ mi Wani I his is What 

^ «u (it'l. 

•it in r«it*«ft 
st^n Wrlt«r 

When 11 vm ini||esl«l *ii 
1 write a review of '•'Briml. ■.' 
News', mv (irst iCJKtion w... 
iHisrcali. ■ "'■ 

Wiih iiicat raves. 

in.i(|ai!mc s..-.. -iJudrnn ihis 

week's Fmpttr 1 ami ie«imi" 

I mm Tt\ii /j'vc nesv, IX', 

spUiiii tici* gtUil 

iMHtung I 

! '*d 

One (iio«e liung. "Bii'.i'lcasl 
Nfws" ts "Ol 3 siw vehicle 


wtm Cotnpus Marketing 





kiww llbii ai' 

.•s II hisn'i 


SI 79.00 



HLtre l.P 10 a willinji: 

buit for 


Likewise, .;...,.. .1 r--'- 

ttcks. As any medim;re movie 
tifvslucer will lell you, thete m 

SPiND A tt/lf K - NOT A FORTUNf 



.iKSniijiwi e* Compui Maaoonfl 

Page Five. 

The Harbincer January 28. 1988 


h«ddwchaJ m my healthy lea, fnm no*hcrc a nurM- 
Mav Ihdpyou» she asked, Mini jnc as, If th.- - ■ 
>i:-v Irtplicd. ■•Jr^etdad^K»r," 
^•'l^c>••Li^>key,," 4hf wid fnTr'^hri'-'--'- 

dix-tor, -■■■ 

A tit «her wotrw n , t h n » mc rlr. > ■ ■ • ' 
■■itTiK's tn;im me and began pumpir 
S-icancd trom me evcrv rmy ■ipeck , . - 
thai failed «:i mcril' her Jitteniion -.., 
siwppm" tjiti such sis my«tf i,;i scrt 

■■v, though, hccaiwe yhc via, 
« m 

■■ ■ ' '™csihegiwip.m" she van i *,:• 
' ■■■ pay fwtrriitmcnr"" 

'■'Ir,, , , 

li *a<, dni.ilicr hour ficlorr 1 could d.-. 

lMl,llWh*>fX-...t... . „:,iivt„rrH->IOu:Irui 

if/mlmypfiK' ■ 

I I'Okcd thai' II 
r-it)tTit\ and not |>ri,.\ ij,.- i!,,.- 
■■'-z'" -''c jiiM stared rvff „•,.,, ,, 


■ It I t-flrli I i. :-...■ 



J have, 
She t,H;i! 


'iwirr and it\ full ..f ' ' 


She sjn'ik:,: 

fofihcoming. "n> 
"He lid, " ^' 

_Why don't you rebx a little 'ati, I 

'^ ■•." I said,, holtjirii; ihcrr; ■ ■, 
!..! h,-r yi-n I n,:., 

''.II .1 di\1,iH- Urtuld kt 
• 'tfy o'f a W'l'MTMfi 

'•'"iig. ItiaysllefeyiiiiVlit.!- 

lt(l()» I HinKslim 

"•■!""cs m this hcanless. calculatini! world of ours 
\;" "«"«v* no less impressive th:,,, ,hc 
Ml Rushmorc or Hannibal's trek throueh th.- 

■'vc (ar less than the credit than is rightly K 

'TsuZ IThM '' r ;'"-r^ "^^"^'^ "^'-^*'<'n 

Jrama ahile a «ays managmg to maintain a light 
: •■••■• !;-K-e Npok of course, of the inimitahlc 

' "^ I ynvy the newborn tot who has \ct 

soundless joy of seeing thespian Boh 
■h atul depth to the sometimes kookv 

^ l""i""'ul(iilli_i:ai-t, 

„':*'^"'!",|""''' ""; ^'•"^ ^'^"^^i^"ftra>:ody. of shattered 

," ■ ' '• '■'"P**'fwked bunch of castaways 

■ ■ ' '■'•'' '"tf' '-■<pectaiion to crijshinc 

.'"-liter .idycnture in their desperate bid 

■'■'' *'"" «'"« in ihc zany antics of our 

' iiticrlike pride I felt watching 

. . ^ _ ... , ,.. , , .,:„ „ „, , „■ luetant Gilligan into the supply 

j^^'^lN^ lirst ensounier ^ill May with me until the end of 

'■'-'■'- - ffl! When we i.rsi learned that the 

nevhaustihle wardrobe also included a 

■ ■-■ i feeiry and black icalhcr /prarcl'' 

■ ■'•"^ 'h'tikof lhecosmop,.:,:,,:i Mrs 

Mistiess," ' "■"■' "'■"■^ "'"■ "^''-Wf^tJ. "<f Dungeon 

.An.t hc^', ,sn', that the professor and the skipper 

•'Win the lagixW Sure It IS' Hut that's 

'Hat uanscends s<v«al eonsent'on '''^^"«.rai a love 

Oh. and what ahmt Ginger Ciram ' W'd! I believe th-.r 
d you go to the sh.n's loi; and check .h.. „ , "<-"evt mat 

>■«•» find a Mr. cLrgA':^ '^^^I^r- --i^r^^^icst. 

ever vv.>ndcrrd what th^ pr. . • vc, t wav" ' *'"" 

, Bi"ltfeonG.II,ga„'si ■ ' 'tXm.r „ 

t»i'""' the sum of a few se. • •■!'" '"""^ """! 

ml .tiTcoastcr of I,fe on an i-. , . '■""■yy'nal 

;;:; lirr^ -', ^■vth«ti„n: the hcanrendin;:^:::;, ;;;;^ 

tia iha. burned mstde Ginger Grant in her L fol^U^'d^r 
'■i->atiable quest for the Nobel' 

■■'I'lecrf Illness despite the rigors 

* s'lx'onut a day cofatnc habit 

•"'niorme. ih.'.u,i:h. and the one 

• ' = '^' n'Mp. . ' m my he:u-t, IS 

■''•'■ly^it^' " ''vir h. „-•„,„. .t. 

''■' nil kii..»H:j; smii,,. 

'■■ front the llowflf -,. t: 

i he strontt 

j'tKh. ru;r, 

'■':' Itiinitd, |iu: la t iMiitik I iir 


'.' .1 vuMlihy 
J'>ciM>ri \(>ii 

tiMi*aJMiijj,jiiirt pjisfinj 

.,^..> of .rit"|:'.i!'(vf »ti'i'iiii|.i,, s.-t ( 




'm' inheritci' 
'! the rest .; 


■"T v.h,h i ';[,,,.! ,n J,,„.,t I. 

^OIJI tlfv 


.''"'■' ^ "!!l, \I\upk' 

the slju-iy iv.,uc, 
just givmg Martha a 


Italy Trip Planned 

The Harbinger Januar;. 2S. 1988 

Page 6 

If you ifc curioiii ■boui 
wtal Mtctaelangelo s SiUtW 

Cialing kxjiteiJ like «hcn tl »» 
(mt puiMol and if y«J«i wiM« lo 
gel up 10 tour tours o( colk|« 
credit in humniiies. join ll» on 
a I S (toy study tout M) luily fiwn 
June iS to Sum 2'*. mS. 

Lemn aJiout fte owitwcrsy 
surrounding the resiofatiM oC 
Ac Sjam£_,Culu* as well as 
some of lh< icchnmuei tX'ing 
uMd to clew and restore it to i& 
titigiMi sliW- 

S«« je»eral oilier woirks ol 
i: (hal have been rccenily 

Mti'd or titc (iiMi'ntly 

undergoing reiloralion M wc" 
as other mapr monumenii of 
Italian painung*. sculpmie Jind 


Visit St MjMki Catednil 
in Venice. Michelangelo's 

David, and the Uffm Galleries 

in Ftorence., Also see Si. 
Peter's Basilica, the Vaucan 
Museums and the Coloswu" >" 
Rome with a side «ip w 


The cost of the tour is 

apjiroiimaiely 5'MW *''«'* 

intlwles roumttiip airfare from 

ftii.:.ii!iK >uix:rior temrisi etas 

.mmodalions, all 

,-iiH, contincnltl 

Soby Makes Progress 

Peter Soby. ihc 
•■,•.;.,■ s-.i.udeni vhc 
I. .ificradiviti 


,. ,.. I.- 11 

i.iudc cimliruu'smlx- •iiJ'v«S 

fireakfasl daily, seven dinners, 

museum entrance with tour and 
guide fees, college faculiy 
leeture/program leader and 
piede|>anure lectures and lour 


Hiosc mieresied in the uip 

can attend an informaimn 

meetinf; ■ ■ ' Linuary 29. 

from 7 . '1.1 p.m. in 

a<Mldr«)itis B 4ml ("(A 1H). 

College Days 

Hai|ier will l>e welcoming 

.■iillcse rcpresentaiives durinis 
ihc i»ccli'of February 1 n- 
l-cburaiY 8. C»n Fehruary 1 

llliiHiis State representative- 
w.UhcaiHarperalHtMa.m i.:- 
1 1X1 pm ; on Fchriiau ■■. 
Judson College arrives .ii m <*:> 
...m. and will be here imti' '•'*' 
p.m. On February 1. the 
!,,illuwinB lollcgcs will answer 
„j,,i,r.iu.ns 1'ri.m <>:?<' a.m. to 
I ■ ■ ' , t,:rn !llinoi% 

;r((n>.' Suuc 
ril llliru,ll\ 

; , . :■.■ of 

Illinois ai (."liii-i 
I rbaiia.|.'.i-. 
ItiuvcrMly, Western lUinot-. 
rnivcrsily and Si. Zavier, 
(.■■hi,/iii;ri, ',m,;l iiri ri-bruary S 
CMik.-i.ti.i I, \';Wf,.\ Kiii't Forest 
r.Tiic-iciil.i lives ■"'ill Uil^ '*•' 
«udcnls (ioiTi 'M'O <i in, to l:(K' 

,, '.■cltnp ctintimics truck, is in 
; |,ii #1. on the 

Jack Whitt to ptrfarm at Harper 

White Visits Harper 

lnlcTnaiion.>Uy famous 
l.illi.itil ih.imp .md irick shol 

,1(11,1 J;uk White is truly a 
,„jMi>r nl ilic name He nulies 

I.,' sh.irix-M of shooters 

,'i, hiinginj! a touch ol 
' ,1 sport for years 
ha I :i louhroi* rciniution. 

White *ill i'xhihil a cross 
tx-lwec-ti uncanny irick shols and 
stiiiul-up comedy m (he 
Buildin;; A Game Room on 
i\'+ruarv 1 at noon. Admission 

IS lire and open to the puMic. 

Wtiite began playing pool 
when he was eight years old and 
his professional career has 
spanned over Wl years. He has 
toured coll.' ■ ■.■ !' :-*-s tot :«» 
yta,rs m 1 .' .'-nd '^ the 

only protcsMi "1.11 t«n.kei hiltiard 
player in the While House. 

He holds five honorary 
dej^tccs from different 
universities and is called the 
"I'Xicttir of Poolology." 


, paper in.' 
lin;;. jixl soon 

.1 may do so thomsti ihc 

...tent ,.\clivilics(Hftce 

;:> 'Vk,^, ' , 


THF- v.\nO^ 

icredat H.afi.'n:i ''' 





nurti-PnsabyWsrmn-St. Uil« » M«lic»l OiHer 



Protesnonal Buildmfl-foon^ SHO 

ins W Han woo Slf««f 

CHicago Illinois 

• proq.rtm ovtrvlWK' 

. tlnanclal aid and hmttinq mteimatioo 

• career op.po'tunitiM 

• (our ol medical center 

Pte«»eBSVP(3t2l 94?-50»9 
Parlcmt i» localed ■( A»bl»od ano HMris.o.n Stre«l» 

Hope' l« tee you m •'■■•'■ 

111 SIM SS 

fill I \iio\ 
HI I Kf Mil IN 

\ \K1I IV 
low » t»l 

iKWsii KAini nv 

W i U 


WESl! K\! 

N., divlindion. pr.lll■s^ion.ll aicridiliili-in: 
Hinlily laiikid liv N( Ml. cvcelUnt placcnuni: 
K.inKcd ..tTioni: top K in Ihe ii.itioii: 
I arnist in lllinuis, in loplO'i in Aniericii! 
Over 50 „ndcri;r.iilnate, -M) uraduate inajoist 
Inder WSOO vcir t.iUil Uiilion. Ic.-. r.mni, fioiird' 
"2 + 2" proKrums and "compact" .iurccnunis »iili 
public coinniunilv colleges and pri^.llc schools: 

Ksamr I He Wcsltrn XdvanMucs for \ourMll 

■teles: IIHRI VBY .1. \'M 

"flnies: ":,ffl a.m. - - "■'"• 


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Wislcm Illinois Iniursilv 

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Kfm-..A2.2-.MM»2 (Toll frrf in lllinnist 

Classified Ad Rates 

Clastified AS Halt't 

Classified Ad Rates cias 

1^ ""'''^'"gg'' January 2K. I9XS 

^ified Ad Rates 

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Vtrnprn iito»iiijte,»n„„_ 

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Bm ploy mem 

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InctuJ.. out, personal 
Mlale fnoBt 882 "J HOC 

IJ*rrm«ion, ryn errjindi 
'!-.t lini,»i pef wk 
'''MiWenrs Weasfc.ll 

'. Mike 

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"' ■'("your life 

,'"■■■'"*■'■"•""> "Jft ti(!etJ(!(l 
'"r Spring Hr,Mi ,r. 

JIOMEWORKEHs tt \-,M,.|, 
:^^^'''- '"^W Suae 222 


'oc*refcirmv (V.iir.and 
■■"»"■■•"** f'» monihold 

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siB'Oker and own 

triinipwi.tion Call j<iq.„ 

"t^SS. I«ive mcMige 


*'* H.rmg M/F 
''ummcr it f'jireer 

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"*rl-i ii M 

•I' you WaveMpenencp 
"^king 't.'Tl.h children 
-tTs 'UnltmiiPij ..fftT"! 
i""'"" -.and 

''vk m Mttrtim,.c*t 
'uhurb* Ettelhrnt 
reference* and 
iraniportaimn a njust 
Sitiers Unlimited ^^ v 
' J03. '■} a m . 4 p m 


,„„ ■^a'-v CaJIChr. 
'ii,S «777 • ,■ , 

^•'"n lesion m« 

«'""•" ingi, afternoon, 
«*» or Saiui-dayi 

"'Slrict 6.»fi ;<if,| 


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far Silc, 

MR2 Red. ctccllcni 
'■ondilion. Askins 
5'*.-W*» Call: .HIS. .Hi. 

Haichbiick. Air umti., 
"Mf Jcf. ayjom . pwr 
f'wr, brake V 

•.ItTfO. 69, 01 lit 

'i'ijfe .i-:iHi-l>j|jXj6j-V3 iii,r,];/ 

Help Wtnted 

The H Iff B f V a §. B , , ,, Wr need r-r ', i ,'"" '"' " ''•* '•'»""> 

'"'clliScni. w„h .,';'■'■ ' '" ••"•■ '■•""gfiic. luri. 

»«»'i. afraid lo d.- *'""" ^'"' *>i" 

miJtfi, *f dtm'i K ;. 

S" 'r' '"■ *'*' ^'™ '-'" "'■ n. ■ ' 

yo'iirsclf and' 

'tilcrcsiing p,:,,,.,,,,. 

'.->"it»us .11 II.,,;. .,„,,..,.„ ■' >'■'■'"' **■»>' arc.,: 

PuKe 7 

ni'iJuJaf elieci-: |<:)o [», . 

«ereorianKer$20 K^b 
"^'*'";^-« .Xh.,s.. Ku>iar w/ 

' "'■ J''" I f-ender 

";^'"^" ' '■' '.1 att bass 
'"''■ irnmond 

■ ''' nt'f'ds work 

*.'jn l.arr>' » 

VIDEO |•.(lir|PMf.■^J•,- 

\'idfi) cassetle 



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■ " ''■ '."ndiiKin 
' '^"^ J"(l Call Mart 

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'II' I'd J i;,jmpfU-ni 
^■-.'Mi.nnjjt \olhinK 
K""'\ or ahsiract Good 
"■KiMe»..„rk w.npa,,, 
"" Jt.ct"pi,an.(,-t; $I0.jT"i 
PIT carionn Leave 
f".fS'i..!Ke in llarbinuer 
' '11 i'.f Prder 

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"t- <.<■■.:.<;,.),-., s,hjrp and 
""fgomg people needed 

2/!6 6 00 

S 30 

6 00 

JOAK LAWN 3/1 6 '00 





•.li'iHarnT C. 


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'..•weatiiKitt .:..(: 

' -H'eic4i.tnjg 


Help Wa:n.icd 

"■'I'si. !imi ,t, i .. k.. ........ "'■' ""''I'' l'".> lol 

,.,.., „ ■'■■ '*'"' -'f^- ^»^.lM^\ll\n|,|•:. w, I 

*'blc .irid vMl; 

'"irncdiiiu- Llpentng 


"*'^: Mall .Vfusi K- 
Ptwjiion IS waiiin,. 

■'''*'■ '" '""■! dcuJlilH 

Mcvibil.r, J, pju, ,.,j 
'«f ><>" Si art n.m 

■ "ITk will] 

. ..tnd he 

■"" you arc all 

Harbinfier. Htdg 
'»i;iri \\.|w' 

ibe above 
A.JfeT. and 



"lore, eoniiiet 
'or l.ntry or r, 


• \RO 

f. I till, CI1 
cip|% ( 

%' i'l h .» r k .. 

1:. e J 

'■'^'» A,\l,> ,'\|,0,\[:'/ 

'■•.'m(.)u.esl offers a 
unique and confidential 

' *iltl 10. 2d 

■'' "'•■'•■n who meet 

V'Hir criieria iJiscreei 
■natlings .AITordahle 
'y<^'. *:«)m<;>.uesi 9qi.f),.,v(, 

' .'\n\ iimei 

Speech Team 


The HarbinRcr January 28. 198S 

Paue 8 

What IS your 
opinion about Jimmy "the Greek" 
Snyder's racial comment? 

Dan »«»«* 

Major; Llbtral *"• 

Mark. Wpl"'" 

najor: ■-■"»•- "—, ^ ^ Major: PnychwIxW 
■He hau Ihe right » iNnk »'h« "■'= -, 

^ jT' . I. ~ .1 . ■ .H>> » M..'l t K/\i|>.j''' 

m- ..« ,- ■■1.- - Hi-i comnicnl *»» oK *c "T 

wants, but tte fJict he swc<j thoM- ,,,,^ '^.^j^ Hc »houl<l be IKmI.; 

ihoughtj publicly is <''■■''""«'>' (,..i,ist«i»aik»-' 
giwinds f(>i dismissal-" 

Iiii>>cl (Jilinwre 
M.ij<ir Hu»<ne*» 


MAGAZINE ttB^ffy- 

ft-f mex^ 

f ((..(!>'■■ rolU',:c Miiil.-ni ;,,,., liable m llic SIikIoiI 

Hi.'-. lUtnt'J the CiiUi'I'- ^ ,.,,,,.^ ,•,11,. !■ in itl,' \(1 

„,r >. cdiliOii (>(' tell ' I ,1,. 

■n- jriniia! liti'tar> ,. , . ^i.. e, 1 

a/ mi- *!' 

An •.ii.uU-nl V'.iil M.nt'iclil linlikc some Mudeiil 

>i.ii I'tim onl) ilw 

.■,tll,itial ^l.l(i, l(u- 


,1 h.,1* hcffi 
,r,,r -A ill lVi 

ik:M,fii I 'I ii"-' "I-!'" 
hiciry .111,! 
.. ■!■,.. i.'.i m.t 

.Ill anil liu-calure Muil, 

tntctf'iU-J m hcl|iiiig uviudpc Uh 
HHHi' ■iutwimtd 

»iirk. Siir 

;,:iii iliniugtunil ih,- 
,'s:c tiimmimil> 
(.eniiviuion IS slill. hiil ihc , 

'. i\iial t|u.i!ily of ihc maKii/'"e ■* 

'■■ ^'-.-h , '■■ fk'" nl;l(?;«/ine (« a 
I.-r ^lllllI■11l 

The linal dale tor 

MitimivMons IS f-"cbruar> 

"•" \ll wriling should be 

,, : :. ., .iiiscdKL'fflmof Vic* 

e, uiiaWc 10 relura miinuB-Tipls . 

plea«' keep a copy of your work 
TKeri- i> no list of chosen work 

:.' Mil- 1 tlK'ii 

J. ,,i;mi'i 

,\)1 ivork must he ,.„_„.,- 

„ .,„„,u,ucd h) » rcl«K form '"",'1 <"; '"f =""« «="'* '" ^'^ 
iliai gives the college the right to '" i* Apni. 


■ %HiIT 

Im smmamm 
ma mr immm. 
msmrm cm aum 


ati TUB IS mmif 

By Leigh Rubin 

,r m som mn 

rms m attm vs. r»i 
m TM mmum 


^v Krochs 8. Brentaixjs 

▼ jf.jf: FULL ^FRVlCt BOOKoiUMt:) 

for the best in test prep guides 
turn to the experts *t K&.B 


SU'i ■> 




,„,„,>j,i !hrNi„U. ». KM'-'' ■'"'"■'' 

iMth lv.ut pMCtici" I'K/inn \*'--'- 

r.ii>ef *ll-95 

K rocHs &. Brentanos 

.,„ f ,. ,..i, «'iic:t B' ■• 


vol.. 21 NO. IK 

The Harbinger February 4, 1988 

Residenl assistant 
Nejman ads as a 
big brother" for 
Illinois students 
Page 2 

Eating Disorders, 
third article in a 4 
part series 
Page 3 

Robin Williams 
stars in "Good 
Morning Vici nam' 
New records 
Page 4 

candidate profiles 
page 8 

$3 Million Planetarium For 


Bf Dniitlat Ri; 

Nt«« Kdittir 

Thr Rnarrt dC Trti-.irfi 
.tlliillfd SKJKIIi 111 ilcvflup 
'educiiironal ^t'ccil iianuiii 
Thi'>. sludy. which will he 
compk-lc by August I"***, witl 
ikncrmme how grcaf llie need Is 
ior iwonc*' buildings. 

Tin: two huiUlings m 
(jiieslion are a htiiUrnf:, to fclicvc 
(he overcrow tied I- huildmg and 
.1 pbni'tafium. 

In referciii. f in th<- vHorLifi' 

.11 .|i.liT I" 

PrOMitcru ,1 
StTVIff • 
is mo"^! 

'I' ' '< ItXJial l:iCll."-.'i„::i 

I ling," An entl<,i'.i',i 

wji^'ay p.,T,., r ,iini ),- 

budding is tl,!>,' tv. 

Piul SuHiia. ^^^viiiaie 
jnoftisor of Physical Science 
■ltd pioneer Cat Ok plancuirium 
prtijfct. has received suppjrt 
■eiirnul friMTi Hiiriwr Coikge m 
:i,' ■ 'ic encouragement 

b,, , administrators, 

stutk-nii aiKt Harp«r alumni. 

The Sludtni Senaie voted 

unanimously t:- " ■■*'■' "'"ir-, 

1.1 buil.,1 .1 1 
"Kiiuiiiimnkl,-, .,:,... 
ariun be turned 'it,' 
McGnih PliinetjiriuiTi 

Sipiera ii»o(il, piesem iht- 

I Grapkir fiy Tom i rmimiim ) 

plans for the pluntnanuin lo the 
fctiiid of Truslix'i. 

The presenlalion will 
incltidc (lrj*inf:<' h> Meyer 
Rudoff. piut.'-MU of 
Afchitcctural 1 ethnology, site 
protwstls. sBid ■ detailed de- 
,-.„...,.., .,( ^ fimaions of the 

;,-a,l prestnlalioii i-. .n 
■;,■ rime nionihx .>'*av. 

: ! -1 ,; Iff!*. 

The pl,an<eunura has three 

areas <'f fiiciis: 'iliiderii 
>-ilufatiim, fHiWic aluialn'ii anJ 
v-nicriainmem. and 
tin prove inent 

The Planeiamim wilt have 
two classriH'inis ' 
and display .tn 

The pl.iii.,iji....!. iMil lilk-r 
the public liM-i ^^H,■''.v similiu 
w ilie sky show ai the Adict 

I mail) llii.' i 
m.i> Ix'<;d li,>i i' 

" :'rovkle a In-, .nun. .. 
: ,■u■nl^ suthaswcddine 

(HDJeCI, I'll 

SI million I'i 

imminufd tm ptice K 

McGrath reveals Evaluation Team's 

"strengths" and "concerns" for Harper 

itkm trtiki: Hiffmr LMtfiet 

"Ywcan'l teave without, another ptepie," midCtei ftowiixl. Piesidcni ol ■Oic !»«nd ol TruuMJC*. 

Ily Duitclas Raj 

1. I'li'i-ll! Oil- 

\..m t' dimr 

,-iK-' M.Cf.ilti 

..tii.ii 111,.', . 

ri'jirin Ir.ini 

1 1 ,-1 '■. .-, ' 

llic Niiili ' .ilualitiii 

t.-;im li-lii , TiBlhs o! 

: iimsi 

ami I he 14 


^ alualion le:mi 


K;i^,..1 Iht'ir 

1, ill,- 

, K nil !.l, i,i,ii 

r.iiuin. Hoaiil ni 

i >u-iMt»n- 

"11,1 comnitmily inem 

PrfM.t,'!!! M 

lli.llli 1^,,- 

• ni; ol the sell- 


1 insliiulional 

aw at it 
hiJ 1*1 


1 hi' s>,,.,, , ),, 1 ■,,,,, 1 ,.,! 


,,1 111.,- 

■ II (cam ki',Hii'iliiu,L'iiu:d 

iiiecliiu, ^ ,i'- 1" 

. ... .il r.irlv 

a well- written self- 

tcliieinenl lor -.^ 

vLlI t.KlltU 

;. ,j.-iumeni. a "wcll- 


.:,iincJ"' nnssitin statement 

I ■ 

ii ', 1*1.1 m t^^l,:' HarjKT hiiUelin. an 

.1(11" ■ 

llmen) in the 


'^(reit|:lltt were; 

' ■ idniinislralion 

, 1. ilu- Hiiiird lit 

", 11,1 siipi-mn 

' are well 


■ ; ,r , " M lour- 

ycai tollcgcs and have little 


Ihr Harbinger Ftbriuirv 4. I*>SX 


Nejmaii recounts adventures 

\!. I'l ., • \, ■;■!!, in Klikli-ill 

Aa ... 

'.(.HI. I 

>r Mitt .1 

jri ..irv..1 Ti 
in Ilk: llliii 

' -.\.ily itll tiUhc Miir 

! no I 111 tlK- S»iss 

Mciils tnuUI be 

■,...■ ilitcc kitttiens « 

u'liitiiKwins resurn- 

..ira \ 

"B(y>.«(v-:. . • .. Ncjwiin., 
t< imh'jKHU a hall 'hour fmm 
I he n'fii end (ihe ihMier 

.... i.>{raincaii(liK:lx 
Ihe biBcmcnl of 

ilii-. |>l.i.niii.'i.l tiH 

.it'li^hcil a 

S.." r.\. .1" 


■■.■.■ IKl ,1 

i'.i-rs Jind 



. !.^: 

i-.iin be gmxl 

Si.K.iili/ wilh Ihe 

tfjtctifrt Win very c<.»t»imi*n. 

> ill of jtmng 10 a 

i.-ialls Nfjmaii 

.... !;.■■• .;. ... .ii.m itic (tudcms' 

■some siudtnis 10 ifuii lu.i 
on qucilions, 

Oxisc^ in *c ICS pogfiim 
itre field witr n week and cm 
covet my number of wh)Ctls. 
Due 10 t'h4' relative imimaty of 
t|i.' ■. ■ ^«.^llMl <tay 15 gcn- 

,^r .'d te » "hjind.s^on 

jjipiiiaiioiv of w.hal wis dis- 
.:us«n1 the rini <!■} of itmt. week.. 

«■ " vjmplcs o( the f will 

tr .i.n(irtile»«)fNaiM.:y 

t ih.' Taie CaHery 

\n Museum. 

:■- inp W Ihe 

t.,i\i nid lUifHk'rl) a dilapidated 

..irci. no* undergoing re- 

hahiliuuon hy l.xm*)n"s yuppte 

population) and industrial or 

rural areas, and literature 

■.iiiilcnis" vcmure toSl.raiford-ori- 

..\v(:in ani.1 10 various Sh.alie" 

spciirean dramas. 

Some classt* witli equally 
fascinating field txi:ps were; ed- 
ucation classi:.s went » Cani- 
briitjjc and Oxfwd; the class on 
British legal systems weni t(i 
[h.; i"i!.l (,»herc the class 

saw a lively murder trial); and 
■. piitiiical sysicm class went 
In- I'.iiliameni 
Alter hiJutN siudctus tixild 
access many wmn set available 
10 them by ICS, to places such 
as Scotland. Wales and lri;land. 
During ihc len-day semester 
break ^ludenis visited Greece, 
lialv. ^\l^l^ and the U.S.S.R. 
(See ncsi issue for Nejman's 
visit tt) the Soviet Union* 

One interesting adventure 
led Nejman to a talk with rocker 
Alice OmiJcr. a Ulk about golf. 
no less! 

On the subject of rock and 
(1)11. some readers may listen 10 , 
WXRTs Rock Over London 
[wogram. twice a week 
in Chicago and syndicated 
ihroughoiM the VS A Nejman 
listened "religiously" to the 
program before his trip and, 
when in Limdoo. arranged for 
llic show s prmlucer. Grahm 
Dene, writer Paul Sexton and 
Sally Stratum to speak u> the 

Nejmat! ..■mitinued on page 8 

fr, T'l. tn .M 



tut nil I- 

!| ;. HS'^^HHH 


"I don't do all of my teaming 
in school." 



I. ,!'.■ Nvti 












•> ih jr 

W * X 






12 Miiiilh SliK 


k'lii special- Sl>9 

1 K 

\killi itii iii>iiaii>.>i) I'l't- 

M«( (lliHIlin 'I'il 

t.all |.mla\ lor a t'oniplini(.-iii.i: " 


•hill M.ltliim'< iiTiiils lit 
\.uililir> X 1 .lull' » \Ih'\ 

• hrr \>t lulil'' 

• ' n[n|>Ull ri.'cd Iaitum' Hll^(■^ 

• I .irdnn,i> lAaliLiliniis 

• \rrohK, UiVi Impaiiatiti 

I \i'rctM' t l.lssrs 

• \^.ilfi K'4'ii < l.^^^^■^ 

• \i!lrili"( .iiiii l'nsi>iijli/i*il 
WorkoLii IVur.ini-. 

• l'<iiii[-. 1 oiirls 

• "Ml ii'iih.iiil;. 

• rjiiniiii; Hrils 

• \ii i:os( \iiiM'r\ ^rn ICC 

• hliirs^ V'^.c-Mnriii Ifsl 
\illiiiiN'.!r!i-il lU l;A«;ri"isf 

n,.itm: :. ... . --.:■■ 

cart- st.ittini! jrid jiri\. .itc!\ 
riursini; CM ttKl.n to tind out atxiut (.n.,i r b 


(MTiif (.ainpiiN 

IfHHI I: \V<H)dtickl M 
Si luiunibiirg. II. WlT-t 


riif HarbinuiT Ithniar* 4, l*«8 

I'asii' 3 


i ''■ It Mr !'jiilliri 

I V. 

Health Corner 

A message from your Health Center 

I'I'I 1. \" \Kf M *ss \\n K 

■ Buitdirifr ^ 

I' 1 fl 1 ■-: 

■- ■ 

- ,1 III r.' 1 



^jiicuial ( 

\'«.lli,,;ln.-v. 'a 

' ' t' '^ 

t It'll- ru->;d\ (i| 

•. 1 1. ■ 

nil! "ilili'T whti 

.1 ^i>iTipli:li' 

V iiliiii ihr la»l 



.'• , . ■ '->• '' ' 

• ,, ■ ..111 he 

- <■ »W 1 r.s 1m nu 

' 1 ■ I'tnsaalv 


!. ..i ■ ...,n 

'-.,' jrl L:LHnr- 

• ■ I'tusiciil 


Mi4 ^,: 'li, mi Ti n,i n 1 ( } m nil' he r ^ m<: 

I ii'llcj;c 


tuvMetl w lht.\ Itl't pfi,;v'ri.ui)t>n 

-■ \\I)W 

:. U't .itn.-|liu Jlhl 


■uul (Ut*<i^wrt;" 


it u ! c an 

i,iri W i!„ 

..i!"j,' rn ,■; 

!1 Ih,; (\hA 

I'll 111 Puhlk 

■> ■ '-^ -. ■■'tliirij; ti„i ttjiivt 

i-i'!i .i( *■'■!'■ m: 

■^ hisi ,i>t, 

Effects of Eating 
Disorders _ . 

mrle: Ituf to ('*i> rf^ur%t of tht Kriltr 
Hiim« Aiti *>r«:'ii wilhkrU 

HHH. K Ul 

The third in a four-pan .,f(,i 

iHMrltto A. '•.•nttmi. \IJI 

ClirillMil llt'.iltli ^i«lrtin. I t<) 

n'C ■paSiflll: l-i 

i.i he 

the >.vm[M 




VI „1- ... ■ ;.; i ' 
I'll,- ■!. • \t •• ,,.,„.ii„./::;f . 
tiMMn I, 111... 

!■•.' tl VMIi 


i ^ 

.11 tl 

iH r.ile fiT 

' JxwiJm UtJUlXMi 


JlMfadkjIftjifcJHMJuiMi ■ im MM i St tiimmimBiMSmmJkmmmm Mm 

"Good Morning Vict Nam" 

rile nai'hini!er Fchrii:ir\ 4. I«»SS 

l';i<;t 4 

h\ ^^•^^r» CotlMrt Wrllfr 

Robin Willijinn «s an 
••iR-mrlv funtn 111:111 tri f,jti. I 

'lj:t he 


iiinnv i iljmri 

iiMipe bnnct or (lumiv in tlic hi; 
'mem.. This o ■ feai ihiii:'* cituk-ii 
hint foi seven ycjirs in sii 
prevkiiK ninn 

'■'•■":. Ml Williiim* t;ci» l-Ktiiriil 
'fhom: .1111,1 IhnvK iJii- 
i.ii'ji-i,- gives Itic lilit' 
mil-, ii V fair wtming ft»r 

" ■■ !" •' - •'■*cn ID take i....>,i 

■. iih ■.chiiiiiincl Nis 
'I'.'it jncl [X'rvcr5<> 

.. hen 

'11 (Jl tlKl'd-Illll' 

11. I'J'W'ii mm th," 

Sanjon. Ill- *ti'(i!i I..' lu- 
opiM'ion ahtuji .•\m.;i 
iȴ0:lvmcrii m Vwmam, It h-ith. 
W tH- :ii* gen Hi' a piaco ib iuv. Im 
tots rapdfire i:i(iiimi-nar>'. 

Wlwn his faviinte waleniis 
ho-le i\ M 1,1'* 11 ur> ■.(iiHiti 
a veil u I 


J.:s.ii«if tile (jK'i 

iUHWflilii: ;■ 
jrc nutlet • 
11 Ihf i;.h4: vn 
" .Uih) whu 
-lie (rum hi 
■ ■-' ill-, 




' 1 he 

■^ huj ihk'v 
.,.i[i;il 'I hi* 
ill CniniHiT v. 
officer 1 1, "I 

kmrn's 111 

I'm vjiii 



t\ I ffii S II It I \ H l:l'fif:St:\ / / \ f , J Ol H 

nnisiox I HI h\ri'i:k toiiii.i 
s/iiuM siwii wm III f 1 1 1 ii\<. I 

IlK KSllXY nURI \KY II, \l S p.m. 
I\ 1 2J2 IMIk/iSlll) f l\/)//M//s 
/•// 1S7 STOP IS OK (Ml III! 
Sn III \l SI \ ill OH H I I \l 2244. 

Ed MurplQ^ 


spring break. 



SAMt KVI i\i 

lOM E. Mf 9mi 'HLmmkmm * tS2-OIOO 


1 f^; ■ r r; 


J -^ — ^ 




r f J '£'■* 

showcaiing, ninelMn year old. 

"High I.anil Hard Rain" was 

iilleif u!ih i^vbirling guitars, 

U .11 tu f It 1 <*itn 

s Itruir.l' 

1^- lyrics, md a 
.:.ism ctUihlishing 

Frjine as a ' hiiy wondcj". 

S(*irf V^riTff 

.,, ip 

In l'»84 under Ihc 
prfKluclHMi of Dire Siraiu' Murk 

1 H . ■ ! 



ii, ,1 

' ' Kmipflcr, Axutc Camera rrlenod 
"Knife" ihal did nol live up to 
lis dehu! Ii did, however, spawn 
*uch U.K. singles jaich m "All 1 
•si'cd Is Evcjyihiiif" and "Sull 
> )ii Fire". 
' Three years later with ihc 
promi« of its debut and the 

r^vthi. i 


sophmore slump ol "Knife" 
comes "Love" . iheir latest 
efforl. Gone are the days of 
youthful meiaphorcs and 

\ III 


1 J mi 

1 J 

ronunticiiiin thai made their last 
relet*! a gem Thcic dementis 


Ui 1 111 


have been replaced with 
ttickiicss and medxK'niy. 

Recorded in New York 
with "ihe likes of Marcus 
Miller. ," as F-ramc puts it. the 

lit." K.iii 

.11 1 

new Aztec Camera walks 
through a scncs of pastiches, 
rarely showing the fire they 

once di.splayed. 

With the ciccpiions of 

Deep and Wide and Tall' and 

"Killennoni Street", "Love" is 

thoughtless, banal, and worst of 




1 he riarbingtr Febrii;ir\ 4, I'JKS 

^^ " refflifil thf /..//.mini' Irlu-r m l,t>rutirf. 




Jill I I I 'H 
lit Jfllt 

suhM •"■ 

null III:. 
Ilt>ni(,>-»;»iur> ,.iu: /It. 

nni ' 

II H Itlii'i. Tliyti.lh....... 

he CMratL.'cii hv in\ 

ttectii'-i ' ' 1 

Fi)r I! 

['.Itlt 'AiiiJ. 
.;,'rM n.ii... I. .... 


liiiiui.;h ih. :i 

'|i.y ,innini-narv tn-wi' 

tmi; Hill *ii 
' .you In fi'n- 

..tichoic' li>iiisliiii 

•■III! itc-ptv hi-, |,;'.l, 

fi.Xl. I line ., 

I):.H. il.. 1.111.; 
"■Read ihi' htitl " 


(>llll.,l!l.ll'r. .ji •. 
l.".TCv»,ni n, 

iliillM). hiUer Alfre<» li«i spktd Acjr lunch •iU, the hithlv 

poiem I.AWe" tmiTnT 


ar«t* and hmit Dick r««ch the il.ik:an »ah more on 

Ihtjr Ri.ndi thai It.(lin| fte j«n|u>n'i detiidly ploi' Cowled 

tym raert, uttn-jito.ed fmgeri touch. Mf«i tnlgc ina ht 

h.«ri. tail » ,h« (lyn.;mK dw perfwru . dynunic dud. of lo.. 

. =•■** ""r"* "** €«*.■• Rohm ttimnder ihetnidvei iti 

m h«jd of ihe ii«i Mobile) 

Join i.h« Lin Ciped CmiidCT* tnd hetr. . 
;„(' In my u.,l,ty belt' The Rti Condomr 

Th.n »,rai tx- n«:...»ry. rock.Rohm. 1 know where 
youve been. 

h...h.-l!rii""""'*' '■; "" "'>'»1 •"'» B....l.,bric».ed for 

hii(hten«d lit-mjoymrnit 

"Don"!. (tx|ei m ipeettl B«l ..retervoir, Cock-Rohin'* 
G(Nh yn. BtlwHif!" 
. .. md nuch Bti^tniire!!! 

Bill sighed ml put ihe casKiu; down Thai , diwustini! Wayne I usi-d m 

wirh B«i»M » • kKl «1 .hiu s Ihc griMsesi ihtt-K I V. ever Ken ■ 

you-d S:wr.ul^'? "^' ''■"= *•« * *™«' "'^ J« » ""-y ' '"«>"«•» 

Bill smiled ai Wayne. "I kfio« You were mm lo diinic of me ' 

Wayne wm fdkvtd ■•Let's make bve - 

"Wayne.- uid Bin gravely. "I think a mistake te heen made. A nretiv ««»% 
misttkc. attuaJly. and I helicve .u triy fault "^^ ™*^ 

"Oh God. Bill, whal is tf.' Vou're fnghirmnii mc'" 
I warn our marriage annulled Wayne. No, no. pleajie lei mc finish 1 wa< 

*« and a suddenly «curred to mc-rm a kmo' 1 gucs., « juM never da*n«i <™ mc 

,«;k "d, ix";,:! :r '^•jii' " ""'^ ^"^ ««= '^•"^ ""»"'- '»■« ■ j ^ ™<^^' 

anoihcr man, (or ehnaakcs! I almos had a heart aliat k ' 

'Im not sure I undcriiland," sud Wayne, is it wimcthing 1 did"*" 
"Il h» ntuhmg Ki do With you Wayne, really. Yourf a pretty nice guy for a 
you Itlio* I just suddenly realized dui 1 m not one trf you. I'm not a homosKxual I've 
wvefevcnhadanyhomtm-mlsnmngs- ™."omosexuai. i ve 

ma* tow? ' '*'"*' *** ' "" *""""*■ *"^ *"*=■ '•""' *™« *" *« ^"^ *i- 

•m Ood, don t even remind me. 1 always cloied my eye* and pretended you 

wTrc a woman. 

~ A woman? YutAr 
■"1 like women. Wayne.' 
Then what are you doing married lo a manr 

H«k II I know. Remember when wc met ai tlHl gay mare.h'' That was tlte firtl 
Ume 1 d ever even tren a homosexual! " 

"Then whal the hell were you doing in a gay parade?' 

"■Well, ihafs kind of a funny story. I'm sure you're gonna laugh. You see I had 
M apanrntni on one side ol die street, and there wai a convenience iiort on the other 
side. Well. 1 was m the miiidle of doing a l«id of wash an.l I nMh/rd ifn- ' • 
dryer UK-eiv..y..u know, tho« things you toss in the ilr>rr m kci-f. vcr' 
and siiitic ..(rW .So 1 pop twi lo gel Mime at this convenienec store, t^ut I can i m m-K- 
.a« there s this para* going on. Well, the parade .seetned praiy informal, so after a 
H-htlc I just docHtal to cross riehi thiouL'h ii. h,.ii what happened'*;!*. ih;«i } «„ „veiM 
up in the no* of .H and tr, .. ,„ get through, I ,.,.t M,.ir!.-,! r..„Ie 

.ilon.K. I was lalktttg lo :. ... • ,)„•.,, ,ccm.x! tote .,r.,l tt.,-. ; ■ .„ :. 

talking lo other piroplc anil - . In.-ndlv I didn't 

*a.s a gay march. I ;u:st th...,. ,.idu,j. ,„„, ^„h „,.„. . 

got ti>eether and walked down the ..u :..•... 

"Ul me uji 10 understand Ihn." vud Vi'..ivne thnnijih hiv ti-,irs ' I , •„„„.■ hnn-.. „■, 
mv Inv.oji. busbiindfm the first anniversary of our marriag. ■ . 

. i.-lt'hr.itt iHir Iok: and renew om vows, hut instejid ! fintl ui: 

ix-taui* he ran oui o! dryer slicels and likes fncndly haU mu. «,u, ,.,„m.i; n,'. • i\,ui 
now, Mr^Righi IS going to annul our marriage -.which still has mv n..w mother m 
merapy-ha-ause he sudtlenfy lememhefe*! he's not homoscsual"'" 
"That's hastcally it." 
"Tlicn wh) on earth did you marry tmV 
'(Ml. 1 dont know, did you ever get in one of Umw moats. . . T 


Ky Ifdds 1 il (ni;s|iiii 

» I1...I , .V.,, 

h.>r t 

Shakespeare in the Dark 



rtK- Unrbin^er lobriuin 4. 1'JSK 

l';ii;c 6 



111 tru; 1. H I 1.. 1/ '•' 
The Harper l-ii,.,iiu' At*-! '^ 

i„,iC lis CH-'J fil.Tlin- 

\1.>rn:h.>. Ix-lMr, ■ II vRI'F.R 

!:'0 tu 'VOn [MM in ^^^l |.,(.K jKtSTEES 

IKSV M ||(»1 \KSH1P-- 

! " n ! I- II t I a I 

•rihulHni-" III il 
, ., iirriiiilar 
I'Ti, ' LT.rm ''I 1 1' 
..:■ . Hi 

n KIOKMI^'- 

The Harper ('(tlkt'c 

' ' : . ! a I \t\ <. 

M t t I- f "ill 

1,; XL- 111 |,iMt)i-.t Kill 

11,1 rpcf villi iufsfiit 

] II 1, C II t " I ;. < ' 1' 

I'i-hruaiv 11. ' -I' 

(M) p.m. 
,;.irb.ira will 


All uilcvi'Nici! 

Harper stuilciils ar'." 

ucU-r; ■ !'• .til. Ml. I 



The Harper Collepe 
SiiuicniN Club iiivitc. 
,ill n ■:-'^'--rH, .ifu.) 

t ] 

il i- II 1 • 


("'oknict Churlt' 

"• . \,l til spC.i^ I'H 

.pit "lljinlliiig 


,, i, '.V ,, . . ;i i- *. li a V „ 
:up» will be rchiuar. "''""''",,, ^ , 

.warded hy ih. • -" '"c ria,i,l>n. b-n on SuiKlav 

rollcjie SehoiarUiii ' 'f ''^''^'■' 

L-onimnifC al'lff i' 
[ e V I e w s a [t p 1 1 c a 1 1 o ii s s ', . 1 1 1 . 1 1 ■ ■ i 
Mthmi!i.M:! '-n Hie If""" •I"'-* ' 
\1 I 


■ li, n = M-. I (.1,1 '-I ih:" 

■iTiip.iriiei,l h\ a 

iKilai hi['"- ,„ !i,,,,| II J II VI f(pi. The 

A jf (.li,'il I ■' ,_ , I [11 111 III..' •.■ u H 1 

SI- I Cl' I t; i.l , ,,11 ^|,J,;;. I ' . • 

I h e f c 

c n e r .i 1 


p>,ipiilahtM'i iin; 

Willi I II \nn| N 

! \v h(i arc \ |in I 

• .,:r.,ntii,il.;- ,,.. j,!.iht; 

.11 i I u .it 

as ■■■t 

.If c 

III I he Oil tee 
,111 1, I .il V id 



liar per Vol I c ;,:: »; 

I ujNiee "-J./lM.I.H-ship 
tt. 1 11 ' ■ " . 

semesU'f n tuition 
pnnidci! the Miulcnl 
n 1.1 lilt, I Ills .ill le.isl a 

( .ner.ijue. The 

.,1 ■ '.1 1 1 1 he 


...I l.,,.r 

■[■■O SI'JvAk AT 


(,,.[ 1 e H 11,1,1 f\ ■"" ai ■' 'lUt 
l< ni. 111 the Buddiii'.' ,1 
I lie.Uer, 

1 a I e II I e tl 
,„ , • ■ ■: ll.-hson 

h,., i ■ .'lish 

Cli.uiitv! OivlieNlia 111 
Mei/aii Ctirii ettov 
in. in the ke>h<>arti 
■ tl I Ik- II Tai I .i>l It'iif 
1 !nl !i»oii.' I i.'t end \ 
., undiKieil Ihe Illinois 
' *i>;."i.i T'Jiealer 

\ ,1 111 I s s Mill t <"' 

lla(|\"r Stiuleiils hiiIi 
an :ieii\it\ e.ird is 
\,< no. other siudenis 
s 1 tm. .Hid jiiihlie 

1 (iiiss ion S'/ I M 1 

tor 1 1 at per siiiiients |u;keis .ire 

\Mtli aelivit> eard ., v.nIaMe at the 
and SvUd I'xr i:eiieral ]\_^^,^., n,,\ Oltke m 

nd .lU 

1 he 
mil of 

lo the llI^t %prini,: 
nieciini: on Mon.l.o, 
P\'brii,ir> ^ . 

aaii. HI tile n- ... '' 

ihldi: \t, .'\ll e red It limir- 

•national and .o.iarded tr. iutnil 

lu'an students ihc re.|mreirients oC' ' '■''■ proiiraiTi 

(. he. k the li, ... inch the 

H.\RHI\(d'K tor the n,..',, ip lent i% cnr.dled 

lie X I me e t i n i' I' 

a n n mi n e e m e " I s 

The Harper ColletH' .idniission I'or Hi,,|,|in.: 1 lor iiekei 

(" Arts t'lirther infoi mat ion . i,ii,,| ,,,.111011. ..,ill "17 

Commiliee will eall ihe Bo\ Oltke .11 ^,|,;„| ^.^i^-nv,,,,, 2.^47 

,ir.'..fril foniicr 'Sil'" ■'IMin, i-\leilvtoii ^,j. is;n» 

: I 11 o s t ,1 ;_• e . 


with Campus Maikehng 







nhttt: ,\Nn .tt \m 
(;()RO\ scH(»i .\kSHir 

The \ette and 
! (i o r o V 

.. Jup 
ttnindalion is offer in i: 
the m di strut tiiitH'ii 
.ind a.. li\ It \ fee 
schidarship Lor a fytk 
time siudent for the 
spring: semesiei i>f 
' "S8 al. Harper 


C" r 1 1 c r i •! for 

■icleciiiim wHI he 
(inaneial need iinrf 
,. on s I stent effort 
%liown b> ihe student 
to ohiam the best 
grades possible. 

T'licse .i\\ ■ 

I'Mscd on sth' .i'. 

sm.ineial need and 






b uO 

f> 00 


Z/1 7 S 30 



•:'.:1 t 00 
" : 6 60 




'\> ii..urK" ■ 

Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds 

('l>n '.,/•>. I [,l K.ii 

Stiwien t nij ri i u m > 1 1 . r . i , i 

propti ulcnti(uuH«n. 
N m S I wicnl rUivi f i« ,( ^ 

("P to ei<|fit tuMts) tt,e 
14.50; 1.5'iwt* 
ailditiunul [ins. 

ilgla Wai^m] 


■> club 
.: mi 

tieiii ffjinteil 


""' "i"'»int;cr Kehruar.i 4, I'>SS 

!■■ JlIffilMMiUis 

. t 


I'aw 7 


■'■' ■ !k- more 

'1 i(!l I i . 

\I^ mashfmatuian 

please teave v„ur math 

us h J \ ! ■ 




" [ nfe:^cl 

1 n.a 

,1: -, , ■ 

. ..'. .. i 

<■ • ""i 'f. :,,r \H;«;sn 

• ■ ■ :' ri.-r 

! "■ ■ariij rrijle .nn , • ■ .- 

w .1 : :, 

..1 •''hurt' I 
••■■•■••"il rectiVfj J 
• "' ■ f" ;«K<' '".If I f J 

led ftr 

liitfl 1.1 : ■ , . , r 


vfi^iU'Xjj'^ """^TH CARE CENTER, INC. 


Continues to oHer low cost confidenttal 
care (n all areas of women s health: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & ireatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 

For mtonmtion ana or appomimtnt call: 




from an 


As vi-iu tn(-»A 4nthp 

mdnwi,- 'I 

(tisl qo i 

^* vllvou. 

wh*»ri I v,,iiv ih.:isc 
tWAUllful tloU'tTS in 

that' rwcfldin 
bouJ n drcK* rnc *ild 
Besttk-s,, fhis glorious 
bouquci also came 
'*iih,i note pad and 
P>TK i( vviih which IW 
written my V'alenlme 

«'t«rv day 
And sm.'irt V ',,;,, ■ .,,,»■ s 

(,Hi If dcii>sn i ,it 

much lo send us 

dnthemaniacs miri 


lusl «kyout II,.' -,1 


one lor you. 

1 he iliirbincer Februar.\ 4. IWH 

Paec S 


■iw Njiwnai Assocmtion ol ColUgt Slwes. tnt (fttrlm. Wo baswl group that tracks campus fads. 

Has a l«l ol mms m lortitr Iwp wtwl twcawe No «n t9B7. and *ftals about lo Become titp m 1988 

WWII till !■ 'If 

• Yuopits 

• Fetgn Bows 

• Jogtm 

• Wme Coolers 

• RuMier Swimsuits 

• Frattrnitv Ha/mg 

• Madonna »4 Sean 

• CocawB 

• Promiscuitv 

• Owl talk 

• fat pants 

• Raq-':"'^- ■ ■■'■■* 

• Fi 

WiMt T« LMfc F«r hi It 

• ■ y-'ivr (Jteeks (M>cam(jui 

• Less lati ran cotnge 
Doostetism 4 -• 

• Well puti«ci;ttf Vborams ^ 
10 feciu"! tita«%. students -^ 

• Boofe as tuii (ijOfl^t.c'Hiic^ 

• Fewer studenis'lj ntirsjnq . 
pfograms ■ ..v>v&r\. ■ ' ' 

• Lower MBA and, Biisinesa ' 
schoo* enroHmerrts 

• More (named 'sfiUJents, 
maohs 10 worries ,<- 
abouiMOS . 'k 

caii« (WIS HWiCt 

What Cam* In In '17 

• Community service 

• Couch potatoes (tbe OuO) 

• Walking 

• Dfv fi.r.*''"' 

• Frozen tiv ',::-■■," ''') 

• Pasia everytfiiftg 

• Meal loal (tne loofl) 

• Ecstasy (MOM A) 

• Condoms 

iPer avialof lacKrts 

H.ini'.. r'rli 

■W Sttt- 


and: I.- 


;.ininl fr.mi rir'^l pJl-f 


n.,m .in(( oth 

»l iJa 

V m.iy nut tf 
.i.r i!i3) «>trK- 

Dill liic sUKk Tiiarkfl i-raslt 
al'lixl. [wnckKmg"' 

N'ol attorJini; u> Nciniari 
Ai ihc lime. It'll- Bfisnh |Kiiind 
*iis abcml ■ '^ Atlliir. 

.ilmiKl ii- 

Ncimaii dr:»s 
..'■ ..•iiltl 

l.'ll ^jj .11 li.iMiii: ii' ti'tiirtt Ml 

" * '■ '" ' ■ ".! in J fusi [it.i> 

iini. ['fclcmti, 

■■■ 'irkf *mi' 

'll «.!•. Tip, uiih 

.1 ihnllif!;' , , _ . n\'iri>n. 

■■, luik-s Ni-))ii;in 

Ik K' ri-«.ui'nirig rn 

-1^ a R,,f\ ncsi 

'■;'''*'V" Protahlv mu," he 

, ■*'>"'■ ''"!' ,,.,,,,.., )|lb<',i , T,.. 

''•"'^'■"« '■' "'^' imncr of ihc tCS 

Vli'iumif hiifk u> Hiir(KT, 
Mijiji'l \fjm.,in' 



HIGH scmck::;. 

■■!.! «ltl j1-.> I".- 

kHlgiilg , Sp.k ri' ;im (> «,' n i ra ni i' 

,,i„,n ll. ihf ALEXANDER HAIG 


IJV l>i 

ijU Paul 



vol 21 NO. I9 

William Raimy Harptr College 

The llarbinj-er lebruar> ll,19S8 

Bush, Simon - Harper favorites 

'■• " liiin,.«l Si, I.: IK.; Ctuh 

■Ilk il ■nr.;i» poll 

itc Itefdicrn Cfttri-i 

-,' niiOf Pint Sinn Hi ,:. 

I .iniiililKi ij( I'littr" 

.-, 1 ; . I'tnii-li .piilier.. 



iilCiifc*!!. i>( ttx: Pol Hit -il V «">ii<: 

nUKl I •(■;.■, i..'.' '> 'r ., • i I :i 

,, . , ,1 , iltnf'. Liirufci-ii ■i..iin,l 

vainiaMsi; ft»n" AriMwij _ _j^ *',. i,.t, ,, ,,> •,,.. i, 

(Jruc* Bdliilwi.. ' ■ ■'■' ■ ' ' ' 

1 1 Geplillt 111' Mi»» " 

fcuiiveiHl* »»■-> ' _^ 

Micteal Dii».Jik,i- • •■' ;'"",',' 

■, temma Sf , i ■ ■ ' ■ 

.k>, ... Jcswlirtsi 
7%: mnj Simitfi 

!■>« *c tircm't l,im>h.. ■' 

,.ui I It* "I'v 


NCSF Intramurals: placed 9 

iIhukIu* f.ty 
\n>, 1 itttor 



iitrjmiitiil \|'HHt«. 
, i.(,-.. h 1 1 

,,,:un(! M.iri,li 


f;ci|xi>|'i ■ ^ ■--■■■'.' •i"i 

•i, I tier mrmtw'r 

"He was n rcmarkji' 

lion at "" perMinal 
•J -il m the Na,w«*l 

• H;irt>« H»\ai itw Haftengcr 

B.". . ...... 

)iii,rt-iiiMt l.k,ult) .illKi- >}utc,rC' 
.-vfi'iiniA- inliiiifi-i',H'r iiflittski 


. rtnr mjv 



Page 2 

Page 3 

Page 4 

Page 8 

Pa^f 10 



The Harbinger Fohruary M. i9HH 

I'ase 2 

Nejitian's visit to Soviet Union 

Moscow has much to ojfcr visiting ISlC students 

l>i Kim (Htrnmht 
l*tit'iir« lldltair 

Ni'ii Viirk, London. Pwis. 
Iu1iiil''iin;,h and Mi'istrt*. What 
ilo ihcsf locili'5 h;n 
cpnvmnn"' All pljii.-e\ fi!.;u 

' ■ ■ •■tirulin 
tin. Full 

S; Muil .IS rt -\ I. ,11 1 .unlHW «H|1 

friend for iht* Mtidc"nls( (or ihc 

MfKcow wa* ont cdoite <i( 

\kKh (lie <<iii(icni% ciHild 

!<irm{( iteir lcn-4u> 111 kt- 


\.,")maH :imI jwenlj lUideni'. 

■'■ - P-: ->- ■ -■- '"I 

m .111 It' 

fun ■>■■ 

csubMnuatk uiili ^ikxI ImJ aiiJ 
"creiK- paper- «h>n loilci jtaprr," 
w hit !»•» it 

"It WHS, ittlly sii[»r:»mg not 

III) find iriiiki pajitT tri ■! • ■•' ■•■'■ 

(wMic ren hw,: 
Neinum, "I honi'Ml • 
whin th.- 

/'„//«,■' A sntall j|i'r("V'.i//.'> 

:■ '■(■i'<»mt' lurtii' 

rmsfor siudenis if 
ihey arc not foreyitirnt'tl. 

1 juIl" nii.HU 

wa> iL 
Ncj.ni3ii .iii.i 
llul, i'Hil aw\ 

(aned tcnin'i mauM>lcuffl to 

"Al first. Itedial gave u* Ihc 
Sate "4 speeches, aihotii thu himI 
ihal. wlh ill) of the d<Haik Aflw 

alMMl the li.S.S.R and we lold 

)M-f ..,-.m.- ,>( ,«|K." «lyt Nfjmafl. 

:t>c gUKkfciagned 
• •up by the Soniei 

lAiiiii -. ii.ju»Ieijii». as u (he 
taw mosi irf ihc limf. had an 

lTlorn>«Hi^ u:iilin.' hri.- W.'. ,iHv 

— .11.1,1 li.,', .- . 

('il 111 llh' t.ifii' 

Oulsjdc of the iii I 

■■ *'■' " '* 1'' I'.." («iHlivlMl.i'> 


,,:-!- !hcf failKHIS 

I'Viipl.;, -11. h .!» Amciifan aiiifmr 
(<,ib» He.-.l. ut ;ij3LiliU.S_,j!y.l 


AiTi'trilmi; to Nrinun 

«. » H .1 1 t" - '- 

\i-|inaB and the 

ili-imiK«l>i: liu; . .. 


I'.S.S.K.'s •;,:. •• 
., i„'!.;l>f.nion (if t,hf i'Olh 
.innivcisary of the Bnt>ihcvik 
Hmiluiiiin The group al« 
viMlcd ilic I*u:Jikiii Mus<-iim i>f 
line ails, *tKrc I be S. - • ' ■ 

rcprtHluclion.* of ni:ii 
., ,..i. ..1 .,, 

"l.ifv in thf Snvici ( 'nwii 
appi • ■ '•■■ itnpror- 
itri: .1.1 ,!,■'"(.■<■"■ 

■ij'ins to he 

ii- nil." I 
»ith ihi- 

' (lisatmamcrii 

Mcma^is Ncjman. "The 
people are very helpful, open wtd 
nice, Tlicy arc rcatly turiims 
.iIk'iiiI Its'"' 

iiiiisic availahle (0 

.list) qillle litmli'il, 

..1,1, ..,,., line Slai.e-siir|H>rii-il 

group, a group tn the 19«i ^ .iiiJ 

■■:'l>\ !-iirii.|i'i'tmii vl\l..-, i.ill.;.i 

toys for 1 1 

ill11[lli.', fUItt 

tuvC l! ili,>'.L Ailii'll, ,. 
do noi IS .1 l.,iif:f-st"ti\'ri li 
• ■' .i speaker ijNifiii III 
.iil> runs puMii' s,.'rvi,. 

orange or apple. Most meals 
caiffi iJiae consisk'J i'( cahkige 
.ui4 Iveis and siarc'hy fii nls 

Sosiet life IS mterjccied 
with octasioiul fun, however 

The siudenii in the group 
allendecl a eircus. a hallei and 
\iMK folk diinces. There *as noi 
much emphasis on the ufitoming 
Olympic games. 

One advcnlurc thai remains 
vivid in Nejman's mind is a trip 
Ihc group look on an undergroand 
rail sjsiem. The system. 
supcrNy clean compared to most 
American mass iransportaiion 
systems, did oiler a langviage 

rhe conductor ol ihe train 
.ivlfi.illv Moiv|K-d the train, got olf 
.Hid -Ihnied us hoi* tx-st 10 return 
10 our hold. It was 

( ii-ilini; li'M in an 
iiiulfr<^ri>unJ niihuiy 
\\ '■tern in the C.S.S.R. 
i ill! /'(' irxinfi. til hi-st. 

mcl tmixiiccablc!' Ijuj'l 
"Anywhere around ' 
." ' h.i\c hi'cn I 

. .1. tiioujT, alter their ten ibv 

A, finally IIca hail to the 

IS London program with 


' '.iKh adventure appeals ui 

.1. attend an information 

Mon on the Inlernational 

r'.mm lot International 

.Ingram on Wed.. Ma,rch 

' ,ti I .: iKi or '!:V) , for Ihe 

K-i M-nicMcr trip, or on 



vviien we were there," tiiw» 


Miillll' .Mlip 

A 1 iHrfii(Mi Wftr-n ,«%?# -n 

1 1 1 A 1 f > « i fl N ■ • •-: 


■» < 



• '■'■ 

Al • t 1 P-H Al 1 *it Al ■ 


IPTi*-* fl ..»3* « 

a ^liT t Jt W M>mmw***mw' M** 

f'twwWw 1 €»"r 

Mtwm'iWMtn tl»-«wir#>. tl .CtVltflf-** 

M*.-^-.'« ¥.-«•.«.»* r-i ,r-i •■n 

c: v Mr 'T iv «r mi ■•«'«-;,■ r-n tr^-wuFK 


5lh Annual 


HirpcT CoOiac CompMi Rt U ft HoMlIt IW«, PaUrttiM 

Twitnif Mmutffls Wmt i>l Hire Airpon on thw Hewwdy 
£«p«vy (I 90) to WW milc No* on «0»»tn> Ril 

Ftb.20S21 Sat. 9:00 -6:00 Sun. 9:00 -5:00 

ADMISSION MOO Sate Items Available 



Tfeasures Of Tnp Pasi 


FLiLi't- liii"oii'EVef'.ts 



PffiiinWO Bf GoK Learnma Centw ol Atwrict. ht (312) 773-6575 

One-Half off 10 Harper Sludcnu. Faculty, 'Vdmintsiraimn «/ 1..D. 


1 he llarhinuiT I cbriKirv 1 1. [«>SK 

I naftMt lhi<i nu;)' %iyrm arh in the M-ni«tcr lo ht lnlKine 
.l'..iit ie«hrr rialMttew. ihr, »i]| Hr up,m m hHnt, ,mi 
K«.m .1 On, iliin, »„„ ma> nui km.* h,n.,»rr. i* Ihal in mmy 
< iiM-v Ihc iliMlrni e<atualt.iii« of ir«lirrs i^nl »»rtb (hr Hiiwr 
'1^ |W'<n»rd im. 

f'.ir r«rr, M-limt ItKlirr )m h,nf. there'* ji <»,« r, ch.ini,- (If fir the b lennrnl <cMh 11 mn rf ihf 111 full im,. 
hicultj al Harper is MiKrmirrd al Ihr prrsmi (,mi i \to1 if lhr> 
are lenurett. barrinn ii triminiil ..r imnifiral .iil. Ihi v .ir. Ii. t, 
imiil Ihr* rrfire ijr mine on. :il lh»ir .otn <1iv.T<'t...r. \ni h ul 

II. m miuM JOB Mr lo ha»r lo uiirk i-.,nHu;tii».ii.l> I. r 
H.f « Man. and. hjttint "made Ihr gr.idr'. nrv. r h,i<l lo «„r< . 
.il.".ji w,..r j.,h, reK»r<Jlc** cif jour pfrformante: lleconir a 

I.'"''" ^" «i"lt I" -inf .rr. highly ptard M.«rreal ll..rper 

rven » ith . jum il\ iie*t lo imp^KsiMc In (Ire linurt il fj. ull - 
|-^nil ih<>ddj >* performancr t»nl rtrn om»idiri(l <aii« 
■ I e»ii (erlatnlt under<>i,ind no! »ai>lin|i lo fire a leat h. r I r 

line .IT even a hjndful of vindenl tomplainls. Vi one »l»o h ,- „• 
hand <i«l a I . U. « F i.i wme MudenH » going lo (h i.h, 
lerr hi, popular »ii|i tkwc stiidcnl». I| ia the «,tem IimK 

And its mil «in(> the ftndenl!. nlin siifTrr frnm ihit (he 
prnspeciitif heacher iiiminx wt nf codefe or ([riid Mhi»i( viiih 
(he Ion, gital «t edncMini) • ne» Ke»rr.iiion ,^ m for .i liir 

Wiih ne» lechnotee,. inrormaliiin. and u,., hiiis mrthort. 
nt'iMhlbhr i-UT> if-ir. it wewo a lerrilih- «.iM,r l.. h..,,' .i -jsi.-m 
«frj(jfii#rf |,> p.-rprtuate Ihe r(ilt<(l cln,ue ih.i( r<li.t"..t..i.i. 
te^peciaiH, higher educalion I ha% liriomr 

Tlial i% Mn l«i say Ihal miMl of ihr i-\p, . ,, m ,,1 I ,. „U i 
here it eevlinj on llH-ir latireh. liuile Ihr iniii ■ 
maintiiined thai the racnllt here al llariwr is ! 
»iA,l, r»f«cltd. iMli hy ikt slndcMs and thui ,»,<•,, .„ it,, 

Hiif why MM nhr a twnrty-jear |irof,«..r ,ho» ihr 
CLllene that he i>r the i% jjiU capjihie and inlensi. ,1 ,ii.„igh .n 
Iheir pih lo iuMirj Iheir wlar*. jusl MLc e»rnliodt el-e in Ihe 
job murket muM do7 

Wlifeh hrinp m hart to the teacher evaluation* 1 he out* 
piirtton rf Ihe evaluati<» Ihal e«n gw, lo an authitril, higher 
than th« dtparlment head i% ihr laM ime: ralini! ihr 
^i«»mpel«oij of Ihe teacher An rmpt, and hvpmrili* ill i;e-.iiir, 
M he»t. A» I menlimed h«r<M-f. if Ihe, are tenured, ihrir p>l> ,% 
Mfc. and if the* are not. their job i* hated primarih un non- 
Icnnred openinitJ the netl jear anjwaj. 

So. Ihis wroestrr. when mure given Ihovr learher 
e*aJuali«n tmm% inch them into Hwr notebtNik and mt Ih.m 
m scralt h paper <i« jtiur ne«t maili quir. 

Larrjr i^utliB 
l-'dilor in.Chicr 

tl. - W> Wf i<ttaikrfe kilfn w the rOimr m Wfil m. urrnl 

mtiuiriti atvmi Ptdtr HwtfHtfs dmlUmii "kitrr" t>y "fiwl 
^ »itider' iHarMrngfr. frft 4,,. t^fnrmitmlely we rretmd ihf 

[ftifn 'orllnflertnrdfmllmnMimMimimMmif wtet. t-ui 
I i*ev will ** jirlKird mrxl wreil. 

far Ike rtmrd: Swrtmrfi tiem are .S»eencv\ Hi■v^ m» 
tkim 0ftkt m fUtffm a wkiik (tranffNirt ,,/,, tin httfr/rum 
] Ifr, W'in*r»«sja/<ii-f*i»fiin'perSii>er»in), 

In rrlnniteet Ikimltighl alrvan iving It)J0t wr mmtU tim 
|A<t.TpriiiM-rfi*«p„rfnm mf Smrrmf, pa^r I u,id m mv fan 
r-»tA fdmnal thm we apoftpze far mr mhrntes. Tkit »<ii a 
rt'igtiu- ' offer a Nmkel ttpuhgr to aU llum who were nffenied 

I'^il^e .' 

Hrealth Corner 

A message from your Health Centtr 



I,., I,,, r , 

MKinKmi i:.:lii>'.r 
W»imw» Mjmji([.ri 
N«»« idiiiiif 
F'e«Brei Eilinr 

St ki t\i\(. inv 
Mi>\(nvn KHiJiti- IS. 

Itof'uu ti 
h M.i,«t r:r 

1 imr 


'■[;tnt 1(1 hail 

V. 'lil 

''''■nii.ii>, f'v-tM 

\U)\\ IKI ( I'I|\S|( 

« li.ii 


Eating Disorders -- 

Thefirsl step towards raoyery is scckiiifi help 

Final sirlicte in d finir-piirl m rits 

.ilriti.i \ Sjniij.t,, Mj)„ 

.iriliiul tl.'.itlh \i»(f,n',, I td. 

iK'liliiin pi 
' \m nuimi.'ii 

■l>.-titify t»l(IJ.':- 

■.1 fimtiilor -l! 

iriil ii mulmurti- 

.■, .l.'.ill mil, 

licij) the palwni 

("arilinat lli-jlth ,S\*ionis, 

.irnl lake ..'■.pctiaiiy g«x] in 1(1.1,1 i(ic> cut 0\ ,,,1 !'hi,- m>l:,iii(tn arti:! (,■■.■ I in,; t w, ;.',,) 





■ fi'inlijKr ;.[ 

'' ' : ''' 1 . L' 




(•„o, t»..», ;7i 




Ha-hl,Hi.| Cark, 



111 1" ■ 1 

■ , ■ ■ . -..WH. 

Tlir HA;(lfl(,NW;R .,, i,)„ -,.,,,..,•: . , 
t.;.imput timnimirhtv. pu^'lr-f-.- ; ■.* , • t ., 
o.»m» All opmioiu cipi'tiiol .,■. ■ . • ■ 

ilKni: i»f ifct wlkge, iti tdrnmiHT . 
••nd empy deidlnie it nmn Thiitv , . . ■ 
leiliwi In the eiliior inun he lignrd. nimici * nli,l«i.J on r«i., 
Bfomalidii call »7...3<»». em, 24«()<ir 14*1. 

lZ/liLv/1 Ldlllllldlt 

The Harbinjjer Fcbriiar> 11. I9HS 

PilUf -• 


Know Your Rights! 

h\ Krun lH>ld<>1t-in 




nil,,, I 

,,•1 I. niiti: 

hall miili* "«» 

r ,. M» <• cl ■ U It ■ " 

,■ • .'-"ii-nt "r rrli|!ii>r' 

M 1 1 n U 1 li t t ' ' • 


,'l •-. pLttc in l>-"' 


n finpwcn h> 
i,.j. 1,1 Wintiinr 

.twiiimutl"- ' 

., i,ivn 'fthiih 
, ,rmfii';il 

• iiUI help 
, It. Mil ■■hamiful 


III tlflB t»>il>bn 

..^ ^H«| 

AJi '" 


TIIM •' 



% *^ %1TB; ill •<'■" ■ ' ■''• ' ■"*'■ 
s\\i\iMi\(; i<» « \\iit()iM\ 


h,- him ■■ '' 

I ,,..■. - brilli.i'ii 

1 Ll 11 n ;■ , . '1 ' • ■ 

^»■:uc^ .tbi'Ui ilii- tlillcreni 
I'Ik' lilni vvill hf 

\h>n*.ii ! 

M.v A. .lull- - 

2,''. .11 ■'■,"*<,* p.m. m .' 
■. " t.>r >.n.itk'iif-. S' liT tlif 

nuhlu," t-rci' ]'■ 

!■"■. >■'"' 

,,, , ,„ k .„..,; ....: - ,vri... •. ,i......iiur' l....-t ir. 'surt 

■m .1 tiHich iicighK'thM'Hi. The ,,,^ ,_j.(.„.,p ^.hai ,.- nm .t.inttrtnuN 

,„| ,., ,, .Iiisfil;-.! ■'(' li'ut Itirl^ ,' ,t,; .. '.i".i1i t"- >'.'■."•* tiir 

,,t ili.,-r 

,1 in 'vii ii..mi 

. show ^ou *hcre 
, |.ogii:a,l thinking 
■|..t, l.>t> .1 li«>t -i! 

I'MRl .k'iii.i.->- H..IVI' 

:i l( ihai I J «'. ihcn 

till) I- I'NWt..' 10""*' ''''PT" 

i:7„;«'« rea-m I'*'** "" i*"" "'*•''*'■ 

of religious etI.itioiis in mt 

|., . \:\wm\ killing 

,, ..., . , >;i, wc h.:iv<" the 

.ill,,-. *lH. 

. I'MKC 

1 jfii, ft lii'.uraiH.i- .■\i;.^lll.ll^. 

Finally, on the homflroni. 

. t ... . ,,11 go to recotd Morcs \»^. 

, see if ihe siorcs tarrv 

■ by the aniMs *t'i> have 

n I'lii on hlatkliils" hy ihc 

\!KC II llu-y flo not', iiilorm 

ihc managCTS ihai vou »'ll nol 

by rccordtnRs at ihi> M»rc. anil 

why. Aho inform himrtK-r ili.u 

you will communicate in vnn 

music pu,rcha>ing Iricmls. m alx- 

avoid Ihc 5Wre, 

TltC prt-isurc group!. *ai *■■ 

arc fiKhting apainsl curreniK 

. . . I...,., Ih,. miiialivc. siront 

: liij:, ami fnonds I'l 

I'l »i(l uko an nrpanirt'i! 

.,„. .-rru-.l .-n.-rt bv tin- vi'mr.' 

;.1UA ll' vhltV, 
■ »!■ ltd 
;iii oHirusU'd. 
h! police lo 
.iiuilional rn'bi- 

Page Five 

The Harhinytr Ffluuan ll,19SH 

I 'aw 5 


, .M.uj; huillilJl IS pathctii. 1 *.c •-■■ : 
•■MOom Ttwre ts nti huninf m he. wen 

\l.,ltk i 'A .1111 


hiv I'liJ 

jlwiit It' -Mark IVam 

.. .i.s IxMti wiih (he pfi of laughif -c ihai llir world 

RjJiid Sabatim, fim line (rum >, 

Anon, ihe ow« htngs low. like a tv-' i-f '■^\- RoNri 



.4 Smrfv in Humor Writini; 

Hill. 4*). m«,iih1 on ihc r.iilw;,iv ptjtfomt ami -a ,/ ■ 1^^ l.' 

\ , A* he gtancci! awtiw), hr . 

.'liege rc«>mmate. standing : 
\ ssntf Bill had stxn Torn. He \va\ atH,n!t li> ;.i;;i t-- !.■-■; 
somethint ilrai gave him pau«:, 

Tom had hw briffcase in his left hand, -.o he remo>. ■ 
glove with hi.s t«th and. glove still dangling (rom lii% rn 
index finger » work exploring the glwmy axcisei of bus -.vti "..Mm 
Bill Slopped in his approach and waited, not wohmg ioeml»r<is> 
college' buddy. 

iWe hme now creaud a pkuaMt: 
[$4nsihUities Two mi.! " ■ ' < ' 
pmi Off ktpt from a '■■■ 
tnktr.t _, , ^ ,, , 

An Bill watched, he began lo rcali.ri" thai his old pal w.r 

rmwe.lhan clearing a dogged nasal ;r'- ■■ '' " ' ' -■■'■- ''■- ''" 

Glove still hanging from his mouth, !<■ 

conttnti of his nose, he «•.!■- '■ .■'■■■"' "it •'"■■■'"• ' 

unable to look away. 'fotr. ihoiighi. v. 

have hctn less bulKn.i'. *fir u i»'i ior the fingci- ;;.... i.^ - .... 

enthusiasm-ally into it. \o mere recreatjonjl dig. Tom seemed t. 

htgher purp«isc m his ctfori,*, a calling. He "'"^^.-.i ■•".* ^. ■«■<"■■■■ 

well-plumbed depths of his nostrils with it. 

atiatk.' ' ■'' -ule of his nose with the p.i'-- 

, h^ 1 1 ,: u niN fcrvi >r .i ma n pi <\sc ^ sft I ' 

Bill dismissed ihf thought ih.n. 
moment the train station would tic ovi... 
that hisefff«s to conceal his ftni:er^ iiisidt; ■ 

xcnse. tnwillin- - ^-'icve what his oiv;. ., - 

amiurcd up ,iii . ■:'' «hal depicted Tom .r. m.:< 

hack. Tom was at it again wuh renewed ■■ 

.-' - '■ ■■<nd deeper m •• '''■■' 

I'hed m r.r; 

■,l nostril :■•■"■ 

,Mth its full compl line ' 
['.... „:: .;....p;.... - :.-:^d gfopmg fora pea in . 



UPPER m\n.\c;k\iknt 

II V Nimmi R'tl'liim.i 
■"' . ■. txxly. llTl t"". 

He!].iv . ■ '■" ■■ •.' 

i,,,,j,, „;, ..:„,,,, .V title I've 

( i..,icfn-c i'la* ItxB Twntiiig iht 
.ich! we left .Icsiis in ctewge of 

■ - •-niciicd 'hiiin a ife* mttks 

,j ,, .,.,, Jiarge *>w» ftcfie bh*'?' 


h.l'lJ' 'I'tiC'K' 
llOWt": '■•' I' 

'. .i\ HIM iiMnc lo \ hovel h; 

,. .r,.. ..1 ., I !.,■ ..( ..r 


"tlarencc * ' ■'•'■'!) ''"e i" I'.fi'. • 
t!■lln^;^ What liap|X'iiciid"''" 

"Vh. . »*ll SK, the uh, ■'■- 
after vou left." 

"Oh dear, Clet me ("' :"- 

■'""' "S.'noMr lt^"l I'm.. ....... called the Pope. He wmhe. .I.«.WS 

twin the' Vatican," 

Where's that','" 

"L'h, , . Rome, acuialljf,," 


"Oh CkKl vou re i'Uv'k - 

"Damn straight. Now wh.n l ■ nd . .f" mcv* ftiiwe ,yii» |(»««B' «■» '«*»? 

**""'" dma know. Mr 1 h.:-. '■''i since ihai enicifixi'tfn 
business,. He was rcalls ticked oit .itout that." 

••€*• me. what a fix,. What else lia - h.ippCTCd since I If It ' 

"'Yew wanna hear 'the gwxl nev 

■"Bad,, No wsitt , , gooil. ("'in. ■ 
Wrong!' No' Give me ihe ne^s % tii'M 

"Alnghtee , , s«t>-otic hundml oi • 

I uni .tiid 

It. i\ th.H ' 
• .j.i.ed surpri'-e ....,; 
,ind, the hand thai ' 
.--It' "ltd broiich; , ,. 

•ttii in hit pe>el, 
,. .;, er. not tli.i'lvinf: h. 

';„Te.i!' Hoi* I. in.' 

Nve. I thii:- 

"'More lit, 
Tom's hanii " ' 
tiand df SI .■ 

/'> i'f hert .-■■■ 

I j\-, .!,'■ I Hdl ducked and tpiin out ot the p.i: 
.ind lis slime encrusted fingers. As Hill started n. ■' _■ 

Miccetsful escape,, he came up hard against the back ot a blue -haired old' The old woman was bent and frail and ceuild he mobili/ed in 
..vh.iievcr direction Hill chotc. but ihe convequcnies of randoniK 
i.iri,'!iin,' .! -eiiior cili/en could far outvieich thovc ot K-iri!.' shipped on 
. a aglcam wilti ■ . Such w:imIk dilcmni.i 

]{■" ' ■■ only a millisecond l"ot . ■''''- 

We must no't t>e ttw ha^ty in tudjiini: Hill, f 
:.„■,, iMon made under the threat of impcndint: iMni-,' 
nothing of the trauma which uc mitsl a^Minie ', i.i 

i'rimervii,'.n in the head fluids of another man \ ::-'"i 

;,idei! hand, it is ai least po^Mhk■ in.n he u.i'> nti;;\ii.ut lei 
■ic oncoming irain. The otil ^^o.n.m tor her p.m. was 
.luite shivked to fmd her-, ' ' ' 
',,1 pis her niihrr feeble H>s ; 

1 he I'.nd 

■here vou h,ave th-,- "•. 

1 The Idea 

2 The Ullitu!'""" 

i«(./ ' I 

^ I he Ima^ii > 

cirklmfuli oj ma" 

4. The Magie WonK 
ntll . i. ■ ■ 

5. "III.- I>. alh ' ^:J f" 

■.'cssful huntor- 
III mv Itr'^i 

G<» «'*" ' 


N,ick,. i ' 

'"Oil i.'.i' ,). 

,!''We», weh.i' 

Tntdgc to "'!"'• 

Him To Be \ ( «»tinlr> Slur 

tianj;, your hat 

Cuss 'n spi! 

C,h.inj;,e . ■ 

i',i,n;jw trst'i'ielly '•■:-"■"* -'■ ''"' -^ 

Sit ass . ' 

"rt i...ih ,.,.iir di'xxlle 

(Youcre.itm covstms i 

,Buy a bij:, beer .md 

Sing .iN'Hii cry 
Your t 


The Ilarbinpci Feb iiiirv 11. I«»8S 

Page 6 

Delegates being sought 



>:r«>n Meeting Thf 01.11; li 

•.til Jl ILirrcr ■.pon-vif-.l'-i!' >- 

Imiilcd. Humiuuncs CimiKil and ixhci 

^ I ■. > •"- :M^'n'ii"*.ant.s **iU 

:»; maleriiils 

. . . '. wili run 

|(,(t|t-l,l| •■'■■ ■*-,;..-kiTn,) wnti 

, kwihf .vm.,.ii.'.ir. ^^ The 

u-nn.skir i-tid.r:. 

dinner ■• ... 

Ilic iwrj:v>.: >.>t \}K ikhme i* OmsMi....... i . 

11.. I 111 »l»«aie a£:liol» to » wou'e ii :' 

,i,Cf fuller cili/'M Wf^.w.^iii 
:.'r*i.i.dmi o( the i)r.i¥"ii>l«->- '"'« pit'*enwiion *ill. K- 

■■,.nd ,H.f' frp.inrniM.vf ri.llimed by MlilU gump 

liu'iiuiims. A plenary ksmiw 

.I.iy t»itl mvcilve di'hine 

p.*iiii.:t^\jni^.- anil the 

■ will 

K ' "' 

tl; 01 

Cipatity ts limilcd 10 120 

1 ti,,li. Ih,,.r.- ,K riiii n'i:-i\ri.,Hii>n 

I", veiling 111' ''.i.i* 

,ttti'rfw»»" Im, . .,:i,al' 

a LJci^itinive 

ifi applii'UtiO'h by 


he — ^■s) 



Harper (iets 
Neu Acldrt'ss 

•■» .*-:i 


"Gypsy" tickets 

• H.irper r'uWi. 

iklli>ll "! 

nil- March ^'Mh 
• ,1 .11 t>.' -i.".!.'.! ; H 

.1 li.ik; 

'liiildiiij! .1 
Mardi IX, ."iiluirL-dJ,;; 

.111.1 I'.cil- •■ ■ . 1 All! 
.■ pi-iauvU.'ii i[ ■ 
'[K.t* bill nr^iT ili'i. 

I he public. 

, tinner Ihtwrc 

l-(ir addilH-ituI m(fvrtii.iii«m, 
ill >l..- »<-. Ollice ill '*'">7. ilKI, 



HiMUCutaCt. ft 


'- ■--"-' ''H 


with Campus Mofketing 


■ c4 

ii. tier i^nl 

L UrhkiilLiI''' %<C« 








TODAY AT 5 p.m. IN A242. 






f/mii/urf trf ir,iirt 

'U tn>t»-ii,»rrim»:rt t-ul 
!.. .1 . ,)>. (,, , ,,.,,(., 

•"jr.. -itu.l.nt .Uf,.,i(Mi:d* 
(up U> Mtifu l,i.«B»> itrc 
M.M; 1.55 ««:!,, 
itiiiiitiotKil (4n«i. 

Kmploy iB#fii, 

.HelB Tan ted 

Classifieds Classifieds 

-_«__ nil- Harliinmr Fobrimr* H. I'>S,S 

iiirJi n,e. 

3 * 1 

UxiB Winnd. 


: ■, , ■ . : . , .. . an it 

bemuse! Tor pari iirae 
vk m Morlh*fji 
suburbs Eicfllenl 
-elVfencei jriJ 


r'. lesson insiruciors 

p M ij ■ 

con, v.; : , , . 

Minv *iirM 

"!.«1 I .?-HU'l ,,.,; 

't*(l rn drug 

:, I'l! l.,.-i •: 

"!'i*l.e .jifi .niTer 

aiL,:?' W'A;'f iTg;!) 

^i.ii"r rii 



'i k^ifl 

Help WiiniiCd 

■ *lw arc IM I'l \|i \lt| I 

'Ih- cIiht. .jri.l M.jri, Murl mm.' 
Immcili.Kc OpfBiftj.. 

■A 1 1 h 

• I I'l 

\ 1 1 1 ( 

Hid*, AMI, mi: Mik. fair I am or tr'eml 


ft J 

'iKB-tf. in 


III nei'in 

^IR2 Kfii ficfht-ni 
undiiii-m Asking 
%•■) MM Cail «l'f'51<l 


Hatchbick, Air cond 
rear def aulom . p*T 
steering, pU'' *»' n ■-- 

m ile<i A>;k, ir,R J.,, ^,,,, 
;'>i:<'N..Ti[ i.ond no rust 
<:.i:i "I'll ,!<<^)<}<:) 

list) CAMARO 

:l.,!.- ji; olTer « 

(inn AH 
Eleven yri old, 
excellent ccmditmn. 
Askinji 1400 Call Mike 
ip» KlS'-tSS-fjS'X) 

VAHi <:i:.,assh:al 

Call Milte • 8 n ■■'!'>'»■■ 
5 5 ''JO 

Gibson Sf u'/case |iqn 

I'c* (,; 

HID i;. 


lufl, li. 




w«u r- 



h'dim <■' 

■ iimr 




''■ at'OtuMi 1 


unique and conl'idenlial 
alternative We *il! 

miteh you wiih I o 2(i 
local men who nu-ei 
yourcniena Discreet 
mailrngs Affordable 

^1 Quest ')<>| .,0(i<)n 

■•<! une Netused! Maior 
Cardil Cards info & more 
Gel rour Card Today' 
Call l-30'i'^744' jOl I i-xt 

("I i«7R 21 ims 


Page 7 

*■"^ Hokuiek 

\ ak-niiF: 

. .i. .Sctfcl .■'\,liiiiu:r 

Homy Bunny 

H.i[ipy Vdlcnl)iic\ Oa) 
1^ l"^>- you. .Signed. Mrs,, 
' Bunny 


Head Ski 



Jenny & 

Jolifinv h 

id a 

i,'ra/s ifn 

art! lo sri 
■ ■' ■ ^'ii .J 



' ' -■'> irufk 



goes ll: 




n.,ii'nc . 

ItK'Ml 1 


ilu: ohjCfl 01 Ihc game? 

^ I'l. CI' mine (we know). 

'!--'-- ^ Ihc ,ki iip of the 

■■"'■ ■ W.ilJ) init fiif 



',''^1' cullers, 


ll K 
C ll 


1 ■ All of us 
tnakf J 


nt l.islu.Mi 



■' w;uth 
1 mi \ 




II \*i- II 


■ ', [! (he 

11, "Itjtn" 


• ' '■ ■ ■' ■■ ■■■, ■ "'III «.,'>,-k 111. 

'''■'■•^ ■''■" ,: ' l'a\f l,;l lis 

.iuuri Wint 1^ h.ijipcnjii-' 

' iluHij.'.ht .vini wcreatrac'" 

Wuc Binjicrite, 

You Ix-iicr luM id me doun 

' hope you set back to 

fioitnal real soon, (.ove 


'''"' llorhinnfr Staff 

ii-niines Day. 
■■-iiantl Teari." 

I: li: II lull, 

■oil",' Wchopc 

Sii:m,-,J. I l.irhingcr .Slaff. 

1/iitt Chinlund 

"appy Vilenunc'sDuy toa 

'.' t'i-ni.ilf 


Happy Vaicntine'N IXiv lo 
my first and favomc ' 
Valentine! Will you be 
mine? See ya Sept. 4th. 
All my love, Bobyn 


Happy belated binhday. 
Rcmemhcr one thing, just 
hecjiuse you re 2 1 yrs. old 
doesn't ttiean you have to 
register for A.A. (smile). 
Ixird willing you have the 
rest of your life for thai son 
I.ii\' >j, "Pearl" 

* * :i« * 


The Harhii rct Ithruarv 1 1, l«)SS 

Pauc S 


■MiQ dewwtng hii (onrirrnj* iv6j speech. fmaHv. campus acceptance niw "^otw* 


Bc m am/cm mm 

mm nm. 






''1 don't dk> all of my learning i 
in school." 





"\ also tc^am 
from mv p^irt- 
time wttrk as jn 
Upjohn Health- 
Care Servrce-S:' mirw 
asstitont It, pfovid« rw 

with incornr tt'"- ([.■•ihle hours I '■<• | 

andhand>'< >ce thats ti- 

twcomt' tti. ■ ...' I tan b:- j 

l'[ .ithCart- k'rvtcei 'i.» mu<i' 

to oftf ■ '.ijfMK Wf'rf orii nt tt»i> 

nation's le.)f: 
carr^ hoipi!,i 

nursing. Call tixiav lu iirxl out jtxjui nu i b 
cipwjrtunitte^ I 

'S:.. 2650 ' 

iH! list Of HflYIdtW IB WSUK liU Im BEST SPBiNC Bflf««t 

Beit Molel- 


•ml Incalion in 

, i ■ ■ "Uiltll 'ij.f ^«J 

StHHitinB KcUiwt 
Irani Ever|tliHi| 

fH ii» !].*fii 'nta«.rittll fiQtn asiD 
WMI*. like lOwr iTipftI 

Top ol Itie Line 
Luiiiry Coackti 

f p m mm »m«iioit*«f pMlf 

Pgol Dtck NUMs 
fvcr* >■( 

t'Nt **«! ntflfll*! M^^*t "1 

Ml wn^ rifk ^fM 

"t «rfU 

s s 

The Hiirbingcr Fchriiar> 1 1. 19SH 

Page 9 

* > ir 

^ W^ ifH Hit ;sS* >^ 


r H / pat S I D t \ I I A L D E R A I I S 






D Diking ror 

j; x c J I ^ ill ^ li t ^ 

Get inuolued! 

Apply now for the afternoon 

activities position on 

Program Board 

Student Activities Office A3 36 


.'^;UI(, N 



H 2/9 

5 50__ 
6 00 "l 

1 sn:o«:it 


6 rn ' 


-, , , 7 

5 5 :: 

f: 00' 

»,. iTA 


offers a 

spring break. 


1)V\ al HI 

1 \\\ ' . itrnrinn H.ill 


N\\H K Al i\l 

MNW E. 6df iMrf • SdMMMhiiii • ttl-OlOO 

'i: ^'=" »"> 


Harper Hawks 
last two meets 

Ihe Harbinger Fchruarv II. I'>SX 

Pace 10 

wrestling 1-1 in 

Cecchi named MVP 

111 M^rc Railtr 

"Hie ibi'fft wrcalini teim M it: hi (an 
wraprft! !ir ite! ccimrwilie* 31 ;,,„,. 1,,,, 

" f,ini,i„irs 


who Cei:;, 

J.I I n ,n t 

lu)|^lul^ dl Lih I 

ilmnjils ,jnj tliin h% ''Ih [hi ri>.iiin J 1 

li-v KJ ji Hirjxi •^ I 'I 
\S ri^Mltii^ ^ijiu 11 'III 

AiliitMlicKi Will IK' ulccn all thc 

I K 

Intramural s: 

Billiards and Racquetball 


liiltterdit Itiiiriiaincnl 

in A NUtiifi 

I h-ii'i iti,- I 

r I It'll .inj •■• 
(■'!. . . ■ ■ J rl.t.|iu- : 

•'■ilj.i;. I l.-llli'lj,,; III. iu,!„ , 

t!inan(),in award pm 

Cliist "D" RutqnrllMll 

,■> now in M 
::'.i- mlnimural uhlc 

■i>om ?02a. Thi" 
I ,ii,",i.iiiiio Mixbv 
The l(iun:imt;ru "^i 

I. ,!•■.. ! t •.. 'J •:, .11. .„ 11, 

'-liiri.i. jiij awitrd [«ib. 

Student Opinion: 

Do you think lights should be 
installed at Wrigley Field? 

«» Sjijily s 
Slufr Writer 


Kiirtn ILavrinrk 
Major: AcciwnlinK 

Yes. I toii'l il will t>f'-iig .1 

lot iTKirc iniMiv': J'lis. 

ami II alli'iws ii!, ■ «e 

the gamc"i it 1!.- ,, ....... .. *i:ive 


Scdit lliirdon 
M»j«tr; EngiactriiiR 

.; 'FntHinc'x ihrcil 
libs <»t of Wrigity 
■itc Itgto shmkl be 

.in.iMii.,.,1 ill'.- '"■•":"''k' - !!«« 

iniMcnnt than 

Chrulinr Habkli 
MaJ»r:t riminal .)ii%litc 

\i-^. if llwy msull tvjilils 
iiu: {.iii> '*iil have an 
upiKirtynil) tu see nxire games,. 
This aKii gives pi-«:iptc who ■«■ 
iwl .ih(e we liic Barnes a chaniT 
to !M;e ihcm 

Kevin GnMstfin 
Major: I'olilkiil Scit-nct' 

Nu. beciuse husehall was 
incaiu 111 pbn-'il m natural 

siiiligtil *mt 11 would txikc 
fnmi the "olit lime h.iIl|Mrk 

:*- ;■• r^' " ' ■'■ Wriglfv 1 1..-U, 

- heitfi III the 





I ibrrul >Vrl\ 

'I'c-i, 1 1 ihr\ havi' lighii 
Ihjl nuMii*, TtHifc cainrv, aiid 
ih;ii lull htlji (■■uMin:\^cs in thi* 

't . jK'oplc who 

diHi't ^' ':.,%• to see the 
games. Uk. otifMirtumiy in st'c a 

Ilciuiv BI.L-.k> mhounds Ijic ! 

I>l.u,t.,.' •■I. M,'tid.iv 'I'k': 

SimiiHN during 
hn \tVii krri 


VOL.21 NO. 2« "iiiiiiii w.,iiu.j H;,rprr(wll*g« Hie Hiirliinger Febrii;m IS. I'WX 

• * 

(Photo Crrdu: John 5u.t<MJ 

Budget committee 
selectediNew Liberal 
Arts Senator elected 

11 « DowglM Ra)' 
%.■«■>. ¥4' 

>rii.akj.iiii>n Ell' Ik 
.Stmt'iil Scnaie 

• Idiiionat 

Ijbtr.ii A- 

urn Elf ■'! ■' 
1. 1.! 

.Mi!.) ' t .<■ 

'<«'. r hjtt hi^Hi \ 
IK I' nj Ehc nii:i'lin):. 

"1,1 ( ' IK'smonJ iindH.' 

to j|U:n«l .Ml t lint 

lib helping Ui 

^t. I jmiji when she 

lrjntli'i\ ii> i four vcar lolkrgi' 

The SruJrni ALiitilie-) 
Bu(lf;rt ('iiinmilirc i" 
eNUMisho 1 t '1-; ih' "^("rriiv 

NEW columnist Lii 
continues in Carol 
Carkeek's tradiiion,, 0« 
Th« Record with Lli 

l.)r, Boiiiii 
.irnJ ^olwiii 

111, (h,; 

■1 jie ["reitJi-m m l i 

ii II 

ncilv Sp*Kial 

■''- I'muriiim 
- Simlcm 
t Si- .111 
I'" i''i. II ruining 

hrUiK A , I III [; 

I he llutljEei ('.mmiiiee lot 
l'>hf Ks -ha«-it i>n iMiinaltil 
'""' ■ I'"' '' ■" tludew 

Pug* 3 

Judy Tenuta is cominfl to 
Harper February 26, The 
comedian thai founded 
"Judy ism" „ 

Pifl* 4 









i,i,r;i,nt,s *htli* i 2 iiiiUicm 
mid gfl \riialk'r 

,uA t "Dear 

,1,, ■ 1,1 ,„..r|,|C.,|,i,., 

I Mody" 

J "most 


- lit I ihi 
■, 1. year 

f'Vll iirunt rules 

|,,niji:t'i ni,i incv tn 
tii»i«iii!lc hit ihe mctmtm- 
To s«>tv* the (»r(*lf it> the 

rrtip,i«'m s in,L".K 

I'lc^i vi,\a, or 


..iiuU ii,k;i-,i itic Jk-jtlline, wtiwh 
the Etiucaliotj De'panmem ays 
is neccMiiry liecwise il niirsl 

establish final Pell Clrnni 
piyment schedules hy Apnl VI. 
ami qtKStion* the deiiartmc ru"\ 

Coogrcsi, (Icpcndma on .■ 

CofigiEssional Bud*:,.-! nftice 

'■«<>' !-sl,ima,|c, hudgea-*) ,S4,42 

I" give out i.n fell 

■ (he Vm-m stlMiol 

yt.vJ r.ini.iinl M«d, 

Hill I tie t: ducat ion 

■■I'fiil. uving diffcreiti 

■■-, Hlmlj il witl hiwr to 

-■ i-iii '54^ hillnHi in IVfl 


CBO esiimaics. said 
Charlei Saunderi of ihc 
American Council on 
Educalion. have proven more 
at'cunie in the past 

iFhffii '. "t ,j,.,- ,1. ',jr, \ri:fH"in; 

Tk- ,iiw* thai hit liiiper las, Thursd-i. , ..,«, „„,. „,.h, „,,„, .,„. 

.lUK*. ili,rae tiighi cla,m>,ii. and all ■„ . i 

inches «l %fin* 

Shades of Gray. A 
Sweeney look si morals of 
t)i9 judicial sysiein. 

Pifl* S 

L,ac(y Hawks lop DuPage. 
Harper sports teams 
approach Reoion IV 

Past 10 

Walch Harbinger F»b. 
25 tor details on "The 
Game". Identify 
Harper landmarks for 
910 girt certificate 


The Harbinger Februarv IH, 19K8 

In the line of duty 

Faculty recognized for years of service 

vm- 2 

D; Kim 0«lr«»w«m 

ft»llirt» i:<III"r 

Tliey ici." 
Klnnnti'iraic. ■;- 

AIkiui •■'bcKit am I ulking'' 

One rtf Haipcr'^ mewl 

viiluabli- JvrfI^. rf coyf«. tl» 

H : , i- n 1 1 '.¥ . < ti '■ 

I ■ ,,■■,, .':,it!iin hrinnn;*',! ihf 

■:h a 


,„.ii, %ciKlii« ii» jf'iir.-.. siticm 

-u,g(i verbal ihanU and 

riunt-morinvc I""' 

.. .g[ia.iing the LiluIiv ^ 

:viM\'C years, here at Hatpcr. 

■ui- of iiic i:»:uliy lire fttirtrai 

i.h wHh oihcrs fmim 

t'tecn, ifiJ or fne-yaM 

t.r^k-d he lew*' ■€ iJk: IktiiII)' 
in imfct oC years at Harficr who 
were hoKWd A ihe Mlci- 

With 20 M-isrs: ■ 

lota r».;,HK 

Maiwi Ryan 
lay Smgdniiinn 
Rrm <iif*.m 
Rdst- Trunk, 
Fretl Viiisvil 
Boti Zilltowski 

Jiro Ai-ii>--».'ii 
;\i:'Mt\,i'! H;rnn?« 

Ocwj;-' • ■ 
ChKii, iJu i«'i-. 
Mwguenic EwaM 
Gem (iinthet 
Sue Kcwhel 
Dfflw Mat'aylay 
SiBKlra Mani'icr 
Lila Miliula 
MJ MiUcr 
Le Roy MtJItb 
Maty L(Hi Mulvittilt 
liffl Nortni 
Uwrauie Oaw 
ItitN'tn- Richiir<l«M 

\lil- ■>•■!•!. I,' 
I liiii-.i !i*..tr7 


Aiiclio: V\' jMl 

Btii '' 



"I don't do all of my leamingl 
in school." 

Raben Terreterr>' 
Pil Wisnei 
Itiin Young 

With 5 years 

Art Baiter 
]a::k Bell/ 
Ijury Bielaw.1 

Itunm; '.,■•'. 
Ki.„i,„li,u''ifK" i1'ulitn:i> 
,1.111 •.\---k 

i: '■ '■ 


Don IX: Blisi* 
Chntc Elto s 
Paul Faham 
iMty Fcldnwn 
Limti Clover 
Clara Gong 
Kjfen Hiik 
ainnie Henfy 
Charlmif 1 k-r/ot; 
Beverly Hoilman 

Nimi JonadcM 
ViiKC Kammski 
Margart-t K.a/.ka/ 
Thca Keshjvar/,1 
Michael Liiptcola 
Lisa Ljitkii 
Don Malahn 
Eileen ■'" - 
EI1/..V ■ 

Rjtlui.. ■-"■ r----'"' 

Gayle Nksssiii 
DiaiK- [■cAatv-Tnckey 
John feme one 
Mjiry t"olnias/ck 
Msurecn Rrichmu* 
CcraMine Rcms 
Jonalhan Rohmson 

Denisc Schenkn 

Pm Schw::i<fcr 

Btjnnic Smith 

Usly Stamhtti»B*> 

Tom Slaich 


Ted TrKiiuki 



I 1 \1.>i.fl» "siii^l.Tit ^iirci;ll ••• SIS'') 

Earl Wen/ 
Joyee W human 
Donald Wilk 

Kcnnelh Willc 

Richard Willis 

Judy Wilson 

Sharon Wie/ien 

Thus, many ol itie Ijeulty 
liavf rctenlly joined ihe Hanwf 
ii'.ii'i'i wtiilc a few ot ihe 
.Hij':in.!ls" .ire ^Iilt playini; 

Ihis, MenilHi!- ol expenen. c- 
li.-lps to ercue a unique Icarniii.' 
environmcnl here on t■;!mpu^ 

I hank youl 

• I'utIM' 'lux'l 
S.iHtilu^ .\ I .ml' I '>iH"\ 

• t'l'ft'' \Vi'il;)iK 

• ( iin'iptit«-n,Til l'.\t'l■l^^ \\\U-> 
. I, ,i-,'i, ■ : :.l.ii rvjIuaiHHis 

• \troliK liivv Impati, iiiil 
lArrt isr ( l.lsM'-> 

• Vi.iti r (vil)u I l.i^--< •> 

• NuiniKHu! .»h1 t'rvson.ili/fit 
VSnrkoiit IVosrani- 

• 'li I, HI'- I ' 'lirW 

• SttiinitimL!, 

' lillH 'v- \-.M'ssnHTlI ItM 

'Vami!iwiTi-ti li^ I'.^'Ti i->i' 



id Kd, 

^m M 


Tht' narhinfier Fehruarv 1 8. 1 9W 

Sweeney, Pari H - The Readers 
Strike Back 

I.*llrn to and alMiul rontrmwMil niliinmiiil Pedcr Sweenet 


" wtai depthi have wc 
.■>..". itel Hjh i-i ill we c,n 
MD«» fiwn our (icwjim^rf , Di! 
we aiieMtl m tniiitMikM rf 
Hiffter c(luc*ii«" n» .|M 
.a*(ecteiil lo lOe mmt viil|ar 
-mm priMed cMiiniijiDy m ihe 
i brtwajpti''* (Page S 10 k- *»«•) 

hilt eiwiigh, titti 1)111. recent 
P<i!(iei wnieti iMif in iwli t.« 
.:.«jittiiie, li'f like chiap thrjtl 
•i-cka wmih jtoi me tM: <]ii ilic 
11 «!! IM. I, qinMT fraiilly, find 
!. ilislMitftil m I luii lure mwy 
<»t m) «>-i»oc*«f» ifci. Is this 
lyix! of itixMiiiH iKweisw}! aid 
■T the $miS at the college 

I itfiptM to ilie aaliijr'V jie,ma. 
•I iecency lo uop furiher 
•Hides of iliis oMtut. Sucft 
cmuiiivc inventiveness tmeiy 
CMiId Ixs' ch<innek4 uito ■ hiot; 
•wtJiy offering fmn « atiiemt 
knt tnielloo' 

Ommmid timper E.mttlayms 

(.ionak Oiman, ibg 
HtrhiniOf •dvijor. by job 

itaoipiwi. cauMH ■mH dews not 
c«mm any wpy ammm. - r*f 

Mr Ijiiry Paufiin 
I'm noi one for tellers., hul 
when 1 jc*l page 5 m Uie Feb 
-lih Mai lnii({cr I find lo m 4mm 
and wile. A geniknait haii 
wmieii a rebwialjo Peder 
Swtcney » mcieni and (gwjniiw 
vmm lowart hanoscmaluy 

This man *m gay, and 
Mked iliat hia none noi he 
primed: for fear of wpcreussious 
at te j(* and wiih ins famji,; 
Mr Sweeney primed hit name 
mrmy. Being gay myiclf I 
•""•wMJiiid ihai man * desire lo 
remain ammyiiuNii. 

I wa.1 in ih« Nt*ty for 4 
)«" I *» a good sailor and 
jewed my oumry m-eH. hul had 
I been invcstigaied and found lo 
he ln)i»o»e«iial. I would have 


I hut 
! Jl 

taen kit:kcd I'wi na ili, audi., tw 

tali,, Thi,» a the ttmm why I 

I'm,, proud to tur gay; tr«, not 
an eaty I'llc hut ihai n the hk I 
lead- It ntt. 
tiarilshtpi .iti,,t 
gay* ftKt. 1 ,. 

Pefcf Ssiccil,;, , 

'Ptiming thai gcnilem..: 
I ant alsi awarr 
Sweeney e,mji>yt »rii,i 
names ami storiM m 
upsti people, Th 
immaiuic ploy 
unprofcxsioiiaJ for anytme in ihc 
media, *heihet it i,j ij,c 
HaAinger or iJic Trihunc. 

In th* fuiure I would law 
the Harhmger »«ild tale a (lim 
view of such ,i,(Tesj>on!,i()ie 
beh»vM» on the pan of ii» mlf 


■iiw Skmmittr 


Jiawici and I am nmtr ., I'li.nti 

lh,« he kmit.% Dial he ,mn K: 

:.ued' ilmiosing the lume 

inul Jildrcw o( a piTwxi »ho 

<|»ix»fic,ally Kqae** an. ■•!■,■ , ■■ 

1 know that iherc , .,,,i 

'■"•m-i ami gays ihai 

vr w(»o Mr (iijiriijjcrt 



Re: Past aniele on medical 
Splinter-lhumh ffJiJocj itoit.. 
&€ ' The Mmler". Harbimger. 

Jam. in tMueJ 

My Umml) and gui suU hurt.* 
from buTMs of chuckles which 

progicsscd 111 painful liwghto ai 

ilie atiicle etwiunaed, 
Ttanki. I neetM thai! 
P*i%/ Troyrr 

Comteliv - Cenirr f-f>r vVh 

Mr, pjiullm. 

I have tnil,y grown wear)' of 
tieieiVBeiual. jtjuniiilistic hack- 
.itthbing toward ihc It-^hian, 
gay. and bisexual community. 
and 1 am qmie duapfioinied io 
find it in ih» new^pitKr, 

,Ped«r Sweeney, cm page 
(i»e of February 4ih i 
HartMBger. pnnied a year old 
leltet o( a gay man, Mr Paul 
Winder. He was fed-up with 
Swocm^y » trcjung ami printing 
anli-gay ma,icrial. 

Tbough I 4|uesiiiin the 
ejtimence of l>aul Wmdrr cn 

M lio,mci«:«,uaJ' lilcstyk- 'ii- H','n 
ll'U'nush £ IfarK proimli..',-,! eye. 
When ■■ ,1 h.j.^ 

M.inX)l foil, ■ ■, ) WJIS 

relieved to Ik i,n,illy jicning 
away from the adolcsccni 
verbal abuse thai I received 
twm gub whfl were pt^trified of 
their hctemsciualiiy being 
tliteaiisned' by my k-shiani!tm, 

Gradiiating also mcani 
escapinu phyiwl abuse friMii 
»y» who llioushi to he man 
meant leiually forcing 
dicmselvci im mc. m order lo 
change my wayi. Im really 
di,»,appt><n;icd » see thai ihe 
same lype of person a pcrmilled 
lo publnh hii crass, abusive 
opimms 1,(1 Harper's pti:pcr. 

The Haihinger siafC ^hnuld 
111 ,llie fauwf have ihc iJeceiiey tu 
puhlwh dieir newsipajier void .'.r 
,|ounulism pnmoting fmiudtce; 
mu only ihe h,arassmcni ,.( 
IcshiaiK, ftJys, and hi,sc«u.<ls. 
bill also of any other minoriiv 

« well a. my name 


Bernmktie Sttbmiani 

OtM Mr PauHm. 

1 am writing lo you lo 

express my outrage and hormr 
thai Mr. Swteney was allowed 
10 dcvoie the bcller pan of page 
* "' "i« Hiifhingtr'i Ffbruarv 
4ih issut; lu anu-py matcTial, 

First, prinung the name and 
«l*es8 of a penm who made it 
clear he wished to remain 
-ontinued itn page t 

When Carol Carketrl said 
■■'< *n m older student, she 
>li() tim, mean to imply that ,.h.' 
was fo«i,J; ratbei. she w.i 
'rh-rrmf to her chtonologicai 

^V'hicti, hy the wjy. J can 
.■nly hope none of ymi knows 
my ihughier (who hapf^ns to 
l)c ihc ediior m chii:f of the 
,'Vilingion Hetghu ediuoii of 
Ou ,klrcn,- In ■• ihc • Ne ightarh.:»?id- 
K-lt AII„Quarlerly'-, .So much 
111' cj,cellen( invesiigative 

deiling |>ack tm iratk. 
■■vhfii I vay I am ,in "oidfi 
sii,i*nt ", I main iliai I am on ihc 
len-ycai-plan, and t feat I am 
getting dangerously close to 
Mhausiing my stay here ai 
Harper Hotel wiihout having 
ac'hievcd my goal, 

I supptMc I shouldn I fci ihat 
rultfc my feathers loo much. 
hecmsc' .w far my only goal lia.s 
heen to decide with ceruinty 
what 1 waiil 'lo do when 1 chetk- 

_ 0111 

:>■'>' (nsl three 
''■"•per, I sliKlicJ 
ono !-\jWt..|i,.j;y i:our^e per 
I ,«m<.-sicr, so 1 (Jetidcd I wanted 
to ihiinge my major from 
F'liyvical Therapy to counseling 
However, alter giving ii'ii deal of thought. 1 decided 
i'syth was probably not for me. 
•■mce I am too iccuttomed lo 
giving my valuable advice for 
•ree, and 1 always have so muili 
mitible n:memhcririg wluit kiu-r 
the word SYKOUXiY starts 

I believe that comes under 

Ihe Icainmg theory kI down h\ 
that great pop sixiologrsi BilK 
J«-l, who s.ii<l. -(;el It nghi the 
lirsl time 

When I ne»i btigaii to study 
American Political .Science, my 
husband was convinced I was 
going to run for Mayor, and 
admit, II iixik no time to realae 
Ihai Poly Sci was not for me 
afiei 1 »,iuhcd with horror as 
my lamily iricd lo coni,tricl his 
litsi ail.nary eftorl past ihc 
imviilting muscles in thc.r 

F-ortunalely, I was swamped 
*ith ti«,imcwork dunng dinner 
"hJl night 

Besides th,n, .i,fu;r what 
happened to Ginsberg, the 
'Ciond supeme court nominee 
10 hue die dust in "(ty, I r.alucd 
thai once anyone got wind of 
the fact thai I removed every 
l.i»vl liom die pillows m my 
ti>'"ic that say, "IJo n« remove 
under pcrialtv .it the law". I 
would surely ,,f.i,;t |r„m the 
pressure . 

Now I am siudymg Greek 
'•'•>''>"^-\ However, from' 
■-■ read so far, 1 have 
'ii> intention of being 
rai»-a m guUcss suture Take 
a look a what those lunatics ,aic- 
nectar and ambrosia. I wouldn I 
know where tt> begm lo look for 
the suill 

M»ybc J could find the 

rieciar. but. I wouldnt want to 

< It. I mean I have 

11 "ins about drinking a 

tsind that was meani lo be 

chewed hcforc mgeslion. 

Besides that, ihofe 
Olympians have uw many 
strange rituals that I find lo he 
grotesque beyond wiwds. 

What about family 
gatherings loo. how confusing. 
.<ome of them arc married lo 
their brothers, some to their 
fathers. s<,nne have given hinh 
to die hride fbi their ei -lover. 
These are m»t the type of people 
youd want lo spend a la/y 
Sunday afternoon with 
harhecuing up ihiisc ambrosia 

Then, what do 1 know. 
maybe ii was a prciiy good limc 
up ihere on Mount Olympus. I 
just don't know what my 
domain would be. Perhaps 1 
could be patrtm gcxWess of way- 
wanl students. I ccnainly know 
the right path lo take, .So wish 
rne tHnnl lutk. and you'll Ix- the 
llrsl lit know when I've decided 
what I rn going lo be when 1 
grow up. 

1 suppose I should consider 
that the lime factor involved in 
trying lo figure out what to 
major m is one advantage to 
heing on ihc ten-yc« plan. 

Another advantage is ihal I 
get 10 meet so many new 
laiereslmg people Reali^ng 
thai many studcnis frtm Harper 
College are on a iwo-year plan, 
and 1 have the possibility of 
nicoimg a new round of students 
Lvery two lo ihrcc years iust 
-cems to make it all the more 
■'vonli my while. 

For instance, in my first 
year back to Harper, I 
befriended a starving acircss 
whose career goal was to 
become a Honey- Bear 

Bfing thai she was a 
iieshman. I just didn't have the 
•lean lo tell her that flic Chicago 
football club had omilied the 
:'l-irlmg little pom-pom shakers 
ir.m ihcir roster. I can only 
.'■i-Hv she eventually gm over the 

A couple .semesters lalei. I 
licfnendcd another woman on 
ihc ten-year plan, who also 
fLiiined to he a Physical 
Mieupr-i. and a was in' Math 
1"2 thai she rcalired she should 
s lunge her major. 

1 think she was afraid that 
by the time she had completed 
all the math pferequisncs. hair 
implants or wig would have had 
l>» lie figured iriio her hudgcl as 

You know, I really think 
that would cuplam why so many 
female mathematicians wear 
(heir hair either short, or 
lasicncd up After frenjucnUy 
abused the pencil eraser, whai 
woman would have the energy 
to lift her arms all ihc way 
above her head to pull her kiir 
ronfmiied on paj, q 


Ihf llarhinccr fVhriiiirv IS. 1«»SX 

l";i}:i 4 


"Judyism" Coining 
to Harper 

Till- lI.iri'K'i ■ 


^^LMPWiikllMIi Oil 'J'KE 

JilDEPI^rll^I^iri' FILM 


M VKKlNt. SI / VNM '< ' " '" "• 
|.,S„ lM.H'lM>tM HIM KUl \M 

,1 [WlIIC 

I „i, ri..iiim> I" Wri""' 

Sl.rtl-'VV'ALK 1- 
hii/c, making « '^ 

',,h,'i\ \.inkirn:. 
Frulitik' on an abniri m'lc 

I-.,,...., ^fu, begun 
■.he mvw '■ 

e Vv ec nv (ih.»«. . ■. 
*lic i» not to t«" 

A sell 

11^ wi:«lf't:ii|^. ~ 

-,! 1)4*...;: 
I, a IK* .isr 

: lilm rftfiisc t»v 111 
:,,.,.ia Orivct IprmliK'.'' 
.irmiiith's STK ' 
\ PAR,\r>isr 

it,,; ..r.Ul.. ri.'U ul Kvr M'11 


\ .It Illl- 

fspRIIMG BREAK ! 'j 


iTalTT Julie m~72b2l 

or Ewette 439-315? 


Spring Dteak. 








i\Mt men ^(.'t "1" 
m \.iAc tier. 

But nnl\ out- 
can have her. 



The rescue of Anna 

General Hospital 

Weekdays on ABC-TV (f^ 

Check IncJii \k*U9 •"• '"'* ""^ channel ><ir 

=Page Five 


iy Sl«|>lif» Swrcnsmi 

I>»'. Stomas Ol!ic,n«i-li.m;d«iiht-m-|.£ltrkkai*«cnuc:h in ( ^ • ■ ■■ , 
ste*ly iHKMg,ng: hn icmplc. tht mhcr hoktmg ihe innncnpi i, 
wjlh Ihc l»lc PiiU Aimtm. He hai) ,u.t f.mvhc.t rr.Hl.n,. ,h,. • 
ll'iii¥lie*htiinc,ilcspiTairty s-aR:hi,ng K-t 
•ta(--«jiir niiiMc ttciail ifcu he ha<t n. 
ilfci* him to (mallv put Ik; events , . \ 

He low htmwK that he ».i- 
knew fhjii k wawi milh dm he w:i', KM^kml ' 
uwh m tmc evening ihan mmt people ewlur, 

Cl'MTlfortaMt"' rnnMufi\ iil! moral iti' ri'*«i:lAr«l ini L.., ■ ■ 

"' '■ ■ ' ' ccpiw' . No ikntet of gf p y 

l»*1|W|l|P't tit I 

111*, i^«-f 

•'*»»»%*in>N luinio HI, ^i,,«n^ ' i>f:cl;«ili*i *i« iiliiiiiii* * 


»r. (JKt'ti; M,-;i, 
AtumuB: l\ (his l'n i lu'.n. 
Dr. <'Mwn: Yc\, uh 

Atttiiitan: My ri.i«i:' 

Or. iMma: Tiui tunn ..,.n.,,n i.,Hiim,jr to mt 

Ataimton: No sir. my iiMie tm been m Uk- ti, 

my wife. Manha, 

l»r. OIhii: f)h yt-v ,h,;v ju-i .ir.,,- ,,,,;,! ihc moi Mispnitietl iif itu 

yoimf! man. 1 nrmi-mK:( litmi th.: iii-»-, ihc tin i.nivt;m: ,•■. :., ■ 

AtimiiiMi: D(tua. I have one tvf ihc men *h.i . 

killed (he oiJier jlmtii ihmy mniui.-* .ig,. 

Dr. (Iliwn: U-hai* Wliji did jnu %ay' I Am i i 

Vijiitijiii:. or ••h.x-vcr youaie. jiul, , 

.-iliMn.iMi: The men •ece icleaned on hail ai 4 ■ 

iticy caiM ow of a ki;r I itmone in tlie hack of i- 

with me ri(!hi no* 

nr. Olsen: (.ih nn C.^l „ tf,,,, |,^y. „,„,,. . 

Ataiwian: Tti.u ■, lu'^i the brfirin.m- ,t..r,.. 

l'lii\ tine. .■>> nuKf .jrn i'[lcifi ;. 

tinmriii.!iK-h. II t .■vi/d .,!|.,|. 

ili'ii'ii; Ihi. iii.iii 1, , i .], 

I>r. (,H«-n: ! y i „|,,y 

yxM iknn^ ' 

Alaiii.i«i: Ik. ycHi imiJicniand what I « 

stop me or uriyk my 111 kill thu man 

Or. OlicMi: Ve». t un,ikr\unj 

.*tamJaii; I nwn i,i m./ J... i,v , ,, ,, 

nun ■ 
IlT, (.1 . . 

liiuritef flf 



'I.; nil-' \i!ij 

't-.l! \!in w, !,- ,„,. 

■11 ixinii n i! J il kt.i rlin 

li* I <l<HII..<it »|ij| iLijigs-tn. , 

The Harbinger February 18, 


lime you'll yomc lo iimlersur-. 
whaJ I am Komg ui ,;nk v,,4. 

■ pt-fHin I am. ni.i\l>r tici | fyti iti,,, |,, 
il'o, evening, I owe you .n Ica^t a ■iiria,.: 

I'm a V.T) -ilratghi louartl |xT«.iin t 
Ihinkijn: life ly morf !h;,in :! i- 
latK 111 jiriuw me, Whif- 
any rtyison noi lo Mmlu 

and I fmal mio a Mngl,- cniin ^rma ,i„l'u.i out ■.«, 
once meant somcihinK. Ihii iTeauvdv hankrnm n,, 

it» a hai;k«:ail open m ■■ ■ •■'•■■-•' , - „ 

I loved hef u'ltli n 
"■fii't'f'ij''' , nn hi'i-i'. , , , 

M,>' law iwm-e Hiflcicd hetaux: I couldn't f<Ki,iM.n ,ii n in.i „,. 

""•« ""» >«■«"« >mamB«d msicwt of hawiv .iii.i 

CfwW he lopeiher, fvc alwavs had ii fee! for i!tf „,■■. 

fhiH's when: n-. • ■ ..,-,,, , , 

(,,i>ed M,i!-:' 

Dr. Olwn: 

Vtamian: I ' 

icrnMf than , 

dc*in:i> int; Mufthii. iticM r., 


Mr. <,H*eii: Von tan'i p,,K„My (>,,■ .-. 

iilachme oi an insinc man votiM mnin ■,-, 

,Alaintan: It^ ix.i,Mbl,,\ ,.i •• 

mil piifMif- ti i tu'U'fi I mi,,, 

1 yimpl", '■■•'■ • , ^, ,,, I , . 

inin ih., ',' ,' ' I 

"'•'W-' ■ ■' .:,l.loir 

v-m t, help yiHi huttiicr a himuui lieirig niu of •. 

Al»ininii: I UinderiLiml. dm, lot On ih,,- ,u m 

arid hatij! yp ihe pdunc 

c ighi 

l»r. OIm i: 

•iy\«-ni I 

Ihe *a> .-Viu. Tn.,i »ori', an.i », :, 

ihai ■me man cannoi make ihn i 

inili. ,h, Oi, invllnit.* ft . .«!.,.,,,,, ,,., , 

M . 

> Kill! tak 



1. IK,'"., l,J,l\ 1 

^:m,i,T^*"crw ^ 
ili.- .,.:,ii=i, ■■ 

'm of yotif ( 
ih.. ,i',..,,,. - 

Itr, I Hm 1) 


Or. (n\rn: 


:,t-i ..-..-. 

jU," ITIL a riK'ilk,,.!! pr 

mini the m-yk, ,;,(i,> 

' " 

uifid ihat II sui)i Ik 

""i" ■ 

'' ihn, juiceMsCnUy, 

hill H .■■ 

,li:>n'f mnch i jfc » 

il. h It 

k,[,.'|.s -*lui 

vf'i* it 

l-,l .II. I.. Li 

ii'» .-■ f 'i^W'Cir 

to I.."!' 

1 tt'i.l! Ill' ■! , 


Or. mm: 

'•'r ,-\l. 

i»ii::in plea 

you mii'H'i t\; 


in:Ti""U,fc:;n i , 'n 

•'nust t ■««,■' if> , 


(leal of patn 


i-tnt" » 

ni, (i.f.. , ,1 

*tal .ir 

had hr 

i„l.«:-. r„ 

M> ,Ai,.' 


I'l'ly ^H'ynic .,ip 

them, Il (IcK-'n 

llr niwi. 

It snij'i; 

lx,■tk'^v■■ I 

ta'k logcihti 

•11, mk,! 

Atiimim; 1 


sBitefe. carinc jierx 

jmil' tmt't quiiie nppt 

Miiuii|> Man 


ifrytof "ri,;to rih,:) 


* •■■■ t- • • >■■• i"i,nnHy oif :|iin,'i,;i 

Jii1,'l.,if I K-ili-.,,- Til,., I, >.„. 

Soakiiiij; fhc rayi. 

CM' Altec: k|s 

i't nyin,|> IrislKTii 
suri'irig through air 

of tcnniy players 
playing the nei uad 

troftie* III, 

"Thai «iKu .,,,„,,„ ,., 

,n,iu '»'ill tell me hi,n* si 
l'»r. (tken; ■,;in,i-<i,'. 

Dr. I'ts, I 
,4tani la II 
and i wt-r 
fa,H| a» I n 

lUr. OI*rn: Mr ,i%uman, , , Paul, aImi 
wfi'f [il.iimini- 1,1 ,,|, ■ 1,, ,,hn II, ,,•, 
VI.,, ill 


pcitornii'ni || 

'*"Llll,l M.i 

kn,-u, n,|ia( \, Oil 

Mil' N'nJyfifPwtl.iHtaHi 


the i'„i 

"!"Mi' case ,•(» oniameil ■ 

■'■ie Mm 

"trt;:: mm. man. 

■■i hwiin: 


. .uins Offered 

mHarbineer Hbraarv i _ 

Paoe 6 


'iVT-JWW. *■*■ 

^pTifl" ^ ' ^ ^ 

. Il.lVl.'Cl^ 

r "' 

•_ swork 
A ah i> 

t\M *> •-'' * 

p ,11 *c I"""'" 

•leW. ""5''''' 



wwn Compus Marketing 









ILirpiT to' 



Classifieds Classifieds^ Classifieds Classifieds 

ilif llarhingcT lehru;ir> IK. IWH 

Pagf 7 

f/«Mi/i«rf Ad Kutrs 

Stwifcnl fwn - com m« .. mt 
ctoiMtfted, ttre I'tcv mjuIi 
|»ropiit i4«nlt(k;tttum. 
Noit -ltM4««l cfas-. t f ,«|* 
(up to ci(|ftt Il.m;5> uik 
M.SO; t.SS.«A 
i»4ftiltoiuif Urn. 



for your legal n--- 

include m/I pt;r... ;i, 

iniuri' dn.'nrcc, r,;ai 
esiale. Phone HH2 
3800 Eves and 
W'eekcnd appis 
available Law 
Offices of Becker & 
Becker. 600 N 
Meacham. 3rd floor. 
-Sfhaumburg. II. 

4" 13 weeks m the 
land nt I (1 ri 

Ham !'\ i". : , , 

roi-im .'bmard 
Counselors, ni., ; '■■■■'■. 

'£«N, RN>, i,,re»; ,.,;. 

and other pos,iii,ons 
avail jhie at MN 
resident camps fnr 
children and adults 
»'ilh disabilities 

I'''!"'' ■' ' ''S„,\,. KR-j 
[■'; ■ ■ Ann,a,ndate 
■ 2 « I (i I 2 t 


1 4 • I I'l4l"l 

[\(,(l\1h, i \\ 

i-o,"\ tin ■■ ' ■■■ '"'■■"'■■^''"« 

,,,,,:„. *-'" *-"h children Si-i^r-, 

'^'■':^' , ■ ■ ■'-« linlimite:' ■•■■ :,.>u 
Illmo.s ••160 immedi.r . ,nd 

,, - '' " 'Of part 

illa,l . ,,„, 

i!Jce I 

'■•■>"-'-'"n:,ni r CUT en CCS 

and trarispr.rt.:H,,f,n a 

'•' »M •■••••'I ;p,,iii 

. ;,VH >RY ■'■■ 

torn J 

: vice ■.!■„... i , 

■ ■ I u u J I ; 

■'■■ ' ' for rent 
••• ■ '•■m , 2 full fjth 
• ••■■'-•' !!■.,„! j( kirchod & 
Kle, 33 

1^<j2 '5 /monthly. Five 
minutes from Harper 
If iniercsted call 
397 IK 37 l.,eax"e 


toCO'Cd Calendar, Poh 
431H DeKalb. IL 

Wanted Earn 1300 

is ON 

•■ ■■•■^-' >-. -i. : .Jta 

ti) student s 



-1 :\ I ,? 


•njc S 

I»nn4i:»« Opeiiniiii 

,, '■ "^" ■'■■•'■' I'Ct'pIt: *lio arc nw-rgc^ 

';; "■^■'' ■•■■■"•l ■•rimtif Ik if I, md'whi, 

, , ••''«' •"•<»«. We ion't w,,n,i 

M.irt n.i«' ,<;:„ *h,,: ,.,„ ,,,„ ^,,^ ,:,^^^y^. ^^^,^^^^^,^ 
'>• i« earn ,i rcpii^mion Cor 

;"'le .mil learo fom ».n 
•■"«(' time 

IMli W'»inc4 

N'o'w- Hiring M/'F 

Tram I ,Eicellent r ■ 

plus worl 1 travel 

Ha*'^.m. Bahamas 
Caribhcan, etc 

NOW 20 6 7,3,, ,,,! • • 

u, C29 5 


Federal government 
(Obs in your area and 
overseas Many 
ini mediate opemnt^s 

U, l! hi Msr <i (III n , : 

^ h' II I \ t , f ff I , 1,1. r '■ 

•; Willi , 

" ' -■■' ^c Oei. -•• :, . ^ ^, 

'•iff. ,St:ari .Bnwj 


If .you Jire any of the ahni,;. and autre c«it.ri ti.. 
..'■'■';'■ ,"'*'•« *■'*''• »"<» «* fcir L«ry or Pe,,fl 

''' '" " " '■ " ■I'll' *ii* 1 jL. 

Slip' W,ANTED 
. , , O'Hare a.rea company 

"•^■•^^■■'''"'MK »«k s depend able 

Servers needed for driver fo^r early 
'■ • country club morning, local.' 
C I n d V ». 3 s t i:i e ! n- c r V M u s 1 b e 
i'icKihle and have a 

i'licelleni <. imj ri.i 
Call ';•( I gqqq 

1977 OLDS 

'«"'■■ '■•■" rxccUvm 
cor. Cully 

loaded, Manv („■•■.•• 
Can P. ...I ,„ ::;i?, ;,,,,,, 

•II , • 'kK's 

1; 9 •••. 

5 ••Spd 

■■""""" in 

.1 c s 
AiSking ,Ii,'m„h:,) Call 
VII 14<)l 

1*')»7 Ford Mustang 
I.X Hatchback 

■■'issette, AC, 

'• " ui ranty, S<i ^, -" 

or assume "i 9% .i.. . 

plus dlff- •• .Cjii 

^:y~' ~'i', •.[••i|js 

'■•'uais, planes repo d 
S^urplu,': V(u,ir Area 

I : 


:.Mic can, 

' Lindjhfc I (■•ifK'i 

tJg'p Wanted 
Eul iiiai,.,e. 

S ,1 


C class liccn 
Todd M \l" »,,. 

Anens 20 tvo stage, 
e,*cellent condition 
■■''Sking 1350. Call 
.Mark «• 840^^^^4 77<:i. 


leauiring color 
ph<'*(os of nude 

.:'= College 
-••"'Cn Mail 1 9,9 3 

'■■■■' '"'■'"'• '-'-r used I 

':t Cards 
111 !■:,,> u. on, ire Gel 
Vour Card Today! 
Call i JOS 74^'l '30 I I 
Evi, ("l 1,8,28 24 HRS 

' '' urn per 

1 1 ■■•••• \ I ! 

ihai stuff 

'sn I 

'-J 'J.' ant !■ 
i fii c I n 

you got 

i>ve i)(ic 

Su-immmg to 

••-".imbodia IS an 


hilarious, and 
■■"■'•■■ately crafted 

"''■■ •li'dogue b^c 3 

ra,odern d,i\ M,irk 

TwiMn No 

i.'i Tii-.TTiporary 

American artist tells 
belter stories in 
better U'ays than 
Spalding Cray 
Tuesday Feb ZJ 
19,88, 7,30 p m J! 43 
Free popcorn. 

Joe Borlee 

!t sure vas nice 

'-< again, it s 

.•^•^. i. -■",,. long, 1 
thought you had 
■■i"cd off the face 

'•'•""-■ t' ' nandie (he 
little Situation last 
semester 1 kne^v 

>'• >ij could do It, Keep 

up the good *ork,; 
Good things come to 
those who wait 
.Pear I ■ 


Thanks for the ride! 

Good luck in track. I 
knou, you 11 do great! 



The Harbinger February 18, 1988 


1 AIMlic group 

5 Opening 

8 IncliMK) 
1? AMMlianWand 

14 Silkworm 

15 A tcMoc*. abbr 

te Skill 

17 PulvwriiMl rock 

18 En«|yr««l 
10 RidtcuMs 

23 Shmf I'M 

24 CroKKM' 

27 CIOM-Wllnfi 


32 N»tiv« m«i«l 

33 Sharp raply 

49 C«nlufy plant 

50 Lin wllh l«vaf 

52 rai* 

53 Lara* t'^'O* 

54 PotMtMiva 

55 Great Lak« 
5€ VhHsma 

iJ Lagal nri«ttars 
SB Small valwy 

1 South Ai[*e«n 

3 Sicilian volcano 

3 Mourtt Apo 

people P' 

4 GrumbMl 

5 Oaist'to* 

5 VanWatt 

7 Talk B'*'¥ 

6 AbrKlomafft 

9 island oK 

10 Altar -dinnar 


19 P»t«od o' ttme 

21 Beverage 

24 Sailor colloq 

25 Ana*f 

26 Perlorrri 
28 Enemy 
M' Sea ••B*"' 

34 Most ancient 

35 Female rutl 

36 Deep sleep 

37 Wood nyiTtphi 
3« Artiticlal 

39 Buf dened 

42 VolcaniG 

43 woitnownd 

44' Lavish tondiwat 

46 North American 

40 Sign ol 
42 Climbing 

[• §l|..f ft t3y -^^^ CALDAHA 

4T Labor 

48 Pintail duck 

M Regret 








































M SB 1 


















couNf mis awcf 

Sitt wttl wrck't llsrbinieer tm nlHttMi 



r smwmnrs at mi 

w em m fit m 


'mm saam im»* 


'm m m /» 

jisT mmmmr 

'm ma' 


Tf If phone Order Takers 
Fart Time 
•••Tuition fmm SMJtl Hmv^,n%in^ you? 

D(i viHi have a f>le;i*.ani phone voice'' 

Can y*Hi l\'pe 3(1 •■33 wpiiV 

Arc v,ni Itniking t'ur a job where vmi 

mnm ' rmmmm^ 
•I mar wmm 
fit mcsram " 



I ]iih where you ,> 
'. ;• iii('r>rm.iln''n rl 

can Uc\p others"' 
jlls ;nnt tielp 

i.'kinj,; lor'.' 

., enter,, 

„■ iiisi what vuii're 

\\ ■ ' • .Old weekend vhills. 

\l()KMM.,f,Al"-|IT<NlHi\J VI \l\{,\ \M I ,Kr:M-> SHIKTS 

,, We look !■ 
Call \%s. Martin 


:,ir 1,'alL 




Wb understund thit you w invested a w oi 
hard work in yoyr •ekcalion. and yw don i 
thir* «u sheiutd 'km credits over Sechnicat- 
MiM,, & when vou transter to' Roosevelt,, we 
maim ew\ eHort ti see mat the transition « 
easy and your credits are accep«3d, 
Wte alter a wide variety ot degree programs 
including B'Ology:, Businms Administration, 
Computer ,Scieoce. Ecoinxncs. English and 
many others Whals more, iw" l» a lop^ 

notch, i,:culty, small classes and counselors 
ready to assist you m obtaining financial aid 
Ev«n tl you're not quite ready to transter we 
urge fM to tak with one d our counselors, 

PlannifK) earty insures a smooth transter 

For mi, ' ,iil Of wsit our 

Down', , • .J : Albert A Robin 

C,i-Ti;i! ,-, ■ , Arlington Heights Or our new 
L.:ik.' ;,:., .,"!y Campus 





The Harbinger Februar\ 18. 1988 

Letters to the Editor - 

Page 9 


cwntiaiicd h-o* ptKC 3 
mnonyitious is a ihocking Iwwich 
of ,j<)uraaJi:stit fihicK. li . i abo » 
form of harassment, 

Ptrhapi Mr. Sweeney lioes 
not rcafue thii the gay nun 
took ■ irentcndous ruk by 
writing to eipfew his »iews. 
Asking 111 reman antmyinow 
Wii'i iii>i i whim tm his jmit. 

Gays and leshiam in 
Illinois (and 47 oui of the 
remaining 4<>) have no 
proltxtton fHMi p»'C|udk::. We 
taiL low our j(*t w be i!»ro*n 
out (rf an apartnieni simply 
because of aasoBlL. scuual 
orieniaiion Basic civil righls 
pri-rfiibmng such dut-nminaiion 
DOES NOT prohibit 
discninimiiaii apinn gays and 

Scecnd, wliile "Keep the 
Dishes" is. at lintes. very clever, 
most, of thi: iimc i( is simply re- 
hashing viciout, overused 

Mr. Sweeney could have 
written a *ery funny pii-tc 

withotit resimmg to itock-value 
put downs and crude , 

iophomonc sniggerinit aNiiii 
"battery-operated laici tfcvk'i-s' 
jffltt tnishv porn thiks iwhith 
Lcriainiv <ir,: na more prevalent 
tn itii,- iMv ...immumly thai ihev 
•"■ ';! ■ :«*iety'i 

• ■ I ittanie tie iie.ems 
mi,ii|»t>k tjf doing .so. Hit 
inwsteiicc up<'» reducing a gay 
reliiiionship to twihing more 
than «;» is cuircmely offensive, 
igiKirain. itml preiiidicat. 

Finally. I wtmld liie to mk 
Mr, Swtx'ncy: whit is wronf 

with iK-ing "a you linow?-\ 

I'm not asbiMied of being a 
leibiiii. I'm ram "pioud. either 
It it simply a pan ill who I am. 
'liter, jBx times, howevei, when 
I am afraid BECAUSE t am a 
leshiau; 1 worry about my job 
lecufity: I 'simighien up* my 
aparimenl bcrMis my landlord 
comet in to :re|Niir the leaky 


,S*w«iiimei I,iim heim,(icfc; I 


^r mbr 

yj, • 

conttmicd f ■" ;■ ■! 

"Ul. II MV r 
i,'Us.iic c»,.inic 
I would have 1,(1 i,!r 
ihi.s wciman. 

Of course. 1 shoulJ K: ihc 
one to laik about iiruiciy, i 
hii'vi: twen known to bi-iom,e m 
frjii/led he,,lorc takmg a ie»i. 
i,hai, ,Freud should come back 
fiwiB' the grave to analyse my 

Although. an,sicty (h»t 

„ -xiiretfcs wiih lutthiri,' else 


irse, I 

urcttiiMiwmi It I, If ,-inv 

' who need ;i luilc 

' ' M tl,dl,|,H fl . 1 I." 1. 11 

Hiient oilers 
■: for ihi- 1. 1 Is I ,it 

M ,1.11(11, ' S.i iTiUv 3' 

Fimti ih,- i),i<k 

I supp'isc line itis wbi'n I 


' cm 

"'-"■• •■■"■ '- -i -'(the 

ic If. 1.1,1c signs UK. please, wnie 
•n 111 the Hiirbinecr ami let me 
know. I may have gray hairs 
coming in, but I ,still diw't really 
feel like I ha*e achitweil grown' 

t-ven ttwugh the face cif a 
much iiKler wom.iii jlnns 
kwk.f back .it : ■ • 

nitfror brimc i ; 
rm, m ihc mi, in I, I,, 
rtallv l.:'fl .i% ihi>uf;h 
-■sit. k,' 1 1 '.mil 111.' ,1 

-ti!! ill, •111 seem ur h.ivi .lil itu- 
.mswer I alwavs thuuchi ihai 
when I grew uf ' ' ' • ■» ii 
t'iccaiist: -- I wiH, 

Kn r.t.-.,,... 


ft I 


grieve that my parents arc 
ecitaiit aboul my sister's 
'*fdiling plans, but refuse to 
-ivknowledge my lwo-ye,ir 
inniversaty with my girlfrieml, 
,'Vnd sometimes i bsxomc angry- 
-when I see an amclc such" as 
\U Sweeney's, which is often 
the only view ol gays depicwd 
in the mainsifcam press. 

Gays, lesbians, and 
hisexuals consutitly face heme 
thought of solely in icmis of 
*e». instead of focusing on 
re,l*t,itwiships, "He sleeps' kiih 
another man." not "He's in n 
ctimmittcd relationship *nh 

An mnivcr'sary for a gay 
coMplt IS often a lonely event: 
we gel no sup(n,>rt from .sjKiety. 
we receive no congritiilationt 
from our family.., we stand 
alone, two people with the 
courage lo make a cimimiimcnt 
thai feu, pr.ipl,' ^,l,^. n, 
imdersi,,!!;.' ' 

A CO I h.tuldhea 

forum ((K acceptance and 
educatiiin Mr, Sweeney's 
printing of a pcoiest letter 

incluvling the name and iiddre,ss 
of someone who wished lo he 
,anc>nymous directly ab«)ve his 
sm.,ii' ,,\rcn 1 

Imii ' - K an 

.ihuvm: niisiiii- jiiack on 
Harper's gay and lesbian 
students (and there are more of 
us here Uian her mijjhi think). 

He ,should not ht: allowed lo 
vonirihule to the liilttWtr,! 
:iniif he il.-.uis up his acl and 
I* mi place for 
■iialiitie abuse ai 
lUrjwf Ci.llesc. 


Shim Dmilef 





If smavnTs Bi WW 


irsmm amto 
am KSfmmn- 
, mmuTm 

Mma OK mn/v 


-"m m mmvi xm 
m »ms vcmmc 
m no. Guar' 


Continues lo otter low cost, confidential 
care in all areas of womeris health 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing a treatment 

• Prec *''s(trig & referrals 

• PfP' .',:iod test,s 


'^'-' " ' o" and or jppoinrmunf cad' 

3S».7S78 S53 N. Court. Suite 100, Palatine 

4r# ^ 

The HarhingtT Fehruar> 18. I'J88 


j Swimmers Get Serious 

Region IV Championship 
Starts Friday'i' -. men anil »>'iiiii:"i 

(Ifplh, I ti-ti wf will <to «ell. iW 

-iiul *t 

•vHSii'i lain *".>«» hj 


lesiin,, "tven. »limi:gh »■' l-'ik 

Basketball: Lady Hawks 
Top DuPage 53-52 

111 Scfiti Nordiit 


jiid Jolic B,tn> 

■Ja")' 4i [> 

.i . 1 I. iM II iiiHfcr 5 »«.'(■* anid tin: " '" '''■ 

UK* the It- 31'! with "' 
II. iiuunutit in ' ■ ' ■ 

;.- new ft rr.r. 

R,t*r hmki- the 

STUDEDT opinion: 

"In Order to reduce 

politics in the Olympic 

Games, do you feel that 

there should be a 

permanent site chosen for 

the Olympic Games? 


1 Ml 



III aiiit »itti . 


■..■lli.ili...ii '>i:'ivrj,l (.111. 

Sports Update •> 

ly Scott Iliirdtin 

\1t-ii V Ba<.krtliiill 

Krviii I'rrrv w^i* H,ir|K'i 

iiiJ Hill 

•oleMTOffcn:* >'*' I''-*' "«' "'"T^'' '■•■"■''>' '"•' 

• ^ — ,' * ,ii'4 1 

All.Ami-rKi»n Rick Hufmis 

,,,,,: .... *<»" 'tie Rtgion IV 

.' diHiMf (:hBii'ip«)iM.htp M heavyweight 

afto he jxnned hi.t opjximcni in 

■• rna*;oi(i giniic al ihe Wli: niatch Imi Smith ako 

- .'Ml Sumlay'" |)iniieil h« or(nmfm !,« win the 

lW>|»un(l'v». ' 

Wretlllnf Sun d 

,,.„;,,,„ .1. .. 


ii-.i.iiu!.i!r *i!!. 101 r.1. 

at (l.«p<-r 1.IM Siilui 

u;eil In 
i...i~ aIich! he 
Thud pIsKC 
hi. 177). Hill 

TertiiU Rivera 
Major: ti'duculion 

,%Hi<;iiii llrr«<i| 
Vlajiir: ^rl ►ducalkin 

.liithic l.andhir 

\!.iji)r: »y* MehiI. 

"... . ;i, ■ 'i'|. ■ IhiTC WlHllJ 

■;., . tn:l».aii the 

Dan KanK 
Majw: Biwtiente 

•No, it ihcy «art dotng 
!i It tlierc would he no pwfils 
ir.ii!. the Kamci," 

Jim Wahh 
Major: Bmini'ss 

"No. I WOU.U lather •■■, 

iIk; Olyitipics m difrcrtm ■ 

Kevin (i<iI(I<>Uin 
Major: Piil) Sci. 

"Sure i!\ ;i ffcM idc*. iHIl 
>ij\ Its holes vket) 

Cathy Oiigr 
roajcir: Nuniint 

Vcs, 10 avoid Dontr>->vcr\v 

Have Schlfthlcr 
Major: P*yth«l"Ky 

-., * I- i! IS not ihc. 

iic relations i>f 
li isi not the 

.mother proWcm." 

Una Giordano 

Major: imeriur Dwign 

Yes,, I tcci ilicrc should he 

, plate, and who ever wants 


Karin Johintin 

major: Phllnsophy 

Nil. ! Ice! us a global 
event ii gives the countncs a 
hetk-t ihante to uniler>iU!,t»l eat:h 


Dtnist With 
Major: rbemistry 

■No, each counun,' st>ould 

.•,-1 a chance to host the 
.mftiis Becauw il K a 
. I' lira! event." 

Calttdia ;italw|uc 
Major: Nursing 

No. Il should Be in 

dillercnt countries." 


vol.. 21 NO. 21 

V\ itiian Rainvv Harper (ollcse 

I hi- Harbinger Fcbruar> 25. 1988 

Cheques regulated 

/fl'BBiyf CA^£CArS 

■■ifiKti ihi; hjiil 

«» P««rl l(tiiil«r«oii 

^tiina||:lii|i Fjlliwr 

^^\ .wiriHiiii; i'ii.if',,'! . r 

f('( till! •■ l-;.l \ 

thi- Hi:: 

thf Sjwxig gS 

III ih. 

\ M 

implrroi'iiicil j n ^ , lyttuni 
lor tiiiiiofi and h.).1k^t«[ 

purctoa's with m "..r t 
In lamiiif 

jn<l (lie kKikiUirc; hi^ 
«-hi<»l \\ •ihowing iHiK 
hei*«-n iijiiu>n an I ' 
purchasfN, *ftii,h is j 

r hht 

li [1 ■ 

I ti I) 

Sieve Dij.tvl 

■M'Oiinti'f ,Ji.jt,k., -.1,; }u,v T'l,:' '■..Ji.ifiiA (.r laaiU) 

• Ju\ hccn rejutcij." I«- l''asril on luilwn »•>:■ 

--..,., ,,K rCiiMin iJwi iTcln ciirds ' '^ntt icrvices hav. '■ 

hiive 1,0 l)e I'dllfil in foi '•"' s«u(k-m. Tti.- 

wcri fit alum has to wriir l-.-ri, ■ 

.Iln Win jii) IF, h .Iv hj \ 

' hkni Haqxr iimt !liii'i'>n 

»i ill htlp tin <iiii(kni Thi tiiui 

I nujiv trcilii (jfii «i ►■J'lihftts 
nroi ibMCways 


hk jfiKHjnt I Hit I 

xhitks p 

> 1 I 

ii h.ij 

^ h,, I lo Iv 

■- ii> Cliarlcrir 
' II r, I HaijXT. the 
pi- ^ ii| the chiirjtt's 

' 'tic chock has 

^ hi-fcw 11 it 
iiinfiniKil on pA^v I 

16 Computers added for 
new art course 

Computer (iraphics Studio: ART 240 

Ki-ti D;ihllw(t *ork,s .m m •Vmipa ^i.Ki 

f'fcjw Crciiif. /••!'* « ,Si,t,n>»( 

%«»« Kditor 

"Startini; ncxi (all wc will he 

'' ' ■ ■ ■ •■ ■ ■ rompuifi 

latil Ken 

• •:, pn ire*.Mir 

:■ ■;,-m.:.l h\ ;i 

"' '■ "•■- ^ptiriinp Ifi 

A:i. lompiilcr* and 

■ ' !mcri-\i and 
•■ ••'• ■•'• ' :■■ ^ jhinil lit.; 
»:irnt(nilcr l:i.i|>1iii"i i, cuir «■ , " \.iiil 

Ilk- <"iini|iuli-l Griiphk:), 

■'MJii> *.h (Ifsigncil Id 

uuVnts njiiinf in 

lc|X*n(:km Muili 


ItH! coiirsf prepares an 
siudciHs (of jobs in graphic 
design, fistiion design, interior 
deugn. puWishing. phrtogfaphy, 
awl ttkviM'W 

Tk" ci'miH' I,'. :),•■.. ntv.t .i>, .i 
computer j^uliwiire-hasft'ij appnm'h 
ui vnaal iiwigc manipulaitei and 

Frwr sciflware pr 
he used f.if Hit »,>■., 
I'.iifti 11 ■ ■ , ;,■■*. 

an,l .IK -•..ine 


The two paini programs ire 
u«:d for imaRC gcncratitm and 
manipulalion They allow ofu.- i>i 
draw, paint, enlarge, reduce, 
muve. and edti miase^ tX-lu« 
I'aiiii allows ,'; c.ii.ifx to he 
ilisplayed simu!laiK:<)u%h while 

Dig<-\"ie* can also be used 
to gcnerale images from a live 
video camera. Thi? piciurc cm 
then fK" edited u-irii; one of the 
paint proprams. 

IJrully. .Ml iinajic proccsvmg 
|U.>K'i:im d^'aK with ihree 
tliinen-. ilriiwin^ and 

■ lenient can he moved 
Illy « any comhinauon 

ously; the image may 

W ii'i.iieil showing other sidCK; 
ihe light source may he moved 
showing changes in shadow (a 
smsel over a landscape), and tlic 
viewer ni;:i\ around the 

Compiiici Graphics Siudio, 
which will be taught by Ken 
■• .ind Mike Brown, is a 
■I t«»ur advanced art 
1 . ■>,.. St « . Ji (WCTcxjuisilcs Draw mg 
II (ART II Dand Design I I ART 

Th© Ambasador 

Program Mntinuing 
with success. 
Students recruited to 
help students. 

Page 2 

Exclusive interview 

with Judy Tenuta - 

Patron Saint of 


Page 4 

Piay "The Game". 
Identify the first 
Harper landmark of 
SIX 10 win $10 gift- 


Page 9 

High School Art show 
returns to Harper for 

sixth consecutive 
year. Art is displayed 
in C budding 

Page 10 

Harper's Lady Hawks 
do It again. Two team 
records broken and a 
third record tied. 

Page 12 


The Harbinger February 15. 1988 


Ambassador program off to a 

flying start 

Students recriiiled to help students 

Page 2 

l>> Kit" lKlri>w>k 



h\ lltf Sluilitii l„)ulit;ji:h OltiLi- 

"' ihf Ni"» \iui1.'i>B' ("i-nlcf anil the 

f ir u „ , „ , 

. 1,,. .i1(i;i 

itk- (iiJll'i 'i'.iiir •'■•''■ 

n(;il in 'ti'- 
'. •[,i;.:r;iiri i- nnt.i; 

[■'■ A of Jl l. 

, ■ , ■ , ' . i.k-.l till 

tioy hjil 

.1,. ii. u nitii- 

, itrc rcctiiiii'd ihc 

mil i.:.iiir-l itiJt It"* 

liijitj aitit ii' i;'""""*' 

. •■ , ..iiliT^ jn: 

; 'hiiniruri 

u , . it'Mii '- 

ho! i-ij..ii» "^''^ '■■ '""' •'"' 

.■irfkT tuL'i'V l.;(tt> 

».)'.■•■ ••»lJ ,, 

] •*,,. tlii'lHtl V •■ — 

..„..„,. • ■ ..nv„J.I Hit fill! L:ti*Mv«»-."».l,pi.jii. - :• 

: ■ ... ' - ■! ciifccr. man* wi*'" «»« t *"P«»» Fopf "^' ^ _ 

■''■■"'',"' ■ ,ir: in.:iuni«iUal to »l"-" 

';'.""■ . . ,,.;■ .\[ril>>< Pn>f ram's m-c€w 

Whji'M'a intludc. B^cvcilj Ui'dmjn 

Siudem Ouircath Av«Ki.iif. J 

'tolh ,,to*|H-i-iv«r siudt-m* Morgan -Bwion. 

aKUcWfT.m(tsn.*i.i*(.a«1«>'W "«•««*:. ^^^' 

tnnslcf .HKlcawt pto'"«l! ; M«r'Bc'.h 

(trobkmii, hm ik:>mK.I«W'» l*i ..i.,-~,.. - • '• • ■ 

' Imi. aii.« 'V [>*!« prof r»m ai and. A$.«K utt H 

,,,.>,->... ,,!.■■• •■■•'. iTimi Pi-ihiitv^TriilfV'. .. ■ '" 

I 1,1 ihl-ll li>iH:illk 

m hflfi 

„'i: utUii * 

m')i awn. 


«liO'W m* 

(a pr- - 
ihrets. , : 
■•aricius piogiam* 


Siuilcnf'^ -KiLrih: as 
amhassadcr* M.-i'm i.'> have 
l.»vi>raMf responses aUml ihf 
proKrani-' ^''ja Bohrcr, "The 
iMTilxissatliirv an- truly itt-ditauxl-" 

What r».iiiU is n '•••>' '''i" 
ainfassiil'r*. di.:> ' 

B,i..r. .illy, ilit-y 'i" 
i-\i-ryllii!:.' I''"" t'-lcphi'"'"!' 

iludon' -'"TU^ 

1 1 II ' !«' miiki" M 
t., ii.,vo nil 
;:;, .■; ..,,1,, .;u>ii\, or, ti l,hi-> 
iin»ct t^Ml^^■ i(ucsin)n-). lo 
. i-u' u[i"' nn ^t^•^h^Tla^ or 
, ■ llui'f to 

. mo slot 
■.uic itu; .uuilcnti arc 
, ipusiTognims. 
Amt>i«.sadiirs also attend 
HX'cial events. »uch as District 
214 i campus night, and. often, 
serve as student luK in the 
Slimmer oricnuinHi prngrams. 

Ambassadors work 
ihriii!»:hiHi» the tcini-sicr. at least 
,me hixir pi-t week. 

The Amhassador I'roRnim 
will undergo lull evaluaiujn by 
tlK ciiordmators m May £U*rcr 
IS cDnluknl thai the pioirram will 
comniue with Kreal sut-ccss 

Botirct cnioiiragi-s stuitenLs 
ihji -iri: iiiii-tesicd in working for 
ilic proenirn lo conuel him, ■! 
,',i ;'?!'ifi ot Mrs, Perhats- 
l,Kkcv,.iieM, 2:0K, 

rlitper 6i(le»!i'*tUC!en't %m^a' 


Attitudes / environment 

(() Kin <,>»tr.i»»kl 
li'(rtf*lir<f* I'llitnr 


■■ .telually ilia li'Xir 
mere w (md mil 


in, i' i,nitt I, 

,! turn out ' 

, Ciifeiii iru:s.,iii.''l -1 
r.h protcil III 

C ■ h e c k s 

,.iri,.it"i,i'.i trii pi I it'll ' ■■ '■' 
stiiwv 111 ettimaie (l„, 
Ucigtu The largrl ii-„i,' i ' 
t,'K mil really tlci«i»«!d » hml 

Petition for 

Sludi-iiK '.itio qiialily lor •> 
ileiifcc or ;i'iiil..'.iir lor it'-- 
spring, !'*HK i.cnicsiei need to 
petition lot (jraduation by 
miJierai, Maah 11. 1'>KK. 

Gradualion pcuuons can be 
nbiBined m the registrar's office, 
buililing A. rrxMn 21.?,, 

oveiwhrimingly einm- 

iliai of fee '^I'c "'■""■*" -■"■■' 
Mtckey Mouse, says Prolessor 

The ,.,; 

^••■••...»r« w«»»2-"i - 

|»| Alt ■ •• ' • *■ • * •■^ 

Guardian Roommate 

' " jk. 1 • • t i*K • »• • *• t 

!,.»•» .rf |,». J, ■.••••,■■ •*■,* 

ri.... .•..■'....-- . ■• ,*«'»«•»•>• 
. • " ■ ■»■■■'»'■,■»'*'« ,t-« ■€»<#■»*,„„ 

Our |..b is t>i find you a rooinniaic. fast, to 
save you money, 

(iuardian. we're looking oui lor you. 


The Harbinger Febniiirv 25, 1988 


A mf^^ag« fmm ihf Healih Ceitttr 

l»riH«( \ otir J irsinhi: 

■"' Uti" Mjj,hl. Ill urii' 




key lo I'T. -.:.... :,. 
til I 111- ■•nrlishm*, *••'■' 
■tt... •- -inj f,.(l. 

!k Mirt: M (litur i..y% pnijwfty,. 

**i'. u 1^: wvu 

.iiinalitiii, t'liminjic 
tu/.ujA j:i.,l keep the wihIi 
IKWt W(K'k;w 

ttif fTtj*,i,tmi,m K'lV'Jit tr. 

)<>ur .ir-rimrK-iil »|i, 
!»; ■ 

M uUt-r t,*i, L.i(. hi; •Ijiij-j.' 
"Hit hii/anl ih<: hint-'T'. '.■.t^m- 
mpiiiii - 
Mi.),l,;.. ., 

tpjliery Always f.-d-r (,» idc ^^jj ^.^ . ^ , ; 

imiKT'-. numij! I.,-: , i.trtcl (|,,,(. 
pnwtlun: t.-f .'.■ivi, , I • . "jiicn ..1 

ClUIRCr ilfllf JUJ: , 

Wh,-Ti J 

'¥ .:\irj ,, .1: 'iiil with 
OTi»fn% ind af'i' "'" ' " """ 

■• '■■»!• lli«H 

^ ■ ' ' * ' ■ iHH.k, i,'.itH.; 

biicteria, Mt-vcr u-.c ..IJ Ffbru • 

cosmetics nr th;iri- th.-m u ith ,1 |„^« ',", 

flKfltl. t 

Itliw eye ... 

;»pr>lv vmh ^.ttaii luiuJv li,: -..ui.' ,,,,,. , 

Vi'-iii .r.,:\M'e pirtri'ifil K'fori; ,|vi'" • 

u*...:^iiriyh«rs:piiiy, problem* anj ««l (,«th« .■„.:■ 



.,!..,! ; 


William Kiiirii'v • 


Miiiiiiing Ji-iiiiTi 

Buiinen Maiui^cr i 

New* Ediluf. 

En:l«n»iiimeni l'.tii,-t 

■'•■Imi'ls.I.:'." i 

Liyout .. 
CMlptllllt t 

v'j.mi«» tciinmuntty. puMiihci .- 
cx^mt. All apiniiOW c* pits »«"<i .:; 
• hMis.t" (*f iJw «t.:ii'fip i"" i«'lm[nis:u»Ui.ii 

' NsHgned. n4,ni.> •• 
in;.>f--M .1.,.;; ..jj: ■'■! ;i,»,i^ ,,, i-lftO 01 ;,4M 

p izj f-! n p rl 

, •fc*^ vi i:j v ' l i 'J I „ii 

'•'f * Hh J irn 

.; Ail. mlM'kcd, ii' *tiy 

'. In .1 ll['-u.-f" 

Hill W h,n 1! Ill' cm-ant 

■,, : -. ... "A lit 

'I -.,. htm' 
W'. iiijv I'li'vcr 

'■lit i't< ,t:u il'MI 

tibr itunAf il 
I l"o"ii.nil 

l.'t xptK 

.!|.„',,( 1:,- 

»iilc »'hcre ('he nsMic 'wa* 
f''"ri'i;'>«tn',i; c'liiiicK hchini! mv 

u-m; lllf I.1M »»,.rd* I 

''. t.>ri' i!i\ oruan 
I II If* .ii.'.Jin 

'.t il'LlI 


, t'. ll.'rKi,, 
i-.,H. I likal your anit'lf * 


• >iy M-\- oiii flunk ynu lor r. .nlii'ij,- anj 

r imiT.>.tlflH (.'•.[..■li.lrlii- Ui l:;l .nil,, Ic I 

"1 ■Tltn vrn ;».'ll 

• ^1 '" *!"itj ,. ;■ icr> u-cll 
uMi'ij: II I-., il he r. .i!K' viiiiiii'ujv^ Ii'i grim 

Ihcv" III he lhfiiui:h.'ui niic's life. I jKo 

I'll i|W the wmc l4ir vou. 

I he Harhingcr Febriiar> 25. I9R8 



gocldeaa of coin^fdj,, Jxicly T"^Tiiit'fi, 
coming to ^Jit^rtiiin 

Page 4 

All of my ifiali and 

Bitalmkinsi cimnectol »rth thu 
joh have just been m»dc 
wonhwhile, I hive just 
imwviewtd am onlj living. wiML 

I know tills Nxaux she yM 
tm m She alio ctfm ic ' 
a* a Kodifen, .ind I'm n»i . .. 
»(*« about the hicraiihujl 
»«irkiiig,s of "Judy ••ism", fuji who 
am 1 to t)ucs.Uiii'i '■ ;•:, • 
Don't hi'l«*t; mc ' ) 

I was ihlc Hi .....>,;. ,,.,• .,..11 
Idtty (Boie ik-capilaJ h hy pltoM 
in W.i..hirii;i;rm, R r,„ where Jic's 
vOii'vennt'ifi. "W'lwn I 
■• :'i V she ».»'s in 
Vt.t,;v!u[i[;,it)n. Judy ri-piicd ihail 
she w»» "hftfiing Buvh hnd (ii* 
new *ardr<itic !'• , i; 

proiJMHcd 111 Pagf, ■• 
iiiKdtitl 10 gel him .1 

Wten I aAcd ' 


[lutf.s Jud* 

I'lng enemies 

i.>ii < if.^ ^;i.,'iiini> their pfo(x»r 

dcmiise. Like I used lo have to 
stty in iondiii wilh pn; comics 
ihJl rud one phoni- in the hjll. 
and sec 1(1)! litem answer the 
phone m the morning. Their 
iwriwilly pcrfat hair lotAmg Uc 

Bam-Bam. That makes nic 
lati^ih " 

Anjihirif; rise make you 
laiiiih' "(Xlii(;cnan,in\ crossinc 
Sheridan makes mc laugh 
They're almost perpcndicnlai 


with Compui Morkeling 


And did you ever lisicn ui iht™"' 
'Get m my street' they yell, and 
I'm on ihc oihcr side of ilic 

Judy remiia N:cn on the 
road as a tomn. Cur 1 1 1/3 years. 

s'pendini! a.s much as half the year 
ifavctling lo such ..."ciotic 
place\ as Nashville - to visii 
Holly Parton's Breasl Museum, 
1>h! you kno* everything in that 
town IS shapi'd like a huge 

And what d<K'» the future 
hold m store for "ihe goddess""' 
"! think Id like lo K* modelmc 
rclircnicni diJ|XTs • like June 

As for her immediate luiurc. 
Judy Tenuia will he appearing at 
H.irpei lomoiTiiw night for one 
show onK. ai X V M Her special 
fuesi «ill !>■,■ Wl \.v\ Kev.i, 
("Kev,fi.' i,! I S!.,iricus ■Tickei- 
:,!' • .11 llv Nn oIlHc 

!,-I>i t -UKi.nis an.l 
»vn' i,.r •ihi- puhlii, ■ in Bli:, J, 
For more tickci mh'um.inoii ».iii 

■t'oui Harper 

«'• „. •■■ , M I..-. u». .„..,.. 

■ community coll, 

very excited. "Ooh. i •,;■•• 

like ihat, .^ loi ol worshipping 

fans," I Pause Then a w^orried 

look) "Better than DeVry Tech. 











Hv •Gleriffl tttn 

A:s movie lickel prices 
com m lie lo ri^sc. video ttirc :\xf 

fftH^n !'■" ,..,.,. ^ „,!,..-- , , 

1 !•„■■. 

*»-hi,!ig a m^ovie in ihe ihcaier. 

Ihc lighting in ihc sutre is 

stn up like a movie theater, a 

' " ' ■ KH>k..." and includes a 

Hollywood" spodigh! 

■ re's Hollywood" carries 

■ **"' sideos ranging (ront 
• 1,1 vr.U-ns SM. h ... 

1- r;,..,.ili.-s 
1. 'Ill, in. .„■ 

., ,.llv',liK.l lu Cl.t- 1, 

• htc 'The Man v.,'. 


:ili .M,i i.noniL"s 

■■ I^uniis " t.s n.,-^ 
,'!!;•. . ]i<ii' ITirl'tc and the 

"■' ■•*'^ .„4;^|S, .,,j||:h; . • 


',' nl [|i„,. !.(t|(i;s ,J4,.,J |,,y 

■y 'iiiiiide 
■ •'■■ •••..ih .i.. 

^*i s .K*i> .»nvi ,M.)i 

«-[ l.lcnid'u 

=Page Five 


Tht ImiiErid Miwti mtm mm mmi l<i iW t».k ,.r t,i . 

'" "" ■ -'!■'■•■•■'• '<■■■ ■..'.* mi Ike tkim. 

'..*K"h I m.y nt nay wn lu«« tmi 
I IHMxl Bi|>. plemrt to firf «,««« .,|r,«i|w *,,,„♦ ., .. 

KroBiiili I (MfJe,! the Rwllmi h. 

•niuiih wy life thn* ««» , fcej^, 

.-.nt ... »,, |,„j, ,„„ ,,^.„ ^„,, ,,^._,,,,_^^, ^^ 

•Ml It Wlti, I ».h,„e , ,j:,„ ^,.^, J 

-ii»|« f ■•"■■"- "f.M«.«,„ • 

■ ■'■■"« """x ■» Irn. Imt I'm' <;li«npn,, „ 



"Dll'f 1. ,i,£|(:t,x-.iK . ■ i 

r.. .1 !! ■ 
*W «d p., ^ te, „p .„,, , ,7^„ ^ 4 ■-"l .*- 

It hwl iMKii a c«lij ffiifht, ilw" Itjntt tjf t-nM iii.i _.i 

«-i.!"r"' r ■ '*«» '"•■'' -* « '»« ' ' ■"""' '""" "'■" ■"■■' '' '" 

;<* ft'T *( 

Tin »inl»M iniCT, a« .fl,, |iiy„„,„j, 
'!» •i»M<lii)i| wjiimf, t)i|jyi,ifcei 
-itfth nada a it cfntaii mmrn im ki* 

»i imii% M: Hm n.i.« hi,.,.i.„.. .' 

vmch Cmta ftm,. , 

lunfrng tt Biji *„:, 

All I WW ( hit jwi ...rr K> ii,i iJu4 I 

On« of i,Ii« [hinj., | (,„j ,,), , 
.leiie™.n,«wr,, h,„ ,5« •» pmrng •.■n»<m« 
me wiih iJut i.,,.k,.n •bijnlm«t, 

•io 1 *h..i iN-i Int tmm (imn, 
I i''*Jk-il liar tifital m tht Im ii 
loll iiM! '■■■ 

■*'■".■■■ "•" -..M ■..,,::, t,... . 

"l» tluil: II?" 

" Tli«t"i pu .( tun: '■ >j . 
'Iter iioiind c* Itn •y»li»|] w „, 

''"■»!. iTTiA^. (I,-, (i,,,) ttni,,j, ,,,,,„., 

I a 


■'u! tier «(!% I,- 
(' (toin-rni r 

unilfrol, in.! 
"f '*" •*''"'• '•■- ..■„, ,„ina , 

■ihtmi «.M,vtn» »u btT' „|,(,, 

ItluK 'rm 

Hot [■ 

1 .!f.(! , 

*■■* .o:f niy tv> 

Mill*' ■rm.. mm Imnrt 


J •••III' IfU.. J,'" 

All my uaiitjiirj, 

"[ don't v'l.iTir 

-1 , :■ 
fi*a I'l ('■'- ' 

^''' '. i» tan""'. 

_W»«-re *id ytiu |« idM Kcf 
»h»Mng," 1 mwnni «wi . 

lOUnil tht lul NjIII* at my JWK;,-nn 

•teit mm 10 my gii ■m] n,n,,.,. . 
dil)tw.(i tJ» oNi «fkJ wamrtl i, 

Mill l::;ii^alwih lUm:-^' 
Up Mi*' Mat Milt •tiMlrml h 1 
M'm llofLMnffHm'fk , , , 

ThlN IS N »|*T'\ ' I* . 

Imitle, -Ji,:,* :,i,«,|e ,u,„ ,.„ j^„ ',,,j_ 
I naUal ay agtMncnt and. , 

■fiffinU wut"(0 it. r l,..f..'n,..i , 

'••■t.m- I ik;^,,,, ,.;„j 
hrnKT.:>(, (mviu- .-v., 
"'■I.. ■•II f'li, h,Ti.,.',„',. 

tli-m ilttd- )n,., (,,.,, ,)„„j( J, 

• il*rit Km:. 

• fiii rtii 

■i... 1. I., 

•■r..i*l .«|y I, n,, ,.„ fc„,^4„ J,,,,, 

I .•pun aiMt dtwe fat my lai 
EcwoiB, ..f Motwi,,. tat to, niji" 
«» iht eomci of my 4a,k m^ my k, 
my 6el.v.ed «ot<* erathd iciwi i 
i-wmlm, my night an! cati»| me c 

II »'n • frw momewj helore 
*« rejiliy of ■ funou, »,,«•«, md 
Uiu itmc u utaiii i fi , , , 

tat wai out of rrn,. 
He 'fcji* ■:;, 


■ "Wlw «il y<iii H> 1, 

""' "'''";:'■ '';'■ i ""'■•■' i."!"..^ 

■i< iiitiiniifch. ywnj i,,:,,, „ ,n., 


bid Ian 1 



Mio» what 

»• • iwii)' im* *n p,,, 
*• '■•»• •*» hp.. • fliii 

M'CIt , 

1*11 fnuttall-. 



_ [Hal bail, tola mv »,„», ,j„^ „„., , , _, 
■■"•'" k",.!' 1 h,aj N«Twi i*.iy 

-! «um«t to tiipiWT thiumtai, m 
-■. lh» djof («lloM(4 hv J, (■„,,:•,,, 
■ usmnji '«-«.„„ ,.(^„flj g^ ^, 

Vjmf hM •VI,.'," ii mr t^k,,, , 

■ '"")i my 

'■nj 11 f 

■I'hyNr M 

ffli«lC"»« 1 

'0 Htt' 


By ,Pr4tr Swatnat 


«a,m « ,11 the tiMc f.if wkn* he ha) •nhm-it tht- town,, .t 

ifmed with a wo»«,u wkwi •' """' ™'''5," ""*' "»""" '■'' 

He mm^mMtrnt lr..,n a.r „.i:,-,„.T„,. " ,,,,,, ,.„, J ,.. ' """ ■^'"«"' 

I m Attaii Switnr." he m»() with ■ plum "' 

, '^'*'' '*'«•' »« *«1 «l™n'<» c«h otto's tiamo f,>, ,, ,n(«cnriwf<w «..!,«. 

I ve m-wr pliiciMl iwic ,bef<:w.- aid Adim and ihcv rlnZi . „L t -b 
KnoiMly.- said Adam "d»y vou dttnk F„M rZ-1 !"« ^ '-"J'^^ .» (JWxJ cry B.u! 


;i low ■ mimaii w.ih p<,,liuaii ,avvy.- smded Adam 
NctUiiag fhytita »ift avvy," ohmcd The ha 

rotlei or i«ih »ted Oehea. iwiitinK m *c * wl, 

fc'lh d(,^y^rS- *'^^*"' -*•""«•"■ -^ **«"■ '« hy H«a Vrmktm. -H«r 

^ I, ..J hin-c t*c«y-fcw imft-> wha.'* ww «■„-. '- *■ ' 

'•run matmg unikrwear " 

"I iws* ti could IM; a-MiiiTuf d thill »t» hv tin rt<.»ij.- , .„ ,„ ,„ , 

MHJ miny lo ihe head," "^ '" '- '"' ' 

•Oifl. don'i, ii»j<« pmmm.wa>. wk. make suesws.' u,nritd tl.d«a. 

ii; *•>■, [ ir.: 

■•iiim oTi yom )■!,* 
'i"(», the «t,i" 
^ temaiai of > ,Sf»\,,iH ,H],,.ri,,J | 

"".iV ,.t «d ,tT,,t;h,.,Ht>,, ,„v d«i. , k.,k„,| „._,_ ^__^^ 

B ,.; 1 

■■ him 

'*'*'ri H«idd> h*i [( t"". 

'"'■' A "7* »""W "!lei in pubhL, you njitad wmc.'- ,.\.l .m i, • .hu" 

.■ i c miik,iti(. nif hot, a.J C'-helsca. the wwds «Hdinf (niin ht-r nxHuh , .n -. 

gi. ■.ini,.n,; strand of silavit.- a,.d Chckca, "' 

.n i«.,|,i"ftlr"' "" '*' ^ **""•* '■*'• •"'*' ^^ **■ " '«»"■" "«" -"^^ A'«" 
«.dt* i.™' " *" •"• •*" ** ^"^ "^ *•*'"« ' «»• '^I"'"' '■"elsca ... 

'Do yjju have the umc.' itsled Ajlani. 
Yd." uid Cht'lsea, ni'sldmg sjjjjcly. 

'The hell,", aid Adim. 

"The hell you My." t*iervod ChebcM. 

Tvc mrver hied tfk- lanit- Owtej," aditiined Adam 

I ve never liked leitucini allrodo." admiocd Chel«t 
JAiiu-pa<ta"" aJike^I Adam. 
^'No. I'll *.iii lot the main couriC'." 
"Din'k," vtid Admt. 
Chc\xeM did, 
"In W!»ige saiK-c - «l*id A<1««.^,"!;::,,::;''' '■•"'""• '^ *"'" ""*■"'« '«^ *^' '--"^ M"*^ a moanui,.n 
Adam kwkal liwg,i,nt!ly mio fVIs,-.,', eves '/■»„ „, z,^,,, ,,^,, •... 

puw, '"'" "'""" '"■" '" "" •'"'""'■" '■■■"^■'**"*'- '""'■'^■'"(5 * ■>•"»» Jos frnn. her 

Adam swtxl up. Icanod over the table and insenal hi« mn..,.,. ,„>„ f-h i 



Spring IMS Sludtnt tHvitopmmt OfferinKy 

MARCH ,. , 

1 Cmer InieKil Tesii»({ i>f"» »*' T '™ '*"' '"" ■ ' * ■ ' 
PW 6-S p.m „, A,347 PM . . A .'-» I b 

(Tramferi Info S(M*mn. ''-l p.i»^.. | t^ i. !■ 1 1 1 i> , m . t . 1 ( K> 

F.nt!iffH\:rjm: Inl'o 

7 CijmpiitCT Si: i/Pau 
PtciceisinK Ififo Sciiion, ''■* 
p.m. Fli; 


■ Carixf Inieresl Tc »img 
■PW 2, ftm p.iii... A347 

FniliHlii: Design/ 
Fiishiom McreWmimw IX-- 
Info Sl>S!Oii, 7 H n in „ !■ S *•! 



vtana „'BatiHji,, < ■ - • 
■• ".ttnifeiracni !■ 
.. FIJI 

fl Arc hiteetiit*/ Agniultural 
Tethnolofv l»fo tositm. T-i 
p.m FIK 

Li'p ScrviKur. f • 

-t^ D,. 

14 'Tli: ir. ^-* 
p,.iii., FIK 


taien'tf*iii| SeiBinaf. 
ft.-7p.m., AM7 

Crimtn^l 1 

Seminar. ■"■••>! [< iir. f ! ''.' 

■'■'' / ;' ' ''"""" 

Biiirnc* lull! Si,'A\iiiri 
7-»p.m„ FU: 

'\llull.^ '^ 

IS Him' U) Eiim Your 
B.:K.'hcI.if ^ Uccux On Y»:wrO*ii 

■» M.;ith, Ptn 

Thf Harbinger February 25, IW8 

Fajie 6 

Women's History Week 

" . -.11 li *I V *V I, h. pi t ». I. 

.,tj,tr ..irnl t„ii:ully 

., Ill) Martti ^ 
iinKii .It t'hr 

111 vmriK'i'i ■ 

... .i| 
l,,K ■•utiom iiiiJ 

■'iir own 

,i\ as wc 

Diic atk'llk:! .<! fM«:ii: ami 

■ - ,. '" (>■ 


People interr^tiil in 
helping >*ilh ihc filer 
Siihy newspaper and 
iiluminum can drive 

-iinly line or two 
''•■'lit 1 I'lr miinlh 

■mm - M hen 
' nieiil for \ou 

I nit .i'iV-.'.SJ/ or 
liine your name ami 
iiunihtr at the Sltuhnts 
\tli\itie\ Office 

Wtui'i yait please 
lii'Ip.' I hunk VON 

fm p^jpw mcmsi Mi€t§ 


I iiijiiyi 








^pm ant a }am 




slipperij on 

M iv'\ 


L,, j„ \ 

&CK€€H BASCfNi^ 


e B[I(:^■" ":ilii, hrrpEr, :riui ^E\i" ■ 


3 I'M,!':' ■''RrijHLi(; 

Classifieds Classifieds Classifieds 

Ihe Harbinger February 25, I9«« 


Pane 7 

Clai$ifM Ad Ktttti 

Stwlcni twn-TOininisrjjtat 
c(asstftc4t cHir ft(« with 
pfopCT Ul»nnjkatton. 

N<m-St«d«nt i:iasst|l«4» 

Mctp WanHsit 

for your legal necdN 

Include Dll, personal 

injury, divorce, real esuic 
Pfconc 8S2-3«». E%'c 
ind weekend appt 
;.tv;irtahk. Uw Offices oi 
Beckirr & Becker. WK> N 
Meacham. ^rd Cl.x.r, 
Sdiiiumhurg, n. t>()l'J5, 


1 XI'LORi: MN Spend t 

13 weeks in ihe land i,.f 
I (loot.) takes. Earn sal;iry 
plux free room/lxiard 
Couniclcwi. nunes iBSN, 
RN», lifcpuardi iind other 
poMiion-. available 41 MN 
resident cjmp*. for children 


• ■••'■-■ \ IfO 

An(i.i,n.!.ilc„ \IN ^s :ir' ,■,, 

Now Hiring. ^!/I: Summer 
« Career Opportunjiie* 
(Will Train J. Encellem pav 
plus world [ravel Hawaii 
Bahamas. Caribbean, cic 
CALL NOW; 21)6 ■'^ ft 


P-aid Holidays 
Mrs. Incentives 
Referral Bonuses 
I-ife Insurance 


*"■'•! iJl'SivoMirs 



n Mlt,)RARI!:s 
M\'i III 5 
No Fee 


Respt'-nsihle person to 
bjhj'sit t*o chtklren 2-1 
evenings per 
Schaumtmri! area, ■ 


REi»TA[ [^^f^j'j 

~~ ""rJilinB 




If you have experience 

working with children 

Sitters IJjilimiied offers you 
immediate pay and bonuses 
lor part ••time wk, m 
Norihwesi siibyrhs 
Encelleni references and 
transportation a must 
Sitters rnhmiicd. 251- 
H<l1, "' ..I ni 4 p fij 


B*mngion Hcrc\ Ik-alih 
has daytime .ind evening 
shifts ai'ailable. Contact 
Man' (if 181 42 H) 


B'A.SEBM I r. ;.>.,i,:.^ .,„ 
umpire-, i.i; n.,,- iw:^^ 
Games begin m 
Til with the hnusf 
lc.n;iif •. . . 
middle •• 

ctmdition, Askint, S*' MX) 

Call: 81.S-,144^21.S5. 

Hatchback. Air cond.. rear 
def.. autom.. pwr steering; 
pwr brakes. AM/EM 

stereo 69,000 miles 
Asking $.f.2(X). Excellent 
cond., no rust 


New paint, engine pans 

W'/reccipts. Exc. cond. - 

Hiiih mileage - I OW 


I. cave Tel. Ni> & Message 

(" HH.<;.I(WM,..\rtSiudi,>i." 

i':'77()i rt,s RrxiL,\rv 

Must sell, evcellcni 
conduion f-ullv !o;iderf 



■•mment jobj. in 

■ "v.< 4nd O'Vcrseas 

imruediaie i>penings 

■' ■"■■■•ttin.g list or test. 

Phone call 

'•'■)2.) 8,3.«... 


Learn ln)wt (:>(}>• 

ht'ticopters in tlx" I I'S 

Armv Ntst only could it 
Ivcirn- of the greatest 
expericnc«i» in yixir life, 
Njr it ccn,jld he the .start 
of .mexotmg career. 

n* AmivsU'Writm 
rr,nnin|! Prtigram makes it 
all fXteiWc. 'Kn.iu.;i|itv. 
ilipli.:>m.a and, preferaNy, 
,nfc:ist.2 warsofcolfcB- 
BdbK »t:tofc,iril. tofly 
w:>iiH ti«\l H> i'oiripieti- 
Anny kistc twiriini; .it\l 
pre-tlijjhf rt'imirii:; 

rVir I, in,'«- vo'ii ., , -ri'.. 
plct." ui. !t iSj.-tr I'i" .i-,in.- 

i'Aecutive travellmg single 
mom needs mature and 
■nergciic student to stay 
■•-crnight with iwo well 
''.-haved boys ages 10 & 
I - apprK. two nights [.)er 
'•*k. I::)ut!cs include: 

dinner, hcdiime. breakfast, 
^ u p e I s 1 s < o n and 

catnp.a.s.sion! Call: 240- 


Preferably with W.SI 

.Starting salarv S4'hrlv 
Stop by IWM) Walnut 1 n. 

Schaumburg for 




.Studcnl f)i:sconm 

I <MOA Illinois ■■SM) 
|UI40A.B Child Care 
I Illinois - $«t 



cvcntii,t; .md 

pan -time dental 

F-».p. perferrcd 

Mrting Salarj' 

Ti: with exp. 

-.-Uv4 to 

..' J ! Army 

'■ li tr mnrr 

; 121 S WiIke 
I Suite 405 
.Arlington Hgts,, II. «ik,>s, 


>ti^ a. vat table annualiv 
■ ■■••■ computen/ed v ■• . 
locates stHirces of (:■ ■ 

aid fT- '!:,•*.-." •.. . 


' "■""' a li ili.ii- .... 2 1, 

Condo for itut 
2 Ndrm.. 2 
t ,•■•■ ■ - !'■• 

full bath. 
Imff &■ Rte. 

hi)', l-ive 
' larjx-r If 


: '''il 

Hiack Bra for Nissan Pulsar 
NX. 3yrs.old-gd. txwd. - 
all leather. Call j-.d 
vH'ckd,iys after 2 p.m. and 
- :t.:c an offer; N«|,i-5(.if. 1 

Mike@gl5-4.';5 659<). 

Gibson SC w/case $490, 
Marshall 50 watt combo 
>490. Korg PME 40X 
mtxiular effects $90 DOD 
stereo Hanger $20. Reh 
Ibcnex ,X bass guitar w/ 
case $250, Fender sidekick 
50 watt bass amp $100 
Hammond Piper organ 
needs work best offer Call 
Larry- (f? X9.'?-.?27.1. 

VIDEO LyiH'virvr 

Panasonic sutco c.isscite 
player. PanaMinic W color 
"loniior tioth for $4200 
Call Larry («; 89.1-327.1. 


Vnens 20- ivwi stage, 
cscellent condition Askine 
^^'Ml C.Ul Mark & 840 




Qualifications ■shouKi 

Knowledge of the game oi 


Experierici. ■. . ■ ••t.pjtc 

r>r Exper: „ ixischall 


Sixteen years of age or over 

Ply for lmhic t;,iii run 
as high as iM)(m and will 
depend on the age level t»f 
play, plate or field umpirt- , 
and the age and ability of 
the Games 'are 
played Mondas' through 
Friday at 6.00 p.m. a:nd on 

If you have an interest or 
want mo:re information 
please contact: 

Palatine Boys BasekiH 

Lmptrts: Steve Bamum 
W:>B 726 

Palatine, IE (MI078 
orctU: 9:M-6951 

;■■ '■^' ''- ^ " -.Istarll. 

^*''"" MardK 

198K M'DF 


teaturing color photos of 

""'fe Illinois College 

women. .Mail 59,95 ,„ 
Crvii Calendar, f»(.)H 414H 
fVlv.ih fi Mills. i9g9 

■'. .iiiird F:arn 

'I. ,..[jiu ni.lkC ,ir;; 

l':W7 lord Miistao* 

RED HOT har|.'iiin:s! Drug 
dealers' cars, boats, planes 
rcpo'd Surplus. Your 
Area. Buvers (nude 1 1 ) 
805-6R7.«XIOL:m. S.. I05.:V 



Eleven yrs. old. excellent 

condition. 's4(K> 

Call Mik.. '455.' 



Y A R I 


Nylon sirings. Sixteen yrs. 

i>ld. Asking $16tk Call 

! ofi['v'\ rr;),i j\nd pr(t,se that 

'"■'"H: up your 

■->.'si Wcdnesdav 

•" -^■(if p rn ,F-_V5I 

' 'miUtchcc room 

' " ■ -.i.iv March 2. 

- . ■ ■ ' ':cr;irs Chihi. 

No One Refused! Major 
credit Cards info & more. 
Get Your Card Ttxlav! Call 
I..105 744 .1011 " Ext 

im z 

Happy annimonthivcrsary 
to my one and only' I was 
wrong. Two weeks is a 
long time, and 1 missed you 
in a big way. Dtm't leave 
again tot> soon, alright? 
I Love you. - LL 

Ifaney Bunny 

Happy 1 2th anniversary. 

I Love You, WFPH 

Nicd c/%sh For 
colleqt ?? 


Wir.' .. ..,; a: I) WIN I UNCI Aim 

lASl ¥1 AW 


M.o. fjox ;;>!/ 

t'MOSPlCr HLI6HTS. II. 60070 
(-31?} 705 05? 7 



■lli'lllili SliiUlaJli 






■TMDrw..P«oM TMEP«amiw."s omo:.' 

College newspaper 
under control? 

Supftmt C'oun ikxisum i;i^ 

Uifh school friiKipals iiioic 
control owr •itudeiu impt* Ms 
embtMcned M Iom one cotkfe 
nlminiillHi* li> lUiCiUm lo tr>' » 
im • eollcgi- newspaper umlrf l>is 

lidwifd A. 'W'ji'inT rh.iimiali 
of the Boiifd of •' '■'*■ 

Pima CmiimuJiii; • m 

Tui;*»., Arirona, calleil ■ 
actainiMrator"! tn piji tfk . 
■•.•..-.; ■ '•• ' i. on llK iithi 

11, , , ' -■■ -:-,-.::nt 

Supreme • is 

thchoniil h.<'.., ■;•• ' ■" 
Kjltottlu." Wa|.'vi 

s|i<\:'' ! tiitlcge 

|\il,Vf iry ruling. 

"reftulaie ilie ttmieni" of hijrli 
ithool jMiieis (uii as fi ■ ' ' 
eour'ses ,n»i m. ihcy tji 

the co«eni <>( "ihc' ' -' •■ 

■And m die jclnwh. 

Tlic tlctiwn alrcaJy has l«) 


t AREI RS and lAt.lM IRlNCi 
I) V\ a« II 1 

for t-i 

n<i i I" \kK !^< 

tdeii *nn1ml i 

Wag'ncr sf.'«"'n'ii: 

apply ihi - 

Iks i.i(iilHis 

almwi A 

itr(>«^'nwl 11 

"Wlial iitn I lajfing '." he 

ecmimued,, "I ttom'l *:"'" >»' $<* 

iwlo fe ccnsmng husiiKM," 

Al least 

one other twaril 

-u-mhrr i$ie 

.,« \V ,.T..-r ...iia 

■■■•..itX WcW 


fVU'C 1'= 


he aid 



He isriiposi,".! ifn^ 

Hit,.; ,, 

mnulisLs I'H'lj* i;<ri 

stutknis b)' 

gisin^^ j*Iv)ie ".'»ti 

'*fitinbT I's it!v€ siorit"*. 

.ml to hold 11 tncr 

'I'm m I'X'" *;i'v 

-UiJ .1!. 

sh{n)14 look 

Jl It". 

WapKT iaiij. 

.iml the 

.11: -f.". 'in:' 

The HarbinRcr Fcbruar> 25. I'>RH 

I'aiic S 

"Non-college youth" 

(("TS'i ^■'The 2('» million '"'*"['■ 

r 111 

' Mho 

I Ik-i afi- icill* 

'..itiies in the ** '*"•' '^■"'' ■' 
.m.ins ,n ,.t '"•='" ■''"■ ''■■■■■ 

i.>ll>;t;c i:aiu:»|>i:^i i 
.Jiiii h.i- iiiiinih mote tluin ■ 

• I '- uui-iiJ i:olk't:c hut *liMii i.H" .1 

Piizzj e 


offers a 


I M t 


1/28 530 

MUNDELEIN2/9 6 00 

SKOKtE 2/16 600 


2/17 510 

PALATINE 2/24 6 00 

oak: lawn 3/ I 6 00 






Spring break. 




loflo I. Wi N«< » l A MB tii n • wa-omo 

^rm ^ 


(he Ilarhincer Fehruarv 25. IWS 

Paci' •> 

1 Op«i>»» 

1<f Bu III) 

15 Wlirtn*! 
1 ? Orm 
19 At tm Ji 

? 1 Emilf (jiKt 

» f 


40 ■ 

4; ■ 

48 .V 
4» Ai 


Pi jzzle 

' ';„,(Binct«ti**i'i'g 

" BmmH 





-■r ;■ 



III'' ■"1 



Ji -L 








■ 1 


''!■'! !■"' ■"■ 




1 ■ 





■n 1 

■ ' ' 






C0I4KM wms «•» 

I %llll I 



*"rhc Game" «iU Jtan in ihts issue anil will cmi *iih ihi- Mar»'h 
31. IWHiNSue. 

•Ejic'h week B pK(t*ot>f an<:*,|t"£i, or a pariiuiLir '-.iir on campus 
will be |)uUishcil.. { m pttmim in ail ^ 

•When you haw (oiind all <ii< lixiiliotK. ("ill om itu' cniry hl.mlt 

iind pill II in iht" h«w Iixjlal m A tvuilding aiiil 1 hiiil.lm(: 

•\;i .i;i':iin-i must be rci'Civctl no Liicr lli;in April 11. l'''KK, In 
.■-. ,, HI .■( .1 ;:i.' ihcrc *ill K' a drawing; twlJ. 

•The Mjil-nnt;c.r %lalT and family memlxTs iil' ihr Harhingcr staft 
» ill noi tw .iHi; to piirtiaiuHe. 

•The winw;r will be' annotirnxd in the (Liihmi:.rf\. April M 
I'WU issue,, 

•TTie ,;insw,crs to Ihc lot .it inn- nm-i iv *:p<:,cifiC- 

LDCflTIOn * I 

The llarhinger Fchriiiir\ 25. I9S8 

I':»;:c- III 

' '.ii- Dinii-nsKMitl an 

m ^^"8 Live 
li ftzsh for Lulu 

High School Art Show 
comes to Harper 

h» ktvjn <;iit(Ktrin 
SUIT W liter 

I ""i; I iM ih<- \t» 

^' '«■*•' ■■■v (he tuic ...1 

'■'*'■* fi fn)<< ;ilNim, ft 


■I mil 

H« f>..riEl..,, M, 
NfM* (•<Jil..r 

■Iiow fur ita- 

'•VcJ«:.»b> H a 

• '■■ - ' !'i:'r\i!ri .rn.t \-,,i,,r ..- 

Hill ('ll.l)l)tKfl.. IlluM" 


RI< HARD M \k\ TO 

*<fUJS JUST IN. ftlCHnRD MflfiH 11)111 Br 

??. IN THf sBMr lurric Mr i< prRroRMiNt hi 

fl»f $10.50 fOR HRRPrfl UUDfNIS HND Jl^ 50 

ff I 

'..i ..ii .rll •- 1 M 1 IK I 
(Hi SMIu\ 

'>i;i Kjs Kim 


The Harbinger February 25, 1988 

Page 11 

Photo Opinion:;,., 

Do you think Jimmy Swaggart 
made a good decision when he 
announced he was rcsigninu as 
tv evangelist? 


< hri<. Dursk-r 
Mii\j(>r: Pre. Med. 

PrL*»m«w imclke ■ siieiie lor the muscal Gypsy wh>th iwxm F i 
M«eh 19. M: 25.2* md 27. (•«<,» Credit Jahm .&.««/ 

: H, OitKT |:KT(<nrii.mccs jrc 

Ares-one inieresied mm ewiiWuttKm please conuici Mike Brown iit n,n-rtM..n ?4'M 

.Many to Wilte.«reclororG)»iKy, ik-cdt smdenli lo ushw fertile iWMt'al,, ir you arc i«rrem-d aintm-i ho 


®U P s 


Part-time opportunities 

... f,, 

• ExceUent Pay - $8 per hour 

• Convenient Hours 

• Steady Employment 

• Benefits 

• Healtn Benefits 

• Paid Vacations 

Acci-pting applications 
On-campus intervicwini} 
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Fchruarv 2'» 
Room A-24Ia 

Shifts Available Monday - Friday 
3 00-7 00A.M 
5 00 - 9 00 P M 
10:00 PM 2:00 AM 

United Parcel Servce 
is an equal oppottumty employer 

MiP ■ y/H 

.Iiihn (..irdriir 
Major: JtliiLiliiiii 

'He onlv Mqvpcl du^i, a.: ■.h,^u^d havf sicppcil 

tx-cauM- people l.KiriJ out rhiv J.uui He .luln'i MUm what he 
incidem is a hsid retli-ttton on inr.nhixl 

religion cvfiy'where;' 

MKkey ^«Hp«»l „,,;,, f,^^, y,^„ 

1 thmk he was lran,cd, A .. ,, ., „„„,,,„ h,,, 

•".IK of. such sUiiurc « always •„,-,„ ,„, he public ! 

tvingpcfseculedhyihc media." ...,;„ .:i his decision to step 


Next weeks Photo Opinion: 

Ronald Reagan's lerm as picsKicni is aliiiosi 
over. Do you think he liati a posiiive influence 
on thecc.untn ' If interested contact .John 
Sisson at the Harhiiiiivr Office A U7. 




loutti M*i Mnl 


m Mmn M ■ i»*.m v.r. tm T 

Call: JuMe 5?6-;?M 
or Evette 439-3152 


A leadinii junior specially rcludcr will 

he interviewinf: on campus for entry 

level management positions. 

Thursday March 3rd 

1-4 p.m. 

The placement office A-S47 

Sign up in the Placement Office 



vol . 2t NO. a 

V\ iliiam Ruinc) Harper ( "ollcj'f 

riif Harbinger March 3, 19X8 

Board Approves Three Issues 

Funds approved for resurfacinc of lot two 

luiiit. c»|\-:ritKed ■ mjiflwl m 
itctum m llie (olltm ing. Liimc 
ulans: Aceounwig. A\m>m>i«» 
liiiiliuv. rticini-«trv Du-lcti 

Maiugciitcdl, Vljilii' 


:.:-- 1.1 ruin' 

1 «, and> 
SLteaMon ckivscv 
Me iitd nwiii-ini 

tHlicr kcal 
Ik- fa- 'a,ti 

All 1l., 


--.. ;.;.:» jilso jipprovcd an 

' iiit'«iiM ror smae tihiraiory lees 

m ihc fee *chf<luk for i9m..W 

..impk-iHi firvi n-jtling nt llie 

rmflh stiirit Ki ijrt.,K ru 

miiUU- iiu(i.l i»l liH I»ii I'l CI,- 

[H-clcit HI hcjiin June I and tun 
ihcmigh Sciiiirmlvr J. \'mn. The 
tinji ihir.,1 (it the pjiltiij^ Kii m.i> 
tun tv ..■iigiMc t.^r ciaru luiiiK 
hiiwtj"!' Ill-- ■.■rtl 

fht fu. • ■>f<(;miili|]r 

■ -.-r rvi>.iii III l<Wr«(1, 

■.urfiKt'il ilutHIK Shi; 

'■-■ >' ■'■■ .'■ 1 lie 

tittufhng Ihi 

■ 11 nol he .ill 
i'xicpl in ilL-Mgruuxl jncx 

Vi!!;-i.-i- " Pnli. .■ 

II he 

I'l I'tlH, tiU-... ,.. '::. ; 

Sliin* Will !■ ' ■, fiil.l 

lorMif Ihii (■"■IK '1 Di.r. iv;'»uk:<I 

Vcriinii \1jiiko, V ue 
I'icMiliiii ■ I \.lmirii^ii.)iive 

Scivm--. s.iiil. W ll!.^-i,l i!ii>. 
IHilicy «.€ aa- liui^i ai- 

can ijii Of Miilaiii''' ■ If 

added the. |>i.iIk> (:ll■■.uK■^ an 
avenue in cnlorte vinLitmn il 
lh«e i»mr«t-" 

Manke ctplamed ilx- r«ilk> 


I he 
1 ihe 
l.iK h 4 

Lah<.>r.iii>r\ le«. fjn IlK tmtter 

Student Trustee Election World Hunger Awareness Week 



\1 .rL Vi ^U ..'..4 Hi llhi. 

Ml lor on'r-iivinj; jM ^' 

i(> t|i)jliu a 
ij^i tv J hill ntTie 

I 'li*MI^ 

i,rs..t..-, k.H,k .1 Tt.i.n 
',,■■, ■,•> J. ., itie 

..I'mI ,t 

,n nn 


J 1 13 IDE- 

-?n! comes to 

-avefsial coi- 

st Sweeney's 

defense. Letter to 

the Editor 

Pago 3 

Fire- breathing "Kev- 
ti«ad' warmed the 
audience tor com- 
edian Judy Tenuta. 

Page 4 

:, 'or tJen's Basketball 

■'^nfpa'etl ends season 6-21 

, ■-d Lady Hawks end 
!Qc,at':o"s ■eii'-„, -ieason against Sauk 

S10 gift ce" Valley 

Page 6 Page 8 

Next issue. Roman 
Polan ski's "Frantic" 
starring Harrison 
Ford reviewed. 


Ihv Hai hinctr March 3. 1*»KS 


The Bat: a philosophical I.ook 
at an Andalusian sviiibol 

b? Martiiw Ml" ("!iiirr 
A! D -.imkril 


CtOI ijr, (o •amw 

1 ilukwn* llul Ipr 

I J.l 

1 fill' ji ti,[>n K 

• ■-i.I 

■»i|UtllU 1(1 

II » 

.11.' t,. II II J.' tH Oil h.r., l(lniuL',ti ih.. . , 

.il iwcils hcnvi 

•t I mm ,».,„., 

m.ikin>; a kucr wntlil, wrilf lor 
.nl:iiri!i.ii..m. t hm .1 h„,i hru....- 

' 111,'if 
. •.'•.llJJJf] 
i"niyj.*i'« lt> US 
(■'V r, lave andl/uth 

iti.m .itu't ih. 

llil .'lllili IS 

»:««i • • . til.;' ii.iJilli: 

f""' ■ .1 -in,;, v(„f,(u.,| ,„,„^ ,,,,„,,; M.;iv„'».;.„c..iii,;n 

HI. 1 1.1 .11.. 1 ,1 (i.;jli(n h,«lv by (wr 0*11 wtlishtu-w ll ih 

A Ukv: !.n,.; .is'r. l.>nE ,„„...,,(,..,.,•• iv,*™. n-lluh 
tx;!(in:> ni, : ' 
iLilyro, i,i 


Ih.ii itmuthi 
J>v i^»mwir*kr iLihiik- 

■"« n-i'ii L" uitiiii.1 
tx-ncCiu in animjl-. 

iK'jMtilol. \[iiniu..ii ...MiihnK 
rmN»wlK-(f fii !»fimi:d !.. n'm.. , ...11.1. h 

^wm; «.( Spurn'* intui im'jKiiuiiii 
I. II UN ,, .m; m iii.M>ti>. sii, ti ;,i\ 

■• !.■ oC and 

.■ ?I,11U.IC 

*i\h .tiuri had a hriTinlcr 
.1! I. om.p;,nHi<:m .J\s pvnl 

r\"i- I'l 

■-fKiL; .i'u! lor ihc 
11 Cmi..:!' Sin:.Kly 
I. )iit .on M.m,h li"' 

■' ..'d .IiUl'l f.K 
h.ll ..'U.|i.f K- 

Th,: f;jiK tX-lctlkm Mobile 
("liiiit will he I'll llarpi-t « 
.. .iiiipii- : .'Mi'ln .iiiil 

.\!i'Pi-r. ..I.^n'otv 

'A ...!n... 
\l.lli. ll 

h.'in Sim 

.. ,, 

!i.l, ■ I" 


Till" rii;»iiiivj;riiiihy l,it.. 
|iii'\mKU\iy 1^ niiiuilf^ -in. I 

iislu'ii|KimM- iHiii.t il.'iiMiy 
.■■.>;iiu-ni !;iln> .ipi">'»ini:iK'lv 

.» ill i.. will \o 
111 *i|liin iwo 
• '. . ■ ... muvt pr^'vidc ymjr 
phvucians name anil .uklrc^v ji 
I'Kl. .. Vif, fjl 10 urevcni Uie lime ol ihc tcslv 
ritpng mi on March 10, „• ^„„ h^,, _,„^, .„„„„„, 

< Mii..t..i I'tg Pill ,Mo[>lK.<l Papers ,h.,,i hrr >■; . jixe, ileieelK.n and 
.ir..- ^va.bhli; in ■' ■• ,■;• , ^^ ,^„ ,,,,,.K,p,„^ 

''^■"'f- *"'" ■ •' ■ ...nMulheHealih 

'"■" ' '" ' '"' .!t eM, 22ftH. Or (or 

informalion and to 

" li.iit liicic valuable iliapimlic" 

■.mnnaiioiti, ..ill Diatiriosiic 

■.■rvKc\ Imorpor.ued ai 41H- 


.\nie.n.. .111 I,<,i» 1 .11 

.,«ii I'l 


i'»f nrlti'ill. 
' read: 

'IF. M, ;^' 

Women Make History 

VVonieri* Hislury Week 
March 7- U, 1<J«8 

Wmiu'ii VI a 1(1 H>«u>n 


'rt.p.1 ' 


Budget commitfep! 
Remember us? 

^ludiTit \{'(iuli«% mmn in in«\|(-riiMi« »,!<%. \ littir mtirt 

Ihiin ji •itk afitt thr Sluikm Stnittt mwa nal i1> m» m«niN t 
Hwlt'i-l coniiititlnr willi Ihrec »t-UrE» mrmtitr\ tnim,. i,r 

art mitiirerf lo aclu^iilli N- t.n ih<- Kfis.iiri, r».i i.( ih, it.i,.,. 

pfrrimi,aHv tiirfi'%1 hmlan^ in vi,id»-nr \.ii.,ii,> ...iit 
.,f„..r.r,wii|:rt iinim ,:„niimtli-t, I lir H.irl.msi". -ui.1 lljr|.rr 

The HarhinRtT March 3, l*»SS 

PiiRe 3 

III. ,>.. 


'ifnrmi'tl iiir 

H,l,.l ,II..( f 


ilh llif V. 

f .1111.1 \* 1 

'III >r I ii.4(i iiim I 
> *»i' on Itir cminmittr 

'■■'■'■ ( .ll-lni|-<( 111 i I'. 

"Hull IK i I L 

' ■■- .1. ilir Vii.ilr ■>iM., ■ 

I HlW I'lHtlll till V li.n, 

^•"•■. .ItJ.iri;!-. .itn) n..i 

■Ititt rn,|iii'%i»7 I uiiilrr^i 

" the .iclnjl j|!|tri>()ri.tiii,.. . ,, 

. iLiiHi- liMirlrmI lilt' (niilpil (innHKjl >i'i (iiflinutirr 

In tirlrnw iif Kifh umI Hir S.-n.itt, ittr ..(»:».(, t-* ,,„ rt. 
nxnmiltrc Mrrt |hkIm) in jiKjn,;,. ,.n prf» jwlin lint 
ttit.l limi ,( nicni.r In ihr m.i|,,r , hjln and nr 
tittiild Iwtr In'«ii< nil ' -'i:; ilui tin. . 

mil 4 Viiiilr t*m.iii 1 1 ■ - 1 „ii, » i v f 1 1 . 

"r. iiii ncn (H'li,. ,„r.., I i.ilit thrni, >...,, i.i (.,• ,„ i,„,,,. ., 

■ .■ ■■ "(Mil I'lirh ywr on (fcr tuniniitlin- Jiif ,» ri'ptrvtHMn^ ul 

■: --T r«nif.H.,,jn(J if Ihrt ^iitf.fii ...lit (t.m'i >..,ini j pl.i.v mi 

"iiiJirt'e, lh(t il.iii'i hjir r.ri.,l,r >| l .im mid ih,,i Shulnti 

' l.inda Kln|i|). uliu t% . h.mtiit thr i tininidiir. ii;T,",',. .ii 

printiplr. .iiid n lii..|,«rif ml.. x-r. idi;.i Ci.r lli.. 

' II j>. 1 Mrikv 

^* t ec! Ill clinr .in im .in ii|>lit'..i no!.' 

iitilj d.. itir SIndt'nl Vilnilir* trniiin ..n v-impii^ 

11. !,.■.., ., IK, .in- t:iin,»tr»i::inrt' ( iii iKfti .1 mij|.,f iiii|,ri.M m> nt im 

Ike rtrriit |i««ti, hi,| », i„it> e*! M.mrtl»tiip ,|j,n.i.,.d („r itu- 

brili-r nt.i> •micwl ol'ilir ( "i.a,( m n,.^| ti-ar,," 

l-.irrt r.HjIlm 

■'-in 1.11 1 

,S. HC) ni V mutt r hiihIs tit kiuiH': 

What's all the fuss about? 

I.VN J.. 1.111 1. 

Off Her ii,ooicer 

W/f^ our mom 

I '- .1. ' i* J 





Ihe Uarbinccr March 3. JWH 

I'ajie ^ 

hi Ri.tivn f-l»»l» 
'A '', ri t thinti 

Liiiiuunakoiii Mali". 
Allh.iut'h Malhc* 

-hmiUl h.ivc t.uild'vi' U-lt »ii^.iiivlK\t 

, : I itiv I i""iil.,t * J'. " 
One PK.A"" VVtuI ail ■.■ 

i . i,> Nm ,iriK ha.1 I ii.'^c^ 

iit-M-r Ivvii Ilia lOim-.t'niiin 

I his 

>l in 


'■•i: JaiKirii; 

,, ,,i;,.t liii mc 

iTfjUili:'-' I ""* iiri.,t.-i^I.M-lil 

vniiliiHii'tl "ti pa-c (> 

[spring BREAK!: 








Soulti IMit' Isknd 

* Tall: ' Julie 526-72SZ 
or Evette 439-315? 

^1 ^ 


::iL. mm 

> - 10 l» 10 Pi 




Best Holel- 


■e«t location in 

SMoutlfiD Dislanu 
from i«er»thim| 


To Sign Up 
Or For More 

i;i I'KI si\' Mlvr.S 

Toil of the IMH! 
tuiury Cosclies 

Pool Dech Parties 
l»erv 0»Y 

• I, J Sl'IfltJ 
. J'.B 


=Page Five= 


for a transcript of today's program. 

•' ''""'' '"""■ "-''■■ ''- >'-r«'fi. ahi^ ,,■,«» f«//<i; hig 

■"■' ' ■ ■ ' • '.... .jfuMV' (-:• ,'•■ ' Philiihiif 

istm rtrair, . , t 

DON: l.Siandirn' tn .1I^I,■ •mitil iiiulirrii >• ....■•...i...., 
.. LI i.l 

VV,.-!; f 
wiih t 


rnarj' pcrsf i^tiretk for lovivand 

■'f Thcrefori. .imc mcm^ .•nh.-r i ... 

(;«r "Line ..(' ('\>luic,,l JVvpic v ; 

Ffk:hf rUiToi:' i7>"f! laii);>t\ h'iiI: 

Tanily Hclga. hch hch. il'\ hti* The :■ 
li deep cm..n..n', witlim me and seoiip .. 
;ic »w«Ki with 
'' ■ .,- !it. »!iil1i maki; • 

d tlprjih W j,,h,,_.f, ,,,,,, t 

'rex fl">,in „,,,,;,• , i.,j;, ,,,,,,,, ^_,^^ „ 

' : re here tn 

., , ''■' ■ ,■-:,.■;,., „,,„^, pmhicm m 

la:.: II UitTc ,v were i;..n.i,i sit here tor ihe nr«l twtir and use our 

d Jiki ilffli f'anty iurpi i 
""^ ■ "'■'■ ■ ■ " ' ''•:''* t'"'? "■<■ i:o««i iHK of hjnd in Amwiv . !■ • ., .; 
anc;iy> mjcMiunt.. • • '"iw [tropic, rnywlf included, are prcwv 

darned i..pM-i ;il'v.' , ... ,.,„, ,hmk about druEv,, fY..,i',.rn" ifh.n 

■' ■><! !'i tlnmfy\- ^if(nfn iff > 


Ill: TTN 
IM>\: -, 
Bl I l\ 

,tr;i ; .. 
»(»■ Its 


f ; 

t.l OHi.l \, 
DON: •-. 


1>I)N. . . 

her fjif; 


i Brtty imtfiidMd, She it 
Ml right M»» Brat ntlead? 

.iilc .1* hi !(•'■' 

■-ffcas tteiniaiiig; Ikiin ymu 

'.' t>/ c'fciir iiwil/iifjM ti ktman 

. with 

■n't you h.iv'f hcrkilk' 

■ •■!:tlg to l.tit, like 

■•lauds (h>litii\ 

HON: Were h;u,i, I'flrfM j.wj, iiv f,rf»,/4 r/i7ffif'. .. '- ■ • . ■ 
me to pl.iv Ihe drvil s .uI'mh.Hi- here tor ., nio- , 

■'■■■'■''' ■ "h\ run ,ii,i >a_v tile lu\ k v^uh 

:.>ImI-'Iv erne ihedcta-;' '■■, iv>>. 
.'..".'iw .. ,S,r, how 
■ > I' (. ' iht- hp\ 
I lilt i\surs ul/rU'M sluiiiw lhr.M4i.n hi\ m.,v..(i(< 

■,'nji -ft !■• ,'ij,r;/!i 

if lien) drugs can j;et my uile Herl.i u> .it t 
,'|.-u u'fj/if'Ci/ \iiin-vly ar,utr}4 l>.'ii\ >u'i k i 

I'rl rhr hi-lj . 'It ,.' 


iJen 1 1; i,t/.; lo Mlov* uiKTc lit gel eni' 
IMJN: ( )k,iv. ok,iv. Our laM |;i.iest ii. 
'■'"■ ' ' ' '■ '- " ■- j„ {;„. /je'ii,/ Hc 
■•' IS K.ihhi (roll,'' - 

"■*'"•■'■ '."'1' ',".' 1 '"■■■■ '* **'"' '■' '^•'^*'- *■ '"■ r---'-^-J l'>i lin'e so iilcise 
iry 10 N- brict, 1 always tell people thai and ihe.v never hsien, T-hey musr 
ft>,„i I ,,, .„ ,1 .„j „ ^,p „ ^;,n.,(.,f,„,j,_ a^ ,,■ ,, 1,^.^; ,j.|^.v,s,„o proi;r.itii w'ere 
■tfier msicad of carefully staged and eweiiied w vM spin 
.; ,..,.w-....ij, Wc '- ■■. - ■■--orate s'p<^insers licre who ;ire p.u .■ ■ 
:> ici see their ■pn ■■ TUsed on .t pcnctr.iimi: , s<k-liII\ '■ 

., ,.;-.'im Mitvt , = ,t, uon t >ou Rv ' ' '. i,;,,-!!, 

br^ietli , hricOv. what's ihe answer t«;»'AmeTh 

RABiii (;(>i.i)n()V(;: v n ,. 

and. . 

DON: We'll 'hrri-.'iM h.. i 

he pimi'hfs Hn: 

OnfitnMt- HufHi:. 

HON: \\'i.-'re hnyk and I ha\e to hurry nou 

look J large quantity of L,Sl) ,)•■■.< ' ' ,-^ 

ifauifs to s'nm iom'eihing «■« ■,■!■. 

this'ioM IS ,1 fit^i t'.i. ■ 

'..TV voirijiji'v qia-stiofi 

.■■■•■ J \!<l\ Wf/ /' ■ ,. 

■.' '■■' / ./ '.; ■. 

luriii'j ihe Ncak 1 
:• ■'. ■■' ■ ■ ■► -; elleei 
I ■."><■ ■lervKin, 

to luirrj n\\K fvcjuM: ■ 
I . ;i:'.i.l:i.i,hh!;hf^ih'" ■ 

,!K I !,s 

ininv ot I S[) .mil 

• 'itfnciful it( hrr hain Oli noooo.H.' lis 

■ Call the 7(n^. 'I'm K-iml' ciicn b: ,, i-n/,- 
■■ .!;,■. ir i .... 

I'ff /jo /It . *■, 1 1 . 

gnz/h'' ■■\ iin/r 
■inake' ' 

Oh fir.. 

*'"'■" .'.^loo; 

-.V.'^iy'' . -tigs wasruypcH'd, 

Ml Dio I ni iiMi \KiM: Don. 

IM)N: !■■■■,. .,,.!• 

Slnilo I <H i.sri vKf.K: No. n - Iim yp m (he Un-Ih 

^^^" '"•" ■ ..':-.' ■.- .-.n'r I Sr> ■. • I'Vhhu-'^ birih 

1)1 >\ 

'A'ell, ■ve.ih 

.'il. e(, 1 hi/>p; 
■■"/fl.'r.r I Jr<in i;- 


■..Ill ti.lVf lo' I *l 

'Cs .invoric 




■»» t'Kldi i.l'lnettfrn 

:•)!■■>.:( i s-mill vai or ji hsfc kiltcn His lame n Shmm the Wamlcri% 

' sl«5 a (lif, hill you (Jem I lawl* »w> lo a ftrm fnirw Iftc Shamu* tt*/- 

. .■ . 

:■ animal iii many taptt. i. . 

-•.,. t,..., ■■ » [f«. (jtj^,,;, ,i,,|,„.v,ivr laii'iib sno ■-,,.( jh,,Yf 

■ •.e mastCfBd ihe n.-ln(ier»l(:.f tin,.!, ..:jn (ic«M-r^», TV 

■■ ■ Shamos al:» unteiiands ite anitcpi *nd wwft 

(■>B« siK- uwlersiMj* ■it 
■■ ■"(t ot a Miwlc It* thtt week'* psfwr, «..■■■» ) anted 

.leipeai »€»■ " 
n,uii.-,r.:.!„ I hxxc w come up wid nMntttuni imnI « I'lufcr •■■ill mt 

--.■-,. ■.,-;,-. ;-l:^ihaf^i«..f»K)llltcl||i«!»l«BHillt.lj(|:ail!:*^or 

ud' ni:*%' '" 

.. •■tuld (iinjbali;i:y ukt tier w a taut (ifhi, Iwi 

Milk" ..«^n^.- I .f f.ijf f*'Lf^^ [ hii>.," u. k,i...*fr. 

■she tew It in frtnH ol the TV u .■■i,,,.«rs i,,, nv thai ihe would Is- 

H h. « .1 o! piriWlla. 

.Ill you eat all that and lUlf suiy m small ' 1 


"EliBi'i you rvei fa. ^'^ > •■'*' 

"Whjr Ain't yew tons) ■ ■, ■ • , i 

'It nccun lo me ttti! , . 

(oitll., m I trv to It pun tfr ijpiXT^' 

*li-.k,-t! .Shamus ' 1 hc((i»i, hiii get nri fijnhe^j 
"'H >i>u ever ^all me Sh.iinu> lir Waiidc^niig HiiuiiAl- 
■swalltw a I'bnk. -■fii eai, yiwr hrai.!! " 

'W'ell, at km it (^ ■u. 'ktumi ikhci wvtm *,.■■ ( i. . 
*'C»n I prt ■wiU'anvi.h:'^ 
'"Beer matiowt wrmt'' - 

'"Mirtid if I grjt - ■ 

"Foci tree, ii'^i ■. 

.1 fi«»! nialcti tor a 
.okoj hn iliniog ;i 

IU.,r.lrEi,:4rt hnniwrtt 


The Harhinger March 3. 1W8 

Page *» 

Scha^tiitni. sliidtnt uul. ;■;, 
and drawiriR sfiirw_ ^ 



t\ 1 

• iv (.jiTK- ' * itt -.un in ihi'» ivviK iiiJ *it) I'fiiil 

Jl, I'WS i^^w 

will he [luMi-il'' 

•When ii^ 
jn,! piH ti It' I'i- 

MH In ... ■l..,...■ 
,!.lff ,:iri,;t Cir- 

!1C WIIIIK* »i-ll tV • 

i.()( ATION #2 


cmliiHK-rl fr-.m |)ai:» •• 

how she reiiuiiiis 

'.I,;!',!, many ol t' 
)'h,;,,'-vThtr-, One 


■^^^ MF\JSPfiP£R 

,-1, ■^iiii^^'f i"^* , f D*ri.ri 


NEEd C4sk For 
colLcqE ?? 


■,.•,;•,■, ,Al AID WINT liMC! Aim :') 
I A!,:>1 VIA).' 


WKi'M 1 "f f «•! I l"! tlHtlAT ION 

rii: thrrc sriii'. 

A ,1 

.,,; ■. m 

hcT ne«i 

:i,i 111 find 


or Iricit jjit..-it- 

tor* 3 atf Rf«il^fli t.avv^.c. 
Matj b6 dropped oU aa^ +.(v«^ 

St->*d«vt».Stttft, fatulV^/: .,,- 


wim CompiJS Markeling 


vou Dnnn 


Wf OfflVf 







\l Ml!' I! \ V'^ \''*1' 



"^ii^Mi riR 


•rf4'i,«„«l tin,. 

Bin ploy meat 

IK, VI >KRVI(>s 

'"'■' ••'^M IIATK.% ,„ 
""■"' '''■■-'! ''■■>.->!^ Invl,,,!- r.: :• 
i[Wr-,i.nji • ,'' ' 

.iriif A|,vi.-, ' 

"^. Mcsifham , (jj ,, 

f «( l\( SHU'S 

''-'"" ( *., :■!;'. Ill , 

van «tc, CALl \nw 

■■•(■ -"'■■i' I .ill 
num.' ■ ^■^' 

Phflrtf .all rtfi,i,,ctaN> 
K^ I \ii 

'II PI.- aw 

VAI*f« ; -, ,,„ .V, ,,, 


Ml (), Ms, , , „ 

y '''!-i*. M.iiih ^' i,.„i| 

' ■ "■* ' H M I , r M I u 


Mnn.t.n \t.,,ra, j ,,,.... ■' „, ,, 

\1 . ■ ' ''■ 

' ' '' ■ Uu 

') \/ \ 

Nylim Mnru', Snuvn >,. i. ' '" ^'">- ii *,.iil i k 
Aslirik:' ^, ifj'i f'.ii i..t ■',.. . ■.-nil-', ,11,' rh .1 ,t,,. . . 

\'!.ii%li.)ll SI, „,,.,. 


" - ••ppn... two nijttus 'rer ' ».ii '^■'^■">it N ; 

K Del,, ,'VVfK, ,,,,,, 

■•■•• 'i-""">.„>r,J fij.,, 
■■'•• »«>rk (N'vi (.111-, 
.,r,i A*'n 'yy7\ 

•,Mt ! 

'■••I' aim Oitf t„%siin,mc,„, ., . 

. ■■ "I" parcn,K .,„j tuu„m-. .,, .,= .m," ; 

^•'"""■<.-Il Ivloii- '.,• ■ • ■ .• 

|»wt(on i,,,p ^^j|_^j 

^ ii Ml, tut ,,,.,,' , 

"it'i"mj|nvn „ 
. ,, " At',n,|.:Tni,, Sen, 

"<-l'l .A, H,)B „IS|' \.',ri),|., 


JOtl ',''*W""A\t,.\k(,> 

•'■-'ii.t. u,l,-. 

l'«i)llH I'*" i,,' 

■■"*' Call I.*,, 

'•<■•» f'.iini 

'-■ntjin,,- ,y 


,„■■■■' '^■■' -^ \t. ,.,„ „. 

'"■■ \n Sii.,,.),,,, 

^,,,1 i - ' A ^^1 j 

i S( ■■) 

.Arid., :i, 


■4v ("ill 
'Hill („ 

( " ( I [ 


'Wl lliiikc an 


•'I.i.Xnrw '■•''" >;''■" l''"v .I'-=-,,. 

■•''-Iti UrKath. fj mm's • 

III .1 

■'■ '' '■ -i-. Ill ihis 
"■■' ^I'lhiil Villi li.He 
'h-in .Hunrir .„ 
■-.: 'It ihi^ w,„|,| ^ 
" ■'•III, inllM, !■ ' 
■ ' ''■I Mi\ Hill,,,! 

l',ni »CM*y..ulall MhK- 
"■•■H .» Kf amllMi. ,,,„, v,i,'r 

• llUNtx- 

, -II li'sl 

' ' "JJi-J fl„.' 

•'*^< AKt riRlAKfAsi 

"'• li'iiiiul (un,ak. hr,,..k|.,„ 

;'" """ ■' '■■• '*")' ^^<mi rr,H,p 

l»fl<J nn Manti <i 

'■■'""••-. .iiih.,- 


i',1 ■ I'-I^i, in 

Ii y^n V,dl, .»> «^(-|j ;|^ 

■ " ■""! .1 -h,.i.,- ,.| 

'-'•'■1^ ail,' s: 111 
■ ■ ' 'i"-t.-f .an 

"" >"l MM. . 


t Ml I 


""■•'"" K.'*l..i,ji,( II 
■>uf*urM„ Hjiffiiv „,,,,, 

-'I 1,1 I'JSS ' ' 

'"■> mail liH "■' 

ill I uf w 
'■' /rirnttt ai 


N'M'nrv'M,., ..!.„, 

MvsriRi u<ii 

Krilip S.,|, 

[I>l U I OK SJI II) Ms- 

''iS'iU'Mlii """-TH CARE CENTER, INC. 


ureas oT women s health: 


VD (es! 



' als 


".|( KCAI 

"" "" ' "''^'^*'- EXAMINATIONS FOR WORK 



■ ■■■■:" -rtition md or .fppomtment can 

,, ., ,"^_,^- '^,'*"'''' Suite too, Pmlmt 


Ihc llarhiniicr March 3. I'W8 

Piigi- S 


Basketball's Long Season Ends 

Travis Perry Named MVP 

l>> S(:»|| ll'iirilAli 

iMit a Ii-Tu: Mil itift. 

.11 tiirjK-t fn.i 

■ k-i>. Jin' l.i 

J".' a... ri.iji ,. rwr* 

111 (HH tmm '.>tuii to 
m i''.nr<.:-lv.:.^ .i.r the 


i'liij it.vU lliiit il hf plajs 

III IM... I .N ...„■ J^.iM r rm fs 

i::iM,(!(i III wnrk '*iih '*c(t:l»ts Ik- 

,jl.,M >4iH ..i..rt i.n Ills J, M 


""nil"., 1 1,1- K',:r! , -.,1 

Lady Hawks Lose 
69-68 at Sauk Valley 

In Si'. .11 H<>ril"ii 
>-t''"«'. t il<t"r 

1)1.1 I LIU IC.Hi 

jiis cm mill 

Wrestlinj;: Injiiries llampe 
Hawks at Nationals 

it .,1 


»n Vtiill Hitrdun 
^[!^ I ctttor 

" K't i«UH' . 'I If 

Ten New Events For '92 (lames